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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 7, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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camera. your weather headlines, mild morning. a warm and comfortable afternoon with lower humidity. our summer in may weather keeps on keeping on. cooler start. down to the 50s in nearby suburbs. mid to upper 50s upper 50s near 60 around the bay. mid 50s on the eastern shore. in the shenandoah valley around 60 there. and then out of the mountains in the mid 50s. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. amelia segal will have your what to wear walk to work forecast at 5:11. melissa, what's happening on the roads? >> 95 in maryland, powder mill road, take a little look in the area. no major problems there at this point this morning. right now, 270 northbound and southbound, no issues there. going at speed there at 55 mile per hour. 66 at cedar lane inbound and
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outbound. first 4 traffic tracker headed down 95 right now. doing to show you a live picture of the traffic tracker headed northbound. everything is looking good. did have some slowdowns earlier that were not explained. then prince george's county overall is looking quite good right now as well. indian head avenue everything is nice and green and rolling along. back in ten minutes. weather and traffic always on the 1s. see you at 5:11. people in the midwest waking up to destruction left behind by a night of severe storms. take a look. a funnel cloud there in nebraska nebraska crossed the highway. someone driving captured it. it touched down near pie ron. several tornadoes touched down in oklahoma leaving damage and bad flooding. in oklahoma city, a hotel was hit. and you can see there it looks like the storm ripped off a large section of the roof. a self-storage place levelled as well as an rv park.
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some of the heaviest rainfall ever in oklahoma city. the first ever flash flood emergency in this city was even declared. so far this morning, no reports of anyone badly hurt. at the live desk i'm kristin wright. 5:02 is your time. a medical examiner is working to find out why a d.c. firefighter died. lieutenant kevin mcrae collapsed just after fighting this intense fire in northwest washington yesterday. the firefighters lined up and saluted him as his body was taken away from the hospital. mcrae worked for the department for 24 years. he had three children. >> i just want the kids, his kids and his family to know that this building -- 1330 is grateful for him. we are grateful for him. >> we will let you know as soon as we learn when mcrae's funeral will be. he was 44 years old. the last d.c. firefighter to die in the line of duty was kevin mcrae's cousin. james mcrae iii died of a heart attack in 2007. he went on three calls just
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hours before he died. >> and in the mcrae family has suffered a loss. and this is the second time it's happened to them. it is terrible. >> the mcraes were the 99th and 100th d.c. firefighter to die on the job. today law enforcement agencies are converging on the district. they're here to discuss a topic that's polarizing communities and that is the use of force by police. high profile incidents like freddie gray's death in baltimore have affected how officers relate to the communities they serve. today's executive research forum will address these concerns. >> i am a mother who has lost their child due to law enforcement. >> police tactics also under the microscope in prince george's county. faith leaders talked about some of the problems last night in clinton. several people accused
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maryland's police unions of dragging their feet on legislation to enforce more accountability. an attorney told young people to use their cell phones to record every interaction with officers. if they can't do that at least capture the audio. attorney general loretta lynch has been on the job for about a dozen days and already she is heading to the hill to defend her plans. this morning, lynch will field questions. as you know, law enforcement agencies are under scrutiny over the use of force. we could see questions about lynch's handling of tensions in baltimore after the death of freddie gray. the republican chairman of today's panel voted against lynch taking the job. today we expect to learn how security agencies plan to stop white house fence jumpers. the secret service and national park service are expected to approve temporary spikes for the top of the fences. you can see it there from this image what it would look like. several permanent solutions are on the table, including a ten foot fence or possibly a double fence. we're told the park service decided not to install barbed
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wire a chain link fence or a moat. the feminist student groups are accusing the university of mary washington of sexual discrimination. later this morning students will announce the filing of the federal complaint. it accuses the school administration of refusing to protect female students from threats of violence and sexual assault. today's announcement follows the murder of student grace mann who was a leading voice for feminist and gay causes. metro wants to hear your thoughts on the potomac yard station coming to alexandria. that would be built on the yellow and blue lines between the reagan national and braddock road stops. construction is expected to begin next year and be finished by 2018. that's a public hearing at the lee center in alexandria tonight at 7:00. the capitals are now heading to new york just one win away from the next round in the stanley cup playoffs. playing the new york rangers and now lead the series three games to one. the teams play again tomorrow. let's hope they win, just wrap
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this puppy up. whoever wins will face montreal or tampa bay in the next round. how about that? isn't this awesome? >> yeah. >> and braden holtby he made the save -- >> did you stay up to watch? >> a little bit. it's so good. so good. all right some pentagon employees are under fire. the services they put on their government credit cards including prostitution. we're following the developing story after a howard university ph.d. student disappears. a pregnant woman and husband gunned down forcing the mom to give birth. the latest on the baby as well as the search for the suspected gunman. and take a look at these temperatures. a lot of places seeing the 60s right now. but what
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welcome back. police in california trying to figure out who shot a pregnant woman and her husband. this happened in bakersfield yesterday. bravo and her husband mario were approached by three men and adriana was shot in the hip and mario was shot in the upper body. both are expected to be okay. she gave birth to a baby boy while being treated for her gunshot wound. the baby is doing well. it is time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we're talking about a nice day ahead. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is live in vienna for us to tell us more about
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this day. looking forward to it. hey, amelia. >> good morning, eun and aaron. we're here with the storm team 4 live 4 x 4. the biggest difference from today to yesterday, no storms are in the forecast. second of all, the humidity noticeably lower. walking to work is quite comfortable. 61 degrees right here. reported by the storm team 4 x 4. once the sun comes up we'll have plenty of it. coming home from work, a balmy 80. you will need the sunglasses today. short sleeves will be just fine. there's some rain in the forecast for the weekend. but updates on the timing. tom's going to have that in ten minutes. but for now, we send it over to melissa. melissa, you have updates of an issue on 95 right now? >> yeah. this just popped up. first 4 traffic tracker headed northbound on 95 in virginia, and as it headed through the
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dale city area, started to see rocks and stuff on the roadway. we were seeing some slowdowns earlier. perhaps that's causing the problems. nice and green, but again a warning of a slowdown. might be some gravel or something left over from overnight road work. the georgia avenue construction between randolph and layhill, that's now all clear there. 66 into and out of town, no major problems there. big look at things actually everything looking quite good here as far as the beltway goes. b.w. parkway into and out of town everything rolling along nicely. live look at 270 coming up. he is supposed to be someone they can trust but prince george's county prosecutors say a math and science teacher is far from that. what he's accused of doing to a student for more than a year. it's something that a lot of parents teach their kids and do it to entertain them. when is it too young?
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it is now 5:15. the family of a missing howard university need your help. buckley is set to graduate saturday with a ph.d.. police know that he picked up his graduation packet. but then he disappeared. his mother says it's not like her son and is appealing for help. >> we are just desperate to find lance and we really need their help. we really need them to just reach out and think was i there, have i seen him, did i interact with him? we're just pleading for the public's help. >> lance may be in possession of a firearm but he's not a threat. if you have any information, they want to hear from you. i'm megan mcgrath live at flora singer elementary school in silver spring where crews are continuing to clean up following
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some flooding problems yesterday. if you look behind me here, you can see some of the ventilation hoses that are going into the lower level of the school here. they're actually circulating some air. i have seen some blowers and some other equipment there as they try to clean up the water that leaked into the building as a result of an issue with a pipe yesterday. the school was closed. they had no classes yesterday. the last tweet from the school system was several hours ago and their plan was to open today. the plan was to open school. we are awaiting an update from the school system to see whether or not they're going to be able to do that. but we still have some crews on the scene. working inside. so we'll be keeping an eye on it. as soon as we get that update from the school system we will let you know. back to you guys, aaron? >> megan, thank you. the busted sewage pipe near
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oxon run creek is fixed now. that leak started on sunday and since then, some 15,000 gallons of untreated waste water had leaked. it was fixed faster than anticipated. now the focus is on a permanent repair to that pipe. newly released video shows the moments before fairfax county police shot and killeden an unarmed man in 2009. it was released to bring transparency. the police are chasing david masters in a large suv. that's when you see two large officers run after the suv and then you hear gunshots. you don't see them being fired. no one faces criminal charges right now. the officer involved no longer works for the department. a man is waking up in jail this morning accused of killing a southern illinois college student. michael gordon is charged with first degree murder. the 19-year-old student went missing on monday morning after trying to sell his car on craigslist. police arrested gordon after finding e-mails between the two talking about the sale of the car. the student's body and car were
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found on tuesday in missouri. just south of where he went to school. in news4 for your health, fewer of you have high triglyceride levels. one-thirds of americans had higher levels and in 2012 it fell to 25%. the report says fewer people smoking and more of you eating less fatty foods is the reason. well, at what age should you let your children play with tablets? a lot of parents when they're at restaurants or waiting at a soccer game, they give them a tablet to keep them is it necessary to give your young child a tablet? more than 70% of children under the age of 12 use tablets, nearly 40% between the ages of 2 and 4 play with some sort of mobile device in their hands. now medical experts say they get in the way of kids learning about the world. >> there's lots of educational value on the apps and the
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tablets and all kinds of things you can come up with. but academic education is not what we want to give our toddlers. >> the american academy of pediatrics recommends no screen time for children under the age of 2 and that includes television. i want to show you some incredible images, actually, do not want to do this, guys? weather? >> we'll if to weather first then. >> all right. let's go to tom. >> i have some incredible images to show you. good morning. we are starting off early this morning with a nice clearing sky. there's the live view from the storm team 4 city camera. there's the washington monument. jefferson memorial. here in the storm team 4 weather center i'm happy to say it's warmer and quiet, no hail or thunderstorms around this morning. the temperatures are much more comfortable. lower humidity in place. right now, we're near 60 degrees. shenandoah valley most of the
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nearby suburbs in maryland and virginia have dipped down into the 50s. right now reagan national is at 63. around chesapeake bay around 60s. we'll have that moon shining and we'll have the sun rising just past 6:00. by 8:00 a.m. it's climbing high in the sky with a few high clouds drifting through. then for your lunch hour it will be mostly sunny. the rest of the afternoon looking mostly sunny. beautiful day coming up. your hour by hour forecast temperatures will be quickly climbing by noontime. the low 70s and near 80 by 4:00 or 5:00. lots of sunshine throughout the day. hash tag today is windows open unless you're suffering from the pollen which is up a little bit. but not as high as last week. tomorrow another gorgeous spring day. 50s and then the storm team 4 forecast an updated look at the rain chances. yesterday it looked like we'd get it on saturday, but now
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maybe into mother's day on sunday. sorry, mom. might get a little bit of rain in the afternoon. mainly south of the metro area on mother's day. so most of the region looking dry. only a 30% chance though of a passing shower. sunday mainly in the afternoon. south of washington. highs low 80s both saturday and sunday. seven day outlook into next week the summer in may pattern continues all the way into tuesday with highs in the 80s. could get some showers, a greater chance of showers on monday. area wide. then drying out on tuesday. wednesday, a bit cooler. highs in the 70s and some sunshine back with low humidity. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:31. a look at hometown highs today. now, a look at traffic early on this thursday morning. so far, so good right? >> so far, so good. overall we are looking quite good. behind me i just put up a map of 270. nice and clear. same thing as you head in northbound. remember to listen to our
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friends on wtop when you hop in your car this morning. 395 northbound that's where first 4 traffic tracker is headed right now. overall looking pretty good right now. same thing as you're headed southbound. wide look at things overall. we're looking pretty good. nice and green. lots of movement there. i like telling you there's really nothing happening at this point this morning. we know that's going to change. 66 into and out of town not having an issue. little bit slow here 95 northbound through dale city. told you earlier we have some debris on the roadway in that area. so be careful as you're headed northbound. b.w. parkway and top of the beltway, everything is rolling along just fine. i'll be back in ten minutes with more. breaking news now. happening near boston. a huge fire we have live pictures of this. again, near boston. a five alarm fire. look at the flames there. just raging. you see black smoke. five alarms. this is in lawrence massachusetts. multiple buildings on fire here.
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several areas have firefighters going to the scene to try to put out all of these flames. looks residential. we're just not sure at this point. we do know no reports of injuries so far, but still early. and the fire is still burning very early in the morning there in boston. we'll have more information as we get it at the live desk, i'm kristin wright. >> thanks. today the nypd will honor an officer who died earlier this week. officer brian moore's wake is today. defense lawyers could rest their case in the boston bombing trial. the trial is in the sentencing phase. last month, dzhokhar tsarnaev was found guilty of the bombing at the boston marathon that killed three people. the jury could send tsarnaev to life in prison. they could also sentence him to the death penalty. the story of a murdered d.c. socialite and her eccentric husband is coming to the big screen.
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it will be called "the worst marriage in georgetown." at the chronicle the murder of the couple. and "the hollywood reporter" says filming will begin in october. an elementary schoolteacher is accused of sexually abusing a 9-year-old student. 39-year-old edwin magnaye was a science and math instructor at the william paca elementary in landover. he's shown here in this police video. police say the boy's mother contacted them in february. her son said that magnaye touched him inappropriately several times. >> and the boy says, it began in september of 2014. and lasted through february of this year. and there were at least five instances in which this abuse is alleged to have occurred. >> prince george's county schools say it is cooperating
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fully with police. the teacher is now on administrative leave and counselors are available for students and parents. he said he would never break the rules but a new report says otherwise. what super bowl champ tom brady is accused of knowing about deflategate. who is expected to announce their candidacy for the white house very soon? looking live across the district pretty warm right now. how much warmer can we expect it to get? tom is back at 5:31 with your hometown highs today.
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looking at the stories making headlines right now, today a medical examiner will be working to find out why a d.c. firefighter died. lieutenant kevin mcrae collapsed just after fighting this intense fire in northwest washington yesterday. he worked for the department for 24 years. people in midwest are cleaning up after a night of severe storms. several funnel clouds were reported across oklahoma and nebraska. so far, no reports on anyone seriously hurt. and we're standing by to see whether a silver springs school will be open after a water pipe creates a huge mess. much more on those stories throughout the morning but
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first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. coming up on 5:29 now, i want to get to your forecast first. here's meteorologist tom kierein. >> you know i sleep with the windows open and this morning i noticed when i'm waking up, it felt so much better. nice, fresh, cool breeze coming through. hash tag today, windows open if you don't suffer from pollen. a live view from the storm team 4 tower camera we have cleared out overnight. we have plenty of sunshine. right now, partly sunny in lanham. upper 70spy 5:00 a.m. and in manassas partly cloudy, highs reaching near 80. in montgomery county, silver spring is at 59. later today there it will climb into the upper 70s to near 80 with low humidity. a beautiful morning underway weather wise. is the traffic beautiful? >> traffic wise not so bad.
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i want to show everybody, this kind of on going construction we have been seeing in northwest for the past month or. so 16th street at military road. we have talked about this a lot. but worth mentioning again, the southbound lanes are open and they use the northbound lanes as bidirectional leaps. a little warning there. 270 south, buckeystown pike some road work. you can see a little bit of a slowdown there. pretty typical for this time of day. 66 is clear, driving nicely. into and out of town. your slowest spot is dale city and that's because it's 5:30 in the morning and dale city gets slow at 5:30. overall, no problems in prince george's county. then northbound here to the parkway we'll look at that in a couple of minutes. 5:30. you're looking live at the u.s. capitol in a few hours loretta lynch will face some questions on how she plans to lead the nation's law enforcement. she has been on the job for less
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than two weeks now and her appearance at today's budget hearing is a critical early test of leadership. let's get to the hill where we find nbc's tracie potts this morning. >> reporter: good morning. she's asking congress here today for $28 billion for the justice department. that's for investigations the fbi, the immigration. a huge budget and they have a lot of priorities in that budget. now, of the increase where she wants more money, the biggest chunk of that is for immigration. she's asking for a 40% increase in that budget to deal with the huge backlog of cases. they need to hire more judges and create more courts. a lot having to do with the unaccompanied minors kids who came across the border without their parents. so the senate appropriations subcommittee will look at that today. some of the money she'll be asking for her -- are for prisons and police body cameras, for civil rights investigations like the one requested for baltimore's police department. don't forget the fbi dealing with terror.
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trying to track down suspects before situations like we saw in garland, texas, last sunday. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thanks. within weeks we'll find out if former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is taking another shot at the republican nomination. he said he'll announce his plans on may 27th in the town where he grew up. santorum said he's an underdog this time around. but says he's comfortable in that role. he surprise as lot of people in 2012 when he won contests in 11 states during the primaries. right now, britons are voting in what is expected to be the tightest election in decades, despite five weeks of campaigning neither the conservative party or the opposition labour party has a clear lead. and that is teeing up a potentially messy an uncertain outcome after the vote. today the d.c. council plans to discuss the police body camera program with the public. mcduffy called for a round table
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and it's expected to cover things like policy and paying for the program's expansion. it's too late to sign up to attend but you can submit written statements to the council next wednesday. an anne arundel police officer is facing charges this morning. michael flag got into a fight tuesday night. baltimore police say that he bit the victim in the crotch and then ran away. officers later found him at a nearby bar and arrested him. court documents say that he smelled like alcohol and slurred his words. anne arundel police placed him on paid lead. make sure you follow david culver on twitter. he'll be at the school board which is covering a controversial topic. the school district is considering adding gender identity to the nondiscrimination policy. it can protect the teachers and students in the county. critics are concerned that a policy change can lead to mixed
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sex bathrooms. a consultant will be hired, and that meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. in falls church. right now, papa new guinea rocked once again. a earthquake hit the south pacific island nation. there is a tsunami warning in place. this is the fourth strong quake there in just the past week. this one is in a different area. no reports at this point of anyone badly hurt or any real damage. at the live desk i'm kristin wright. i always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. i respect the league. >> new england patriots tom brady is coming under fire over those words he said earlier this year. a month's long investigation says brady was quote at least generally aware of several underinflated footballs during the afc championship game in january. the patriots won that game and went on the win the super bowl.
5:35 am
investigators implicated two patriots employees in addition to brady. the report says it was quote, more probable than not they deliberately deflated the balls. investigators said text messages and requests for signed gear from the employees pointed to brady's involvement. they forwarded their findings to the nfl. if the league decides to punish him, praid could face -- brady could face a suspension or a fine. should the redskins return to d.c.? yes, says muriel bowser. the owner daniel snyder has started the process of looking for a new home. d.c., maryland and virginia are vying for the revenue that the team can bring. but the mayor says the team belongs in a new stadium where the old one still stands. >> we know that the perfect location for the redskins is where they played for decades very successfully. we have the infrastructure sitting on on the of the metro station. >> now, some council members say
5:36 am
they'll support the redskins return if the plan includes new affordable housing. others want the team's name changed first. it is now 5:36. 62 mild degrees out there. we'll be back with your weather and traffic on the 1s and find out whether we'll continue this nice warm
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5:39 now. bills for gambling and adult entertainment are showing up on pentagon credit card statements. it found military and civilian employees used government issued cards to gamble and pay for escort services. the pentagon official says the government did not necessarily reimburse the employees for the charges. the official said they may have paid with their own money but used their government card to hide the charges from their spouse. today robert durst will be in court. the millionaire is facing a preliminary hearing in new orleans. he pleaded not guilty to a gun charge there. he can't face charges out west until this case in new orleans ends for killing a woman. on your way out this morning -- >> meteorologist amelia segal is live in vienna with your bus stop forecast. >> good morning, aaron and eun.
5:40 am
i'm here in the storm team 4 x 4 at the metro station. we are using the hash tag, windows open. a really nice day in store. plenty of sunshine but as the kids are headed to the bus stop this morning, there could be some areas of fog in the more rural spots. otherwise, spectacular this morning. temperatures for the most part in the low 60s with plenty of sunshine. we'll keep mostly to sunny skies throughout the day today. you can see 7:00 to 8:00, temperature around 61. no storms in the forecast for today either. we'll keep the warmth but again, drop the humidity. now, there are some rain chances in the forecast this weekend. don't forget it's mother's day weekend. tom will have the exact timing on those chances coming up in ten minutes, but for now we'll send it over to melissa. melissa, windows open or closed for you at this point? >> windows open. make sure the screens are in your windows. you can open the house windows, car windows down today.
5:41 am
no doubt about that. look here, 95 northbound before lorton road, a brand new crash. this one sounds it's off to the right side of the roadway, but a normal slow down through dale city before this. it could increase things for you as far as how much time you need. 270 south, 95 to 270 you're fine. 66 into town no problems. 95 north near quantico to the beltway, no major problems. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. video posted on instagram shows a man walking into a bank in virginia and then handing the teller a note and walking out with bag. why the man says the video doesn't show the whole story and it is one big mix-up. and
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right now, rome's airport is shut down because of a fire. this fire broke out in the main international terminal where there's lots of retail space. all departures right now cancelled until the mid afternoon. only intercontinental flights are allowed to land there. again, rome's airport closed right now because of a fire. no word on what started the fire just yet. at the live desk, i'm kristin wright. take a look at the images, this man is suspected in an attack. he grabbed a 19-year-old who woman last wednesday as she walked on lake arbor way and he implied he what a gun and he sexually assaulted her. we have posted this sketch on the facebook page. we can learn whether a former d.c. police officer could do jail time today. a verdict is expected in the trial of samson lawrence. he's accused of attempted murder after he allegedly assaulted his wife in their home in 2013. prosecutors say lawrence sprayed his wife's face with lysol,
5:46 am
choked her and pushed her down the stairs after an argument about a television installation. a man accused of robbing a bank posted video of the robbery on instagram. police say dominyk alfonseca walked into the bank monday afternoon in virginia beach. he handed the teller a note asking for $150,000, please. he showed the teller placing stacks of cash in the bag. then he posted two videos and a picture of the note on instagram. but that 23-year-old has another version of the story. >> robbery is demanding, going in and demanding something and taking the money or whatever like that. i didn't do that. i went and i gave a note and i asked actually politely. >> well so you hear that logic. he said he asked politely with a note and he said please. so the bank willingly gave him money. that's what he is saying is happening.
5:47 am
police arrested alfonseca 20 minutes after it happened. >> i'm wondering now, does there have to be an actual threat involved? >> if you hand the teller a note, he robbed his bank. you're going to start writing notes? >> isn't that what i do i hand the teller a slip? >> with your number on it. new numbers show that leesburg' crime is down. according to the police department crimes like murder and rob i are decreased -- robbery decreased from 2013. car thefts also declined. a school custodian is accused of stealing an ipad from a disabled student in reston. fairfax county police used the find me app to find the tablet. it led to the lead custodian at
5:48 am
the school. alston allegedly bragged to others about stealing items from the school. he was arrested yesterday. former speaker of the house jim wright has died. the congressman from texas was the first speaker in history to be driven out of office midterm. he replaced tip o'neill as speaker in 1987. two years later he was charged with 69 violations of house rules on reporting an accepting gifts. he left office in 1989. wright was 92 years old. well you probably noticed an abundance of orange cones all over our area. and they're having a big impact on how you get around too. construction season in full swing right now. especially here in the district where there are several major road projects that can take years from canal road to the 167th street bridge project. these are expected to last a long time and at times they're going to cause significant delays. people don't like all this work, but they realize the repairs
5:49 am
need to be done. >> it's a big delay. >> i guess it's annoying but it's necessary. >> we have to fix them. so i guess one time is as good as the other. >> got to deal with it. >> got to deal with it. >> news4 transportation reporter adam tuss says the project that will impact you the longest is the third street tunnel project. they are putting buildings above the highway. it will cost you more now every time you hop in a car to go. the company is adding a $1 driver protection fee to every trip. the company will drop the deductible down to $250. it's a car sharing service. they can leave the car in any legal parking spot in d.c. and the new fees start on june 1. whole foods is hoping to build stores targeted to a more cost conscious shopper.
5:50 am
the stores can debut as early as next year. we know where you can shop at a brand new whole foods coming to our area. the company says it's planning to bring a new store to tyson's corner. it will be the largest in the region. they'll be at a new development off of leesburg pike. we don't know when it will open though. i'd like to see a cost effective whole foods. i really would. i do think they have good produce and a lot of options for healthy eating and organic foods. >> that's why i don't shop there. it's healthy. i missed that one. >> vegetables leafy greens, spinach, kale. that's a new app that can help you express how you feel about d.c. via text. >> and it's called emoji d.c. some of the options include but not limited to the d.c. flag and outline of the city. a bunch of monuments all over
5:51 am
town. the white house and capitol too. metro car. this app is free right now on itunes. we just found out that flora singer elementary school will be open today. news4's megan mcgrath spoke to a maintenance worker who says that five classrooms will need to be relocated but school will start on time. the school was closed yesterday you'll remember after that water pipe started leaking. we have a live report coming from megan in silver spring in just a few minutes at 6:00. right now, 5:51. tom kierein is back with us this morning. we got rid of some of the rain and some of the pollen too. >> here's something green you'll recognize, aaron. these are trees, right? >> a great picture. >> but don't eat them. the pollen count, these trees are producing pollen. but yeah the rain yesterday did help. but the pollen count is still in the high range. you suffer from oak tree pollen you'll notice it. but it's a little bit better today. you may notice some relief. there is some pretty gusty winds in the shenandoah valley yesterday and it knocked this historic tree down.
5:52 am
this tree was surveyed by george washington. this tree over 200 years old. and you can see the interior it it was hollow. it didn't have much more time to go anyway. so some of the strong gusts did knock some of the trees down. and temperatures right now are cooler and more comfortable in the wake of those storms. we have dried out. the humidity has dropped. temperatures are in the 50s. most of the region, from the mountains to the bay. and earlier this week, i travelled to arlington and visited the taylor elementary school. had a great time talking to the fourth graders there. all about weather. they have had a unit on weather. they just completed it. i guess all the schools in arlington, fourth grades have the unit on weather. they're in the -- there in the back is teacher jeremy feer are a. he invited me to visit the school in arlington, virginia. i had a terrific time. we had a lot of fun talking about all the different types of weather and what to do when severe weather threatens.
5:53 am
i told them about the chances for severe weather today -- that we had yesterday. now, this morning, for your drive in to work, you'll need the sunglasses. at you'll be driving right into sunshine especially on 66. we'll be in the low to mid 60s. then headed west driving into sun as well. dry roads during the afternoon. low 80s on friday and saturday so this beautiful weather continues. then on sunday that's the new chance for some rain. mainly south of washington. during the hour on mother's day and the low 80s. a small chance of passing shower. then a greater chance of rain on monday tuesday, wednesday, we dry up. but still warm all the way through tuesday, then cooler wednesday. melissa is looking at a problem on metro. >> yeah metro problem. this popped up. red line single tracking between van ness and medical center. a warning there. we tweeted about this from first 4 traffic tracker this morning as well. 95 northbound before lorton
5:54 am
road a crash off to the right side of the roadway. you can see the slow downs, not necessarily because of the crash. but we have those typical slowdowns and the crash perhaps adding to it a bit this morning. taking a look at 66 kind of if you're hopping on your 234 here headed into town we're a little slow the whole way in. out of town no problem here this morning. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car this morning. 270 southbound at buckeystown pike, still have that road work happening. sort of a slowdown that entire way down to hyattstown. everything nice and green still, same thing when you look at prince george's county. protests across mexico after the murder of a journalist in vera cruz. demonstrators call for justice in the area that's become extremely dangerous for the media. radio journalist armando saldana was found shot in the head. according to the committee to
5:55 am
protect journalists, around 90% of media murders go unsolved in mexico. it barely was completed but israeli prime minister's benjamin netanyahu has completed a deal to form a new government in israel. netanyahu struggled to put together a coalition in parliament nearly two months after winning re-election. the lead party will have a very small majority in israel's parliament. well they come after you if you don't pay your taxes but now the tables have turned on some irs employees. the government watchdog group reports that close to 1600 members of the internal revenue service willfully evaded paying their taxes. the report is by the agency's inspector general and says most were not fired and some got raises. the agency has 85,000 employees and officials say 99% of them pay their taxes on time.
5:56 am
well two things you might not put together -- >> mcdonald's and kale. kale? landon dowdy joins us from cnbc with more. >> hi guys i know this isn't your thing, healthy food aaron -- >> kale all right. >> i love kale. >> well mcdonald's ran ads earlier that it would never serve kale on a hamburger, but they plan start to test breakfast bowls featuring kale at some locations in southern california. mcdonald's is trying out a variety of new foods as part of the turn around plan. the bowls cost about $4 are made of turkey, sausage, egg and spinach spinach. and lumber liquidators will halt sales of the chinese floors. they have been under fire since march when 60 minutes aired a report that it has high levels
5:57 am
of formaldehyde. guys back over to you. >> landon dowdy, thank you. 5:57. today muriel bowser is hosting a youth engagement forum. her office says the forum was prompted in part by runnest in baltimore over -- by unrest in baltimore over the death of freddie gray. she is hoping for a dialogue. you're encouraged to share your thoughts on social media. using the #i wish you knew. the forum kicks off at 4:00 p.m. at the martin luther king jr., memorial library. while you were sleeping crews were hard at work at one montgomery county school trying to clean up the mess left behind by flooding. we received new information from the the school district about the clean-up efforts. what that news means ahead. 62 degrees outside our studios. a live look over the district this morning where we expect temperatures to rise and no rain to fall. a look at the forecast and what's happening on the roads when "news4 today" continues.
5:58 am
♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there... ...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it.
5:59 am
and the ones who do... ...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪ "news4 today" starts now. >> right now on "news4 today," picking up the pieces across the plains after at least 20 tornados touched down. the extent of the damage we're seeing in three states this morning. we were there minutes ago when a montgomery county school decided to open today following flooding damage but there are
6:00 am
some changes. the important information you need to know before you send your kid off to school. but first, a mild start to your morning as we see cooler temperatures right now. take a look. it's the start of what's shaping up to be a beautiful spring day. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here now with your weather headlines. good morning, tom. >> #windows open today. unless you suffer from the pollen. pollen count is down from the rain yesterday. no more rain now. our sky has cleared out this morning. those storms that give us the hail and some of those gusty winds yesterday are long gone. and right now in the wake of those storms in montgomery county, prince george's and fairfax lower 60s. sunrise is just a couple of minutes away. it will be coming up in a partly


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