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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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this friday morning, a gentle breeze is blowing through the region now. there's the flag near union station. we have got a chilly start as well. and no travel troubles weatherwise. a little bit of light rain in new england. heading off into the midwest driving that way, maybe driving into a few showers along interstates 80 and 90 across northern ohio and indiana. that may be getting closer to the mountains later today, but right now metro area we're all dry. starting off this morning no travel problems over than the chill in the air. you need the heater on in 2 car. temperatures only around 50 degrees. that's the water temperature too, only 58 at the beaches for the water temperature. a chill coming off the water on saturday with an on shore flow. only in the 60s at the beaches. sunday looking good into the mid 70s and beautiful at the beaches on memorial day into the 80s and partly cloudy and not very humid. next weather and traffic on the 1s your bus stop forecast what to wear for this chilly friday
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morning. now melissa has an update on that crash. >> update on this crash in the district. take a look here, just got off the phone with d.c. police one lane of 295 southbound is now open at nannie helen burroughs. northbound is open. right now we are getting by without a major problem. we were shut down earlier. prince william is shut down at jefferson davis. southbound being pushed on to prince william parkway to get folks around that crash. taking a look now at 95 in virginia, southbound here through dale city. we are quite slow. 12 mile per hour at this point this morning. the right lane it sounds like is blocked here. this is a live picture, looks better than it did earlier here. but still quite slow this morning. 95 southbound right now is where the first 4 traffic tracker is heading. al going to get into some of the backups and show us what's really happening there. live here this morning, a wide look at things overall the beltway looking good. moving along nicely as we hit this memorial day weekend. >> thank you. back to the breaking news now.
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the manhunt is over for the man suspected of killing a northwest d.c. family and their housekeeper. this is new video where d.c. police arrested daron wint during a traffic stop in northeast. that search took police in two states and this morning we're learning about a hotel connection in maryland. news4's megan mcgrath picks up the story in college park. megan? >> reporter: well, good morning aaron. police thought that daron wint was in new york city. but they missed him there. they were able to track him to a hotel in maryland. we received information that that hotel is the howard johnson's on route 1 in college park. you can see over my shoulder here the police officer who has been stationed here outside of that hotel all night long. we are expecting more activity here later on this morning. u.s. marshals perhaps coming by to take a closer look here. the fugitive task force was preparing to move in and arrest wint when they saw him getting into a car with several other people. u.s. marshals followed that car into the district of columbia
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and they pulled it over in the 1000 block of rhode island avenue and arrested wint as well as arrested several others who were with him. now, also stopped and impounded by police was a small box truck. wint has been charged with first degree murder in the deaths of the savopoulos family and their housekeeper, vera figurera. police say that he murdered the four and then set the northwest mansion on fire to cover up the crime. now, the big break in the case came when police analyzed a pizza crust that was found at the crime scene and found wint's dna on that pizza crust. the search though is now over. daron wint is in police custody. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath live in college park, thank you. and daron wint has a criminal history it dates back to 2005. he was convicted of assaulting a girlfriend in maryland in 2009 and pleaded guilty the next year to malicious destruction of property. he allegedly threatened to kill a woman and her infant daughter
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broke into their apartment, stole and tv and vandalized the car. his former attorney says he doesn't believe that wint is responsible for the quadruple murder. >> he's a nice guy. he wouldn't hurt a fly. he's the kind of guy you wouldn't mind your grandmother going to lunch with. >> now, coming up news4's kristin wright digs deeper to see who is daron wint including his connection to the savopoulos family. there will be a wake today for vera figurera the housekeeper at the savopoulos home. last weekend she texted a friend she would be working at the woodley park house. she came to the u.s. from el salvador to earn money before planning to retire next year. a viewing will be held at the funeral home in silver spring. it starts at 2:00 p.m. friends and family meanwhile have set up a gofundme page to help pay for the funeral costs.
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donations will help the family send her body back home by plane to el salvador for a proper burial. she leaves behind a husband and two children who live in el salvador. you can find a link on the nbc washington app. five minutes after the hour now and today, jesse matthew heads back to court in fairfax county. he is accused of raping and brutally beating a woman in 2005. he will ask the judge to suppress any evidence in the claim that the woman recognizes him. the victim only gave a vague description of matthew. yesterday the circuit -- two days ago the court published the name of the victim on its website. it was removed several hours later after being seen by the public. today a judge will decide whether a former montgomery county school employee will stand trial for sex abuse. robert wilson was a paraeducator in silver spring. wilson helped the student with homework with phone and then started to meet with her at school where the alleged abuse
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took place. the victim told police they met at her apartment building and the hearing is set for 2:00 this morning. still no word this morning on the cause of this boat fire in anne arundel county. a 35-foot boat caught fire at the yachting center in edge water. the fire caused some serious damage on the boat but did not spread to others nearby. no one was hurt. as we remember our fallen service members this memorial day weekend, the washington national cathedral is preparing to welcome more than 200 members of rolling thunder. they're coming for the annual blessing of the bikes. this is part of the cathedral's veterans initiative. the bikers will gather on the walker court at 5:15 tonight. breaking news in washington this morning where the man police believe killed four people before setting their home on fire has been captured. our team coverage continues this morning. kristin wright at police headquarters and will bring us a closer look at the suspect. clean-up continues in
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california after that massive oil spill and this morning we're learning just how long it could take to clean up the toxic mess. looking live outside at 5:07.
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5:09. right now investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the oil pipeline to break. it sent more than 100,000 gallons of oil into the water.
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the operator says it may take weeks or even months to find out exactly what went wrong there. crews will begin to dig up the pipeline as soon as federal investigators say it's okay to do that. the pipeline company says some pump problems were detected but it's not clear if that was related to the spill. memorial day weekend is here and that means pool season is here as well. muriel bowser kicks off the summer's pool season. and all of the city's pools open up tomorrow. hours will vary by location so you want to check. but we're ready to dive in huh? >> to the pool? >> yeah. ready to dive into the summer. >> yeah. the pool -- not happening for me just yet. coming up an 11 after the hour. amelia segal is outside on the storm team 4 weather deck i believe. >> she'll tell us what we need to know in order to get dressed this morning.
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>> it's chilly out here on the storm team 4 weather deck. the birds are chirping but you want to grab a jacket as you step outside early this morning. working our way into the afternoon hours it might not be the best day to dive into the pool because we'll deal with the breeze. nice early sunrise, right around 5:50 in the morning. temperature right here in northwest coming in at 50 degrees. early at the bus stop chilly. we'll have full sunshine breezy 8:00 to 9:00. a temperature around 58. so as the sun comes up we do warm up very quickly today. a high temperature of 77 degrees. so what to wear you'll need a jacket for these early morning hours but you can layer, short sleeves by this afternoon is just fine. you need your sunglasses. tom will have a look at the memorial day weekend, how hot it will get. but right now melissa you're continuing to track issues on 95 southbound. >> already issues on 95 southbound. not what we want to see headed
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into the memorial day weekend. first 4 traffic tracker southbound on 95, just after dale city. backups are because of 3 1/2 miles and this is because of road work. it's slowing things down quite a bit there. you can see this stretch going only 15 miles per hour this morning. also in woodbridge prince william parkway shut down at rut 1 near jefferson davis highway. so route 1 in general may not be the greatest road for you to take this morning as you're trying to avoid 95. overall prince george's county no problem. same thing as you look at b.w. parkway and 270 at montrose road is rolling along nicely. police have taken the man charged in the quadruple murder has been taken into custody. >> what we have learned about daron wint
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for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late...
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breaking news at 5:15. police have caught the man they say murdered the family in their home. daron wint is now charged with first degree murder. police say wint killed savvas and amy savopoulos and their 10-year-old son philip and the housekeeper. we're digging into his background. wint was born and raised in guyana and he joined the marine corps the same year however, he did not make it through basic training and he receive an honorable discharge for medical reasons. next comes the connection between wint and the savopoulos family. from 2003 to 2005 daron wint worked as a welder at savopoulos' business in -- in maryland. let's go to news4's kristin wright for more on this. good morning.
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>> reporter: that's right, wint was born and raised in guyana and detectives will have a lot of questions for him this morning. just to go over his background, again, wint was born and raised in guyana. he moved to the u.s. in 2000. he joined the marines that same year. however, we're told he never did finish basic training. next as aaron mentioned comes the connection between wint and the savopoulos family. from 2003 to 2005, daron wint worked as a welder at savvas savopoulos's company, american iron works in hyattsville, maryland and one of his relatives was fired from that company. wint has a court record going back to 2005 that includes a conviction for assaulting a woman in 2009 and an arrest in 2010 at a gas station across the street from american iron works. police say he was carrying an open container of beer at that time. a machete and a b-b gun. now, what else we do maryland.
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his parents live there now. police have searched that property. and as you know for sure, daron wint's dna was found according to sources on a piece of pizza crust at the crime scene. we also know of course that daron wint is charged with first degree murder while armed. back to you. >> kristin wright for us live thanks for the update. family friends and fellow officers are remembering the nebraska officer killed in the line of duty. dozens came out to the memorial last night. detective kerry orozco was just 29 years old. she was shot wednesday while serving a search warrant. she recently had a baby and was a day away from taking time to be with her new child. fellow officers say she had an impact on everyone she met including kids. >> we'd have kids come up and recognize her. she would stop the car and hand out stickers give high-fives. >> well orozco is the 25th
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officer in omaha to be killed in the line of duty. her name will be engraved on if memorial in the city. a memorial day tradition is not happening this weekend in light of the deadly biker shooting near waco, texas. the cossack biker group agreed to cancel the biker blowout. police will have an increased presence to make sure tensions don't boil open. people are disappointed it was cancelled but they understand the safety concerns. new data seems to show black women may be more at risk for heart disease than white women. that's if they're already struggling with metabolic problems like obesity and high cholesterol. experts say studies like these highlight the importance of diet and exercise in come batting heart disease. you can read more in the journal of the american heart association. smoking rates are falling across the country. that is according to some new data from the centers for disease control.
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but tobacco use varies from state to state. let's look in our area. around 19% of adults in d.c. smoke. in maryland around 16% adults smoke and in virginia only 19%. in west virginia that number is 27%. that is the highest in the nation. more and more parents are turning to genetic testing during pregnancy for an early glimpse at their child's potential health problems. prenatal tests are marketed for their accuracy, but there are some new studies that are casting doubt on the accuracy. doctor says there's a critical distinction. they indicate risk but don't diagnose a disease. doctors don't want the parents to make drastic decisions before more information. >> before a woman makes an irrevocable decision she shouldn't make it based on a screening test. it must be based on the results of a diagnostic test. >> now, some tests manufacturers recommend that parents see genetic counselors to have the
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test results confirmed. ready for some blue skies? >> that would be nice. >> i know. i know. well we have storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here to break down the memorial day weekend forecast. >> there's a holiday feel in the air this morning as the sky has cleared out, that rain we had yesterday long gone. here's another view of the sunrise from the storm team 4 tower camera this morning. sun will be coming up at 5:50 this morning in half an hour from now in a clear sky. we have quite a bit of dew this morning. i took this picture a couple of hours ago in northwest washington. a lot of dew on windshields and grassy areas and the storm team 4 radar, no problems up and down 95 between here and new england or down to florida. heading west though, you may be running into some showers if you're driving into western pennsylvania or ohio later on today. everything is dry for heading out for this get away day. temperatures right now around the bay, low to mid 50s there.
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around the metro area upper 40s. much of prince george's county is right around 50 degrees. right around the beltway and inside the beltway we're in the low to mid 50s. shenandoah valley panhandle of west virginia chilly there. just in the 40s. and way out in western maryland it's only in the 30s this morning. much of the region will still be around 50 by 8:00 with the bright sun and then jumping to near 70 by noontime. that's when we'll see some breezes picking up. later this morning, winds could be gusting to 25 moul -- miles an hour. a few clouds are coming through. temperatures into the upper 70s. tomorrow morning another chilly start in the low 50s. sunny on saturday highs mid 70s. mild comfortable humidity. beautiful day on sunday. highs in the low 80s on sunday afternoon. for memorial day looking great for all the activities around the metro area. temperatures will be in the mid 80s. we'll have comfortable humidity with lots of sunshine.
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but rather hot during the afternoon. and then back to work and school. storm team 4 seven day outlook, tuesday, wednesday and thursday each day. it will be feeling like summer with highs upper 80s to near 90. passing afternoon thunderstorms each day as well. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:31. your neighborhood highs for the day ahead. now melissa is looking at slowdowns early on this get away day with breaking news. >> major slowdowns. 95 southbound here through dale city we have a 3 1/2 mile backup because of earlier road work. right now still actually have a right lane blocked through dale city. only going 20 miles per hour as you head southbound there. woodbridge, a problem. prince william parkway is shut down. route 1 being diverted on to prince william parkway. wide look at things beltway looking good. and nice and green. same thing when you're looking at 270 into and out of town. if you're headed to the beach take me awith me.
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bay bridge is looking good. we know that will get crazy later i should say, right now no major problems. >> melissa, thank you. 5:24 your time right now. the bar will be set high if prosecutors want to file criminal charges for the deadly train derailment in philadelphia. prosecutors will have to prove that amtrak engineer brandon bostian was negligent. he probably would not be charged if the crash is ruled an accident. in the meantime, senate democrats want to give amtrak more money so the railroad can address the $21 million maintenance and repair backlog. they want to give amtrak $2 billion in subsidies. a republican controlled house panel approved a spending bill the day after the crash. it could cut $251 million from the budget if it passes. new this morning a former korean air executive is out of jail after spending five months
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for her outburst over macadamian nuts. heather cho had an outburst earlier this year and she ordered a flight attendant off the flight because of the way she was served the nuts. cho's defense lawyer issued an apology and the rest of the sentence has been suspended for two years. officials are trying to figure out what caused a jet to crash. it crashed off the colombian northern coast. the plane was carrying more than a ton of cocaine. the body of a man along with a mexican passport was found among the wreckage. hey, take a look at some incredible video. drivers in texas are hoping for a dry spell after major rain caused flooding in the area. it left several stranded in corpus christi yesterday. cars were left under several feet of water as drivers headed for high ground. the rain left major intersections under water too.
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more rain is expected to hit the region later today. our breaking news coverage of the arrest of a quadruple murder suspect continues. one week to the day after police say daron wint killed a north west d.c. family. they took him into custody. and what we're learning about a search involving the u.s. marshals. major changes on the way for the students why they won't be taking as many standardized tests next year. how warm will it get where you live? tom's working on your neighborhood highs and will bring that to us at 5:31.
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5:30 begins with breaking news. suspect caught. d.c. police have started questioning quadruple murder suspect daron wint using his cell phone detectives tracked him from maryland to brooklyn, new york, and back. last night officers followed him from prince george's county into the district and pulled him over on rhode island avenue. wint killed the savopouloses their 10-year-old son and housekeeper last week. investigators matched his dna from a pizza crust at the
5:30 am
woodley park home. good morning. i'm angie goff. in for eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. but first, let's check in with tom. >> starting off with a clear sky this morning. you can see the first light of dawn showing up. that midnight blue sky and temperatures are chilly. only near 50 in prince george's county. much of montgomery county and fairfax county only the upper 40s now. and a chill in the air shenandoah valley pan handle of west virginia as well. it's just in the 40s from front royal, up through winchester and thurmond down to the chilly 43. oakland is only at 37 degrees, but look at the afternoon highs today. absolutely gorgeous around the bay, low to mid 70s. mid to upper 70s in the metro area and low to mid 70s farther north. next weather and traffic on the 1s your drive time forecast for this friday get away day.
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and the get away on the roads is not looking so great. breaking news with melissa. >> again, virginia 95 southbound here through dale city we are slow here. it is now a 2 1/2 mile backup. that getting better. we were four miles initially this morning. so it's getting smaller, but still going 16 miles per hour there. southbound a little slow there. just a warning. 95 northbound, first 4 traffic tracker having no problems there just after quantico. brand new crash outer loop at route 1 with the right lane blocked. a warning there. prince william parkway is shut down because of a crash there. the traffic is being pushed on to prince william. b.w. parkway into and out of town looking good. travel times in ten minutes. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 5:31. now back to the breaking news this morning, the suspect caught last night d.c. police arrested the man they believe killed a d.c. family and their house keeper. police connected daron wint to several scenes including those in two states. the most recent search led
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police to the hotel in college park. news4's megan mcgrath breaks down that link. good morning. >> reporter: well aaron, we're here at the howard johnson's on route 1 in college park and over my shoulder here you can see a police officer who's been given the task of keeping an eye on things overnight. he has been here all night long. now, police thought that daron wint was actually in new york city. but they missed him there and they had to track him back to maryland. they got information that he was at a hotel in maryland. now, the fugitive task force was preparing to go in and make the arrest at the hotel when they saw daron wint get into a vehicle with several other people. this was late last night. u.s. marshals then began to follow that vehicle and they pulled it over on rhode island avenue in northeast washington. they towed that vehicle away as well as another vehicle. both have been impounded and are part of this investigation. one is a sedan, a car. the other is a small box truck. now, wint has been charged with
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first degree murder in the deaths of the savopoulos family and their housekeeper, vera figueroa. the big broke as we have been hearing came when police analyzed a pizza crust found at the crime scene. sources say that wint's dna was found on that crust. that's when they identified him as the prime suspect in the manhunt. that manhunt is now over however, daron wint now in police custody. back to you. >> megan mcgrath live in college park thank you. this story has a lot of moving parts. we want to take you to the beginning now. police say the suspect held the savopoulos family and their housekeeper captive last wednesday at a home on woodland drive in woodley park neighborhood. police believe he set their home on fire on thursday, that was hours after somebody delivered $40,000 in cash to the house. later that evening someone torched the family car in lanham. >> after wint torched that porsche, he travelled by bus to
5:34 am
new york city and police tracked his cell phone to brooklyn. his girlfriend lives in brooklyn. she spent most of yesterday talking to detectives. she said wint was headed back to d.c. to possibly surrender and police caught up with him in prince george's county. officers followed wint into d.c. last night and pulled him over on rhode island avenue northeast. developing this morning, we expect new information later today about two men in california that the fbi says wanted to join isis. lawmaker officials confirmed to nbc news the fbi arrested both men yesterday, one of them was at los angeles international airport when he was caught. the suspects were unarmed and may have been recruited via social media. a d.c. woman is behind bars this morning on charges that she ran down a 68-year-old woman. 26-year-old chatara johnson is charged with involuntarily manslaughter. police say she hit and killed 68-year-old faith pines on southern avenue southeast.
5:35 am
johnson fled the scene and reported the car stolen and she told police she knew nothing about the accident. the victim's family says they are happy about the arrest. >> i'm excited. i'm happy. i'm glad that she is arrested. but she ain't going to bring my mother back. >> i'm just mad, angry because my mom is 's brother in law who owns the car involved in the crash turned his sister-in-law in to police. she said she was speeding and couldn't stop in time. 5:35. today, president obama will celebrate jewish heritage american month. the event celebrates the contributions of jewish americans to american culture. five years ago the president -- joe biden will speak at the u.s. naval academy's graduation. that ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m. more than a thousand midshipmen
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will graguate from the academy. you may face some serious delays on metro. five of the six lines will be impacted by track work. on saturday and sunday, trains on the yellow, blue, orange and silver lines will run every 24 minutes. on monday trains on the yellow and blue will run every 18 minutes. to see how it changes, head over to the washington app, and metro will open at 7:00 a.m. on memorial day. looks like more of us use mass transit to get to work than any other form of transportation. that is according to a new report by the university of michigan. the report studied how people commute in the district and this is what it found. more than 38% of you use mass transit. 13% of you prefer to walk to work but less than 1% cycle to work. the report also revealed the average longest commute time is about 29 minutes. we continue to learn more information about the man police say is behind the murders of four people at a northwest d.c.
5:37 am
mansion. kristin wright digging into the background of daron wint. she'll share what she's learned. and right now, biggest problem for all of you memorial day travelers is 95 southbound through dale city. we'll show you exactly what's happening in a couple of minutes. a shocking revelation about a reality star living in the d.c. area. the scandal that has josh duggar apologizing this
5:38 am
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a reality tv star has resigned from a conservative christian lobbying firm amid claims that he molested young girls when he was a teenager. "in touch weekly" published a 2006 police report that claims describes charges against josh duggar of tlcs "19 kids and counting." he said he acted inexcusably. he worked for the family research council which promotes traditional marriage. the council released a statement saying it will pray for everyone involved. well your child will spend less time taking the common core tests next school year. it will be 90 minutes shorter. in our region the changes apply to those in maryland and d.c. and changing the math and english exams will be give once a year instead of twice. it was made after the parents
5:41 am
and teachers complained that the tests took away from class time. all right, it looks like we're rounding out this workweek on a nice week. >> 5:41 is your time right now. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is outside on the weather deck with a coat. >> you can hear the birds. >> you can hear the birds, aside from the chill it's a nice morning out here on the storm team 4 weather deck. not a cloud in the sky. the winds are calm right now. hard to believe we started off this week with high temperatures in the 90s and it was chilly yesterday. today, improvements after this cold morning. your drive time forecast morning, midday and afternoon, all looking good. dealing with dry roads. this morning though definitely that chill in the air. so you want to grab the jacket. 54 degrees as you head into work. coming home though you can roll down the windows, nice breeze. temperature around 77. tom is going to be back in ten minutes with a look ahead to memorial day weekend. if there are any storms in the forecast. but for now, over to melissa. you're still tracking issues
5:42 am
around dale city. >> i am. breaking news right now, dale city southbound very slow and 66 eastbound here brand new crash at route 50 with the left lane blocked. so starting to get jammed inbound on 66. this is the first 4 traffic tracker on 95 southbound in virginia here through dale city. we have a 2 1/2 mile backup. better than it was, still not great. going about 15 miles per hour. as far as travel times, 270 notop of the belt outer loop still looking good. 95 southbound from the beltway to quantico about 15 minutes behind and 66 eastbound from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 11 minutes. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car to the latest. >> thank you. if you'r
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14 before the hour. breaking news this morning. the suspect in a quadruple murder sitting behind bars right now. daron wint was arrested late last night in the district. officers spotted him in prince george's county followed him into d.c. and pulled him over on rhode island avenue northeast. he is charged with first degree murder now. wint killed savvas and amy savopoulos and 10-year-old son and housekeeper. we continue with kristin wright at d.c. police headquarters with more on wint's connection to the family. >> reporter: well, aaron, today detectives certainly have a lot of questions for daron wint. as we learn more about who the quadruple murder suspect is. daron wint was born and raised in guyana. he moved to the u.s. in 2000. he joined the marines that same year. however, he did not make it through basic training. and he received an honorable discharge for medical reasons. now, next comes the connection between wint and the savopoulos family. from 2003 to 2005 daron wint
5:47 am
worked as a welder at savvas savopoulos' company in hyattsville, maryland, and we are told that one of his relatives was fired from the company. he has a court record back to 2005 that includes a conviction for assaulting a woman in 2009. and interestingly, an arrest in 2010 at a gas station across the street from american iron works. police say he was carrying an open container of beer, a machete and a b-b gun. what else we know is that wint's last known address is in lanham maryland. he has relatives living there now and police have searched that home. we know according to sources that wint's dna was found on a piece of pizza crust at the crime scene. we know that wint is charged with first degree murder while armed. back to you. >> kristin wright thank you. the baltimore grand jury has indicted all six baltimore
5:48 am
police officers in the death of freddie gray. maryland's state's attorney marilyn mosby announced that yesterday. the indicts are similar to the charges that mosby announced weeks ago. some charges changed based on new information but she didn't share the details. >> now that the grand jury has also found probable cause to charge the aforementioned officers based upon the evidence these officers who are presumed innocent until proven guilty are now scheduled to be arraigned on july 2nd. >> lawyers for the officers have called the case over zealous prosecution. they are calling for mosby to recuse herself over what they call personal and political conflicts of interest. if you have a moment take a look another these photos on your screen. federal investigators are still searching for suspects who allegedly set the fires during the recent unrest in baltimore. images of the burning buildings captivated the nation. investigators have now released
5:49 am
photos from seven different locations. they include the image of a man they believe torched the cvs pharmacy on pennsylvania avenue. investigators believe they used materials they looted to start those fires. new details, we are learning that the nsa may be shutting down the bulk data collection program as early as today. lawmakers no ed to make the change before the memorial day recess. we are learning that the nas may shut down the bulk data collection as early as today. the patriot act expires at the end of this month. the fairfax county school board has their budget in place for 2016. it was approved yesterday. now it includes a step increase of less than 1% for all eligible county employees. a shortfall in the budget did not allow that full 1% increase employees had hoped for. the budget is an increase of more than $50 million over 2015. a plan to demolish historic
5:50 am
homes in leesburg could cost loudoun county millions. the county wants to tear down those homes along edwards ferry road to expand the courthouse complex. a plan was approved -- approved a plan that preserves the history but would cost $8 million to move forward. the county board of supervisors is appealing that decision. and the appeal will go to the leesburg town council. a man is recovering after being hit by rocks after a quarry blast in loudoun county. it sent rocks crashing into homes and businesses in the sterling area. huge chunks fell on to an empty bed and there was a man sleeping in the same room in the next bed. eight stitches he had to get after all this happened. surveillance cameras also caught a rock flying toward an auto parts store. that caused the windows to explode. >> you can can only sit back and say only by the grace of god that nobody got hurt with rocks flying through the air.
5:51 am
>> inspectors are trying to figure out what went wrong at that quarry. >> some scary stuff. >> wow. okay. we are ready for a nice stretch of good weather, tom kierein. >> ready for a weekend. >> yes. weekend. >> three-day weekend at that and we're off to the promising start, all hail the sunrise. there it is. live view storm team 4 tower camera this morning. sun just coming up now in a clear sky. and a promise of spring is in the air after yesterday feeling like march. we are going to feel like may again. no travel problems up and down the atlantic seaboard between washington and boston. just a little bit of light rain eastern massachusetts. that'll be gone in another hour. a little bit of shower activity great lakes into northern ohio and indiana. headed that way into western pennsylvania, you may be running into that rain later on today. the storm team 4 radar, we are all clear around the region. pavement is all dry but we do have some dew this morning. on grassy areas and on windshields. i took this photo earlier this
5:52 am
morning in northwest washington. yesterday's rain did not dampen the beauty of these gerber daisies. sent in by @maryland mom to my twitter page. share your photos on facebook and instagram as well as twitter. we'll share them on tv. look at how chilly it is. in 40s and 50s. out of the mountains only around 40 degrees right now. closer to washington, prince george's near 50 degrees right now. that sun is continuing to climb in a clear sky. by 9:00 we should be in the 60s. by noon, near 70. a bit of a blustery wind gusting around 15 to 20 miles an hour. saturday morning cool again. down to near 50. afternoon highs, mid 70s. bright and sunny. mostly sunny sunday. looking beautiful for monday. for memorial day for all of the events in washington it will be hot in the afternoon. but comfortable humidity and plenty of sunshine if you're going to be out. make sure you wear the sun
5:53 am
block. into next week a chance of a passing thundershower. and coming up at 6:01 your weekend beach forecast. melissa says problems on the road. >> just have some volume here. this is pretty typical but i have a crash at 66 eastbound at route 50. 1 1/2 mile backup. not terrible but something i'd mention here. looking at 95, we are still very slow for 3 1/2 miles. that's southbound through dale city going 13 miles an hour. brand new crash in the district northbound 295, we have a crash under the eastern avenue overpass. just pushed this out on the app. another warning there. wide look at things overall, actually looking pretty good when you take a big look at the beltway. b.w. parkway, no problems. see you in ten minutes. >> thank you. 5:54 now. police search for a man accused of killing two people in
5:54 am
missouri. investigators believe james horn jr., killed a woman and her teenage son. he was suspected of kidnapping sutton and keeping her locked in a wooden box for months. some are questioning why she was not being protected by police. >> she was not protective custody. several people asked that, why wasn't she in protective custody? we didn't know she was living in our community and she never sought an order of protection against james horn. >> horn previously did time for at least two other crimes including kidnapping and rape. well as you get ready to send the kids back into the pool you may want to remind them that holding their breath under water can be dangerous. the centers for disease control says there have been 16 recent cases of what they call dubbs -- dangerous underwater breath
5:55 am
holding behaviors. all of them were advanced swimmers that died. other people and lifeguards were nearby. a major development in a scandal that rocked gm and a huge impact it has had on your safety. landon dowdy joins us now from cnbc with more on that. good morning, landon. >> hey, angie. good morning. the national highway traffic administration will extend oversight on the safety issues for another year. this requires gm to continue submitting reports to the agency and meeting with staff so regulators can monitor how the automaker is investigating potential issues with vehicles. last year gm was fined $35 million by the government over the faulty ignition switches in cars. youtube viewers may be able to shop directly from the ads they're watching. "the financial times" reports advertisers will be able to display links to products along
5:56 am
with price and description from the ads. the viewer will be sent to the seller's website to complete the purchase. youtube's initial partners will be sephora and way well, it's the latest twist in the saga of delegate joe morrissey. he says he will marry the 19-year-old mother of his son. morrissey and myrna pride say they want more children. she worked in his law office. morrissey lost his seat and served jail time after their relationship was discovered. he then won back his seat and lost it again when he moved out of his district. morrissey is now running for a state senate seat and he's doing that as an independent. breaking news as you wake up on this friday morning. the massive manhunt for daron wint the man accused of killing a d.c. family and their housekeeper is over this morning. after his arrest late last night. where police finally caught up with him and what we're learning about his criminal background. that's next on "news4 today" at
5:57 am
6:00. we want to look outside where it's shaping up to be a beautiful morning. that cooldown we had yesterday was temporary. but we are getting ready for not only the holiday weekend, but also a nice warm-up. when the sun returns and a (toilet flushing) spending more time here lately? going more often? straining to go? waking up at night to go? you're not alone. it happens to millions of men. don't wait. call now to participate in a study for urinary symptoms. you will be compensated for your time and travel. to qualify is easy just call 888-804-1672. don't wait. call now. 888-804-1672
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brought to you by pegus research. "news4 today" begins with breaking news.
5:59 am
>> the breaking news for you right now, the manhunt for daron wint is over. the man accused of murdering a northwest d.c. family and their housekeeper is waking up in police custody. now, we expect daron wint to make his his first court appearanceer on today. it took investigators from d.c. to maryland and even to new york. >> and it was in prince george's county where officers spotted him late last night. he was followed into the district and pulled him over on rhode island avenue. he's now charged with first degree murder while armed. >> d.c. police say that daron wint killed the savopouloses and their 10-year-old son and housekeeper last week. >> but first, your weather and traffic as you get ready for this friday morning. we are headed into the memorial day weekend. we are looking forward to a warm-up. let's check in with tom. >> we need some warming. it is chilly this morning. the promise of spring in the air. live view tower camera flaming sunrise in a clear sky this
6:00 am
morning. no travel problems up and down 95 between here and new england. or heading south between here and florida. west you might be running into a few showers and another few hours in western pennsylvania and northern ohio. no travel problems weatherwise locally off to the clear start with dry pavement. a chill in the air, only in the 40s, nearby suburbs, most of the region will be quickly jumping into the 60s later on this morning. quite a chill. it will be nice at the beach, but chilly in the water. the chilliest day over the weekend will be saturday with the wind coming off that chilly water. it will only be in the 60s at the beaches. a little more humid on memorial day, but still comfortable. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. your bus stop forecast and what to wear this


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