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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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ide. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here now with your weather headlines. >> a little bit of light fog has been forming but we can see the moon above that fog now. temperatures are mild again this morning. near 60 and in prince george's fairfax county mid 60s in washington. parts of mid washington, that's where we're getting the fog including culpepper, rappahannock central shenandoah valley. this fog advisory in effect until 8:00 this morning. the minimum visibilities are down to a quarter of a mile, so watch out for deer in the fog this morning. we can see a little bit of fog right over the potomac river. live view from the tower camera. you can see the trace of the potomac river where the fog has formed. when you cross the american legion bridge. a mild morning. maybe a few scattered afternoon thunderstorms. the warm pattern continues on into next week. next weather and traffic on the 1s, your bus stop forecast, what to wear for this wednesday.
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melissa has a problem on 270. >> brand new problem on 270. we are talking about the southbound local lanes just after montrose road this morning. something to be beware of here. we're starting to get jammed down here. for all the folks coming off montrose road. little slow right there. hopefully that gets out of the way soon. we have the first 4 traffic tracker drive by this. it's again a disabled lane off to the left side. still a tad slow this morning. 66 overall, kind of looking typical. 95 once again slowest spot is going is coming through dale city. inner and outer loop, everything is rolling along fine. we will keep our fingers crossed that things stay that way. the first 4 traffic tracker frozen just for a moment there. but we'll look at the american legion bridge in a moment. there's fog over that area back in ten minutes. today in baltimore we'll hear an update on the state of emergency that governor larry
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hogan ordered last week. that order is still in effect. the governor says he plans to talk about it at 11:30. download the nbc washington app. we'll live stream his news conference. hogan says that all national guard troops have to leave the city before baltimore can go back to a normal status. now, six police officers are facing charges for freddie gray's death that sparked all the protests in baltimore. now, one of those officers says he wants his lawyers to inspect the knife gray was carrying. state's attorney marilyn mosby said officers illegally arrested gray because the knife was legal under baltimore law. the officer says he believes the knife was actually illegal. today you can buy ticket tos a especially surprise concert featuring prince. he'll put out the poster you see here to say that he'll play a rally for peace concert this sunday mother's day. tick eettes go on sale at 5:00.
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the fbi and city leaders secretly watched people in west baltimore last week. according to "the washington post," two surveillance planes flew over the city for several days. one flew directly over the heart of last week's riots. the aclu says the surveillance is a problem and says the planes put a lot of people's privacy at risk. the man charged in the kidnapping and killing of uva student hannah graham is charged with capital murder. jesse matthew may face the death penalty if convicted. 18-year-old frahm went missing last september after a night out with friends and her remains were found five weeks later. according to prosecutors new forensic evidence led to the new charge of capital murder. we are following a developing story right now. in prince george's county. a broken sewer main is leaking, this is happening off huron drive in oxon hill. news4's kristin wright is live
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with information on how the repairs is going. we can't get to her right now but we -- is she here? all right. are you there? >> reporter: i'm here. can you hear me? okay. that's right, eun. imagine waking up to another day of a sewage spill in your neighborhood. that's the deal for people living in huron drive in oxon hill. at least can tell you, at least 10,000 gallons of sewage water has spilled from this broken pipe. signs all along here, warning people to stay away. the problem is that 14 inch broken sewer line. this could go on for days we're told. it's a big fix. wssc is working to redirect the waste water around that broken pipe. however, that could take a while. they're setting up several thousand feet of temporary pipe that goes from the leak to the nearest manhole.
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getting that bypass system operational, again, could take days. in the meantime some sewage has gone into oxon hill creek. wssc tells us they're concerned about that, and they're monitoring that situation. now to mention forest hills elementary school is right here. right close to this leak. you can see their play ground is there, basketball courts and the football field. so a reason to be concerned. now, wssc does tell me that there is no impact to drinking water. which obviously is a relief to people here. but this situation once that temporary -- once that temporary pipe is working still this whole thing could take weeks to repair. back to you. >> kristin wright, live for us in oxon hill, thank you. right now, prince george's county police need your help finding a missing woman. take a look at your screen. this is carolyn elizabeth rabb.
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the last time anyone saw her was yesterday. they're looking for the black 2004 mercedes vehicle, you see it on the right-hand side. call police if you have any information. a big honor for caps star alex ovechkin as the team tries to keep rolling in the playoffs tonight. ovi is one of three finalists for the lindsey award. that's given to the top player in the league as voted by other players every year. he's won three times before. the caps face the new york rangers at the verizon center at 7:30 tonight. as soon as we find out we'll let you know in the wizards best player will play in the next game. john wall sat out in the loss to the atlanta hawks last night. they'll play at the verizon center this saturday. we need him. a legal battle brewing over those controversial police license plate readers. why the aclu says fairfax county is invading your privacy. a bit of a slowdown on 270
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southbound because of a disabled car. tell you how to get around this one coming up. and if you're making yourself an extra strong pot of coffee right now, a bet you didn't get a whole lot of sleep last
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you're watching "news4 today." >> the aclu is suing fairfax county police over license plate readers. a lawsuit alleges police are storing information gathered with the readers and that doing so is an invasion of your privacy. virginia state police stopped collecting the data two years ago after a ruling from the state's attorney general. some local departments still collect that data. we have to wait longer to find out whether spotsylvania county will pay for a minor
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league baseball stadium. the board of supervisors voted to table the decision early this morning. it extended the deadline 60 days and will ask for an extension of the original may 31 deadline to complete a deal with the developer. it would become the home of the hague -- hagerstown suns. let's check in on the weather with meteorologist tom kierein. >> all right, the hash tag is summer in may. have the sunglasses for this morning as well. and may need the umbrella this afternoon. sunshine mild temperatures between 7:00 and 8:00 and in the low 60s. 8:00 and 9:00, low 60s. we'll have a look at the rain chances. 270 is improving? >> it is. take a look behind me, 270 at montrose road. remember we had the disabled vehicle it's cleared out of the
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way. so you don't have to worry about that too much at this point this morning. first 4 traffic tracker going to be heading on the outer loop all the way down to 95 and back up through dale city and show us that volume. 270 south from germantown 16 minutes. outer loop right now you're at 11 minutes. 66 inbound from fairfax county parkway to the beltway looking good. quantico to the beltway you're about 12 minutes behind. listen to wtop when you hop in your car for the latest. getting the attention of police without calling 911. how a woman being held hostage used a pizza order to bring police to her doorstep. plus breaking news involving the german wings plane crash.
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i'm angie goff at the live desk with breaking news. he practiced crashing another flight. we have chilling new details just released in that investigation into the germanwings crash. andreas lubitz the co-pilot unexpectedly reduced flight altitude for several minutes on
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another outbound flight the same day of the fatal crash. they say he was alone on that flight in the cockpit. officials saying that this suggested he may have wanted to crash the plane earlier. 150 people died that day including a virginia woman and her daughter. the investigation also revealing later that lubitz suffered from severe depression and had previously researched suicide. this report is several pages. i just got my hands on it. i'm going to continue going through it throughout the hour and will bring you any updates. aaron? >> all right, thank you. 6:16 right now. we are getting a better look at the scope of the damage from that massive earthquake in nepal. the u.n. says the 7.8 magnitude quake flattened or damaged 600,000 homes. 200,000 heritage sites were destroyed. more than 7,500 people died in the quake. many governments including the u.s. have pledged aid to help rebuild -- to help the rebuilding effort there. the victim in the video is
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being punched repeatedly inside a metro station and now's telling us what led to that. elijah smith was arrested for striking albert langeberg. he was getting off a train at the eastern market station last month. >> he said get out of the way old man. and that's when i told him that he was a disgrace to the human race. he said you want to take this out, got right in my face you want to take this outside and i said sure. >> langeberg said he planned on getting a station manager but before he could, he says smith spit on his face punched him and knocked him down the escalator. smith is now in police custody. montgomery county police say a man abused his 87-year-old mother. police say that james kirkland failed to properly take care of her. he ran for the montgomery county council a few months ago. his mother is in the hospital right now in serious condition. police say among other things she wore compression socks for so long doctors had to
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surgically remove them. you can expect extra traffic delays around the watergate complex this morning. crews are still cleaning up that garage collapse. at least one lane on virginia avenue northwest is still closed. workers are shoring up the garage to do a more extensive search. three levels of the garage pancake on top of one another last friday. a cadaver dog indicated a possible hit. very scary video. a tree fell on a group of children playing at a playground. a surveillance camera caught it happening. the tree fell on two boys. a 2-year-old fractured his skull and an 8-year-old needed stitches. they're both recovering. police closed the park. they say it's not clear why that tree collapsed. well today musician elton john and pastor rick warren will be side by side on capitol hill. they'll testify about the global
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battle against aids and other crises. john is urging lawmakers to dotcom dotorg well there's a new domain dot ngo. the reston based public interest registry wants to make it easier for nongovernmental organizations to be set apart. the group is also launching a new set of online services for nonprofits called on good. the site will help groups show case their fund-raising campaigns. feeling a little tired when you step outside of bed or perhaps a lot tired this morning? you're not alone. sleep number crunched the data and americans are missing out an an average of hour an sleep every night. just an hour? the average american sleeps less than seven hours a night. 41% say they sleep less than four hours a night. that's 41%.
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people in d.c. are sleeping the longest. but not by a whole lot. 6.9 hours a night. that's compared to -- right. 6.8 hours for virginians and 6.6 for adults in maryland and west virginia. if i get six hours a night that's a victory. >> what's a good normal night? >> five. >> five. five is what -- >> i'm in that neighborhood too. >> it's not enough aaron. today is ride your bike to school day in fairfax county. >> yep. chuck bell is at chester brook elementary school with a look at the events happening today. good morning. >> hey, good morning. yeah a bunch of different schools in fairfax county that are all participating in bike to scday, so drivers around fairfax county be on the lookout. there will be extra kids riding in to school both the way in and on the way home this afternoon. schools that have more than 100 kids participate here in fairfax county will get 100 bike seat covers.
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other contests as well are going on. it's against childhood obesity. kids need to be outside and riding your bike. don't forget to put your helmet in. temperatures are mostly in the upper 50s and 60s. nary a breeze blowing. skies are mostly clear. a nearly full moon going down. it's a beautiful morning out here. the sun's already up in fairfax county. temperatures 50s and 60s now are going to turn into upper 70s and 80s and this will be a chance for showers coming back in later this afternoon. tom will be talking about the timing of that coming up later in the show. right about now. tom, i know you're a big biker as well. at i'm sure you have a helmet but i have a feeling that tom kierein's helmet does not have pink rubber spikes on top of it.
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i'm going out on a limb with that one. and i was offered $20 to ride this on the camera. >> mine has turquoise. that's the only difference. we're starting off with bright sun in the eastern sky. it is emerging from light fog that's showing up now. we can see that in the live view from the tower camera. this wednesday morning, another #summer in may morning. we have fog that's denser to the south. these counties includes stafford rappahannock madison, green into the shenandoah valley. watch out for that some of the visibilities down to around a quarter of a mile. also some fog right along the potomac river too. north of washington from the american legion bridge and on up along the potomac farther to the north. when you cross the river you'll run into some fog. 50s in some of the rural areas and the view from our storm team 4 radar, all dry here.
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a few showers in northeastern maryland. those will stay to the east this morning and then the clouds will build by the noontime. mid 70s by noon. it will around 80 in between 4:00 and 9:00 some passing thundershowers coming on through. likely not severe so the impact will be low to moderate. some roads wet and then tomorrow sunshine back up near 80. no rain, no rain on friday either. should make it into the low 80s. into the weekend the pattern continues. a small chance of a thundershower during the mainly afternoon hours on saturday. keep that in mind for your outdoor plans. then for mother's day on sunday another warm day. mid 80s and could get a few more storms around in the afternoon on monday. and the hour by hour rain timing for the afternoon, new model run i'll show you that.
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melissa, what's going on on the roads? >> nice and dry right now. we were seeing a little bit of fog across the american legion bridge has tom had mentioned. so again, 66 here westbound, around 123 looking quite good. going to flip around and go eastbound in a couple of minutes. 95 in virginia at dale boulevard, no problems. beltway at pennsylvania avenue route 4, inner and outer loop, everything nice and light. hopefully it stays that way for you. 95 and b.w. parkway, all looking good. top of the beltway you can see it's slow. outer loop as you're approaching georgia avenue very typical. looking at 270 as you head southbound outer frederick, we started to get red a couple of minutes ago. you can see through clarksburg it's a volume not an actual incident. remember to listen to our friends on wtop for the latest on the traffic. coming up on 6:25 right now. an idaho police officer died after being shot by a man who
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stole his patrol car. sergeant greg moore died last night. he was shot early yesterday morning after checking on a report of a suspicious person in a neighborhood. jonathan renfro shot him and took off in the police cruiser and then he jumped out and hid under a tractor-trailer. other police officers did find him. today montgomery county will honor police officers who died in the line of duty. the county will hold its annual fallen officers memorial service. that is at 10:30 this morning at public safety headquarters on edison park drive in gaithersburg. the orioles helped pay tribute to a new york police officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty. officer brian mooar was an orioles fan. he was shot trying to stop a man suspected of having a handgun. they took part in the tribute to him with the game against mets at citi field.
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the o's are giving him an autographed ball from chris davis who was his favorite player. this next story is a fitting example of how technology can work in our favor. a florida woman was being held hostage and used a pizza hut app to call for help. >> she ordered a small pepperoni pizza with two secret messages. at the top it said get 911 help. at the bottom it said, hostage help. they say a man was holding his girlfriend and three children inside their home hostage for most of the day while sharpening a large hunting knife. >> did you think someone was playing a prank you know? >> no, i have been here 28 years. i have never seen anything like that come through. >> with the law enforcement, you get to help people that makes you feel good. >> now, calling 911 through that pizza ordering app was the first time this agency has seen something like this.
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the mother and her children were told -- we're told are safe this morning and that father is in jail. you know, police went to both the house and the restaurant where the pizza was ordered. good for them forcing believing it enough to call the police. >> everyone did the right thing. she used the app, then the people at the pizza hut realized okay this is not normal. so it all worked out in the end. he was attacked by a man with a hatchet and lived to tell about it. now the new york police officer is talking about that attack and his road to recovery. mild temperatures as you step outside, but we are seeing the clouds starting to build. we are watching for the potential for thunderstorms. when they can arrive in your neighborhood. and how montgomery county
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i didn't think i'd make it. >> for the first time since he was attacked by a man wielding a hatchet this new york city police officer is talking about that day. what he's saying about his recovery in just minutes. in the 60s already outside
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this morning. but depending on where you live fog could be an issue for you. the story in the coming hours could be more thunderstorms. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with when you can see showers in your neighborhood. >> here's new timing just in on thundershowers later this afternoon. this morning we'll stay dry. might have a few sprinkles on the eastern shore. by noontime lots of sunshine and then the area in green, some zones where we could get some thunderstorms responding up along the panhandle of west virginia, no rt -- north of washington around 4:00 p.m. and then around 6:00 and 8:00, the showers will roll on through. just west of the d.c. area in northern virginia through around 10:00 to 11:00 tonight. they'll be coming on through. right now, the storm team 4 radar is all clear. we are getting a few sprinkles there in northeastern maryland so we'll stay dry for the morning commute. but the afternoon commute not
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looking too good. how is it now? >> this is something we just talked to the d.c. police about, so we're talking about southbound the crash on the ramp from the south capitol street. we looked at things on another map, it's a two mile back judge on southeast southwest freeway. it's slowed things down quite a bit. 66 eastbound after fairfax county parkway, beautiful sunrise. not so pretty when it's in your eyes. germantown road it's clogged north of here as you come out of frederick all the way through clarks burke southbound is the issue. overall looking pretty typical. prince george's county as you're headed in indian head highway, 15 miles an hour. branch avenue, inbound and outbound not having any problems. 6:33. today drone enthuse yisss are watching a conference.
6:33 am
the faa will announce new rules that will impact us for years. now tracyie potts reports. >> reporter: the drone conference in atlanta, we don't know yet what he'll say. we do know they have gotten a flood of interest in the proposed rules from february for drones under 55 pounds. 4,500 responses to those rules that could determine whether or not we have dozens or hundreds of thousands of drones flying overhead in coming years. the faa says the rules should be in place likely by fall. they are concerned about safety. remember we had one unmanned drone crash right on the white house lawn. they're also concerned about interference with aircraft. that's one of the reasons they're proposing keeping them five miles away from airports. but there is one element that is very eager to see this happen. business.
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restaurants. surveyors. i -- even journalists like us who want to use the drones. they have had 700 applications to get them approved. it's 6:34. security agents plan to tell us how they plan to prevent the white house -- the incidents of white house jumping from happening again. federal officials tell news4 the secret service and park service will announce new plans tomorrow. that's expected to include some steel spikes bolted on top of the fence. that's until a new permanent fence can be installed. the white house says it's too early to tell whether there is any isis connection to that shooting outside of an exhibit in texas. the group is taking responsibility for the attack at at least one of the dead attackers who is known as an islamic extremist. federal authorities are looking at tweets posted by one of the
6:35 am
two gunmen. the last attack said may allah accept us as mujahedeen. a funeral was held yesterday in pakistan for the two gunmen. a new york city police officer described the moment he was attacked by a man wielding a hatchet. officer kenneth healy and three officers were on patrol when the man ambushed them. the video made national news. the attacker slashed healy in the head and his partner in the arm before two officers shot and killed the attacker. he told our sister station in new york he suffered a traumatic brain injury, lost 40% of his vision and thought he was paralyzed. >> all i knew i was hit, i was on the ground. i tried to get up. i think two or three times. and i collapsed. so -- i didn't think it was possible to get hit that hard and survive. i didn't think i was going to live. >> now, healy says his vision is slowly returning. but he's still going through intense rehab and is not back at work just yet. we have the full story from nbc
6:36 am
new york on our nbc washington facebook page for you to share. there's no more lawsuit against a fairfax county elementary school principal. former educators and a former student dropped a suit alleging sexual and racial discrimination by marie lemon, the principal at bailey's upper elementary. the plaintiffs accuse her of giving preference shall -- preferential treatment to white unmarried teachers. job cuts and furloughs could be coming for government workers in prince george's county. according to the gazette, the county wants to cut more than 100 positions. most government workers would have to take five furlough days. the county is also looking to trim close to $15 million from the budget. the county says the job cuts and furloughs will take care of half that. any decision needs to be approved by the county council. we are following a developing story out of prince george's county where raw sewage
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is leaking. why it could take a while to stop
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you could soon find more affordable child care places in montgomery county. the county council unanimously passed a bill expanding the child care options by creating a policy officer for quality child care. it also includes a new initiative to focus on providers. the bill's sponsor says that only 39,000 slots are available at regulated child care providers. that's not enough for the 65,000 children under the age of 5 living in montgomery county.
6:41 am
montgomery county wants to tax websites where you can rent a spare room. paying to stay in someone's pair room is a popular trend, and there are a lot of websites to find a home away from home. now the county wants to tax sites like airbnb and home away. the county says levying the 7% hotel tax on airbnb and home away would bring the county an additional $230,000 a year. 6:41 is our time right now. we have another warm day on tap. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> good morning. your commuter forecast driving east driving right into sunshine this morning. have the sunglasses and watch out for some patchy fog too. especially in the rural areas. temperatures in the mid 60s and afternoon commute around 80. some roads will be wet in the afternoon hours. right now, storm team 4 tower camera showing this fog over the
6:42 am
potomac river. that may be affecting the commute this morning. >> i think that's affecting certain way as well. this is southeast/southwest freeway. a two-mile backup as you approach that area so a big morning there. it will be slow. right now here first 4 traffic tracker, cruising along for us on 66. actually not looking so bad. it was slow earlier as you approach 123. inbound 66 looking pretty good. 95 north quantico to the beltway you're 15 minutes behind. listen to our friends from wtop. in maryland travel times are looking good as well. >> thank you, melissa. calm has returned to the city of baltimore but a state of emergency remains in place there. now governor hogan is ready to address the situation. we'll show you what needs to happen before he
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6:45 am
15 before the hour. breaking right now involving that germanwings plane crash. a better picture is being paint odd of the mental state of the pilot at the controls. why this was not the first time he may have tried to crash a plane after your weather an
6:46 am
traffic. another mild morning. we're in the 60s, staying in the 60s for the morning with lots of sunshine. a little fog in the rural areas. noontime, mid 70s and partly cloudy. between 4:00 and 9:00, passing thunderstorms are rolling through. the biggest problem is in the district. southeast/southwest freeway a crash from south capitol street. we have a two mile backup this morning. going to be tough out there for sure. i'm angie goff at the live desk. new troubling details about that germanwings plane crash in march and this report that was just released. french officials saying there was a rehearsal. co-pilot andreas lubitz practiced a controlled descent on that fatal day. if data -- the data showing it was an an outbound flight that he descended the plane five times in under five minutes. apparently this happened when the other pilot left the cockpit
6:47 am
as well. suggesting that lubitz wanted to crash the plane earlier. a virginia woman and her daughter were among the 150 people killed in that tragic crash and this report also going into great detail about the cockpit lock and -- which has become actually a focus point after the tragedy. as investigators begin to look at the compromises made on security after the september 11th attacks here in the u.s. aaron? >> angie, thank you. we are staying on top of a dropping story affecting a prince george's county neighborhood. a broken sewer main leaking thousands of gallons of raw sewage in oxon hill. kristin wright with how the repairs are going right now. >> reporter: well aaron, people here are waking up to yet another day of a sewage leak. and the signs here really say it all. they say sewage overflow area. look how close the homes are. they're just right here.
6:48 am
this could go on we're told for days at least. so far we can tell you at least 10,000 gallons of sewage water has spilled. at least. we're told this could go on for some time. but the problem is the 14-inch cracked sewer line. it's a big fix. wssc is working to redirect the waste water around that broken pipe. so they're setting up several thousands feet of temporary pipe from the leak to the nearest manhole. wssc is telling us it could take some days and in the meantime, some sewage has gone into oxon hill creek. wssc is concerned about that and they are monitoring the situation. now, elementary school that aaron mentioned is right here. the playground right here. basketball courts right here. football fields right there. so again days for the temporary fix. weeks for the whole thing to be
6:49 am
fixed. eun and aaron it's important to mention this whole situation is not affecting the drinking water. back to you. >> kristin wright, thank you. it's 6:49 today. some major changes could come out of news conferences in baltimore. at 9:00 mayor rawlings-blake will announce plans to reform the police department. you can hear what governor hogan says about the state of the emergency status. his order is still in effect. hogan has said all national guard troops have to leave baltimore before it can return to a normal status. also in baltimore one of the police officers charged in freddie gray's death is challenging the state's attorney ruling. the officers' lawyer says marilyn mosby should produce the knife gray was carrying when police arrested him last month. mosby said the knife was legal under baltimore law, therefore the officers illegally arrested
6:50 am
gray. the officer says he believe it was actually legal. mosby says says she won't release any evidence to the public before trial. and take a look at this poster. it says prince is playing in a surprise concert in baltimore this weekend. the concert is called the rally for peace. it's happening on sunday. tickets go on sale on live i guess it's not a surprise anymore. well a new fbi report says -- a new report says the fbi and city leaders were secretly watching people in west baltimore last week. according to "the washington post," two surveillance planes flew over the city for several days. one flew directly over the heart of last week's riots. the aclu says the surveillance is a problem. it says the planes put a lot of people's privacy at risk. new this morning, german police arrested four people accused of belonging to a far right terror organization. that group was reportedly gathering a large number of explosives. police say the group was planning some sort of attack on muslims and refugee homes.
6:51 am
investigators are trying to determine if they had any concrete plans for an attack. right now prince george's county police need your help finding a missing woman. look at your screen here. this is 76-year-old carolyn elizabeth rabb. there it is. she's missing. the last time anybody saw her was yesterday in capitol heights. police are looking for her black 2004 mercedes four-door car. you can call police if you have any information. all right, get ready to rock the red. the caps are home again to play the new york rangers in the stanley cup playoffs tonight. the game is at 7:30. we just checked stub hub and tickets are going for about 108 to $850. go caps. we'll have to watch from home. the wizards play saturday now that they're tied in the playoff series against the atlanta hawks. will john wall play? he sat out with a wrist injury last night. we'll let you know as soon as we hear an update for the weekend's
6:52 am
game. they play saturday at 5:00. we need that john wall. >> yeah. tom kierein is here with the forecast you need to get started today. >> we have a wall of fog showing up on the storm team 4 tower camera right now. it's over the potomac river that area of fog from northwest washington, kind of breaks up a little bit around the american region bridge and then farther north it's thicker and farther to our south, we have some dense fog as well. dense fog advisory until 8:00 including stafford, southern fauquier, culpepper county and rappahannock and green and central shenandoah valley. right now, temperatures are mild again this morning. we're right around 60 degrees nearby suburbs in virginia as well as in maryland and in the district the mid 60s. it has dipped down into the 50s. a little bit of fog around leesburg right now as well. and the pollen count is high. not as high as it was last couple of days but still high.
6:53 am
mostly oak tree pollen. at and through the morning we'll stay mild with some of the hazy sunshine. partly cloudy noontime mid 70s. 80 degrees by this afternoon, that's when we'll get some thunderstorms coming on through. sky may look like this yesterday afternoon. larry holmes took pictures of this a faint rainbow above the trees. we may have some is of these coming through, giving us a low to moderate impact on the afternoon commute. you may have some delays heading back home from work and school later on this afternoon. they may continue into this part of this evening. likely not severe. lightning and brief downpours. then tomorrow highs near 80s. warm pattern continues into the mother's day weekend. partly sunny for mother's day. another chance of storms around monday and tuesday. melissa is looking at a crash in d.c. >> yeah it's just hanging around this morning. westbound southeast/southwest freeway a crash on the ramp.
6:54 am
inner loop at the american legion bridge a report of a disabled car. the slow downs as you approach the bridge there. the first 4 traffic tracker is actually in that slowdown, inner loop approaching the bridge going about 15 20 miles per hour. 270 at montrose road headed southbound and northbound not that bad. even at the spur. wide look at the things, pretty typical. beltway at branch nice and light. 66 overall, 95 overall, again, how they normally look this time of the morning. >> thank you. 6:54. maybe you notice no escalator work happening at the van ness moat row station. it appears to be because of a communication gap between metro and d-dot. the multiyear project was supposed to start on monday. our news partners at wtop reporting d-dot suspended permits because it only learned about the project a few weeks ago. metro says it notified the district at the side of april
6:55 am
and now they'll try to agree on a new start date. 6:55. and now today is ride your bike to school day in fairfax county. >> chuck bell is in mclean, showing off some cool helmets this morning. good morning. >> safety first. always, eun, no doubt about that. kids can riding to school en masse. so drivers be careful. there are extra kids riding to school. if you're riding in with your friends, form a nice long train. always safety in numbers. if you get more than a hundred kids to participate, you get at least a hundred free seat covers for the bikes. so a friendly competition amongst the fairfax county public schools. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. we'll have a chance for thundershowers later this afternoon into early this evening so kids want to pedal home as fast as they can.
6:56 am
looks like a great day here. but everybody, be extra careful with the kids. here are four things to know today. the faa set to announce two initiatives on drones the new rules are designed to safely integrate drones into the busiest air space. a sewage pipe is leaking in a neighborhood in prince george's county. this schaaping on huron drive near forest heights elementary. it could be friday before that leak is stopped. next week before it's back to normal. we're combing through a new report just released by french investigators on germanwings flight 9525. it says the co-pilot rehearsed the crash on a previous flight. today in baltimore, the mayor will announce new police department reforms at 9:00 and we'll stream larry hogan's news conference at 11:30. another summer in may day underway. plane taking off from there at reagan national. mid 70s by noontime.
6:57 am
near 80s and that's when we'll get some thunderstorms. >> right now the biggest problem in the district westbound, southeast/southwest freeway, the ramp from capitol street. the inner look at the american legion bridge we're slow because of a disabled car. >> thanks that's the broadcast this morning. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes. until then, have a great day.
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good morning. breaking news. he practiced it. a disturbing new report on the co-pilot accused of deliberately crashing that germanwings plane in france. he set the instruments for a controlledescent five times on his previous flight. why was he allowed back in the cockpit? terror connection? investigators combing deeper into the backgrounds of the two gunmen who attacked the prophet muhammad cartoon contest. were they really involved with isis or just inspired by the terror group? nbc news exclusive. the new york city police officer attacked by a


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