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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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and at 6:00 right now, a search and rescue team making its way home from nepal. >> what you need to know to plan ahead on metro. good morning, everyone. it is saturday may 16th. i'm angie goff. >> we are expecting a return of summerlike weather. the heat, the humidity. chuck bell tracking it all. >> in his summer suit by the way. >> he is in his summer suit. >> so we don't like my suit now? it's before memorial day, but it's going to be warm and humid
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and feeling like summertime. i thought what the heck put the light suit on. plan on mid-80s through the weekend. plan on having a backup ready to go for later on this afternoon as there will be increasing rain chances through this afternoon and on into tomorrow. outside your weather headlines early on your weekend, the warmth and the humidity coming back today. staying all weekend. really sticking around into early next week as well. storms each and every one of those days before cooler weather returned mid-next week. storm team 4 radar, a couple of light showers in frederick county. these are moving into carroll county. and a few fading showers in the mountains of west virginia. i couldn't rule out a sprinkle in the shenandoah valley as well. mild temperatures into the mid to upper 60s right now. plan on temperatures in the 60s for the next few hours. into the mid and upper 70s. high near 86 degrees.
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increasing chances after that. more on all that and the impact on your weekend coming up. >> all right. we'll check in with you, thanks. police in prince george's county working to find the gunmen behind a deadly shooting. someone called police to audrey lane in forest heights. that's where they found the man with a gunshot wound. there's no word on a suspect or motive. today d.c. detectives will examine surveillance videos to figure out who killed a family and their housekeeper. investigators say they now have a new timeline. the other victims are believed to be their 10-year-old son and a housekeeper. the killings may have started wednesday at the home on woodlawn drive. that's a full day before an intentionally set fire alerted authorities.
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>> and come on monday or any other day. but don't come today. >> so there's still a lot more that we don't know. but are continuing to learn as we continue to investigate. >> well investigators are still asking for information about a 2008 blue porsche 911 with d.c. license plates dk 2418. now, this car was seen near the home on the morning of the fire. police found it burned thursday afternoon in maryland. investigators still trying to figure out what caused that deadly derailment in philadelphia. starting today they will reassemble that train as best they can. they plan to reattach the brake lines and do a brake test first. tom costello has more on the man at the helm of the train when it flew off those tracks. >> reporter: for the first time since tuesday's derailment ntsb investigators have heard from a man at the center of the
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investigation. brandon bostian. >> he has no reckollection of anything past that. he reported no illness or fatigue throughout the day. >> reporter: just moments before the crash, a acceptsepta train said it was hit by a projectile. >> we have seen damage to he left-hand lower portion of the amtrak windshield. that we have asked the fbi to come in and look at for us. >> reporter: the heavily used northeast corridor snakes through dense neighborhoods. for trains heading north, the track curves right. a 65 mile-per-hour speed limit. then accelerates for 80 miles per hour for a mile and a half before breaking to 50 for a
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curve. it went into the curve at 106 miles per hour. fritz elder worked the line for over 20 years. >> the equipment we have is designed to accelerate quickly. it can quickly get away from you. >> reporter: alarms go off every few seconds requiring them to hit a button indicating they're alert. >> system is telling me this -- zplr the new positive train technology could monitor and stop a speeding train, but dst not up and running yet on this stretch of track. >> we're committed to safety. we're going to have it by the end of this year. >> reporter: meanwhile an offduty employee who was injured in the track filed the first lawsuit. he claims he was violently hurled inside the car and suffered brain trauma. >> you have a case here where there's active technology that could actually have avoided this accident. >> and that was nbc's tom costello reporting. the ntsb is looking at video
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camera footage for both trains looking for a sign of a projectile. the search is over for the eight people on board a u.s. marine helicopter that crashed in nepal. six marines and two nepalese were on board. their bodies found yesterday. they were part of a relief mission following an earthquake. military officials are hoping to recover the victims from the crash today. we're now hearing from the parents of one of the u.s. marines killed in that crash. chris norjen was the pilot. his parents spoke about their son from their home in kansas. >> he was an amazing individual. >> my son is my hero and he is with me now and always will be. >> there are 300 u.s. military personnel in nepal supporting the earthquake aid mission. and today fairfax's urban
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search and rescue members will be expected to arrive at dulles airport. the team was sent to nepal three weeks ago to help following that quake. we do have a traffic alert to pass along to you right now. and we want to let you know about this weekend on metro, this alert is going to affect every train you ride on board. or you plan to board. melissa has what you need to know before heading out today. >> on metro this weekend, we do have some weekend traffic to warn you about. all six lines this weekend will be affected. on the red line trains running every 24 minutes only because of this weekend track work. yellow and green line trains running every 20 minutes. yellow only between huntington and mount vernon square. a warning here for you. orange silver blue line trains running every 18 minutes this weekend. have a good one. >> thanks. still ahead we get an inside look at what it takes to become
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a police officer. go inside a police academy in northern virginia. stroller warriors. we meet a group of women who work out and find
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the virginia health department wants to make sure you did not come in contact with a cat suffering from rabies. the cat was found wednesday near the intersection of suddenley road and shelter lane in prince william county. now, if you did come in contact with this cat, call the health district or animal control. they want to hear from you. it's the last day of national police week. the newest recruits joining the ranks. we are taken inside a northern virginia training academy to show you what it atakes to put on
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that uniform. >> reporter: this is the next generation of local law officers. here in the northern virginia criminal justice training act in ashburn. they're from 17 local law enforcement agencies including alexandria louden and manassas. they are acutely aware of the dangers of police work. >> it's always on our mind. >> reporter: stephanie frank and her recruits are learning new policing techniques. >> we have defensive tactics training and they're teaching us new ways such as every single signature we're encountered with. they're teaching us you gain distance and use verbal commands. and with those hopes, they're trying to reduce the rate of officer safety problems. >> reporter: in this exercise recruits practice disarming an attacker with a knife. using alternatives to deadly force. >> that's really the goal and that's what i see as the change in law enforcement training. especially given the scrutiny of
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law enforcement-related force incidents in the last year. >> reporter: at the front entrance of the academy, there's a memorial to the 21 officers killed in the line of duty who were trained here at the academy during its 50-year history. instructors say they don't want to see another name added ever again. >> we try our best to instill the principles of law enforcement, the sanctity of life. you know their safety the community's safety. we feel those things are important. >> reporter: chris gordon news4 today. >> a montgomery high school student with special needs gets a prom surprise. >> great story. and going for a run with your stroller. why these women are finding more than a great workout. >> having a live look outside. meteorologist chuck bell
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at 6:15 today a armed forces day which recognizes many of you and your spouses. thousands expected to take part in the sixth annual semper fi race in the district. that raises money for service members who are ill or wounded. starts at 8:30 this morning near west potomac park. if you can't take part you can sign up as a virtual runner. you may be affected by road closures during the race. check our nbc washington app for any heads up. even with the other half
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helping, parenting is tough. it is especially difficult for military spouses who often find themselves in an army of one. >> reporter: somewhere near ft. hunt out of the woods, warriors emerge. they're not looking for battle. >> it's about 60 pound difference. >> reporter: they're pushing babies. and in laurie's case new twins and a dog. >> i am no more than a supermom than any of these ladies out here. >> reporter: they are all super warriors. working together to find fitness and real friendship. >> it's very demanding. >> reporter: from current issues like isis threats on social media, the stresses can take a toll. >> to know we've all been there and done it and we'll all make
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it through. >> reporter: has it been extra stressful in recent years, would you say? >> i think having the kids keeps me busy and distracted from a lot of that so that helps. >> reporter: stroller warriors was started back in 2010 by a mom in north carolina and has since grown to 24 chapters. here this group is mostly made up of moms who run for time rather than distance. as for the course they're mostly by playgrounds. every run ends with a massive play date while moms crunch the kids let go. but also find ways to connect. >> they're playing with other kids who are in the same situation they are. they're missing their daddies as much as my kids are >> reporter: with runs scheduled to two to three times a week they're thriving. all kinds of runners. >> even if you're just getting started, if running is your goal, we'll help you get there.
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>> reporter: because here with these moms you bet there's no stroller left behind. the stroller warriors not just for the ladies. it is open to all military spouses. and oftentimes active duty members when they have the day off, they'll come join their wives and husbands and join in on the fun. on a good day, when there's good weather, chuck, they could have uptowards of 20 runners out there. >> we always recognize service members for good reason but their spouses do so much. >> they sacrifice a lot. >> someone's got to keep up the home front so to speak. >> well said. >> there's impacts of rain on your afternoon today. not a huge washout. the entire weekend is not going to be a lost cause, everybody. but do know that you should have sort of a little backup plan ready to go later on this afternoon. that includes if you're headed up to the preakness stakes in baltimore, it's a dry start for most of us. about 99% rain-free out there
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today. generally dry start to the weekend for everybody. but with daytime heating later, the chances will increase once again. kind of a hazy looking start out there early this morning out of washington. temperatures mostly in the 60s. we're 67 degrees at reagan national. dew points starting to creep up just a little bit. any time this number gets above 60 we start to feel the humidity. dew points close to 70 degrees by the time we get to the weekend. it's going to feel a lot more like summertime and spring for the next few days. 63 now in rockville. 59 in camp springs. overall impact on your day low impact today. likely to increase later on today as showers and thunderstorms are going to be scattered about the area. temperatures hour-by-hour into the mid and upper 70s well before lunchtime. we should be 80-plus before 1:00 this afternoon. high today around 85 86 degrees
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in and around town. future weather has a few clouds around this morning. generally dry weather through lunchtime today. here we are stopped at 4:00 on ouweather. there's the beginning of the rain chances courtesy of the daytime heating. 6:15 today, that's when they're running the preakness in baltimore. maybe bet on the mudders for your horse choice today. better rain chances out to the north and to the west of town. and with time by 7:00 9:00 this evening, the rain chance drifts down into parts of southern maryland and out onto the eastern shore. drying out a period overnight tonight. storm team 4 radar this morning, a couple of sprinkles along the mason-dixson line. and few showers to the west. this is the plume of warm humid air lifting out. it will be here not just for today and tomorrow but into the early parts of next week. if you're traveling today up towards dallas-ft. worth, know there's a high risk of severe weather across the plains today.
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for us really about a 50% chance for showers coming in later this afternoon. severe weather chances remain fairly low, but any of those afternoon thunderstorms when you hear thunder, that means you need to go ahead and move inside. highestain chances today northern maryland out to west virginia. everyone has a chance so keep that in mind. mid-80s through today and tomorrow. closer to 90 monday. and best rain chances will be sunday and tuesday before humidity takes leave once again next week. just keep that in mind you guys. the good news is the heat and humidity won't last forever. here for the weekend. >> first days of summer. >> yes. thanks chuck. well if you're planning a last-minute trip out of the country, you may be able to start your passport process today. the district is holding a passport acceptance day. they aim to help those applying for the first time or if you need to replace or renew another
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passport. that happens between 9:00 this morning and 2:00 this afternoon. it's going to be at the passport agency which is on 19th street in northwest. one montgomery county high school student got the surprise of his life when classmates named him prom king. this is jeffrey cruise last night in silver spring. cruise has down syndrome. that doesn't stop him from having the perfect prom experience complete with a date and a stretch limo. something his mom is grateful for. >> for me it's as a mother it's so beautiful, so happy for me. >> well once we get video of the crowning moment we are going to post it on our twitter @nbcwashington. so be sure to follow that. >> looking forward to that. >> wonderful. and it's 6:22. a lot more to come here this morning. >> this morning you can see a fun festival on the potomac. we're going to show you the
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and today you can head out to the dragon boat festival right here in the district. opening in about two hours from now. that's going to be near the georgetown water front. check out the dragon boat races and cultural crafts and exhibits which include lion dancing. festival runs today and tomorrow. grab the family because today is the fiesta asia street
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fair in the district. there are going to be five stages and more than 1,000 performers. it all begins on pennsylvania avenue northwest at 10:00 in the morning. the closest metro stops to the fair are national archives navy memorial. a reminder because of the fair the streets you see here are blocked off until 7:00 tonight. american pharoah is taking a trip closer to the triple crown today. he will be competing in the preakness stakes. they have the smallest field since 2000. just eight horses. american pharoah is the favorite to win. you can watch all the excitement right here on news4bc 4. this story is rising. the the the the herndon high school star has been the team manager for the last two years. a fixture for the hornets.
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he never missed a game or a practice. but noah who has cerebral palsy never played in a game either. that was until coach greg miller made noah his starting pitcher. yeah. well the hornets lost to oakton but not before noah there got two strikes in bringing the entire crowd to its feet. and i'm a proud hornet myself. friends there said it was just so surreal. the crowd was so touched by this moment. and noah i mean he's going to radford. just got in. he's going to be going off to college. >> he's a good pitcher too. >> i know. he was practicing a lot. >> looked great. a lot of excitement there. we're looking at 6:27 right now. >> a college in virginia going to have its final graduation as the school closes its doors. but the president is not going to be there. we'll tell you why sweet briar
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college will be without its president today. court documents telling a terrifying situation. screaming on a dorm floor screaming she'd been raped. what else the documents are e veal about the alleged attack. we are expecting a warm and humid weekend. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is going to let us know how
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at 6:30, your top stories
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this morning. police trying to find the man who shot and killed another person in prince george's county. this happened last night around midnight in forest heights. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. today fairfax county's search and rescue team will be reunited with their families. they're expected to arrive this morning at dulles airport. the team was sent to nepal three weeks ago to help the region. heads up on metro. track work happening on all six lines this weekend. orange silver and blue line running every 18 minutes. yellow and green every 20. red line trains every 24 minutes. lots of delays out there on this saturday may 16th. welcome to news4 today. i'm david culver. >> and i'm angie goff. today is saturday may 16th. we want to check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. he has more on the heat and humidity on the way. >> yesterday sure was a nice day to be outside. humidity was nice and low. there was a refreshing breeze out there. but that was a south wind
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yesterday. as a result warmer and more humid air moving back into the region. this is going to be the case for the next couple of days. good-bye spring hello summer for the next couple of afternoons. outside early this afternoon, sun's already up. it came up at five minutes before 6:00 this morning. kind of a bit of a hazy start outside this morning. not much rain on storm team 4 radar. a couple of lonesome showers out here in maryland. this one drifting out to tanney town and westminster. nothing more than a five-minute-long sprinkle out there. rain chances low as you head out the door. temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 60s. here's your exclusive skycast 4 going through the day today. expect more and more clouds to build throughout the afternoon. rain chances today around 50 prst. high near 86 degrees. we'll talking about your seven-day coming up. text messages tried to cover up an alleged dorm rape.
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that's what police at george mason university suggest in new court documents news4 uncovered. julie kerry has the explosive details. >> reporter: for most george mason students it's a time for celebrating as the school year comes to a close, but there is a troubling footnote. the investigation of a rape in a dorm on may 3rd. students were informed in an e-mail. >> we basically just talked about, like did you get the e-mail. yeah we got the e-mail. but there wasn't much to talk about. >> reporter: now news4 has learned the troubling details. george mason police write in court documents witnesses saw a woman running through the hall screaming for help. but one saw a male grabbing her pulling her back in the room. the victim broke free in another attempt. two students in a dorm lounge said she came in pleading for help saying males had violated her at a party. a security camera captures one
6:34 am
suspect fleeing from the dorm. the other was found asleep in a room there. also there, the other suspect's red scarf and the victim's shoes. >> to hear that she was running down screaming, that's really scary. >> reporter: the search warrant took dna samples from both suspects and police want their cell phones. they've already looked at the victim's cell phone. she got multiple texts from the suspect who fled after she got help. he allegedly wrote, chill, you don't have any shoes. you're going to lie and ruin my life. and i got to call the cops. all were written as they were knocking on his dorm room door. he never answered. he also sent many text messages to the other suspect. students we spoke with say in spite of the investigation, they view their campus as safe. >>tous it seems like a safe campus and never something we have to worry about. >> reporter: news4 today. >> he says he's horrified, disgraced, and sorry. words from an orthodox rabbi who secretly videotaped women.
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a judge sentenced him to six and a half years in prison. he pleaded guilty to taping 150 women during ritual baths. they called it an abuse of power. his manipulation was premeditated and calculating. the boston marathon bombing trial could be over but now the defense team could start appeals. dzhokhar tsarnaev was sentenced to death. but it may take years as they move through the appeals process. tsarnaev will be moved to a prison in indiana. prosecutors want a gag order in a case to prevent attorneys and witnesses in the case from publicly commenting about it. the city of baltimore police officers charged in this case are scheduled to be in court on may 27th. however, if they are indicted that hearing will be canceled. gray died after becoming critically hurt in their custody back in april. montgomery county police are
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investigating a man's death in custody. dajuan graham died tuesday after a woman tased him. officers found graham standing on silver spring road acting erratically. when graham ignored orders to take his hands out of his pockets, that is when officers tased him. he was also combative at the hospital. a man charged with aggravated assault after a shooting involving george zimmerman. zimmerman is the man acquitted of the murder and death of trayvon martin. police say matthew aper ton fired a shot into zimmerman's suv. you can see the bullet hole in the passenger side window. today, virginia's sweet briar college will hold its final graduation but the college president will not be there. president james jones says there have been threats of interruptions to the ceremony. he did send a letter of
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congratulations to the class of 2015. the women's college is closing its doors because of severe money troubles. you can let city leaders know your thoughts on the potomac yard station coming to alexandria. it will be built between the reagan national and braddock road stops. construction is expected to begin next year and be finished by 2018. there's a public hearing at city hall. that starts at 9:30 this morning. you may be affected by some signal outages in the district today. signals will be out between k street and connecticut avenue northwest. that starts around 7:00 this morning through 7:00 tonight. the outages will affect both directions. the cross streets will also be impacted. 6:37 on this saturday morning. >> yeah. we're moving right along. guess what. you may need to pay more when you take the mark train next month. >> here's an unlikely matchup.
6:38 am
romney and holyfield. why they are rumbling in a salt lake city ring. >> wow. upper cut. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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back at 6:40. if you live in maryland you're soon to be paying more for your train rides. transportation officials say they'll be hiking m.a.r.c. fares by june. the exact amount still not clear. they'll determine that in the coming days. this will be the first change to m.a.r.c. fares in more than a decade. in decision 2016 today 11 of the republican party's white house hopefuls will be at one dinner.
6:41 am
they'll gather in des moines iowa for the iowa gop's annual lincoln day fund raising dinner. people wonder what jeb bush will say during his speech tonight. he was hammered trying to clarify his position on the iraq war. angie just tweeted about this. a charity boxing match raised a edd around $1 million and some eyebrows. romney stepped into the ring -- that's him right there with his back to us. this is last night with heavyweight evander holyfield. it lasted two bouts with romney scoring the first knockdown. but it was holyfield who took the win and all in the name of charity. money raised at the fight went to charity vision. >> i could watch that video all day. and people are posting -- of course this is just lighting up social media. they're posting pictures of
6:42 am
romney knocking out holyfield saying this is what happened. >> you think that can't be real. but it was. >> float like a butterfly. new field opening up in tyson's corner. we'll check them out. >> plus we'll show you the safest part of the train in case disaster strikes. >> let's open the door and take a look outside. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck be
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starting next month, you'll have to check out on the side. entry fees are going up across the board. for vehicles a three day pass will double from $5 to $10. annual passes will go up to $30. and pedestrian passes will jump up from $3. 80% of these go towards improving facilities and facilities for visitors. >> "today" show coming up next nbc 4. let's see what they're working on. >> let's check in with erica hill and thomas roberts. happy saturday to you. >> happy saturday to you. we have our spring flowers on. >> we do. >> springtime in the house. >> just ahead this morning, we're covering the surprising new twist into the deadly amtrak derailment and whether the train could have been targeted. we'll have the latest for you coming up in ae live report. >> also ahead, a kentucky family fighting to get their ten
6:46 am
children back. taken away because they decided to live in a shack with no running water. then it's a warning for anyone who flies. one father's anger at what happened when an airline sat his 4-year-old daughter 11 rows away from him. >> and admit it. you've probably dreams of getting that product so popular you'd never have to work again. coming up people who got their inventions on late night into commercials and sailed into retirement early. >> that would be wonderful. we're going to work on that before we see you here at 7:00. >> you just need one idea. >> that's right. >> that's all it takes. >> we'll go in on it with you guys. >> like the glasses you can wear at night and you can see the road. >> you're way ahead of this. >> you already have this planned out. >> that's right. you won't see me next week. i'll be in the bahamas. all right. thanks guys. turning now to --
6:47 am
>> all right. we want to move onto another story that we've been following. in the wake of that deadly train derailment in philadelphia there is a question many people are asking. what are the odds you would survive if something like this happened to a train you were actually on. >> nbc's stephanie gosk reports it may all depend on where you're sitting. >> reporter: the aerial over train 188 tells the deadly story. that's the first car ripped apart. the second car didn't fair much better. at least two of the passengers killed were in those two cars. where people choose to sit on a train can determine whether or not they walk away from a crash. >> i've always told my wife to sit in the middle of the train. >> reporter: larry mann is the author of the federal railroad safety act. >> i've been involved in railroad accidents since 1970. i've analyzed numerous accidents. the middle of the train is by far the safest. >> reporter: there is no definitive study, but there are recent examples that suggest the
6:48 am
first and last cars can be the deadliest. whether the accident is an ontrack collision or a derailment. in 2008 a california commuter train barrelled into a freight car. 25 kills, 22 of them in the first car. in 2013 a commuter train derailed killing four people. all were sitting in the first three cars. if you can find a seat in the middle car preferably on an aisle away from windows, it doesn't necessarily eliminate all the risk. in a derailment every single car can topple over. in the uk a broken rail crash killed four people. all of them were in the seventh of nine cars on the train. trains still remain one of the safest ways to travel. in the u.s. in 2013 only six train passengers lost their lives. compare that to the 28,000 deaths on the road. the seat behind the wheel still far more deadly than any seat on
6:49 am
a train. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. so let's talk weather because -- >> that's what i'm here for. this is perfect. >> everyone's talking about the rain coming later. but this is going to -- it's not any reason to cancel your outdoor plans. >> no. not just yet. but you will have to have -- if you're having an outdoor wedding today, it's always a good idea. whenever people call me should i rent a tent for the wedding? absolutely. when in doubt, always have a backup plan ready to go. that's what we're facingll as summer levels starting to come back into the picture. we all know what that means around here. chances for afternoon showers and thunderstorms bubbling up. not looking for a big threat for severe weather today. that's the upside. the old saying goes when you hear thunder roar, that's your sign to go indoors because you don't want to be outside during an electrical storm. a hazy start out there this morning. temperatures in the middle 60s
6:50 am
around town. 67 now at reagan national. dew points are creeping up just a bit. as a result we aren't near as cool as this morning. temperatures running 5 to 15 degrees warmer out the door now than when we went out the door yesterday this morning. mostly if the 60s. 65 now in annapolis. 61 in gaithersburg. 61 now in inwood west virginia. what to expect mild mornings and warm bordering on humid afternoons the next couple of days. and higher rain chances than we've seen in quite a while. may is off to a warm and dry start. the afternoon and evening rain chances are actually good news from a lawn and garden perspective. plan on temperatures this afternoon climbing into the mid-80s. but storms we'll need to watch out for later on this afternoon. here's the way future weather handles it. few sprinkles out there this morning. on the whole, it's a dry start
6:51 am
to the weekend. we'll stay dry this afternoon. that's when showers and embedded thunderstorms are going to start to bubble up. that's going to continue on into the early evening hours tonight. but 8:30 9:00 tonight, rain chances focusing on parts of southern maryland. a slight chance to dry out overnight tonight. thunderstorms are -- it's a good chance for thunderstorms today. but not a big threat for severe weather. almost no chance of any high end severe weather at all. gusty wind and brief periods of heavy rain. that's including the preakness. temperatures outside this morning with the 60s and best rain chances up across parts of pennsylvania new york and new jersey. those are going offshore. but on the backside of it a very warm and humid flow coming out of the carolinas and georgia now nap is going to be a very mild pattern for us. and rain chances around here everyone has a chance for getting rain today. highest rain chances will be in northern maryland out towards the shenandoah valley. so just sort of know you'll need the rain chance umbrella for later on this afternoon.
6:52 am
temperatures all the way through the weekend will be in the mid-80s. upper 80s perhaps our second 90-degree day of the year shows up on monday. better weather, lower humidity. back on wednesday. >> thanks chuck. the wizards and their playoff run we need snacks in here. do you have any? pretzels, granola bars energy bars, trail mix... nuts? cashews, pistachios, pecans, walnuts, almonds... cost a lot? peanuts. [laughs] maybe not your best. no... make on-budget happen. make break-time happen. staples. make more happen.
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good morning from the verizon center where you can still feel the hurt.
6:55 am
the wizards despite a late fourth quarter effort their post season playoff hopes are now dead and their season is over. paul pierce trying to be the hero again. under ten seconds left wiz down three. john wall took on pierce kpp he do it again. yes. pierce hits the tier at the buzzer. but wait everyone. this one reviewed and the ball not out of his hands before he ball hits zero. heart break for the wizards. >> it's depressing and sad. it's about every sentiment of sad you could think of. you know especially when we set such high hopes for ourselves. trying to come back and have an opportunity to win. that was a great shot by paul. just a few tenths of a second. that's not what lost us the game. >> i'm disappointed obviously, like you are at any time at the end of the year.
6:56 am
but love their heart. fight that they gave me. >> it's a game of inches split seconds. just so many things come into play. you know we lost to a very good team. couldn't be more proud of the guys and the experience i was able to have this year with a lot of these guys. i told these guys i'd go to war with them any time. >> so now the wizards join the capitals and their season is over. at the verizon center diana resini, news4 sports. the fbi has programs in place promoting diversity in outreach to asian-americans. believes diversity is needed now more than ever. >> the environment we currently work in demands that. so we're working all types of
6:57 am
violations in order to really mitigate those threats, you have to have a diverse workforce. coming up at 10:00 a.m. we take you behind the scenes of the fbi to see how they are improving diversity. catch that on our "asian american and pacific islander heritage month special" right here on nbc 4. >> looking forward to seeing that. that does it for news4 today. we'll be back in 25 minutes.
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good morning. train targeted? a major new twist as the fbi investigates the possibility that the windshield of the amtrak train was hit just moments before the accident. we're live with the latest. clintons cashed in. presidential candidate hillary clinton under fire from republicans this morning after revealing she and her husband are receiving $30 million in the last few months from speeches. a young girl dragged by a bus when the backpack gets caught in the door. the terrifying scene caught on camera. we'll


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