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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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he rain is moving across our area. some people are even waking up to a flash flood warning. tom. >> yes. the radar is showing that the lingering heavy downpours we had overnight are now in the eastern shore but they left in their wake some standing water. watch out for that. getting a few lingering sprinkles here and there. metro area, the roads are beginning to dry out. and the morning commute may be complicated by some flooding right along the little putucson river, watch out for the high water there when you are approaching any streams or creeks. now here's the hour by hour timing. by noontime you might get a light shower in our eastern suburbs. after that between 2:00 p.m. to
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5r7b 4:00 5:00 6:00 p.m. showers south of the area. next weather and traffic on the ones are coming up at 5:11. a look at your drive time forecast. >> roads are drying out at this point this morning. we do have some spots of flooding. remember inbound massachusetts avenue at mccomb street do have some water in the roadway there and westbound 108 at olney mill road. 270 at montrose everything looking quite good there. 66 and 95 overall looking good as well. big look at things beltway, a lot of the earlier road work is out the way. you might be a little bit delayed with the arlington memorial bridge this morning. if you use that bridge one westbound lane temporarily closed this morning. we have more from megan with how
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this is going to be affecting the traffic. i think we know the answer there. >> reporter: yeah it's never good when you affect any of the bridges and this is a busy one and we have a temporary lane closure. we're not sure how long it's going to be closed. this is going to impact people who travel across the memorial bridge headed west. from d.c. into virginia. you take a look behind me here you can see those electronic arrows there telling people to get to the left. that's because that right-hand lane is closed at this point. it was a routine inspection that found an area of corrosion that caused concern. out of an abundance of caution, they closed that westbound curb lane of memorial bridge. it's going to stay into effect until further notice. we're still awaiting the results of another inspection. they want to take a closer look to make sure that everything is okay or if repairs are needed, they are going to have to figure all of that out. until further notice that lane is going to be closed. a very busy bridge. this is going to be a problem for folks, certainly in the
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early morning rush hour and depending upon what inspection turns up it could be longer than that so just plan accordingly. eun back to you. a rockville man is in thrask awaiting a hearing regarding his elderly neighbors' brutal killing. scott tomaszewski confessed to killing them. he should be back in montgomery county this week. we're hearing from the man whose memory led the police to the suspect. he investigated a burglary at the vilardos back in 1988. he was a teenager back then. >> it seemed to be a really emotional crime. the home had been set on fire. it seemed that the perpetrators were trying to destroy property
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there. >> sergeant preis told investigators what he remembered. montgomery county police said they also connected tomaszewski to a burglary from across the street from the vilardos last month. four minutes after the hour it would be likely be a year before we find out exactly what caused the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. investigators say no one shot at that rain before it crashed. the ntsb and fbi are looking into a grapefruit sized crack in the windshield. 5:04 the man who used a bike rack to launch himself over the white house fence is due in a d.c. superior court. he said he did not want to hurt anyone or end the residence when he jumped the fence on april 19th. it was his 54th birthday. there was a reason why he did that but he hasn't shared thatten are. he's been out on bail wearing a
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monitoring device. officials from the vatican embassy here in washington will ask for a zoning board to have permission to put up a perimeter fence. the move comes as embassy officials prepare for his shrift to washington. the secret service reportedly recommended that fence. pope francis arrives in d.c. in late september and will celebrate mass. if parking weren't expensive enough it's about to climb even more. >> we're not just talking about a few pennies here. we'll tell you where rates are going up. >> you usually see something like this around halloween, but this is not a stunt. how this man ended up with an arrow through his head. live look outside now. dry out there right now but what about your drive to and from work. tom is back with
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remarkable video out of india to show you this morning. an accident at a wedding left this man with an arrow sticking out of his head. you can see he's okay. he's talking to people at the hospital and it looks like he's going to be okay but two neighbors apparently shot him with the arrow at this wedding. they were apparently jealous of the bride. oh my goodness. i don't understand. i don't understand.
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>> okay. i'm still scratching my head. >> we can't make this up. baltimore prosecutors are crying foul over how defense torns -- attorneys are handling the case. prosecutors say defense attorneys public remarks could influence potential jurors. they also say defense attorneys leaked documents to the media before they can review them. freddie gray died a week after he was fatally injured during his arrest in baltimore by police. good morning. time for your weather and traffic on the 1s. now approaching 5:11 on this tuesday morning. we are beginning to dry out after we got those heavy downpours overnight. they are exiting the eastern shore. just a few lingering sprinkles. metro area the cloud cover still lingers. live view from our tower camera.
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watch out for some standing water this morning as you are driving. midday things should be really all dry. during the afternoon, some roads may be getting wet again from thunder showers coming through. a little sun breaking out. then partly sunny during the afternoon. some roads wet from some passing thundershowers during the afternoon. still pretty hot, upper 80s but turning much less humid this afternoon. roads are drying out, melissa. any problems. roads drying out but we do have a couple of spots that are a little bit nasty. overall we're looking pretty good. first of all, first 4 traffic tracker put up on this massachusetts avenue at mccomb street scene at northwest. just a warning there. you can get around it. but that right lane is covered in water. also a report of whiskey
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bottom road and brock ridge, high water. westbound 108 and olney mill road there is a report standing water there. northbound on 270 you are looking quite good. prince george's county nice and green. no major problems there. back in ten minutes. melissa, thank you. we're following a developing story in nevada where a police officer has been badly burned in an explosion. >> kristen writing is gathering
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right now, a police officer in las vegas is recovering after an explosion. police and the bomb squad spent the night with flashlights investigating how a barrel suddenly exploded. he was called out to check on a vacant home. didn't find anyone inside but
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then someone started burning debris in a barrel and exploded. police believe it was an accident. it is 5:15 today. attorney general loretta lynch heads to cincinnati to stress the important between good relations between members of law enforcement and the communities they serve. she's highlighting programs that highlight collaboration. yesterday proposal said he will ban the federal government from giving local police military style gear. he also he. fairfax county neighbors are raising new concerns over their interactions of police officers. members of the public are part of a communication. one speaker said her 11-year-old son call police earlier this year because she wouldn't let him use the internet. she said when officers arrived at her home things took a
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trying turn. >> i was thrown on my bed. grabbed my hands. put me in handcuffs. physically dragged me down the stairs. >> fairfax county police have been criticized in some high profile cases including the gear shooting. he was unarmed when he was shot and killed in 2013. the county settled a wrongful death suit. we're getting a closer look at the national world war i memorial that's being built. there will be a two-stage international design competition, you can send your proposal. submissions are due july 21st and finalist will be announced in august. the memorial will be built-in pershing park. it may be harder for you to
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figure out where that steak is coming from. the u.s. government has already revised labels once and may have to completely remove labels to comply with that ruling. the u.s. meat industry is actually in favor of the ruling because they say keeping track of livestock origin costs a lot of money. well, this is the best time of year to head to a farmers market and grab some fresh local produce and now you'll be able to know the prices of some of that produce before you head out. the maryland department of agriculture is launching a pricing feature on the website. the department hopes to add the prices at more markets in the future. right now, the strawberries are so sweet and juicy. good time to get them. news for your health. researchers at ohio state university say many people who visit the emergency room for chest pain don't need to be admitted to the hospital. but half of the nearly 7 million
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people are chest pain are admitted for further testing. however, data shows that there is less than 1% risk for a life-threatening character -- cardiac event. experts say most of us would benefit by checking with your doctor in the days and weeks after having chest pain. what is the right age to start screening for cancer? doctors from the american college of physicians say even the doctors who order the tests are not sure of the latest recommendations. a group of doctors from the acp is now reviewing the latest guidelines to clear up this confusion. one of the recommendations to come from the review is a higher age to start screening for breast cancer. they say it should start at 50 years old, not 40 years old. they want doctors and patients to avoid overtesting. well, apparently moms and dads have different ways of talking to their babies. mothers typically have a higher pitch and more varied voice pattern and fathers speak to their children like adults. researchers say both types of
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baby talk help infants learn language skills. the less animated voice helps baby's learn unfamiliar speech. >> i had a lot of practice on that. >> you know exactly when to use what. >> the crazy thing is i can understand when they are talking about. >> i don't. i don't get it. this will have you going for the bug spray this morning. d.c. is one of the worst cities for mosquitos. or orkin rank d.c. third. june through august for mosquitos in most of the country. >> we basically live in a swamp as our director pointed out to us. there is just a lot of wet, humid surroundings. >> yeah the mosquitos have not been bad yet but it's coming. the rain that we get around here doesn't help things either.
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>> we're seeing the sky brighteningen up predawn. we still have some high standing water around and melissa has been telling us about that. we'll have an update from her in a couple of minutes. we are getting a few lingering sprinkles, the panhandle of west virginia and winchester and baltimore. the heaviest rain are now on the eastern shore and now at the atlantic beaches. in the wake of that we had over an inch of rain falling quickly. we've got in that green zone some flooding watch out for that. look at this lightning shot from last night. this horizontal lightning that cracked the sky. post your pictures on facebook and instagram and twitter.
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temperatures mild in the upper 60s to the near 70s from the shenandoah all the way to the bay. we might be getting a little patchy fog forming. as the day progresses by 8:00 temperatures should be climbing nicely in the low 70s. noontime into the low 80s and by late afternoon, we'll be into the upper 80s with maybe a passing thundershower it looks like mainly south of the metro area. that's going to be moving through generally through 2:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. then the change comes in overnight. much less humid and by this time tomorrow morning, we'll be down into the 50s much of the region. then afternoon highs, upper 70s. a gorgeous may today tomorrow absolutely beautiful. comfortable humidity lots of sunshine. thursday partly sunny, low 70s. small chance of a shower to our chance. 50s in the morning.
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absolutely gorgeous. we'll keep this beautiful pattern going into the memorial week as well. remaining mild on saturday and sun. on monday for memorial day itself highs low 80s. still comfortable humidity. might get some showers on monday night as well. let's go to the live desk. breaking news into our newsroom. we have new information coming in about a water rescue happening in laurel in anna run dell county. this is happening on brock bridge road and whiskey bottom road. we're told a car is stranded there in high water. the river has overflowed its banks. high water, car stranded. we're told crews are trying to rescue the driver there. brock ridge road is closed right now between whiskey bottom road and route 32. we'll have more shortly, eun. the u.s. coast guard, we're going to have that story.
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let's check in with melissa. >> as kristen was saying we do have some flooding issues around town. that one a pretty serious one there in laurel. this another massachusetts avenue at mccomb street. you can see that right lane taking up on inbound. this is what kristen was talking about, whiskey bottom road and brock ridge reported those two vehicles in high water. trying to get some more information on that one. construction new hampshire avenue at metzerott. wide look at things overall looking pretty good. we do have this report in northwest washington 13th and missouri avenue northwest, the westbound lanes closed because of a crash between 13th and 14th. a lot of high water around town. another one in olney. more coming up in ten minutes. the u.s. coast guard is trying to figure out how a
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10-year-old drown in a pool on a cruise ship when it was about 75 miles east of myrtle beach. norwegian cruise lines is based in miami. at least 170 bikers are charmed in a shoot out that killed nine people and hurt 18 others in texas. the judge has set their bail at $1 million each. police say the argument started in the bathroom at a restaurant in waco. police in waco on high alert as they are getting threats from other biker groups following the shootout. federal investigators are taking a closer look of nissan
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versas. some owners complain the fractures could lead to the tire punk tour. >> used to be you could take change. now you got to have two credit cards when you get ready to park somewhere. you may have to bring that with you if you are going to park in arlington. there was a 25 cent increase. the board is considering extending hours from 6:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. >> there are some complaints. not everyone has a credit card. >> it's rough out there sometimes when you are trying to park. a good reminder to you to keep that cell phone out of your hand while you are driving. the national safety council says
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phone-related crashes went up for the their consecutive year in 2013. a quarter of all crashes were caused by people on of their phone. texting is the big culprit here. firefighters in prince george's county have tons of toilet paper for a second straight year. they won the sharmin's butts that save our butts contest. you need toilet paper. you could see just a few of the 30 cases that firefighters received. last year the station 834 won the prize. everyone needs it. you don't have to be ashame to buy toilet paper, unless you buy a particular special brand or something. >> yes, extra soft.
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12 ply. a warning from maryland authorities, the scam they want you to be aware of the next time your phone rings. how would you like some money from the government? the supreme court ruling that could send some extra cash your way and the man who says he hacked a plane's electronics systems and controlled flights speaks out.
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a rockville man is in alaska awaiting a hearing regarding his elderly neighbors brutal killing. they say he confessed to killing them on saturday. one of the westbound lanes on the memorial bridge is temporarily closed. engineers found an area of corrosion during a scheduled inspection last night. the curbside closure will probably last through the morning. the man who used a bike rack to launch himself over the fence. we'll have much more on those
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stories throughout the morning. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. the heat and humidity continue this morning. coming up on 5:31 your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> still steamy. a few lingering sprinkles to the north and west. we have flooding going on untilthis morning. we have some flooding along the county lines. watch out for high water there especially around laurel this morning. highs today metro area. low to mid 80s. upper 80s right in the district. chance of a passing thundershower and mainly across northern virginia. coming up on traffic on the 1s when i zwroin you at 5:41 we'll have your bus stop forecast. >> brand-new crash. this is the outer loop of the
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beltway. this just popped up here at 50. we have the right lane blocked here this morning. it is a crash with injuries. it could be there for some time. trying to get some more information on that one unfortunately. massachusetts avenue at mccomb street these are the inbound streets of massachusetts avenue. first 4 traffic camera shows some of the ponding. here's another issue as far as water goes. in laurel brock ridge road closed between route 2 and whiskey bottom. 95 and route 1, a car fire. more than one person may have been involved in the deaths of four people at a home near the vice president's out in the district. a part-time housekeeper tells news 4 the family has an extensive security system with
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cameras everyone. >> windows and doors, everything. >> they kept it on all the time. >> uh-huh. >> four people found dead at a home on wood ladd drive in northwest last thursday. it's likely killers entered the home on wednesday and kept the victims bound through thursday afternoon. the house was set on fire. the families car stolen and set on fire. police are looking for a person of interest who was seen where the car was found. from the fbi, to retired pilots a lot of people are talking about a man's claim that he hacked into a airplane's computer system and took control of the system. the maker of planes says the two systems are totally separate. it allegedly happened on united airlines flights. the computer expert says he's trying to bring a potential security risk to everyone's attention. >> it is definitely possible to
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manipulate the electronics through the in flight entertainment system and satellite system to get to the avionics of an airplane. >> any cockpit linked to the outside world does have a chance of being hacked and the security threat should be taken seriously. we have a scam alert in frederick county maryland the sheriffs office there looking into several reports of phone scams. in one case the scammer was pretty specific. he claimed the accident was on crestwood boulevard in frederick . if you receive a call like that hang up and call the sheriffs office. congressional lawmakers will look into cyber threats against financial institutions. the recent survey of financial institutions found that almost half of them cite cyber threats as their top concern. exelon and pepco say they
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are getting to work on a lengthy to do list from maryland regulators. it was voted to approve a nearly $7 billion merger if the list meets four conditions. d.c. has yet to sign-off on this merger. some of you may be getting money back from the state of maryland after the supreme court ruling. the justices found one of maryland's tax laws has the effect of double taxing income that residents earn in other states. the state may have to refund up to $120 million. this could mean more scrutiny for other narled laws -- maryland laws seen as discouraging business across state lines. you could soon see more options for launch in virginia as early as this summer. a new law goes into effect that allows food trucks to park on most virginia state roads. they are pretty popular. >> places like washington, d.c.
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this is already the law of the land. >> if you want to run your own food truck, you still have to get the necessary permits, pass health inspections. as far as traffic goes a lot of people say as long as the trucks don't block the traffic in the morning and evening rush everything should be okay. decision 2016 now. there is another sign former maryland governor martin o'malley could run for president. his political action committee are moving into the old historic railway building in baltimore. it was renovated when he was mayor of baltimore. he has said he will announce intentions at the end of this month. it turns out your neighbors and qoerk coworkers are the most physically fit in the country. our healthy food options, low levels of asthma and heart disease and all the parks here made the big difference. >> you walk out on to the
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washington mall at noon tourists can't get around because there are so many people exercising and walking and jogging. >> minneapolis took the second spot in this report. indianapolis came in last place. a distinction we can be proud of. love it. taking a look at storm team radar now. storms moved out of the area but the problems have not. we are seeing flash flooding here. the number of issues you'll want to avoid. the new information we learn today that will help shape your future on i-66. take a look at how one jumped in to safe others when he
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take a look at this car. did you hear that? wow. this is a bad accident that happened in north carolina. three people inside the vehicle. they all got out thanks to a u.s. army captain. an army captain in the area you see him in the red shirt right there, jumped into action. you can see him pulling at least one person out of the car, dragging him across the street. he says he was just doing what he was called to do. wow. this morning, everyone's favorite shark is back in virginia. mary lee pinged off the coast of
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chincoteaque off the jersey shore. look at all the places she's been in the past few months. >> you have this excitement and fear in your voice. >> yes. the 16-foot long great white, she was tagged back on cape cod in 2012. she's traveled up and down the east coast ever since. >> let's hope she doesn't travel up the potomac into your neighborhood. >> seriously. >> i want to turn to tom kierein get you upto speed on the forecast. >> i saw it came very close to ocean city. you never know. the waters there are pretty chilly and this morning when you are at the bus stop and waiting for the metro, you are going to notice it's still very humid. temperatures are in the 60s to near 70.
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we'll stay this way between 7:00 and 8:00. we might get a little sunshine breaking out and it's going to be mile through the rest of the morning and rather steamy as well between 8:00 and 9:00 partly cloudy. much of the region should be into the 70s. a look at our memorial day weekend. your beach forecast. that's all coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:51. we've got some problems on the roads this morning. beltway loop out at route, it sound like it's on the shoulder. that's not so bad there. st just talking about, massachusetts avenue at mccomb is inbound, massachusetts avenue. going to see some spots like this because of the rain last night. 95 north, quantico to the beltway a couple of minutes behind. 270 south and the top of the beltway outer loop looking quite good. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on traffic and standing water this morning.
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the new surgery a number of women are having to make them more approachable and it's not what you think. >> the new information released overnight in the hillary clinton email controversy. what the state department says it could release in early 2016. and how the final decision on the purple line could come
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welcome back. today a military officer will testify at the pentagon about sexual assault in the military. lieutenant colonel teresa james is the highest ranking officer to come forward with her rape in the national guard. she believes it destroyed 34 yooer career. >> i'm going to provide testimony on the impact that retaliation has had on me and ask the panel to look at
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national guard reform in the future. colonel james will testify as part of an independent review on how the military investigates sex assaults and retaliation. you can read the complete report on rape in the national guard on our website. this afternoon, a u.s. senator will make a case to his fellow lawmakers that police should wear body cameras. senatorim scott is testifying before the senate judiciary committee. he says body worn cameras can restore trust as well as protect police and the citizens they serve. the hearing comes amid a national debate about police tactics and transparency. a major recall for a frozen dog food product over fears of salmonella contamination. there's a recall of turkey and raw produce frozen formulation. it's distributed by four states. the recall includes colorado
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minnesota, and missouri. the state department says it wants to release some of hillary clinton's private emails next january. it's right around the time the primaries get under way. it's responding to a freedom of information lawsuit from journalists. news that clinton used private email while in office cast a shadow over her rool out of her presidential campaign this spring. the world health organization wants to be able to quickly respond to health emergency. it says it failed to respond quickly to ebola last year. the w.h.o. says it will establish a global health emergency workforce. virginia drivers take note. we're expecting some updates today on the i-66 outside the beltway construction project. virginia transportation secretary aubrey lane speaks this morning with the
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commonwealth's transportation board. it's intended to ease commutes along a 25-mile stretch of i-66 between haymarket and the beltway. you may be affected by some high flying acts conducting practice runs. parts of route 450 and the naval academy bridge will be closed. graduation season is under way in prince george's county. seniors will kick off the season today. the graduation ceremony starts at 10:30 this morning at the show place arena in upper marlboro. an awesome program they are running out there. that happens on thursday morning. up the health sciences students will receive a diploma and an associates degree. the owner of the baseball
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suns team has two months to move the team to fred rikedsburg. that is according to the freelance star. the paper says before the sides originally to finalize an agreement by the end of the month. they have been discussing the plan to bring the team to fredericksburg for years. verizon says it will not renew its naming rights. the deal expires in three years. it is in the process of beginning to explore finding a new naming rights partner. the arena hosts the capitals wizards, mystics, concerts and other events. by now, you probably heard the president joined twitter. didn't take long for him to gain more than 1 million followers too. one of those followers blirkt bill clinton. he asked when the twitter
5:51 am
handle. does the user name go stay with the office. >> good question. know anyone in at flotus. >> he does have an spait s @barack obama handle he used. >> it's twitter-verse, it's vast and interesting. >> you used to have to remember people's real names. >> i post all the latest weather on twitter as well. right now we are looking at the radar which is showing the last of heavy downpours in that stupid thunder that kept me awake half of the night. it's now long gone. in its wake we've got some flooding issues. right now this little patch of
5:52 am
green along the pa at that point sat river. it's a mild and muggy morning. it's in the low 60s out of the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. dress for another summer like day today. have the umbrella handy this afternoon. low clouds over the capital this morning. we may get some breaks in the clouds by 8:00 a.m. by noontime the low 80s and hitting the upper 80s by late afternoon. a smaller chance of an isolated thundershower this afternoon. then the big change comes in overnight tonight. this time tomorrow morning much
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cooler lower humidity in the 50s, afternoon highs, upper 70s, a gorgeous day on wednesday and beautiful pattern with mild afternoons and cool mornings all the way into the holiday weekend. memorial day should be in the low 80s and at the beaches, right now the water temperature is only at 62 but great weather at the beaches on friday saturday and sun. each one of those days will have some sunshine and warming into the low 80s by memorial day. now, melissa she's got problems on the roads. >> we still have this standing water here and there. a couple of things i want to mention here. brock ridge road riebt closed between 32 and whiskey bottom. this is a report of two vehicles in high water there. standing water here. inbound massachusetts avenue at mccomb street. a warning there. you can see it's not blocked but it's sitting there. westbound . 13th and missouri avenue northwest, westbound lane closed because of a crash there. wide look at the beltway, no
5:54 am
major problems as you are taking a big look at the beltway. dale city is going to be your slowest spot. a little bit of sheen on the roadway still. things drying. >> it is 5:54 police in prince george's county have a better description of a man they believe sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl. this happened wednesday morning. the mother of the girl knocked him down after spotting him on friday afternoon. the girl's mother says he was african-american with several tattoos, including one on his neck that said blessed and a star on both shoulders. if you know who he is police want to hear from you. a d.c. council member is working to make the city quieter at night. at large member vincent orange proposed a bill to punish bars if they caused too much noise
5:55 am
after 9:00 p.m. bars would have to measure how loud it is outside and send those numbers to a city agency. if they are too loud the bars could face a suspended liquor license or as much as $1,000 fine. it's like the modern day version of a jukebox, spotify is teaming up with starbucks that will allow you to pick the music at after coffee shot. >> starbucks is teaming up with spotify. customers will be able to influence the music play list in each store and users can listen to that music at home or elsewhere. they will able to earn points from starbucks customer loyalty program. the service will be rolled out starting this fall. a new survey finds that sally -- sally mae college grads
5:56 am
expect to be supported by their parents after graduation. >> save up for college and save up for post college when they come back to live with you. all right. aaron is shaking his head. have you heard the term resting angry face? we talk about people whose natural facial expression looks angry or mean. doctors are finding that plastic surgery can help these people have more confidence and get treated better by others. people who had surgery to make their eyes appear bigger and mouths less saggy were seen more trust earth, likeable and social. that can affect the quality of your life. >> it may be very different if you walk in and you are happy to be there. >> we'll have more on this
5:57 am
tonight, including one woman's story about how resting angry face was impacting her life. that's tonight on news 4 at 11:00. we should start smiling more. >> i've had people tell me that they have that resting face. >> yes. >> and that -- i treat them differently. oh okay. that explains it. >> not intentionally. there's something in your subconscious that makes you treat them -- >> because otherwise i assume they are angry or upset. a traffic alert for you right now that could slow your drive to work this morning. we're watching this problem on the memorial bridge for you. a problem with the bridge itself forced one of the lanes to be closed. what we're learning about that potential problem and the impact it's having on the search.
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breaking news in anne arundel county. >> there is a water rescue on the way. chuck bell what are you seeing? >> they have closed off brock bridge road at this point in time. farther up the hill it's a typical spot where the water comes up over the road and p witnesses said that they saw a
6:00 am
car go down into the road into the water area and didn't necessarily see it come back out. so they called the police just to let them know that they saw a car go down there. the police have been doing a search to see if they have able to find the car. the car may have made it all the way through. nonetheless, they have got the road closed here and we've got the dive rescue team out here in case they become needed and reports are also that we're going to be using a helicopter to see if they can spot anything from the air now that we have daylight here upon us. heavy rain here late last night. this is one of places that always floods so people are very familiar with it and as a result somebody said they saw a car go down into the low spot. they may have made it out on the other side. they just don't know. they call the police and they are doing a search hopefully to find nothing. nonetheless, they are keeping a look around here for the next


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