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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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very sweet lady. >> savvas savopoulos amy savopoulos their son phillip, and their housekeeper, ver verer alicia figure wore ra. the house was set on fire along with the car was set on fire. new investigation about the amtrak train that derailed in philadelphia last week. ntsb said no one shot the train before it crashed. investigators say a projectile may have struck the plane but not a gunshot. in first 4 traffic this morning, one of the westbound lanes of the arlington memorial bridge is temporarily closed right now. engineers from the federal highway administration found an
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area of corrosion. the curbside closure will probably last through the morning. update for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> tom teern is in the -- kierein is in the storm team center. >> the storms are crossing the bay and heading over toward the eastern shower. we have a few sprinkles between winchester and hagerstown. just a few scattered sprinkles and just a few clouds over the metro area. most roads are wet and there is some standing water, especially on some of the ramps and getting some flooding right now this area in green, along the river right there on the anne arun dell line.
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temperatures it is very humid, we're in the low 70s and is that standing water causing some delays? road closures? >> we have road closures. two spots right now that we're keeping an eye on first of all an all new westbound 108 at olney mill road. and massachusetts avenue at mccomb street. our audio engineer came by this morning and let us know about that. 66 east of compton road eastbound, westbound, done have any problems now. taking a look at 95 northbound southbound actually looking quite good. don't have any issues there right now. beltway at ken i willworth working quite necessarily. we've been talking about the
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arlington bridge. >> reporter: it's going to slow people down for sure. no word yet on when they are going to reopen the lane. it depends upon what the inspection that's going to happen later on today turns up. you can see the electronic sign there telling everybody to get to the left. that's because we've got a right lane closed there on the bridge. the westbound curb lane is closed until further notice. it was a routine inspection that found an area of corrosion that caused concern out of an abundance of caution they decided to close that westbound curb lane and they are going to be coming back today to do some additional inspections, want to make sure everything is okay before they reopen if they decide that further work is going need to be done then this closure is going to stick with us for a while. this is a very busy bridge. keep in mind that this lane is closed and we could see some
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real slowdowns during both of the rush hours. back to you all in the studio. >> right now, pictures are coming into us of a deadly natural disaster. devastation in colombia today. flash floods triggered an avalanche of mud and debris. 58 people are dead in western colombia. the after math right here disastrous trees, mud, everywhere you look. it's one of south america'ssaster proen. the u.s. coast guard is working to find out how a 10-year-old girl drown in a pool while aboard a cruise ship. you are looking at the picture. she drowned when the ship was
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off the coast of myrtle beach. today, the man who used a bike rack to jump the white house fence is due in d.c. superior court. the man said he didn't want to hurt anyone or end the residents. it was his 54th birthday and he said there was a reason he took a greyhound bus all the way from california to jump the white house fence. with months left before the incredibly popular pope visits d.c. the vatican embassy is undergoing new security measures. the secret service recommended a new perimeter fence. he arrives in late september and celebrate mass outside the basilica. attorney general loretta lynch heads to cincinnati today.
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she is highlighting programs the justice department says make collaboration a key part of keeping the public safe. yesterday, the president said he will ban the federal government from giving local police military style gear. fairfax county neighbors are raising new concerns over some of their interactions with county police officers. members of the public are invited to speak to the commission that is exploring ways to build trust between police and the community. one speaker said her 11-year-old son called police earlier this year because she wouldn't let him use the internet. when the officers arrived, things took a terrifying concern. >> i was thrown on my bed. physically dragged me down the stairs. >> fairfax county police have been cite sized in some high profile cases including the gear
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shooting. he was unarmed when he was shot-to-death in 2013. the mother who saw her daughter's accused attacker and took him down. police still need your help finding a suspect. three people trapped inside a burning car. one person got them to safety. the stunning rescue captured on camera. >>
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take a look at this car engulfed in flames after an accident. three people manage to get out alive thanks to an army captain. this is in north carolina. an army captain jumped into action when he saw it happening. you saw him there in the video pulling one person out of the car. he says he was just doing what he was called to do. this morning, everyone's favorite shark is back in virginia. mary lee pinged off the coast. take a look at all the places she's been in the past few months. she was tagged in cape cod in 2012. she's traveled up and down the
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coast. >> she's moved into summer road. >> that's awfully close to home though. >> to us. >> it's okay. >> i'm just saying. >> 4:41 weather and traffic on the 1s. >> seeing the rain moving away quickly. the heavy downpours, heavy thunder and lightning we had overnight, heading over to the eastern shore. to the west still getting some sprinkles along winchester and there's some area of very light rain pulling out of frederick county moving into carroll county and far north of the metro area. bus stop, mild might have a sprinkle between 7 and 8:00. between 8 and 9:00 temperatures in the low 70s by then. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at our memorial day weekend forecast.
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>> the roads are drying out. we're on the inner loop of the beltway here kind of headed up toward leesburg pike and we're going to see some problems flooding and road closures around time. massachusetts and olney mill road. we'll have these updates throughout the morning as we learn about more roads that must be might be shut down down. wide look at things no major problems. what would you do if you saw the man accused of sexually assaulting your 12-year-old daughter the local woman who took matters into her own hands. the man who says he hacked
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welcome back at 4:45. police in prince george's county now have a better description of a man they believe sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl. this attack happened wednesday morning at an apartment building in forestville. the mother of the girl knock the man down but he got away. the girl's mother says he was african-american with several tattoos, including one on his neck that says blessed and a star on both shoulders. if you know who he is police want to hear from you. this morning, 170 bikers are charged in a shoot-out that killed nine people and hurt 18 others in texas. a judge set their bail at $1 million each. it started in an argument in a bathroom. it started over an argument over a parking space. police in waco on high alert as
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they are getting threats from biker groups following the shoot-out. there is a scam alert in frederick county maryland. the caller will tell you that a relative has been in an accident in the area and needs money. in one case the scammer was so specific he claimed the accident was on crestwood boulevard. hang up when you receive a call like this. lawmakers want to know how they are addressing the threats to protect critical infrastructure. a recent study of financial institutions found that nearly half of them cite cyber threats as their top concern. 14 before the hour. news for your health this morning, you and your friends apparently are doing something right. d.c. is now considered the most physically fit city in the country. >> reporter: i'm standing in as you are the most fittest city in
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the nation washington, d.c. tops the list according to the american college of sports medicine. this is actually the eighth annual installment of the american fitness index of 50 largest cities. overall, it found people are exercising less and eating less fruit, diabetes death rate is also up. the report is meant to change behavior and get all of us to become healthier. among the things in the report are looked at were smoking rates, obesity rates, and diabetes rates. at the bottom of the list oklahoma city memphis and indianapolis and we should know that washington, d.c. this is the second year in a row that d.c. has made the top of the list. they passed minneapolis in 2013. reporting live in washington edward lawrence. back to you. the world health organization wants to be more prepared for public health emergency. it says it failed to respond
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quickly to the ebola epidemic last year. it will set up a $100,million contingency fund to help it respond more quickly. from the fbi to retired pilots a lot of people are talking about a man's claim that he hacked into an airplane's computer system and took control of the engines. the maker of the planes boeing says the two systems are totally separated. the alleged hacking occurred on an airlines flight. >> it is definitely possible to manipulate the electronics through the inflight system and satellite system to get to the a vee onics of an airplane. >> any cockpit linked to the
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outside world does have a chance of being hacked and the security threat should be taken seriously. ex-elon and pepco are getting to work on a merger. the list including giving $100 credit to customers. some of you may get some money back after a supreme court ruling the justices found that one of the tax laws have the effect of double taxing income. it could mean more scrutiny for other maryland laws. a d.c. council member is working to make the city quieter at night. at large member vin vent orange
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proposed a measure to punish bars bars. she could face a suspended liquor license or a $1,000 fine. decision 2016 there is another sign from former maryland governor martin o'malley that he could throw his hat into the ring. dozens of workers from his pac are moving into an old historic railroad building. he will announce his intentions at the end of this month. the owner of the haguerstown suns baseball team has two more months to come up with a deal to work it to fredericksburg. quinn and the county have been discussing the plan to bring the team to bred rick'sburg for year now. the sides had to finalize an
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agreement by the end of this month. a lot of people interested. 4:51 a lot of people interested in this forecast too. we've got a lot of little showers yesterday in the evening and afternoon and want to know what today looks like. >> that thunder came up me up half the night. it was loud and there was lightning. and we had an inch of rain that caused some flooding. right now, this area is flooding the flash flood warning is in effect there until 6:30 this morning. the storms are exiting along the eastern shore. it's still raining along the atlantic beaches. a few sprinkles here in winchester and west of hagerstown this is moving off to the east. we might get an additional sprinkle coming into the metro area. it is still mild and muggy, we're in the 60s. raegan national is 72.
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dress accordingly. summer-like day today. have an umbrella this morning and likely this afternoon you may need an umbrella as we'll be heading back home with passing showers and thundershowers. that's there a 30% chance. highs soaring into the low 80s by noon and ought to hit mid and up are 80s by mid afternoon. it's going to be less human by late this afternoon and overnight tonight. out and about, check out the storm team 4 radar with our app. big change comes in 24 hours from now. what a change. it will be down in the 50s. comfortably dry. highs in the 70s each day all the way into the memorial day weekend. absolutely gorgeous. cool in the mornings in the 50s. memorial day itself climbing into the low 80s in the metro area and ought to hit maybe even mid 80s at the beaches with comfortable humidity a partly
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sunny sky and next time i join you here in about tentes, at 5:01 a look at the hour by hour storm timing later this afternoon. what's happening on the roads? i have some road work hanging around. this one popped up a couple of minutes ago, i'm wondering if perhaps this might be flooding-related. this is new hampshire avenue at metzerott road. we have a lane blocked. 395 north between duke street and seminary two lanes blocked until 5:00 a.m. taking a look at 66 into and out of town right now. 95 in virginia lorton road here. not having any problems here. prince george's county nice and green. rolling along nicely. more on those flooding spots and a look at 270 coming up in a few minutes. we're just learning about plans for a world war i
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memorial. how you can get involved in the designing. sexual assaults ♪ ♪ ♪
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. welcome back today. a female lieutenant will testify at the pentagon about sexual
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assault in the military. lieutenant teresa james is the highest ranking officer to provide testimony on her rape. >> i'm going to provide testimony that the impact that retaliation has had on me and ask the panel to look at national guard reform in the future. >> the i team put together a complete report on rape in the national guard. you can read that on our website. human rights watch military personnel who report are 12 times to see retaliation than see their attacker convicted. california based oc raw dog is recalling its turkey and produce raw frozen canine formulation. the sell by date on that product is october 8th. the frozen product is distributed in four states.
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the closest to us is pennsylvania. it covers colorado, minnesota, and missouri. a new law that goes into effect that allows food trucks to park on most virginia state roads. right now, an old law does not allow some trucks to park on some roads. >> in virginia on v dot roads you were not allowed to have these food trucks. i couldn't understand why. >> you still have to get the necessary permits, pass health inspections. as far as traffic is concerned, as long as they don't block the roads during morning and evening rush everything should be okay. we learn more information about the project to make your commute on i-66 less stressle. we'll provide updates on the construction project.
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that project is intended to ease commutes along a 25-mile stretch of 66 between haymarket and the beltway. you may be affected by some road closures in and around annapolis. the blue angels will be conducting practice runs. always an amazing sight. stay with us. news 4:00 starts at 5:00 a.m. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist and now at 5:00 a.m. it was a murder mystery until a former police officer came forward why he's being credited for solving a rockville's couples murder. if you take the arlington memorial bridge team coverage of the closure that could put a kink in your commute and a live look at storm team 4 radar and where the rain is moving across our area.
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some people are even waking up to a flash flood warning. tom. >> yes. the radar is showing that the lingering heavy downpours we had overnight are now in the eastern shore but they left in their wake some standing water. watch out for that. getting a few lingering sprinkles here and there. metro area, the roads are beginning to dry out. and the morning commute may be complicated by some flooding right along the little putucson river, watch out for the high water there when you are approaching any streams or creeks. now here's the hour by hour timing. by noontime you might get a light shower in our eastern suburbs. after that b


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