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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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mansion near the national cathedral. plus the new tool you have to use before booking any summer vacation. "first at 4," the suspect on the run the man wanted for that quadruple murder spot nd new york. >> but law enforcement sources say he may be on his way back to maryland. we have team coverage as this case is moving very quickly. we'll start with news4's pat collins live at the house where it all started in northwest d.c. pat? >> reporter: he worked for the victims. he stole money from the victims. he he was identified as the murder suspect of the victims because he didn't finish his pizza. the suspect, the quadruple murder suspect identified by police as 34-year-old daron went charged with first degree murder
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of four people. it was one week ago today that firefighters came to this mansion on woodland drive in a tony section of northwest washington. there they found the bodies of four victims. they had been tied up, beaten, tabbed and held captive here for almost a day. the fire set to conceal the crime and destroy the evidence. the suspect/victim connection. >> right now it does not appear that this was just a random crime, but there is a connection through the business of the suspect the family business. >> reporter: the connection. police say the suspect wint once worked for american iron works on kenilworth avenue in prince george's county, maryland, a company owned by one of the victims. sources say wint worked there from 2003 to 2005 and sources say he had a relative who was fired from that company some
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time ago. the pizza clue. >> we can confirm he went to domino's. >> reporter: one pizza or two? >> i think it was two. >> reporter: what do you make of this? >> so sorry for the family. >> reporter: while the family was held captive, someone at the house ordered two pizzas from domino's. this is how my sources are telling the story. the cops are inside the mansion looking for evidence. a lieutenant sees a pizza crust. he says why don't we have that checked out for dnua? they rush it through the atf lab, and they get a match. to suspect wint. that's what leads to the arrest warrant. so are there more suspects linked to this horrific murder case? we'll talk more about that coming up at 5. now back to you. >> all right, pat collins. thank you pat. tracee wilkins continues our team coverage with new information about that
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connection between the suspect and the sa vaup loss family. >> reporter: we understand that daron wint did work here, and according to sources close to the investigation they told pat collins that was between 2003 and 2005. now we're hearing something very unusual happened near this location in 2010. according to court documents here, we've obtained from the prince george's county courthouse if you take a look over here this is where this all unfolded, at the shell gas station literally right across the street by those dumpsters there. according to court records, wint was there on december of 2010. a police officer approached him and found him sitting there with a machete, a 24-inch-long machete and also a bb gun and open beer. workers here at the american iron works say they were shocked to hear that the suspect believed to have killed save
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voes sa vaup loss and his family, the ceo of this company, was actually a former employee here. d.c. police chief cathy lanier says 34-year-old daron dylon wint worked at the company. sources tell news4 he worked here, again, 2003 to 2005. it's not clear what he did here. workers we spoke with say they did not know him personally and this was their reaction to the news that the accused killer once worked here. >> oh, i mean, how would you expect it to be? it's a tragedy. you know, it's incomprehensible. >> it floored me. that's all vi aes's all i have to say. >> reporter: it looks like he did one day in jail for that incident that happened across the street at the shell gas station. now, whether or not he had plans on coming here to this place we do not know. that is the latest we know here. coming up on news4 at 5, we'll have more information from folks who work here and more reaction to the fact that a former
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co-worker is believed to have killed the ceo of this company. trace ki wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> we are working this studio from d.c. to new york. we're going to push out any updates for you on the nbc washington app. turning to the weather, after one of the hottest days of the year, we are getting one of the coolest days we've had in weeks. >> let's get the latest from meteorologist veronica johnson with more coming on changes in the weather coming still. >> that's right. for today it really is unbelievable just how cool it's been across the area. temperatures are coolest in weeks since going all the way to early april and indicative of what it feels like during mid-march. 50 degrees in gaithersburg and sandy spring, camp springs, greenville at 51 54 manassas even areas west seeing temperatures in the 50s. we've got rain right up and down the coast philadelphia to norfolk, even down to the carolinas where they've had a little bit of thunder. all of this is moving out.
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good news for anyone traveling late, showers are moving out. moderate rain right now toward ocean city, moderate rain there in just a couple of minutes i'll be back with your memorial day forecast later in the hour. it will include the forecast for the beach locations. again, with that heat wave expected to build early next week. i'll have the details on that as well. this week isis captured a town in iraq and a town in syria syria. president obama is calling it a setback but says the u.s. is not losing the fight against isis. house speaker john boehner calls that incredible. news4's steve handelsman is live on capitol hill where there is a lot of concern about what could happen next. steve? >> reporter: right. and not a lot of answers, wendy. who knows really what to do with isis? but lawmakers up here on the hill now, within the next ten days or so, have to decide have to authorize or not authorize both the nsa and the pentagon plan to fight the islamic state.
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it's looking stronger than ever. despite two triumphs by isis this week capturing ra maddie in iraq and pal miry in syria, a world heritage site president obama claimed off camera today i don't think we're losing the fight against isis. republicans are outraged. >> it just is incredible. things need to change. >> reporter: john mccain ranted as palmyra fell. >> this does not have to happen. this is a result of a failed policy rnchtsz today experts laid out a republican plan. 15,000 u.s. forces going back into iraq against isis. >> we are engaging in combat at that point. i don't think there's any way that you avoid that and i don't want to mislead the american people people. >> reporter: we have no choice says a counterterrorism chief for president clinton. isis is more than a terrorist
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group ff group. >> it's a country and it will train terrorists and send them places like here. >> reporter: congress is debating the authority of nsa to catch terrorists through phone records. >> it would be irresponsible to let these authorities lapse. >> reporter: the house passed a plan for phone companies to keep the data, but some in the senate say no. >> we need to stop this indiscriminate vacuuming up of all americans' phone records. >> reporter: congress has ten days to decide while it worries about isis. as for putting more u.s. boots he on the ground against the islamic state, the white house today seemed to say no rejecting what it called any large military deployment. i'm steve handelsman news4. next on news4, a booster seat potentially putting your child at risk and why one company is pulling its product. and memorial day weekend means the start of summer and the start of summer means swimming. today a local mother is sounding the alarm about the potential dangers involving children and pools.
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summer is the season of swimming. but a maryland mother is reaching out to others after she had a scare at a community pool. lora metra joined lawmakers for an announcement of something called a pool safety grant. these are funds that can be used to educate communities about pool safety, including cpr. metra metra's son fell into a
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community's pool when he was 3 years old. he survived because of cpr. more kids under 5 die from drowning than any other accidental death according to the consumer products safety commission. >> what i didn't know about drowning is how fast and silent it is. there are other people at a pool. a splash isn't something that recognize. children fall in and they sink silently and that's it. >> metro now hosts cpr parties to help other parents. according to usa swimming four children drowned in maryland last year, five in virginia, and nearly 75% of the drownings happen in backyard pools. could change be coming to the boy scouts? the group's high-profile leader makes the controversial call. and imagine finding out everything you ever wanted to know about a cruise ship company before you set sail. what you need to know before booking that trip.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. it's supposed to be the type of vacation where you just sit back and relax. but for some, a cruise can turn into a dangerous even deadly experience. >> tisha thompson with the nurz 4 i-team shows us a new tool that you can use to check out a cruise line before you ship out. >> our reporting partner pro publica has created something you are going to want to check out if you like to cruise. you can look up where problems happen on ships. for instance at least seven children have drowned in pools on well-known lines since 2012. about 20 people fall overboard every year. and inspections routinely find problems with life boats. sex assaults are the number one crime reported on cruise ships ahead of theft. there's a reason. you'll want to read why. if you have a particular ship or cruise line that you want to check out, type in their name or go through this list to see how often they've had a disease
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outbreak, a criminal investigation, and you can read in detail what the u.s. coast guard found during recent inspections. each cruise line is different. some do really well. others not so much. and you can see the responses and everything we just showed you by going to your laptop and typing in "cruise ships" on tisha thompson, news4 i-team. former defense secretary robert gates is calling for an end to the longstanding ban on openly gay boy scout leaders. gates is the president of boy scouts of america. at the scouts' annual national meeting today he says the ban is no longer sustainable and can leave the scouts vulnerable to lawsuits. gates wants to revise current policy so local scout policies can decide on their own whether to accept gay leaders. 25,000 booster seats are under a recall because they can suppose pose a fall hazard to
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children. oxo is recalling its seat. the stitching on the straps can loosen, causing them to separate from the seat. the seats were sold at buy buy baby and babies r us. if you have one of these seats, stop uzing it and contact the company for a free repair kit. well do we need to cling to our umbrella tonight? how is it looking tonight? >> we have improving weather conditions. for us, as we get into the holiday weekend, a chance to throw away the umbrella because it's going to be a couple of days before we see any real big rains move back into the area. get ready to pull out the sunglasses for the upcoming holiday weekend. 7:00 to 9:00, an isolated shower mainly east of i-95. right now temperature 54 degrees between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. then between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. 52 with an overcast sky. so improving weather conditions driving impact forecast as we get into the evening hours, it's been cool across the area today. 52 east in cambridge, 54
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martinsburg winchester not much higher. but i'm seeing higher temperatures down south. look at virginia beach 67. then temperatures in the 60s down through the carolinas where they've had some thunderstorms today. right now kill devil hill to top sell beach getting ready to get hit with this whole line of thunderstorms it's really electrified down here with warm willingth for our area, leonardtown, light showers annapolis just about done with them, still some pockets of more moderate rain showing up. in our future weather again, it's clearing late this evening. you can see even at 9:00 there still could be an isolated shower around hagerstown, front royal and luray. as we get into early tomorrow morning, already sunshine across the area. tomorrow will be a bit of a breezy day breezy sunshine coming our way for the afternoon. i think winds will be picking up as we get into the afternoon. then by 3:00 there's the possibility between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. for a little bit of
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light weather coming through our area that could produce a few clouds and maybe trigger an isolated shower. but that is about it. whatever we get showerwise tomorrow will be very brief and not last very long at all. temperature, 74 degrees into d.c. tomorrow, leesburg up to 73. not too bad considering. road impact forecast, if you're hitting the road early in the day tomorrow, expect dry conditions, breezy on the bridges by mid-day moderate impact. then for the evening hours early evening late afternoon, still green because all i think we'll see is an isolated shower. your memorial day forecast, saturday, sunday, monday we're going to see a warming trend. nice warm surge come noose our area from the low and mid-70s on saturday with dry conditions to the low 80s on sunday. it's going to be warm. then of course monday the chance of an isolated shower, but the big story for next week is the real heat that's going to start building with our first heat wave coming into the area. in just a couple of minutes
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we'll take a look at the forecast for the beaches. rehoboth, ocean city and of course check in on the water temperatures. i'm tisha thompson at the live desk. we have an update about metro service being suspended at this moment on sections of the blue, orange and silver lines because of a power outage. right now metro is saying on the orange line you can expect train service to be suspended between minnesota avenue and eastern market. on the blue and silver lines, you will not have service between benning road and eastern market. there is a shuttle bus that is being established between eastern market, minnesota avenue, benning road to help folks try to get back and forth between those two locations. but once again it looks like blue, orange and silver lines are all having delays in both directions because of a problem with a power outage at the stadium armory station. we have calls out to both metro and the power companies to try
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to figure out what's going on. we'll keep up updated as we learn more. i'm tisha thompson. >> next on news4, the fight against heroin is a major challenge in a lot of local communities. but there soon could be help. why it took a stun gun to end a security threat at l.a.x.
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imagine watching this scene play out in front of you as you get ready to board your flight. it happened yesterday morning in los angeles after a passenger with a ticket reportedly pushed past security officers at a checkpoint and walked into the terminal. >> and he set off an odd slow-speed pursuit that did not end until an officer took him down with the stun gun. here's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: this is what shocked passengers witnessed. how it all came to an end. it began just a few moments earlier. airport officials following 21-year-old suspect christian heinz winding through the corridors of l.a.x. after he allegedly breached security. >> he was shocked by a tsa officer and he was not cooperative. and at that time the tsa officers asked airport police who were right near the screening area for help. >> reporter: an officer attempts
4:26 pm
to place heinz in handcuffs, ohm to have him break free and make his way toward departure gates. >> the first time that i've really witnessed something like that. >> reporter: actor vern troyer captures what happens next. the officers heard warning hines to stop. >> as soon as they got up the stairs, that's when i heard the taser go off. >> reporter: outside gate 66 backup arrives. passengers scrambling and crouching in fear. moments after it began, it's all over. for passengers and the suspect, a shocking end. drug overdose deaths related to opioids such as heroin are on the rise. now lawmakers are capitol hill are looking into things states are doing to combat the issue. health leaders from several states testified about their
4:27 pm
practices and treatments and how the federal government can help. >> we as a nation should not accept this as a norm. the opioid epidemic needs to be addressed nationally and i'm so happy these steps are being taken to look at this as a chronic, medical disease and to decrease stigma and work together collaboratively across the aisles. >> both virginia and maryland have state task forces working on ways to address the epidemic. a nationwide manhunt under way right now for the man who police say killed four people in a mansion. we're live with what we know about the suspect and what investigators took from his home. and the man who's charged with flying that gyrocopter into d.c.'s restricted air space makes a plea in court. why he s
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. right now investigate rz are closing in on the man wanted in the mansion murders. we're live at the suspect's last-known address to find out what his neighbors are saying about him. ever had a bad experience with a tow truck company? we're going to reveal what's being done to put the brakes on some companies' bad behavior. and the man accused of flying that gyrocopter on u.s. capitol grounds remains defiant and says he's ready to go to jail. first at 4:30 an unfinished piece of pizza has made him the primary suspect in that brutal d.c. mansion murder. >> now we are learning more about daron wint. news4's megan fitzgerald ask outside the home where wint was
4:31 pm
living. megan, what do we know about him at this point? >> reporter: well this is what we know. this home behind me on west view lane is the last registered address to wint. it's unclear as far as how long he's lived here or who he's lived here with, but i can tell you we've been knocking on this door all throughout the day. we've been monitoring the home as well. no one has gone in or outside of the home. but there was a lot of police activity out here overnight. several d.c. police detectives could be seen going in and out of the home, collecting evidence. prince george's county police officers were out here as well but we're told were supporting d.c. officers. boxes of items were carried out throughout the night. wint has a criminal background dating back to 2005. it includes several charges of assault, theft and a stayaway order for a domestic violence dispute. wint also worked for savvas sauf' company from 2003 to 2005.
4:32 pm
we spoke with a neighbor who live nd this community for decades. he can't believe the murder case he's been following has hit so close to home. >> total shock. just total disbelief that this is where i grew up, because it was such an awesome neighborhood. >> reporter: now, we spoke with one of wint's attorneys who has had represented him on several of those criminal cases. coming up at 5, we will -- actually, we want to take the house right now. i'm not exactly sure who is going inside this house, but it's obviously someone who lives here. we're looking at a man and woman entering the house. again, this is the home that we understand the suspect lived in. we see a couple going inside the house right now, closing the door, clearly not answering any questions, not stopping and rushing to get inside. now, of course, we're going to be staying out here. we'll go knock on that door and see if we can speak to those individuals and understand who they are. in addition to that coming up
4:33 pm
at 5, we'll speak with a man who's represented wint on several of those criminal cases and why he says he doesn't believe his client, former client, is capable of a murder such as this. reporting in prince george's county, megan fitzgerald, news4. >> thanks, megan. well this day sure started out on "a soggy note but will it end that way? we'll get the latest from veronica. >> it won't end on a soggy note. i'm tracking the rain heading out of here. that's good news for those hitting road for the weekend. look at this the rain east now all the way east of annapolis and leonardtown, even over the last hour here we're really seeing showers dry up. i think other than just a little bit of a drizzle that could be spotty east of i-95, we'll just have an overcast sky, the temperature 55. we could rise a degree or two before temperatures settle back down. i think by 11:00 we're 52 degrees. it's looking cool by then.
4:34 pm
while we've had cool, chilly conditions, through the weekend we'll see a warm surge of air. then we'll turn on the burners. it gets downright hot starting next week including memorial day. we'll track the temperatures latest data coming in. i'll show you how hot it will feel next week. guys, back to you. he set up a security scare on the national mall by landing his gyrocopter on the capitol lawn back in april. >> but doug hughes, that florida postal worker, says he's not guilty of the charges against him. mark segraves is live outside u.s. district court where hughes spoke out to lorter erreporters after today's hearing. >> reporter: that's right. doug hughes, the 61-year-old florida man, was in good spirits, shakinge inginge inging hands with supporters inside the courthouse this afternoon. inside the courthouse he didn't say much, but through his lawyer he pled not guilty to six charges e.'s facing 9 1/2w0 years in prison. hughes flew his gyrocopter over the national mall and landed on
4:35 pm
the capitol lawn. he said he did it to draw attention to big money's influence on capitol hill. while he doesn't want to go to jail, he knows it's a real possibility possibility. >> this is going to play out in the courts, and it may finish up before a jury of my peers. but i accepted the consequences of what i was doing because i believe it's critical that we return our democracy to the people and that can be done with the solutions that have already been defined. >> reporter: now, hughes is due back in court later this month. that may get postponed until june. for now, he aels head's headed hem to florida. coming up at 5:00 you'll want to hear what hughes said when he was asked if he would ever do this again. reporting live in the district, mark segraves, news4. it is one of the biggest consumer complaints each month in our area. and now new legislation could give local governments more ways to crack down on predatory
4:36 pm
towing. an old federal law on the books currently limits state and local regulation of the towing industry. congressman don byron and chris van hollen introduced a bill to close that loophole to give locals more authority to go after abusive tow companies. >> there's some things the local jurisdictions can do some things it's not clear that they can do. so we're trying to remove the confusion and allow local jurisdictions to make the decisions about the laws to protect consumers and predatory towing. >> the news4 i-team has investigated towing companies and complaints over the past year to see their undercover stories go to our nbc washington app and click on "investigations". next on news4, we told you about that business selling -- that sold flooring with high levels of potentially dangerous chemicals. well, today the head of lumber liquidators made a surprise decision. >> i've been to court twice for
4:37 pm
foreclosure. >> my house was my everything. >> they thought they were spending thousands of dollars to pay down their mortgages. where their money really went. narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now
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to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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the ceo of lumber liquidators has resigned. we've bfrn covering this company's development since reports surfaced in march that lumber liquid ators sold flooring with high levels of potentially dangerous chemicals. the ceo's departure was unexpected. the company's stock has fallen nearly 70% since the first of the year. ♪ i am the one ♪ hits like michael jackson's "bhily gene" are helping nick cannon dance for 24 straight hours, will all part of nbc's red nose day. nbc personalities are helping to raise money to fight childhood poverty. red nose is inspired by clowns
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that bring smiles to the faces of children. nick cannon started his dance-a-thon last night. it will end at 8:00 tonight right as the red nose telecast starts on nbc. the america's got talent host explains why he decided to take on the dance challenge. >> children who are affected by poverty all over the world, it's a great cause. it's something that's fun. it's all a good thing. i dance a little bit. i thought if i could do it for 24 hours nonstop, here we go. >> to donate, go to and don't forget to watch the special tonight airs right here on nbc 4 starting at 8:00. and registration opens today for the d.c. rock 'n' roll marathon march 12th next year. it was foggy and rainy when the race stepped off today, but it didn't stop thousands of runners from going the distance. if 26.2 miles is too much, you can register for the half marathon or even just a 5k. still to come, area homeowners lost thousands of
4:42 pm
dollars to mortgage fraud. find out if they're going to ever see that money again. and a special graduation reunion for a woman who was badly burned in a fire. meet the man who saved her life. and the rain is just about done, headed east to ocean city. talk about a warming trend for the upcoming holiday weekend and signs of a heat wave as both temperatures and humidity will be building. we'll talk about how hot it's going to feel through the memorial day weekend, next on news4 at 4. right now verizon is offering unlimited talk and text. plus 10 gigs of shareable data. yeah, 10 gigantic gigs. for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want. on the network that's #1 in speed, call, data and reliability.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. local homeowners out of thousands of dollars after they paid money for a loan modification they never got. >> homes lost in foreclosure or nearing it. only on 4, consumer reporter erika gonzalez explaining how this happened. >> reporter: wilma burgess has owned this home infor 20 years. she fell behind on her mortgage page payments and faced losing her home. >> i am tired, but i will fight to the end. >> reporter: wilma is not alone. each one of these people share her pain. they're all either nearing or have had their home foreclosed on. >> i'm so sorry that we've all gone through this whole thing. >> reporter: they've got similar stories of sacrifice. >> i've been to court twice for foreclosure. >> my house was my everything. >> reporter: all have gone to great lengths for help. >> i even wrote the white house.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: and they've all got one thing in common. they paid the same company thousands of dollars for a mortgage modification and lower interest rate, but their money never went to their mortgage debt. they paid the company $13,000 after it supposedly modified their mortgage from $1500 a month to $1,000 with a 2% interest rate. but then the bank came knocking and eventually took their home. >> if i wouldn't have gotten that knock on the door we would till be paying. >> reporter: they would be paying hope and hand services. does that sound familiar? those same names offer real loss mitigation serviced by the federal housing add minute nation. alleged con artists pretending to be associated with the government. >> you may now be eligible for the new 2015 home affordable modification program. >> reporter: and using president
4:47 pm
obama's name while preying on distressed homeowners. >> the homeowners who lost money in this scam all believed that their payments were going to their lender's trust account. >> reporter: jonathan cohen an attorney with the federal trade commission says the scam victimized a much larger group over the course of a year, cohen says 500 homeowners across the country fell for it. >> what these scams tend to do is take their last dollar. >> reporter: cohen says the scan worked in three phases. first, the company approved homeowners a loan modification. second, it asked the homeowner to make three trial mortgage payments. and finally, the company allegedly staged an advocacy department to ensure homeowners made the payments. and that's when the ftc went under cover. you see, the ftc posed as an unsuspected consumer looking for mortgage modification so they gave them this address in mt. airy maryland, and the scammers took the bait on an
4:48 pm
empty lot. >> we made the first trial payment. >> reporter: cohen says this surveillance video shows one of the defendants' girlfriends cashing the check and with that the judge froze assets and put an immediate halt on the business. the ftc has filed a suit under five california men. and the money? yeah, where did the money go? the ftc says the men gambled it away in vegas and then there's country club dues helicopter rides and sports memorabilia. >> i like them to see this interview so they can see how much they hurt this woman here this woman here, this man here, all of us. they hurt us bad. >> i thought about killing myself. >> it's tore our family apart bad. >> reporter: as for wilma's house and the $7,000 she gave to the company -- >> yeah, and i'm hoping i can get it back. but if i can't so be it.
4:49 pm
i'm going to still make it. >> reporter: we were able to reach two of the five men charged over the phone. one would not comment. the other denied being part of the scam. you can hear more of the victims' stories on our website and we've provided ways to protect yourself as well. >> erika gonzalez. we've got word for you about metro rail service now restored on the orange line between minnesota avenue and eastern market. the power had been out. it's now restored but has not yet been restored on the blue and silver lines. >> not a good day to be trying to get a bus or a cab in the rain. no. but at least the rain is out of here. what's going to hang tough are the clouds. our temperatures are going to inch up a little bit here this evening before the sun sets. then they're going to start falling again. we'll look at storm team4 radar. this is the loop over the last two hours, the showers continuing to head eastward ocean city toward dover, toward areas like atlantic city, too. but at least it's nothing too heavy right now. our temperature currently is at 55 degrees with the wind still
4:50 pm
out of the east at 9 miles per hour. we haven't gotten that northwesterly wind yet. we're not going to see it really kick in until late. expect gradual clearing with the sky not turning partly cloudy until 10:00 p.m. to midnight or sot. that will laef us with an isolated shower possibility during the afternoon so the impact forecast pretty low for tomorrow. we're talking about overall a dry tlend for us. if you're wondering whether to wash the car or not that isolated shower tomorrow, very brief, not everyone. it will be isolated. we're trending dry from saturday on for the next couple of days. go ahead and wash the car. you want it to look nice for memorial day weekend. breezy sunshine we'll have tomorrow. temperatures will hit the 60 degree mark i think by 10:00 a.m. then the 70 degree mark by lunchtime. we're into the maid-70s solidly during the afternoon it's going to feel very pleasant compared to today. definitely warmer with the sunshine coming through our area. then even more sunshine for
4:51 pm
friday, for saturday and sunday. there we are, 74 from d.c. to la plate da waldorf, 74 the high at pax river, 76 degrees expected in areas like fredericksburg and those water temperatures are going to be going up too. monday our high temperature here close to 90 degrees and in the mid-80s ocean city. the water temperature right now there 67, just south of thomas point currently. the water temperature 67. a lot of folks go, i don't know if i'm going to stick my toes in the water just yet. i thieve by memorial day you will. 84 degrees over the weekend. monday here close to 90. and we stay around 90 with that heat wave and chance of humidity higher humidity each day next week. a chance of a thunderstorm. we'll have more on the beex forecast what you can expect if you're going to be traveling coming up on news4 at 5. >> thanks. also coming up on news4 at 5, a man is shot dead, a woman wounded and police believe the person who pulled the trigger is
4:52 pm
a 51-year-old grandmother. >> reporter: this is chris gordon at the st. charles town center in waldorf, maryland, with an update on the shooting that happened less than 24 hours ago here. it toong place at this mcdonald's restaurant. a man was killed his wife seriously wounded. the charles county sheriff's office is charginge inging 51-year-old caroline conway with first degree murder and other charges. they say she got into the jeep and shot 25-year-old robert manage who later died. his wife ran out of the car. she was shot in the back. her wounds are serious but she's expected to live. >> it's a long term and very nasty custody dispute appears to be the motive. >> reporter: all new at 5, neighbors here in waldorf tell us why heavily armed sheriff's deputies spent hours on their street before arresting caroline conway for murder. that's coming up on news4 at 5. a baltimore woman says she plans to use her college degree
4:53 pm
to help other burn victims. 24-year-old jacqueline miller graduated this week. back in 1996 when she was just 5 years old, miller was badly injured in a row house fire in baltimore. she's under gone years of surgery and rehab to get where she is now. and in the audience yesterday watching her get that diploma, the man who pulled her out of that burning building, ted sutton says that day changed his life as well. turning him from a gang member to the founder of a nonprofit organization. still to come, tens of thousands of gallons of oil threatening the california coast. we're going to get an wrup date on that massive cleanup effort. >> reporter: will he or won't he? governor hogan in the spotlight as he makes a decision on the purple line. i'm adam tuss in annapolis. the story coming up.
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of the
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memorial day weekend has been spoiled by an oil spill in california. nbc's kirk hawkins reports on the work to clean up 100,000 gallons of oil now threatening wildlife and vacationers. >> reporter: a state of emergency along the scenic southern california coast is now worse than expected. the u.s. coast guard says as much as 105,000 gallons of oil may have seeped into the ocean near santa barbara the slick stretching nine miles. >> cleanup doesn't occur overnight. it's a long process. >> reporter: california governor jerry brown declaring that state of emergency to free up additional resources after an onshore pipeline broke tuesday morning. >> we will do everything necessary to protect california's coastline. >> reporter: investigators are now looking into the possibility of criminal charges. environmentalists say it's too soon to tell how badly the spill is hurting birds and other animals. >> i know everybody says it there's no good place for an oil spill, but this is one of the worst places to have an oil
4:58 pm
spill. >> reporter: federal records show planes all-american pipeline, the texas company responsible for the ruptured pipe, has had 175 safety and maintenance infractions since 2006, more than three times the national average. >> we are committed to continuously improve our safety and excellence programs across all of plains. >> reporter: two state beefrpaches are closed for memorial weekend as crews race to clean up the coast that make this area a popular vacation destination. wildlife officials say they've recovered a number of dead animals and some live pelicans. coast guard officials are now saying the cleanup could take weeks or even months. kirk hawkins, nbc news, santa barbara. right now at 5, rain continues to move out of the region but very cool temperatures remain. i'll show you when we start to see our warm-up and talk about our next heat wave. first at 5, east coast
4:59 pm
manhunt. detectives say this is their suspect. he's wanted for the cold-blooded murders of these four people in a northwest d.c. home. >> right now it does not appear that this was just a random crime, but there is a connection through the business. >> reporter: live tonight, why this search stretches to the streets of brooklyn. >> reporter: plus, what we're learning about the links between the suspect and the victims. >> live team coverage starts now. after a week of combing through a crime scene that can only be described as heinous, detectives say they are closing in on their suspected killer. >> the manhunt for daron wint stretches all the way to new york city tonight. sources tell news4 he may have traveled there because that's where his girlfriend lives. >> and today we also learned that wint was a welder and worked for american iron works, the owner of that company along with his wife, his 10-year-old son and his housekeeper were all found murdered in their
5:00 pm
multimillion-dollar mansion in northwest d.c. just a week ago today. >> police say wint has been on the run ever since, initially burning the family's porsche in a new carrollton parking lot before possibly fleeing to brooklyn. we have a team of reporters working on this story. now it starts with pat collins and new information on the money that was delivered to the home prior to the murders. pat? >> reporter: think about what happened in that house. four captives. the beatings. the stabbings. the massive fire. could that be the work of just one man? four people held captive inside this mansion for hours and hours and hours tied up, beaten and stabbed. could this be the work of just one man? or are there more suspects


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