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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00 searching for a motive in a quadruple murder. a family and housekeeper, victims of more than arson. >> blunt force or sharp object injuries. new evidence in the amtrak derailment. >> asked the fbi to come in.
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>> answers that could come from a hole in the windshield. >> gets it away. >> waved off. a heartbreaking finish at the verizon center tonight. the police say they're done evidence at the scene of a quadruple murder. >> firefighters found the bodies after someone intentionally set fire it a multimillion dollar home. tonight we know that the couple were killed in that home. police believe their son philip and the family housekeeper figueroa are the other victims. jackie benson has the latest on the investigation. jackie? >> reporter: police done only for today. they're still securing this scene and we can tell you that the chief, kathy la near says at least one of the victims showed signs possibly of being both beaten and stabbed. >> the house on woodland drive
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northwest is dark and under police guard. new tonight, police say they will be examining any surveillance video from the neighborhood. at least two security cameras are visible on the exterior of the multimillion dollar home itself. it's unclear whether they record and store images. neighbors who have been in the home say the couple had an extensive and valuable art collection which was put on display a couple of years ago during a christmas house tour put on by the st. al ban's school thr where their 10-year-old son was a student. it appeared the home was ransacked for valuables. >> obviously the condition after the fire department goes in to put out a fire it would be difficult to make a determination and we want to finish the evidence collection first. >> new tonight, detectives have changed their investigative timeline. it now includes the possibility that the terrible chain of events that led to the murders of the couple and their son and housekeeper may have begun
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wednesday, day before their bodies were discovered in the burning home. >> we come on monday or any other day but don't come today. >> what to make of a text twho this part-time house cleaner says she got from figueroa thursday morning telling her not to come that day. was it made under duress. >> i'm not going to comment on anything that's speculative or may be evidence in the case. i can't respond to that. >> figueroa's friend said the housekeeper had spoken much retiring soon. >> she told me i'm going to retire because i don't want to spend my rest of my life working in here. i can't believe she's gone. >> reporter: and tonight we know that the investigation has expanded into prince george's county. that's where the porsche was found burned out yesterday evening. >> thank you, jackie bensen. there is a new heed to track down in the investigation into that deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. the fbi now taking a close look
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at the windshield of the lead car on the train. chris lawrence is in the newsroom with the latest. >> the federal investigators raised the possibility that something hit the train before it ran off the tracks. they have interviewed three crew members, including the engineer. >> he said that he did not feel fatigued nor did he report any illness. >> the ntsb says brandon bos i don't know told them the last thing he remembers is ringing a bell as it passed through a commuter station. that's three miles before it derailedment he can't explain how the train accelerated past 100 miles per hour. tonight a former nbc news producer says he's level-headed responsible and very serious about his job. the producer has known him more than ten years. he said he would go home early when he had to work the next day. the ntsb is looking at damage to the windshield to see if it's possible someone threw a rock or
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something at the train and if that had anything to do with the crash. one of the conductors says she heard the engineer mention that some sort of flying object may have hit the train. but if so the cameras on the tracks didn't capture it. >> we have seen damage to the left hand lower portion of the amtrak windshield that we have asked the fbi to come in and look at for us. >> over the weekend, investigators will reassemble the train set as best they can. they'll try to reattach the brake lines and do a brake test to zero in on what went wrong here. jim? >> thanks, chris. horrified, disgraced and sorry are the words used by rabbi barry friend will to describe himself. he did that before a d.c. judge senten prison. he's an orthodox rabbi.
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he pleaded guilty to filming women during ritual baths. the judge called it an abuse of power. they said he lured women to the synagogue. 16 victims spoke in court today and say the manipulation was premeditated and calculated. >> it's good to see the justice system works. it's still not a healing. that's going to take time. >> prosecutors wanted a 17-year sentence. convicted boston marathon bomber sentenced to die by lethal injection. while many survivors of the bombing are relieved they may have to wait years to see the sentence carried out. news 4's jay gray has the report. >> in this city where more than two years later, the wounds are still deep. >> i remember when those bombs went off. >> the emotion still raw. >> i remember the vile disgusting thing this person
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did. >> he will pay for the attack with his life brings a sense of comfort for some. >> i have to watch my two sons put a leg on every day. i mean i don't know closure. i can tell you it feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. >> the seven women and five men worked through graphic images and emotional testimony. first, finding tsarnaev guilty on all counts and then deciding he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, death by lethal injection. >> this was an act of terrorism. i feel grateful and proud to show that we were able to show what happened here provide motives for what actually did happen so that the jury could render a just and fair verdict. >> the trial is over now. >> this has been a long exhausting couple of months. >> the process, though, is not. soon a new defense team will begin what's expected to be a string of appeals and an attempt to have the sentence reduced to life in prison.
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>> this is going to last a decade or more. we're going to be hearing about this case for many years to come. >> but the focus for many right now is on the latest step forward. >> right now, it feels like we can take a breath and kind of actually breathe again. >> a sigh of relief in a city still healing. >> jay gray, nbc news boston. new at 11:00 we're hearing from the parents of one of the u.s. marines killed in a helicopter crash in nepal. chris nor began is his name. he was the pilot of the chopper. he was joined by five other marines and two nepalese soldiers when an earthquake relief mission. the helicopter went down in bad weather in the mountains of nepal. crews recovered the bodies of three marines before bad weather halted the search today. his parents spoke about their son from their home in kansas. >> he's just an amazing
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individual. >> my son is my hero. he is with me now and always will be. >> there are 300 u.s. military personnel in nepal supporting the aid mission. fairfax county search andeunited with their families tomorrow after nearly three weeks in nepal. the team will touchdown at dulles airport in the afternoon. they'll head to the search and rescue headquarters in chantilly for a homecoming ceremony. here's a new billboard in woodridge, virginia. it's announcing a $21,000 reward for information about an unsolved murder. the police want help in finding three masked men involved in the killing of this woman. she was a store clerk who was shot and killed inside a grocery store back in february of last year. those men were in and out of the store in nine seconds. they didn't take anything. montgomery county police are
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investigating one man's death two days after officers shocked him with a stun gun. dejuan graham died at a hospital on tuesday. a woman told police the man punched her last sunday. officers found him on a silver spring road acting erratically. when he ignored orders to take his hands out of the pockets they used a taser at him. he was combative and may have been high on pcp. prosecutors in the freddie gray case want a gag order in the case up in baltimore of course. according to a court document the gag order is requested to stop attorneys and witnesses in the case from publicly commenting about it. the six baltimore police officers charged in the case are scheduled to be in court on may 27th. but if they are indicted before that that hearing will be canceled. everybody want to know ♪
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why i sing the blues ♪ ♪ >> nobody did it like him. b.b. king starred on the hollywood walk of fame is adorned by a wreath tonight. he died in his sleep last night at his home in las vegas. one of his band members remembered b.b. king at his nashville blues club. >> backstage, you thought he wasn't going to be able to perform. as soon as he stepped on that stage and they said b.b. king, bam, show time. nothing else mattered. >> b.b. king suffered from diabetes and dementia. the coroner says he died from a series of mini strokes. he was 89 years old. next at 11:00, a night to remember for one local high school student. the surprise in store at his senior prom. tracking more heat, more humidity making its way our way. also tracking thunderstorms. i'll show you when they arrive. new tonight, one more tribute to one of d.c.'s finest. >> rest in peace, brother.
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hundreds of people said goodbye to a fallen firefighter. lieutenant kevin mccray died just over a week ago. he collapsed while fighting a two-alarm fire in the shaw neighborhood of the city. the mayor, d.c. council members and the fire chief spoke at mccray's homecoming service. after an emotional final ride through the district mccray was taken off duty for the last time. >> will the mcrae has
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extinguished the blaze and answered his last alarm. his job complete. the officers and members of the d.c. fire and ems department are honored to salute lieutenant kevin mcrae for a job well done. rest in peace, brother. >> he's survived by his wife and three children. right now the seniors at orchard high school are at their prom and there's a big surprise in sfor special couple. shamari stone is in silver spring with details on the big reveal tonight. >> he steps out of a humvee vehicle like a rock star. >> this is his night and feels on top of the world at his prom at the fill more in silver spring. he has special needs and the special surprise tonight.
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>> he met his beautiful date jaes ka swore ez there. it wasn't easy raising a child with down syndrome which makes tonight that much more memorable. >> for me as a mother it's so beautiful, so happy for me this day. >> it's awesome. >> kelly mcdermott is his teacher. >> he's grown so much over the years. now this night with the kids here what they've done for him to make the night special is great. >> look at him. he's enjoying every second of it. >> tonight, jeffrey will receive his big surprise at 11:30. students voted him the prom king and he doesn't even know it. after the crowning we'll post a picture on our twitter and facebook page at nbc washington. in silver spring i'm shamari stone, news 4. >> oh, i'd like to be there to see that. >> that's very cool. >> good for them. >> what kind of a weekend are we looking at? >> hot and humid and
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thunderstorms coming. >> okay. >> sounds like july. that's exactly what we have today. today a little more like april. felt really nice the last couple of days. nice nights to open up the windows a little bit. not the next couple of days. take a look at temperatures today. high temperatures 78 d.c. 79 back towards lees burglary. a fantastic friday. right now, on the mild side. temperatures of 68 degrees at the airport. dew point at 56 now. the dew point is going to be rising just a bit. any time the dew point is about 60 it's unpleasant and uncomfortable. 65 the current temperature in martinsburg. a little cooler towards hunting town at 61. nothing on the radar. that will change tomorrow too. i think we have a good chance of scattered showers and storms. all because of a system moving our way. had a little system come through, showers back towards the blue ridge. that was about it. nice clearing skies. but look what's going on behind this area. back to the southwest. look at all the moisture.
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lots of cloud cover and scattered showers and thunderstorms. nothing really organized. i'm not talking about a line of storms or severe weather moving through. but we are going to see a good chance of storms. 8:00 tomorrow morning, notice this. any time i see this on the computer models. see the mountains right here. you don't see clouds to the west of the mountains. they're only to the east. most of in through northern virginia. heads up for that. low clouds and fog east of the blue ridge tomorrow. then we'll break out into sunshine. through 1:00, we're a-okay. here comes showers and april couple of storms. watch what happens by 3:00. numerous scattered showers and thunderstorms. that rumbles through the area. by 6:00 a lot of us could be getting wet out there. if you have plans tomorrow afternoon, you may want to take the umbrella just in case. once again, on the humid side for sure. same deal on sunday. here's 8:00 a.m. on sunday morning. shower activity and then even during the day, more scattered showers. we're not talking a washout. don't cancel any plans but be
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prepared for the showers and storms to come on through. sun and clouds. scattered storms. more humid. 83 to 88 degrees. we're definitely on the warmer side during the day tomorrow. the impact tomorrow i call it low but if we see the storms it might be on the moderate side. might be running for cover. heads up as you make your way out and about. next couple of the days more of the same. 85 chance of storms monday. 89 chance of a storm. heat index in the low 90s. 86 on tuesday. do we want spring back? >> maybe. >> she says maybe. there you go. 76 on wednesday. 73 on thursday. 76 during the day next week as well. looking pretty good as we get through wednesday, thursday and friday. next couple of days a chance of storms. it could affect the preakness. we'll talk about that tomorrow i'm sure. >> thank you, doug. twice in one week. the best thing you could be in d.c. a week ago was a fan.
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how much can one city take? >> we're finding out. >> oh, my goodness. diane, what a blow. come on. >> tough week. >> interesting words you use. i've been trying to think of a way to describe the way the week has gone. sort of like when you get a flat tire. two ways to do it. you get a puncture or a slow valve. i feel like for the caps and
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wiz, it's a bad valve here and a slow flat tire for both these teams. tonight, the wizards season is over. let's look at what happened. john wall and the wizards looking to keep the series alive. the wiz trailed by 15 in the fourth. within three. wall with the steal. ahead to bradley beal. he throws it down. wizards down just one. later in the quarter beal with the pull-up jumper. 29 points for him. wizards up one. under a minute to play. hawks back up two. great pass to carroll. he had 25. hawks up four. so now we got under ten seconds left. wall to paul pierce. can he do it again? yes. pierce hits the tie three at the buzzer. but wait. not so fast. this is the dagger. it would be reviewed and the
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ball not out of his hand before the clock hit zero. heartbreaker for the wizards. hawks win it 94-91. they take the series 4-2. here's paul pierce. >> i've been in a lot of situations in my time and april lot of times i've been lucky. a lot of times -- i'm always willing and ready. today i couldn't deliver the shot on time. that's the way it goes sometimes. things that make you stronger. especially in times like this. you know, got to move on from it. it's going to be tough. >> certainly tough for the fans. all right. next out in san diego, hoping to give d.c. fans something to smile about. bryce harper coming through in the first with the bases loaded. harp takes this one right, drops in for a base hit. denard span scores. 32nd rbi this season for harper. next up, 1-0. a scary sight. here's jayson werth.
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hits him on the hand. a 91 mile an hour pitch. in a lot of pain. he stayed in the game. he came out later. no word yet. right now the nats lead it 8-0. >> to baseball. oriole fans dressing up. hosting the angels. last got things started right away. the future hall of famer, albert pujols. he gets this out of here. the pitch deep to left. it's out of park. sixth home run of the season and 526th of his career. unreal. angels take a 1-0 lead. bottom 9 now. angels. up 3-1. the angels go on to beat the birds 3-1. back here at the verizon center, paul pierce in the locker room. we're talking about the big loss here and the end of the season and he started to allude to the
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fact that he may be hanging it up despite his successful career and fun time he had here in washington. for now, live at the verizon center back to you guys. >> interesting, diana. doug said a minute ago you were doing your report that might be the last shot that we see paul pierce ever take. >> jim, he said i don't know if i have any of those left in me. he's aware of that, too. he said he thought about that after it went in. >> such a letdown. so exciting to watch him make the shot. then to -- >> i can only imagine what that place must have been like. when he made it everybody of course is -- and then all of a sudden. >> jim, i was outside the bathroom with my hand on the door i saw it go in i jumped. everyone was leaving the verizon center. i was like what happened what happen
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looking to do what has been done -- get a blanket of flowers placed around his neck tomorrow. kentucky derby winner will compete in the 140th preakness stakes in baltimore. the race features smallest field since 2000. eight horses. american pharoah is the favorite. coverage begins at 4:30. remember that theme from the movie big where tom hanks and his boss play chopsticks on a giant keyboard. it was filmed at the fao schwartz manhattan store. toys-r-us which owns
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- queen latifah. sam rockwell.


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