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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> brian: silfverberg has put in so much effort in the defensive side of the game. i assume he'll get credit for this one. yeah. and it does go off -- i think he was trying to pull it back into the middle here to his teammate. and there's corey crawford, his reaction. silfverberg, terrific two-way player. we pointed that out before this game started. he has shown that he's got some offensive talent as well. i think they were just reviewing the goal to make sure it was a legal goal. it did go off of duncan keith. i'm sure they verified that. >> kenny: critical part of the game for silfverberg. despres and getzlaf the assists after that goal at 18:42 for the ducks. and now crawford back in goal.
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the ducks have iced the puck. >> joe: it's been an interesting game. the guys in the studio i think nailed it when they said you know just when chicago would look like they were in complete control of the game, then anaheim would score. anaheim's got their game going later on then chicago finally scored a goal and then got it going. it's been very interesting to watch. >> kenny: silfverberg now with 13 points 2 today. he's tied for second in the league with kane johnson and getzlaf. acquired him last season in a deal for bobby ryan. an outstanding playoff for silfverberg. he assisted on the first ducks goal today and scores the fourth into an empty net.
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so the blackhawks' streak of three straight game one victories in the conference final will come to an end. the fans chanting "corey" to the direction of the blackhawks goaltender corey crawford down to the final 20 seconds. the ducks will go to 9-1 in the stanley cup playoffs. fans are on their feet here in anaheim. the ducks take game one of the western conference final. >> kenny: 32 saves for frederik
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andersen. three ducks with 2 points apiece -- lindholm, thompson and silfverberg. tomorrow the stanley cup playoffs continue. game two of the east final. rangers and lightning. coverage begins tomorrow 7:00 eastern on nbcsn. coming up next at nbc, except on the west coast, it's your local news. then starting at 7:00 eastern, "dateline" followed by an all new episode of "e.d." and "american odyssey." for the chicago area coverage continues with "blackhawks postgame live" on comcast sportsnet. for joe micheletti and brian engblom, kenny albert saying so long. thanks for watching the stanley cup playoffs, presented by geico.
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we begin tonight with breaking news in reston. one person is dead after a home invasion that just happened this afternoon. police say a small group of people forced their way into a home on stone view square. shots were fired. one suspect was killed and another was wounded. and right now, two men are still on the loose. the home owner was not hurt. news4's darcy spencer is working to get more information and she is going to have a live report coming up. we are watching breaking news out of waco texas, as well. nine people are dead after a shootout between rival biker gangs. the fight started inside a bar
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then spilled out into the parking lot. that's when the shootout started. police say the bikers brought out guns chains knives bats and clubs during the melee. multiple people were hurt in the brawl as well. none of the patrons were inside restaurant were hurt. right now, one man is in jail facing first-degree murder charges after investigators say he killed a couple on mother's day. news4's derrick ward is live in montgomery county at the victims' home in rockville. i can't imagine the people there are feeling somewhat relieved? >> reporter: indeed they are. it was -- plunged in neighborhood into a sense of fear and not knowing when richard and julianna valardo were found dead in this home here in rockville. montgomery county detectives probably traversed areas they didn't expect billion is much the investigation took them some 4,000 miles, all the way to alaska to bring them full circle right back to the same neighborhood. you see, just on the other side of those these is the home of a
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neighbor a man who confessed to killing them. yes, he was their neighbor. top montgomery county officials joined in announce the big break in this case came as detectives revisited crimes that occurred on the same street with the victims and the suspect lived. >> one of those leads of associated with an earlier break-in that had occurred on ridge drive, the street where the valardos lived, one month earlier. >> reporter: the suspect tried pawn some of the stolen goods from that burglary that occurred in a different home. the other lead stems from a burglary at the valardo home some 17 years ago when a teenaged suspect was house sitting for the victims. he was not a suspect in that case but he had information that helped us identify him. >> reporter: he was arrested in alaska saturday while there on a cruise. police think the couple were killed just after midnight on mother's day. the family left for their cruise left for the airport, to travel across-country very early
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morning hours on mother's day. >> reporter: police say searches revealed evidence linking the suspect to the murders, including bloodstained money in his wallet. >> to think that you know someone just down the road to do something who have horrific. >> reporter: they moved into the neighborhood days before the murder and they joined long-time residents. >> a lot of sleepingworrying. not much sleeping. >> reporter: the family hasn't spoken publicly since this arrest but released a statement which they had read at the press conference in essence, thanked montgomery officials, state's attorney police for solving this case or bringing this to the point of an arrest in the course of a week and they, like other people here in this community, were very very upset by this and didn't know what to think. they said they knew the what the when and the where, they just didn't know the who and now they know the who, may never understand the. why the suspect could be back in town as soon as wednesday, providing he does not fight
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extradition. he faces two first-degree murder charges, both of those carry life sentences along with some burglary and armed robbery charges as well the connection with what happened here one week ago. live in rockville, derrick ward news4. >> their own neighbor. thanks derek. police haven't made arrest in the case of a family murdered at home in northwest d.c. but now a better idea of who they are looking for. on thursday someone killed the husband and wife along with their 10-year-old son and a housekeeper. late last night, police released some surveillance video of a man running through a parking lot. it looks as if he stole the couple's blue porsche 911. firefighters put out a fir at the family's home near the naval observatory and that's when they discovered the four people had been killed. the beltway is back open but a lot of drivers got caught up in this mess in alexandria. traffic came to a standstill this morning when a utility people caught fire in van dorn street. our news partner, wtop tweeted to you the a picture of the smoky scene. some of the electrical lines
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were in danger of sfulg police had to shut down the beltway in both directions as crews secured them. about 2,000 people in that area lost power. right now, you are looking live at our national harbor cam. thunderstorms are in the forecast for tomorrow. amelia says well some of them could be quite strong. amelia? >> chris, my biggest concerns with tracking storms tomorrow mainly after into and evening is heavy rain that driving rain that could impact that evening commute. also can't rule out some small hail maybe some high winds within the thunderstorms we see develop, a tornado would be unlikely. again, the main focus tomorrow would be heavy rain and small hail. coming up i'm going to let you know when this weather pattern breaks when do we lose the heat and humidity and return to spring? >> thanks amelia. we are also following two breaking news stories tonight. two people on the run after a deadly home invasion in reston. a suspect was killed but the homeowner was not hurt. and a biker with aer in
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waco texas, leaves nine people dead. two rival gangs engaged in a shootout at a restaurant. also tonight, the new comment buys maryland governor larry hoag than threaten to derail plans for the
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i have been in office just over 120 days. and i'm just excited every day about what's before us.
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>> fox news sunday selected d.c. mayor muriel bowser as its power player of the week. she talked about how the district is improving but complained that congressional interference can make running the city that much harder. and this week some of maryland's political leaders will make a final plea to get the governor to green light the purple line. according to the "washington post", governor larry hogan says he cannot accept the current $2 billion price tag. the purple line is 16 miles of light rail that would run between new carroll ton and bethesda. supporters say it will boost the state's economy and make commuting easier for residents who didn't live near the a metro stop. county executives from montgomery and prince georges will sit down with the governor on thursday. next at 6:00 heat humidity they are both continuing into the continue gink of the work work. wee got possible showers and storms as well find out when you my may need the umbrella. apple ceo delivers the commencement at george washington universit
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we want to resits reston where a home invasion turned deadly. darcy spencer just got to the scene where there is a massive manhunt for those involved. what are you hearing? >> reporter: we are live here on stone view square at a condominium complex. look behind me neighbors are out here trying to get information, trying to fig your
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out exactly happened out here about 4:00 this afternoon. lucy caldwell is here from fairfax county police to give us the latest. as we understand, one person is dead in connection with this and you are looking for at least one additional person. what is the latest here? >> it is very early in the investigation, but at this point, we believe one person died here today, one person may have been struck or somehow injured. we have recovered weapons at the scene which we believe are the weapons in question. at this point, still investigating if there is anyone else out there, our detectives are talking to many many people connected to this and we don't believe right now that it's random. we belive at least one of the people in the home knew the people who were coming to the home. >> and we are showing some video right now, the shooting happened in the -- and the invasion happened at the far end building. we can see investigators here on the scene, looks like they are looking at some cars that are outside the building. still very early in the investigation and looking it he vehicles that may have been involved as well as other
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evidence on the scene. >> initially saying five people are involved bun dead one shot and wounded, one caught and two at large is that still what we are looking at here? >> it is still a little bit murky at this point. some people have been talking with police that may have been involved or may have some connection. so, it's a little bit murkier. but right now, we do not feel there is any urgent public safety threat. >> okay. lucy caldwell thank you very much for joining us. as you can see it is still a very active investigation. police are still here looking possibly for one additional suspect in connection with this. and again, one suspect has been shot and killed. we will bring you the latest as we get it. chris, back to you. >> thanks darcy. the big revelation there, they don't think this was random. moving back here to the district today, 6,000 students graduated from george washington university. they held a commencement ceremony on the national mall and about 19,000 friends and family members came to batch them receive their diplomas. apple ceo tim cook delivered the commencement speech. >> you have to find your north
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star. and that means choices. some are easy. some are hard. and some will make you question everything. >> dr. anthony fauci also spoke to the class of 2015. he is one of the nation's foremost experts on inif he can, diseases and he and cook received honorary degrees. i'm storm team4 meteorologist amelia siegel. weather headlines for tomorrow tracking scattered afternoon and evening, showers and thunderstorms, the potential for some strong to severe storms later in the day tomorrow the chance of some showers and storms on tuesday, spring returns on wednesday, next weekend, memorial day weekend, right now, saturday and sunday looking nice and dry. tomorrow morning, dealing with fog, that could slow that morning commute and then storms could slow the evening commute. exercise go out early. heading out and about you want to have a rain plan for the afternoon and evening hours if you were planning on having
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dinner outside tomorrow. s here the latest on storm team4 radar. most of us are dry, but i am tracking some heavier rain east of franklin stanton, seeing some of that showery activity now. this will fall apart but if it holds together it will make it into the d.c. metro area between 9 and 11 p.m. tonight, just showers. right now in the low to middle 80s if is hot and humid once again tomorrow. 70 degrees at 7 a.m. 87 is our high. and as we get into the afternoon hours, especially between about 3 and 7 p.m. tracking scattered showers, storms and downpours. for tuesday, a high temperature of 84 degrees, the chance of some showers and storms. i think if we are going to see severe weather it would more likely be monday versus tuesday. on wednesday, totally different story, 76 for a high it's breezy partly to mostly sunny skies, plenty of clouds around on thursday low 70s, next weekend, memorial day weekend, mid to upper 70s for highs, chris. >> thanks a lot, amelia. still ahead on news nour at
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6:00 the nats brought their bats and intensity to the
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there aren't many teams in the major leagues that can throw a one-two punch like scherzer and strasberger. >> this entire rotation good for the nation ast. here is the thing, even strasberg, they have been struggling a little bit to start this season for the nation ast. nats fans, they have not seep stephen strasburg go through a slump quite like this at any point in his big league career seven starts coming into today and stras has an e.r.a. over 6 with just two wins. not to mention, he is coming off his worst performance ever eight runs allowed his last time out. -to-however in front of his hometown crowd, strasberg turned back the hands of time. pick this game up the bottom of the second padres up a run, strasberg pitching with a man on and he gets corey spannedenburg to go down swinging to end the inning. he went five today. padres up two, top of the fifth, men amount corners for danny espinoza he breaks the nation as' scoring drought with this
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shot right here, a three-run blast. max sher zmer loving it. nats take a 3-2 lead. right now, they lead this game 7-3 in the sickth inning. tanney rourke on the mound in place of strasberg. head to baltimore, championship stare down, adam jones and wwe heavyweight champion seth rollins. mike write, making his major league debut against the angels eighth inning facing david freeze he goes down swinging, six strikeouts, 7 1/3 shutout innings for wright gets the o's standing ovation from him there. the birds making sure this young man gets the w. adam jones at the plate here with man on and this one goes off the wall. manny machado comes home to score. the throw, not in time. that's two-run double for adam jones. orioles give mike write his first major league victory, they win this game by a final score
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of 3-0. lacrosse ncaa quarter finals maryland taking on north carolina tarheels forgot to show up today, second quarter, turns up 8-2, connor kelly, the laser, three goals in the game for him, maryland go on to win this one, 14-7. they head to their second straight final four appear perhaps. take on john hopkins in the final four. looking forward to that. thanks jason. all right. wither gonna stay on top of the breaking news in rest.for tonight, going to update you tonight on news4 at 11:00. nightly news is up next. have a great night.
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pierzynski. on this sunday night, tornado outbreak. dozens of twisters from texas to minnesota as violent weather leaves homes underwater and people scrambling to be rescued. four bodies found after a suspicious fire at an upscale waington, d.c. home. tonight the search for a person of interest. good news for frequent flyers. why it just got a whole lot easier to use those mileage points. call to serve. a veteran who is giving deployed troops a little piece of home one care package at a time. and high note. a singer who hasn't missed a beat even though she can no longer hear the music.


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