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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 10, 2015 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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"news 4 today" starts now. >> right now on "news 4 today," a manhunt for a cop killer in the south. new details overnight about the deadly shooting of two officers plus how police say a cruiser ended up in the suspect's hands. >> what prince just released in hopes of fueling baltimore ahead of his concert. >> looking at storm team 4 radar, rain showers expected. we're learning when they will clear out for a nice warm sunshiny mother's day. good morning. welcome to "news 4 today." before we start, happy mother's day. >> thank you so much. thank your wife as well. >> if you're awake, happy mother's day. for all the moms i hope you're having a great one. >> another morning where it looks like we're dealing with
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some fog. in with the forecast. >> happy mother's day to you. you're exactly right. this morning similar to what you're seeing yesterday morning, areas of fog and drizzle, otherwise fog developed overnight. it is mild balmy but humid. adam saying it felt like summer and it certainly does. look at the temperature in washington 68 in gaithersburg a little cooler to the mountains, 59 for those in winchester. here is a look at visibility across the area. most of you just fine. culpeper clinton, maryland also reporting some fog. any fogginess or drizzle will burn off by 8:00 9:00 a.m. here is the morning planner what you can expect. 7:00 a.m. temperatures around 70 degrees. 9:00 a.m. low 70s. by 11:00 a.m. clouds start to break up and the temperature at that point of 76.
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we can't rule out scattered showers, maybe a thundershowers later today. i'll be showing you chances coming up with future weather. >> amelia thanks. developing out of mississippi, a manhunt is under way for someone we say killed two police officers. just hours ago they say they arrested one man and charged him with killing in hattiesburg, mississippi, that is in the southern part of the state. several agencies are now looking for another man. you can see friends and family here members comforting each other outside the hospital where the officers died. >> prince george's county firefighters saved and infant from a burning building in langley park. we're working to find how that fire on guilford road ended last night. four people and a baby had to be rescued from the top story of the three-story apartment building. smoke and heat prevented the people from using the stairs. they had to wait on their balcony. >> the fireman, he came up with a baby that looked two weeks old and put her on the ground.
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i think he put a mask over her. >> the baby was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. >> a man facing charges after he entered university of maryland dorm and touched a female student inappropriately. police say he entered the room where a woman was sleeping and then touched her. he then ran off after she woke up and screamed. it happened early friday morning. colby was drunk at the time. dorm residents did let the guy into the building. he was able to get into three different rooms because the doors were not locked. colby facing charges for sex assault and burglary. >> tracking tornadoes in multiple states as severe weather slammed the southern united states. take a look at this incredible video out of colorado here. storm chasers captured this rare image yesterday of a rainbow appearing just as the tornado spins in the air. wow. no injuries and no reports of widespread damage there. meanwhile folks in north texas
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not as lucky this morning. at least one dead after a tornado touched down in cisco, texas. a local judge said it caused five miles of destruction. a second tornado in wichita falls. people in oklahoma faced quarter-sized hail. forecasters say more heavy rain on the way today. >> >> prince an other artists expected to perform today. yesterday prince released baltimore, protest addressing unrece in the city. the concert maebt to bring healing in baltimore after violence after freddie x-ray's death. he died while in police custody. baltimore police officers charged in freddie gray's death want a new prosecutor. attorneys for the prosecutor filed a motion to have the state's attorney recuse herself.
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why the officers want her to step aside. >> conflict of interest number one. prosecuting for political gain. according to the officers' attorneys marilyn mosby charged officers to quell unrest. they point to comments like these. >> i heard your call for no justice, no peace. your peace is sincerely needed as i work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man. you're at the forefront of this cause. as young people our time is now. >> they believe the comments violate maryland law on prosecutor conduct. specifically quote, "refringe from making extra judicial comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused." they also point to marriage to city councilman nick mosby's whose district was damaged during the riot. conflict number two, "personal ties between prosecutor and the
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media," specifically referring to interviews with the other man in the police van with freddie gray. number doing its own investigation of the case separate from the police department's probe. number four a pending civil claim against mosby and her office for false and misleading statements and omissions in the charging documents specifically related to the argument about the legality of the knife the officers found on freddie gray during the arrest. and the fifth conflict of interest according to attorneys representing the six officers the financial interest of the attorney for the family of freddie gray who they claim is a close friend of mosby's. >> now, the motion filed by the officers calls for the case to be dismissed or for the appointment of a special prosecutor. well it's sunday morning. here are the stories coming up for you in the week ahead. tomorrow your taxes get set aside to pay for body cameras for montgomery county police. they will review a police budget tomorrow. body camera program will cost
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about $600,000. tuesday former virginia governor bob mcdonald will be in court. his lawyers are delivering oral arguments in the appeal in his corruption case. mcdonnell could spend two years in prison for trading political influence for $160,000 in loans and gifts. on friday we'll learn how long a d.c. rabbi could spend in jail for voyeurism. pleaded guilty tore secretly recording women in a ritual bath. they asked prosecutors to sentence him to 13 years behind bars. and he sinks it a big buzzer beater by the wizards. they are missing their best player john walls in the playoffs right now. but veterans are stepping up and nailing the winning shot in yesterday's game against atlanta hawks. the crowd, look at them going
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crazy. wizards are now up 2-1 in their series. they play again tomorrow right here on nbc. my husband was at that game and said it was ridiculous. >> see you later. the 22-year-old has done it again. >> guess what a similar theme on south capital street where parker hit a walkoff home run. he now has six homers in the last three games. that's the last time anyone has done that in a decade. in second place, playing braves again this afternoon. all the atlanta sports teams in town getting beat up by the d.c. sports teams. it's amazing. >> bryce harper just on fire. people saying it's moments like this that practically separate great players from most of the rest. i feel like he hasn't even peaked yet. >> you hit one home run in the
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major, that's a big deal. six, that's incredible. well two countries are grounding a plane used to help military. >> specific concern about the plane a day after a crash killed the military crew during training in spain. >> what forecasters warn could happen today, t
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. welcome back. an update to a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning, two european countries are now suspending the use of a military transport plane after one crashed during flight travel to spain. the crash killed four crew members and left two seriously hurt. the crash is now raising safety concerns about the new propeller-driven train. >> tropical storm ana is expected to make landfall along carolina coastline. national hurricane center said
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ana is passing maximum sustained winds around 50 miles an hour bringing heavy rain high winds and rough seas along wit. minor flooding also possible. we know that beachgoers out there watch up to seven foot waves poupd the beach. remnant of ana expected to pass off the coast of delaware tomorrow night. that is likely weakening, which is a good time. >> surfers will be happy. right amelia. >> one of my twitter followers sent a picture of surfers enjoying waves. ana bringing cloud cover, humid conditions and minor, very minor thundershower chances later today. overall low impact on the day, traveling this morning, patchy fog burns off 8:00 9:00 a.m. can't rule out afternoon shower or thunderstorm, most if not all dry.
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heading out and about warm and humid feeling more like summer highs in low- to mid-80s. right now 60s and 70s, up to 72 in washington 67 for those in rockville. dry in the area right now. here is ana. you can see it on storm team 4 radar. future weather 8:00 a.m. plenty of clouds across the area, mainly dry by noon. notice how we're tracking cloudiness but no rain showers or thundershowers. here we are at 3:00 p.m. notice this hit or miss activity. future weather is a little overdone here. also notice how we get to the afternoon, clouds break up partly to mostly sunny skies later today, very similar to what we saw yesterday. 6:00 maybe a few scattered showers or thunderstorm as we make our way to the overnight hours, areas of fog develop once again again. now for tomorrow highs in the 80s, 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. temperatures around 71 degrees, mostly cloudy skies and
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fogginess. 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. mild temperatures in the 70s. dry tomorrow for the most part. as we work our way afternoon hours, can't rule out showers or thunderstorms. a little better chance we're dealing with some rain tomorrow. otherwise high temperature of 86 degrees. now, on tuesday, a little bit breezy during the afternoon. look at the high temperature. 89 degrees. so it's hot. partly to mostly sunny skies, maybe a late day shower or thunderstorm. heavy rain possible only about a 30% chance. rain chance is very low. what that cold front does plenty of sunshine and high of 75. >> amelia thanks so much. 6:0015 next up reporters notebook. that is a look at stories affecting our community. >> we'll be back in 15 minutes with more of the top stories. >> good morning. welcome to reporters notebook. i'm pat lawson muse. probing baltimore police. baltimore's mayor says everyone
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knows there's a fractured relationship between police or community. she wants to know if patterns of abuse or community policing helped foster that. asking the justice department to investigate in the wake of the unrest that followed freddie gray's funeral. already investigating whether gray's rights were violated by the officers charged in connection talk about what this probe would focus on. >> this is a separate probe. this the first time i can remember a sitting mayor asked for the department of justice to come in and looked to see if there's any civil rights violations police abuse. remember this is quite different than the mayor of ferguson who when the justice department did go in and filed a report he didn't expect the report. so i think that you've got, one, a mayor who is saying i need
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help. i've done some things to help clean up. you know what you want the department of justice to come in. this is also political because she's got to run for re-election and she clearly would be on the side of the community who probably wants this also. >> doj has been holding off on this investigation of baltimore city official, looks like the department willing to make changes on their own. there's been a voluntary review and excessive force complaints were down last year dramatically. so why hasn't it been enough? >> well i think obviously what's happening in baltimore and what we've seen made it clearly a sense something is wrong here. what's clear what the doj can do to make sure it's clear enough they can force police department to do certain thips, follow certain guidelines. i think what's important, joe
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men'ses this i think the mayor is also reacting to the community and what the community wants. i think the mayor is also reacting to the public perception she did not do enough while these rides were going on and the public feels she was not holding police department more accountable. in some ways it doesn't take her off the hook but she can back up and say now this is open to the federal government. i have department of justice looking at this. i can sit back and look and see what the report is. >> maybe better to ask than be sued. >> absolutely. well i think freddie gray episode caused everybody to reexamine what's going on in baltimore. now they are going to get systemic close look. they are eyeballing everything. nothing is likely going to be off limits. they are going to check into everything and they will probably come up with an awful lot of stuff that surprise and astound people or people will say i told you so. the fact remains unless there's
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some kind of plan with this on jobs education, you really wonder they have a tough road to hoe. unless you get baltimore back to where it was with some kind of job opportunity situation, all of these things are liable to come bakck. >> i think the first thing you have to do is analyze the problem. that's what the justice department will do. once you've done that dave is right. what's the solution? how do we correct it? it's not all going to fall in the lap of the police department. it's going to fall in the lap of corporate america, interfaith community. i think the mayor did the right thing. >> a day after attorney general loretta lynch went to baltimore. she met with freddie gray's family as well as elected leaders, clergy activists and police officers and prompted to come up with real solutions for baltimore city. this could be a test for loretta lynch. >> i will say this. i will give her credit for reacting very quickly.
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she moved quickly on this. she met with the right people. specifically the clergy. i think sometimes we forget that especially in communities like in baltimore, they are very important. historically they have been important in communities like baltimore. the clergy are the ones that have been activists, part of the civil rights movement. for her she went down the line. residents, the clergy the mayor, the police force. >> the family. >> the family. so right now she's doing all the right things saying the right things and the optics of this looks right. >> i'll say this. this was a pattern that was established by eric holder. i was with eric holder when he went in to atlanta and he did the exact same thing successfully. he did it in memphis. he did it in oakland, california. the pattern was established there. it's good to see that she's continuing the process that was laid out before she became attorney general. >> do optics matter? >> very much so.
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follow-up matters an awful lot, too. loretta lynch has a great record as a prosecutor an officer of the law. now she's doing to enlarge that a little bit and look at a wider issue that involves the law. but i do say she started off doing, seeing the right people making the right moves. we can hope it turns out well. >> american civil liberties union questioning use of airplane to monitor protest while they are taking place in baltimore. privacy issue here. >> the governor ordered a state of emergency, right? when you have a state of emergency, you're going to get these kinds of things. i'm kind of smiling about this. they are worrying about planes flying over. there's nothing to stop satellite imagery. what are you going to do about that? i'm not trying to be conspiratorial here. you don't think they focused satellites on the baltimore situation. the reality is, yes this is
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what aclu does. there are cameras everywhere? >> does airplane surveillance concern you? >> i think it's different. i think if people know they see a state helicopter hovering over washington we know there are cameras everywhere on the street. the norm is not to think there's an airplane flying above taking images of something. most of it is what the public is not used to seeing. i don't really know how the government could handle this. you're never going to put a plane up here and say we're up here monitoring what you're doing. i do think doing what they normally were doing and should do. >> what do you think, dave? >> for a price a lot of people were off the radar so long nobody was paying attention so much. you didn't have any kind of surveillance. to have this kind of surveillance you would wonder would the people feel reassured, they are up there watching this will help fight crime. if they are up there constantly patrolling noisy, becomes excessive that might be productive. >> it feeds into i think,
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citizens of baltimore feeling like they are under surveillance always being watched. >> they were. coming out of the riot it probably doesn't help in terms of what the people feel. >> i'm pro aclu. the reality is remember there's something going on. a state of emergency. when you have a state of emergency declared all bets are off. >> state of emergency lifted by governor. national guard troops pledged out. they pledged $20 million from the rainy day fund to rebuild baltimore. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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welcome back. fairfax police under microscope. fairfax doesn't have a lot in common with baltimore or ferguson so why are we seeing
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fairfax police the police department there, why are we seeing that department under a microscope there? >> what they are showing, one of the richest in the nation or poor city like baltimore and ferguson these things are happening. latest 2009 where a gentleman destroyed five flowers was shot in the back by police in fairfax county. is fairfax county any different than what we're seeing any other places? now because of the environment we're operating in these things are coming to the foreand bubbling up. remembering in this case in fairfax county some of this information wasn't coming out until information requests coming through. then police released the video on its own, this is the best
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thing to do showing the gentleman in 2009 shot in the back. we didn't see the shooting but they confirm this is what happened and the officer ends up being fired. >> it's an affluent county. it prides itself on being a good governing area. you wonder if this police hasn't been off the radar, to use this phrase again on the show to the higher ups in government. they assume the police department did what it should be done. every once in a while an incident would pile up -- not pile up but motivate people to take a closer look. they will have to ask the same questions of baltimore, ferguson and everywhere else, do we have the beginnings of ongoing situation with our authorities not fair to minorities. >> the democrats could change. you have a growing asian community. you an equally large growing hispanic community,
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african-american commentator, more diversity than you have. you may have a a different attitude police have toward this growing community than they had towards a more affluent community. affluent communities don't expect what baltimore and now fairfax is experiencing. >> d.c.'s 911 call center chief is out. mayor muriel bowser asked the director of the office of unified communication to step down last week. sources tell news 4 the reason was a series of problems with emergency responses. in a recent case the closest paramedic was not dispatched to help a child who was choking on a grape. the child died. those new tablet computers that were rolled out in ambulances and fire trucks have also caused delays. green also testified, dave that the call center can't dispatch help within 90 seconds of getting a call. that's the national standard. that's a problem. >> that's a real problem. it resulted in some action relative to miss green, as i
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understand it. you know the change in personnel, that won't make a difference. the question is why did it go on? where is the middle management on this? where are the people that tell the people what to do and what are they doing. if there are a line of communicating, standards, tests. if you find out you're behind schedule you ought to be working to get on schedule and not go before everybody and tell them we can't do it in 90 seconds. >> the mayor already knew the problems existed, city council knew the problem existed. in many ways jennifer green told the truth. she told city council we can't meet the standard. we're still working on that storm tracker. she told the truth but the truth wasn't good enough. also remember she was appointed by mayor gray. said she was coming in to make big changes. this is one of the changes she was planning to make.
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making the statement really ensemble cemented it. >> it's about leadership. if the leaders says i can't do this or haven't been able to do it and you work at the pleasure of the mayor, reality is the mayor has an obligation to get somebody in there who can do it. noise over northwest. airplane noise, residents say too many planes flying in too late too low. palisades and it's worse when the weather is bad. according to airport authorities, aig national is busier than ever before. can you believe track there is expected to exceed traffic at dulles. >> that's been a problem. we've had a series of hearings. the curfew hours are in question. many people think that they are not -- we don't have an early enough curfew that they are loosening that up. they are also putting in more
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slots and allowing more airlines to come into a very, very much in demand airport. it's congress's airport. congress has a lot to say about the slots and how it's run. are they simply doing business as usual and letting too many planes coin and not have the curfew early enough at night and causing problems. people around are saying yeah you've got to change it. >> more passengers in the air, people on the ground airlines to the neighborhood. >> going to get worse. >> they have got the juice to maybe make changes. but everything you said is absolutely right. the airline industry more airlines more passengers. it will be a question can they convince them to change the flight schedules so it isn't disruptive. >> i think they can. they have anti-noise community commission with reagan national. if you look at the stats, most
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of the complaints are coming from northwest. so they can make a change business flights, reagan says they are up trying to adhere to more folks buying business class during hours so there will be more flights. how they balance those two will be very interesting. >> thanks, gentlemen. thank you. that's reporters notebook. i'm pat lawson muse. stay with us for "news 4 today." stay with us and have a great sunday. two police officers dead and they have arrested two men suspected of the killing. they arrested the suspects earlier in hattiesburg, southern part of the state. they have not said why they think the shooting happened. >> i'm adam tuss the other top story, we could get some rain on our mother's day. nothing on storm team 4 radar right now but there is a
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possibility. good morning to amelia segal. let's check her out in the "weather center." what do you think, could we get rain later on? >> we could be dealing with hit or miss showers, maybe thundershowers. that threat is low, maybe 30%. if you have outdoor plans for mother's day, should you cancel them? no. could the weather impact them? yes, it could but there's a very low risk it happens. right now it is mild 72 degrees. it's muggy as well. showing you visibility in washington not an issue. eight miles, some areas of fog that includes winchester culpeper and clinton. patchy fog an drizzle around until 8:00 9:00 a.m. otherwise another day when we're starting out with plenty of clouds. as the sun continues to coup the fog comes to an end by 8:00 9:00 a.m. after that the clouds break up into the afternoon hours. here is a look into the midday and afternoon hours. by noon 80 1:00 81 coming up
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more on minor showers and thunderstorm chances. tomorrow a bit of a better chance. more on that coming up in a bit. >> thanks amelia. today is the first day of annual police week law ride. you may see police officers on motorcycles around 10:00. remembering officers who died on the job. coming up law enforcement memorial service tomorrow. now on tuesday, another bike ride will raise money for law enforcement memorial fund. officers will hold a candlelight vigil. >> members from law enforcement around the area are honoring fallen correction officers. focused on carolyn cross, high-ranking d.c. department official who was murdered in her home. news 4 reports on this somber remembrance. >> a bell toll and a rose in solemn repose amid 20,000 names of the fallen on the national law enforcement officers memorial. at this ceremony in honor of
6:34 am
fallen corrections officer, carolyn cross, a woman characterized as a consummate corrections official was remembered. >> she started as a correctional officer. over the next 35 years ascended the 4r5der. >> take her to the top of the field, deputy directorship found dead last september. >> on that very morning deputy director cross was murdered she was on her way to attend a national institute of corrections forum for executive women in corrections. >> while the trial of the man charged in that murder resulted in a hung jury and mistrial the ceremony was about her life not her death. the corrections office said she would have attended. >> adding her maim to the wall along with other corrections professionals will serve to honor the memory of the one we love miss cross. >> we pay tribute to the people
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of the united states. >> derrick ward, news 4. developing this morning, several people are dead following a shooting. details still coming in. several bodies found in and around a residential building. this is in a town northwest of zurich. all those killed were adults. police will issue an update later this morning. look at this video. this may have tied you up on route 50. tractor-trailer hit a car on the westbound span of the bay bridge. you can see the truck flipped onto its side. police shut down all lanes for a while. crews flipped the tractor-trailer back upright with a crane andoe it away. >> adam we are working to find how two people are doing after this crash. three people including maryland state trooper were hurt in the accident yesterday on route 50 in anne arundel county.
6:36 am
the trooper pulled someone over for a traffic stop when they slammed into the trooper's car. two passengers from the car are still at baltimore shock trauma center this morning and the trooper was released from the hospital. >> news 4 iteam investigating treasures of american history that end up traded or even sold. where they are going and why they are so hard to track and why they can't buy some valuables even if they are on the auction block. >> wow, the controversial comment during commencement that had parents and student
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we need you to channel the magic of tuskegee toward the
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challenges of today. >> first lady michelle obama speaking to the graduating class at tuskegee university in alabama in a deeply personal speech mrs. obama said tuskegee's defining story is one of rising hopes for african-americans. she told students she struggled as then senator obama began to run for president and she dealt with people's miss perceptions and stereotypes. she said it quote, knocked her back a bit but said it did not define her. she urged students to stay true to themselves as they chart their own course. good message there. military bases across the country are raising threat level in part because of terrorist groups like isis. we've got another woman in the race for president. >> joining us chucked to moderator of "meet the press." good morning, todd. >> good morning. >> we want to start with the terror level. the fbi raised it to bravo. they aren't saying anything specific we are seeing the rise in social media. at this point, isis in america,
6:41 am
an fbi threat. >> he believes the. he's very concerned about it. he's now saying he doesn't believe there's a distinction between a derreked attack by isis or inspired attack by sis. at this point the social media connection going on with isis and finding followers here in america, look that's what happened in texas. that's what they believe what happened. he's concerned. they now have investigations in every state. they are not quite sure. are some people crazy people that are just pretending they might do something or could they actually do something. but it's a concern. the government is concerned also because this social media outreach they have started -- >> tens of thousands of accounts. >> there are. twitter will shut them down, facebook will shut down. new ones will crop up crypted on facebook. in many ways isis is fighting a sophisticated social media
6:42 am
campaign that the u.s. government is behind them on. >> a lot of action in the gop race for president this week. >> any week. >> for what it is. carly fiorina announced in the past week. she'll be on the show this week. she was just in south carolina yesterday. a whole slew of them were down there for another one of these cattle calls. it was a lot of attacks on the president, a lot of attacks on hillary clinton. so trying to find out about carly fiorina. >> one of the things interesting she's talking about hillary clinton. >> it is. republicans in the race they say the thing they like having carly fiorina in the race they think she can launch attacks on hillary clinton that some of the male candidates cannot is that perception. >> it's definitely -- she sees an advantage being the only woman in the republican field trying to draw that contrast. >> when we're talking about
6:43 am
2016 obviously we have an expanding field of contenders. donors have a place to look at where to put their money. are we going to have a breaking year? i know "meet the press" looking into this. >> i never thought ten years ago i would be doing something like that. we're going to have meet the candidates we're going to end up with meet the donors series. they are so influential. the big las vegas casino mogul. he is essentially holding an open primary soz who he's going to report. he's got three or four he's supporting. he poured in $100 million of his money four years ago and he seems to promise to do the same. there are a dozen of these folks willing to spend nine figures on the presidential race. >> must be nice. >> what do they want? for the just what makes them particular but what do they want. we'll look into that. >> coming up a reminder see
6:44 am
"meet the press" right after "news 4 today." many american universities in class of 2016 will walk the line. they graduate at 10:00. at 3:00 p.m. students from the school of international service topped their campus. family and friends expected to swarm campus. congratulations on all of that hard work to you guys. a big weekend for students and parents at howard university. the class of 2015 graduated yesterday. lots of smiling crowd families attended the ceremony. actor morgan freeman delivered the commencement address. foregoan freeman granted him an honorary doctorate in humanity. shocking comments from a school founder in an atlanta suburb. she's now apologizing for what you're about to hear. >> in the program --
6:45 am
>> yeah this happened at a graduation ceremony. the woman skipped the valedictorian speech and asked students to stay. then she said those comments as people started leaving. the founder has since said quote, i do apologize for my actions made in the emotional state of trying to let the last student finish his speech end quote. >> wow. priced presidential possessions far removed from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. furniture, china, even trinkets touched by u.s. presidents they are worth a fortune. a lot traded and sold. news 4 i-team and scott mcfarland discovered some of what's trading hands shouldn't be. >> reporter: the most famous people the most famous building the most famous address in the nation. everything in or from the white house becomes a piece of
6:46 am
history, of valuable keepsake. joe levine knows that better than anything. >> weighs about 10 15 pounds. >> his virginia home filled with presidential memorabilia he collects and sells. >> i'm asking $2,000 for that. >> inaugural metals. >> this is brass. this has to be an extraordinarily expensive gift. >> clocks and china, even presidential tie clips. >> through the years selling this other sort of thing. >> the white house stuff. >> the white house stuff. >> white house handouts memorabilia can be traded and sold but white house property cannot. brian miller a former federal investigator spotted this about to be sold at auction. >> we needed to stop the auctionaway. >> that should belong to the american taxpayers. >> a white house rocking chair about to be put on the block in atlanta. it's not just any rocking chair. teddy roosevelt's rocking chair
6:47 am
purchased at the turn of the century, last century, kept in t.r.'s bedroom, remained in other white house bedrooms for 50 years. >> in this case the chair belongs to the u.s. government. >> it does. >> miller the former inspector general of the gsa dispatched chief investigator to get it back from relatives of a former white house worker. >> took it and restored it and kept it within their family until it was put up for auction in atlanta, georgia 2012. >> the white house worker thought it was junk thought it was supposed to be thrown away. >> brought it home. >> white house furniture was given to friends or taken by the staff. there are two centuries worth of historic white house pieces missing according to miss tore cal association, a private team that tracks. they spent $40 million re
6:48 am
rerequiring old white house pieces a desert stand of polk's a chair. he says his are gifts, metals and papers given by the white house to the public. >> the collecting of this tough before ebay was in a rarified group of people. >> if he said theysell white house property they would have no trouble. >> who is policing this? >> no one is policing. >> as for the teddy roosevelt chair, we checked. the white house has it back. it now sits in a storage room. scott mcfarland news 4 i-team. >> they found no agency regularly tracks and chases down locked white house property. >> going to the white house is a treat in itself. you won't believe how many people help themselves to souvenirs. a "washington post" article listed common things people pilfer from the mansion.
6:49 am
among them embossed towels from the bathroom place card holders, small silver spoons and pieces from the women's bathroom. have to admit, that is bob running away from the white house. he had everything in his hand. bob is my son. he was there for the holidays. everybody gave him a bunch of cookies, a little doggie and other stuff. >> he's going to say, "stealing from the white house." we'll show that to him. >> he had the best time though. i would never have thought to take anything from there. >> they tell you not to even take pictures in there. they are kind of strict. >> during the holidays they kind of loosen up a little bit. >> so for today, for mother's day, we're looking at mainly dry
6:50 am
conditions. it's still continuing to feel more like summer spring outside with warm and humid conditions highs today in the low- to mid-80s. now, there's about a 30% chance that will be tracking some scattered showers, maybe a thundershower later today. especially south and west of the area. i really have to stress most if not all of the day, don't cancel outdoor plans, just be prepared. chance of showers and storms remain in the forecast through tuesday. chances do remain low. all of this courtesy of tropical storm ana. cold front moves through tuesday night. spring returns on wednesday. wednesday through friday looking spectacular. 60s and 70s is where we're at right now. 72 in washington 66 in gaithersburg as well as manassas and huntingtowne. hour by hour planner. plenty of clouds through 11:00 a.m. after that clouds break up for the afternoon and evening hours. partly to mostly sunny. 3:00 temperature around 84.
6:51 am
we hit our highs of 85 at 4:00 p.m. mainly drew and humid, doing grilling outside. all in all not a bad day. if you liked yesterday you'll like today. the latest radar, cloudiness for most of us. further back i-81 corridor and areas west looking at mainly clear skies. here is ana. this is where we're getting minor showers and thunderstorm chances from. future weather 3:00 p.m. i think it's a little overdone but the threat is there. that continues until just before sunset. otherwise it was a fog developed overnight tonight so some patchy fog tomorrow morning. hot and humid again, highs 86. a better chance of showers and thunderstorm on monday. can't rule out a downpour but still only at 40%. for tuesday chance of late day shower or thunderstorm. otherwise partly to mostly sunny. it's a little breezy tuesday afternoon and high temperature
6:52 am
near or around 90. spectacular tuesday, high 75 lower humidity. mostly sunny skies, temperatures high to mid-70s. >> thank you. have you told your mom happy mother's day? i have. >> i already sent the text message but she won't get it
6:53 am
6:54 am
>>who... is this?! >>hi, i am heinz new mustard. hi na na na na >>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. well, not anymore. introducing heinz new better tasting yellow mustard. mmm!
6:55 am
as you know it is mother's day. many of you are getting those cards and flowers ready. >> this morning we're celebrating moms with stories from our family. here is eun yang. >> my mother's soft voice guides me through cooking together a korean dish a family favorite. for her food means nourishment in every sense of the word. she cooks with care. she shares her culture.
6:56 am
she passes down tradition with every chop and every stir. with love i can taste in every bite bite. >> good? >> uh-huh. >> my mother immigrated to the united states from seoul korea with my father in her early 20s. she left behind family friends and a comfortable life to build a new life, a better one for her children. she took long hours took no vacation raised a family and never missed church. if there's one thing my mother has instilled in me since i was a child is to live by faith. she is a woman who wakes up early every morning to read the bible and pray. that unwavering faith has shaped my entire life since the time i was a little girl to my wedding day and through the birth of my three children. my kids now share a special bond
6:57 am
with her. while she sacrificed so much already, she stepped in again to help me with my kids when i went back to work. my mother is soft-spoken, gentle and sweet. she's a real life angel in my life. don't let that quiet demeanor fool you, she's every bit as strong and formidable. throughout my life she's shown faith that can move mountains. i could live 1,000 years and not be able to repay her for everything she's done for me. i am who i am because of my mom. her love is food for my soul. >> beautiful. thanks mom. >> you're welcome. i love you. >> love you more. i love her mom, too. i see her out all the time. she eun does a lot of community service projects and her mom will accompany her. so sweet their relationship.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
"news 4 today" starts now. >> 7:00 on this sunday morning. right now on "news 4 today," new details overnight about the deadly shooting of two officers plus how police say a cruiser ended up in the suspect's hands. >> and what artist prince just released in hopes of healing baltimore ahead of his peace concert. >> we're looking at storm team 4
7:01 am
radar. rain showers expected today. we're learning when they will clear out of here so we can get a sunny mother's day. good morning, i'm adam tuss. happy mother's day to all the moms. >> thank you very much. all the moms out there, happy mother's day to you. >> shout out. "news 4 today" said join us early on this sunday as adam alluded to wake up to more clouds this morning. hopefully they are going to clear out. let's check in with amelia. >> you're exactly right. very similar to yesterday, cloudy start with areas of fog and drizzle as we work our way to the midday clouds start to break up. any fog burns off by 8:00 9:00 a.m. the afternoon feeling like summer. partly to mostly sunny, warm and humid. rain showers expected down around the carolinas where tropical storm ana is exacting the area there. most if not all of our day is looking mainly dry with temperatures now for the most part in the 60s and 70s. 69 degrees in annapolis. here is a look at the current visibility because some of us are dealing with dense fog this
7:02 am
morning. that includes areas of culpeper. continuing to see reports of fog around clinton, maryland this morning. like i said that fog burns off by mid-morning hours. here is your planner for the morning hours, what you can expect. temperatures are going to warm up kind of quickly, 9:00 a.m. temperature around 73 degrees by 11:00 a.m. temperatures already in the mid-70s. at that point clouds are starting to break up. coming up i'm going to show you the minor showers and thunderstorm chances later today. a better chance that you're maybe dealing with passing shower thunderstorm on monday with future weather. >> thanks amelia. out of mississippi, police arrested two men they believe shot and killed two police officers. the killing happened in hattiesburg, mississippi. that's in the southern part of the state. our nbc affiliate in the area said police took a woman into custody as well. you can see police officers and friends and family gathering to remember them at the hospital
7:03 am
overnight. the officers were 25 and 34 years old. right now d.c. police investigating a homicide in southeast. police responded to reports of a shooting just after 2:00 this morning on north capital street. that's near o street where the shooting was. one man was killed but we're going to get you more details about what exactly happened. police do not have a suspect. an infant is recovering from smoke inhalation this morning after being rescued from a burning building. we're working to find out how that fire in langley park began last night. four people and the baby had to be rescued from the top story of the three-story apartment building. firefighters say the smoke and heat prevented people from using the stairs so they had to wait on their balcony. >> the fireman, he came down with the baby looked like two weeks old or so and put her on the ground. then i think he put a mask over her. >> the other four people rescued were not hurt. we're working to find out how much damage that fire ended up
7:04 am
costing. a man is facing charges after he entered a dorm and touched a woman inappropriately. he entered a room where a woman was sleeping and touched her. he then ran off after she woke up and screamed. colby was drunk at the time. police say residents let colby into the building. he was able to get bo three different rooms because the door was unlocked. colby facing charges for sex offenses, burglary. the singer released a new song about the city and its violence. surprise artists are also expected to perform at the concert. it's at royal farms arena. the six pault police officers baltimore police
7:05 am
officers want charges thrown out. they want states attorney marilyn mosby recuse herself. breaking down the conflict of interest the motion sites. number one, charged officers to quell unrest. they point to comments like these. >> i heard your call for no justice, no peace. your peace is sincerely needed as i work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man. you're at the forefront of this cause. as young people, our time is now. the attorneys believe they violate maryland law on prosecutor conduct. specifically quote, refraining from making extra judicial comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused, end quote. will point to marriage to councilman nick mosby, whose
7:06 am
district was challenged during the riot. conflict of interest number two, personal ties between one of the prosecutors and the media specifically pertaining to interviews with the other man in the police van with freddie gray. number three, the prosecution doing its own investigation of the case separate from the police department's probe. number four, a pending civil claim against mosby and her office for what the officers attorney say are false and misleading statements or omissions in the charging documents specifically related to the argument about the legality of the knife the officers found on freddie gray during the arrest. and the fifth conflict of interest, according to attorneys representing the six officers, the financial interest of the attorney for the family of freddie gray who they claim is a close friend of mosby's. >> now, the motion filed by the officers calls for the case to be dismissed or for the appointment of a special prosecutor. got some big stories coming up in the week ahead.
7:07 am
tomorrow leaders in montgomery county could approve a body camera program for police. the county council will review its budget for the police department. they could decide to spend $600,000 to equip officers with cameras. tuesday former virginia governor bok mcdonnell willl bob mcdonnell will be in court. his lawyers delivering an argument on appeal trading influence for $160,000 in loans and gifts. on friday we'll learn how long a d.c. rabbi could spend behind bars. he pleaded guilty to secretly recording women in a religious ritual bath in georgetown. prosecutors asked to sentence him in prison for 17 years. it's the last thing you think to happen to your phone. we're doing to tell you how a 12-year-old iphone landed her in the emergency room. members of congress have found a new way to raise campaign funds. why taylor swift could be their
7:08 am
new secret weapon. what an afternoon for the wizards. the fans are talking about that was make or
7:09 am
7:10 am
see you later! >> the buzz around bryce happenrper nats star hit a walkoff homer, six in three games. that's the first time anyone has done that in a decade. nats take on the braves again this afternoon. >> pierce at the horn. >> that's not all.
7:11 am
the wizards with atlanta, it was veteran paul pierce getting it done. buzzer beater put them up against atlanta hawks. the team plays tomorrow night at the verizon center. can you still buy tickets from the wizards for about 35 bucks. >> he nailed it. way to go. it's that buzzer beating win that has all of you talking this morning. more than 550 of you liked this story. this is on our nbc washington facebook page. whether you went to the game or not, we do want to see how you celebrated tweet or facebook us your photos. also trending several representatives are cashing in on taylor swift's upcoming concert happening here in d.c. for just $2500 you can go to the show at nats park with one of three sitting democratic representatives representatives. one republican congressman hosting experience for the same
7:12 am
price. swift performs in the district july 14th and 15th. finally for you, take a look. this is for real guys. nascar is looking to attract a younger audience with this "spongebob squarepants" car. number 11 right there. you're going to see it debut, nascar partners with who else nickelodeon to develop the colorful race car. voom voom. i like it. >> eye catching. >> like something out of the movie "twister." this is real life for folks in the west taking cover for tornadoes. now we are learning one has become deadly. >> less take a look outside our door. a live look same scene from yesterday, fog, driver to start us off on sunday. what time amelia says things are going to clear up and when we can see the most rain in the upcoming week.
7:13 am
7:14 am
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. two european countries suspending the use of a plane after one crashed in spain. the crash killed four members, left two hurt. they will not use propeller driven plane. they have serious concerns about the plane's safety after yesterday's crash. a 12-year-old still in pain after she said her iphone burst into flames. what the girl said happen and how she and her mom are
7:16 am
reacting. >> alexis rolland said it was a typical school morning, her iphone 5c top end melted open was tucked in the back pocket of these jeans. before she ever arrived for class, she said that phone burst into flames leaving her with these second degree burns. >> it hurts really bad. >> you're still in pain. >> alexis tells us the phone had been working normally. during her walk alexis tells us she heard a crackling sound coming from the phone but wasn't until she got here directly across from the school that she said she noticed smoke actually coming from her back pocket and pulled out a phone that was on fire. >> through it on the ground and started stomping out the fire. >> a crossing guard that saw it happen rushed her to the nurse. >> oh, my god, her pants, the
7:17 am
phone. >> for her parents the phone intended to provide peace of mind no longer does. >> we depend on these phones. it burned my daughter. thank god it wasn't her face. >> apple said they could not comment because the customer had not contacted the company directly. yag a third party charger, unauthorized service or tampering would void an iphone warranty. like most her age, alexis still wan a phone but not iphone 5c. reporting in northeast philadelphia george spencer, nbc 4 news. wow. severe weather is whipping through southern states. at least one person is dead after this large tornado touched down outside of cisco, texas yesterday. a local judge said it created five miles of destruction. second tornado hit near wichita falls. police in southern oklahoma faced quarter-sized hail. forecasters say more heavy rains are on the way today. over in colorado storm chasers captured these incredible pictures of a tornado hit the
7:18 am
ground in a rural area near cheyenne. there are no reports of injuries or serious damage. take a look at this. a rare moment of nature's fury and beauty captured all at once. this video of a rainbow appearing just as a tornado spins in the air over colorado. no injuries here but some unforgettable scenes. >> the story of wizard of oz all tied into one, the tornado, the rainbow, awaken flying monkeys. other than here a mostly dry mother's day. >> exactly. the humidity mugginess, fog and small chance very small chance of a shower or thunderstorm later today all can be attributed to tropical storm ana. we're going to break out of this weather pattern tuesday night into wednesday when a cool front moves through the area. but for the most part today right after tuesday continues to be warm, it continues to be
7:19 am
muggy with minor shower and thunderstorm chances in the forecast especially during afternoon and evening hours in the heat of the day. weather impact traveling dealing with fog 8:00 9:00 a.m. after that you should be just fine. outdoor exercises, it's muggy, drinking plenty of water. shower is possible should you cancel plans, absolutely not? forecast warm and humid, much like yesterday. 6 in easton 66 in petersburg and 69 right now in fredericksburg. it's mild. you're stepping out the door dry, not tracking any rain on storm team 4 radar. here is tropical storm ana. you can see it's continuing to impact south and north carolina this morning. it will continue to advance northward before it starts to move off towards the east over the next few days. future weather 10:00 a.m. today, notice the clouds already starting to break up. similar to yesterday, partly to
7:20 am
mostly sunny skies. there can be a little more cloud cover around later today than there was yesterday. overall the trend is decreasing clouds. but notice at 3:00 here future weather with shower activity. that's a little overdone but the threat is there. once we get into the evening hours, the chance of scattered showers, maybe a thundershower quickly comes to an end. areas of fog develop once again overnight tonight so you're dealing with that potentially tomorrow morning as you head into work. otherwise cloudy start. clouds decrease throughout the day. it's muggy tomorrow. it is extremely soupy tomorrow. a better chance of scattered afternoon showers. can't rule out a downpour later in the day into the evening hours. notice that heavier activity 6:00 p.m. monday around winchester area. tuesday high temperatures will be near 90 degrees. this afternoon we're in the low- to mid-80s. 85 for high temperature in washington. tomorrow a touch warmer with high temperature 86 degrees.
7:21 am
sky cast 4 around noontime we start to notice clouds diminishing getting into the afternoon hours, skies become partly sunny. see the high of 86 at 3:00 in the afternoon. on tuesday a high temperature of 89 degrees. a shower or storm possible on tuesday. once again mainly dry day. partly to mostly sunny and breezy. humidity a touch lower on tuesday. monday will be the muggies day of the next seven. spectacular on wednesday, high of 75 low- to mid-70s thursday and friday plenty of sunshine adam and angie. >> second half of the week. >> beautiful. >> mother's day posts, they are already rolling across facebook. what's meant to be sentimental could put you at risk from scammers. >> specific information police want you to believe out of those mother's day tributes today. plus a special t living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance.
7:22 am
i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox® an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine. 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days. and it's injected by my doctor once every 3 months. the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions neck and injection site pain fatigue and headache. don't take botox® if you have a skin infection. tell your doctor about your medical history muscle or nerve conditions and medications, including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. put the odds on your side. visit to learn how to save on your treatment. talk to a headache specialist today about botox®.
7:23 am
7:24 am
we have a mother's day scam to tell you about. i know it's mother's day. local police departments are warning moms against participating in a facebook post that lists your child's age, birthday and weight. since most people use their information as passwords, security questions, answering
7:25 am
the post leaves you vulnerable to hacks. >> it is mother's day. we ladies at news 4 have been paying tribute to our moms by sharing lessons they taught us with all of you. now i want to bring you my mother's story. she taught me tough love. many years later i realized i love her for it. >> she was flawless. on her, it looked effortless. behind the smile set a lot of sacrifice. >> you pretty much watched your whole world. >> reporter: in 1973 married my father in korea. love in translation. but no language barrier could keep my mom from being a masterful communicator. in her house, rules were simple. expectations were high. >> you like something, you do your best. but don't do things wrong or bad. >> for instance you bring home
7:26 am
an a minus. >> you can make it a plus. >> like our home made food authentic authentic, always keeping it real while trying to keep us on the right path. >> you were tough on us. >> tough love hurts every time you do that. it hurts mama inside. but you don't see that you know what i mean that's the difference. >> we do now. >> that's the difference. >> with a daughter of my own, i do. your children become everything. a lot of us in turn become moms. for the goff girls, we admit that can be alive. >> do you ever see mom show up the good the bad, the ugly. >> ask our husbands. >> or my father. no doubt unbreakable. but from the same strong heart also comes softness and
7:27 am
sincerity. >> she used to say every parent wishes for their child to be better than they were. everything she did, i believe, was to make us better than she felt she was. >> at 51 -- >> most agree she's a hard one to talk. her candor so refreshing her spirit so alive. her sense of self-worth in a santa suit maybe the most important thing she passed on to her daughter. >> it's a confidence thing. she doesn't care what people think about her. she is who she is. i think the world could use a little more of that. >> a little more chin. it can go a long way. >> that's pretty good. >> pretty good. i think so. >> she's all smiles now. let me tell ya growing up she was tough. >> she's clearly a character. >> she is.
7:28 am
she does say that laughter is the most important thing. we've got to have a good balance. >> i agree. metro is having some financial problems. how a worse case scenario could hit you in the pocket. our fallen heroes honored. paying back to men and women in blue who risk their lives for our safety. a georgia graduation ceremony breaks down after a principle goes on a rant about ♪ ♪ ♪
7:29 am
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7:31 am
taking a look at the top stories. a manhunt over in mississippi. they arrested two men they say killed a pair of police officers last night. police took a woman in custody. >> prince headlining a special rally in baltimore. beginning at 8:00 p.m. at royal farms arena. today's rally for peace in honor of freddie gray. >> showers could be a possibility today. tropical storm ana has something to do with all that. you can see it here on storm team 4 radar. amelia segal is tracking our chances of rain. >> that's right. it looks like a lot of us waking up to some patches of fog early on. that's starting to burn out. right, amelia? >> exactly. you're noticing that hazy look outside. plenty of clouds and some patchy
7:32 am
fog in spots and fogness 8:00 9:00 a.m. similar to yesterday morning, notice the sunshine trying to break out. eventually it will as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. right now 72 degrees. again, for the most part mainly cloudy skies. visibility not an issue at all in washington but parts of winchester clinton reporting some fogginess right now. here is sky cast 4 throughout the day, showing you cloud cover. 11:00 a.m. still mainly cloudy skies. look at our temperatures. washington temperatures around 77 degrees. those of you in the suburbs, temperatures in the low 70s. as we get into the afternoon hours, clouds continue to diminish partly sunny. there's a chance of widely scattered showers. adam will have more on that coming up in a little bit. >> thanks amelia. developing this morning, several people dead after a shooting. details still coming in. nbc news says several bodies found in and around a residential building in a town
7:33 am
northwest of zurich. all those killed were adults. swiss police plan to issue an update this morning. we'll stay on top of it for you. >> the first day of nationals week kicks off with annual law ride today. police on motorcycles downtown. they are remembering officers who died on the job. coming up this week officers will build law enforcement memorial service tomorrow. on tuesday another bike ride will raise money for national law enforcement memorial fund. officers will hold a candlelight vigil wednesday night. >> got to check out this video. this may have tied you up on route 50 yesterday. hit a span on the west bay, truck flipped on its side. police shut down all lanes. eventually they put the tractor-trailer back up with a crane and then towed it away. >> what people did after the crash. three people including maryland state trooper hurt in the accident yesterday on route 50 in anne arundel county.
7:34 am
the trooper pulled someone over for a traffic stop when a car slammed into the trooper's car. slammed into the trooper's car. two passengers from the car are still at baltimore shock trauma center this morning and the trooper was released from the hospital. d.c. police say they are now looking for a second person they think took part in two robberies in georgetown. police arrested and charged ellerbe for both robberies, one just blocks from georgetown university. the other happened on k street near 31st street. officers looking for a woman in her 20s. they say she could be a suspect in the case as well. prince william is enjoying a 20-year low when it comes to crime. we're talking about the county. the 2014 crime report shoes crime fell 2%. last year marked sixth in a row it declined. the only serious crime in 2014 was aggravated assault, rising 34 almost 40%. crimes went up in the county in
7:35 am
2014. d.c. metro essentially getting by quote, paycheck to paycheck right now. they soon need a bailout from local government. this is according to "washington post." metro is up against the clock trying to repay $230 million by june. part of the problem, a federal agency stopped automatically paying metro's grant dollars because they questioned how the money was being spent. loan extensions may help solve the issue for now. meanwhile officials briefed d.c. council friday. councilmember jack evans on metro's board. he said he's concerned but not alarmed yet. >> how often do you get to say this toll prices are dropping. easy prices falling, too. that's not all. this week we talked to bay bridge drivers about big changes to maryland's tolls. as you're about to see, people are kind of excited. >> yes, that's great. >> clearly roy is excited.
7:36 am
see, roy lives in stephensville, drives back and forth across the bay bridge every single day. he works in southeast d.c. >> over to d.c. and back. >> uses an e-zpass, save him $2.90 a day, make his commute to and from stephensville much more bearable. >> i've lived there going on 28 years. this the first i've heard of it. that's phenomenal. >> not just bay bridge icc dropping its price. cost $4.40 end to end in rush hour. it will cost $3.86. >> i'm glad appreciating what we're getting. >> why the drop in tolls. mayor governor calls it tax relief. >> the governor has been calling for a toll reduction since last year. >> the state also doing away with the monthly $1.50 charge for e-zpass and will increase discount drivers get if they use an e-zpass. >> pretty amazing to think something is coming down not going up. >> it's unusual. >> hey, residents say they will
7:37 am
take it. >> they will. maryland transportation officials say this the first toll decrease in the state in almost 50 years. the home of their dreams becomes a home owner's nightmare. it's not just one local home. only on news 4, serious safety concerns around more than a dozen local homes and legal actions one couple faces. it is graduation season and we are learning just how much you can earn with that degree. the highest and lowest paid majors. racially charged comments by a georgia principal that cleared a crowd at graduation. you've got to stick around to see this.
7:38 am
7:39 am
welcome back. today many american universities class of 2015 will walk the line. students from the business
7:40 am
school graduate at 10:00. students from international service tossed their caps. families and friends expected to swarm campus. congratulations to all of you on that hard work. parents of high school and college age kids might want to listen up. numbers show how valuable the college will be. average difference between college and high school graduates is $1 million. georgetown university center of education and workforce cranked the data. that's not all college majors are bigger factor. the difference between the highest and lowest paying field is $3.4 million in a lifetime. almost all of the highest paid majors are in the engineering field. well shocking offensive comments at a commencement in atlanta suburbs. school director apologizing for what you're about to hear here. >> it was my fault we missed it in the program. [ inaudible ]
7:41 am
>> the director mistakenly skipped a speech in the program from the valedictorian. she wanted to do it anywhere. she said quote, look whose leaving, all the black people. the woman talked to the school's founder and apologized. she said i deeply apologized my actions made in the emotional state of trying to let the last student finish his speech end quote. >> wow. >> 6:41 legal action for a virginia couple. they are warning future and current home
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
welcome back. the "today" show next on nbc 4, starts at 8:00. >> let's get a preview, erica hill willie geist joining us. hey, guys. >> good morning. >> happy mother's day to you. >> thank you very much. right back at you, erica. >> thanks very much. kids looking extra cute on instagram. you have to follow angie on instagram. there we go. meantime tropical storm ana on a more serious note making landfall right now. not the only dangerous weather report we're tracking. large parts of the country in the past of the storm including
7:45 am
heavy snow in area. >> also ahead this morning, a big scare outside of new york city when a transformer at a nuclear power plant caught on fire. the latest. >> mama's boy, hilarious ling sync all moms obsessed with it which means getting in on the act. we want to tune in for that one. >> you were obsessed with it. >> i made everybody watch and listen to it. i thought we should give it a go. >> it's going to be hard to top awesome prom gear from yesterday. >> you make an excellent point. >> that's true. you need to borrow the dress let me know but a long list waiting for it. >> i like the puffy sleeves. >> big bow. we should tell you a lot of special moms day things coming up. putting it all in one hour. >> you guys can do the show. willie and i will step aside.
7:46 am
>> not your day. it's not your day. >> now we're going to move onto a story you're only going to see on news 4. buying a house is one if not the biggest purchase someone will make hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> a dozen district residents discovered they didn't get what they paid for. consumer report erika gonzalez has the costly details. >> brian jacobson and his husband just adopted their first baby a new baby and new city. the couple was excited to buy their first home together. >> we saw, one, a fully renovated house, which was a big deal. >> they loved the updated look lots of light, a room for nursery and english basement with a second kitchen. >> looked like a fantastic house. >> it only these walls could talk there was a very different story that lies beneath.
7:47 am
this couple a written message. fixture will be put in one ordered, in place of the one downstairs. >> the fact they took out the stove, wasn't that they were not working, they were hoping to hide from the inspector there was a kitchen there. >> the stove never came. then he learned the basement kitchen was illegal for zoning reasons. inspections done by d.c. department of consumer and regulatory affairs dcra revealed more problems with the house. >> all of the lights throughout the house are non-ul rated and they are not injunction box, recessed lighting not injunction boxes, wiring is not to code. it's definitely a fire hazard. >> the list goes ochblt heating and cooling problems missing insulation. new sky lights interfering with structural supports. plumbing problems floors popping up. >> structural support not adequate either. >> jason and his husband not
7:48 am
alone. numerous home owners complained to dcra and they bought electric the same couple from great falls, virginia. >> this was an example of greed that had no consideration nor concern about safety. >> thursday d.c. attorney said his team filed this lawsuit in superior court. it accuses them among other things of skimping on construction and hiring unlicensed contractors to do the work. they have renovated at least 15 d.c. homes in various neighborhoods with similar problems since 2013. >> these are significant consumer protection violations. that's why we're going to court. >> d.c. records show they firth bought for $360,000 before flipping it and selling it to the couple for $640,000 a profit of $280,000. that's just one house.
7:49 am
we talked to her over the phone. she did not comment on the allegations under advice of her attorney but insisted her husband had nothing to do with flipping or selling homes. jefferson hofgard is listed on documents. as for jason and his husband. >> we used our savings to buy the house. now we're getting estimates it's going to be like $200,000 to just have it done right. >> do you feel safe in your house? >> we -- no not really. >> well jacobson and his husband also have filed an individual lawsuit against hofgards september 11th other consumers. when it comes to buying a home renovated, you've got to get it checked out first. we have what you need to know on our consumer watch page. scary stuff there. it is absolutely the biggest purchase you'll ever make in your life. you've got to make sure you know
7:50 am
what you're doing. >> research will go a long way. clouds or fog to start us off. >> yes. start to break down marks our way throughout the day. very similar to what we saw yesterday. all of this is because of ana. the humidity cloudiness summer-like feel kind of keeping the pattern tracked over our area. tuesday night is when it all breaks down cold front moves through. spring on wednesday. here is weather, headline for mother's day, mainly dry day. there's a chance of a shower or thunderstorm during afternoon or evening hours. that threat is very low. chance of shower or thunderstorm sticks in the forecast until tuesday. is everybody going to see rain? no. is it going to be scattered? yes. severe weather not likely. best chance of a downpour would be on monday later in the day. monday will be extremely muggy. the muggies out of the next seven. wednesday, turn off air and open
7:51 am
up windows. that trend continues to friday. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 70 degrees in college park. 67 in huntingtowne and 66 for those in manassas. here is what you can expect today by 11:00 a.m. clouds starting to break up. isolated showers or thunderstorms this afternoon. nothing to cancel plans over. high of 85 7:00 this evening mainly dry noticing the humidity though. temperatures at that point in the low 80s. here is tropical storm ana, keeping a close eye on storm team 4 radar. we're dry, plenty of clouds. getting into the afternoon hours hit or miss showers or thundershower until about sunset. overnight tonight fog developed. another day tomorrow starting off with fog and plenty of clouds around. kind of sounding like a broken record. tomorrow midday hours clouds start to break up. more in the way of afternoon
7:52 am
sunshine. remember it's muggy. we should be dealing with showers and thunderstorms, heavy activity tomorrow over the mountains during early evening hours. a high temperature on monday of 86. now, tuesday is not as humid but it's hot. a high temperature near 90 degrees. a little bit breezy as well. partly to mostly sunny skies. for wednesday sunny, low humidity spectacular. a perfect ten. high temperature of 75. thursday and friday plenty of sunshine low- to mid-70s for a high. next saturday looking cloudy with a chance of showers and maybe a thunderstorm. otherwise a high temperature of 77 degrees. but again today for mother's day, a high of 85. namely dry conditions. we're going to
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
i'm sorry. whenever i play make believe with my friends, it was never princesses. instead we would re-enact shooting of buttafuocoo by mary joe fisher. i'm sorry for being so weird. >> that is funny. cast of "snl" celebrated their moms for apologizing for all the strange things they did as kids. there was plenty of potomac apologizing to do. each cast member brought their mom on stage and said sorry for some pretty embarrassing stuff. reese witherspoon brought out
7:56 am
her mom. all the kids apologized for making the moms job hard. the moms got back at them with home video they shot as widths. >> awesome. >> i love the ones with the little dates on the bottom. >> old school. tropical storm ana expected to make landfall along coastline this morning. national hurricane center says ana packing maximum sustained winds of 50 miles an hour bringing heavy rain high winds and rough seas with it. residents of ana expected to pass off the coast of delaware tomorrow night. the big question is how is this going to affect all of us in our area. >> grab your surfboard and head to the beach. >> overall, exactly, aside from that minimal impact on the area. it's an annoying forecast keep that 30% chance of a shower and thunderstorm in. most likely not going to happen but that is attributed to ana. that's why that chance is there,
7:57 am
humidity tuesday, after that beautiful 75 sunny on tuesday, do you like humid weather or spring-like weather. >> spring-like, of course. >> can do without humidity but i'm not complaining after the winter we went through. anything that's warm i'm going to take it. >> summer-like for tuesday. >> sounds good. thanks amelia. >> that's going to do it for "news 4 today." thanks for joining us. >> we'll be back at 9:00 but until then have a happy mother's day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. deadly ambush. two police officers gunned down in mississippi. left to die as one of the suspects makes a getaway in their cruiser triggering a manhunt overnight. ana arrives. the early season tropical storm making landfall slamming the carolinas. drenching rains, potentially deadly waves. while in the plains dozens of twisters touch down killing at least one person and the rockies buried in heavy spring snow this morning with more dangerous storms in the forecast today. unhappy entourage. actor jeremy piven lashing out on twitter claiming he and his fellow air passengers were all being held hostage. a seven-hour nightmare on the tarmac and at the airport. and


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