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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, a living tribute to the courage of a d.c. firefighter. >> he sacrificed his life for the kids for the people in that building. >> the emotional return home at this northwest high-rise. lieutenant kevin mcrae remembered for the last of many
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heroic acts. breaking news in oklahoma. >> this has been a significant tornado outbreak. and it may not be over yet. >> interstates closed schools locked down an airport evacuated twice. how long the tornado threat could stretch into the night. >> "news4 at 11":00 starts now. a veteran d.c. firefighter among the first to the top of a high-rise with flafrom the windows. >> lieutenant kevin mcrae made it all the way out before he suddenly collapsed and died this morning. one woman says his last act saved her sister's life. our jackie benson at engine 6 in northwest d.c. now jackie? >> reporter: jim, she told me that she wants to make sure his children know he is a hero. when d.c. fire engine 6 approached the high-rise building they saw this deadly flames bursting from the windows on the top two floors.
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from his 24 years of experience, fire lieutenant kevin mcrae knew the building. he knew there were especially vulnerable people up there, seniors and disabled people some of them in wheelchair some possibly trapped and terrified. without hesitation he and other firefighters ran to those top floors to save lives. but the effort would cost kevin mcrae his own. zakieya boston says he saved her family. >> my sister was having an asthma attack. and we had to take them to the hospital. i mean, he encouraged us to the hospital because that person was going to drive, go right now. and he started getting sick right there at the bus stop right over there. he died doing what he loved. >> reporter: at washington hospital center firefighters stood at attention and saluted the flag-draped body of their fallen colleague and friend. d.c. mayor muriel bowser spoke. >> d.c. lost a hero today. >> reporter: sheryl baskerville
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lived at 1330 until recent. she knocked on doors to warn her former neighbors. she called lieutenant kevin mcrae the best of d.c. and became overwhelmed with emotion when she thought of the three children he leaves behind. >> i just want the kids his kids and his family to know that this building 1330 is grateful for him. we are grateful for him. >> reporter: black bunting. another firefighter was seriously injured, but he is going to be okay. we are told firefighters are in the process of putting together a special fund for lieutenant mcrae's children who have of course had the greatest lost today, the worst loss. more will be announced tomorrow. live in northwest, jackie benson news4. >> thank you, jackie. lieutenant mcrae's family knows this kind of tragedy all too well. before today, the last firefighter to die in the line of duty was lieutenant mcrae's
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cousin. james mcrae iii died of a suspected heart attack while on duty back in 2007. he went on three calls just hours before he died. >> the mcrae family has suffered a loss. and this is the second time it's happened to them. it is terrible. >> fire officials believe stress may have played a role in james mcrae's death. the medical examiner will determine just how kevin mcrae died. in the meantime d.c. fire officials are working with his family on funeral arrangements. there is a still developing weather threat tonight stretching from texas to nebraska. several tornadoes already reported. we've got team coverage on all this starting with jim handly and the latest damage reports. >> reporter: most of the destruction this afternoon and tonight concentrated in oklahoma and kansas. at this hour no injuries or deaths to report. but the devastation is widespread. let's start with the aerials
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coming in tonight. this new video of damage from areas near and south of oklahoma city. a tornado destroyed at least 35 homes here and the storms were strong enough to prompt the evacuation of the will rogers airport in oklahoma city. and take a look now at this funnel cloud that struck in kansas one of at least nine tornadoes reported across the north central part of that state. but most of those twisters missed heavily populated areas. it is already a tough season for folks there. this area that stretches across part of the country known as tornado alley. the deadly line of storms that killed two dozen people, including school children and moore, oklahoma hit almost exactly two years ago from today. and we've just gotten this in from grady county. that is southwest of oklahoma city. where authorities are searching for tigers. a tornado hit the tiger safari and some tigers escaped. residents are being warned to stay inside their homes at this
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hour. let's go to storm team 4 now. and doug tornadoes not the only problem there. we've got water worries too. >> that's for sure. we heard about the tornado emergency for oklahoma city a little earlier this afternoon. now it's a flash flood emergency. let's take a look at the radar first off. we'll show you what is happening in this area. the areas in yellow which include oklahoma city right up towards wichita, those are tornado watches that continue to be in effect. the amazing thing about these storms they just have not moved around portions of oklahoma city. look at oklahoma city still seeing very intense storms down towards moore, oklahoma. thunderstorm warnings and this flash flood warning, they've seen upwards of 5 to 10 inches of rain. some areas up to a foot of rain. one of the wettest maydays never oklahoma city. that's going to be a huge impact for them tomorrow too. for us we dealt with rain across our area too. the good news is starting to see that rain really dying out across our region. but still some shower activity back towards the west and through warren county down towards rappahannock.
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i'll let you know when our next transof storms is in. we'll talk about the lightest on the possible tropical system moving our way. >> doug thank you. new at 11:00, an effort to bring transparency to police-involved shootings in fairfax county. fairfax police chief edwin ressler released dash cam video of the 2009 shooting that killed david masters. the video begins with police chasing a large suv which gets stuck in traffic and then pulls away. that's when you see two officers run after the suv, and you hear gunshots but you don't see them being fired. chief ressler said he released the video because no criminal charges were filed and no civil suit is pending. the officer involved is no longer working for the fairfax police department. baltimore's mayor stephanie rawlings-blake today asked the justice department to investigate that city's police department. the mayor wants the doj to examine how the baltimore police department operates and whether
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officers have discriminated against suspects or used excessive force. attorney general loretta lynch is said to be considering that request. police tactics are not only under the microscope in baltimore. departments all over the country are taking a closer look now at how they operate. chris lawrence is in clinton, maryland where law enforcement and faith leaders talked about some of the problems tonight. chris? >> reporter: jim, the level of trust is so low, people were actually asking for tips on how not to get shot. >> what is the best practices for females who travel alone and maybe not just females at night -- >> reporter: for some people just talking about interacting with the police made them nervous, while one woman wanted to share the story of her son. >> i am a mother who has lost their child due to law enforcement. >> reporter: and panelists battled over the policy that gives officers ten days to make a statement. >> it doesn't take ten days to
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tell the truth. it often takes ten days to come up with a concocted story. >> that's a much more restricted law. because at the end of the day -- >> reporter: several people accused maryland's police unions of scuttling legislation to enforce more accountability even low maryland recently legalized poed body cameras, there is a long way to go before departments actually use them. >> the initial cost is not large to buy the equipment. but to store it in the icloud or build the server system is exorbitant. >> reporter: an attorney told young people to use their cell phones to record every interaction with officers. and if they can't point the camera at least capture the audio. one man complained of being pulled over for no reason. >> he said well i couldn't see your license plate. and i'm like huh? >> reporter: he says african americans have to remain calm when dealing with officer even in prince georges county. >> if you don't ask your permission to take your hands off the wheel or whatever it is
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you want to do, you don't make a move unless they tell you to do it. and that's not equal treatment in any kind of way. >> reporter: but when the police department of the fop asked who knows a police officer personally almost everyone raised their hand. and he said that's where the dialogue has to start. that's where you start to build the trust. jim, doreen? >> chris lawrence, thank you. prince georges county right now, some relief for residents near the oxen run creek. work crews have stopped a pipe from leaking sewage there. that leak was first noticed on sunday. since then about 15,000 gallons of untreated sewage has leaked. wsse says the problem was fixed quicker than they anticipated. now the focus son a permanent repair to the sewage pipe that was leaking. next at 11:00, gambling and adult entertainment on government credit cards. the new report detailing spending by pentagon employees. a bank robber in virginia posted video of his crime on
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instagram, then talked about it from jail. now he has convinced himself he wasn't actually a robbery suspect. and what does it take to bring democrats and republicans together on capitol hill? jim handly shows us how staffers are using mindfulness. 395 southbound to king street going to have one lane closed ov
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a man allegedly robs a bank and then instagrams video of the robbery. police say dominic al fonseca
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walked into a bank in virginia beach. he handed the teller a note for $150,000 please. he recorded the entire incident, showing the teller placing stacks of cash in a bag. then he posted two videos and a picture of the note on instagram. the 23-year-old does not believe he committed robbery. >> a robbery is demanding, going and demanding something and taking the money or whatever like that. i didn't do that. i went and i gave a note, and i asked actually politely. >> p arrested himcourt. new tonight, bills for adult entertainment are showing up on pentagon credit card statements. politico was first to report on the new inspector general audit at the defense department. it found military and civilian employees used government-issued cards to gamble and pay for escort services.
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that was on trips to vegas and atlantic city. a pentagon official says even though those activities were billed to government credit cards, that does not mean that the government actually reimbursed those expenses. in the rough and tumble world of politics things can often get frustrating and combative on capitol hill. well now some republicans and democrats are coming together to cut the tension with meditation. jim handly shows us how they're working together to create a calmer climate. ♪ >> notice the feeling of the breath. >> reporter: they sit side by side for half hour every week hill staffers from both sides of the aisle stepping back from their political battles to decompress. meditation is helping them reduce their stress level. >> as we practice coming back to the breath coming back into the present. >> i feel really calm. >> reporter: wesley brook is a first-timer, a house staffer who
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is now hooked. >> it's a really nice thing to have a safe space for everybody to come together. >> i knew the days i did it i was a little bit better a little bit calmer, a little bit nicer, a little more focused. >> reporter: the man who started it all here is a member from ohio democratic congressman tim ryan. >> we will have tea party republican staffers and you'll have liberal democratic staffers all sitting, learning about these different types of medications that can help them perform. >> reporter: ryan says mindfulness medication has to do with focus and being present in the moment. >> i take a couple of deep breaths is how i normally do it. so i'll do some breathing, deep breathing to just relakshmi body. >> reporter: each morning he'll spend 20 to 30 minutes upright and still in his office, eyes closed emptying his mind of the thoughts that might normally race through it. >> your thoughts come. i notice it. come back to your breath.
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let your mind go. you're not doing anything. >> reporter: ryan has seen medication reduce friction in politics and increase productivity. >> which i think is what our constituents would like us to do. they know we can fight. they know we're good at that. >> there are so many thoughts. >> reporter: justin is a senate staffer who also teaches dozens of colleagues how to let go. >> it's a really important way to be able to recharge and reconnect. but also in a way try to cultivate more listening, where he is talking past each other on capitol hill. >> reporter: plenty of staffers reach out to ryan but some members have been slower to come around. >> there is a little bit of a stigma. there is also i think an ignorance as far as not understanding the benefits of it the science behind it the fact that the seattle seahawks super bowl champs are doing it and it's a part of their program, or that the marines are doing it. >> and of course it's not hectic just on the hill. people from all walks can
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benefit from medication. breathing exercise disease help you keep calm in your rush hour traffic with your eyes open of course. mindfulness can also reduce anxiety over things like relationships or money. and medicine backs it all up. many hospitals incorporated into preparation for surgery and recovery. to learn more about how to get started, head to of course you guys are already pretty chill here. >> it's worth the effort to learn how to do it. >> it does make a difference. it does. >> i'd like to see it manifest in legislation. that would be really nice. >> thank you, jim. so rough weather out west. and some here as well today. >> it was rough again here two days in a row. a great day most of the day and showers and storms move. in some with very heavy rain. and we even saw golf ball sized hail around chantilly and centerville. the rain is dissipating. well still have the rain back towards the west and that's where it will stay.
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towards front royal where we see that rain continuing. but diminishing as it moves to the south. and then a couple of isolated showers that have developed. one in prince william county. and these guys right here right along i-95. there is a little bound rich. and these storms form right along the boundary that boundary shifting to the south slowly. fredericksburg you might see that. you might see a little lightning and pulses up and back down. not going to be much of a storm at all. but you see what happened. we saw the storms first and then saw this monster complex come down. that's what we're dealing with right now across our areas. so a fairly stormy afternoon, although southern maryland you didn't see anything at all. i was all mostly northern virginia and parts of west virginia. right now temperatures 71 in d.c. a very mild and very warm humid night. 68 in leesburg. 62 culpeper. and 72 towards fredericksburg. here is the storm system again. i want to show you what is happening out west. look at this storm. you see the spin in the atmosphere. that's the big storm in the upper-levels. and look what it is doing, bringing moisture up and firing off the thunderstorms.
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numerous tornadoes. 41 tornado reports from nebraska through kansas down towards oklahoma and texas. a big-time severe weather day in that region that storm not coming our way. but this storm will for the weekend. this is that tropical system that we've seen or subtropical system that is off the coast. this is one that we'll continue to watch. now all the computer models. almost all of them bring it onshore to the carolinas. they're going to get wet, soaked. it's going to be a little windy down there. for us see the clouds that come off the top of it? that's really all we'll get here during the weekend on saturday and sunday. maybe an isolated shower or two. it should not have that big of an impact on our weather. 80 in d.c. 82 in fredericksburg. so a nice day on ours there. and call it a fantastic friday setting up too. but tomorrow, a few more clouds. and a isolated sprinkle or two. but looking good if you're doing any exercising tomorrow. 74 degrees by 11:00 a.m. 78 by 1:00. 83 on friday there is that fantastic friday for you. the weekend not bad. temperatures in the low to mid-80s saturday and sunday. so looking good there too.
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and then we get really warm. monday and tuesday, high temperatures looking like they'll be in the mid-80s once again. we will see a chance for some showers and maybe a few thunderstorms on monday and tuesday. but again, we're not talking about anything too big. we have not had much in the way of severe weather, even though we had a couple of those storms earlier today. >> all right, thank you, doug. >> you bet. did you see what happened at verizon center tonight? dianna was there. let's see if she has any voice left. >> i do. vance, he is not old enough to drink, but andre burakovsky is the toast of the town. find out what his teammates had been telling him all season long and finally tonight he
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> so where else would you want to be tonight than in d.c.? with all the good stuff that is going on. >> right? it's been so much fun. >> we're hot. >> and we need -- impending doom sometimes you're thinking about. for me it's just having to reschedule my vacation plans because i don't think it's going to end any time soon. >> which is good. >> that's the good kind of doom. and you might want toe rethink early june vacation plans. because the washington capitals are one win away from advancing past the second round. the last time that happened 1998, the same year they went to the finals. tonight barry and company hoping to start fast. they're down 1-0 in the second period. they finally get things going. the rookie andre burakovsky forcing the turnover comes across the ice and fires a laser. his first play-off goal ever. ties the game at one.
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the rookie coming up huge. third period about 20 seconds in burakovsky again. getting free from behind the defense. a one-on-one against lundqvist. oh the rookie meets him. makes him look like a nobody. the caps go up 2-1. a call against mike green would lead to a penalty shot for carl hag land. but braden holtby stops him with the glove. 29 saves tonight. caps they win it 2-1. caps now have a commanding 3-1 lead. for more dianna russini joins us with more. can you hear me? it was so loud tonight. >> it really was so loud tonight. barry trot said andre bury cost ski at the beginning of the season was ignorant, confident, and has done a lot of growing up getting his first two career play-off goals. his teammates say you know what? he is probably listening.
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>> every single game we talk to him before and say hey, he's got one of the best wrist shots in the league. and he is just a young pup. you can tell with the first one, he can really bring it. >> they tell you before the game, you got to keep shooting shoot, shoot, shoot. >> yeah i think i need to shoot more. and the guys have been telling me i have to shoot all the time. and today i think i had a couple of shots and it worked out pretty good. >> so they head back to new york up 3-1 in the series. and probably wound telephone best parts of the night, the nats were in the house. so we have everyone supporting each other, every team supporting one another. really carol, it doesn't get any better than this. sorry you missed it. >> full circle. rubbing it in. and bryce harper who was there, he is 22. so he can get a soda pop at least. not like the guy who scored two goals. at nats park today, the nationals took the series. you heard of bryce harper well he stole the show today. breaking out of a slump in a big way today. two homers in his first two at-bats and the third time up
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my nguyen not. another monster shot to the upper deck. 445 feet. fourth player in nats history to do that. harper gets a big hug from the last guy, ryan zimmerman. and gets that curtain call. harper at 22 the youngest player since 1969 to hit three home runs in a game. nats win it 7-5. one score not as easy to listen to 5-1 mets over the birds. >> oh, my. >> g
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there was a spring video showcase presenting the projects that students have worked on this year. tapes, video, films. i had the honor of serving as the guest
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kerry washington


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