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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, a manhunt that stretches about 250 miles. >> police are looking for 34-year-old daron dylon wint and now we know more about his troubled past. >> he couldn't get along with
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anybody. >> total shock, just total disbelief. >> new tonight, news 4 is live in brooklyn new york where police are still questioning people who know deron wint. >> he has some relatives here, some friends here. we're investigating that with them right now. >> even his family has madelf in. >> tonight we're at one week and counting and the man hadn't for a murder suspect covers d.c. and at least two other states now. >> deron wint is wanted for the killing of savvas and amy savopoulos their 10-year-old son and their housekeeper. wint's last known address is in maryland but today's search led them to brooklyn and the nypd spent today questioning her. >> sources told our sister station in new york that wint may be headed back to maryland but right now police aren't ruling anything out. news 4's jackie bensen left for brooklyn as soon as we heard
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police were searching up there. she begins our team coverage now. jackie? >> reporter: well doreen, throughout the day and right up until about two minutes ago the question has been is he in d.c. is he in new york and that has not been confirmed by anyone which mpd at this time. now right now behind me here at new york city police department's 69th precinct a woman described as wint's girlfriend has been questioned she's still there and has been here for hours. sources tell news 4 a woman believed to be the girlfriend of quadruple murder suspect daron dylon wint has been at the new york city police department's 69th precinct for much of the day. she is said to be talking to detectives but is not under arrest. it's an example of the extraordinary working relationship between d.c. police and the nypd. >> i was notified this morning
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by chief lannier, a close personal friend as well as professional colleague, that they had information that the suspect that they were looking for who has been identified through dna at the residence of the crime may be located in new york city area. >> we do believe the person was in brooklyn at some point and he has some relatives here some friends here and we're investigating that with them right now. >> sources tell news 4 that investigators believe wint traveled by bus to new york but may have gained access to a vehicle at some point. it is not clear exactly how long after the horrific murders of savvas and amy savopoulos and their 10-year-old son philip and housekeeper vera figueroa that wint fled the d.c. area. >> and, again, we are told that wint's girlfriend is not under arrest but we are told that detectives aren't likely to keep talking to her for some time
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talking to her until they locate the quadruple murder suspect live in brooklyn jackie bensen. >> deron wint has a lengthy criminal history but one of his lawyers says he was surprised to see wint accused in a crime. shomari stone with more on that story. >> reporter: tonight the manhunt continues. his family and relatives live behind me in this house right here and they have refused to talk to us. >> where is deron wintd, the question of the night as police search for the 34-year-old charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of savvas savopoulos, his wife amy and 10-year-old son philip and their housekeeper. wint has a criminal history dating back to 2005. he was charged with several crimes including theft. he was convicted of assaulting a girlfriend in maryland in 2009. police say he threatened to kill a woman, allegedly saying he was good with a knife, could easily
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kill and wasn't afraid of police. we interviewed a former attorney not affiliated with the 2009 case. >> do you think that deron wint is responsible for this quadruple murderer? >> absolutely not. >> why not? >> because he's a nice guy and not in his character. >> reporter: neighbors say his father owns this house in lanham maryland and wipt has been living here. the people inside won't talk to us and wint also has a relative near the church. >> you wouldn't mind your grandmother going to lunch with. >> reporter: family was held captive, investigators say someone at the house order two pizzas from dominoes. >> this was the dominoes that delivered. >> reporter: as police searched the house, a lieutenant saw a piece of pizza crust.
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wint could be heading back here to maryland and police urge anyone with information to give them a camp there is a reward of up to $200,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. we will continue to bring you the latest details and updates on twitter and facebook facebook @nbcwashington. live in lanham maryland shomari stone. back to you. >> thanks shomari. wint worked for american iron works in hyattsville said they lost a great boss when savopoulos was killed and one man remembers wint who worked as a welder from 2003 to 2005 saying wint couldn't get along with anyone there. most workers express disbelief calling the crime a tragedy. we'll be following developments throughout the night as the search for deron wint continues and you can find any breaking details on our nbc washington app. another step forward in the case of six baltimore police officers who have been charged
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in the death of freddie gray. the grand jury indicted all six officers today on a number of charges. the drivers of the police van in which gray was riding still faces the most serious charge of second-degree depraved heart murder. some lesser charges were dropped against other officers. >> now that the grand jury has also found probable cause to charge the aforementioned officers based upon the evidence these officers who are presumed innocent until proven guilty are now scheduled to be arraigned on july 2nd. >> lawyers for those officers have called the case overzealous prosecution and are calling for mosby to recuse herself over what they call personal and political conflicts of interest. federal investigators are on the hunt tonight for several suspects caught setting fires during the baltimore riots. they released photos from seven different locations. among them an image of a man suspected of torching the cvs
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store on pennsylvania avenue in baltimore. investigators believe the suspects used fire bombs made from materials they looted from local businesses. >> the bar will be set high if prosecutors want to file criminal charges in the deathly train derailment in philadelphia. experts say prosecutors must prove that the amtrak engineer brandon bostian was intention intentionally negligent or distra charged if that crash was ruled an accident. several senate democrats demanded for money for amtrak so the train can address a maintenance and service backlog. they want to give the company $2 billion in subsidies. the republicans approved a spending bill a bill that would cut $250 billion from the amtrak
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budget. man wants to marry the mother of his unborn son. joe morrissey held a press conference today with 19-year-old myrna pride and their their 9-week-old son chase. marcy served time in jail for having a sexual relationship with the teenager when she was a minor. >> good news for the maryland schoolchildren to start the summer off. next school year they will be taking fewer tests. students in grades three through eight will take standardized tests in math and english just once next year instead of twice. "the baltimore sun" was the first to report the change. made from feedback from students parents and teachers. the weather out there now, chilly out there today, awfully damp but that won't last long. doug? >> that won't last long at all. we're talking one day the cool air is here and then the next
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day it's out of here and right now very cool. you can even see your breath outside this evening and take a look at the numbers across mid-atlantic. 47 back towards elkins west virginia and state college 55 and down towards richmond. we were chilly today for sure. this weekend we get warmer again. temperatures back into the 70s, but then next week next week we just get hot. talking about a heat wave. we'll talk about that and then the rising temperatures plus what's happening down on the beaches. i've got that forecast as well >> thank you doug. >> workers are still trying to clean up a large oil spill on the california coast. 100,000 gallons leaked from a broken pipeline. about 21,000 gallons flowed into the ocean. officials have closed an area of 160 square miles to fishermen because that have spill. >> a member of a well-known reality tv family is resigning from a d.c. lobbying firm amid claims he molested young girls when he was a teenager. "in touch weekly" magazine
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published a 2006 police report today that they claim describes charges against josh duggar. duggar is now 27 he's married and issued a statement on the family's facebook page saying quote, as a young teenager i acted inexcusebly for which i'm sorry and extremely regret end quote. duggar worked for the family research companies. against other things the group lobbies against legalizing same-sex marriage. the fra said duggar resigned because he believed it would be difficult for him to be effective in his current work. next at 11:00, windows shattered, a ceiling and roof destroyed. how a virginia man c inches away from getting crushed by a rock in virginia. >> tonight police have made an arrest in a hit and run involving a 6-year-old woman in the southeast. hear from her daughters coming up. >> and a tantrum at the airport. bizarre behavior that got a passenger arrested.
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>> tonight some big changes in arlington columbia pike at washington boulevard arranges new ramp and signal and traffic pattern. happening overnight,
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we have breaking news related to our top stories. sources tell a reporter at our sister station in new york city that quadruple murder suspect daron dylon wint is back in the district. we're trying to confirm that now. no word on whether wint is in custody. we had heard earlier today he might be on his way back to the d.c. area after he traveled to
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brooklyn and we'll bring you any new information as soon as we get it. >> giant rocks flying through the sky and crashing into homes and businesses. this is the aftermath after a quarry blast today in loudon county huge chunks of debris fell through a home and on to a bed. a guy sleeping in the same room had to get stitches. surveillance cameras caught a rock flying towards an autoparts store. the impact so strong it caused the windows to explode. >> you can only sit back and say by the grace of god did nobody get hurt with rocks through the air. >> investigators are now trying to figure out what went wrong. >> there has been an arrest in the hit-and-run case that killed a southeast woman back in a.tonight that woman's daughters are talking to us about that. darcy spencer has our report. >> mom meant the world to me. >> these are the two daughters
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of faith pines, the 68-year-old woman struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. that driver has just been charged with involuntary manslaughter. >> oh, i'm excited. i'm happy. i'm glad that she is arrested but she ain't never going to bring my mother back. >> the driver is identified as a security licensed by d.c. police and a company supervisor at an apartment complex on southern avenue in southeast. less than one mile from the crash scene. >> i'm just mad, angry, you know because my mom is gone. our mom is gone it's just terrible. >> we showed mrs. pines' document and the charging documents outlining the details against johnson. the documents showed johnson borrowed the mercedes from her brother-in-law and report it had stolen after the crash and her brother-in-law later identified johnson as driver. >> i think the ladies' brother-in-law, i thank for for turning his sister-in-law in. if i could see him i would shake
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his hand. >> according to the charging documents johnson confessed she was speeding here along southern avenue, that she saw someone crossing the road and slammed on her brakes but it was too late. she says or the crash she panicked and fled the scene. >> mrs. pines' daughters wonder if their mom had gotten help right away would she be alive today. >> let her know that we miss her and she's watching over us. >> faith, family and friends are keeping their spirits up. now they pray for just sis. darcy spencer, news 4. >> the member call day weekend began this afternoon at the place where the holiday means the most armable, more than 1,000 members of the u.s. third infantry regiment the so-called old guard, began placing an american grave on each of the graves at cemetery. the soldiers have a precise system of placing the flags so each one is exactly one foot in front of the headstone. they placed nearly a quarter of a million flags in less than
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four hours this afternoon. >> wow. >> a lot of people have a lot of memorial day activities planned, doug. good news for them? >> i have great news. really a fantastic memorial day weekend. that's what we want to hear. this time of year it can go either way. 50s like today or 90s like it could be just after memorial day. take a look a very cool night across the region. can you even walk outside and see your breath. cool and a lot moisture in the air. 54 degrees and winds out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour and look at rest of the numbers. only 50 in gaithersburg and 53 in culpepper and 50 over towards huntingtown. a cool day for sure one of the coolest in a money. storm team 4 radar is dry. it will stay this way most of the next 24 hours. however, i'm watching the frontal boundary. plenty of sunshine early tomorrow. again, it will start off fairly cool so you may need the jacket when you step out the door and during the afternoon sunshine and then look at the front, the cold front comes down and it will bring couple a couple of
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showers. should move fairly quickly and again you may see a sure in your area during the day. very nice on saturday. saturday morning will be quite chilly. some areas may even be in the upper 30s early saturday morning before warming back into the 70s. watch the car, you bet champ won't see much. after the shower trending dry starting on saturday. you can get out there and wash that cry. >> 75 manassas and temperatures back to around average, average high this time of year around 77 degrees so not quite there yet. we'll get there. breezy sunshine tomorrow and starting off around 7:00 a.m. and 53. up to 59 degrees at 9:00 a.m. if you're on the bike getting the early run-in. up to 74 in the afternoon. could be a little breezy especially once that front passes. that impact on the low side for sure. no real problems tomorrow. temperatures they are going to be interesting, too. why? well 74 friday and cooler on saturday and then we start going up. we start going up in a big way.
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82 on sunday and memorial day looking great with a high temperature of 88 degrees and then it gets plain hot tuesday, wednesday, thursday and 90 degrees or better. chance of storms tuesday, wednesday and thursday. that's typical with that kind of a parent. very hot and very humid and it looks like we could see some of that continuing. if you're heading down towards the beaches, take the sweatshirt and take the sweater, going to be out there along the boardwalk, especially on saturday saturday evening, temperatures of 66 degrees, rather cool and nice. sunday temperatures around 76 degrees. looking good and then monday memorial day down towards the beaches, have is it off, count yourself lucky, a temperature of around 84 degrees. tonight, vance's last night with me. a whole bunch of stuff for you. bring it on in, everybody. >> they will be here in a minute. >> there's a big cake somewhere. >> thank you very much. >> that forecast is good enough. that's enough of a gift. >> we've got breaking news right
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now, doreen. >> indeed. we now have two different sources telling us that quadruple murder suspect daron dylon wint is in custody no. confirmation from d.c. police. we'll keep you posted. headed to northeast d.c. right now to try to
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we've got more breaking news. two different sources are telling us quadruple murder suspect deron wint has been captured and is in custody. darcy spencer is on her way to
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northeast d.c. where wint is said to have been at some point today. we don't know if that is where he was taken into custody. shomari stone is on his way to d.c. police headquarters to find out what the situation is there. the d.c. police have not confirmed the reports that we have that wint is in custody. we certainly will have more on this especially in our morning show. >> and more breaking news. chopper 4 is over the scene of a massive fire in accokeek on cole harbor drive. there's been a collapse on one side of the home and they think this fire may be gas-fed. we don't know about anybody, whether there's any injuries or anybody in the home and we'll update that story on our website. >> you talk about getting no love. john wall gets no love. they have snubbed him again. >> again. ridiculous.
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you know how we told you earlier three snubs, first team second team third team. which is worse? the seventh in league voting for guard. ridiculous. snubbed before, a familiar spot. cut from team usa. ranked 31st by "sports illustrated" by all nba players and completely left off the list for first, second and third team all nba. what hasn't john wall done for the wizards team averaged 17.6 points per game, 10 assists, second in the nba and 1.75 steals 11th in the league. all of wall's stats were better than kyrie irving who made the third team. wall will use the snub as motivation okay. no question about this guy, steph curry, mvp and first team all nba facing the rockets tonight. two-point warriors lead and getting free and doing what he does best knocking down that
11:27 pm
three-pointer and making it a five-point game. free in the corner. three ball corner pocket. no problem. curry with 33 points tonight. a bad pass by houston leads to a turnover. warriors three-on-one. andre iguodala finishing with authority. the monster jam gets the bench pumped up. look at kyrie, how he celebrates. doesn't do anything easy. warriors they are up right now, 98-90. nhl playoffs say hello to our old friend bruce boudreau. his anaheim ducks alive and well facing the blackhawks tonight. up abd down first period with a 1-0 lead. ducks on that pack and black hawk patrick kane with a beautiful backhander past freddy andersen. great play by kane. beats the goalie. kane's eighth goal of the playoffs. the game is tied at one.
11:28 pm
late second period same score. ducks working the puck on the ice. the slapshot beats corey crawford. ducks take a 2-1 lead. >> i think we have to break in because we do have breaking news. >> darcy spencer with more about the arrest in the quadruple murder case. darcy? >> reporter: doreen two law enforcement sources are confirming to news 4 that the murder suspect has been captured right here in northeast washington a short time ago. we're on 12th street and you can see police are putting the tape up here across the intersection. a source told me police had followed a vehicle, a white chevy cruise from around the hyattsville area into northeast washington into rhode island avenue and they say they did take into custody daron wint the 34-year-old wanted in connection with the quadruple homicide over on woodland drive
11:29 pm
in northwest washington that resulted in the death of three family members as well as their housekeeper. it's a very active scene here. from what i understand he is also -- he was taken into custody here. there were a few other people in the vehicle with him. i'm told three women were in the car. pulled over guns were drawn and they got out. from what i understand it was without incident. the arrest was without incident. here again on rhode island avenue in northeast washington and, again, he was taken into custody by police and will be facing the four murder charges and people can rest easy tonight that this murder suspect has been taken into custody here in northeast washington. back to you. >> thanks darcy. >> there have been some questions and some speculation earlier about whether daron wint would come back in and turn himself in but we do not know for certain is whether he's learned he's in custody but we don't know if he's turned himself in or if police arrested him because we've also heard that there was a lookout for
11:30 pm
that particular vehicle that darcy described in northeast d.c. that police were looking for. >> and you're seeing pictures of the victims of this horrible crime that happened one week ago today. savvas and amy savopoulos their 10-year-old son and also their -- his name was philip and their housekeeper vera figueroa. that again, happened in d.c.'s -- northwest c.d.'s woodley park neighborhood. they were apparently what we hear from police or our sources that the family was held hostage overnight wednesday night. a delivery of $40,000 in cash to the home by one of mr. savopoulos' assistants from -- from work, and -- and the house was -- was torched about midday about 1:00 notice afternoon last thursday is when that fire was reported and then
11:31 pm
not too much later the -- the families -- one the family's car, a porsche, was found torched over in prince george's county and there's been a manhunt for this suspect. as we understand it he took a bus up to brooklyn which is where we are told his girlfriend lives. police in new york have been questioning that girlfriend all day and we had been hearing that he was going to turn himself in but that doesn't look like a scene of somebody who was turning himself in that we're looking at. >> doesn't. darcy spencer still on that scene. darcy, there's talk earlier that this guy might not be the only suspect. you hearing anything on that? >> reporter: well that's right. this is the person that police so far in their investigation have been able to identify. this was the person that you saw on that surveillance video that was released and then eventually as we've been reporting that there was dna on a pizza crust
11:32 pm
that linked directly to the suspect, again, taken into custody right here northeast washington tonight. >> and we'll have more on this on our morning broadcast. "the tonight show" is next. >> good night.
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