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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 13, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> all of a sudden i felt myself fly up in the train. terrifying moments for the 238 passengers on a train that derailed in philadelphia. six people did not survive. some that did survive took action along with first responders, to help the injured. >> right away over live wires and everything, the first responders, the cops, the firefighters in philly did an amazing job. >> philadelphia's mayor just wrapped up a news conference. i'm barbara harrison this is a special edition of news 4 midday. as news broke, our crews hit the road. aaron gilchrist and adam tuss are in philadelphia and kristen
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wright is in philadelphia where many passengers got on that train. we begin with aaron, good morning. >> reporter: we did just learn that the black boxes, the event data recorders from the train that derailed here last night was recovered. it is now at the amtrak headquartelaware. investigators are going to be bringing in more people from the ntsb in the days to come to try to figure out exactly what happened here. the mayor of philadelphia michael nutter held a news conference where he expressed concern that there were people from the d.c. area on board that train when it derailed last night. the train took off from union station after 7:00. we know 6 people have been confirmed dead and right now not everyone has been coted for. some 243 people on board that plane, more than 200 people treated at area hospitals but we don't know that everyone has been accounted for at this point. i want to give you an idea of what's happening where we are right now not far from the train
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derailment. if you look back here about 200 yards or so. we have seen a steady flow of heavy-duty equipment coming in to move the train cars that derailed here. you can see a bulldozer amtrak brought in a short time ago, there's a large crane brought in a little while ago as well. so the steady flow of emergency personnel, folks from amtrak and the ntsb moving in trying to get to work of removing the rain cars that overturn eded looking for anyone else who may have been killed last night. this is going to be a long investigation for the national transportation safety board. adam tuss is here on the ground with me as well with some new information we're getting from the ntsb. adam? >> reporter: that's right, aaron. i want to set the scene where we are in relation to you. look over here in the distance you can see a police officer kind of standing guard up there on the tracks. below him is the crash site. you've got downed wires off in
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the distance. ntsb has should be up on the scene. we were here when they got here. what did they tell us? they told us that the operator of the train was hurt but is now or will be soon making a statement to police about what happened. we also learned there was a forward-looking front recorder on board the train and the ntsb will be kmam ng that in addition to the black boxes and the data recorders you were talking about and that data reporter is now in possession by the ntsb being analyzed at the facility in delaware. the board member with the ntsb told us all about what this investigation will focus on. >> we're looking at the track, the train signals, the operation of the train, the mechanical condition of the train, human performance, we are setting up a multidisciplinary investigation to try and understand the
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factors that led to this accident. >> >>. >> reporter: back here live in north philadelphia. the ntsb says their crews are just getting here to the scene. lots of questions and they want to give answers. they say we should get a lot of answers in the next 24 to 48 hours about what happened. keep your eye from what i've been told on speed. back to you. >> adam tuss live up the road in philadelphia. we know the ntsb will hold another news conference this afternoon. we'll bring that information when we learn when that will happen. the reality is if you do business with amtrak today, over the next few days you will need to check ahead to make sure everything will be running in some fashion or another. we've learned amtrak has made schedule changes over the next couple days. it's running a modified service schedule between d.c. and philadelphia and also between harrisburg and philadelphia. no service will be running
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between philly and new york city north of where the train derailed here last night and also modified service between new york city and boston. we're going to put all that information on the nbc washington app. if any of it changes you'll find an update there as soon as we're able to gather that information from amtrak. coming up in a few minutes, we'll talk to kristen wright outside union station in d.c. she's getting an idea of how this will impact travelers in the d.c. area today and in the days to come. for now, barbara, being to you in the studio. >> keep crawling okay? >> where am i crawling to? >> this video shows the frantic moments after the crash as people try to escape. you can see just how scary it was and how passengers had to squeeze their way out. on the "today" show matt lauer spoke to one person who recalled the chaos once the train jerked. >> all of a sudden i felt myself fly up in the train, it back
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down move forward, move back move forward, move back. there was just a loud loud crash. >> many people posting their terrifying experiences on social media. we have a gallery of photos from the scene right now on our nbc washington app officials stressed how important it is for people who were on the train to call. track if they have not checked in. they have a hotline set up. 1-800-523-9101. there were approximately 238 passengers and amtrak is trying to account for every single person who was on that train. if you're looking for a loved one, you can also call that amtrak number. breaking news out of annapolis right now, barbara. we just got this e-mail from the u.s. naval academy. it reads "the naval academy is deeply saddened to report that a mid-shipman was named one of the passengers who lost their life in that amtrak derailment.
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it goes on to say the mid-shipman was on leave headed to their home of record when the accident occurred. at this point out of aren't to the mid-shipman's family they say they are going to withhold his or her name for about 24 hours after next of kin notification. it goes on to say the academy is supporting other mid-shipmen, family and friends. they'll offer grief counselling to students as well as faculty and staff, very unfortunate news one that hits very close to home. the mid-shipman is one of six who were killed in that train derailment. back to you. >> thank you, angie. you can expect frequent updates on the train derailment throughout this newscast. also keep an eye on your nbc washington app for any breaking developments throughout the day. now to team team meteorologist amelia segal. >> barbara it's noticeably cooler outside. about to 20-degrees cooler than
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this time yesterday. feeling more like late march early april with temperatures in the 50s and 60s across the area. 64 in washington. here's the high temperature today in your neighborhood. 71 in d.c. 69 in laurel 68 in germantown and 70 in fairfax. more clouds north of the district a little more sunshine to the south and you can see the trend with the latest satellite image. plenty of clouds over parts of loudon montgomery frederick and fairfax counties. i'll have your evening clanner coming up. just how chilly you can anticipate it to be tonight. >> thanks amelia. hundreds will gather in the district to remember police officers killed in the line of duty. a candlelight vigil will be held at 8:00 p.m. at the national law enforcement officer's memorial in northwest washington. it's one of dozens of events marking national police week in the district. the police unity tour bike ride hit the district yesterday. earlier this week, the names of two local officers were added to
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the washington area law enforcement memorial. we're keeping an eye on several other developing stories including a shooting in prince george's county that led one person dead and four others injured and more from philadelphia and our breaking news, the deadly train derailment. as we go to break, hear what it was like on the train as it derailed? >> we saw it go like, that you could feel it off the tracks then we just rolled and roll
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social media played a big role keeping you informed after that deadly train derailment in philadelphia. our friends at the "washington post" say just minutes after the train derailed those on board took to social media to tell family and friends they were okay. former pennsylvania congressman patrick murphy an anchor on msnbc's "taking the hill" took to twitter and said "i'm okay." he tweeted out photos of the
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first responders at the scene along with a photo showing someone who was hurt. and an "nbc nightly news" producer also tweeted, she wrote "amtrak train derailed loud crash, smoke filled the train." but the tweet that seemed to draw the most attention came from this violinist from the washington national opera, violinist jennifer kim wrote "thanks a lot for derailing my train, can i please get my violin back from the second car of the train?" this tweet didn't go down well. a lot of people criticized kim for the frivolous comment at a time when people were seriously hurt. we can't show you those tweets as her account is no longer public.
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new this morning, five males have been shot in prince george's county.
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one is dead several others have graze wounds. police say they don't have a suspect, they didn't share details about a possible motive. also new, firefighters rescue two children from a fire in prince george's county. the fire broke out around 3:00 at a home on north englewood drive in landover. crews rushed a three-year-old and a six-year-old along with two others to the hospital. all suffered the smoke inhalation they are expected to be okay. a massachusetts police chief is changing the way the city of gloucester deals with drug addicts and he thinks the new approach could work everywhere. >> so if we're going to do something, we should be attacking it from the demand end. it's the right thing to do. a more compassionate thing to do. it's bipartisan it's not liberal or conservative. it's a unilateral approach to saving lives. >> chief leonard cap nell low posted this on facebook saying
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people can come into the station with drugs or drug equipment and it won't be charged. it also says those people will get help right away from a local clinic. we talked to psychiatrist joshua weiner about the chief's efforts. the police chief mentions the problem of opiate addiction. are overdoses common with addicts? >> yes, this is a huge problem for people with opiate addiction. what's happening is many people addicted to pain pills are turning to heroin because it's a cheaper option. but any openioids affect your ability to breathe and more people are dying from overdoses than car accidents so this is a huge epidemic in this country. >> do you agree with the chief's new approach? >> i do. i think anybody that can be done to save lives and help people get necessary treatment is a good idea. this is a huge problem, we need to take it seriously and
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implement new changes to get these people the help they need. >> we'll talk more about that shortly and we'll (gong) blend
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>> one guy couldn't move at all. the other guy was bleeding from everywhere i just told him to calm down. >> everything was dark and you can hear crying and creaming and of course blood. >> msnbc anchor and former pennsylvania congressman patrick murphy was on the train in
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philadelphia when it careened off the tracks last night. he talked with matt lauer on the "today" show this morning. murphy said he tried to help everybody he saw who was hurt. he also thanked the first responders who he said showed up within minutes of that crash happening here in philadelphia. live just a few hundred yards away from the rear of the train derailment where there are still cars on the tracks and equipment has been brought in to move the cars. it's quieted down a bit but if you look off to the side you can see police officers controlling traffic. you also see large dump trucks that have been going in and out of this location. presumably there are some bulldozers on the tracks that may be putting debris into the dump trucks. en this they're trying to haul those things away to get the tracks clear as quickly as possible because as you might assume this derailment issing are a ripple effect up and down the mid-atlantic coast from washington, d.c. up to new york
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city and it's impacting travelers who have places to go. we want to check in with kristen wright with the latest on the impact there. kristen? >> reporter: aaron, amtrak trains are running from union station to philadelphia but all service is cancelled from philly to new york city and that is what is causing so many problems for people that have someplace they need to be. carolyn wright as to get from washington's union station to new york city somehow. her son is performing at the apollo tonight. the fretting mother is waiting in the amtrak line to find out how she's going to make it. >> i'm supposed to be going to newark straight to newark but they put everybody on last stop washington, d.c. >> reporter: scott williams is on holiday from new zealand trying to get to new york. he couldn't get amtrak on the phone this morning and now he too, is at the mercy of the
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ticket counter. >> i thought they would have had buses going if they can't accommodate everyone. >> reporter: near the end of the line is jane scarfo she simply wants to get home. her long trip from orlando just got much longer. >> i mean it's a terrible accident. but to leave us stranded it's -- they made us get off now we're stranded to fend for ourselves. >> reporter: carolyn wright let me listen to her son's soulful sound. she has to get to new york somehow. several people who spent a lot of time on the phone like the man from new zealand there, they couldn't get through. i was on the phone this morning on hold for literally over an hour and a half live at union station, kristen wright news 4. >> just into the live desk, a statement from the president. president obama saying that they are shocked and deeply saddened by the news of the train derailment. he goes on to say that he along with his wife michelle are
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sending their thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. he calls it a tragedy that touches us all. the statement reading in part "philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love a city of neighborhoods and neighbors and that spirit of loving kindness was reaffirmed last night as hundreds of first responders and passengers lent a hand to their fellow human beings in need." that's the latest from the live desk. barbara, back to you. we want to show you where this train derailed in philadelphia. amtrak train 188 left our area and reached philadelphia's 30th street station shortly after 9:00 last night. that's philly's equivalent of our union station. the train was only a few minutes away from that location on its way to new york when it reaches this curve as you can see in this map. you can see this is a very sharp bend and it bends this way so the track can go alongside 95. the speed limit here on this curve is about 50 miles per hour. right here is where the train flew off the tracks landing east
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of this curve rather than north on 95 the way it's supposed to go. investigators carefully combing this season. >> it's the why all this happened that will be the focus of the teams that are on the ground here now trying to figure out exactly what caused the train to derail. that fs a big point stressed at a news conference a short time ago by each of the speechers who spoke there, including the mayor of philadelphia who has taken the lead in discussing what happened here last night. here's what mayor michael nutter had to say at that news conference. >> this is the amtrak family we very saddened by what's occurred and will do everything in our power to work with the mayor's office, the ntsb and all authorities to do everything possible dealing with this tragedy. >> that was actually the chairman of amtrak talking about the amtrak family and the fact that they'll try to help all the folks impacted by this derailment. he said amtrak is setting up a family resource center here in
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philadelphia. probably in center city at some point over the next few hours, certainly by tomorrow we would hope that would be in place because we expect as folks try to figure out who was hurt and killed they will come here to philadelphia looking for some answers. at this point we want to go back to the studio and storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal has a look at the forecast. >> thanks aaron, it's chilly and breezy temperature at 64, winds out of the northwest at almost 20 miles an hour. definitely has a crisp feel in the air today with variably cloudy skies across the area. so here's what you can expect. a mix of clouds and sun with more clouds north of the district. temperatures only warm into the upper 60s and low 70s. 4:00 p.m. we're around our high temperature of 70 71. when you factor in the winds it still feels cool. taking the dog out for a walk bring the jacket. winds die down toward 8:00 p.m.
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coming up i'll have a look at the next seven days barbara. >> thanks, amelia. we're learning about a new initiative to attract more female sailors and marines into the u.s. navy. secretary ray mavis wants to double the amount of paid maternity leave to help attract and retain women. that would bring paid leave time for uniformed women in the navy and marines up to 12 beexweeks. he hopes the changes will help to keep talented women. he's also calling if longer child care hours. after the break, a touching story about what a
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more than 600,000 people cast ballots on line, in the end, only 7,000 votes separated tubman from eleanor roosevelt. >> that was nbc's halle jackson reporting. she says a letter was sent to
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the president to help the cause and supporters of the change are using the hashtag #dear hashtag #dearmrpresident. this is the team manager for herndon high school's baseball team. he has cerebral palsy and never played until last night. that's when coach greg miller made noah his starting pitcher. the hornets lost to oakton but not before he got two strikes in bringing the entire crowd to its feet. from the vatican, what's being said about palestine aft
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two big stories out of of the vatican today. we learned vatican officials will now recognize the state of palestine in a new treaty signed today. the news comes as a major security test is under way at the vatican. the pope called for a special
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jubilee year this december. it only happens once every 25 years or so. police are expecting big crowds for that. amelia? >> it's chilly temperatures in the 50s and 60s, big temperature drop yesterday thanks to a cold front. 63 in annapolis and only 56 in martinsburg where there's plenty of cloudiness there. overall today, it stays breezy highs only in the upper 60s and low 70s with a mix of clouds and sunshine. tomorrow it will be more comfortable, we lose the winds, we have more sun, highs once again in the low 70s, so comfortably cool very spring like. on friday clouds increase a high of 73. for the weekend, saturday and sunday, the chance of storms during the afternoon and evening, mainly well west of washington barbara. >> thank you, amelia. breaking news. more from those who survived that deadly derailment in philadelphia. >> people were just saying things like "move away move away from the tracks move away from the wires."
11:29 am
i mean i think in that moment we didn't know if could another train come down here? >> many are also asking why this morning. investigators are on the scene, an update coming up a
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right now flags are flying at half mast across the state of pennsylvania in honor of those killed in the train derailment here in philadelphia last night.
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we know at this point six people have been confirmed dead from that train derailment here. as it flew off the tracks it left twisted and torn up rail cars scattered across a chunk of land here in philadelphia. not everyone who may have been on board that train has been accounted for at this point. some 243 people on board the train. amtrak says if you are worried about someone you know, a loved one, you can call an emergency hot line 800-523-9101. we put that number online as well in the nbc washington app. investigators with the ntsb working to find out exactly what caused this crash. we also know the black box, the event recorder has been recovered from the train, it's now at amtrak headquarters. the ntsb will take that information and make it part of the investigation. adam tuss has been with us all morning long looking at the
11:33 am
investigation. he joins us live with the latest. adam? >> reporter: that's right, aaron, we're here a short distance away from where you are. look across the train tracks here. the accident happened just on the other side of those train tracks where that leaning pole is and the power poles that's where all of this happened. let's show you what the ntsb is doing on the scene. they got here a short time ago, they are arriving in numbers and they will start to comb through all of the information they can get their hands on here in the scene. as you mentioned, they have the data recorders, they analyze those in their facility in delaware. we know that the operator of the train was hurt but is expected to make a statement to philadelphia police about what happened during the crash. that will offer a lot of clues about what was going on. and this is another big piece of the puzzle here. there is a forward-looking front
11:34 am
recorder on board that train that the ntsb will be able to get, take a look at analyze, that will give them plenty of information. aaron, as you mentioned this is still a recover effort. board member robert sumwalt with the ntsb described the scene earlier. >> devastating scene. there are many first responders out there that are working. they are carefully examining the equipment to see if there's anyone else in the rail cars. the search-and-recovery effort will actually take precedence over our accident investigation and we expect to be able to get in there very soon. >> now, again, a lot of heavy equipment still showing up on the scene here. there's a lot of work to do. everybody wants answers, the ntsb says they hope to give us some solid concrete factual answers in the next day or two.
11:35 am
aaron, back to you. >> all right, adam tuss live in philadelphia. adam thank you. this incident, this train derailment could have a big impact an important impact on our area. we know this train left from union station in d.c. last night a little after 7:00. the mayor of philadelphia with d.c. mayor muriel bowser about what happened here because he says he believe there is could have been a good number of people from our area on that train. >> mayor muriel bouzwser in washington, d.c. who i talked to last night, the potential of washington, d.c. residents being on that train is certainly possible. >> mayor nutter also said he talked to bill de blasio about the question. mayor bowser tweeted she's praying for everyone on the train, passengers crew and the first responders. we should mention, of course, that the first responders many of them still here on the ground at this derailment site doing the work as adam mentioned of
11:36 am
trying to recover anyone else who may have died on the site here then the process of cleaning up this site and trying to get this rail back open so amtrak can resume service here in this area. we should also mention we have learned a naval academy midshipman died on the train. that coming from the naval academy today and they are working with that midshipman's family to make sure that they have everything they need as they go through this process of grieving. we are continuing to follow this all day long on nbc 4 and you can look for updates throughout the day. right now we want to update you on the forecast. >> it's breezy outside, spring has returned. here's a look at current wind gusts, near 20 miles an hour adding that additional chill to the air. look what you can expect tomorrow morning. low temperatures in the suburbs will be in the low to mid-40s. washington hits a low of 52
11:37 am
degrees tomorrow morning. definitely a jacket morning, you might want to have pants for the kids rather than shorts as they get ready for the school bus. so the spring-like weather remains with us through friday. isolated storm chances over the weekend and humidity returns over the weekend as we return to 80s for highs. >> all right, amelia. right now prosecutors are presenting their closing arguments in the boston marathon bombing trial. lawyers representing dzhokhar tsarnaev are hoping for mercy and life in prisonment while prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. the defense is arguing tsarnaev should spend his life in prison and spared the death penalty. the jury is expected to begin its deliberation this is afternoon. the same jury also found tsarnaev guilty on 30 counts against him. three people died and more than 260 were hurt. that the break, a recall involving exploding air bags is expa
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here's some of the stories grabbing your attention on social media this morning. live wires fell on a car after it crashed on a utility pole. a 19-year-old man had to be rescued from the car. that happened in silver spring. the driver's side of the car was crushed, trapping the man inside. he is expected to be okayment. you're following a story on yahoo! about toyota nissan. 6.5 million cars being recalled because of exploding air bags. toyota recalling vehicles between 2003 and 2007. and nissan between 2004 to 2008. the takata air bags could rupture and fire early. and entertainment weekly with some talk about the canton film festival that runs through may 23. we're learning there are 10 films that are a must-see if you're joining the stars of
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we're following a developing story in nepal right now. crews are searching through the rubble looking for survivors in the latest aftershock. the death toll rose to 76 people 2700 others are hurt. a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck yesterday between kathmandu and mount everest. that's in the foothills of the himalayas. thousands of people spent the night outside in tents following the aftershock. the quick triggered landslides that blocked roads to remote villages. also right now there's still no sign of a missing u.s. helicopter carrying six marines and two soldiers from nepal. teams have been searching for more than 12 hours now. the helicopter vanished yesterday while delivering disaster supplies northeast of
11:42 am
kathmandu. there had been reports of brief radio chatter about a fuel problem, then radio silence, the crew sent no distress call or emergency beacon. the american crew is based in california. earlier in the newscast, we told you about a massachusetts police chief in washington today changing the way his city deals with drug addicts. chief leonard campanello posted this on facebook recently and said people can come into the station with drugs or drug equipment and won't be charged. it also says those people will get help right away from a local clinic. in the "post," the chief also talks about a drug helping addicts these days. we talk to psychiatrist joshua weiner about that drug. tell us about the nasal narcan the police mentions. >> basically, narcan is a medication that's been around for a while. it can be used as an injectable or nasal spray. this medicine immediately causes
11:43 am
somebody who's having an opiate overdose to withdraw from their overdose. if somebody is not breathing and they get a nasal spray of narcan they're immediately going to go into opiate withdrawal which is going to be incredibly uncomfortable for that person but they will live. so instead of no longer breathing, they'll start breathing. >> even though it can help do they need something else as well? >> one thing that's important to mention about narcan is that its effects aren't that long. so if somebody has taken a lot of opiates and they've overdose and you give them narcan and you wait an hour they can slip back into an overdose. so you need to watch these people after they're given narcan get them to the hospital. but you don't want to think narcan is the treatment for opiate addiction. these are people who need to seek help. there's an incredible medication out there that's a medicine that's very helpful for people with opiate addiction. >> good information for those who might need it. thank you so much dr.
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take a look at the front page of the philadelphia in"philadelphia inquirer" inquirer". the crash says "five die as train derails." that number has been brought to six. the derail system impacting travelers throughout the northeast. news 4's kristen wright is following that part of the story. kristen, i guess a lot of delays out t huh? >> well people are frustrated and we talked to several amtrak
11:47 am
passengers who tell us they feel sympathetic, like it's a very tragic situation but at the same time they need to get where they're going and they're feeling lost. so frustration. long lines this morning at the amtrak ticket counter at union station. most people are trying to get to new york or newark new jersey they can get to philadelphia but there is no amtrak service between philly and new york right now. all of those trains canceled. we talked to people considering riding the train to philly and taking a bus to new york but those buses are filling up fast as you can imagine. so some though, are even having trouble getting to philly. again, those amtrak train ss to philadelphia are running but on a modified schedule. >> this morning maybe about 9:00
11:48 am
they said they were going to make provisions for us to get back to philadelphia so we got off the train and they said we had to get luggage and they said luggage might taken a hour for us to get. so then someone told me to come around here to exchange my ticket so i don't know how we're going to get back to philadelphia now. >> hopefully you have already downloaded the nbc washington app. we will have any amtrak schedule change there is. live at union station, kristen wright, news 4. >> this just from n from capitol hill, a chairman from the house transportation committee that oversees the railroads. congressman bill schuster says in part "we are saddened by the tragic accident last night. while we don't yet know many details, we need to know how this happened and ensure the safety of the system and the millions of americans who rely on the northeast corridor." congressman schuster also said prayers go out to the victims and their families and friends.
11:49 am
i'm getting word that vice president joe biden has made a statement. we're going to bring that to you in a minute. barbara. >> thank you, angie. we've spent the morning combing through data about your safety on amtrak and the likelihood of a train crash. according to the federal railroad association, track issues are to blame for most amtrak accidents. they've had 751 train crashes over the last ten years but only until last night five deaths. that does not include yesterday's crash numbers. as for the derailments, there have been a total of 289. we compared amtrak crashes and derailments to other railroads. amtrak crashes account for 3% of accidents in the united states over the last three years. and we're learning there was another devastating crash over 70 years ago in that exact same spot as the recent crash in philadelphia. labor of 943 the congressional limited left from d.c. headed to new york. it careened off the tracks with
11:50 am
541 passengers on board, including many service members who were on leave. equipment overheated causing that crash. 79 people died. as we learn more about this derailment we'll make sure you are updated on line and on the air. keep an eye on your nbc washington app for developments throughout the day. now to amelia segal. >> spring has returned. partly sunny, breezy and cool today with the high of 71. tomorrow the winds not an issue. low 70s with plenty of clouds around on friday. now for the weekend, the humidity builds and temperatures warm. low 80s on saturday mid-80s on sunday and both days scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms, not looking like washouts but the threat is there, especially if you're west of the d.c. metro area. the chance of rain on monday and a lingering shower tuesday.
11:51 am
today is the biggest d.c. sports day in recent memory. the caps play the rangers in new york. the puck drops at 7:30. you want to make sure your remote is working because the wizards are also playing. they take on the hawks in atlanta in a pivotal game for them. the playoff series is tied at 2-2 right. now if you can't watch the games, have the nbc washington app turned on. we'll send you a push alert with the final scores as soon as those games
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facebook is launching a new feature called "instant articles." it's partnering with several publishers including nbc news, the "new york times" and buzzfeed to let them post articles directly to facebook's mobile app instead of having to connect via a link. publishers can embed ads in the articles and keep the revenue or let facebook sell ads separately. and ordering a pizza may soon be
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as easy as sending a tweet. next week dominos will let customers use twitter to place online orders. some frequent customers will be able to order by tweet ago pizza emoji to domino's twitter account. it's a no-brainer for dominos which already gets half of its sales from online orders. that's your cnbc business report. i'm landon doughty. and we'll learning who will headline the annual memorial day concert on the mall. laurence fishburne and the next winner of "american idol" will join the lineup. catherine jenkins and tenor russell watson will perform, actors gary sinise and joe montegna will host the concert for the 10th year. after the bleak
11:54 am
i'm angie goff at the live
11:55 am
desk with this just in. a statement from vice president joe biden on the train derailment. it says "jill and i are saddened to learn about this tragedy." he goes on to praise all of the first responders. the statement reads in part "the victims could have been any one of our parents, children or someone from our communities. amtrak is like a second family to me as it is for so many other passengers." vice president biden is from delaware and his entire career he has used amtrak to go back and forth between washington and wilmington. he also goes on to say that he is praying for everyone who is grieving over the tragedy. barbara? >> we invite you to stay with us and the nbc washington app at news 4 as we learn more about the amtrak train that redalederailed in philadelphia. investigators say they're working to learn what caused the crash. the ntsb is examining the train's event recorder, that's like a black box. this crash killed six people it hurt 200 others. not everyone has been accounted
11:56 am
for yet. we're also waiting to learn the ims' names. amelia is following the weather. are you telling us we'll be colder tomorrow morning than we were this morning? >> barbara, it's going to be down right cold maybe even patchy frost in the most rural areas tomorrow morning. right now temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 66 in washington, highs today in the upper 60s and low 70s. it's breezy the entire day with a mix of clouds and sun. your school day forecast for tomorrow at the bus stop chilly, a jacket is a must. temperatures in the low 40s in the suburbs inside of the beltway by the water, low 50s, recess though it's nice at that point with plenty of sunshine and no windy conditions. dismissal beautiful tomorrow barbara, high in the low 70s. that's news 4 midday. we have news today at 4:00 5:00 6:00 and tonight at
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