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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> i have to admit i went golfing today. started off chilly. once the sun comes up it's that time of year the strong sun angle. warms up quickly. overall, humidity not an issue. might be a little humid for
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memorial day, but not oppressive by any means. temperatures continue to warm up each day through memorial day. by tuesday, hazy hot and humid. that's okay because tuesday we head back to work and we're not going to think about that now. nice for memorial day weekend. plenty of sunshine. no threat of rain in the forecast. for the workweek not even just the wokerkweek even next weekend, hazy hot and humid. high temperatures around 90 degrees, and with that come as threat of scattered pop-up afternoon showers and thunderstorms, and a few downpours. i'll point that out to you on the seven day. your weather impacts for tomorrow. weather having a low impact on your day. traveling tomorrow, looking great. heading to beaches tomorrow temperatures there in the low to mid-70s, and overall travel along the east coast the remainder of the weekend is cooperating. no major storms at all really in the forecast. exercise tomorrow again, the humidity is low. temperature's a little warmer. five to ten degrees warmer than
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today in your neighborhood. heading out and about, beautiful. rolling thunder. chris says a lot of the pools opening and the nationals game. all of those events perfect. temperatures right now are going to be in the low 70s. we're finding 73 in washington. 72 in baltimore. a little cooler by the water. annapolis at 65 degrees. what do expect heading into the evening hours, 9:00 p.m. temperature around 66. starts to get comfortably cool. a sweatshirt a like jacket if outdoors. nice evening for grilling. by midnight temperature around 62 degrees. tomorrow like i said warmer than today. today we were in the low to mid-70s. tomorrow low 80s for highs. high temperature in washington 82. ma nas zis-of-manassas 83. great night for grilling walking the dog. family in town welcome, enjoy
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the fresh air. 5:00 p.m. washington, 83. sbubs 81. as thesun sets a little cloudiness but keeping it dry. 8:00 d.c. and the suburbs, 74. memorial day morning we start with temperatures around 70 degrees. it's already mild and it's dry. plenty of sunshine throughout the day. it's a sunglasses sunscreen kind of weekend as we get into the afternoon, almost hot with a high temperature of 88 degrees. so we will be near 90. but a nice afternoon breeze. a little bit more humid, budget like i said it's not going to be oppressive and most of us consider it not really humid at all. now, as we continue on into the week heading back to work and school on tuesday, our temperatures do jump to 91. not only that but the humidity really makes its way into the area and it is going to hold on strong. right on into next weekend. so for tuesday, i want to show you the shower and storm potential.
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not really in the d.c. metro area but for those of you west of washington. especially over the blue ridge mountains. you have a chance of scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. so tuesday, 5:00 a.m. it's a clear start. heading back to work standing at the bus stop weather not an issue. into the afternoon hour scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible. well west of washington. chris, wednesday through next saturday a chance of mainly afternoon showers and thunderstorms, otherwise hot and humid and highs around 90 degrees. . ah -- commemorating -- the service of brothers and sisters who didn't make it back. >> motorcycle ride the mall is just one of the events going on. be it bikes, parades or even solemn ceremonies, local observances ss aren't just held on memorial day itself, we discover that today.
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>> reporter: the actual day we observe memorial day is on monday but by the weekend before its clear this is one of those holidays that means a lot to a lot of people. the saturday before memorial day, decades' old tradition carried out in the shaw section of northwest complete with bands from all over. james jackson makes this a part of his observance and has for some time. >> doing it for a while? >> ever since 1951. >> reporter: 5r7d before thebefore the line of bikers converge to the streets, thunder alley. the currency is camaraderie. >> i'm with brothers and sisters. >> reporter: shepherd kelly plans his year around this weekend's event. >> commemorating the service of brothers and sisters who didn't make it back. >> reporter: and for some those memories of comrades and past times be there merry or melancholy what keeps them riding back to the national
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capital. >> it's truly an honorary holiday. it's supposed to be. >> reporter: there are other displays. wreaths and pictures helping personalize the sacrifice and gratitude of those who benefit from that sacrifice. >> half the families probably do not know their sons or daughters are being honored in washington d.c., but you know we will always remember them. >> reporter: derrick ward news 4. >> thanks derrick. still ahead, a day to forget for the nats. up next we have highlights.
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oh man, hot as the nats have been recently you had to figure at some point they would cool off a little. >> wasn't it a nice weather day at the park today? the weather so great. wasn't it? >> yes. >> the nats in a six-game winning streak. still in progress. game two of the nats and phillies. pups in the park the theme for the nats. fitting for a game you could say had gone to the dogs early. some of our furry friends, ba-dumb-dumb on the hill trying
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to build from a start of last weekend. man on. all of this one deep to right center with room to spare and a two-run shot for him. phillies take a 4-0 lead. then it gets worse. yes, in the fourth man on two out. cesar hernandez, under the glove of desmond. the throw in and out of the glove. heads for the dugout. error on desmond. six runs allowed in 61/3 1/3 inning. just loop loop loop through the infield. hernandez heads actually calmed lyly called out for not touching first base. they trail 7-0.
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who wouldn't pick -- over this graduation. final matchup in the big ten tournament. terps up 3-0. kevin marteer, here that clink? into left. falls through the legs of the outfielder bringing one run in easily. and being sent quickly changed his mind. safe at third. an rbi calling his own dagger. terps up 4-0. bottom nine hoosiers with two, mooney on to close and ends the game man on second. terps win it 4-2, first year in the big ten playing in the tournament title game tomorrow versus michigan. all right. the maryland terrapins not supposed to play this weekend. a rebuilding year is what was expected of the terps team. instead of rebuild, they reload and now way chance to be one win away from the first national title since 1975 maryland looking to make the third national championship game in
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five years taking on johns hopkins. third quarter, terps up 8-5. rambo, the move fires and scores. nice from rambo. maryland up 9-5. in the fourth here come the blue jays. ryan brown, gets it takes it to the outside puts it in the net, five straight goals from hopkins tied at 10. later in the quarter, though terps looking for last blood. they get it to rambo and the sophomore scores again. career high four goals and right now from rambo, terps up 12-11. we're getting it as it is happening. 12-11 with a minute -- one, a little over a minute left i think is what he's trying to tell me in my ear. the other game of the game. final seconds of the game irish down a goal. pass out to nick ocello. scores with nine seconds left in the game.
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notre dame even things at ten. so in overtime denver looking for the winner. zach miller who gets a defender to fall. and then wesley byrd with a laser. no chance for the goalie on that one. denver in sudden death. so exciting. they beat notre dame 11-10 in overtime. they're going to face the winner of that maryland and johns hopkins game on monday. if you were to pick one d.c. united game to watch this regular season tonight's matchup against the revolution would be it. these two team they don't really like each other and first place is on the line. yes. pretty early, but even the players are watching the standings. >> think you'd be crazy not to. you know? like i said we know new england is a good team ands cup finalist last year i think we've always had a little good rivalry with them. so i think the guys are ready for the game. >> both teams coming off a loss. i think both teams will be looking to again, respond
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positively after that. so it has all the makings of a great game. new england is as good as they come in the league and we'll have our work consult out for us but it's an exciting challenge to have this game to respond after a loss. >> so sdeep united kickd.c. united kicks off in foxboro. who needs the beach? get a tv. the men's baseball team for the terps. women in the final, the national title game women's lacrosse playing north carolina and monday hopefully the maryland men. let you know at 11:00 if -- >> and laughing up in the -- >> who needs the sun screen? >> take you out to northern virginia now. long lines at garfield high school today for woodbridge's first food truck festival. it started with ten trucks but grew to 23 once people started seeing it advertised or facebook. amazing how things spread or social media. kathy stewart at our nurse's
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partnernurse's -- news video all for a good cause. a lot of folks wondering how to plan out the last couple days of the three-day weekend. >> for tomorrow and sunday high temperatures in the low 80s. memorial day temperature around 70 by the afternoon. high of 88 monday. all of the memorial day events weather certainly cooperating. >> yeah. just seems to get hotter and hotter and hotter. >> live with the afternoon storms. >> all right. that's going to do it for us. "nightly news" is up next. we hope to see you back
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on this saturday night, not guilty. the verdict for a cleveland police officer in the shooting death of two unarmed motorists and protestors take to the streets once again. high anxiety after weeks of rain rising rivers threaten record flooding forcing thousands to prepare for the worst. >> historic vote as the irish say yes to same sex marriage running for inclusion in a land where tradition runs deep. >> the bomber led attacks in london and was tied to a u.s. soldier in iraq. >> and terror from the deep. yes, the sharks are back on this memorial day weekend. >> this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt


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