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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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there's more news on metro tonight. metro center one of the business yift in the system was forced to close because of a
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track problem. >> all this happening as the crowd from the wizards game was leaving the verizon center and it follows a disastrous morning commute on orange blue, and silver lines. jackie bensen just got to metro center. still closed? >> reporter: you can see behind me.paramedics there. the yellow tape blocking the center to the station. it has been a scene of confusion here all evening. people are walking around. people coming out of work out of the wizards game. people just wantedering the streets, down around here trying to figure out how to get around. we are told that a power outage and smoke in the opportunity has been reported here at metro center according to the d.c. alert system. metro is using shuttle buses to get patrons around the incidents. the blue orange and silver lines have been affected. according to d.c. alert, metro has no idea why the power outage
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has occurred. and that is what is significant about this. i don't know if you've seen the pictures of what it looks like in the dark. we do get smoke incidents but a widespread power outage is certainly a different thing and that is why the metro center station is closed at this time. now, what i can tell you if you'll come back here for a second. we see a lot of people wandering around. a lot of people trying to figure out where to go and one of the things that i noticed was many of them are carrying these. but they're not using it. your news4 app, any app that metro has for buses and things like that. there is information on there about how to get around. get to the next station which is open. get to a bus that might be able to take you in the direction. when people are could not fronted by something like this they do tend to wander before they figure out they have a lot of things they have right in their hand. news4, back to you. >> thank you.
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metro already apologized on its website for suspending blue orange and silver line service this morning. part of the problem was where the smoke in the opportunity originated. it was coming from the tunnel under between rosslyn and foggy bottom. i took three hours to restore normal service. an unrelated train problem caused even more delays on the same lines during the evening commute. turning to our weather and some strong storms moving to our west. check out all the lightning. are they going to reach us? >> continue to watch the line as it makes its way from west to east and see fits starting to die off a little bit as it is expected to do. it keeps on coming. even some of the storms developing and continuing on develop as they push off toward the east. some new storms developing toward shenandoah valley. still well west of the d.c. metro area and has about two hours before it gets there.
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look at the storms. then down toward shenandoah and page counties. if you're back toward the shenandoah valley heads up. these storms are moving your way and i think they'll make to it d.c. in a little weaker intensity. but there is that first line. here's another line. that's the cold front. it will bring big changes. i'll have those in a minute. kind generous, giving. those are some of the words we're hearing about a maryland couple murder in the their home. >> police say they still don't who know killed dick and jody vilardo. shomari stone is in the neighborhood where police removed even more of the evidence tonight. >> reporter: that's right. police are tight lipped in regard to the evidence they removed from the home behind me. yellow crime scene time surrounds the property. move to the left there. you can see the suv on the other side. there is a car. those belong to the victims. to the right, there is the front door.
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that is the door that detectives have been walking in and out of as they investigate this double murder case. tonight montgomery county police detectives want to know who murdered dick and jodi vilardo. this evening the detectives removed evidence from the home. can you tell us what's in the bags? >> not able to. people with our forensic services section had been in there for two days. >> reporter: neighbors tell us the couple was founlds dead many their pajamas on sunday. police say they had trauma to their body. one of their children found them around 12:30 in the afternoon after they miss ad family gather ordering mother's day. jodi's body was founlds inside. dick's just outside the house. neighbors worried they were targeted. neighbors tell us they returned home from a west virginia casino saturday night. police believe the killer entered the house through an open window.
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>> it is not very comforting to have the police tell you we don't think you need to worry. anybody who is living here and your neighbors have been killed you're worried. >> reporter: they had two adult children work the grandkids. they were known for their work at the children's inn. a place for sick children. tonight officials released a written statement saying the children's inn is deeply saddened by the recent loss of our dear friends and supporters jody and dick vilardo. they were involved with the inn for more than 15 years. they were the most kind and generous people. always giving of their time and resources. and tonight, many neighbors have walked up to me and said do you think this is random? were the victims targeted? well detectives are supposed to release more information tomorrow and they will continue to investigate montgomery county police urge anyone with information about this double murder to give them a call. live from rockville. i'm shomari stone. news4. here at the live desk, the
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patriots and tom brady's agent are coming out with some strong reaction to punishment handed down by the nfl over deflategate. the league suspended brady for the first four games of the upcoming regular season. fined the patriots $1 million and stripped the team of a first round draft pick next year and the fourth round pick in 2017. brady's agent responded saying the discipline is ridiculous and has no legitimate basis. in my opinion, this outcome was predetermined. there was no fairness in the wells investigation whatsoever. patriots owner robert craft said it was our intention to accept any discipline levied by the league. today's punishment far exceeded any reasonable expectation. tom brady has our unconditional support, our belief in him has not wavered. now the wells report found brady had at least some knowledge of the deflated footballs in last
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year's afc championship game against the colts. you should know if the suspension upheld his first game back will also be against indianapolis. at the live desk back to you. >> thank you, jim. new only the, prince george's police stay woman hit and killed by acollege park was trying to cross the tracks. a csx train hit and killed 35-year-old rebecca sellbeck 11:00 this morning. selleck was from riverdale and died at the scene. the lawyer for the d.c. rabbi who secretly recorded dozens of women in a ritual bath says prison is not necessary. the rabbi barre freundel plead guilty to 52 counts of volunteerism. each count punishment of up to a ar in jail. prosecutors are only asking for 17 years but his lawyer filed the court document asking for commute service instead. he will be sentenced on friday. two girls, not even old
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enough to drive yet, were taken to a fairfax county motel for sex. police say two men lured them there with promises of drugs and alcohol. only the those men have been locked up. jackie that bensen explains how to comes tracked down one of the men in our story. >> reporter: it was the absence notification system used by fairfax county schools that alerted the girls' parents to the fact there was something wrong. according to search warrants obtained by news4, 27-year-old julio velasquez is charged with the rape of two girls. one is 13 the other just 12 years old. the document says april 10 velasquez and another man picked up the girls and eventually took them to the virginia lodge in the xanld rhea section of fairfax county. once there they gave the girls alcohol along with cigarettes and marijuana. both men according to the search warrant, then had sexual intercourse with the girls. the men eventually took girls
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from the motel back to where they'd picked them up. when confronted by the school lacks, the girls told them what happened and the parents called police. this woman who asked not to be identified and said she lives nearby said she finds the allegations very disturbing. >> i've never heard of this happening here in this neighborhood. i'm very upset about it and i hope something will get done about it. >> at this point it is not clear whether police believe other young girls may have been victimized by the two men. in fairfax county jackie bensen. news4. coming up tonight, an unwelcome guest at a presidential campaign stop. one staffer was not pleased and had a bizarre way of showing it. ? also kids dodging danger. local bus stops. the news4 i-team takes drivers to school and taking you to some of the most notorious stops in our area. maryland 95 south from 198 to the i.c.c. will have two left
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back at the live desk. we've just learned the cause of the power outage. the d.c. alert system just sent out a message that a transformer problem caused the outage. the outage force that had station to shut down as jackie bensen showed us. it happened just as the wizards game let out forcing many fans to finds another way home. the fallout following the horrible day for metro on news4 today right when you wake up.
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a lot of people have a taste for politics. a rand paul staffer may have taken things too far. the staffer likd the camera lens of a democratic super pac that is following the republican presidential candidate. the group said senator paul's new hampshire political director was the man behind this incident. paul's campaign was holding a town hall meeting. so far no comment on this from the paul campaign. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is changing her campaign. last year she signed the council resolution calling for the team to change its name. in the past she said a name change should be part of any talks about bringing the team back to d.c. but the mayor recently started using the name in tv and radio interviews.
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mayor bowser is not disputing reports that she is talking with the team in an effort to get them back to washington. take a look at this video. children at a bus stop in washington state. oh! a driver never stops and nearly takes them out. it's tough to watch. and it got national attention a couple weeks ago. now a review by the news4 i-team reveals a fast rising number of drivers in our area being charged with ignoring stopped school buses. scott mcfarland and the i-team went undercover to find out where it's happening. >> reporter: every day you put your trust in the school bus driver to get your child home safely. but as the news4 i-team is about to show you, it is the other drivers you're supposed to worry. about you're supposed to stop. drivers not seeing school bus stop signs or ignoring them.
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>> all the gadget that's come with new cars. it is all very distracting. >> reporter: the i-team wanted to know how often police are catching these drivers and where. we put our hidden cameras on bus patrol throughout the school year. >> right there. >> reporter: and we reviewed court records and tracked three of the busiest bus stops in our region. our first stop is riverdale road. state route 410 in prince george's county. >> it happens every day. >> every day. >> reporter: at this complex where ita picks up her granddaughter sophie each day. she said with the buses stop here drivers on the other side of the street don't. just watch. >> riverdale at veteran. >> reporter: our cameras catch it several times over several days. >> riverdale road at auburn avenue. >> reporter: scott answorth said he routinely stops drivers here including the woman in this car. >> i see it. >> reporter: you kept going because they kept going?
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>> i know that was wrong. >> reporter: watch this driver hesitate pause at the stop sign but then keep going. moments later? another. why did you zip past the school bus? >> i didn't see him pull out the stop sign. >> reporter: they all received citations. and there were 438 other drivers charged too with passing a school bus in prince george's county nasty three years. fairfax county police ticketed 312 drivers in the last year and that's where our next stop is. on route 29 near the fairfax city line. state records show a 10% spike in school bus passing here each year since 2011. we found the most drivers charged here in montgomery county. nearly 500 of them just since 2012 including cosmetic. dozen at state route 55. south of lake forest maul in gaithersburg. keep your eyes on the small
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truck. then another bus stops. even as the kids exit, this blue car drives right past. not just the kids in danger. school bus camera footage shows an adult crossing the road. nearly hit by cars that ignored the stopped bus. this narrow piece of route 355, 57 drivers ticketed last year. >> i've seen it first hand. >> reporter: craig rice said his daughter was nearly hit exiting her bus in germantown and he said it is time to do something. doubling the penalty to a 500 fine why pay pay $500 out of your hard earned money and put a child's life at risk. >> reporter: rice supported the effort but state leaders failed to get the votes. >> it is unfortunate that drivers aren't paying attention. >> reporter: leaving him to focus on those drivers who aren't paying attention than on what is right in front of them. how often are drivers being niktd your community? we've got more information about that in our nbc washington app.
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just click on investigations. so what's the weather going to be at the bus stop tomorrow? >> tomorrow morning, the warmest, muggiest morning we've had so far. >> muggier than today? >> at least to start the day. then a little different. we have some big changes coming through. right now we've got some big storms coming through. and i want to show you why. the reason is all the warm air. it is still 74 degrees. and look at that dew point. still at 68. so very warm. very muggy. we have a lot of energy in the atmosphere. look at 73 in leesburg. it is warm ahead of the next little boundary here and it is bringing on some strong showers and thunderstorms. look at the storms develop and blossom. this hine, a pretty strong line. here's hardy county you see the one storm. a lot of lightning associated with that. up there toward the panhandle of west virginia. over toward winchester you will
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see that in the next half-hour. then shenandoah county, that just developed and now has some lightning associated with it. more showers and thunderstorms. you're going to see these in the next half-hour to 45 minutes. and take a look at the wider view. here's that first line. right in here. this line extends all the way down south. all the way to the north. it is not stopping. i expect these to move farther to the east and die. even along the i-95 i expect to see a chance for some showers and maybe a rumble of thunder or two. i don't think we'll see anything too strong. we'll continue to watch these as they move on through. the next line that you see back toward the west. that's the cold front. once that moves through, we'll cool considerably. before it look where we go. 90 tomorrow. 89 la plata. by around noon, the heat index will be close to 90. easily the warmest day of the year tomorrow. a very warm day. i do expect humidity to come down during the afternoon as the cold front passes through.
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and then i mentioned the changes to you. we're near 90 on your tuesday. we're at 70 on wednesday. so that's going to be a drama cool-off with temperatures nearly 20 degrees cool order wednesday. aly breezy on wednesday too. then thursday cooler sunshine 75. low humidity and then we get toward friday saturday and sunday. a little bit unsettled. by unsettled we mean the humidity returns and so does chance for some heavy downpours. that's the next thing we'll be watching. i'll continue to track it all for you at the storm center. ? at verizon zernlt they fought they scrapped but it wasn't enough in the end. >> reporter: that's right. even without john wall, this team came out ready to play. you know paul pierce. he
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i have to say, when you talk about leaving it all on the court, bradley beal did that tonight. he played his heart out only the, didn't he? >> reporter: absolutely. 34 points for bradley beal. thats the most points since 2007. anton was tremendous. the entire team stepped up in john wall's absence. unable to get job done they head to atlanta with the series tied at two games apiece. let's show you how it went down in game four. paul pierce the hero. wiz down 2. nene with the flush over al
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horford and john wall approved. off the hawks miss. here comes bradley beal pushing it up the court. he spots up for three and drains it. a little over a minute left. hawks up four. jeff teague makes it 7. teague had himself a game. 26 points. the wizards not going away. beal getting two more of his game high 34 points. the wiz within 5. a little later, nene another finish down low. the wizards down just 3. 9.5 seconds remaining. a three-point game of paul pierce that three-pointer is off the mark. he can't tie it up. the hawks go on to beat the wizards, 106-101. they even the series at 2-2. paul pierce talked about the final shot. >> you got what you wanted. >> yeah. i thought i got a great look.
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sometimes you make it sometimes you miss. >> i thought it was going in. i mean it was a great look, a great play drawn up. they were kind of confused. and it is the hardest one to make. >> we won't put our head down. get back ready for game five. >> let's talk some baseball now. orioles back in front of fans. no place like home for this guile. manny machado. a solo shot to right center. the orioles up 1-0 early. a few batters later. it is chris davis with a man on and davis gets ahold of this ball. a two-run shot for him. eighth home run of the season. birds hit three homers in the game and beat the blue jays 5-2. to the nationals. a late start in arizona but it didn't matter. they take on the d'backs. dennard spann led off.
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deep to left center. three-run blast for zimmerman. his fourth home run of the season of nats are up 4-0 early. in the second inning wilson ramos continuing his inning streak. making it a 14-game hitting streak. this would clear the bases. a three-run double for ramos. the nats are up 11-0 in the sixth inning. max scherzer has three strikeouts so far in this game. again, the big news tonight. john wall did not play in game four. atlanta, they beat the
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the wizards and the caps are going to move on. mark my words. >> i think so too. >> the only the show is next. >> good night.
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