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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now -- an older couple killed in their home at rockville. what we're learning of their work to help disadvantaged children. >> a toddler head to the hospital after a fall from a second floor window.
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>> helicopters in texas as first responders rescue a dozen people left stranded by the floods. >> the quest for the cup -- well going to take a little longer. caps fall to the rangers. we are live at verizon center with reaction from the team. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> it's been a heartbreaking mother's day for one family in montgomery county. an older couple killed at their home in rockville. when victims didn't show up for a family gathering a loved one discovered their bodies at their home on ridge drive. news 4s darcy spencer joins us live. darcy, what are you hearing about this couple? >> reporter: well chris, let me first start by saying we are 11 hours into this investigation. montgomery county police are still here on the scene. the house is just beyond the trees here behind me. we are still being kept away from the scene a little bit. as you said everyone i speck tooke to spoke highly of the couple and
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they're just in shock. >> reporter: tragedy discovered at this beautifully landscaped home on ridge drive in rockville. a 67-year-old woman and 65-year-old husband found dead. their body discovered by relatives when they didn't show up for a mother's day get-together. they're being remembered as wonderful neighbors. >> i would see them walking all the time. and a very nice loving couple. and a very nice neighborhood. >> reporter: the victims, dick and jody vilardo. police investigating their deaths as a double homicide. mr. vilardo found outside the back of the house. his wife inside their home. >> there is trauma to their upper bodies. we are investigating these deaths as homicides, but we will wait until autopsies are completed and the medical examiner. >> reporter: mr. vilardo founder of pinnacle hotel management which develops marriott hotels. jody vilaro a retired partner
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with an accounting firm. the vilardos were involved in a rockville gardening club and recognized for their help of children's inn at nih. police are not saying if they believe the couple was targeted or if this was a random crime. they were last heard from saturday night. their bodies discovered about 12:20 sunday afternoon. now, late this evening, the family spokesperson released a statement, that says -- now, police are still here investigating. so far no arrest has been made. chris. >> thank you darcy. stay with news 4 as we continue to follow this murder investigation. we'll bring you updates on our website. in northeast d.c. gunshots shattered the peace. when police got there, they found a man dead. terrence moore shot several
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times and police found his body this morning on north capital near florida avenue. they're offering a reward for any information that lead to an arrest and conviction. >> over in prince george's county a toddler fell out a second story window and seriously injured. the fire department says a townhouse on brinkley station drive in oxon hill. paramedics rushed the child to the hospital. right now we haven't gotten word on how the toddler is doing or what caused the fall. >> getting a look at how scary the was for people trapped at the top floor of a burning building. shot on board a firetruck that pulled up in langley park. flames shooting out of two windows last night on gilford road. firefighters used their ladders to pluck four people and a baby girl off their balconies. the baby was rushed to the hospital just as a precaution. the caps hoping to give all the moms thourt a series closeout. but the rangers had different
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plans. live at verizon center. dianna russini? >> the caps were in the driver's seat this series. now in a position where they heading back to new york. if they lose the season is over. let's take a look at the highlights. moms in verizon center today hoping it would be this for the caps the best mother's day gift for them. rangers had different plans. final seconds of the first period. shot on goal. stopped rebound. put home by chris crowder, .3 left on the clock. scored in the first and last last minutes. rangers up 2-0. caps not quitting. puts it on the net. joe ward battling out in front. scores caps with a 1. but they can't complete a comeback. rangers, 4-3. series tide ated at 3. head back to new york.
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coming up in a few minutes. you will hear from players, mood tone. how they think them being down in the game today and that amazing almost come back they had in the third period will be able to help them in game seven. for now, at verizon center. i'll send it back to you. >> looking forward to it. a man abducted a woman in the district and tried to sixablely assault her. d.c. police need help to catch him. at take 2. 467895 11th and g northeast. a woman got into a car with an uber decal on the window. the driver tried to assault her before she escaped. he is described. middle eastern man, light complexion short hair widow's peak, the car is black, four-door so four-door sedan. gray beige interior. >> police arrested four people in connection with two murders of officers. officers pulled some one over for a traffic stop last night. they were shot and killed. nbc's brian mohr has more on what happened in hattiesburg. >> reporter: hattiesburg, mississippi hadn't seen an
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officer slain in the line of duty in more than 40 years. today the close knit community is coping with a double tragedy. >> on mother's day, a tragedy for all of america. a tragedy for our community. >> officer benjamin dean initiated a fateful traffic stop and officer cory tate were gunned down saturday night. the suspects fled in a cruiser, later found abandoned. after a massive manhunt, police arrested four suspects. marvin banks charged with two counts of capital murder as was this woman, joanie calloway. curtis banks, marvin's brother charged as accessory after the fact and cornelius clark charged with obstruction of justice. for now, officials will not discuss a motive or details. >> we are not going to compromise the investigation. we know he called for backup for a reason. we'll find that out. >> reporter: hattiesburg police have turned the case over to the mississippi bureau of investigation. as a department and a community deals with the sudden loss.
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brian mohr nbc news. developing now, some wild weather is sweeping through texas. nearly a foot of rain has fall in north of dallas in denton county. the flooding led to 15 dramatic rescues like this one. a funnel cloud also touched down just long enough to damage buildings and utility lines. several twisters tore through north, north texas this weekend. ripping roofs off buildings and leaving thousand without power. and if all that wasn't enough thunderstorms brought torrential rain. nbc's herman towe takes a closer look at the destruction. >> reporter: residents of delmont south dakota are trying to cope with a tornado that smashed through the town sunday. the town left without power and utilities. there were injuries and no dess in -- deaths. dark storm cloud gave testimony to the power of mother nature over north texas. in her wake rescuers scrambled
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to save those who could not escape the raging high walter. in sanger people were stuck as floodwaters raged. a chopper came in to lift them to safety. and in crum texas, a woman air lifted out of her door. floodwaters made it impossible to gait way safely. others were not lucky. left on their room top watching the water swirl around their home. in fort worth, rescuers haed to be rescued. a police cruiser came out worse for wear. this man had timely advice for those who tried to drive the flooded streets. >> i should have known better. should have turned around. >> reporter: sound advice as storms continue to threaten lives, limbs and property. herman tao, nbc news. here at home. we enjoyed mostly sunny skies on this mother's day. we take a live look outside. well if you have ben out there you know sure feels a lot like summer. amelia how much longer is this
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sticky humid weather going to last? >> well humidity is going to last through tomorrow. the humidity drops tuesday. still stays hot. right on through tuesday. latest temperature as cross the area. balmy outside. 75 in washington and leesburg. 68 for those of you in manassas. 71 annapolis. isolated showers this afternoon. all of those have come to an end. so tomorrow morning, we're starting off dry. but once again. some areas of fog and maybe even drizzle. will develop. so here is what you can expect. 6:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. patchy fog. mild start. temperatures in the low 70s. by 10:00 a.m. cloud start to barack upreak up. better chance of showers, thunderstorm or two. later in the day tomorrow. more on that chris in ten minutes. >> thank you. >> still to come on news 4 at 11:00. local church celebrates moms on this special day. and amelia jason and i, have a special honor ourselves. and, find out why this law ride through d.c. was different from
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an other in recent memory. and prince in baltimore for a concert to remember. freddie gray. thousand waited to see a great show from the
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>> motorcycles roared bagpipes played and honored police officers on the long ride through d.c. derek ward report this year's event arrives intense relationships between s the country. >> reporter: an annual gathering here in the parking lot of rfk stadium. heralding the beginning of police week. for 20 years the law ride made up of active law enforcement. family and supporters served a
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number of purposes. >> we get an opportunity for the family, the law enforcement family to come together again. we see old friend and meet new friend. >> i know a lot of the members joined. we want to feel that camaraderie and brotherhood that you get. i would look to think this opens it up. we are all people. you know we come together like some body would come together for a barbecue in a park. this is our barbecue in the park. >> among the riders during it in the name of fall in colleagues. amid the pageantry and spectacle of events like this a solemn theme as well. >> it comes to the fore when the sound of the tail pipes gives way to the sound of the bagpipes. and at their destination, the national law enforcement officers memorial they contemplate why they do this. police week doesn't happen in a vacuum. this observance comes amid challenges in police and community relations. they seek ceremony and perspective. >> of the 44 million contacts that law enforcement has with the public each and every year
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they use, or threaten the use of force, less than 2% of the time. >> despite the challenges the duty is straight forward. serve and protect. >> to the best of your ability. and you go and you come home. >> derek ward, news 4. >> thanks. tonight we are getting details about the services for d.c. fire fighter who dieden the lean of enin the line of duty. lieutenant mcrae died after he responded to a fire. it will be held at d.c. armory followed by his funeral. both events open to an one who wants to pay their respects. >> a chance to see prince live in concert. had nothing to do with -- thousand of people packed a baltimore arena for the rally for peace. part of a call for calm after protests and violence sparked by freddie gray's arrest. the rock 'n' roll hall of fame inductee asked his fans to wear
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gray clothes in honor of freddie gray. >> wearing gray to support the cause. >> i'm wearing all kind of gray. my purple for prince. >> part of the money from tonight's show will go to baltimore youth charities. >> well the carolina beaches were a washout on mother's day. tropical storm ana downgraded to depression. it made landfall in south carolina generating rough surf with its 35-mile-per-hour wind. ana dumped 2 to 6 inches of rain along the coast. most of which thankfully we all pretty much missed here. nothing but a sprinkle here there, a little bit. >> today dry day. a lot of people on twitter, face book will we get rain from ana. not in a sense where we will see downpours moving over us and just sitting there. not in the forecast. what is in the forecast those hit or miss showers. and maybe a few storms tomorrow. a little bit of a better chance that we are dealing with rain tomorrow. than today. grab the umbrella the small
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umbrella fine. keep it handy. walking to work or just heading out and about. especially during the afternoon hours. know you might not need to use it. weather headlines. warm hot on through tuesday. humid through tomorrow. the humidity drops out of the air, actually tuesday morning. there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow maybe an isolated shower or storm on tuesday, after that spring returns on wednesday, it is spectacular. gorgeous. wednesday through friday. here are weather impacts for tomorrow. travel. patchy fog for that early morning commute. outdoor exercise afternoon shower or thunderstorm is possible. still go for that outdoor run. you've will be okay. check the radar. download storm team 4 app beforehand. you've will know for sure. heading out and about. warm humid. high temperatures. similar to what we saw today. so here its ana right now. mainly impacting north carolina. it could throw a shower or
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thunderstorm our way tomorrow. 6:00 a.m. cloudy start. drizzle. fog. mild. muggy. and we get into the midday hours. best chance of a shower midday early afternoon. east of i-95. because of ana. we get into the afternoon hours. notice isolated showers here on future weather. some more activity back over the mountains of west virginia. can't rule out a downpour or two tomorrow. mainly back over the mountains. but notice really how dry we are. partly sunny skies. we get into the afternoon hours. notice how tonight this evening. so beautiful. we're going to get that again tomorrow night. so the morning commute. the early commute, fog, low 70s. as we get into the later morning hours. and 70s. mild. fog, drizzle. comes to an end. 8:00 9:00 a.m. highs tomorrow in the 80s. high temperature in washington.
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85. high temperature tuesday. impressive. high of 89 degrees. partly to mostly sunny skies on tuesday. and isolated shower/storm possible at any time because a cold front moving through. humidity lowers throughout the day. tuesday afternoon. really nice. breezy. breezy and noticeably cooler on wednesday. look at this. chris, 73 for a high. 71 for a high on thursday. plenty of sunshine. friday high of 74. chance of showers next saturday. wednesday through friday. nearly perfect. >> things back to there mall. looks like. >> finally. >> thank you, amelia. today, churches around the country held services to celebrate the moms in their communities. right here in the district. there was a sea of red and white filling the pews at st. vincent depaul. a lot of fans attended sunday mass before heading to the ballpark. it is a block from center field gate. and whenever they have a sunday afternoon game the church will hold nats mass all summer. a short 45 minute service that starts at noon.
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would have been nice to head on to the next round. looks like one of you guys is heading up to new york. >> okay. >> once again, it all comes down to one game for the capitals. wednesday night, in new york. game seven between the caps and rangers. this team hasn't been to the conference finals in 17 years. to do so they'll need to bring their a plus plus game. the blue shirts have won six straight game sevens at madison square garden. alex ocechkin had their chances. not ready to play golf just yet. less than a minute into the
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game. off the turnover. rangers on the break. with the defense. just muscles him out of the way. sneaks this one past hopi. 40 second in. rangers are up 1-0. two goals in this game for him. third period now, rangers up 3-1. dan boyl. with the pass. they take a 4-1 lead. no quit in the capitals. later in the period. forces the turnover. he fires and scores. fifth goal of the sea season. and keeping the capitals alive. down 4-2. and, chimera, joe ward battles and scores. ward, doing some work in front of the net. caps within one. that's as close as they would get. rangers win this one. 4-3. seven the series at 3. game seven, wednesday night. new york. let's go back out to the verizon center.
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dianna, how are the caps feeling after failing to close out the rangers? >> ovechkin said the caps are going to win the series. the type of confidence they took from the third period run where they made where they were all most able to tie it up. they're hoping the effort they displayed is going to be carried into game seven. >> they got a couple off the start. and, you know they're a good team. really good team. and so are we. we got to be -- you know we have desperation a little bit. >> the way we played in the end. third period. i think that's show us what we can do. >> do you feel look you lost control since they have been able to come back and win? >> no. >> life is not over right. you have to stay positive. and find a way. this is a good team. >> they are, they have proved to be a very good team. head coach, barry trotz said the caps have still yet to play the best game they can play.
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against the rangers. and he believes that game seven, is when caps fans are going to see it. jay, send it back to you. and sports final in just a few minutes. >> thank you, diana. let's move on to baseball now. beautiful mother's day at the ballpark. nats braves. going for the sweep. the home team gave the fans a show. bottom of the eighth. the catcher going opposite field. and can't make a play. ryan zimmerman. on the horse. comes in to score. ramos, rbi double. two hits. two rbi in the game. and nats sweep the braves 5-4. winners today. >> see if the capitals can get it done wednesday night. fingers crossed. i think they can diet. >> tense game. >> obviously mother's day. want to share our mother's day celebrations with you. take a look. of course the time people dig out the, photos, put it on face book. my mom in the day when she had a life. and, that's yeah before i was born. and that's my beautiful wife. i think that was right after my son was born.
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yeah that's the two of them together. >> love that chris. here is my mom. this is from christmas when i was 2 years old. she is watching right now. hi mom. love you so much. everybody's mom. you think -- >> lack at that hair. >> little known fact. my hair is curly. >> this is my mother. shirley pugh and that handsome devil, me. and happy mother's day, mom, my sister kim, and sister in law, allison. >> just as humble. just as humble as a kid. >> yes, i guess. >> there they
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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stick around for sports final. talk all about game six. dianna at verizon center. rangers force a game seven wednesday night.
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7:30 puck drop should be a good one. on "sports final." we are joined on the roundtable. looking for ward to talking to otto a great playoff run for the wiz. >> what are we looking at? kick off the workweek tomorrow? >> starting tomorrow. muggy once again. warm once again. high temperatures in the mid 80s. humidity though drops tuesday. still hot. high temperature. in your neighborhood tomorrow. 83 gaithersburg. 79 in annapolis. 83 in manassas. tomorrow evening. spectacular spectacular. good night. fire up the grill. don't need to do yard work monday night. >> i never do yard work. >> neither do i. >> don't have a yard. >> 7:00 p.m. temperatures in the 80s. after that drop into the 70s. maybe a few scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. can't rule out a downpour. but most if not all the day looking dry. near 90 tuesday. remember won't be humid. breezy for the afternoon. wednesday, if you like spring
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you will love it. 73. plenty of sun. no humidity wednesday. >> when i did yard work? when i was a kid. you know who was telling me to do the yard work. mom and dad. >> that's right. >> that's right. well there is another last picture of our moms up there. we want to wish them all a happy mother's day. and happy mother's day. >> that's right. for all the moms out there. hope you had a great day. sports final is coming up next.
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>> welcome into sports final. everyone. i'm jason here with you in studio. dianna at verizon center. unfortunately the caps unable to close things out with the blue shirts for a second straight game. diana what was the mood like in the locker room following this loss? >> obviously a disappointing locker room. a feeling there, a vibe inside the caps' locker room they will be able to do this. they are going to take the effort they put forth at end of the third period and they're going to hope to carry that into game seven. now just take a look at that


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