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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 23, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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right now on news4 today, the manhunt is not completely over. investigators say the main suspect in a quadruple murder in d.c. had help. the clues detectives say showed daron wint did not act alone. and memorial day weekend in full swing. cars on the roads and you may get caught off guard by some changes. we've got you covered on getting around the delays on the bay bridge and the 95 express lanes.
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good morning. welcome in on this saturday. hope you're having a great memorial day weekend so far. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. welcome in. we are in for a spectacular stretch of holiday weather this weekend. >> what's the water temperature? >> water temperatures in the 50s still at the beach. outside from our tower, still watching up the river. i'll pan over here. this is what i do in my spare time on the weekends. i watch the planes when they go up or down the river. another plane load of happy folks out of town and on vacation. if you're sticking around here 59 in college park this morning. 62 in newington and springfield, virginia this morning. afternoon highs today up into the low 70s we will go. 74 prince george's county. 71 in bowie today. 75 in fairfax. tomorrow just a little warmer. a hint of humidity tomorrow. but nothing all that oppressive
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to deal with. as you get into monday itself, monday morning into the 60s turning warmer and more humid. another check of the seven-day coming up. >> thanks chuck. now to a developing story in the district. a new hunt is on this morning for whoever helped daron wint hold the savopoulos family and their housekeeper against their will. new charging documents revealed wint likely had help. >> derrick ward is live at the crime scene with more on who and where the accomplices might be. >> reporter: good morning. some of those clues could be in the house here. that's part of the reason this remains a crime scene here. of course it is clear from the court appearance of the first person arrested in connection with this case that police are indeed looking for others.
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it's spelled out in the documents that says this crime requires the presence of more than one person. daron wint is the only named suspect at this point. he was arrested thursday one week after the crime and evidence found in this house actually an uneaten slice of pizza with dna tied him to the crime. he was arrested again on thursday as he and a group of other people were leaving prince george's county for the district. police had them under surveillance for some time. when it did, a woman who was arrested with them said that she had purchased money orders at the behest of yet another person who had supplied the cash. those people that were taken into custody along with daron wint have not been charged. however, it does substantiate what we did see in those documents. police believe there was more than one person involved in this. daron wint remains in custody being held without bail to face those murder charges.
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he's due back in court on july 23rd. >> thank you. wint's capture was the collab included the new york police department. take a look. i believe we have some of the surveillance video from new york that shows more than a dozen u.s. marshals and new york city police officers searching wint's girlfriend's home in brooklyn. d.c. police say he traveled to brooklyn following the murders. inside that apartment they found wint's cell phone. his girlfriend has not been charged. back in our region investigators returned here to the howard johnson hotel in college park. that's where they believe wint stayed before returning to brooklyn and before he was arrested. crime teches collected several backs of evidence. we are keeping you up-to-date on every step of this investigation. if you would like to read the charging documents, we have posted them and you can find them on our nbc washington app. new this morning, police are
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looking into a double shooting that killed one man and hurt a woman in southeast d.c. the shooting happened late last night on irving street not far from the parkway in southeast. the man died in the hospital. the woman was shot in the stomach. no word on her condition. no suspect information released. right now prince george's county police need your help finding this 12-year-old boy. he was last seen in the 2600 block of southern avenue. he was wearing a burgundy shirt and khaki pants. and we want to get a look at the bay bridge as a lot of people head out for the beach this morning. lanes are moving right there. you can call to check on the traffic conditions. before you head out, of course you should be following first 4 traffic on twitter. and the i-95 express lanes will shut down for six hours tomorrow for the rolling thunder freedom ride.
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the shutdown will happen from 7:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon. if you do use the express lanes, expect to pay higher tolls. melissa mollet shows us some alternatives for the weekend. and we don't have melissa. but we're going to head over to metro. >> yeah. let's talk about the rails. you can expect delays on metro this weekend. crews are working on five of the six metro lines. today and tomorrow train ossen the yellow blue orange and silver lines will run every 24 minutes. then monday trainingss on the yellow and blue lines every 18 minutes. if you want to keep with changes, find them on our app. metro opening up at 7:00 a.m. on memorial day. >> got it. 10:06 now on this saturday. >> i'm jenna townsend with the i-team. before you head to the beach, you'll want to see what we found
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when he got the water testing samples for all of t
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today, hooray. the outdoor pools are open in montgomery county. the county's seven outdoor pools will open at noon today. the cost is $7 on the weekends and $4 for children 18 years of age and under. for adults the cost is $8 on the weekend and $6 during the week. of course you can buy summer pool passes if you want them. you can now go swimming at outdoor public pools at the district as well. the mayor helping kick off things. didn't go so far to dive in herself though. the pools in the district are open and free to all d.c. residents. if you live outside of the district you'll have to pay a small fee. we're trying to get the mayor to
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get a cannon ball. this weekend marks the unofficial start of summer for many of us that means it's a time to hit the beach. >> but whether you're headed inland to the bay or aiming for the big waves on the coast, you nooe need to find out what the i-team made for you to help you know what's in the water. >> reporter: with her red bucket and her stick, you might not notice cindy this summer. >> that's pretty good. >> reporter: until you hear her laugh. her laughter is infectious and she has a lot to be happy about. >> the best job ever. >> reporter: every monday and tuesday this summer you will see cindy trying not to get wiped out by the waves in ocean city. she says it happens. >> a few times. >> reporter: but she's beach bound for a very serious job. for the last 26 years she's been
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using the same broom handle to dip little bottles into the surf collecting bacteria samples to see if what's in the water could make you sick. the news4 i-team took the results cindy and dozens of other scientists like her have been collecting over the last five years to make this map showing you what they found and how often our local beaches have swimming advisories. maryland and delaware have some of the cleanest beaches in the nation. delaware averages about one advisory a year. typically at rehoboth. but didn't have any problems last year. in maryland they do have an occasional swimming advisory along the chesapeake bay, but maryland's ocean beaches have never had a swimming advisory in the history of the program. this is cindy's boss bob mitchell. >> the ocean is free of any problems here. >> reporter: the credits a combination of how ocean currents sweep away dirty water and b how they work to prevent
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runoff into the waterways along with monitoring their sewage treatment plant. >> a heck of a lot of care on their national environment. >> reporter: this is kathy who runs for the department of maryland. >> in maryland we no longer have any beaches near what's called combined sewers where the storm water and the waste water are on the same pipes. that doesn't occur in maryland anymore. so most of our beaches are very clean and not contaminated by sewage. >> reporter: she says by eliminating overflows into the water, they're getting rid of one of the main sources of human waste carrying nasty stuff like salmonella and norovirus. >> when you get submerged where you have the opportunity to swallow is when you ingest bad water and it can make you ill. >> reporter: that's why cindy
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keeps dips at the spot where waves can knock you over forcing you to take an unexpected gulp of water. the only thing you can catch here is her laughter. >> you can't help but watch it and just laugh too. she's infectious. >> it's cool so many beaches we use are all clean. >> i still don't go in. >> what? come on ang. >> the jellyfish. i'll dip my toes. but i'm a scaredy cat. sorry. she is showing guys how it gets done. we're going to meet a local pilot who made history as the first woman to ever fly with the blue angels. >> let's take a live look out at what's shaping up to be a perfect spring day. coming up chuck tells us that one day next week yeah we're going to be hitting the 90s.
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well you may soon book an ub uber or lyft at the airport. considering a proposal that would allow app based transportation. drivers would need to pay an access fee. two public hearings are set for june 9th at dulles. two more hearings will be held at reagan on june 10th. metro's bus from d.c. to dulles could be cut. arlington county board chairman mary hines says the transit
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authority could drop the route all together. it was on the chopping block two years ago. the trip's about an hour from dulles. crowds saw the blue angels fly over annapolis this week and got to witness history. i talked with the first woman to ever pilot for the prestigious group. 1946 they were born and made up of all men who by the way had to be bachelors. fast forward 69 years, those daring acts the twists, the turns still take our breath away. but the team's biggest move yet not obvious from down here. you got to get the the cockpit. katie higgins, the first blue angels pilot in history.
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>> i saw that as a far off dream kind of. but i was encouraged to apply and i did and made the team. it's been a wonderful experience ever since. >> katie higgins from maryland. >> reporter: the history maker is also a hometown girl. >> i definitely miss crab cakes. >> reporter: with aviation in her blood. >> i'm a third generation pilot. my father was a navy pilot. hornet pilot actually which is awesome because that's what our jet guys fly on my team. >> reporter: as for her bird it's hard to miss. the c-130 affectionately named fat albert is a transport plane with its own tricks and is no doubt a big part of the show. >> don't get me wrong, the f-18 is an awesome aircraft. i'll fly it everyday. >> reporter: for 300 days out of the year the blue angels spend their time going city to city
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performing shows all across the nation. for her it's special. it's more than an honor. it's homecoming. >> it's wonderful to be back. >> reporter: it was here nor a class that then midshipman got her first shot at taking the controls. >> i knew at that moment there was no other profession for me. that being a pilot was definitely what i was made to do. >> reporter: it's something women have been doing in the military for more than 20 years. but not for the blue angels until now. >> you get chilled running around here. >> reporter: fellow naval academy grad is one of the officers who brought higgins on board. why do you think it took so long? >> we have 17 officers on our team 130 people and we spent so much time together. you don't get as many females applying to the team. you're always looking for the right person. it's not just the skills, it's the right person. >> reporter: for higgins, being a good fit has turned into the ride of a lifetime.
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it's also lifting others. >> i didn't come to the team to break any barriers or shatter any glass ceilings. there's a message to send across genders anything you want to do you can achieve it. >> so accomplished at such a young sage. here i'm going to make you feel old. 1986 the year she was born, the year "top gun" came out. >> the year after i graduated from high school. >> all right. how's that for inspiration? >> and i did love that movie. >> it was great. maverick. >> i felt the need -- >> the need for speed. >> don't leave me hanging over there. >> how about i am dangerous. we could do this all day. >> that's right. >> you look like iceman actually. >> really? is this coming out of weather time? this is not coming out of my time.
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blue skies. blue angel blue sky out there for you today. nice looking day today. put the spf on. the may sunshine will get you otherwise. it's so nice and cool and comfy outside you just wouldn't think you'd get a sunburn. 64 fredricksburg. 61 culpepper. 61 on the eastern shore. going to be a beauty of a day to be outside today. going out for a run just like me today? temperatures in the upper 60s late this morning into the mid-70s later on this afternoon. so perfect day for running. quiet weather up and down the eastern seaboard. more heavy rain if you're flying that direction. could have some slowdowns out there. but for our holiday weekend. cool day, warmer tomorrow. then the humidity really starts to come back. plan on a beautiful day to be outside today. if you're going out to the nats game, taking on the phillies this afternoon. temperatures during the gametime will be in the 70s. may want to sit on the shady side of the stadium. tomorrow another cool start to
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the morning. but temperatures should get back up at least into the low 80s. generally dry weather tomorrow. future weather was trying to wring out a shower or two in the shenandoah valley tomorrow. i don't think that's going to happen. dry start on monday morning. and then monday turning closer and closer to the word hot around here as temperatures will be close to 90 degrees by monday afternoon. you can always have our storm team 4 weather app and the latest forecast right there in the palm of your hands. if you're making the drive to the coastline today good weather along the coastline. 60s today because of the cold water temperature. but offshore winds will warm up the coastline the next few days. stay safe everybody. here's that seven-day forecast. 70s today. 80s tomorrow. near 90 monday. then 90s hot and humid and thunderstorm chances after that. news4 today back in a flash.
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all right. so we are indeed marking a major milestone here at news4. >> last night jim vance signed off on his final 11:00 p.m. broadcast after 46 years. >> i sincerely thank every one of you and your parents, too, probably for putting up with me all these late nights. for inviting me into your house. but i want to be a good guest and not overstay my welcome. so this will be my last 11:00
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broadcast. >> well vance is not going anywhere. you can still watch him on news4 at 6:00 alongside doreen gentzler. vance says he's going to go to bed a little earlier. doreen and then team bought him some slippers to help him out. you can watch them at news4 at 11:00. we posted vance's final sendoff on our nbc washington app. he has a whole lot more to say than in that small clip there. he says he doesn't want to overstay the welcome. >> he doesn't want to overstay his welcome after 46 years. >> people ask you about them inevitably all the time and i tell them honestly and this is no joke he is one of the nicest people i've ever met. >> he's a cool dude. that's what i say. >> he's a harley man too. maybe he'll be out for rolling
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thunder this weekend. anything you want to do today, go to the pool, drive tho e the beach, put the top down no complaints whatsoever. congratulations to all the recent graduates and everybody who's getting married or doing whatever they're doing this weekend. the weather is going to cooperate. >> we know that bowie state is graduating. their ceremony is underway now. we want to take you live there. looks like people are receiving their diplomas. congratulations to everybody there. well done. >> elijah cummings also making a bunch of statements there. it's a great day for them. good time for them and thanks everyone for joining us for news4 today. >> see you tomorrow.
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[ applause ] students from st. anselm jefferson and osbourn park meet today on "it's academic." [ applause ] >> hello, everybody. i'm hillary howard. so glad to have you with us. this is the opening round, you know how it works. each team begins with 100 points. ten up for a right answer ten down for a wrong answer. the contestants in the studio don't see what you do on the screens at home. let's begin. while the civil war raged.


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