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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news tonight in prince george's county. priss just named a suspect in the sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl. >> they have got an arrest warrant and a picture. jim handily is at our live desk
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with more. jim? >> jim and doreen we want to get right to that picture and what jumps out is a neck tattoo. this is 20-year-old isaiah bogan. police tell us this is the man who sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl in a forestville apartment building last week. her mother actually helped police i.d. bogan. she spotted him last friday, tried to tackle him but he got away. she told police about the tattoo that reads blessed. police say bogan followed the little girl on to an elevator. when she got out investigators say bogan forced her to the ground and sexually assaulted her. it appears bogan lives in that apartment complex where that attack occurred. until now the only evidence we'd seen in that case was surveillance video, but, again, tonight, prince george's county police has an arrest warrant out for isaiah bogan. if you know where he is you're urged to call police and we'll have more information on our nbc
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news washington app and tomorrow morning on today. >> another search going on this one for a murder suspect. >> fire fighters found mother dead in her forestville apartment on sunday. now police say somebody killed her before setting the fire. shomari stone was there tonight as officers canvassed the neighborhood. shomari, what are you learning? >> reporter: well good evening. prince george's county police detectives passed off fliers with details about the murder case and the victim's picture. they hope it will lead to an arrest. tonight i talked to her mother and she's sad. >> well right now, i'm hurt. >> reporter: veronica gray misses her 21-year-old daughter. police say she was murdered inside her austin hill apartment sunday morning. >> a part of me is gone away from her and she can never come back. >> reporter: veronica tells me her daughter was a security guard. her greatest joy was raising her 2-year-old daughter who wasn't at home at the time of the
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murder. >> reporter: tonight police passed out flyers with information about the case in the neighborhood and they knocked on doors to see who would kill the mother of a 2-year-old daughter and why? she was killed inside the apartment and then apartment was set on fire ran away and left her body inside. >> and you don't know how it feels to love and to lose someone you love. >> reporter: entire apartment is a crime scene. you can see the evidence markers on the lock right there. you can still smell the smoke in the hallway. it's hot in here and residents tell me that they hope police make an arrest. veronica says her daughter was having problems with a man she was dating a and she believes he may have something to do with her death. police are investigating. court documents show she got a stay away order against the man. >> and tonight police have not
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named a person of interest or suspect in this case. detectives are offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information that leads to an arrest and indictment. now if you have any information you can call the prince george's county police department and also know that you can call them anonymously. live outside police headquarters i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> news tonight, rescue teams rescued hikers and some dogs stranded in the potomac river near great falls. rescue crews showed two dogs to shore on rescue side and we're told they are all doing okay. >> there is a search for people in d.c. and fairfax county for a patient who may have come in contact with someone with the measles. the patient is no longer contagious and is out of the hospital and he or she visited several public places in d.c. and fairfax while they were
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still contagious. between may 10 and may 16. can you see a full list of those locations and more information about the measles virus. go to our nbc news washington app and search measles. >> one line on the memorial bridge is still closed. the national park service closed the westbound lane closest to the curb more than 24 hours ago after engineers with the federal highway administration found an area of corrosion. that happened during a routine inspection and the park service won't say when that lane might reopen. >> new tonight the sound of gunshots interrupted the dinner hour for people in the fairfax county townhouse complex. chopper 4 flew over the scene and it's just south of the county government center. and somebody shot a 17-year-old. our jackie benson has the story. >> reporter: take a look behind the trees, that's a look at the government center complex and
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very briefly initially police said that's where the gunshots are coming from. crime scene technicians examined bullet holes in the front of a townhouse on holly avenue just off government center parkway in fairfax. one resident we're not showing his face describes what he heard. >> i was inside my house and all of a sudden i heard bang-bang which sounded like it could have been gunshots. never were sure and certainly sounded like it could be gunshots >> reporter: shooting which happened about 5:45 leaves a 17-year-old wounded but he is expected to survive his injuries. a white car, possibly a honda, was seen speeding from the area. police says this does not appear to be a random crime. >> we learned a 17-year-old male had been shot by known associates and they had left the scene in a white vehicle. >> reporter: police say that at this time they do not know of a motive for the shoog shooting. in fairfax, jackie bensen news 4.
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>> i'm jim handily back at the news desk thousands of customers are stuck off the coast of bermuda. the captain has told everyone on board that the norwegian dawn won't move again until tomorrow morning. the dawn was leaving the island and bound for boston when lost power earlier today. norwegian says tonight that caused the ship to lose propulsion and it ran aground on a reeve just outside the shipping channel. divers and small boats have been inspecting that ship for damage all night and no reports of anyone hurt but passengers say they did feel this ship shudder for 30 seconds before coming to a stop. on board very little has changed. normal dining and entertainment options are available to the 2,600 passengers. at the live desk i'm jim handley. >> vice president joe biden's son beau biden is undergoing treatment at walter waed medical center. we don't know why the 46-year-old is in the hospital. he's the former attorney general for state of delaware and served
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one year in iraq. he's had some medical issues including a mild stroke and surgery to remove what doctors describe as a small lesion. >> neighbors say they were afraid of a man who was shot and killed in a confrontation with the police today. his name is alfredo torres. he's 54 years old and had contact with the arlington police before. today officers found him fighting with his 88-year-old mother. police say he attacked the officers and they opened fire. torres was killed at the scene. one of the officers suffered a severe cut on his face. other was injured by a taser. the man accused of murdering a rockville couple will be brought back to maryland next week. scott tomaszewski appeared in court in alaska and waived his right to extradition. he was arrested juneau while
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on a cruise with parents. there is no surveillance video that might identify the people response for a quadruple murder in the district. there are cameras all a the home of the savopoulos family. it's in woodley park in the district but investigators think the murder suspects disarmed those cameras. right now that this video, is the only one of any potential suspect. it was recorded near a parking lot in new carrollton maryland where the family porsche was found burning last week. we also learned today that the three adults who were found dead in that house were beaten and stabbed. the 10-year-old boy was burned so badly investigators say they are not sure how he died. there is a $200,000 reward for information in that case. first on 4 tonight, more
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problems uncovered at the d.c. general homeless shelter. news 4's mark seagraves broke the story about two small children living in the shelter testing positive for elevated levels of lead in their system. managers discovered peeling paint in the cafeteria and cordoned that area off and now every child at d.c. general under the age of 2 will be eligible for lead testing. >> they are also doing a full inspection of the entire facility to make sure proactively that there are not other places that could be a potential source of lead. >> there are more than 400 children at that shelter. lead poisoning can cause serious physical and mental problems and has been linked to low iq. >> residents were informed this morning -- >> more severe weather in oklahoma and texas tonight. coming up look at the damage from a storm just outside dallas. >> we have changing weather here as well. a high of 90 today. for the second straight day 90 and in a few other areas as
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well. big changes in the forecast and i'll tell you when you need the umbrellas. >> have you heard of something resting angry face? it's for real and up next researchers at a local hospital says it can actually cha
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for you miles of pacific ocean beaches are stained with oil after a pipeline broke near the central california coast. the pipeline broke on land but the oil leaked into a culvert which ran out into the ocean. there's no word on what caused the break, but the pipeline is shut down now. the coast guard estimates 21,000 gallons of oil spilled into the ocean. tomorrow the d.c. department of transportation will kick off
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a new campaign related to street car safety. during the morning and the evening rush hours, a team will stand at important locations on "h" street and benning roads northeast. that team will spread a message, two pedestrians, drivers and cyclists they will ask them to share the road. they will also hand out safety information related to the street cars. >> doctors call it resting angry face. you may know it by another name but it describes somebody whose natural facial expression just looks plain unhappy, even when they are not. doctors are finding plastic surgery can give these people more confidence and it might even affect the way other people treat them. this is 67-year-old donna anderson right before she surgery and this is her today. can you see the difference? >> i look tired. people would say something to me about are you okay or what's wrong? >> donna was said she was told
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the corners of her mouth turned down making her look like she with a angry all the time. it's a good day, beautiful day like today and you're thinking how could things get any better and they think i'm not enjoying the day so does that make them hesitant to come to me? does it make them hesitant to speak to me? >> well according to a new study that might be the case. doctors at med star georgetown university hospital gathered photos of 30 female patients some who had had plastic surgery and some who hadn't. a group of people rated the pictures for likability and found those who had work done on their faces, specifically surgery to widen their eyes and lift their mouth, were rated as more socially skilled and trustworthy. >> i think there are these resting neutral facial expressions that ultimately end up conveying an emotion that you're probably not expressing or not intending to express and also the upper lid skids. >> reporter: dr. michael riley
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is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at med star university hospital and he says some people naturally look angry, even when they are not. it's a phenomenon called resting angry face and that can affect the way that they are viewed by others. >> the way you might be treated differently if you walk into a store and the corners of your lip are turned down. it may be very different if you walk in and you look like you're happy to be there. >> and that's exactly what was happening to donna. she says she was tired of people asking her what was wrong all the time so she underwent surgery to lift her eyes and tighten the skin on her chin and after that things began to change. thee recalls one trip to home depot, a store that she typically typically didn't enjoy visiting. >> oh, you look happy today. i wasn't happy about being there but for some reason she thought i was having a great day.
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>> donna says she believes people find her more approachable now and that is giving her more confident. >> people refer to her as not feeling well not invisible anymore. >> all the pictures on social media have been very good for the plastic surgery business and this study wasn't done to encourage people to get plastic surgery but it does bring awareness about the way we judge others based on their lacks. >> you've got the weather blues down south and just between college and austin station, a storm chaser caught video of a tornado that caused some damage to a local motel and to a convenience store. three tornadoes were reported in mineral wells, texas, that's due west of fort worth. no reports of any fatalities in any of those cases. >> meanwhile, we're about to have some weather changes, but the good kind right? >> good for the most part.
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tomorrow is beautiful. we have one day that kind of is not so good. that's going to be thursday but it's thursday. we can get by on thursday. as long as it's not the weekend. thursday that's the day you'll need the umbrellas and a beauty of a day and after a high of 80 degrees, currently at the airport is sitting at 81 and look at dew point. now it's down to the 50s. that's in the comfortable level. it really feels nice and on a night you could open up windows across the region. 67 in culpeper and 70 gaithersburg and the numbers will continue to fall moving throughout the name. it's dry, and it will stay that way. two lone showers down around to the south, king george county area and northern neck. behind this we've got clear skies, and if you walk outside tonight the stars are beautiful and bright. tomorrow plenty of sunshine especially early. a nice day all throughout the afternoon. talking about a nice blue
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crisp sky and thanks canada that's where the air is coming from. watch what happens, wednesday is great and the fly in the ointment is thursday. there's the cloud cover and 8:00 a.m. on thursday and watch what happens during the afternoon, but there comes the rain. very good news. a lot of you have been out there doing planting. we'll get some rain on thursday. the other thing about thursday temperatures in the mid-60s but we'll take that after a couple of days in the 90s. 83 in k.c. and 53 in pittsburgh and cooler air will continue to move on in here and will stay for a couple of days. 76 d.c. and 77 towards fredericksburg and 69 towards hagerstown. plenty of sunshine and a few
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clouds. exercise impact no problem. 63 degrees by 9:00 a.m. and 67 by 11:00, a nice one to get out there and doing a little exercising. the next couple of days there's thursday with a good chance of rain and 65-degree temperatures and 15 on friday and 74 on sunday and sunday a few clouds and a high of 80. we get to 88 on monday of course memorial day and then on tuesday we get to 90 degrees and have a chance of some storms. what about the beaches? the mountains are looking really good too but the beaches, not bad at all. temperature of 66 degrees on saturday and that's the day you'll need your sweaters especially for boardwalk and evening hours and high temperature 74 and 82 on monday and one of the better memorial day weekends we've had in a while. like the looks of that. >> like the looks of that. thanks doug. sports coming up next. ryan to the rescue. my goodness we're talking about a walkoff.
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>> that was awesome. >> jamie foxx is my guest tonight and a performance from jamie foxx and it's a great ♪
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♪ ♪
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boy are we loving us some nats. >> oh, yeah. red hot nats. yanks in first place tonight. everyone wants to see bryce harper everyone at the park perfect night for baseball. nine years ago ryan sairmman hit his first career walkoff on
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father's day against the yankees and ryan to the rescue tonight against new york. guess who started it off though? bris harper national player of the year. bottom one, harper knocks this one to right center just exactly over the fence and exactly what the fans came to see. nats up 2-0. yankees on top, 4-2 and mark teixeira at the plate. two-run shot for him. 12th of the season for him. yanks up 6-1. not happy there. bottom six. notice within one and with a 3 barb 0 county takes a shot. this game went to extras. bottom extra. ryan zimmerman facing andrew miller. this guy hasn't given up a run
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since september 23rd and does tonight. off the foul pole and into the bull pen. two-run shot walkoff. we're doing a story about it this week. >> i like it though. >> that's nice. >> nats win, 8-6. >> always play 27 outs and in this case more than 27 outs. we have a talented geem game and know we're not out of the game. it's a really good team over there. >> to baltimore, nelson cruz saying hello to his old teammates. cruz now with the mariners. o's fans saw cruz hit 40 homers and top three, cruz smashes this to left center. major league leading 16th home run of the season. bottom six this, birds battling
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back. say len joyces slices it and de aza comes in for the third andy had a 5 -- 1 lead. later in the inning they go on to win it 9-8. five years ago the wizards landed it big when they got the first pick in the lottery and john wall was the choice and it was a good one. tonight the minnesota twoefltz wanted the same luck. they won the first, lakers got second and sixer third and sorry knicks four. steph curry, love watching him. the warriors hosting the rockets. curry looking and forced the room and takes it at the butter.
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how does he could it? warriors up with ten to play. james harding showing he can wear it too. the game is state right now. warriors up by nine in the fourth quarter. >> that should be some
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very strong storms last night had police in maryland busy. one call different from all the rest. check this out. officers found that a massive
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snapping turtle along main street. they posed for a couple of pictures and put it back into the river which is were it belongs. the picture is getting an awful lot of attention on facebook as you may imagine. it's
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jamie foxx. carla gugino. musical guest jamie foxx featurin


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