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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, emotions run high at a packed fairfax county school board meeting tonight. boos cheers and extra security for a vote about gender identity. tom brady's first chance to
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answer allegations that he cheateded, deflecting questions in what sounded more like a pep rally. and reunited with the men and women who saved his life. the birthday party that almost didn't happen for this 8-year-old boy. first tonight, a major divide at a meeting of the fairfax county school board. >> things got rowdy as the board voted to protect transgender students and staff from discrimination. the vote wasn't close at all but you wouldn't know by listening to the crowd. david culver is live with reaction in fairfax county. david? >> reporter: doreen and vance, i've sat through many controversial school board meetings here in fairfax counties covering issues such as school redistrict, the disciplinary issues and even start time and tonight's vote was the most heateded in this school board's history. >> ma'am, ladies i ask you to
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please respect this is a business meeting. >> reporter: so many people trying to get in they had to lock the door and put officers at each entrance. ten people approved to speak, half in support of changing the non-discrimination policy to include gender identity. >> i urge you to protect our transgender and gender non-conforming students and employees and pass policy 1450. >> all i have heard from those opposed to this idea is fear. >> no. >> reporter: other half against. >> think about the poor girls who will become victims of this policy. >> why on earth would you want to turn me along with countless other parents across fairfax county from advocates into adversaries? >> reporter: school board member elizabeth schultz did not support the change saying it comes without answering parents' questions. >> all those in favor? >> reporter: the majority of the board disagree. some parents say they have yet to hear from the school system
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on this issue. they are confused by how the change will affect their kids. >> how are teachers prepared to handle the situation when a child comes monday who happens to be johnny on friday and monday he comes -- comes dressed as jane. >> reporter: now the school board did stress that there will be no immediate changes when it comes to school bathrooms and locker rooms. they are actually having a third-party consulting firm looking into how they may im parents say that should have been decided before tonight's vote. we're live in fair fox county. i'm david culver news 4. >> i'm chris lawrence at the live desk with more on the football scandal called deflategate. tonight tom brady talked about it for the first time since an nfl report revealed the patriots quarterback was probably away that a staffer was deflateding footballs but brady says he can't react to the allegations yet. >> it's only been 30 hours so i haven't had much time to digest
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it fully but when i do, i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it. and everybody else. >> are you that slow a reader? >> reporter: well tonight's event was previously planned in massachusetts, and even brady said it felt like one of the team's pep rallies. investigators think a patriots employee improperly deflated football before the afc championship game against the colts. it says some of brady's claims were not plausible or contradicted by other evidence. brady's agent released a blistering statement calling the report biased and insinuated the nfl ran a sting operation to get brady and the patriots. now, brady said the report does not take away from winning the super bowl and he does expect to say more on this soon. the nfl on its part looking into possible penalties. doreen? >> okay chris lawrence thank you. also just in tonight, the justice department could announce as early as tomorrow
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that it will investigate the baltimore city police department for possible civil rights violations. that's according to the "washington post." baltimore mayor esstephanie russian-blake asked for the investigation and attorney general loretta lynch says she will make a decision soon. a man who stowed away in the luggage compartment of a greyhound bus may have started a fire inside that bus by lighting a cigarette. that word tonight in the last hour in fact from virginia state police. the man was 35 years old. he was badly burned. police say he got in the compartment in new york. the bus was headed for atlanta, georgia, with a stop in richmond. the driver pulled over on i-95 in stafford virginia this afternoon when he noticed the smoke. that led to a major traffic backup. nobody else was injured. people living in tornado alley spent today cleaning up and assessing the damage from a massive outbreak of tornadoes.
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51 twisters were reported in texas, oklahoma kansas and nebraska on wednesday. at least 12 people were hurt and a woman in oklahoma city died when the storm shelter she was in flooded and the threat is not over yet. conditions would trigger even more storms all the way up through saturday. meanwhile, doug is interestinging the first named storm of the season in the atlantic. let's go to the storm center for new information just released at 11:00. doug? >> just came in, doreen from the national hurricane center. talking about this storm system for a week now, off the coast of florida and now off the coast of the carolinas. there it is that storm making its way up the coast and it will a little bit of an impact on our weekend. you can see the storm really wrapping itself up here. sub tropical storm anna first subtropical storm, not quite a tropical storm. does have some tropical characteristics and has a big front out here that makes it
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subtropical and will make its way to the for. right now wind are 35 miles per hour and will move up to raleigh and away from the region. that will have a little bit of an impact or our weather for weekend. i'll update you on that coming up in a couple of minutes. i'm chris lawrence back at live desk with new video of fire fighters trying to rescue a man who got stuck in an emrate issor shaft in d.c. somehow he got himself wedged between a service elevator and the wall of a building on connecticut avenue. he was on his way to a trauma center. fifth hers to use air bags to separate the elevator from the wall and we're still working to see how bad the injuries are. doreen? >> thank you, chris. new pictures tonight that police want to talk to about a pair of armed robberies in washington, d.c. one on the georgetown university campus. police say last night about 10:00 a man and woman held a georgetown student at gunpoint
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and demanded his wallet. that was outside the mcdonagh business school at 37th and 0 northwest and then another robbery happened an hour later at 31st and k. d.c. and georgetown campus police are both investigating. the search continues tonight for a man who was reported missing. his name is lance buckley, a husband and father. he was scheduled to graduate from howard university with his phd this weekend. his cell phone pinged in the area of black house point conservation park in montgomery county yesterday. police went to look for him but knot found no choice. family members say they dropped him off at a commuter lot in stafford on tuesday morning. he texted his wife a few hours later. he was near the howard campus at that time. his family has not heard from him since then. maryland is giving a new reason to do some traveling this summer. beginning july 1st tolls at some of the major bridges, tunnels and roadways will decrease.
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notably at the bay bridge. cash prices will go down from $6 to $4. if you use ans pass the ezpass will drop from 4.4 to 2.350 and on the icc prices will drop from 4.40 to 3.80. new vehicle checkpoints at the ellipse and top spikes will exist the existing fence itself. the requested changes were first reported last month. the spikes are supposed to be installed in july. tomorrow brings an opportunity to see something many of us have never seen before and might not again. vintage world war ii aircraft flying over national mall for nearly an hour. it will mark 70 years since the allied victory in europe.
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shomari stone at the world war ii memorial now with more on this story. shomari? >> reporter: well jim, hundreds are expecteded to come out here to the national mall and watch this spectacular show. keep in mine reagan national airport, there will be no flights in and out between 12:10 p.m. and 1:00 tomorrow. >> about ready to break into tears for my dad. >> reporter: this is an emotional time for kathy samuelson as she gets ready to honor her father miles hamilton a world war ii pilot. >> i always break into tears when i think of my dad working in all those years for the war, but fortunately he came home. he was not wounded. >> reporter: kathy, along with hundreds of others will pay tribute tomorrow to the world war ii veterans on the 70th anniversary of the victory in europe. the ve day celebration will feature 70 world war ii planes flying over the national mall in 15 sequenced formations. >> that will be fabulous. it is our pleasure to honor them.
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>> reporter: in georgetown marden's tavern will offer world war ii veterans free dinner and drinks tomorrow. the historic restaurant opened in 1933. president harry truman sat in this booth. >> when the war was over in 1945 there were lots of uniformed the fellows in here celebrating that the war was over. >> reporter: back over at the world war ii memorial kathy will take pictures of the plane for her 93-year-old father. he's back home in columbus ohio and he didn't make the trip. >> well just very emotional. you know to honor the veterans. >> reporter: now it's going to be a very special ceremony tomorrow. you can find out more information about it on our website at nbc live on the national mall i'm shomari stone. back to you. >> thank you, shomari. next at 11:00, an 8-year-old boy celebrates the birthday he almost didn't have with the first responders who saved his life six days ago. a $100,000 watch left behind
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at airport security. the guy who left it actually managed to get it back. and laughing gas not just for the dentist's office. the local hospi
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they were playing in the back
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seat of a car when they found a surgeon's scalpel. he was unconscious and bleeding out when first responders arrived but today he got the chance to thank them. >> at first it looked like a crime scene. there was blood everywhere over the vehicle. >> at that point we needed to be at the hospital. the only thing that was truly going to save him was going to be a surgeon. >> the doctors say . >> linda nguyen says she found the pain of childbirth so excruciating that no yoga breathing or birthing class could make her feel ready. >> it's something you can't
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prepare for. but when she wanted an epidural like her first delivery. >> i felt like i wanted to fully experience birth and delivery and i knew that with an epidural i wasn't going to be able to do that. >> that's when the mid wives at hospital center suggested she try nitrous oxide, or laughing gas an old type of anesthetic that most people know from the depthist chair but not the hospital. new to the delivery rooms in the united states but it's commonly used for labor and delivery in and canada. >> nitrous is really nice because if you don't like it can you stop, and the effects of it stop very quickly. >> reporter: laura patchen is the director of the mid wife program here at the hospital. she's showing us how women use the nitrous oxide machine. they simply take this mask and on their own decide when they want to breathe in the gas. each inhale or dose lasts between 30 seconds and a minute
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compared to an epidural which can take hours to wear off. >> it's really used during the contraction and then when the contraction goes away if you stop breathing it the effects wear off. very quick. >> reporter: patchen says the nitrous oxide is not circulated through the bloodstream so there's no effect on the baby. women seem to have different reactions to. most describe it as a relief or a sense of calm. linda though says it helped her to lighten the mood during a stressful situation. >> i was a little silly, i would say, in using it. my partner reminded me of some of the jokes i made during delivery >> reporter: best part though when her baby girl was born linda says she was alert and ready to hold her. >> just to have something that's i think minimally invasive and also really effective is just nice and safe for women. >> the gas doctors are using at the hospital is formulated differently than the stuff you
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get at the dentist office so it won't knock people out. it simply takes some of the edge off and it wears off quickly as they said. so a nice night out there. >> yeah. pretty nice night. >> did you ask him and he said no is that what it was? you want to talk to doug and he said no? >> i understand, man. >> let's take a look and show you what's happening out there right now. we are dealing with a little bit of a storm. we talked about this storm over the next couple of days. high temperatures right now or high temperatures today over 80 once again and with that that's the fifth day in a row we saw temperatures over 80 degrees. we're looking at 70 degrees right now. winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour under mostly clear skies. here's the temperature, 68 in gaithersburg and leesburg coming in at 70 degrees. looking pretty good no matter where you are. we saw shower activity back towards the mountains and all in all a beautiful thursday and we have another great day on
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friday. back to the west, oklahoma seeing another day of severe weather they have flooding down there and they had tornado warnings, again down towards texas and same deal. this is going to be the scenario over the next two or three days and there's talk that thereby come rather big tornado outbreaks again, both friday and especially during the day on saturday so they are going to be reeling down there once again. for us we're watching sub tropical storm anna, a storm we've talked about for over the week. down towards the bahamas and drifting north very slowly. you can see that circulation center very, very well. now, most of this storm is going to miss us. it will move over to raleigh and down towards the south. that means we're on the dryer side of the storm and we'll take you through it. it's spinning off the coast and then making its way on shore south of raleigh down towards most of the outer banks could see some wind and a lot of rain, upwards of 4 to 8 inches of rain and on sunday night it's still down to the south. notice we're still dealing with the cloud cover. isolated showers possible and for the most part we're not going to have to deal top of
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with anna as you make the way up the coast. 80 degrees in leesburg and 83 in culpeper and 86 over towards annapolis. we'll call it a fantastic friday and thinking about doing a little exercise tomorrow, temperatures looking good, 61 at 7:00 a.m. and 77 by 11:00 and up to that 821-degree mark at 3:00 w.low humidity it will be very comfortable. temperatures 22 on saturday. partly cloudy skies and can't rule out a shower on saturday and i've left it off. 30% chance on friday and 825 on monday so we're seeing the warmer temperatures move back in. a chance. thunderstorms on monday and then a good chance of some storms during the day on tuesday. high temperature of 88 degrees. some areas could get close to 90 and tuesday is the day we could see some stronger storms there, too so we'll continue to watch that. wednesday and thursday, much cooler. temperatures down around 70 degrees and it's a good thing that we can finally say 70 is cool. >> yes, it is and making a three-day weekend, if you can.
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>> yes. >> tomorrow looks great. >> like it like that. we've got sports coming up. how is john wall going to play with five broken bones? we're going to look ♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there...
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a lot of us were really anticipating this game on saturday but also disappointed this john, he may not play right? probably won't play? >> there's a possibility he may not play. you three are trying to go to the game on saturday. you're waiting to see what happens to john wall? >> no, no i'm going anyhow.
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>> you're going anyway? >> yeah, absolutely. >> i'll be there either way. >> either way. >> good to hear. >> good to know. never a good thing for any nba team to go without their star player for any extended period of time and we hope that's not the case for the wizards. john wall has five fractures in his non-shooting hand. when wall does not play, the wiz kids own a record of 10-40. the wizards still avalue ating whether he'll be able to play. the fractured bones kept him out in game two and so swoel swollen that hand he can't handle a basketball, that according to his head coach. if wall can't go ramon sessions will play point guard with garrett temple backing him up. with john wall or without him paul pierce says there's no excuses. >> it's definitely difficult for team but i'm sure it's even more devastating for john. he works so hard to get to this point in his career and, you
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know, to play so well throughout these playoffs, i know it's devastating, so we'll have to real around one another and use this as motivation to go out here and try to win these games especially for john. >> game three saturday at 5:00 p.m. at verizon center. let's move on to baseball now for a moment. the nationals they have the night off. still they have a three-game series with the braves starting tomorrow. they are looking to get to .500 with a victory tomorrow night. elsewhere over in the american league, the orioles visiting the new york yankees. alex rodriguez 660 homers coming into tonight and tied with willie mays for fourth all time. bottom four, facing chris tillman, is this 661, delmon young says no. that's a long sac fly robbing the home run catch right there. young keeps that in the park. this game is tied at one. top of the third, tillman again versus a-rod, this time no one is catching this.
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661 for rodriguez moves him to fourth place all time on baseball's home run list. yankees win this game 4-3. moving on to hockey now. each game in this capitals/rangers series has been decided by a goal. this post season the capitals creating their own luck with their physical play and unlike past years it's alex ovechkin and backstrom leading the way but it's the entire team. 11 different players have scored goals during this playoff run. >> a lot of pressure on the top guys. there's a big burden that comes with that. at the same time it shouldn't let the other guys off with no burden you know. you can't just -- you know, sometimes you've got to stand up and, you know and -- and step up and guys have. >> all right. capitals try to close it out tomorrow night at
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well, keys an sunglasses get left behind at airport security and this week something much more valuable turned up. the airport in newark japanese real estate entrepreneur left behind this, a $200,000 golden diamond encrusted cartier watch. an agent spot it had put it in lost and found. apparently that's where you put a watch that costs more than any of our cars. yesterday the entrepreneur called the airport looking for it. they used surveillance video to confirm, yeah he was the owner.
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today he sent a friend over to pick it up. the friend will take it back and hand it to him. that is if he's really a friend. close friend, good friend. that's it for now.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jane fonda sean "diddy" combs musical guest, the vaccines,


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