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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 25, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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it is memorial day and right now at arlington national cemetery, a solemn ceremony is about to begin at the tomb of the unknown soldier. i'm aaron gilchrist with the more on the message president obama is expected to deliver. sunshine and a warm south breeze for now. when will we worry about those afternoon thunderstorm chances. forecasts coming up. i'm barbara harrison with a security scare that brought the bomb squad to the national mall just ahead of last night's memorial day concert. what we know about what alerted police to the suspicious vehicle. news 4 midday begins right now.
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a somber ceremony is about to begin to mark memorial day at arlington national cemetery. we have a live picture to show you this morning. president obama very soon will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier, a moving tribute to the men and women who gave their lives for our country. president obama will also speak this morning after he lays that wreath in the cemetery's memorial amphitheatre. the white house is reminding that this is the first memorial day since the end of combat operations in afghanistan. 10,000 american troops will stay in afghanistan in other rules through the end of the year. we have the president here. he's going to lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. you see him walking up here. let's listen.
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we'll have more of the ceremony later on in the newscast. ♪ last monday of may p when all the springtime flowers bloom ♪ that's songwriter bob reagan performing "the last monday in may" at the world war ii memorial this morning. also at the memorial, a dozen world war ii veterans laid wreaths a president freedom wall in remembrance of their fallen brothers and sisters. this morning's events are just the start of the day full of observances. >> at 11:15, question eel tell you what to expect of the parade down constitution avenue this afternoon. a bomb squad destroyed a suspicious device left on the national mall yesterday. capitol police found the device inside a car on third street and madison drive northwest near the
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capital reflecting pool. news 4's molette green is live on the memorial day parade route on constitution avenue. she's telling us the police are on the lookout for suspicious activity to keep you safe this memorial day. morning. >> reporter: barbara good morning. that's right. an officer's vigilance led them that car and the suspicious items inside. all of this happening during the time of the memorial day concert sunday evening. we now know that police arrested and charged an alexandria virginia man, israel shimlas with operating a car on a revoked license. the national mall is prepped and ready for the annual memorial day parade. >> this is good? >> reporter: setup signs along the parade route on constitution avenue not far from the area where capitol police found an unattended car sunday evening with suspicious items inside including a pressure cooker.
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police called in the bomb squad to detonate it. along the parade route we've found retired marine major joseph bless who says he never miss this is tribute to those who pay the ultimate sacrifice and yesterday's scare won't run him away. >> nothing wrong with being proactive. if there's nothing too it, that's fine. i think our law enforcement people are doing a great job. >> how are you doing? >> good how are you? >> reporter: a visible police presence puts tourists at ease. capitol police say an officer on routine patrol spotted the suspicious car, there was no threat made to public safety. this dallas couple flew into washington last night to be here for the parade and heard about the investigation. >> unbelievable what people are doing. unbelievable. >> i'm glad everybody's on the ball checking that out. >> reporter: a more thorough search after the detonation found nothing hazardous inside that car we're live along the
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parade route on constitution avenue. i'm mow electrical green, aaron, back to you. a prince georges county man is dead after catching on fire at a gas station. fire officials describe the man as so a senior citizen. he lit a cigarette while pumping gas yesterday afternoon. the flame may have sparked the gas vapors and set him on fire. that man died at the hospital. an explosion caused a partial building collapse at a business in beltsville on old baltimore pike last night. the branchville volunteer fire department says two vacuum pumps failed at that site. no one was in the building at that time. right now people in parts of texas are bracing for more rain after deadly flooding over the weekend. governor greg abbot is visiting the town of wimberley today, one
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of the areas hit by devastating storms and flooding over the weekend. in addition to the flooding several tornados touched down forcing at least 2,000 people to evacuate their homes near houston. the storms also hit parts of oklahoma. so far, they have being blamed for three deaths and have damaged hundreds of homes there. >> and the rain continues. oklahoma city has had their wettest may on record. they've had over 18 inches of rain in oklahoma city for the month of may. by comparison that if we had 18 inches here that would be our all time wettest month on record. the record here in washington is just over 17 inches in september of 1934. no rain in our forecast for today, just bright sunshine out there, noticeable south breeze has pushed temperatures well into the upper 70s to already 08 in fredericksburg but 79 in washington leesburg an manassas 76 in culpeper 77 annapolis and 77 at pax river naval air station. breezy warm and sunny the rest of the afternoon, high around
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87. start looking down through the rest of the week in a few minutes. >> see you in a few minutes, chuck, thank you. the national spelling bee is back in town happening this week at national harbor in maryland. take a look these are the contestants getting their first primer before the big event. the first of three preliminary rounds starts tomorrow morning with a test used for the first time last year. this year for the first time you'll be able to see how the kids score on the test complete with rankings. while you don't want to lose track of time today, after the break, the significance of 3:00 on this memorial day. plus twitter and facebook flooded with tributes to a math genius. among those remembering john nash, a hollywood a-lister who brought his story to the big
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you may want to check the clock while you're enjoying your barbecue today.
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people tae cross the country honor fallen soldiers with a moment of silence. the national moment of remembrance is at 3:00 p.m. sharp today. congress established the moment as a way to remind everyone of the sacrifices it took to put us where we are today. if you're watching the nats or os game today, you will also see both teams will honor that moment of silence. you'll also see that they will be wearing special jerseys and hats for the game. they can be expressive but mlb is donating 100% of the sales to a program that helps soldiers transition to civilian life. >> and he sat around the legion telling me stories of the past of a war that he had fought in and the deeds that he had done. and his exploits with his buddies. they were heroes every one. >> reporter: the poem "just a common soldier" turns 25 years old this year. it honors all the heroes fighting for our country. the video came out on youtube to reinforce the poem's message.
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a night thought on this memorial day and we'll see you
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just into the live desk, a tornado has hit a city in mexico mexico it's a border town called ciudad acuna. at least ten people are dead. a spokeswoman for the interior department there says it also destroyed homes. 10 people again killed so far. this is a border town in mexico near the city of del rio in texas. at the live desk i'm kristen wright. aaron? ♪ rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air ♪ thousands of people gathered to honor the men and women who
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gave their lives for our country. they listened to several performances last night at the 26th annual national memorial day concert on capitol hill. you saw the american idol winner there. now live pictures from arlington national cemetery and the amphitheatre where you see the presidential podium set up several thousand people already gathered inside the arlington national cemetery amphitheatre. the president just laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns there. he will speak to a crowd at the cemetery in just a few minutes the president the stories of several veterans who paid the ultimate price in afghanistan this is video from a few moments ago where the president along sentinels laid the wreath in what is a very unique ceremony, a presidential wreath-laying ceremony different to what we see if you've been to arlington for this ceremony. a bomber be moment on this memorial day. >> thanks aaron. the border between north korea and south korea is two
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miles deep and riddled with land mine mines it's perhaps the world's most famous no-man's-land yet a group of women have been allowed to cross through it. gloria steinem joined two nobel prize winners and activists from around the globe. the group of 30 women from 15 different countries went to the two koreas to call for an end to the hostilities there. the group's request to walk through the dmz was denied due to safety concerns however they were allowed to cross via bus. the koreas have remained the divided since the 1950s. >> outside around here in been a very warm month of may. three 90-degree days in the books already and this may is more than six degrees warmer than average. it's the warmest may since 1991. as of now it's in fifth place for the fifth warmest may on record. our seven-day forecast which goes up through the end of the month should put us in second place by the time we get through another very warm week. a warm pattern is here.
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it will get more humid today and tomorrow. that humidity lead to increasing rain chances and the only thing anyone has ever shown me they care about on monday is what does next weekend look like? hot and humid for sure. the 30th and 31st of may, both days around 90 degrees. a chance for a couple showers on saturday. sunday will be the drier of the two days but both days up around 90. >> joe, thank you. hollywood reacting to the death of john nash and his wife. the two were killed this weekend in a car accident nash's life and career inspired the movie "a beautiful mind." russell crowe starred in that movie and tweeted "my heart goes out to john alicia and family. an amazing partnership. beautiful minds." ron howard tweeted saying it was an honor to tell part of their story. a fellow mathematician says nash was still creating great work and his death was a great loss. >> think what mozart would have
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done if he had lived 30 more years. and the same with nash what he would have achieved had he continued to be able to do mathematics. >> john nash was 86 years old. his wife was 82. condolences are pouring in for the stiller family. comedian and actress ann meara passed away at 85. she was married to jerry stiller for 61 years. the two performed as a comedy team in the '60s. most recently meara acted in several tv shows, she appeared in the "night at the museum" movie with her son ben stiller. anne meara died saturday. new today, an earthquake shakes buildings and halts train lines in tokyo. the latest after the break.
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this is the first memorial day since the u.s. combat mission in afghanistan officially ended. general john campbell marked the moment in a ceremony with u.s. troops serving there. >> today we especially honor all of our falling of this war. we remember the over 2,300 soldiers sailors, airmen and marines killed in action. president obama spoke in his weekly address about the last
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two u.s. service members to give their lives as part of that mission. their names are specialist wyatt martin and sergeant first class ramon morris. president obama also honored corporal john dawson the first troop to lose his life in afghanistan in the support mission. a holiday fishing trip turned deadly after a man drowned at chesapeake beach. salvador santos from new carrollton was on a boat with four friends near the mouth of started taking on water and capsized. a bystander pulled them out of the water and tried to perform cpr. santos died at the hospital. aaron? >> there are no reports of damage after a 5.6 magnitude earthquake rattled tokyo. shaking could be seen at the japanese stock exchange and the japanese legislature. high-rise buildings swayed and trains came to an automatic stop. airport traffic was also stopped while runways were inspected. experts say 5.6 quake cans do considerable damage but this one barely interrupted the daily
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routine in tokyo. japan is of course one of the most earthquake-probe countries in the world. today students prayed for the victims in the nepal earthquake. one month ago, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit kathmandu, killing more than 8,500 people. hundreds of families are skill living in camps. the quake and a series of aftershocks destroyed about a half million homes. nepal is asking the international community for help as it rebuilds. that reconstruction estimated to cost billions of dollars. chuck? >> sunshine and a south breeze has a very warm day in progress now already 81 in winchester, virginia. 79 a popular number around the metro area and upper 70s near chesapeake bay. high temperatures mid to upper 80s. winds out of the west averaging between 10 and 20 miles per hour for much of day. plan on a warm and dry day today. tomorrow a chance for a couple showers towards i-81 but metro
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rain chances are not at zero and better rain chances into wednesday. staying on the warm side for sure. >> thank you, chuck. thousands will gather on the mall for the memorial day parade. a hearty group of world war ii veterans are today's grand marshals. the parade will mark 70 years since world war ii ended and 150 years since the civil war ended. we hope many of you will be able to make it out for the parade today. parking will be tricky due to road closures. constitution is closed from 7th to the 22nd street northwest. there are also closures on nearby blocks of madison and jefferson streets. at tough challenge for the pilots of a solar powered plane
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we have an update on a solar plane trying to make a journey around the world. that plane, "big hope," is in the middle of its biggest challenge yet. look at this tweet. the plane and its two person
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crew took off from china this morning. they're trying to fly across a large 5,000 mile swath of the pacific ocean and then land in hawaii. the plane will fly high during the day and harness power from the sun then cut the engines at night and glide to save energy. the trip is expected to take five days. the round-the-world journey is aimed at raising awareness about clean energy. >> you don't have to go far to visit one of the country's most-searched memorial day travel destinations. ocean city maryland number two on google's list of popular holiday getaways. ocean city was only outdone by myrtle beach, south carolina portland oregon the national forest in north carolina and disneyworld round out the top five. yellowstone national park, the san diego zgoo and hershey park pennsylvania round out the top ten. our favorite great white makes
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beachgoers in southern california may be staying out of the water this memorial day. more than a dozen great white sharks have been spotted swimming and feeding just 50 feet from shore. so far, they're not being aggressive but officials posted warnings about president potential for danger. unlike swimmers scientists are excited by these sightings. this could be a sign that the once-struggling great white population is growing again. and speaking of shark sightings, mary lee the shark is right off the eastern shore this morning. the 16-foot, 3, 500 pound great white shark is a big fan of our area. take a look at her twitter page. her tracker pinged in the atlantic ocean today closest to the virginia area. mary lee has been making her way closer to shore since the beginning of this month. she was closest to the virginia/maryland border on may 5. every time her fin breaks the ocean surface, a satellite
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records her position. that's how we know where she is. >> i like that. good stuff. what to expect for the remainder of your memorial day holiday? 100% sunshine today, breezy winds out of the south? the 10 to 20 miles an hour range and running about ten degrees warmer than average, temperatures today top off well into the 80s. about 87 for our high in washington. plenty of sunshine it will stay mild through 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 tonight. 87 today, 88 tomorrow. there will be a slight chance for a few showers tomorrow afternoon, especially to the west of the metro. metro rain chances will peak on thursday. temperatures well into the 80s so plenty of humidity and above-average temperatures all the way into the weekend. >> chuck, thank you. right now you can buy your hurricane supplies tax free in virginia. you don't have to pay sales tax for things that are $60 or less so you can buy batteries, bottled water, first aid kits you can buy generators priced at
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$1,000 or less tax free. the holiday runs through sunday night. you can go to nbc washington's app or for a complete list of items. missing for two weeks, a couple from california found after disappearing after visiting an indian casino. what the sole survivor tells police happened. and the young american tennis player grabbing headlines at the french open
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right now we return to
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national -- to arlington national cemetery where a somber ceremony is happening to mark memorial day. right now secretary of defense ashton carter is speaking. we expect president obama to speak very soon. the president is honoring the more than 2,000 u.s. troops killed in afghanistan. today is the first memorial day since the end of the combat mission there. moments ago chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey talked about the sacrifice. >> tomorrow when you resume life's daily routines take a moment to think of the families who will return home and leave their loved ones here in this sacred place. think of the families of those brave souls in cemeteries at home and abroad in unmarked graves on distant battlefields and in the tranquil blue seas. >> earlier president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. always a moving tribute to the men and women who gave their lives for our country.
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barbara, back to you. >> thanks kristen. a d.c. bomb squad successfully destroyed a suspicious device after it was left on the national mall. many of you may have heard the blast yesterday before the memorial day concert on the mall began. capitol police found the device inside a car on 3rd street and madison drive northwest near the reflecting pool. they were able to destroy the pressure cooker by detonating it. police checked out the car and found nothing dangerous inside. alexandria israel shimlas was arrested for driving without a license. right now a volunteer paramedic is in jail accused of inappropriate contact with a minor. loudon county sheriff's deputies arrested timothy ward on friday. the 31-year-old is a lieutenant with the hamilton volunteer rescue squad. he's being held at the loudon county adult detention center without bond. d.c. police say they're searching for whoever helped
11:32 am
daron wint and the savopoulos family captive before their murders. the four people detained along with wint have been released. police say none of them has been charged in the murders. court documents reveal the crime required the presence and assistance of more than one person. police have not released any kind of description or any other possible suspects in this murder. a mystery solved in california. a couple missing since mother's day has been found in their car along a remote dirt road. 79-year-old cecil nuttson and his 67-year-old wife diana bagwell were last seen leaving a san diego casino on mother's day. yesterday after a weeks long search a group of sportsmen stumbled on to the couple's white hyundai. bedwell was alive but was confused and dehydrated. >> she was a little confused at the time didn't know if he was dead or not, was asking us to check him. when the guy checked him he came back up and said the guy's cold clearly no pulse. >> according to local news
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reports, the couple got blows while trying to take a short cut. they drank rainwater and ate a pie and oranges to survive. >> reporter: a 65-year-old german grandmother has just given birth to quadruplets. she's the oldest woman to give birth to that many babies at once. the woman already had 13 children. the mom gave birth last week to three boys and one girl. the babies were just 26 weeks, however. doctors say, though even though they are preemies the babies are doing well. to become pregnant, the 65-year-old used in vitro fertilization with donated eggs. outside, here's the way the satellite picture is looking from 22,000 miles up in space. hardly a cloud cob found. a beautiful day to be outside. storm team 4 radar tracking the rain showers to the west. a bit of moisture across kentucky and tennessee. if you're changing planes in atlanta you play run into delays
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and more bad weather across parts of texas. this will move towards the dallas-fort worth area over the next couple of hours. the last thing they need in the central u.s. is more rain. big push of warm moist air going up into southern canada. we'll be warm and humid for the remainder of the week. rain chances will probably stay to the west of the metro tomorrow though there is a low chance in our northern and western suburbs. better rain chances towards i-81 on tuesday. see you in a few. the french open now under way in paris. one of the the big headlines, unseeded american steve johnson from california gets the early upset here. he defeated the 26th garcia lopez of maine. elsewhere today, andy murray venus williams and mariasharapova are among the other big names in action. the youngest player at this year's soap a local star. 17-year-old francis tiafo is from college park.
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his grand slam debut was a short one. he was defeated in an hour and 40 minutes. big deal to be on the big stage, though. after the break, roger federer's
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a lot of you are talking about a heart-wrenching story today. pontially disturbing images are part of it. a woman with severe anorexia made a plea for help on line. she weighs just 40 pounds. she posted this video on youtube to try to get help from folks before the sickness takes her life. it has more than two million views right now. page to show you that her husband started for her. it's raised over $179,000 so far to help with her medical care. you can donate through a link we posted on the nbc washington facebook page. now we have another image to show you that's making news today. take a look at this. this has to do with roger
11:37 am
federer. a fan in white walked on to a tennis court where he was playing in france to ask him for a selfie. this fan made it all the way down to the play area before security took him away. federer said he was upset about this and wanted to make sure he would be safe the next time. (toilet flushing) spending more time here lately? going more often? straining to go? waking up at night to go? you're not alone. it happens to millions of men. don't wait. call now to participate in a study for urinary symptoms. you will be compensated for your time and travel. to qualify is easy just call 888-804-1672. don't wait. call now. 888-804-1672 brought to you by pegus research.
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new this morning, the number of hospitals sending new mothers home with free samples of infant formula has dramatically dropped in recent years. the cdc says more than 72% of hospitals sent parents home with formula in 2007. that number was down to 30% in 2013. research shows women are less likely to breast-feed when they're given formula samples. a new study says living at high altitudes can increase a baby's risk for death. researchers at the university of colorado examined the numbers behind sudden infant death syndrome. they said infants living above
11:39 am
8,000 feet are more than twice as likely to die as babies who live in lower altitudes. the researchers said it's still uncredibly unlikely a baby dies that way. once again here's a check of future weather. it's going to be a warm and humid pattern around here. by 5:30 just a few fair weather clouds. things will be dry overnight under a fair to partly cloudy sky and a dry start tomorrow morning as well. tomorrow afternoon, plenty of heat coming our way. there's the rain chance across i-81 into the shenandoah valley. we may have some rain chances drifting into the northern and western sides of the metro so we'll keep a close eye on that. we'll dry out tuesday into early wednesday. wednesday afternoon a much better chance for coverage of rain across the entire viewing area. so rain chances going up. >> all right, chuck. on this memorial day people across the country are coming
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together to pay tribute to our fallen men and women in uniform. veterans wrapped up a 2,000 mile tribute called carry the load. nbc news military analyst colonel jack jacobs tells us who they're carrying. >> reporter: it's a day meant to honor all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. i get asked all the time what am i thinking about on memorial day and it's not what everybody else thinks. parties are fine and getting together with friends are fine but i think everyday what i think on memorial day and that's all the people i left behind. >> i think our greatest fear when we're fighting is to that no one will know if we fall whether we'll be forgotten. >> reporter: clint bruce's mission is to change that. >> when i came home after losing a lot of friends i saw the nation not remembering them well on the one weekend they were supposed to and i wasn't okay with it. i started walking on memorial day a few years ago and an older gentleman who i knew was a world war ii veteran walked up to me
11:41 am
and said "hey son, who you carrying?" >> reporter: bruce, a former navy seal launched "carry the load" to remind americans of the true meaning of memorial day. >> carry the load is the chance to ask and answer the question of who you're carrying. >> i'm carrying the load for my grandpa who served in the vietnam war. >> i spent five years in the military so i'm carrying my wife who put up with. >> that i'm carrying the load for my dad, my uncle and my great uncle. >> the national relay began at west point. >> i'm doing this for friends and family carrying for the men and women who have died serving this great country. >> i'm walking for my comrades in desert storm. >> carrying 75 pounds to represent the fallen knights doctors. >> we're carrying for sergeant kitowski and sergeant dickie. >> reporter: even the water in annapolis didn't stand in their way. dubbed "memorial may" the non-stop relay spans some 2,000 miles passing through 200 cities and towns.
11:42 am
it wrapped up in dallas more than 15,000 people participated. >> i'm carrying sergeant first class elizabeth davidson. >> it's a opportunity to reconcile a nation and an opportunity to walk alongside and say "what you did mattered. >> reporter: carry the load reminds us of lincoln's sermon at gettysburg that it is for us, the living to be dedicated to the unfinished work of the fallen. jack jacobs nbc news west point, new york. there's threat of in texas and oklahoma as the search for at least eight missing people continues after severe flooding. we'll get an update on the situation coming up next. stay with us.
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happening now, president obama is delivering remarks at arlington national cemetery. the president is speaking at the cemetery's memorial amphitheatre marking memorial day and honoring the men and women who have given their lives for our country. . the president is talking about how this is the first memorial day since the end of combat missions in afghanistan. >> today is the first memorial day in 14 years that the united states is not engaged in a major ground war. so on this day we honor the sacrifice of the thousands of
11:46 am
american service members, men and women, who gave their lives since 9/11 including more than 2,200 american patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan. >> earlier, the presidents laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. people in parts of texas are bracing for more rain after deadly flooding. the heavy rain over the weekend caused scenes like the one you see here. this is in a town north of san antonio. the storms are responsible for three deaths across texas and oklahoma. nbc's gabe gutierrez toured the damage. >> reporter: this morning in texas, a crushing memorial day. hundreds of people waking up homeless. local officials calling the flooding historic and catastrophic. >> we have whole streets that have maybe one or two houses left on them and the rest are just slabs. >> here in wimberley, one man survived but his wife and two children along with five other
11:47 am
people are missing. they were staying at a house along the blanco river saturday night when the wall of water lifted the home off its foundation. the river reaches flood stage at 12 feet but it took just one hour to crest at more than 43. this water rose quickly, unlike anything residents say they'd ever seen. look at where that desk ended up all the way up in that tree. emergency workers raced to rescue trapped homeowners and drivers. >> oh my god! stop! stop! he needs to get out! >> reporter: an elderly man was saved moments before a raging river swallowed his suv. but in oklahoma a heartbreaking loss. captain jason farley, a veteran firefighter, drowned while trying to rescue people trapped by the floodwaters. >> farley was a very good man. >> reporter: sunday tornado warnings were issued for parts of kansas missouri iowa and il zblil def illinois. >> devastating.
11:48 am
>> reporter: in texas, this small resort is wiped out. >> when you walk down here you can tell it will take months to fix this stuff. >> reporter: residents say some of this damage looks more like a tornado than a flood. there was an overnight curfew here and the governor is set to tour this damage later today. gabe gutierrez, nbc news wimberley, texas. we turn to meteorologist chuck bell. chuck, we know these midwest storms move east and fizzle as they come. do you expect anything severe weather wise? >> the plume of moisture, that whole plume is coming towards the eastern sea board with time but we will not be facing the kind of extended periods of severe weather and torrential rains that they've seen in the southern plain states. just talking to my colleague veronica here and oklahoma city has had almost 19 inches of rain this month alone, our wettest month on record in washington just over 17 inches in a single month, that was september of
11:49 am
1934. so we don't get that rain around here on any real occasion. our warm pattern is back after a couple cool day this is weekend. it will get more humid as well and the combination of the heat and humidity means rain chances are going up highs today mid to upper 80s with the nice south breeze. a community in albuquerque, new mexico, is remembering a father and his teenage son after they died in a tragic accident over the weekend. the father took the son and his three other children up to a cherry picker yesterday but the cherry picker wasn't secured to the ground and a gust of wind tipped the piece of construction equipment over. the father died instantly. the teen boy died in the hospital and the three other children were seriously injured. police haven't said whether any charges will be filed. new today, china says it filed a complaint with the u.s. over a spy plane. that plane flew over the south china sea.
11:50 am
several countries have overlapping claims that that area. the u.s. says it will maintain air and sea patrols because china could impose restrictions in the area. seaworld's important role in the cleanup ♪ ♪ ♪
11:51 am
more than 105,000 gallons of oil has leaked into the ocean from a broken pipeline in california. seaworld is caring for animals at the oiled wildlife care center. researchers -- rescuers are caring for an elephant seal and two sea lions, all of them covered in oil. >> right behind his pectoral flipper you can see a spot of oil. where this animal is most impacted is around his cheeks and the back of his head and the nape of his neck. >> seaworld sent two specialists on the ground in the santa barbara area. our national past time is
11:52 am
honoring memorial day today. the nationals are playing in chicago. you'll see the players wearing these special hats and jerseys at the game. they feature camouflage-style patterns on them. all mlb teams are wearing similar uniforms. the league will donate 100% of the sales of these jerseys and hats to veterans programs today. a hot week is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology
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plus 36-month special financing. ends monday! know better sleep with sleep number. just into the live desk, a picture from that devastating tornado in the mexican border town of cuidad acuna. you can see a school bus literally flipped on to its roof a devastating situation there. this town is near the city of del rio in texas, just over the border into mexico. at least ten people we're told killed in this tornado which struck at about 6:50 in the
11:54 am
morning their time. back to you, aaron. that severe cluster of storms moving out of west texas will impact the dallas-fort worth metro area over the next five to six hours. for us, a few fair weather clouds in our sky this afternoon and temperatures have already reached into the upper 70s to near 80 so it's definitely going to be a warm and turning more humid this afternoon. south to southwesterly winds are going to continue to pump that warm air into the region. we'll be dry overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning so no weather slow downs to worry about there. off to a mild start tomorrow most neighborhoods are going to wake up with temperatures well into the 60s tomorrow. compare that with saturday morning when there were 30s on the map across parts of northern maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. we have totally flipped air masses for sure. tomorrow afternoon here we are at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon on our future weather. computer model cranking out, best rain chances tomorrow along the i-81 corridor. with time late afternoon into the evening tomorrow some of those showers might get closer
11:55 am
to the northern and western suburbs. looks like southern maryland, the northern neck and fredericksburg going to be missed by the rain chances tomorrow. on wednesday another dry and mild start wednesday morning but more heat more humidity and more rain chances into wednesday afternoon. much wider coverage of rain chances on the day wednesday and that pattern goes into thursday as well. so be ready for what could be a warm and somewhat unsettled middle and second parts of the week. final check of your seven-day forecast 87 today for memorial day, 88 tomorrow. best chances of rain tomorrow still going to be west of i-95 and along i-81. nonetheless, you may want to have the umbrella ready to go for tomorrow. everyone has a chance for showers on wednesday and thursday. temperatures mid to upper 80s. our average is 79. so all these numbers that are close to 90 that's way above average here for the last week of may. our best chance for rain comes up on thursday. then a little bubble of high
11:56 am
pressure tries to take the rain chances out of here a little bit on friday. technically i could have put a chance for rain each one of the next six days but i don't think it's going to rain all day evidence and i didn't want to convey that to you. so i think our best chances of dry days will be friday and sunday. best chances of rain over the weekend look to be focused on saturday. we'll know better with time. we may have to move that rain chance around a little bit. our best rain chances are peaking on the day thursday and then back up into what could be our fourth and fifth 90-degree days of the year as we get towards saturday and sunday. summer is officially a couple of weeks away but it's going to feel like it all week long. >> didn't we luck out with our memorial weekend, though, in this area? >> beautiful setup. at least we get the holiday weekend. that is news 4 midday we have news between 4:00 and 7:00. i'll be back tomorrow morning at
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absolutely amazing out there. >> unbelievable. >> nadal keeps making history. >> the french open on nbc is presented by longines. we welcome you on this holiday monday, of course memorial day in the united states. it is also a holiday


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