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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the assistant who got a strange request. >> pat collins has been following this story all week. what have you learned now? >> let's start first with the fire. sources tell news4, investigators believe that the fire that rimmed through the second floor of that mansion was set in the little boy's bedroom. right next to his bed. murdered inside this mansion, savvas savopoulos his wife their 10-year-old boy and the family's housekeeper. >> all units operating with the battalion 5. use caution. this is a crime seasonable. >> reporter: a fair then set to cover up the crime and destr evidence. tonight we learned more about the death scene. sources say the three adults were found in a second floor bedroom. they had been beepten, slashed and stabbed with a short object.
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the bodies near. they were burned so badly they have not been able to officially identify him. this come as we learn more about a mysterious cash crop here. $40,000 in cash. delivered to the scene of that quadruple murder in the northwest. that according to the source near the family. the source says on thursday morning, savvas savopoul office and had an assistant bring $40,000 in cash to his home on woodland drive. savopoulos is the owner of american iron works in hyattsville. this money drop is said to have happened thursday morning. hours after the family was taken captive. on that same day, a car stolen from the family found torched in
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prince george's county. a security camera caught a potential suspect leaving the scene. sources say investigators believe it is likely more than one suspect is involved in this horrific murder case. now investigators have been working this case nonstop for days. they're making progress. they are making progress trying to track down these killers. doreen back to you. >> pat collins reporting. thank you. a man accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl in maryland has been locked up. police found isiah bogan in a car near his home in forestville this morning. he is accused of attacking the victim last week at an apartment complex just down the road from where he lives. police in laurel have identified the driver who was swept away by a flood and
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drowned. someone saw the truck he was in being swept into the river. they found tempt truck last night. his body was found today. new tonight, the florida man who handed that gyro copter on the land of the u.s. comment has been indicted now. douglas hughes faces up to nine and a half years in prison. he flew the small aircraft into the restricted air space. it launched an investigation as to how he was able to fly undetected so long. he will be in court tomorrow. it will be his first time in the district since that else. an umpire and only the he is charged with distributing child pornography. did the allegations grow even more disturbing. >> the news was really devastating. the allegations against baseball umpire don essex rocking the
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ft. that hunt little league community. the federal documents say there were images of child pornography. on the other end, an undercover com. he played along saying he was a 9-year-old daughter. the documents say essex agreed to have sex with the girl but backed out. >> i couldn't finish reading it. >> reporter: he said essex just passed the mandatory back check in march. >> never seen anything like that. >> reporter: he told the cop he is the grandfather of all three. >> i don't know that i would want to know all of them. i would want to know the league is doing everything they can to ensure that this doesn't happen again and i believe they will. >> we've done everything we can to prevent stuff like this
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happening. we're devastate it happened. we're devastated it is us. >> reporter: as of now the only charge has to do with the distribution of child pornography. more than a dozen images allegedly sent by essex. it is not clear what if any charges could come from the allegations involving his grand children. in the ft. hunt section of xanld alexandria. a developing story out of california. a massive oil spill is now stretching nine miles along the coast near santa barbara. and it is still spreading. a broken pipeline onshore started pouring oil into the ocean for several hours before it was shut off. crews are racing to contain the spill. more than 21,000 gallons of oil gushed into the ocean. tonight we're getting a look at the reading material on osama bin laden's book shelf. president obama's administration
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released the list of books and documents today, more than four years after killing the leader. it may be timed to the surveillance going on on capitol hill. >> thanks. right now here on the hill to try to force a cut back the libertarian and rand paul are staging a mini. we know a bit more about osama bin laden tonight. >> reporter: the materials seized by s.e.a.l. team 6. he seemed out of step ten years after 9/11. bin laden wrote, an islamic state with territory would be vulnerable to u.s. attack. opposing what is working now for what is isis.
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likewise bin laden's application form for al qaeda asks about an older tactic. >> do you wish to execute a suicide operation? he had books about conspiracies to control america. and one on u.s. intelligence capabilities. >> he obviously wanted to think through what the chances were we would track him down. >> the administration is it public after four years as some in congress push to limit nsa. liberals and libertarians demand president obama end the program that stores our phone data. >> the court has informed him that the program is illegal. he has every power to stop it. yet the president does nothing. >> reporter: the fbi director said using what is collect takes a court order. >> if we lose that authority which i don't think is controversial with folks.
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that is a big problem. >> reporter: a debate over how best to protect america from those who after bin laden are still waging jihad. the patriot acts put in place after 9/11 to give nsa more authorities to conduct surveillance. it expires june 1st. so lawmaker are supposed to be in a hurry but don't tell that to rand paul who is trying to filibuster and the nation to slow down and focus on this issue. news4. new details of a crash in hawaii. a second marine has died from injuries in that crash. we have not yet learned that person's name. it is a hybrid aircraft that went down in a training exercise on sunday in honolulu. 22 service members were aboard. two others still in the hospital. it was a tilt rotor aircraft. it can take off and land like a
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helicopter. now an update to a story you saw first on yesterday. a call for action after a discovery of high levels of lead in a shelter. we broke the story about a baby that tested for high lead levels. lead poisoning can cause serious health problems. one building has been sealed off. today mayor and council vowed to find out the exact cause. the attorney general said it needs to go further. >> we can stoit it to see whether there is any place for to us vets and otherwise act. >> and testing for high levels of lead. free testing is offered for every family living at d.c. general. d.c. has launched a safety
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campaign. the idea is to remind drivers and pedestrians and cyclists with the rule of sharing the road once that it gets rolling. employees of the department of transportation will be handing out fliers every other wednesday during morning and the evening rush in the effort to get the message out. the street cars themselves are still being tested. riders will be able to homicide on board sometime this year. although a date has not yet been set. a powerful tribute high in the sky. how this tradition struck an emotional chord a week arrest the deadly train derailment. all in a race to get some money. why food trucks and other drivers are getting so heated. >> and we saw a nice day today. look what is coming our way.
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details. the blue angels flew over annapolis as part of naval academy's graduation week. it showed it was dedicated to justin zemser the navy midshipman killed in last week's
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derailment. katie higgins is the first female to fly with the blue angels. we're learning about the ntsb investigation into the crash. cell phone records show the train's engineer used his phone to make calls and texts the day of the accident. but they're still trying to match up time stamps to see if he used it while operating the train. the ntsb also tells us they found no anomalies or malfunctions in the signal systems. the news4 i-team shows us a deadly food fight for d.c.'s food trucks. after they get their permits and licenses some trucks have to wage a constant battle to get their spot. and as scott shows us now, we might be the only one to pay the price because of it. >> reporter: it all looks so tasty and trendy. thislunch crowd behind the headquarters of the federal aviation administration in southwest d.c. the food covers the grill and
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the trucks cover maryland avenue. before you arrive, the food fight begins. >> the trucks are hitting each other and it is becoming a mad gs. >> reporter: the trucks, the winner of this month's city lottery for the food corridor race each other for a parking spot. they say they're not allowed to park here before 10:30 a.m. so at 10:31 a.m. the jockeying begins as our cameras saw. >> if one of the people crossing not looking, this will be a disaster. >> reporter: sam operates the kabob square truck. he said he's seen five trucks hit by other trucks while competing for a spot. our cameras spotted a close call between a truck and a deliver and then we saw something else. >> i'm parktd legally. but they gave me a ticket. >> reporter: other drivers, tourists getting swept you by tow trucks.
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signs show these meters are off limits to allow space for the food trucks and we watched the trucks circling and moving in to write tickets. the no signs are confusing and in some cases they are meters away. >> it makes me angry. >> reporter: becky says visitors unfamiliar with the signs or the rules are falling victim. >> i don't feel that it is fair what's happening to the people sgooming this town. spending their money, coming back to not have t there. >> reporter: but not every vehicle is towed to clear space for the trucks. this white van was parked in the middle of the pack. the attendant said she can't touch it. it is a federal government vehicle. >> you can see over your right shoulder there's a government truck in one of your spots. >> every day a story. >> reporter: the driver of the government van, a woman varg smithsonian security clothing returns midday. >> scott with channel 4.
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do you know you're parked in a food truck area here? >> oh. >> reporter: a spokeswoman said smithsonian workers with vehicles cannot park in no parking zones. they must follow parking regulations and all parking signs. nearly half of all cars towed from food truck zones citywide this year. news4 i-team. >> to see a breakdown of tow this is year from food truck spots, you are invited to visit our nbc washington app and click on investigations. this could be a confusing city on visit, i think. trying to navigate through all that. it was a beautiful place to visit today. just gorgeous weather. >> i home you got to do it today. because tomorrow is not so gorgeous. we got some big changes coming in. today a 15 to 20-degree temperature drop. tomorrow, a 15 to 20-degree
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temperature drop from where we were today. that puts many of us into the 50s and i think all of us will be in the 50s tomorrow. we're talking about a much different day tomorrow. right now, still quite nice. plenty of sunshine. dew points 45. that's very comfortable. it will cool fairly quick will you this evening. already into the 60s. 66 gaithersburg. 64 in -- sorry, 64 in gaithersburg. 66 in martinsburg and 75 toward fredericksburg. much cooler across the region and it will be a lot cooler tomorrow. speaking of cool. it will be cool tonight toward nats park. the nats have been on fire. they've been hot taking on the yankees. the temperature will cool fairly quickly. if you're going to the game take jacket or the blanket. that was awesome. storm team 4 radar. no rain to talk about right now. tomorrow a completely different story. look at the clear skies. beautiful conditions. here's the storm system.
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back to the west. this storm will gain strength as it makes its way toward the coastline and become a little bit of a nor'easter. that will bring us the cooler temperature and the clouds and that is what will bring us the rain. there it is at 8:00 tomorrow morning. always a slow area. look at noon. we have moderate to heavy rain. i think a lot of places will seasteady rain most of the day. especially from around gaithersburg to leesburg. you have the best chance to pick up some rainfall and maybe a lot of rain through 6:00. even the rush hour tomorrow evening. still dealing with wet roads. we will see a lot of rain. rainfall forecast this is just one computer model. upwards of an inch. about .2 of an inch. close to a half inch in rain in the metro area. that's a lot of rain. we do need it but it will come
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tomorrow. very cool very dreary day on our thursday. friday however, completely different again. we continue to flip the coin. 59 on thursday. flip it over to 76 on friday. 74 on saturday. saturday looks great. sunday looks great with a high of 82 degrees. then we're forecasting a heat wave. monday tuesday and wednesday. we get into the 90s. 90 on monday. 92 on tuesday. it could continue into next week too. we'll continue to watch that. right now, we've got rain on the way. a nice memorial weekend and then it gets hot. thank you. some painful stories on capitol hill. we'll talk about the push to get lawmakers to help families struggling with mental illness. >> reporter: montgomery county's interim school summit reups bailing out the
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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montgomery county school board is no longer looking for a new summit for the next school year. >> the top candidate decided he didn't want the job, board members voted to retain the interim leader for another year. his name is larry bowers. and news4's chris gordon reports what bowers will do to help keep
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the schools on track. >> reporter: the interim montgomery county school summit larry bowers as he arrived for the special school board meeting. the room was packed with school employees who watched as the board voted on a resolution extending him as the interim school summit for one year. >> it is unanimous. congratulations. >> reporter: bowers is abandoning his plans to retire june 30th. >> we'll be focusing on literacy and mathematics. we'll focus on closing the achievement game but maintain very high standards. >> reporter: the board announced last thursday that they had selected dr. andrew houlihan but on single they were surprised when he with drew. >> the letter says you know for family and professional
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reasons, and he did not feel that he was the right fit for us. >> reporter: the search for new summit began in february when former summit joshua starr lost the support of the board and resigned. the president of the montgomery county council says he is a good working relationship with bowers. >> casting a wider net for candidates in the coming cycle is fine. >> reporter: the montgomery county school board spent $35,000 for consulting firms and they paid expenses of candidates to fly in and stay in montgomery county. but the board feels the money bought them more time to find the best possible candidate when they resumed their search next january. in montgomery county, chris gordon, news4. what we're now learning about the moments just before the family's death. women and children living in desperate conditions at the one
6:26 pm
place they count on for help. how a county is responding to disturbing allegations surrounding a local shelter. plus heading to the beach this weekend? the news4
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at sixth, murder inside a d.c. mansion. >> this is true brutal to be a
6:29 pm
brand new first time criminal. >> a form he fbi profiler shares with us what the police might be looking for. >> only on news4, serious concerns about safety inside a local shelter. why domestic violence victims say they're not getting the help they desperately need. >> and the one thing you are no longer required to do to get your drivers license in maryland. and why some motorists are divided about that. >> first at 6:00, the latest in the quadruple murder in a mansion in northwest d.c. investigators found the victims in separate rooms. the adults in one room. the young boy in another. investigators believe that fire started in the boys' bedroom. >> we're told there was a $40,000 cash delivery made to the victims' home before the mansion was set on fire. law enforcement sources say investigators do not believe this crime was gang-related. we wanted to get a better idea
6:30 pm
of who might commit this type of crime and why. wendy rieger spoke with former fbi profiler clint van zandt. he is not part of the investigation but he offered some insight based on his years of experience. >> yes, he did. he said the people likely endured a night of torture. but that an opportunity was likely missed for someone to step in and help. van zanlt believes police are on the right track in looking for at least two people and says this seem like a targeted attack by someone who had knowledge of the family or of that home. but he says the delivery of $40,000 was an opportunity for someone to acknowledge that something was wrong. >> not to lay coals on top of an assistant who would have delivered money or anything else. but there is a lesson to be learned here for all families. if it doesn't feel right, if it doesn't sound right, that's the time to get some professional help. there is always the chance if
6:31 pm
the police are called they could have enter veenld. they could have saved one life. when my children were young, we had a password. the password was fire truck. my children knew if someone came up and said you have to get in my car quick, your mom, your dad has been injured. i have to take you to the hospital. my children would know to step back and say, what is the code word? if they didn't get word they knew to run the other way. to call the police. that same time of code word can be functional within a family or within a business setting. >> van zandt said what this family experience asked that housekeeper, the word he used was subhuman. whoever carried it out was potentially a psycho path. >> thanks. the prince george's county only domestic violence shelter falling short? that's what the county ethics commission is trying to figure out. they are being accused of misusing county funds and not helping the women and children who desperately need their
6:32 pm
services. bureau chief tracee wilkins has more. >> reached out to a local church for help and they referred me to a place called family crisis center. >> i came from the police department. >> these women are living at the family crisis center. prince george's county only shelter for women and children who are victim of domestic violence. >> when i got there, it's like i'm a prisoner again here. >> reporter: both say they were taken aback by what awaited them at the shelter they thought would help them. >> they gave me a small zip long back with a wash cloth, toothbrush and so many. i made my own arrangements to get my own things from my abuser. >> the commodes keep overflowing. we've had holes in the walls that we've asked them to repair. there is an infestation of ants now. >> the complains poor food service since the stove has been
6:33 pm
broken for some time. little to no transportation for doctors appointments and court needs. >> a room built for one person maybe a small child, now two adults and their child could be in the room. >> this is inordinate. so it begs the question how did it get that way? >> he hits a dwroom of ministry based nonprofits. they investigated the women's allegations themselves and compiled a report they've sent to the shelter and a number of county officials. >> what they're dealing with is not normal. and what they have to do is muster the determination to stand for what's right. to fight. >> these women say without the resources they need, they felt trapped. >> where i am a going to go? >> the executive director for the family crisis center sent me a statement and it reads in part. the directors have responded in a way swift and impactful by
6:34 pm
hiring leadership upgrading facilities. the county also sent as you statement responding to all of this since they are investigating. here's what the darrel of family services has to same they said it has been in contact with the fcc and is closely monitoring the performance to ensure the quality services are being appropriately delivered to victims/survivors of domestic violence and their children. i'm tracee wilkins reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. >> thank you. a meeting to decide the future of metro in xanld rhea will get underway in about half an hour from now. right now, most prefer the area north of the potomac greens neighborhood. and east of the existing potomac yards shopping center. only the's meeting is at 7:00 at city hall.
6:35 pm
it is free and open to the public. potomac yard station will be on the yellow and the blue lines. it is expected to open in 2018. dozens of families from across the country join forces on capitol hill to share stories of loved ones dealing with mental illness. they're hoping their painful stories will inspire congress to improve our mental health system and to reform laws that deny treatment to some of the people who need it the most. california father who was attacked by his schizophrenic son said his child can't get the help he needs because he is in jail. >> we need people to understand that this is a brain disease. disease. this is not an attitude or character. this is something they were born with. they themselves have no idea they suffer from. we want families to help us choreograph the treatment and therapy that our loved one so desperately need.
6:36 pm
>> they hosted that hearing. he has introduced -- >> a day at the beach could bring some hidden dangers. the news4 i-team showing us which summer hot spots have the cleanest water. parallel parking. it is not the easiest thing in the world to master. some are good at it. some could use a little help. you won't be required to do it to get a license in one state. i'll tell you about it coming up. if you're heading to the beach, i have the beach forecast. plus look at this. rain tomorrow. i'll show you when it moves in when i
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
great news if you haven't taken maryland driving test yet. parallel parking is no longer part of the test for the state. news4 reporter adam tuss has the
6:39 pm
story generating a lot of attention on social media. >> reporter: for a lot of us learning to parallel park is like a time honored tradition. >> you have to parallel park, especially around here all the time now maryland no longer requiring to you pass that section of the test. and here's a news flash. it is not required in d.c. or virginia either. so is the art being lost on some of the our younger drivers? i've attempted a couple times. >> it is really difficult. it took me a while to learn to do it. you're not a good parker. >> no. >> why not? >> the angles. >> maryland is now eliminating it is not sitting well with some. >> tom is head of the i drive driving school. >> it doesn't just measure parking. it measures space management. >> check out the response we got on twitter. he says simply soft maryland.
6:40 pm
>> is it really that difficult? time to take a test for ourselves. let me say this. i personally consider myself one heck of a parallel parker. but i learned there are some things could i brush up on. >> leave a little room. >> see how far you are away? we tell to you get closer. >> yep. too far away. on the second attempt -- >> nice recovery. >> nice recovery. the only thing is you forgot your parking brake. >> how about two out of three? local homeowners lost thousands of dollars after they paid for loan modification that they never got. erika gonzalez in the newsroom with more on their stories.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: imagine your payments saved you hundreds of dollars but it never made it to the bank. that resulted in homes in foreclosure or nearing it and we're told it was all at the hands of a company in california. >> i am tired but i will fight to the end. >> tonight on news4 at 11:00, find out what the feds are doing about it. and you'll hear the emotional toll it has taken local families. i'll have their stories and more about how this case just spans across the country. that's only the at 11:00. the i-team is digging into what you need to know before the memorial day weekend. >> before you head to the beach, you're going to want to see what we found when we
6:42 pm
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this weekend marks the unofficial start of summer for many of us. it is time to start hitting the beach. when you are you're headed inland or aiming for the big waves on the coach, you need to check out what was made for to you help you know exactly what is in the water. >> reporter: with her red bucket and her stick -- >> i've been out when it has been colder. >> reporter: you might not notice this. >> it's 54. that's pretty good. >> reporter: until you hear her laugh. her laughter is infectious and
6:45 pm
she has a lot to be happy about. >> the best job ever. >> reporter: every monday and tuesday this summer you will see cindy trying tonight get wiped out by the waves in ocean city. she says it happens. >> a few times. >> reporter: but she's beach bounl for a very serious job. for the last 26 years she's been using the same broom handle to dip little bottles into the surf checking bacteria samples to see if what's in the water could make you sick. the news4 i-team took the results cindy and others like her have been collecting over the last five years to make this app. showing you what they found and how often our local beaches have swimming advisories. maryland and delaware have some of the cleanest beaches in the nation. delaware averages about one advisory a year. timally at rehoboth. but didn't have any problems at all last year. in maryland they do have an
6:46 pm
occasional swimming advisory along the chebssapeake bay. this is cindy's boss bob mitchell. >> the ocean is free of any problems here. >> reporter: he credits a combination of how ocean currents sweep away dirty water and how they work to prevent run-off along with the sewage treatment plant. >> ocean city takes a lot of care. >> reporter: this is kathy, she runs the federally funded beach program for maryland's department of environment. >> we no longer have any beaches near where what is called combined sewers where the storm water and the waste water are on the same pipe. that doesn't occur in maryland anymore. most of our beaches are very clean and not contaminated by sewage. >> reporter: is he she's by eliminating overflows into the
6:47 pm
water, their getting rid of one of the main sources of human waste carrying norovirus. >> when you get submerged, where you have the opportunity to swallow is when you ingest that water, kit make you ill. >> reporter: that's why cindy keeps dipping, where the waves can knock you over forcing you to take an unexpected gulp of water. >> you're all done. see how hard that was? >> reporter: is her laughter. >> all the experts said if we have a big storm with heavy rain everything on land left helen by dogs birds and other animals ends up in the water. so they say give it a couple days to clear out before you head in. we did map out all of the monitored beaches in virginia as well. you can see them all by going to our nbc washington app and
6:48 pm
hitting the investigation section. >> good to know. thank you. doug is back with us now. some wet weather before we get our holiday weekend started. >> and i'll be down there in ocean city on friday. >> i was going to rehoboth but now we're switching it over to ocean city. a beautiful afternoon after a couple of days in the 90s. we had 92. then 90 yesterday. so no official heat wave. because today, well right now we're in the 70s. look at that. a beautiful shot. plenty of sunshine outside. the temperature, 73 degrees at the airport. dropping to 70 by 7:00. 62 by around 11:00. the temperatures 73 degrees in d.c. 69 in huntingtown. back toward the west. dulles coming in at 68 degrees. what will we continue to see? no rain only the. when you wake up tomorrow morning, do not forget the umbrella. i think you will need that for sure and give yourself a little extra time. we'll see rain. that rain will be heavy at times. periods of rain really
6:49 pm
throughout the day. the most rain between around 9:00 a.m. and probably 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. then we'll see some showers. it will be cool. high temperatures 55 to 60. we were at 92 just the other day. now we'll struggle to reach the upper 50s tomorrow. so a very cool thursday afternoon. but right back at you with friday coming in at 76. plenty of sunshine. 74 on saturday. 82 on sunday. and then here is our first heat wave of the season. monday tuesday, wednesday, memorial day coming in at 90. 93 on wednesday. looking really hot next week. and the memorial day weekend will end rather hot. toward the beaches. there's ocean city. cool but nice on saturday. a high of 66. that means the evening will be quite chilly. you'll need the jacket. 76 degrees on sunday looking good. nice and warm monday. looking fantastic no matter where you go. >> we love it. thank you.
6:50 pm
we've got sports coming up and an important member of washington's football team.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
we're looking at this for four years. >> that's amazing. >> we're talking about
6:53 pm
26-year-old ryan kerrigan who has never miss ad game in his four years with the redskins but he could be missing some practice time next week. it is expected that he will be held out of some of the organized team activities after having arthroscopic surgery in his left knee. the otas begin tuesday and run through june 11th. a very important piece with what this team does on defense last year he had a career high 13.5 sacks. interested to see what kind of season he will have this fall. if you like many of us i think you're getting out of town but a lot of us are getting out of d.c. i recognize checking out the red hot nats. they play the yankees tomorrow. then they play philly friday saturday sunday. these guys have had an unliving start to the season but it has been quite the pretty turn-around on april 27th after the first 20 games. they had a record of 7 and 13. they had just lost six straight.
6:54 pm
eight games out of first. compare that to the next 20 games. 16 wins four losses and now tied for first place where everyone expected them to be. ryan zimmerman. a big role last night. he was the hero. the game was tied. a two-run walk-off homer to give the nats the win. the gatorade bath was waiting for him and then the chocolate sauce them should do the chocolate sauce first and then the gatorade bath. this is where they all imagine to be all along. >> we knew we were going to play baseball like we were supposed to. and i think there's going to be times where you don't play good like the beginning of the year. when it happens like that everyone overreacts and puts too much into it. and we stay the course we kept working hard. it would turn around. a long way to go. i think we have to keep playing like we've been playing the last two weeks if we want to get to
6:55 pm
where we want to be. >> to hoops. john wall made the all defensive second team. just the ninth player to earn that honor. and last night steph curry finished with 34 points in the win over the rockets. but it is his 2-year-old daughter that stole the show. take a listen. >> in basketball it's -- [ laughter ] >> we're both supposed to -- >> daddy. be quiet. >> we're both supposed to help our team. >> it is unfortunately getting some negative reaction. >> oh! >> a lot of reporters were upset about it. because the press conference took so long. >> come on! >> you couldn't get a clean sound bite of steph talking about that game. but she's adorable. >> is that her under the table? >> yeah. i watched it live. so funny. real quick.
6:56 pm
charlie channel lynn once said a day without laster is a day wasted. if that's true, the george washington warrick men's team. they finished with 30 wins and it has everything to do with keeping it light. >> whatever everybody has to do. >> the rejuvenation of gw's baseball program needed more than an allen wrench. he doubled the win total for his alma mater by changing attitudes. demanding effort and finding fun. >> that's what baseball is. if you're not loose, you won't play well. but you have to make sure if you make a miss, take you learn from it. >> hey, we lost the game. so what? did you play well? moving forward? yes. we got a journey to go through. >> part of that journey, hal weenl costume practice. with the tough love coach playing fairy godmother for a
6:57 pm
reason. >> one of the real things you can show is vulnerability. if you don't show you're vulnerable and guys realize you're human, you tend to put yourself on a pedestal. >> i think dressing up as a tooth fairy for halloween and prancing around. a sight you don't see too often. >> on the back was every single name of every player. i was showing all these guys are under this wand. and i'm going to noinlt everybody. we're going to have fun and it was a great time. >> they host the conference tournament. expectations high. nerves not so much. >> these guys are having fun behind me. if you can't laugh, get the hell out of my dugout. this game will beat you down if you don't and so will life. >> i think i could play for him. >> he makes you believe. they've had such a great season. they did lose today but they'll
6:58 pm
play again (gong) blend kikkoman into your burger patties to beef up their savoury meaty flavour. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat)
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on this wednesday night, bin laden's secrets taken from inside his hideout during that daring u.s. raid. what they tell us about his focus on killing americans and the rise of what would become isis. the oil emergency along the california coast. a major spill stretching for miles in pristine waters. tonight, the race to save wildlife. the dramatic call for help from a road rage attack that shocked the nation. a family swarmed by bikers on the highway. a mother pleading for police to protect her child in the car. hidden family history. what if you're at high risk of certain types of cancer and you don't even know it? how one mother stumbled on to lifesaving information. and saying good-bye. david letterman marks the end of


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