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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now, a maryland teenager learning all over again how to walk and talk. his mother talking only to news4 about his grueling recovery. devastation in texas, oklahoma and mexico tonight. more people confirmed dead after
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widespread flooding. the search still on for those missing. and new video in the district. the fourth shooting since 8:00 last night. good evening. first at 11:00, a maryland teenager facing years of agonizing treatment after police tell us a friend shot him in the head. >> his mother drives him a great distance to baltimore every day for rehab. he is making progress. but as shomari stone explains only on news4 tonight, he still has a long way to go. >> does it feel good to be home? >> yes. >> reporter: in his first home interview, he has limited cognitive skills ever sense police say a friend shot him in the head in january. his mother repeats my questions. >> are you happy to have support from me and your brother, family and friends? yes. >> reporter: the 17-year-old can
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only respond in one word answers. his mom said he had to relearn how to walk talk and understand her. doctors had to remove half his skull after the shooting. >> he was in icu. the doctors said that he wouldn't make it through that night. if he did make it he wouldn't be able to walk talk. >> reporter: but she's also very upset. police say the 16-year-old shot him and another friend inside dunnmore's house in maryland. and then he allegedly turned the gun on himself. and he the other teen also survived. investigators say the shooting happened after an argument over a video game. >> i never could imagine that would happen. with them just playing just playing the video games. >> reporter: all three of the young men were on the frederick dous las video game and they won the division 2 championship a few weeks before the shooting.
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he was facing attempt murder charges as an adult but it has been downgraded to assault and he's waiting for trial. meanwhile, they've opened a site called prayers for turan. she drives her son to upper marlboro to a rehabilitation center every day. despite the stress she still praises the lord. >> so wonderful. god is good. i was just i'm very happy. >> reporter: in upper marlboro shomari stone. news4. chris lawrence at the live dweks news and a deal that could change the way police officers patrol cleveland. the city is just reached a settlement with the justice department over a pattern of civil rights abuses by its police force. this comes two days after a judge acquitted a while police officer of manslaughter. a verdict that sparked protests in parts of the city. three years ago officer brelo fired the last of a hundred shots into the car killing an
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unarmed black man and woman. the justice department issued a scathing report saying the police didn't have the necessary equipment and officers used stun guns on suspects and beat people with guns. right before that report came out, a cleveland police officer shot and killed a 12-year-old boy. tame irrice was playing with a gun that shot pellets. it has been ruled as a homicide but no one has been charged. we'll get details when there is an announcement this week but timally doj requires departments to consent to independent monitors and revising their policies on use of forceful. >> thank you. firefighters are blaming a propane grill for a fire today. the montgomery county fire department tells us the propane tank started venting fire on bantree way. it spread to a fence before it was put out. paramedics took two adults and one child to the hospital. we're told they had minor burns. >> a boy saved from a community pool is back home from the
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hospital and is recovering right now. 7-year-old r.j. nelson was enjoying the holiday with some other kids in rockville today when he fell in the water and nearly drowned. a nurse and another man jumped into action pulling the boy from the water and performing cpr. >> he wasn't breathing and he had very little of a pulse. so we started chest compressions and he brought up a considerable amount of water and food. >> we're blessed. we thank god. they were there, right place, right time. the lady said she wasn't even going to come to the pool today. >> the family says rj can swim but he blacked out after falling into the water. plans to reduce flights at the montgomery county air park are on indefinite hold and those who live nearby are not happy about it. the county looked into cutting training and late night flights after a plane slammed into this nearby house killing a mother her two children and all three
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people on board. but if the air park cut back its hourkss would it lose millions in federal grant money. neighbors tell us change is needed. who will be next? it is not a matter of when. it is a matter of when. >> some of them come out here and obey the flight guidelines that we ask without any qualm. but a high percentage or too high a percentage just are cowboys. >> the faa says it won't require any changes to be made until the crash investigation is complete. in texas they're trying to cope with the worst flooding on record in that state. that's the word from the governor. scenes like this are becoming painfully familiar. three people have now died and nbc's kirk gregory says another soaking is coming. >> reporter: from the air you can see how widespread the devastation is. but it is not until you get up close that you get a real sense of a force of the flash floods that swept through parts of
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texas and oklahoma over the weekend. >> flattened houses and buildings. that's just devastating. >> reporter: days of heavy rain sent the blanco river between austin and san antonio to historic levels. >> we've been through bad things before. we've been through floods before. never been through one like this. >> 12 people staying in one home were swept away when the house collapsed into the raging river. the texas army national guard and other rescuers scoured the river bank searching for the missing. >> homes have been completely wiped off of the map. there are blanco river floods at 12 feet. saturday night it crested at 43. the texas governor issued a warning for those downstream as the river pushes south. >> stay out of harm's way. save your life. >> reporter: amateur video captured force of raging flash
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flood water north of san antonio as an suv was swept away. the driver somehow made to it safety. as the flood ravaged region began to pick up the pieces and rebuild. kirk gregory, nbc news. right now d.c. police are on the scene of at least the fourth shooting in the city in just over 24 hours. it happened near kennedy recreation center in northwest. one person was hit. it is unclear how badly that person is injured. police say the shooter was last seen riding a dirt bike. if you have any information, you should call police. it has been a painful crawl home. a steady stream of traffic that has been heading across the bay bridge for hours. this is time lapse of the back-up as night fell. at one point, delay stretched for 10 miles. this is what it looks like in real-time. still creeping along with delays of about eight miles east of the bridge. this coming weekend, friends and family will remember the d.c. family found murder in the their home.
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a wake for savvas savopoulos and his wife amy and their son. today a family obituary helped us learn more about the family. it scribbled savopoulos as skilled in martial arts and known for his generosity toward children's charities. amy savopoulos was known for her giving and selfless nature and the 10-year-old phillip loved math and racing. the 33-year-old is charged in the murder and the murder of the housekeeper vera figure rowa. >> a father says the legal system failed him his 3-year-old son was found dead at a playground in charles county last friday. investigators tell us the boy's mother was pushing the dead child on a swing. lee says he fought for sole custody but lost and now he feels courts didn't do enough to protect his son. >> i have a stable home for him to be at. you know? i have a stable roof for him to
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be under. for him to have the life he's supposed to have. >> he says the court missed signs that his son was not in a stable living environment. the boy's mother is journal going a mental evaluation. she has not been charged and initially police said there were no signs of foul play. today the nation paused to remember those who died in service to our country. president obama was among them. he laid a wreath at arlington national cemetery's tomb of the unknown. he also shared a moment with retired senator and veterans advocate bob dole. during his speech he noted this was the first memorial day in 14 years in which the u.s. was not involved in a war. tonight the white house is trying to avoid a war of words with iraqi leaders. it all began when defense secretary ashton carter said iraq's military showed no will to fight when isis attacked and eventually took control of ramadi. after some iraqis took issue, vice president joe biden called
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iraq's prime minister today to reassure him of america's support. biden also welcomes iraq's decision to mobilize more troops and launch a counter attack against isis and ramadi. next there is still nearly an hour left of this memorial day. we'll see how people honor their loved ones as night fell on the national mall. >> plus murder accusations in the death of bb king. new only the, police respond to a report that homicide detectives are on the case. and high school students facing charges over a senior prank. what they released into the school that got them into some serious trouble. doug? >> beautiful over the next couple days. the heat, the humidity all coming back as
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a memorial day tribute for a police officer killed the day before she was supposed to start maternity leave. the casket draped with an american flag was carried into a church for her visitation today. her funeral is tomorrow. she worked in the game unit in omaha, nebraska. she was killed while trying to arrest a known gang member. she gave birth to a girl prematurely back in february. she died the day before her daughter was supposed to come home. a dave remembrance turn only the on the national mall. it didn't turn away the crowds paying their respects on this memorial day. jackie bensen is live with their stories only the. >> reporter: today was for parades and ceremonies.
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nightfall brought a little breathing room. some time for people to be alone with their thoughts. the solemn beauty and majesty of the world war ii memorial dramatically lit at nighttime, inspired a reverend atmosphere. visitors from all over the country and the world took pictures in front of the tangible reminders of sacrifice. >> being here on memorial day is very special. there is a lot of soldiers that fought for the freedom of our country. so it is really awesome and i'm not from here. so it is really cool being here on memorial day. i saw a few veterans and it seems like they were really emotional day. >> reporter: rebecca gregg of california how the emotional atmosphere. >> four young men from saudi arabia asked me to take their picture by lincoln. we told them he was our favorite president. that it meant a lot for us to be there and i was happy to take their picture. and he will me that he took his
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hat off when he walked up the steps. >> reporter: particularly inspiring today was to hear parents tell their young children the meaning, the sacrifice behind these various memorials. back to you. >> jackie bensen. thank you. b.b. king is gone and two of his daughters are making accusations that it was not an accident. tonight it has led to conflicting brorts the investigation into his death. the blues icon died earlier this month, you'll recall. the coroner blamed a series of strokes and the decades long battle with die beast. but two of. . and diabetes. but two his daughters say he was poisoned. the detectives said they are not treating this as an investigation but they are waiting on autopsy results for an official cause of death. king is expected to be buried in his home town in mississippi on saturday. most every school has one. a senior prank out of southern maryland high school has some
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students in hot water. the prank happened in saint mary's county last wednesday. this is what students arrived to find that morning. thousands of ladybugs covering the hallways. 72,000 ladybugs. it was the work of seven students who ordered the ladybugs online and then broke into the school in the early morning to let them loose. four of the students are facing charges as juveniles. the other three are being charged as adults. >> a bounce house hit the air when a water spout hit the ground. the house went flying into the air today injuring three children on a ft. lauderdale beach. the three children immediately fell on to the sand. the bounce house then breezed across the parking lot and over four lanes of traffic. the injured children are expected to be okay. no one else was hurt. very frightening. >> pretty nice memorial day weekend around here but we're
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about to see that come to an end. are not we? >> kind of. a lot of people ready for the hot and humid weather. others say just give me today. high temperatures in the low 80s in many locations. plenty of sunshine. simply gorgeous. the next couple days, the humidity will be increasing. right now, take a look. the current temperatures 75 degrees. the winds out of the south. the temperature has actually risen over the past hour so that tell you we're in for a very hot couple of days. 73 in leesburg. 69 in waldorf and down toward patuxent river. right now as far as the radar is concerned, nothing on the radar to speak of. and i'm not too concerned about storms over the next few days. you see what's happening. high pressure dominating the area but it is moving off the coast. and as it does we'll see the return flow out of the
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southwest. you can see a lot of cloud cover. some moisture here too and that will raise the humidity over the next few days. tomorrow morning, your pedestrian forecast. temperatures around 73 degrees to start off the day but then by around eight to ten, we're close to 80 and it starts to get on the sticky side tomorrow. future weather timing it out for us. not much going on. i'm not too worried. best chance of storms back toward im81. toward hagerstown. maybe around romney and winchester. most us should remain on the dry side tomorrow. wednesday, a little bit of a different story. we see a better chance of showers and storms. 8:00 a.m. just the cloud cover around. very warm and humid. and then wave good channel scattered storms. toward evening hours, notice how most areas along and west i-95 have a good chachbls seeing those storms. nothing too strong but any
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chance of an air mass have a chance of very heavy downpours. 88 in d.c. and fredericksburg. it will feel more like 90. again, back toward west that's the best area to see the showers and maybe a thunderstorm or two. the feels like forecast tomorrow. not just sticky. rather uncomfortable tomorrow. and boy, does it get really uncomfortable wednesday of that's our best chance to see the thunderstorm activity. high temperature of 89. some areas will get close to 90. look at thewednesday, thursday, friday almost the exact same. 87 on thursday. a 40% chance of storms. friday temperature of 88 degrees. and then saturday around 90 degrees. rather hot. the temperatures do tend to cool on sunday into monday. so the best weather is about a week away. >> or today. up
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the nats' roll continues in chicago. i like this. where is it? >> they won the last eight out of nine game. that's pretty good right? is that good enough for you? so it's hard not to boast about the nats' offense over the last few weeks. bryce harper denard span. today in chicago it was all about great defense. let's go to the windy city. nothing better than day baseball with the veterans on handle who
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didn't to have wait long for some action. first at-bat. denard span. to right. off the scoreboard. the lead-off homer. nats up 1-0. so the offense is good. bottom two. we're tied 1-1. the pitcher. he hits to it center. michael taylor wow! incredible diving catch. tanner is like all right! i don't know if he could do that again. like superman. this time it will be bryce harper. into the ivy, off the brick. he is all right. stay with the nats. top six. wilson ramos. the buffalo gets a hold of this one. a solo home run for ramos. they take it 2-1. camden yards, orioles hosting the astros. to the game. top five.
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2-1. chen facing chart. pops it to right. that will fall in for a base hit. one run comes in to score. the throw way off the mark. a second one follows. a two-run single for carter. the astros take a 3-2 lead biffle the seven. steve pierce at the dish with a man on it. he takes it for a ride. deep to center. they beat the astros 4-3. to lacrosse. maryland for the first ever national championship in 40 years. denver going for the first ever. pioneers came out on fire. check out the incredible move. they'll finish the hat trick in the first quarter. after one second terps coming back. matt rambo behind the cage. brings it around fires. maryland within two. down 5-3 at the half.
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win the lacrosse national championship. maryland's title drought continues. 40 years for them. so to basketball. western conference finals. watch this guy. steph curry and the warriors looking to finish the sweep. scary moments in the second quarter. rockets on the break. pass to trevor ariza. lands hard on the court. he went to the locker room. checked out, thankfully he returned. he did return. this the rockets up 16 points in the fourth quarter. they kept showing it over and over. it was hard to watch. it was a head contusion but it looked like his elbow. it could have been anything. >> his back! >> they're leading the series. you would think they would give him a
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it's become an annual tradition in our area and one of the most watched sporting events of the year. we're talking about the national spelling bee begins tomorrow. today's spellers all over the country enjoyed a barbecue together and got ready for the big day. 26 spellers in maryland and d.c. are getting ready. the spelling and misspelling begins tomorrow with preliminary tests at 9:00 a.m. the televised competition begins wednesday. >> they look like they're having
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so much fun but they're so nervous. >> you would win that i feel like. she would. >> doug would win trivia. would you win spelling. >> we
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kristen wiig thomas middleditch musica


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