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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 14, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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are still missing today. griffith was an acting dean at medgar evers college in new york city. we don't know why he was on the train. he founded a prep school in new york city. that school is closed today as staff members remember him. we're working to learn more about why and how this happened. news4's adam tuss is live in philadelphia following the investigation and he'll join us in a moment. but first the forecast with meteorologist tom kierein. >> well, the gusty winds we had yesterday are settling down. there's the flag near union station, live picture there this morning. now the winds are down around 10 to 15 miles per hour. and the temperatures are down as well. frederick down to 43. and it's in the mid 40s from hagerstown through martinsburg and much of shenandoah valley much of 40 degrees. prince george's county and fairfax in the mid to upper 40s. by 8:00 this morning we'll have bright sunshine. just a few high clouds.
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still a chill in the air in the low 50s. then jumping to near 60 by 10:00 this morning. and then by noontime, should be getting into the low to mid 60s with a lighter wind and we'll have bright sunshine through much of the afternoon. so have the sunglasses handy. your drive time forecast coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s. breaking news with melissa. >> breaking news right now. again we're talking a then crash, 95 southbound here at dale city. first 4 traffic tracker just drove by this for us. you can see a very big response here in the main lane, shut down here. main lanes are closed. a one-mile backup right now. you're only getting by here in that access road to the right side of the roadway. so this is going to be closed here for some time. if we can take a look now at a live camera for you, this is a live camera on this situation. 95 southbound at dale city main lanes are okay. 66 into town just fine. 95 otherwise is fine.
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northbound is fine. the slowdown is should be. wide look at things, no major problems when you look at the beltway. 95 in maryland at powder mill road. not having any issues. westbound new york avenue between fenwick and kendall still all lanes blocked there. back in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. here's what we know right now about the investigation into that deadly derailment if philadelphia. the train was traveling at more than 100 miles an hour when it hit the curve and shot off the track. the speed limit is just 50 miles an hour at that turn. the ntsb says a safety system could have prevented the crash. families helped identify five of the seven people who died. we could learn about the other victims today. the investigation is looking closely at information recorded on the train's black box data recorder. we know the train was going too fast around that curve, but is that the sole cause of the train to fly off the track? we turn now to adam tuss live in philadelphia for what's next in this investigation. a lot of questions, adam.
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>> reporter: eun, there's still so many questions that are unanswered here. first and foremost, we know the name of the train engineer who was in that control of the train. 32-year-old bostian of new york. they were bringing in new rail to put on the tracks there. that tells you a good deal about what was happening and the state of the rails in there right now. but investigators really need to talk to that engineer and get a clearer picture of the what was doing on. his attorney said in a statement that bostian quote has no recollection of the incident when he was coming close to that turn at a high rate of speed, more than double the speed that he was supposed to be approaching that turn. we should say there's a clear definition between engineer and conductor. the engineer is in complete control of the operations and the movement of the train. so we need to know more from him. now the ntsb says in the next
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few days they'll be interviewing the crew. they'll be doing a detailed analysis of recorders and data. conducting a site distance test talking to other people. i want to mention that search dogs have been here from the p.a. task force. that tells you a little bit more about this still being a recovery effort and we should not lose sight of the fact that there are still a number of who are unaccounted for after this crash. eun, back to you. >> adam tuss live in philadelphia for us thank you. and adam just said it there are a number of people still unaccounted for. very emotional father from maryland says he's angry at amtrak because it is give him answers about his son. bob gilder sleeve, sr., worried that his son died on that train. >> he was in the first car. it's turned inside out. they found his phone, his phone. but they can't find him or his
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belongings. >> the junior gildersleeve builded the train in baltimore where he lives with his wife and two children. the family wants a sense of closure. >> seven families are now making funeral arrangements and i hope i'm not number eight. i pray to god i'm not number eight. >> the 45-year-old is the vice president of corporate accounts for ecolab. he'll be truly missed. yeah, i miss him like a brother. >> family and friends are mourn mourning the loss of their loved ones. we know the names of five in the deadly derailment in philadelphia. abid gilani spent several years with marriott in bethesda. we heard from his wife for the first time last night. >> he was just a dear person. he was a very kind person. he was just really a big -- it
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was a big tragedy. >> we learned gilani was in our area for a funeral earlier this week. he has two children. naval midshipman justin zemser was on the way home to work to see his mother. he had a 4.0 gpa. he was an only child. he was 20 years old. 48-year-old jim gaines worked for the associated press. he also lived in new york and had a son and daughter. gaines worked at the a.p. for 17 years. his wife said he was quote, more precious to us than we can adequately express. and just last night, rachel jacobs' family confirmed she died as well. she had a 2-year-old at home in new york. jacobs was in philly for a new job as ceo of a company that develops tools for teachers. 5:06 now. amtrak says it will have limited service again today. amtrak is running fewer trains between washington and philadelphia. all trains between philadelphia and new york have been cancelled. if you have a train ticket out of d.c. you're encouraged to
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check with amtrak before you leave the station. our coverage of the deadly derailment of an amtrak train headed from d.c. continues including just how many people are still in the hospital. freudian slip? what jeb bush said that's raising a lot of eyebrows. and looking live where a lot of people might be saying brr it is just 55 degrees outside of
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the fairfax county search and rescue team will be staying in nepal longer than first planned. the team was preparing to return home until monday's strong aftershock caused new trouble. both the teams from the u.s. fairfax and los angeles rescued a woman trapped in a collapsed building. the rescue took four hours. so far, 91 people have died from this most recent earthquake. i'm running for president in 2016 and the focus going to be about how we -- if i run, how do you create high sustained economic growth. >> did you hear that? former florida governor jeb bush seems to have gotten a little ahead of himself there. bush has not formally announced he's running for the republican nomination in 2016 but he all but said to reporters yesterday and then tried to correct
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himself saying unofficial, has huge benefits. campaign finance rules will not kick in for bush until he actually declares officially. it's now 5:11. time for your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> let's get to meteorologist amelia segal live on the national mall with storm team 4 x 4. >> good morning, aaron and eun. here in front of the capitol, it is chilly. temperature is 54ing thes degrees, a bit of a breeze. clear skies, one of the reasons why it's so chilly. you can see the beautiful moon. just a sliver in the sky, in the eastern sky right now. your commuter forecast for today, looking good. biggest concern for the commuter will be sunglasses. plenty of sunshine throughout the entire day today. but again if you're walking to work, definitely feeling the chill in the air for the morning drive. temperatures around 54 degrees. of course, dry roads. coming home a temperature around 71 degrees. not as breezy as it was yesterday, so really nice day overall.
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tom's back in ten minutes looking ahead to the weekend timing out the storm chances. but for now, over to melissa with breaking news. >> breaking news, amelia. once again we're talking about 95 southbound here in virginia at dale city. all of our main lanes are blocked, and we have a two-mile backup on the access road as police are trying to get folks around this crash. we just got off the phone with police actually. they're saying this is a three-car crash. it will be some time before it's completely out of the way. right now, we have the first 4 traffic tracker again flipped around, going southbound on 95 here in virginia. sitting in the two-mile backup to kind of show us how things are looking as she drives by. so we'll have more on that this morning for you. 66 here as you're headed into town, you're fine. nice and green. out of town, same thing. listen to our friends from wtop when you hop in your car. taking a look at 95 southbound, as we pass dale city and northbound, nice and open. remember this in northeast
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westbound new york air fenwick and kendall has the lanes blocked. we continue to follow the latest out of philadelphia this morning. and that deadly derailment of an amtrak train. >> the crash continues to raise a lot of questions including why seat belts are not federally mandated. we'll go digging for more answers at 5:15. here's a live look at the scene as investigators continue to
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your time is 5:16. now to that deadly train crash under investigation in philadelphia. overnight investigators identified a fifth person who died on the train. derrick griffith is among seven victims. the chairman of the house transportation committee is heading to the crash site today. the train was going over 100 miles per hour in the area where the speed limit was just 50. 23 of the more than 200 people hurt in the crash are still in the hospital this morning. eight remain in critical condition. one doctor at temple university
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hospital says nearly all of the patients admitted there had rib fractures which tells him those passengers got thrown around during this derailment. doctors say they only saw one case of serious head trauma. now after the crash many started to ask why this train and so many others don't have seat belts. there are no federal mandates for seat belts. >> the train industry argues it would cost a lot of money to install the seat belts and no way to make sure that people wear them. passenger trains are designed to absorb collisions better than cars on the roads. officials say there's no evidence seat belts would make trains any safer. it's now 5:17. new this morning, it was a close call for five montgomery county firefighters. they were pulled from the house fire in the neighborhood on leekes lot way in gaiters burg. >> news4's megan mcgrath is there with all the developments. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning.
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some pretty scary moments for five firefighters who were trapped inside the house that you see behind me here when the roof partially collapsed. they sent out a mayday, but fortunately those firefighters were able to get outside. take a look at these still photos that were tweeted out by the fire department. you can see the flames traveling along the roof line and in the attic when the fire started overnight here. we are on leekes lot way and the roof partially collapsed in this. it's made of wood. so when the flames got into that void space of the attic and up to those wood shingles it really got going. pretty intense flames there for a time. good news here is that all of those firefighters, all five of them, were able to get out of the burning home. they were taken to the hospital as a precaution but we're told that they don't have any burns. they don't have any serious injuries. firefighters have left the scene, the flames are out at this point, but there's a lot of damage. estimated at $800,000.
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back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you. 5:19. the victim of a deadly shooting is speaking out. five people were shot, one died and prince george's county police are still looking for the gunman who sprayed a barrage of bullets there. one of the victims tells our bureau chief tracee wilkins he is tired of the violence in the neighborhood. >> i caught two to the arm. everybody else got hit up. and now we have a young man dead. for nothing. >> friends say the victim reginald brown iii was the comedian in his group of friends. a muslim advocacy group is asking metro to tell them why they removed a driver who wears an islamic head scarf. the council on islamic american nations said he wasn't allowed to operate a train carrying vips. and this happened before a media event on friday. the driver says she was then watched by security personnel.
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she says she cried in humiliation. transportation secretary anthony fox and virginia congresswoman barbara comstock were among the vips. they were told they will now investigate. in news4 your health now, almost 10% of children over the age of 4 in this country suffers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. we are learning that the rates of adhd are more than twice as high in boys. the report says that it's most common in nonhispanic white children over the age of 6. those living over the poverty line are more likely to be diagnosed. do you have a firm hand shake? if you do, you might live longer. reduced muscle power or grip strength may be linked with heart attacks and strokes. those behind the study say that grip strength is a stronger predictor of early death than high blood pressure. all right. so we're not getting enough sleep. are you watching this newscast with the nbc washington app on
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your phone? well, maybe you're addicted to your phone perhaps. could you give up your phone for an hour a day or a beak. if you said no, you're not alone. >> i would feel very naked. i know a lot of people would describe it as feeling naked. >> it's like a feeling of disconnectedness really. you're like -- you're like oh, my god i don't know that's going on in the world. >> apparently most of us especially those millennials are addicted to the phones. there's a name for it. it's called gnomaphobe ya. people are so attached to the phones, because it's an integral part of our daily lives. what he was saying about being connected. the last person. find out how you can combat the new addiction coming up on the "today" show. there are moments you have to put it down. dinner table. when spending time with your family. >> the station couldn't get me on the phone the other night. i said, why didn't you call me on the house phone?
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the land line. everybody has to keep a mobile. live look outside at 5:21. it will be a nice day. >> look pretty. meteorologist tom kierein. how about the forecast? >> when you hear thunder this weekend you'll want to check out the storm 4 team app and you can find out if there are any storms threatening where you are. we have a clear sky this morning and under the clear sky it's chilly. down into the 40s most of maryland and virginia. frederick down to just 41 degrees. well, it's in the mid 30s out in oakland. shenandoah valley in the mid 40s now and all across southern maryland and near the bay it is mostly around 50 degrees. in the waters mid 50s today. scanning the sky, don't have any rain anywhere in the vicinity. great travel weather today. temperatures by 8:00 in the low 50s. and bright sunshine for your lunch hour. then by late afternoon when you're headed home from work and
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work 70 degrees. not quite as chilly, increasing clouds, storm chances for the weekend saturday afternoon and sunday afternoon. maybe an isolated thundershower. otherwise, rather humid and we'll stay that way in monday. then cooler weather on tuesday and wednesday. melissa, what's going on? >> breaking news on 95 southbound. at dale city here in virginia. take a look at this. first 4 traffic tracker just drove by this problem. the main lanes are shut down. you can only get by on the access road. virginia 95 southbound at dale city. three-car crash. it could be some time before it's cleared out of the way. taking a look at other cameras, 270 at montrose road, looking good. no problems there. taking a look at the beltway 29 b.w. parkway into and out of town, everything green and moving. beltway at st. barnabas and inner and outer loop are rolling along quite nicely. this is still sticking around in the district, sounds like it could wrap up soon. westbound avenue when fenwick
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and kendall, an earlier crash this morning. 5:24. a fifth suspect now in custody with the connection of the shooting death of two mississippi police officers. benjamin deen and liquori tate were killed over the weekend. just one is accused of pulling the trigger. deen's funeral is set for later this morning. look at surveillance video, look closely, you will see a man swing a hammer at two police officers. that's when the officers chase him into the middle of the street there. one of those officers ended up shooting him. right now the suspect is in the hospital in critical but stage condition. he had hit the female officer with the hammer we understand. police believe this man is responsible for attacking four other people with the hammer earlier this week.
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5:25 now. later this morning, jurors will continue deliberations in the boston marathon bombing trial. lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev is hoping -- are hoping for mercy and life imprisonment rather than the death penalty. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. the defense argued tsarnaev should spend the rest of his life in prison. this is the same jury that found him guilty with 30 counts against him. more than 260 people were hurt in the attack. the faa wants to make sure that people know you cannot fly drones in d.c. the goal is to remind you that the district along with cities and towns within a five mile radius of reagan national are off limits to drones. violators face stiff fines and criminal penalties if you violate the restricted air space. well, we were so close. those four words from alex ovechkin after losing another heart breaking series to the new york rangers. >> close doesn't cut it though,
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right? news4's diana russini has a look at how the quest for the up can came to the end. >> reporter: good morning from madison square garden where once again the capitals season has come to the end in new york city. alex ovechkin guaranteed a win, and the new york crowd was not going to let him live that down. but ovi was the first one to score. caps up 1-0. the rangers, they tied up and we two to overtime. off the face-off, a long shot. it's saved but the rebound is put back in by the rangers. they go on to win it 2-1. they take this series four games to three. ovechkin struggling for words after the game. >> i don't think we played bad. we gave up everything and, you know, it's -- i don't know what to say about it. it's tough. >> no regrets. like i said, we left a lot out there.
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i don't think there was any one guy that wasn't committed to winning. and, you know, that's just life sometimes. you have to keep pushing forward. >> the frustration is now, but many of the players point to barry trotz and his ability to lay a foundation that they say will be successful over the next few seasons. at madison square garden, diana russini. and now the wizards must win tomorrow night to keep their season going. they lost to the hawks about 20 minutes before the caps lost. john wall played with his broken hand, it wasn't enough though. the hawks hit a game-winning shot with less than ten seconds to go. all the games are this exciting. wizards lost 82-81 and now trail three games to two. hopefully the wizards can pull it out though. more on the deadly amtrak train derailment in two minutes.
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news4 transportation reporter adam tuss is live in philadelphia and will bring us up to date straight ahead. two corrections officers find themselves on the other side of the law. what they were accused of doing during the baltimore riots. look at the temperatures around the area this morning. just 56 in manassas. 41 in frederick. that's pretty chilly. tom is
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no service between new york and philadelphia again today on amtrak. investigators are trying to figure out why a train derailed. amtrak limited service along the northeast corridor. was know now -- we know the names of five of the people killed. derrick griffith was identified overnight. >> good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. 5:31 right now. your weather and traffic on the 1s, we begin with tom. >> you need to dig into your closet and pull it a spring jacket. quite a chill in the air. you will need your sunglasses later today.
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we'll have bright sunshine throughout much of the day ahead. temperatures are down into the 40s in prince georges. leesburg at 45. reagan national now at 54. in the mid 50s right on the chesapeake bay. we'll have the chilly temperatures with us and decreasing pollen counts as well. pollen count continues to be pretty low now. but much lower since the last week. grass pollen now is in the moderate range. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:41. amelia segal joins us live with your bus stop forecast for this fresh and chilly thursday morning. now out on the roads we have had some problems. breaking news. here's melissa. >> breaking news, just got off the phone with police. talking to first 4 traffic tracker all lanes now open, virginia 95 southbound at dale city. that is great news. because earlier this morning of course they had been shut down for a couple of hours. kind of nasty there. again, first 4 traffic tracker right now headed southbound on
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95 there in virginia right through dale city. we are now completely open. so don't have to worry about that any longer. going to push this out for you as well. 66 into and out of up totown, just fine. a little slow through dale city because of the earlier crash. again, out of things no major problems. looking at 270 out of frederick hyattstown, a little slow around the bend at old hundred road. back with travel times in ten minutes. >> thank you. still a lot of unanswered questions about the train derailment in philadelphia. >> like why the train was traveling at 106 mile per hour around a curve when the speed limit there was only 50. now investigators want to speak to the engineer. >> news4 transportation reporter adam tuss has more on the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. that's still so much we don't know about what happened but let me set the scene right now. tell you what's going on right
5:34 am
here. a new shipment of rail got delivered here. they had been bringing truck loads of new rail into the site overnight. trying to repair sections of rail that had been damaged and these aren't small sections. these are big sections of rail. so that tells you a little bit about the damage that was going on there. now, what do we know about the train engineer? overnight we found out his name is brandon bostian. he's from queens, new york. 32 years old. his attorney says he has no recollection of the crash. he did hit the emergency brake right before the crash. in the next few days the ntsb wants to talk to him, find out more. they're also going to be interviewing the crew, doing a detailed analysis of recorders, data, testing the signal system. and i've also learned there are search dogs from p.a. task force which have been here on this site. remember, there are still people who are not accounted for after this crash. of course we know seven people are dead. scores of people were sent to the hospital and there are still some people who are unaccounted
5:35 am
for. so a lot of questions still here in philadelphia. we have a lot to learn. the ntsb hopes to give us another briefing today and hopefully we'll learn more about what happened. still, speed looks to be the big thing here. 106 in a section of track where you're only supposed to be going 50 or 60. back to you. >> adam tuss thank you. and this morning we are learning more about the engineer that adam talked about at the controls of amtrak train 188 when it derailed. police have asked brandon bostian to undergo a blood test and give up his cell phone. his attorney said he's agreed to both. according to the linked in page, bostian has been with amtrak since 2006 and he became an engineer in 2010. police said he did not give a statement after the crash and left the police station with a lawyer. the ntsb says it will give bostian a day or two before they interview him. meanwhile, the news4 i team
5:36 am
is looking into a system that could have slowed down the train. it's called positive train control. it senses a speeding train, it slows down in areas where the speed limit is restricted. the ntsb said it could have saved lives if it was in place where this derailment happened. >> positive train control is designed to prevent derailments due to overspeeding, so this is exactly the type of accident that it's designed to do that. >> congress mandate positive train control after a crash between a freight train and commuter train in california in 2008. it is used on part of amtrak's northeast corridor, but again, not in that section of last night's derailment. metro is taking a big hit from the federal government. the house committee approved a $50 million funding cut for metro. the news4 i-team said it could be coming back in april. a spokesperson justified the decision saying metro has a large amount of unspent money.
5:37 am
some local representatives including republican barbara comstock of virginia are against that plan saying it could have quote terrible ramifications. a man accused of murder in fairfax county will be in court today. dominguez is accused of killing 22-year-old william live ya earlier this year. his body was found in a wooded area in march. our coverage of the deadly amtrak train derailment continues. more on the situation still unfolding in philadelphia coming up on "news4 today." >> and a community on edge all because of one man. why police want parents to be ext
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narrator: rural communities across the country are coming back thanks to bipartisan support for the renewable fuel standard. expanded renewable fuel production has created over 850,000 jobs. and the american biofuels industry produces the world's cleanest fuel from agricultural waste. but the oil industry wants the epa to protect their profits and foreign oil. the epa now faces a choice: cave to the oil industry? or keep their commitment to america's rural communities. paid for by fuels america.
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if you recognize this man prince george's county police want to hear from you. take a look. police are hoping this video will help them identify a man they believe sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl. this happened yesterday morning after 7:00 a.m. in forestville. the suspect forced the girl to the ground as she left the elevator in her apartment building. that's what police say. you can look at this man on the nbc washington app. two maryland correctional officers are faces charges, accused of looting during the recent unrest in baltimore.
5:41 am
we're learning that the department of public safety and correctional services acted on a tip. there's a video that show cobb and richardson leaving a closed 7/eleven with merchandise last month. both are suspended without pay. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is live this morning with the storm team 4 x 4. a cold start to the day. >> it's definitely chilly. the temperature coming in at 54 degrees. overall though the weather today will be beautiful. now, the bus stop forecast, is going to be chilly. especially in the more rural areas. you'll want at least a light jacket. temperatures in the upper 40s. temperatures will warm back up into about the mid 50s. so of course the coolest point of the day, just as the sun is
5:42 am
coming up. i have to say it's spectacular here on the national mall. of course you can download our storm team 4 weather app to keep updated with the weather when you can't watch us in front of your tv. also, we'll be periscoping. my photographer and myself are going to jump on periscope after this. join us there. start a conversation there. but for you we'll send it over to melissa for a check on the roads. what's the latest? still issues with 95? >> we've got better with 95 in the past couple of minutes. things are clearing out 95 southbound at dale city remember was shut down for some time this morning. yellow line delays to mount vernon square, that just popped up. 95 at dale city all lanes are open. germantown to the beltway no problems there. top of the beltway looking like it's on time. on time in virginia. 66 inbound, 95 north, quantico to the beltway, remember to listen to our friends on wtop.
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overall the travel times are not so bad. looking for a new job? check out your social media as part of your job hunt. and the clock is ticking. the deadline looming for accused cheater patriots quarterback tom (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen
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golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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14 before the hour. let's get to some new information on the deadly train derailment in philadelphia. the investigation eyeing the speed of the train as a factor in the tragedy. you're looking at live pictures as some of the work corporates on site there -- continues on the site there. it was going about 106 miles an hour. seven people died. we only know five of their names at this point. the death toll is expected to rise as they search for more bodies. now we're learning more about a bizarre series of events in california. police say a woman armed with a knife stole an ambulance and then crashed it into a truck
5:47 am
killing herself and the truck driver. this happened yesterday in frazier park south of bakersfield. the ambulance was responding to a call from the woman. and we know the name of the man involved in the crash. leo brooks died in the crash. he collided with a car and then flipped on to the side. this happened yesterday afternoon between new hampshire avenue and layhill road. the driver of that car is expected to be okay. ♪ hundreds of people gathered in washington for an emotional tribute to officers who have died in the line of duty in the past year. attorney general loretta lynch was among the speakers and she and others made references to the importance of maintaining a strong bond between police and communities. members of law enforcement said that the vigil gave them comfort, and it felt good to see their every day efforts are
5:48 am
being appreciated. the recent suspects at the hands of police is changing policy. we'll look at how departments across the country changing their training to avoid deadly force. well, heads up if you ride the virginia railway express. the app will allow you to buy and validate your tickets on your smartphone. a first 4 traffic alert, a lane near watergate is back open. it had been closed since a collapse at the watergate earlier this month. one lane is still closed. the investigators are trying to figure out what caused that collapse. three levels of the parking garage pancaked on top of each other. crews have been renovating the complex there. two people were hurt in the collapse. a loan extension is giving metro a lifetime. they have negotiated an extension on one of three multimillion dollar loans. all three were due in june. earlier this month, d.c.'s chief
5:49 am
financial officer said metro was existing almost quote paycheck to paycheck. now they have one more year to repay $88 million. that cuts metro's short term debt down to $188 million. tonight the d.c. council's two newest members will be sworn into office. todd and may. they're both closely tied to muriel bowser. 5:49. she started at george mason university when she was just 13 years old. can you imagine? now at the age of 19, paige es, ler is the youngest graduate. she studied premedical biology with a passion for cancer research. she seems to have had a knack for academics. here she is at the age of 2 reading the encyclopedia. yep. that told us the whole story. paige said she used to love hearing the question how old are you?
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>> i remember some people when i first started out thought i was the professor's kid. >> well yep. paige also plays the violin, does archery and flies planes in her spare time. you know, some people make you feel like you have done nothing in your life. she hopes to earn another bachelor's degree and move on to get her medical degree and her ph.d. of course. the sky's the limit. we need people like paige so that they can run the world and cure cancer. >> and to put us in check. >> you think you're so smart. >> get things done, paige. congratulations. >> yes. we turn to our resident scientist here tom kierein is keeping an eye on the skies. >> yeah. we'll give the weather today a 4.0 too. >> nice. >> we'll get an "a." there is a banana apricot sunrise underway. smoothie. >> i need that smoothie. >> and the storm team 4 radar not picking up any rain anywhere in the region. all dry, as a large area of
5:51 am
canadian dry high pressure eh coming over us. it's in the 40s now in the shenandoah valley and around most of virginia and maryland. feeling more like ontario. reagan national now is in the mid 50s. out of the mountains most areas there are in the 40s. except way out there in oakland. 36. but the mountains will be beautiful today with highs reaching near 70 degrees. gorgeous spring day. lots of sunshine. low humidity and a much lighter wind today than we had yesterday. should be reaching near 70. just about everywhere in maryland, virginia, except near the bay. it will be cooler with temperatures off the bay waters they're in the mid 60s. in the 60s there right along the bay in maryland. high pollen count for trees although it's not as high. it continues to drop. the grass pollen is now in the moderate range and love this photo of roses that are now starting to pop out.
5:52 am
this one taken by sue cromer in arlington. post yours on facebook, instagram and twitter. tomorrow, another cool morning. mid 70s. more clouds. then it will feel like summer again over the weekend. might get an isolated storm, both afternoons. those are our chances for saturday sunday and then monday maybe a morning shower or afternoon thundershower. after that, temperatures into the 70s with lower humidity moving. in 6:01 a look at the morning chill hour by hour. now melissa is looking at an update on metro. >> update on metro here. yellow line now on time to mount vernon square. that popped up. i wanted to pass that along. no more delays there this morning. 95 northbound, through dale city, things are looking good. now we have cleared up a little there. 66 at route 123, no problems there on 66. 270 here, all of the folks
5:53 am
headed out of frederick, at germantown road no problems. headed southbound your normal volume at this point this morning and northbound looking good as well. 29, 95, b.w. parkway into and out of town, no issues. nice and green this morning. we'll take that. the beltway through kenilworth avenue, nothing atypical for this time of the morning. everything looks like it's rolling along just fine. see you at 6:01. today president obama heads to camp david for a summit with arab heads of state. some arab nations are concerned that the nuclear deal could spark an arms race in the middle east. only two of the six nations on the council sent top leaders. the white house is down playing the idea that the president was snubbed by those not attending. tom brady has until 5:00 p.m. to decide whether he'll appeal his suspension for deflategate. he was suspended without pay for the first four games next
5:54 am
season. investigators say he was probably aware that team employees let some air out of footballs used for a playoff game against the indianapolis colts. police officers from departments all around our area are training how to use alternatives to deadly force. officers said drop the weapon and you can see dozens of them using fake guns and knives at the northern virginia training academy in ashburn. as part of the training they studied the recent police-involved deaths in baltimore, ferguson and new york. >> fortunately, we experienced some things nationwide which has cast a shadow on law enforcement. i want to re-emphasize the importance of training in addressing those things. >> officers from 17 police departments in our area are represented in the class you see here. the training lasts five months. well after 75 years in the air, it looks like u.s. airways
5:55 am
will be grounded for good. american airlines plans to shut down u.s. airways as part of a merger. it will start in july with final departures around october. the routes will become american airlines flights. experts say fare should not go up, but you might still see the u.s. airways logo for a while because it will take time to repaint all those planes. if you're not a fan of social media it may be hurting your chances of finding that dream job. 52% of social media sites to check out potential employees. this is according to career builders annual social media recruitment survey. 35% of employers say they're less likely to interview candidates if they can't find them online. wow. five minutes before the top of the hour. chances are you have at least some student loans and this is something you'll want to hear. landon dowdy from cnbc has more about why they're under the microscope right now. >> hey aaron, that's right. the government's consumer watchdog is looking at the
5:56 am
student loan industry. the consumer financial protection bureau is examining whether companies that service loans processed monthly payments and perform other tasks are making more money when they do less. the student loan services typically get paid more when a borrower takes longer to repay their debt. a walmart plans to test the unlimited online shipping service this summer and could be a challenge to amazon prime. it will cost $50 a year. for now it's invitation only and offers 1 million items from shipped to you within three days. back over to you. >> thanks. if you're a woman and you ever wondered where you really stand at work, you may want to check out a conference coming to d.c. tomorrow. the day-long seminar is called know your value. and msnbc's mika berzinsky is behind it.
5:57 am
i'll determine which of three women will get a bonus live yon stage. check out the list of speakers on the website. there's a link to register there. right now crews are hard at work at the scene of the deadly train derailment. i want to show you live pictures from the scene right now. several people are still being searched for. work is going on through the night and it will continue for several more days we expect. we'll show you what we're learning about the victims as well as what the engineer who was at the controls of the train is saying so far to
5:58 am
5:59 am
we have breaking news right now on i-95. let's go straight to melissa mollet in the traffic center. >> just got off the police here, the entire inner look at braddock road is shut down because of the bus fire. you can see all the passengers off to the right side of the roadway. we're trying to get more information about this. we'll pass it along in a couple of minutes. but we have the first 4 traffic tracker and chopper 4 on the way to the scene. inner look at braddock road is shut down. toss it over to tom for the latest on the the weather. >> right now a live view from
6:00 am
the storm team 4 tower camera with a clear sky this morning. we have a bit of a breeze. our live capitol camera showing the flag flapping in a bit of a breeze, but not as strong as yesterday afternoon. overnight, temperatures have plummeted. down into the mid 40s. prince george's fairfax, right in northwest, but right downtown in the mid 50s. mid 50s around the chesapeake bay. most of the rural areas, west virginia, are in the 40s this morning. and the hour by hour morning chill will be with us here through 8:00 9:00. in the 50s to near 60 degrees by 10:00. then by noon into the mid 60s. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:11. your drive time forecast for this thursday. back to you. >> thanks, tom. we know the names of


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