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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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astronomical summer begins the third week of june. mother nature didn't get the memo. it's going to feel like summertime already in the area. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s right now and we'll be in the mid to upper 70s sooner than you can say wait a minute i thought it was late may here. 75 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 84 by lunchtime. 88 our expected high in washington today. with chances of showers and thunderstorms bubbling up in the shenandoah valley between 2:00 and 4:00. i couldn't rule out that one or two of those showers couldn't drift into the met row area this evening. afternoon highs generally well up into the mid and upper 80s, and plenty steamy. talk about rain chances coming up. another round of powerful storms continue to hammer houston, texas. take a look at some of this video. we know 12 people are still missing, including two families who were vacationing together. that high water damaging more
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than 1,000 homes in the region and look at this. shoppers stuck inside this houston mall. you can see why. you are looking at the garage there. no way out. on the roadways drivers leaving their cars under this overpass trying to get to safety. we know at least 83,000 people are waking up in the dark and between the storms here in this state of texas and oklahoma over the last couple of days eight people have died. i want to show you some pictures from other parts of texas too that are also dealing with flooding. in dallas the trinity river is at its highest level in years. water spilled over highways and took some trucks with it. in austin a small creek turned into raging rapids sending water dangerously close to city streets and people had to be rescued from a local park. prince george's county
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police say someone shot a man in the riverdale area. this happened on oliver street late last night. the man was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. police say this does not look like a random shooting. and now in d.c. police investigating the district's fourth shooting in less than two days. this happened last night near the kennedy recreation center in o street in northwest. one person was hit. we're working to find out how badly that person was hurt. the shooter was last seen riding a dirt bike. we're learning more about the savopoulos family that died in a brutal murder earlier this month. three family members and a housekeeper died there. an obituary says that savvas savopoulos enjoyed engineering and had degrees in business and law. family members remembered amy savopoulos as a giving mother who loved to travel. ten-year-old phillip loved racing and math. police charged darron wint.
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he paid a cab driver $1,000 to drive him from new york to d.c. >> $10,000 a pop, he should be under the jail if he did it under the jail. >> that woman didn't feel safe showing her face there. police believe wint did not work alone in this case. the savopoulos friends and family say they have not seen a key witness in this case since the killings happened. court documents say that officers interviewed savopoulos's assistant. that assistant took $40,000 in ransom money to the house about two weeks ago. police say the assistant lied about when and how that ransom money was delivered. 5:03 pool safety is something many parents need to think about. memorial day nearly turned deadly for one family when their
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7-year-old nearly drowned. a man jumped in and pulled him out. a nurse ran over and started cpr. she said the boy barely had a pulse. >> started chest compressions and he brought up a considerable amount of water and food. >> we're blessed. we thank god they were there, right place, right time. >> r.j.'s family says the boy does know how to swim but he blacked out after going under the water. he is expected to be okay. three people are recovering this morning after a grill fire in montgomery county. it happened yesterday afternoon on ban tree way. a propane grill caused the fire. paramedics took two adults and one child to the hospital. we're told they had minor burns. coming up on five minutes after the hour and today the special olympics flame of hope starts its journey across america. three separate torches will be
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lit in the district this morning before traveling through all 50 states heading to los angeles. one torch will arrive on july 25th at the los angeles memorial coliseum to ignite the ka cauldron for the opening ceremonies. news 4 kristen wright will be at the lighting ceremony here in d.c. we have breaking news on the beltway. a deadly pedestrian accident is blocking two lanes on the inner loop. this is near the bw parkway. melissa is closely watching the situation. she will tell you what you need to know and how to get around it. the new information we're learning about the parents who made headlines for their free range parenting style. what we're learning about the investigation and the charges they face. and new jersey man died from a rare viral disease and what you need to know
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5:08 is your time now. a new jersey man has died from a frightening infectious disease he appears to have contracted on a trip to liberia. centers for disease control confirm the man had lassa fever. the disease is not spread through casual contact and there is no cause for public harm. the u.s. is better able to deal with infectious diseases. the man has not been identified. this morning, one man is dead and four swimmers are missing along beaches in
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florida. one rough created dangerous conditions for swimmers. beachgoers pulled 2 men from the water from daytona beach on sunday. one of them died. four people including an 11-year-old boy missing outside of miami. there have been red flag warnings because of the strong rip currents. breaking news right now on the beltway. we're talking about the inner loop just after bw parkway. we have a fatal crash there with the two right lanes blocked. pedestrian versus a semi. very serious accident there. going to likely have those shans shut down for the next little while at least. no major problems overall as you take a big look at the beltway. 66 moving along fine. so is 95 this morning. 270 at shady grove road. our biggest problem is going to be that crash. on the outer loop of the beltway here heading over to the scene
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of the accident. news 4 megan mcgrath is on the scene. what do you see and what do you know this morning? >> we have those two right lanes of the inner loop closed. this is just after the bw parkway and this video we shot a little while ago as we drove by the scene. we have two left-hand lanes getting by and those lanes are going at speed. you are going to be want to be very careful as you come upon the scene. you come upon it quickly. traffic is moving fast in those lanes. what we have a fatal pedestrian accident. one person was hit by a tractor-trailer. we're told that that truck driver did remain on the scene but this is a fatality. there's going to be some accident reconstruction work going on. this closure is going to be in place for a little while. i did see a sedan pulled over to the far right shoulder in the area where this accident occurred. what if any involvement that car
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may have to all of this still part of the investigation, but there was a sedan on the scene and a little while down the roadway was the tractor-trailer that struck the pedestrian. that driver staying on the seen and cooperating with police. if you are driving in the area you are going to want to keep your eyes open keep your speed down and take it to the left. >> great warning there. thank you megan, very much for that. we'll be talking with her throughout the morning. live picture, inner loop starting to see a little bit of volume building. a mild start to what feels like summertime than late spring. temperatures are mostly in the 60s right now. 70 in cambridge on the eastern shore. cull pepper virginia down to 59. frederick maryland also down to the upper 50s. there are some pockets of relative cool air out there.
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we're off to a dry start. coming up later on today, we will have increasing chances for showers and thunderstorms to develop. rain chances today, fairly low. right around town. but medium chances out into the western and northern suburbs. gaithersburg to leesburg a chance for showers there and our best chance for rain will be along i-81. a bounce house lifted 50 feet into the air. what we're learning about an accident and the number of children hurt. a trial for a washington post reporter happening in iran this mornin
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puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support... putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding
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as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story.... "unfair treatment from washington"... "thousands without medications"... "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." president obama must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late...
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they made headlines for their controversial parenting style but this morning the so-called free range parents are facing one less legal battle. the maryland couple accused of child neglect for letting their two young children walk home alone have been cleared.
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the family's attorney says the parents were cleared in at least one case by child protective services. they are still under investigation for letting their six and ten years old walking home from a park alone in april. this case received national attention sparking debate about parenting choices. a developing story out of iran right now. a washington post reporter detained in the country is in court right now. american irani journalist jason rezian has been held there for a year. he's facing a trial for propaganda against the iranian republic. u.s. officials are tried repeatedly for his release but so far they have not had any luck. thank you. six months and no charges following the plane crash that
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killed six people in gaithersburg last december. montgomery county says it won't reduce service at the nearby airpark just yet. they planned to make changes but learn they would lose millions in federal grant money if it did. >> some of them come out here and obey the flight guidelines but a high percentage or too high of a percentage just are cowboys. >> the airpark concerned citizens alliance says it's worried about families' safety. the county explored cutting training at the airpark as well as late night flights. lawyers for a serial killer on death row now expecting him to be a fundamental miscarriage of justice. >> that's because he is intellectually disabled. he was sentenced to the death for the murder of two george washington students in 1988.
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a three judge panel is considering whether a jury fully understood his daily tasks.: . today, maryland governor larry hogan departs for a 12-day trip to asia. hogan says one of his goals is to persuade korean air to offer service to bwi. the delegation includes his first lady who was born in south korea. terry mccalliffe said he has the right man to head the virginia information technologies agency. right now, virginia is trying to modernize its tech infrastructure and he will be over seeing a network of 60,000
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computers at 2,200 locations across the state. in news for your health at 5:19, a new standard -- study whether you are white or black can affect how you feel about some health care. they said white patients and women expected greater benefit from alternative treatments like massage and acupuncture. black and other minorities were likely to see those treatments as too expensive. a different study looked at anxiety disorders in the workforce. 4% of americans with full-time jobs have an anxiety disorder. that number went up by part-time workers. nearly 7% of people who were unemployed said they had an anxiety disorder. may is national stroke awareness month. weakness numbness on one side and slurred speech just some of the symptoms you need to look out for. doctors at johns hopkins says
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stroke symptoms are the same in children as they are in adults. >> watching your child. parents know their child best and they will know when something is different about them. if they see something different after a head injury that's the time you need to get to the doctor. >> more than 3,000 children suffer from strokes each year. many are left with permanent or long lasting disabilities. breaking news on the beltway. again, we're talking about the inner loop just after bw parkway. take a look right here. we have the first 4 traffic tracker heading back crash this morning. take a look right here. this is megan mcgrag driving by this accident. this is a semi versus pedestrian. going to be a little bit of a problem spot for us this morning. sitting in these delays inner loop near bw parkway. after bw parkway, they have flipped this camera around on us this morning.
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taking a wide look at things they are starting to see a wide look at the parkway. no big problems. 95 north and south, everything looking good morning. still have this problem on the memorial bridge with the right lane blocked out bound. it is just one section of the roadway. let's get you up to speed on the forecast today. more hot weather headed our way. >> chuck bell is here now with what we can expect today. chuck, how hot is it go to get today? >> i can sense the beginnings of joy in your voice, eun. oops. back over here. i can sense you are happy about the hot weather and humidity. i know who you are, eun yang and you are not alone. i know a lot of folks can't wait for this time of a year. i'm more of a cool season guy myself. nonetheless, it's a
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beautiful-looking morning out here. it's unusually warm unusually early this year. already had three 90-degree days in the month of may. temperatures are primarily in the 60s. 63 in rockville and chevy chase. so your on your way out to the bus stops, warm one for sure. temperatures in the low 70s. mid 70s between 8:00 and 9:00. warm and humid outside today. and coming on later on this afternoon, how cool would it have been to have a school bus with no roof on it. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s today. there is a chance for showers bulk up this afternoon. up near 90 degrees every day and afternoon storms looking likely.
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it is now 5:23. developing this morning. the fbi believes a single person threatened several flights heading into new york on memorial day. the person claimed chemical weapons were on board. according to the fbi, the person called several local police agencies with the threat including maryland state police. you can see here in this scene that u.s. fighter jets escorted an air france flight to the city when this happened. agents police and firefighters all examined the plane but found nothing dangerous on board. as early as today we could learn about a settlement between the city of cleveland and the justice department. a source tells the associated press, the two sides reached a deal over a pattern of civil rights violations by cleveland's police force. this comes three days after a judge acquitted a white police officer of manslaughter a verdict that sparked protests in parts of the city. three years ago, officer michael brelo fired the last of well over 100 shots through the windshield of a car killing a
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unarmed black man and woman. >> i know that he wasn't right as far as fleeing from the police but i've said over and over again that does not warrant a death penalty. the justice department issued a scathing report saying police did not have necessary equipment and officers used stun guns on handcuffed suspects and beat people with guns. right before that report came out in december a cleveland police officer shot and killed a 12-year-old boy. he was playing with a toy gun that fires plastic pellets. his death has been ruled a homicide but no one has been charged. iraq is starting a major operation to take a large portion of the country back from isis. overnight, the government launched a military operation to fight the extremists. isis captured the provincial capital of ramadi earlier this month. the new offensive comes two days after u.s. defense secretary ash carter said iraqi forces showed no will to fight.
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vice president joe biden called the prime minister to reaffirm the u.s. support of iraq against isis. wind from a nearby waterspout lifted a inflatable bounce house with three children inside. those children fell out of that inflatable house on to the sand there. they were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. happening today, a major development in that california oil spill that sent more than 100,000 gallons of oil spewing along the coast. ♪ ♪ and more news about tom brady who may appeal his
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breaking news right now on the beltway. again we're talking about the inner loop of the beltway, just after bw parkway. we have the two right lanes blocked. this is a pedestrian versus a semi. unfortunately, a fatal crash.
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it could be some time before this is cleared out of the way. take a look at the video just a little while ago as we drove by the scene. you can see the two left lanes opened right now and the two right lanes blocked. two right lanes shut down on the iner loop just south of bw parkway. taking a look at my map right here. you can see a little bit of a slowdown. it's only about a mile of slow downs but again this is going to be building as we progress here this morning. 66 and 95 overall looking pretty good right now because we're heading past 5:30 or at 5:30. you can see dale city is getting a little bit slow here. prince george's coin no major problems there. more information coming up in a few minutes. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. fast approaching 5:30 on this
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tuesday morning. sleeveless maybe if you can pull that off i think that may be the way to go. >> let's check in with chuck bell. may has been a hot month, chuck. >> you betcha. outside this morning, a mostly clear sky out there. it's going to be a dry start on your way back to work and school in reality today. temperatures mid to upper 60s around most of the metro area. storm team 4 radar showing not much in the way of rain around town. there have been showers in southwestern pennsylvania. they are going to stay away from us. rain chances will be highest today west of i-95 and particularly out along i-81. that's where we have our best chances for rain coming up today. if you live out here toward hagerstown or winchester you are very likely to be rained on.
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in and around town only a slight chance in the evening. >> what do you like to do at home? >> football. >> football? >> yeah. >> maryland teenager shot in the head is waking up at home in prince george's county. he's able to respond in one-word answers with the help of his mother. his mother says he's had to relearn how to walk talk and understand her. the 17-year-old is on a long road to recovery. he faces years of expensive treatment. doctors removed half of turan caudle's skull. his mother drives him every day to rehabilitation. his friend opened a go fund me account to help with medical expenses. we asked how he is doing at home. >> you have the support from me and your brother. your family and friends and support? >> yes. having.
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>> police say a 16-year-old shot him and another friend in january during an argument over a video game. investigators say the suspected shooter turned the gun on himself. all three survived. the shooter now faces assault charges. they were all three on the frederick douglas high school football team. family and friends remember a omaha police officer who died on the job. she had delayed her maternity leave until her premature baby could be released from the hospital. she was due to start her leave last thursday. she was shot by a suspect as she tried to serve an arrest warrant on wednesday. russia will be top of mind today when president obama sits down with the head of nato in the oval office. tensions between nato and russia have been high since vladimir putin sent troop into part of
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ukraine. that meeting comes ahead of a summit planned for 2016. nfl lineman ray mcdonald out of jail this morning and out of a jail. the chicago bears released him. according to police he assaulted a woman who was holding a baby. new england patriots tom brady appealing a four-game suspension for deflaetgate scandal. the associated press reports good dell won't hear it by the time. it's not clear if that's because the players union wants him to recuse himself from the hearing. a live look from the capitol this morning, the man who called a security scare on the capitol mall. the bomb squad destroyed a what
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looked like a pressure cooker and a propane tank nied his car. >> right in front of the capitol, of course i would have done the same thing. you know i would have freaked out and i would have done the same thing, but they -- i understand. that's all. >> he was cited for driving on a suspended license. turning to the race for the white house now, presidential candidate bernie sanders has one message for voters and pundits as he kicks off his campaign today. don't under estimate me. he's trying to ignite a grassroots fire among democrats who might be wary of hillary clinton. martin o'malley is expected to jump into the race as well. a louden county supervisor says he may still run again for office.
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sean williams withdrew from the republican primary after revelations that he was accused of beating a girlfriend in 2006. now, he says he will consider running as an independent. breaking news on the beltway. coming up more details about this crash. we're talking about the inner loop just after bw parkway. what is blocked and how long those delays are coming up. outrage this morning over a t-shirt with american flag on it. why a popular store for teens is pulling it off shelves. take a live look outside as the sun comes up. chuck bell is back when we can expect rain
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as early as today, a section of pipeline that caused an oil spill along the california coast could be removed. plains all american pipeline owns it. the company now says 101,000 gallons of oil spilled into the water along santa barbara county. that is less than previously thought. crews are still trying to remove the oil slick in the ocean though. two beaches are closed until next thursday. following the social media outcry pacific sun wear is
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pulling a controversial t-shirt from its store and website. many people posted angry images about the black and white t-shirt with an upside down flag. the original post received nearly 5,000 shares. a company released a statement on its facebook page saying out of respect for those who have put their lives on the line for our country, we have decided to stop selling the licensed flag t-shirt. breaking news on the beltway. the inner loop hereafter bw parkway, we have two right lanes blocked. this was a pedestrian hit by a semitruck early this morning. just found out a woman. we have a one-mile backup. you can see some of them on the map. travel times overall looking pretty good 270 south, on time. 95 north quantico to the beltway, a couple of minutes behind. 66 inbound from fairfax county to the beltway, 11 minutes right
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now. remember to listen to our friends on wtop on the latest this morning. no real big problems in the weather department early this morning. we're still waiting on sun rise now. sun is up at 5:48 this s the view looking out to the east from our tower. a lot of brightening already starting to take place out there. don't forget your sunglasses. melissa doesn't want any more delays out there, sunshine or otherwise. 63 in rockville. 9:00 a.m. just a few thigh thin clouds around. temperatures low to mid 80s around the area. clouds build a little bit. this afternoon, temperatures reach upper 80s today. about the time the sun goes down there could be a possibility of a shower in and around the metro area for today. rain chances are going to be
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higher as we go later on into the week. we'll talk more about that in your seven-day forecast in ten minutes. the big announcement in d.c. this morning how it will help your son or daughter get a job this summer. what's next for the students accused of letting
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16 before the hour right now. as we head into summer pool safety is something a lot of parents have to think about. memorial day almost turned tragic for one rockville family when their send years old nearly drowned. the boy was swimming when he suddenly went under the water. a man jumped in and pulled him out and a nurse ran over and started cpr. >> he wasn't breathing and he had very little of a pulse, so we started chest compressions and he brought up a considerable
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amount of water and food. >> his family says the boy does know how to swim but he blacked out after going under the water. rj is expected to be okay. 5:45 now. three people are recovering this morning after a grill fire in montgomery county. this happened yesterday afternoon on pan tree road. paramedics took two adults and one child to the hospital. we're told they had minor burns. the battle over a possible 15% property tax increase in prince george's county is heating up this morning. county executive baker wants the county council to pass the increase and put all the money toward education. the increase would mean more than $100 million a year. today, there is a news conference at 11:00 a.m. the fight is creating tension among members.
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school board chairman says it is not that simple. >> any board member can speak as an individual about any issue that they would like but they are not allowed to use board resources to contradict a unanimous vote or any majority vote of the board on an official position. >> the tax increase would cost a person with a $200,000 home about $300 more. you may spend less time stuck in traffic when you use the express lanes in virginia on 95. signs ahead of the quantico joplin road exits will warn drivers of backups. short bridges in carroll county will be inspected through
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a county county venture. bridges need tor longer than 20 feet to be covered by federal funding. the county will partner with the highway department to cover those inspections. the haguerstown suns baseball team is trying to move to spotsylvania county. the team is the nationals single a affiliate. the hagerstown suns first played in 1981. the washington monument this morning where preparations are under way to light the special olympics flame. today, flames will be lit before it heads to west los angeles. news 4 kristen wright is at the washington monument this morning with more on the preparations. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. the set up is already happening now. let me show you behind me.
5:48 am
there's the stage where a special ceremony is going to happen this morning. the unified relay across america will deliver the flame of hope to the special olympic world games in los angeles. three separate routes are beginning today. the central route which is ours starts here at the washington monument at 7:00 this morning. the other two routes will start in florida and maine. it will pass through all 50 states over the next six weeks. thousands of people will carry the porch. anyone is welcome to sign up and organize a group to be a part of this. the torch starts in d.c. and annapolis and richmond and before ending in los angeles at the beginning of the games in july. send students are facing charges after a school pranch in-- prank. this happened at morganza
5:49 am
maryland. thousands of lady bugs covered the halls. 72,000 to be exact. the students ordered the lady bugs on line and broke into the school to let them loose. four are facing charges as juveniles. the other three are being charged as adults. breaking news on the roadway right now. take a look at this this morning. we're talking about the inner loop of the beltway, just after bw parkway. right the two right lanes are blocked here. this is because of a fatal accident. semiversus pedestrian. it could be shut down for the entire morning commute this morning. we're seeing about a one-mile backup at this point morning. new crash, outer loop in that same kind of area at 50. two lanes blocked here this morning. wide look at things rest of the beltway looking pretty good. this is our problem spot right here because of those two different crashes. 270 at montgomery village avenue no issues there.
5:50 am
66 he had -- headed into town no problems there. headed up to the north here bw parkway in general looking fine. same thing, 95 and 29 here. no major problems at this point this morning. we'll turn to chuck bell now and obviously this beautiful sun rise behind us. >> that's so nice. >> we're going to be talking about all the heat coming off that puppy today. >> temperatures this afternoon going to be way above average. nearly ten degrees warmer than average by late may standards. summertime has come early. ms. short sleeves over here she's oh, like yes. >> i love summer and everything about summer but i will say the heat and humidity can be trying especially this early in the season. >> outside, sun is up everybody. sunrise is officially at 5:48. it is now officially 5:51. and i'm sure you guys already know this it takes about two
5:51 am
minutes, 20 seconds for the disk to cross the horizon. >> of course we knew that. >> we got a nice-looking sunrise out there this morning. a gorgeous way to get your day started. temperature now 69 degrees with a south wind at 10 miles per hour. getting warm early today. we'll be in the 80s before lunchtime and one of our first real doses of mid summer levels of humidity. chances of showers and thunderstorms coming our way today, mainly west of i-95. if you live out toward the shenandoah valley, your rain chances are higher still. temperatures are a couple of degrees warmer now than they were this time yesterday. forecasting 88 for a high in town today. plenty of humidity. there's your hourly temperatures. 84 degrees by lunchtime today. so if you are going to be outside for lunch, plan on sitting in the shade or sweating it out. clouds are not much of an issue
5:52 am
just yet. there are more clouds down to our south and west. we widen out the view here you'll be able to see this little clump of showers in southwestern virginia that's going to ride on this high pressure. as a result this is the beginning of what is going to be a long week filled with very warm temperatures and well above average levels of humidity. here's future weather then by 2:00 today, shower and thunderstorm chances firing up in the shenandoah valley. 5:30 this afternoon, still dry in the heart of the metro area and rain chances will be highest out north and west of the interstate. this pattern will repeat again as we get into tomorrow and on into thursday and maybe on into the weekend as well. so here's your seven-day forecast. 30% chance for showers in the metro today but much higher chances out toward the shenandoah valley. everyone has much higher rain chances for wednesday and
5:53 am
thursday. took the drop out of friday saturday. it's still going to stay plenty warm and humid around here all the way through the upcoming weekend. it's 5:53 right now. a lawyer says a virginia alcoholic beverage control agent was involved in two controversial arrests. this picture shows a violent arrest back in march. one of lawyers who arrested him also arrested uva students elizabeth daley two years ago. she was holding a bottle of water at the time. >> the charlottesville field office is relatively small so there is no surprising that there's overlap in abc officers who are involved in enforcing the law. >> officers said they thought daley had alcohol. she sued the department and the sides later settled. d.c.'s summer youth jobs program expanding. the program is named after the late marion s. barry.
5:54 am
offers 1,000 jobs for six weeks. the signing ceremony happens at 10:00 this morning at the rise demonstration center. she will also ask the d.c. council to fully fund the program next year. if you love amazon and etsy you are going to love this. meg joins us from cnbc. >> am azon may be setting its site on etsy. no details on when the site will be rolled out or fees will be charged. etsy gets a 3.5% commission on sales. new york prosecutors are closing in on charges on general moet toers. "the new york times" found criminal wrongdoing on gm's part for hiding the issue for years.
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they could pay a fine of $1 billion or plead guilty. thank you. >> you will soon be able to catch a flight from reagan national airport directlily to orlando, florida. beginning november 1st. southwest airlines will flight the orlando route nonstop. the government's fuel economy website just released a list of helpful gas-saving tips. it turns out opening your windows on the highway makes the engine work harder and uses more gas. other tips include parking in the shade so your car does not get as hot. leave the windows open when you first start your car to clear out the hot air. how would you like to know exactly where that fish at the super market was caught before it got to your grocery store. be a reality thanks to a group of scientists and
5:56 am
fishermen in maine. they are working on a smart phone app. they would let you scan a code at the score. food traceablity is a growing industry. a lot of the experts say you need to know where your food is coming from to make sure that you are eating halibut that it is a halibut when you are eating. >> you say maryland blue crabs, you expect them to come from maryland. we find some of them come from japan. >> more southeast asia. there is no such thing as any other place to get a maryland blue crab. we have breaking news right now. you need to know about before you leave for work. you are looking live at the scene of a deadly pedestrian accident. this is on the beltway in prince george's county. this is on the inner loop. the investigation is causing some serious back-ups as you take a live look right now. there are some lane closures. we have a live team coverage of
5:57 am
what happened and what you need to know to get around this accident next on news 4 today at 6:00. we could be at the beginning of a possible heat wave for our area. certainly going to feel like it. chuck bell has a look at your storm team 4 forecast as news 4 today continues.
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>> this is happening in prince george's county near the bw parkway. >> news 4 megan mcgrath drove past that accident scene a number of times and what are you seeing out there. >> reporter: we've been able to pull over on the side of road. you can see the scene behind me here in the two right lanes that are closed. this is the inner loop just after the bw parkway and you can see how traffic is slowing by as it makes its way in the two left lanes off by the scene now. this is a fatal pedestrian accident. we have a woman who was struck by a tractor-trailer early this morning and killed. we have police still here on the scene. they are going to be doing their reconstruction and as well as the medical examiner is going to have to come as well. this is going to be with us for a while. we are now seeing a major slowdown in the area.
6:00 am
the traffic really starting to build up as we go into the rush hour. basically, you are down to two lanes getting by the accident scene to the left. we also have what appears to be a disabled car off on the left-hand shoulder here right at this accident scene as well. keep that in mind. slow it down. make sure that you are ware. we've got all kinds of people along the side of the road. we've got a number of state troopsers. keep your speeds down. it is pretty slow by the accident scene but you are going to be aware and keep in mind this is going to be with us for a while. right now we have the first four traffic tracker sitting in some of those back-ups. hardly moving in some spots this morning. right now, a live picture


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