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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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little boy. he was lying unconscious while his parents were pleading with 911 for help. and it took more than 23 minutes for that help to arrive. it's just the latest case of an ambulance delay in the district of columbia. mark sea graevs is here to tell us what makes this incident different from the others. mark? >> wendy, the 1-year-old boy is okay now. he suffered a concussion. parents say it was the scariest 23 minutes of their lives. but the day after the incident they got a call from the new fire chief and the head of the 911 call center. >> this is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me in my life. he was completely unresponsive at first and for a minute i thought he was dead or dying. >> he was unconscious, his eyes were fluttering. his eyes had rolled back in his head basically. >> reporter: it was last sunday morning. dispatch records obtained by news 4 show the first call to 911 came in at 10:10. >> after five minutes, you know we were getting concerned. and i think after 10 minutes, i
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called back to say, you know what's the deal? >> reporter: there were at least three calls to 911. more than 20 minutes had past. >> at that point, i could have got him to sibley the e.r. in that amount of time that it had taken, that we had been waiting. >> reporter: after more than 23 minutes, an ambulance did arrive. records show it wasn't the closest available unit or even the second closest unit. and the dispatch records show a second ambulance and a fire truck were also dispatched but never arrived. in the end, he regained consciousness and was diagnosed with a concussion. the next day, his mom fired off e-mails to council members and the mayor. then she got a call from the new fire chief and the director of the district's emergency management agency saying they were sorry. >> they said that they weren't sure yet what had happened but they were looking into it and they apologized that it had taken so long for a response to come and for aid to come to my son. >> we were sorry that her experience with the d.c. fire department was not a positive
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experience and we were looking forward to showing her that we're going to take positive steps. >> we both want the residents to expect what we expect if something happened to our children that services are going to be there when you call for them. we're going to work hard to make sure they are. >> i was comforted by that. i told them this. i really hope they're given the resources to fix these problems. >> so far the chief and the director have not figured out exactly what went wrong. they have launched an internal investigation into the incident. at 6:00 you'll hear more from the chief about the changes that could be coming about the way the city handles 911 calls. jim, back to you. >> thank you. a missing father located. police are trying to figure out what happened to a howard university phd student who disappeared earlier this week. we're told police found lance buckley at a campground in frederick county not far from harpers ferry. his family reported him missing on tuesday. they say he left stafford county tuesday to go to howard to pick up a graduation packet. his wife had just had a baby two
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weeks ago. he says he was just doing his job but now an officer is being credited with saving a baby's life. darcy spencer joins us from the white oaks shopping center. >> reporter: this is where that officer was on patrol last night, where all of this happened. when i talked to that officer today, he was very humble. he is not trying to take credit for this as you can imagine. the higher ups in the department are saying he's a hero. montgomery county police officer is all smiles being credited with saving a baby girl's life. >> i'm very grateful to be at the right place at the right time. i did absolutely nothing more than any police officer that would have done in this department. >> reporter: but it was reed who was on patrol here at the white oaks shopping center thursday night when someone flagged him down to help a woman sitting in a car. she was in distress.
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>> she was hysterically crying distraught. i introduced myself asked her if she was okay if she needed help. >> the woman didn't answer. noticed that she was holding a zblaeb. >> the woman was hysterical holding on to the baby and the baby's head pressed against her chest couldn't breathe. >> he quickly realized she was unconscious. >> the baby had no movement at all when i picked the child up in my arms. >> reporter: that's when reed said what any officer would do what he was trained to do. >> couple quick compressions stroked the back of the baby during the shoulder blades. baby took a very deep breath, began to cry. >> reporter: the 21-year-old mother was taken to the hospital for evaluation. the baby as father returned to the car during the incident and
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spoke to investigators. as for the baby she's fine and was released from the hospital today. >> those big, beautiful brown eyes looking at you, at the hospital i was very thankful to be part of that. >> reporter: you could just hear the pride and emotion in his voice, what he was able to do. the baby was released to other family members today, we're told. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 we'll have more on what this mom may have been so distraught about and why police have now launched a criminal investigation. wendy, back to you. >> thank you, darcy. what a wondrous site over the national mall today. world war ii planes roaring in formation as crowds of hundreds gathered below. >> oh, it was a sight. >> yeah. >> the event honored the 70th an vrsry of the all ied victory in europe. >> news 4's derrick ward is live with the very men who piloted those planes. what a day, derrick.
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>> oh, of course. any given day this place is like hal owe hallowed ground. today it was all that have but, of course there was an equal amount of attention being paid to the skies above this place. legendary machines with names like coarse air, fortress. without the flesh, blood and spirit of the men who flew them like earl morrow. >> i lost three of my boys. i was a p.o.w. then until the end of the war. general patton came in and liberated me. >> reporter: today an unusual sight in the skies of the nation's capital. legendary aircraft flying low and slow for all to see. thousands of eyes turned skyward. some with tears. >> it meant everything.
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some good some bad. >> reporter: maurice remembers what he did. he count it is among the good memories. >> went to belgium. >> as the news spread and people poured into the streets to celebrate, in new york london and paris, cheers and laughter mixed freely with tears. and even in the midst of one triumph, we vowed to fight on and finish the war in the pacific. >> reporter: it was the end of four years of full-scale american involvement in world war ii's american theater. this time 70 years ago, ve day, nearly 6.5 million americans had served 138,000 had died. and here in this place we remember those who did not come home. and thanks for those who did.
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>> i can promise you that we will be here every day of every year watching over this place, to keep it to protect it to pass on the stories of the heroism and sacrifices. >> reporter: you know after all these years, a lot of these folks are just getting to the point that they can talk about. who are they talking about it to? a lot of them are talking about it to their children. how this place became immersed in world war ii era culture. back to you, wendy. >> thanks derrick. a lot of video and fabulous images of that spectacular air show over the mall. if you want to see more open up our nbc washington app. two leaders from our area spent this day trying to help restore baltimore's reputation. just as the justice department announced a federal investigation in that city's police department. prince george's county's bureau
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treef tracee which will kinilkins. tracee? >> reporter: still supporting their tourism industry. very important to this city. she also said the department oversight from the justice department is something she has been wanting. that's better police and community relationships. now, today, county executive baker and also ike legett toured baltimore museum and joined the baltimore mayor for lunch. they were here to encourage tourism in the city following last week's riots as the u.s. department of justice has announced oversight for the police department. >> not only police training police conduct, the community relationship with the police department but also what are the other thing that is we should be doing? >> i have been on the path of reform of our police department for a few years. and i was very clear that i want to bring any resource to the
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table, any resource we can get for our community. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 6:00 as we mentioned, tourism is very important to the city of baltimore. not just this city but the state of maryland and washington region as well. folks benefiting from that industry here in baltimore. i'm tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, tracee. there are new concerns about human-grown extremists. message from the u.s. northern command. >> rushing and lack of planning is going to even benefit the transgender children they're so concerned about. nerksxt at 5:00 parents reacting after a controversial school board vote here in fairfax county. i'm tracking tropical storm
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tonight, some parents in fairfax county say the school board they elected is ignoring them. >> this comes after the board added gender identity to the
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school system's nondiscrimination policy last night. our northern virginia bureau reporter david culver joins us with the fallout. >> reporter: wendy, the vote is over. they decided to go forward with that change in policy. we learned today several parents are still determined to have their voices heard. >> that was my first school board meeting. >> reporter: mother of three, arlinda hannah was hoping last night was just a nightmare. she's born and raised in fairfax county. >> i never left this county and never wanted to until last night. >> reporter: she had a front row seat and understands the anger from her fellow parents. >> right there in front of us were our representatives that were voted by our people and completely shut the doors on us. >> all those in favor? >> reporter: despite a very vocal crowd, the motion passed. >> opposed?
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>> schultz. >> reporter: elizabeth schultz voted against the mayor, wanting to delay it instead. that made her a standing ovation. >> lot of thank yous. >> reporter: paging through hundreds of e-mails. >> the question is what message do we send parents? we want your taxpayer dollars? we want you to participate in the pta. we want you to participate in fund-raisers. we want you to volunteer in the schools but then we want you to go away? >> i feel extremely well about how the vote went. >> reporter: ryan mcelveen proposed the change. he tells me the crowd from the meeting does not reflect most of his constituents. >> there was a lot of negative energy in that room. i will say via social media and other means the response i've gotten is extremely positive especially from students. >> reporter: for arlinda, a vote from the board before they know how it's going to be implemented -- >> i would leave fairfax county
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take my family and move somewhere where our families' rights children and the voice of the parents are respected. >> reporter: ahead at 6:00 a look at how soon your kid could be seeing any changes within their schools. wendy? >> david culver. one of the teenagers involved in a deadly neighborhood fight in charles county is facing murder charges. investigators say shondel middleton stabbed another teen in waldorf and that the child was running away at the time. he is being charged with murder and assault and being held without bond. a man remains in icu after police tell us he and three others overdosed on synthetic marijuana. officers found all of them unconscious in what they found a homeless camp in the glenn burnie area. they seized 26 bottles of liquid spice and 11 packets of scooby
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snacks. a d.c. man will face 28 1/2 years in prison for the murder of a howard university student. ross david lagarde killed 22-year-old omar sykes during an attempted robbery on the fourth of july 2013. lagarde and an accomplice tried to rob sykes and a friend as they were walking back to campus after watching the fireworks. he was a marketing management major. all sharing a tragic history. they've all lost loved ones in police shootings. today they lobbied congress to act on the problem. tomorrow they'll take them from the john marshall park to the justice department. they want to tell the federal government no more. >> it's sad. it means that there is definitely the time that we need to have change. that's what it's saying that enough is enough. we need to put about some changes and laws and practices that will stop the senseless
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killing of our unarmed children. >> reporter: including mothers from as far away as california begins at noon. tens of thousands of loved ones dignitaries, police officers from across the country paid their final reporterspects to a young new york city police officer slain on patrol. brian mooar, the 25-year-old was killed monday after he was shot in the head while on duty saturday. police commissioner william bratton fought back tears as he posthumusly promoted officer moore to detective during the mass. later in our newscast we'll have a report from new york. and in georgia, four people dead when a small plane crashes on an atlanta highway. you can see there is barely anything left of that aircraft. emergency crews shut down both sides of the roadway, causing a massive traffic jam. investigators say the plane crashed just about a mile from the airport where it took off. no word on what caused it to go
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down. want to spend some time this weekend in europe but don't have the time or money to fly there? not to worry. 27 european embassies in d.c. open their doors to the public tomorrow. if last year is any kind of guide, some 25,000 people will tour at least a few of those embassies. but expect the largest crowd at the british embassy. admission is free but there will be security checkpoints and photography is banned in some of those places. the caps quest for the cup continues tonight, folks. game five with the rangers. dianna russini joins us. you were at this morning's skate. how did the team look today? how are they feeling about this huge game? >> good news for caps fans. this capitals team calm relaxed. there's no joking around. this is all business because they know if they win this game they move on to the next round. all they have to do is get that victory. this morning, they were out on the ice here at madison square
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garden getting adjusted. the last time they were here last week they lost. they say tonight the secret is to just keep it simple. >> they're going to have the crowd behind them all that. that's what i'm saying. let's go after them not sit back and, you know you can be the hammer or the anvil, i would rather be the hammer. >> reporter: describe where you're at right now. >> i think overall, we like where we're at right now. at the same time you know, fourth game whether you're up down whatever it's the hardest game to win. we have to take it like any other. >> reporter: verizon center tonight? come on. are you going to miss those crazy people? >> no no. it's always nice coming here and, you know that's the best thing. as a road player that's what you always want. >> yeah. they want to be able to beat the rangers in front of their crowd. coming up at news 4 at 6:00 the
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caps say they feel pressure. not because of the rangers but they feel they haven't even played their best yet. i'll explain that coming up. for now, i'm live at madison square garden. >> have fun tonight. we're still working on several developing story this is friday afternoon. a local mother steps in to save her son from attackers and ends up with a knife held to her throat. we just spoke to her. we'll have her story live at 5:30. decision just in on whether you can use sfoens during takeoffs and landings. the ruling from a federal court. weather across the country. tornado out west subtropical storm
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the sixth day in a row we've hit or gone above 80 degrees. it's been spectacular the last couple of days. why not do it again today on a fantastic friday? 82 at the airport. winds out of the south at 6 miles an hour partly cloudy skies. we'll see more of that the next couple of days. temperatures around the area 86 in frederick, 80 baltimore. 82 in fredericksburg and 82 in leesburg. 73 in easton. 75 in annapolis. ocean city at 63. some fog making its way in across the delmarva especially out toward the beaches.
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storm team 4 radar, all clear. we'll not see anything in our area tonight. fog developing towards tomorrow morning, though. you can actually see that fg out toward ocean city ocean city rehoboth delaware and new jersey beaches, too. few clouds making their way on in. we have talked all week about the storms in oklahoma. numerous tornadoes over the past couple of days. tornado watches in effect for oerkz oklahoma down toward texas. there have been a couple of tornado warnings already today and then again tomorrow. we could see another tornado outbreak. so they're still dealing with a big problem in that area. for us we're watching subtropical storm ana at 5:00. latest information here winds of 45 miles per hour. nearly stationary. and right now, pressure at 1001 millibars. it's expected to strengthen potentially. it's not going be a very strong system. winds will be the only factor here. almost no thunderstorm activity around the center.
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a little too much dry air being trained in. as far as the storm is concerned, watch where it goes. well to our south and east. on that track, the west side of it will be the drier side. the east side will be the wet side. we are on that drier side of it. i think for the most part we just see an isolated shower or two as ana passes to the south and east. future weather, timing it out for us. notice a few showers out there. same deal during the day on saturday. but, again, i don't think you'll need the umbrella. any shower that is develop should be quick hitters. this will also repeat itself during the day on sunday. if you have any plans for mother's day to be outdoors you may want to bring the umbrella just in case. i don't hink you'llthink you'll need it all that much. 86 on monday. look at the trend here. we continue to go up. 88 on tuesday. that though ahead of a cold front. we could see a shower or thunderstorm. now on that trend, we would be up around 90 on wednesday. no no no. that cold front will drop us down to 75 degrees wednesday, 70
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by thursday. >> thank you, doug. developing right now, security concerns at u.s. military bases. >> why commanders have raised the threat level. apartment ambush in arlington. a mother steps in to save her son from attackers and ends up in the hospital. >> first in his family to attend college. and he credits the help of a local police officer. >> it's just really hard.
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first at 5:30 now an arlington mom is recovering from injuries she got trying to protect her son. >> this frightening scene played out last night when three young men came to her home looking for her son. northern virginia bureau chief just spoke to the mother sheechlt join. she joins us live. >> her name is theresa honesty howard. she is one brave lady. she ended up in the hospital after three armed men forced their way into her apartment right there. they are in jail and she has quite a mother's day story to tell. theresa howard said she answered a knock at the door around dinner time and opened it to see three young men all holding knives. they were after her 20-year-old son, angry he was with one of their ex-girlfriends. >> the dudes came busting in the door. one dude grabbed me by the neck
5:31 pm
and had a knife at my throat. and the other dude ran to -- my son was in the room. i seen him. he closed the door. >> reporter: as theresa broke free her boyfriend and another man entered the apartment, scaring off the attackers. theresa said she chased them outside, determined that they not get away. that's where more fighting broke out and she suffered the black eyes and bruises. >> i was like y'all are not going to mess with my son. i had my guards up trying to protect my baby. we got in the street all that happened in the street. the guy was like going after the other guys let's get her, let's get her. >> the three teen attackers ran off. but arlington police were quick to respond and caught them just a few blocks away as they were heading to the metro. they're identified as 18-year-old williams jenkins morton 19-year-old kyrie johnson and 18-year-old tyrek johnson from the d.c. area. they're being held tonight
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without bond. at news 4 at 6:00 theresa howard was protecting somebody else besides her son, her 70-year-old mom. we'll hear from her at 6:00. >> julie, thank you. a virginia man suspected of drunk driving is in custody tonight, also charged with assaulting a police officer. officers pulled brenton yates yesterday morning for suspected dui. police said he smelled of alcohol and refused to get out of the car. they wound up pulling him out. at that point, they say he punched and spat on officers and kicked their cruiser, causing a dent. more affordable house something coming to fairfax county. 270 apartments will be built on government center property in the shadow of the new public safety building and across from fairfax corner. those apartments will be called residences at the government center. all the apartments will have income limits and rents will be lower than the apartment complexes nearby. the first apartment is expected to be available in october of
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next year with construction finished by december. tonight's spring concert at the national museum of the air force is canceled due to today's increased in threat protection levels at all military bases in the continental united states. concert at wright patterson air force base in ohio was one of the first casualties of the stronger security posture. military officials tell nbc news the change is a precaution and is not tied to a specific or credible threat but it is possibly a response to the shooting sunday at a controversial show in texas. the fbi and homeland security warned the nation's police departments today that isis is aggressively using social media to recruit lone would have attackers. >> west seen social media be used as a recruitment tool as a means of disseminating that information. it is certainly an area we try to stay on top of. >> the military threat protection level increased from its lowest stage, alpha to brauv
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bravo. we should note that the pentagon is always at bravo. pope francis took time to bless a photo of two children killed in a fire in january. katie and lexi boone's picture was sent to the pontiff. he is also sending back a jesus figure reason to be sent to their mother in time for mother's day. the two children and their grandparents died when their annapolis home burned down in january. feel free to move about the internet while on board a plane. a federal appeals court ruled today that the faa was within its authority to allow passengers to use small electronics during takeoffs and landings. a group of flight attendants had sued to stop the rule change, saying the gadgets distract passengers from safety announcements. i'm pat lawson-muse at the
5:35 pm
live desk. six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray are asking that the charges be dropped. our affiliate in baltimore say lawyers filed a joint motion to have all the charges dismissed. a motion was also filed asking state's attorney marilyn mosby to recuse herself from the case. her husband is a city council and attorney for the freddie gray family also doen doe natenated to her campaign. the driver of the van faces the most serious charge second-degree murder. i'm pat lawson-muse. a car came through the back of the wall. i don't know how this happened. >> new at 5:00 tonight, we just obtained the 911 call from a frightening crash at a local physical therapy center. first for this family. local teenager makes his mother and dad proud. why he is crediting a police officer with helping him get to college. plus you've seen the most popular baby names for 2014. now find out where jim and wendy land on that list.
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news 4 at 5:00 is coming right back. stay with us. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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scary situation. home surveillance shows a man
5:39 pm
forcing his way in. 13-year-old girl managed to fight him off. >> i had to fight this guy. and i'm thinking help me. help me please. that was the only thing going through my mind. >> police believe the same man tried something similar with a woman at a grocery store bathroom last month. they say both the woman and the girl did the right thing by fighting back. for the first time the name charlotte is among the top ten most popular names for baby. >> hays according to the social security administration which just put out its annual list of most popular names for 2014. on the girl's side emma jumped from second to numero uno followed by olivia, sophia and isabelle isabellea. charlotte is number 10 but thanks to the princess that is sure to vump next year. >> on the boys side noah liam
5:40 pm
and mason. >> since the early '90s, james or jimmy as his father calls him, ranked number nine this year. wendy, on the other hand is number 782. >> whoa! >> and peter pan was just on tv. and we didn't forget about our storm team 4 chief meteorologist doogles, douglas. he didn't fair much better than wendy, 598. >> check out where your name falls on our nbc washington app. baby names. douglas? >> we're not training. >> at least i made the top 600. >> put that on your license plate. >> yeah, yeah, exactly. pretty good day out there. will this great weather translate into a great weekend? i've got that forecast for you in a minute. 598? i don't know how that happened. prince george's county police officer saw one teenager's potential. how he helped a young man make
5:41 pm
family history. they've been there for years and years. you probably never paid any attention. a new exhibit is going to open your
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5:43 pm
get a load of this. this is the aftermath after that car came crashing through that physical therapy office in rockville. pat lawson-muse is live with that 911 call. >> physical therapy in rockville when that car slammed right through that window. here is part of the exchange between a woman inside the office and a 911 operator.
5:44 pm
>> seriously injured. >> >> happened there? >> a car came through the back of the wall. i don't know how this happened. through the whole clinic. oh my god, there's a car sitting in our clinic. >> three people and the driver wound up in the hospital. inside the office extensive damage to the walls, furniture and equipment. investigators say the driver lost control in a nearby parking lot and panicked. the physical therapy office told us yesterday they hope to be able to reopen on monday. jim? >> all right, pat. thank you. a local teenager just accepted a life-changing offer. he is bound for college for free and it's all because of prince george's county police officer took the time to help him change direction. news 4's mollet green has his emotional journey. >> reporter: von than avila runs towards his dreams to become the first in his family to make it to college, headed to wilmington university in delaware in the fall. >> it's emotional.
5:45 pm
we've been through a lot. >> reporter: the 18-year-old high point high senior is a champion already in cross country, the one mile and two-mile meets in the county across the region and nationally. >> jonathan blew everybody out of the water. >> reporter: his mentor prince george's county police copper ral kenneth hibbard who heads up the police explorer's program first saw jonathan's talent during a 5k memorial run in honor of fallen officer adrian morris a young man whom the corporal had also mentored. >> i got a scholarship to run track. that was my foot in the door and i said you can do that too. >> being part of my life that much it was really hard. i've tried my best to become a good role model to them and be there. i'm excited, you know. >> reporter: jonathan graduates in just a few weeks with his
5:46 pm
parents by his side he just signed the paperwork for his full ride to college. >> i love you. >> i really want to thank the prince george's police department for this explorer program. >> and for vn thanjonathan. winning on the track and in college is a way to give back. >> i want to study business and i want to become a police officer like officer harris my role model. >> reporter: looking for leaders. molette green, news 4. we are getting a pretty wild look at what it's like to wait out a tornado that's about to touch down near your home. take a look. a resident from norman oklahoma record this had earlier this week from inside an underground shelter. you can see the impact as this twister slams through the area. that tornado did a lot of
5:47 pm
damage. and it injured at least a dozen people. and a service tech helped rescue a woman who was trapped when a mobile home crashed on top of her home during the same tornado. the man was out checking gas meters when he heard a faint cry. neighbors tried looking for the woman who lived in the home but assumed she had already left. they say it's hard to believe that the pile of rubble used to be two separate homes. >> it's really heartbreaking, because we don't know if they're going to come back or not come back. >> neighbors say when rescue crews managed to pull the woman out, she was in pain and bleeding but otherwise she is expected to be okay. meanwhile in texas, investigators are trying to figure out if high winds played a part in two trains going off the tracks. you can see the train cars piled on top of each other. what a mess. this is in the valleyview area about an hour and a half north of dallas. two locomotives wound up going
5:48 pm
into a small creek. two crew members wound up going to the hospital. >> it's a little hot out there. not complaining. >> you're not the only one saying. >> not complaining but i am. >> little too much too soon? i'll tell you, six days in a row at 80 degrees this early in the season you might be saying that. we're only going up the next couple of days especially monday and tuesday. we'll start to cool things a little bit. evening planner, sitting at 82 degrees. it is a very nice day. yes, humidity has been up there as well. temperatures around 7:00 down to 79. a very nice friday evening. if you're going out and about this friday evening, no problems at all. so enjoy that. enjoy this fantastic friday. 81 in giathersburg. 80. everybody on the warm side. no rain to talk about. we won't see any rain tonight. tomorrow you may, for a brief time. you could take a little umbrella, littlest umbrella you
5:49 pm
have and just hold that tomorrow. that's the kind of rain we are going to get, if we get any at all. just the showers from this storm. subtropical storm ana. it's taken on more tropical characteresques. what does that mean to you and i? not that much. it won't have that big of an impact on our weekend. sun and clouds still warm. isolated showers. best chance i-95 off toward the east especially around the chesapeake. 79 to 85 degrees during the day tomorrow. take a look at the next couple of days here. we look toward the day tomorrow here is what it looks like. skycast 4. some sunshine. every once in a while, you see a shower coming through parts of the region. that's really going to be about it. that through about the 5:00 hour. that's about time the wizards will be down there at the verizon center. by the time you get to 8:00 as the game is letting out, i still think you're dealing with very nice conditions. verizon center right there. hopefully, coming out with a win tomorrow night. four-day forecast 83 on saturday. as i said we're only going up. 85 sunday. 86 monday.
5:50 pm
88 on tuesday. chance of showers and storms just about each day. the best chance coming early on tuesday. but then -- then things get a lot cooler. we'll call it mild. high temperature of 75 on wednesday. 70 degrees coming up on thursday. i'm doreen gentzler at the news 4 live desk. just in to our newsroom we actually have some election results, preliminary results in the race to replace the late marion barry on the d.c. council. ruby may will take the seat. she received heavy support from mayor muriel bowser. eight of the members of the d.c. council are new or have served for less than three years. i'm doreen gentzler. >> thanks doreen. mother's day is this sunday. we're honoring some local moms a few days early.
5:51 pm
barbara smith is one of the recipients of our flowers for mom event. news 4's shomari stone surprised ed her with a bouquet today. going to a hug out of it too. she was nominated by her daughter who said her mother spends most of her time caring for others looking after her 92-year-old mother and husband and has mobility and memory problems. >> what does this do for your mother's day? >> it makes me very happy. it makes me very happy. i know my girls love me. >> they do. >> but this is just really special. this is just really really special. >> how sweet. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 meet our final recipient of flowers for mom. see if it's somebody you know. washington is home to wonderful old buildings. some of them are struggling with decay and neglect. historical society of washington hopes to rae mind us of their
5:52 pm
glory days with a new exh photography to preserve these beautiful relics. they are the ghosts that long to haunt us if only we paid attention, for they are surely there, hiding in plain sight under the heavy layers of time and grime. and now they're finding some love. >> i find beauty in disorder. >> reporter: a photographer who focuses on decaying structures. her photo of the vast and beautiful franklin school on k street won first prize at the carnegie library building sponsored by the historical society of washington, d.c. it's entitled "for the record: artfully historic d.c." >> i think it adds a beautiful feature, the peeling paint, to a little slice of history. >> it is history. more than 70 works of art and photography, telling the stories of architecture that helped define a time in this city. bond bread factory, the superintendent's house at the
5:53 pm
reservoir in northwest. the watch house and water tower in tenley town. the diamond patterned brick work of the carol laundry smokestack in southeast. >> this is a way, again, to present them to the public so that they understand the history behind the different sights that are around you see that may go unnoticed or unappreciated. >> reporter: not everything is past tense. washington canoe club boat house on the river in georgetown while old, is still in use. even the carnegie library, which house this is exhibit, is part of this exhibit. you may pass it on k street every day and not know it's still alive inside. but stop and go in and enjoy the artistry of places that are too often just names. st. elizabeth hospital, the old soldiers' home. these works are a way to engage the community, challenge us to look around. there was a time a very different time that was quite a time. and the ghost of that era could
5:54 pm
be gone in no time. this is a juried exhibit. all the items, all those photographs in art are available for purchase on an online auction. that's going to be on may 27th, the last day of the exhibit. hurry on over there. there's a lot going on at the carnegie library tonight, including the big taste of d.c. event. details about that you'll find in our nbc washington app. >> those are some great works of art. >> great. >> how cool are those pictures? >> i'm bidding on some of them. >> yeah. still to come on news 4 at 5:00 -- >> tens of thousands give a final farewell to a fallen officer.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the true sadness of this day was etched in the faces of brian mooar's mother father sister and brother as they were presented the flag from the coffin. >> no one should die this young, especially protecting and serving people.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: that emotion was shared by the thousands of s and neighbors. who surrounded st. james church to say good-bye to the veteran gunned down in queen. >> we may ask ourselves where was god last saturday? i can tell you he was in a young man named brian. >> so gung ho to be a cop, he first took the hiring test at age 17. at 25 brian mooar was already a decorated officer, who cared deeply about protecting others. >> he represented the best of new york city. >> we need more like him and need to be more like him, said commissioner bratton, as he promoted brian moore post to
5:59 pm
detective. >> we cannot be defined by that criticism. >> reporter: on this day, criticism of the police was drowned out by the sounds of grief. ♪ >> and the support of a grateful community. >> almost a war on police which i think has to stop. developing now at 6:00 the charges against six baltimore police officers challenged. why the officers who arrested freddie gray say the charges should be dropped. >> under the gun. millions of people trying to recover from dozens of tornadoes but may not be out of the woods yet. the emergency that played out during a celebrated flyover on the national mall. we begin with an apology to parents who say a 911 call put them through the scariest 23 minutes of their lives. >> that's how long they waited for help as their 1-year-old son lay unconscious on the sidewalk. the boy survived but this highlights both the problem with
6:00 pm
his ambulance delays in the city and a policy from the new administration. mark seagraves wills here to explain a story you'll see only on news 4. >> senior official with bowser administration told me this is how they plan to handle mistakes owning up to them immediately, making direct contact with residents involved and working to fix the problem. that said once again, we're reporting on a delayed ambulance response in the district. >> we were sorry that her experience with the d.c. fire department was not a positive experience and we were looking forward to showing her we're going to make positive steps. >> it actually makes me feel so much better. they seemed very responsive. >> their son was diagnosed with a concussion and is now much better. sunday morning was a much different story. 1-year-old theo


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