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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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is in the tradition of satire. >> metro released a statement saying in part the ad request is going through a review process. and has not been approved for our system. the same group was able to get another poster seen as an anti-muslim poster on metro in 2012. a man could spend the rest of his life in prison for killing a georgetown law student in a jealous rage. a jury convicted rahul gupta of stabbing his friend in 2013. gupta said he thought his girlfriend was cheating on him with roy. the man police say killed his neighbors in rockville will be in court next week. police are bringing scott tomaszewski to montgomery county from alaska some time in the next few days. investigators say he stabbed richard and julianne vilardo to death early this month.
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73 degrees outside our studios right now. that means we'll do some cooking today. >> yeah. hot and humid yesterday, more of the same. chuck bell, tell us about the forecast. >> are you cooking or buying dinner? >> cooking dinner. >> we're in. how about somewhere nice this time, aaron no more super sizing for our meals. >> don't tell anybody. >> showers outside way out to our west. we'll be dry, between now and lunch time at least. then into the afternoon hours that's when our rain chances really start to ramp up. 75 at reagan national. looking for 89 degrees today. most neighbors well up into the mid and upper 80s and everyone will have a chance of getting rained on today. higher rain chances out to the shenandoah valley but everyone down to southern maryland where temperatures will reach the mid to upper 80s. everyone has a chance to face the showers this afternoon. that could linger into this evening. going out to dinner, rain chances between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. at 70%.
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and then back into the low 80's. i'll talk about the weekend coming up, but now alexis. >> we have a car fire on the shoulder. it's after route 606 on thornburgh road. at i-66, we have a work zone there but it's been moved to the shoulder. the outer loop between landover road, that work zone is on the right. northbound after montrose road the right lane is blocked. overall looking good as you travel the beltway. no reports of incidents or delays. taking a live look at 270 at shady grove, no reports of delays there. a good look at good luck road. and texas under a severe thunderstorm watch. this after 13 people were killed. 11 are still missing in this. more than 11 inches of rain fell
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in some places. those strong storms leaving behind a trail of destruction. 2,500 cars left abandoned on houston road alone. and new this morning, texas authorities defending how they have handled alerting people saying they'll consider changing how they communicate with tourists. we know that many of the missing were families that were vacationing in the state. aaron? >> angie, thank you. 4:33 now. the family of a man accused of four murders in northwest d.c. says police arrested the wrong guy. daron wint's former lawyer spoke to wtop and he said that wint's mother, brother and sister believe he is not guilty. d.c. police say wint killed three members of the savopoulos family and a housekeeper. he was connected via dna on a pizza crust. according to the family, wint doesn't like pizza and never eats pizza. the killings happened in the
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police department's second district where there will be a community meeting today. that meeting is at 7:00 tonight. it's at second district headquarters on idaho avenue northwest. police say you can talk to officers about any concerns you have there. they'll talk about how to safeguard your home if you have travel plans this summer. fairfax county police think as many as 19 burglaries could be linked and they say the bad guys are targeting specific homes and making off with specific items. news4 has learned from court documents half the home are in the west springfield fairfax station area. seven of them are in subdivisions just off ox road. most of the homes have long driveways and back up to wooded areas. burglars escaped with $110,000 worth of jewelry and flatware. >> they hit us for silver, and that's what sucks. great grandmother brought it over on the boat. like oh man, we can't get that it's all hungarian stuff. >> some neighbors told us they
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wish there has been more of a community alert. fairfax county police say they post break ins on their website every day. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a fire at the huntington park playground in columbia. the howard county fire department says it's one of many recent playground fires. earlier this month, firefighters say a fire was intentionally set at hammond park in north laurel. if you have any information about that fire or yesterday's in columbia call the fire department. they want to hear from you. a woman accused of being drunk may face charges after hitting a bus designed for disabilities in prince george's county. police say that sherry turner is accused of driving under the influence. laurel's police chief made that bust yesterday morning. he spotted a crash in front of the laurel elementary school. there were five people on the bus. no one was hurt. financing for the planned sky land town center in south land washington could be delayed. walmart is set to anchor it south of the anacostia river.
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a deal between the district and safeway made in 1997 is being raised. that prohibits any pharmacy or grocery store operating right across the street from the proposed sky land town center. it will include a cvs. mayor muriel bowser is confident a new deal will be worked out. a local restaurant got a big surprise when a regular stopped in for a quick meal and left a $2,000 tip. the owner of blue 44 northwest d.c. says his staff did more than a few double takes. the customer stopped by for his favorite meal and a few beers before the restaurant switches to its summer kegs. when the staff got the receipt, they found the big tip and some clear instructions too. >> specifically said $1,000 for chef james, $500 for chris and $500 for laura. none of us knew what to say. >> that one tip can pay for one of my classes this summer which is a relief. i mean it was incredible.
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>> the owner says this customer is always an extremely generous tipper. beyond the money he says it's nice to see a customer that enjoys the restaurant and feels comfortable there. >> do you know who goes to the restaurant? pat collins. perhaps it was him. >> big tipper. >> call him and find out. not right now. 4:37. another person is getting ready to throw his hat in the ring for president today. we'll tell you who's getting ready to announce their candidacy. and we're standing by for some results from a homeless shelter where several children got sick. what we expect to learn about d.c. general today. and the fallout from a senior class prank continues. the major milestone the maryland school is forbidding some of the participants from completing. looking live outside right now, we'll take a look at what you can expect from the weather
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puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support... putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story.... "unfair treatment from washington"... "thousands without medications"... "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." president obama must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens.
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before it's too late... you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back. a father in trouble with the law for forcing his teenage son to get behind the wheel because the father was too drunk to drive home. michael mclaughlin has been charged with child neglect and reckless endangerment. police spotted his car in urban that. a deputy saw that it was his son
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behind the wheel and mclaughlin made his son drive because he couldn't. mclaughlin is in jail and his 13-year-old son was released back to his mother. a senior in st. mary's county is banned from walking in today's graduation ceremony after a school prank led to criminal charges. we brought this story to you yesterday morning. we are now learning that six seniors and one recent graduate are facing charges after releasing more than 70,000 ladybugs at chopticon high school. they ordered them online and broke into the school to release them. the charges include burglary destruction of property and disrupting school activities. 4:41 your time right now. we turn to chuck bell to kick off our weather and traffic on the 1s. >> yeah. we have a very mild start outside early this morning. no rain in our immediate future but there are showers out to morgantown west virginia. those are headed northbound into pennsylvania but there's a little ripple in the atmosphere across southwest virginia now. with time that'll be making its way in our direction.
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so the good folks at the storm prediction center have us at a slight risk for severe weather. and main threats with these will be some gusty winds and also the possibility of some very heavy rain in a short period of time. so have your umbrellas ready to go. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, up near 90 later this afternoon. alexis? >> we have reports of a disabled vehicle on the inner loop of the beltway near braddock road. not seeing any delays the area. elsewhere, construction still sticking around, outer loop in prince george's county by annapolis road. northbound 270 after montrose road that right lane is blocked. looking good as you travel the beltway. here's a live look at the beltway at colesville road. 95 road at king street. turn on wtop when you hop in your car. back to you. >> thank you. hearing from the irs isn't usually good news. but they may be contacting you soon and not for reasons you
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might be thinking. and caught on camera. a man in his 60s knocked out cold and robbed. wait until you hear how much his attacker took. and breaking news overnight in the soccer world. angie goff at the live desk gathering detail behind the arrest of several fifa official
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you're watching "news4 today." >> well we kept -- you know trying to pump her, breath breathe, come on babe. >> that is a woman who tried to save a 7-year-old girl who fell in a swimming pool and grouped in northern virginia. two mothers and a lifeguard did everything they could to save the girl. the 7-year-old was lovingly nope as effi. she spent memorial day with friends at the community pool and her mother was called to the
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pool and she and her husband are grateful to those who tried to save their daughter. >> well, they tried. they did their best. it wasn't enough. >> police say they don't see anything suspicious about the drowning. there's a gofundme page to help the family with funeral services. we have posted it on our mobile app. breaking news. fifa officials in jail following a probe backed by the fbi. six soccer officials were arrested by swiss police. and are now facing extradition to the u.s. this afternoon a raid at a hotel hotel. the case we're told involves bribes totaling more than $100 million. now, these go back to the 1990s according to officials. still unclear at this point if it's at all connected to the '94 world cup which was hosted by the united states. no comment from the justice department so far. aaron?
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13 before the hour. today a big blow to the president's plans on immigration. an appeals court has refused to let president obama go ahead with his plan to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. nbc's tracie potts live now from capitol hill with more on this and the things are headed to the supreme court. >> reporter: looks like they are. this is the second time that the federal court has said no at least for now. this was not deciding the merits of the case though. what they looked at was an emergency request by the obama administration to go ahead with that immigration plan while it was working its way through the courts. at least in those states that did not object. and this three-judge panel said no it would be too confusing and that the federal government is supposed to apply its policies uni formally across the states. 26 states sued led by texas. there are demonstrations on both sides. reaction this morning, texas governor abbott said that what
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the president is trying to do is unlawful. reaction from the white house. they say that this three-judge panel misinterpreted the facts and they still insist that the president trying to keep five million undocumented workers in this country by putting them on the back burner essentially for deportation is fully consistent with the law. >> tracie potts, thanks. it is 4:48. former senator rick santorum will announce a bid for the presidency today. he'll announce near his hometown of butler, pennsylvania. he is headed straight to iowa to begin campaigning. his victory in iowa in 2012 juiced his campaign in a way many hadn't expected. he's comfortable with that role. this is just the first in a bunch of announcements in the next two weeks. take a look at this. after santorum, four more candidates are expected to follow suit. former new york governor george pataki is expected to announce
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tomorrow. martin o'malley is expected to become the third democratic canada. senator lindsey graham will announce next monday and rick perry will announce next thursday. the state department now says it wants to release any batches of e-mails from hillary clinton every 60 days. a vice news reporter sued to have the e-mails made public. the lawyer for the reporter says releasing e-mails every 60 days is too slow to allow an informed discussion. last friday state released nearly 300 e-mails related to the attack in libya. and hackers have stolen refunds from the irs. john koskie anyone says an organized crime syndicate are behind it. lawmakers are pressing for information on how the irs could have allowed information to be so vulnerable. right now, the agency says it could be as much as $50 million.
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the case of a virginia college that could close is going to the state supreme court. the leaders at the all-female sweet briar college want to close the school over money problems. however, a judge ruled it has to stay open because it's a private trust not a business. the virginia supreme court will hear the case next week. tomorrow, the prince george's county council will decide whether to raise property taxes to help pay for next year's school budget. there is a proposal to raise the property tax rate by 15.6%. it will help pay for the $133 million that the school system needs for next year's budget. the money will pay for building upgrades expanding language programs and adding 67 new pre-k classes. some parents are showing their support. >> the schools are on the path to becoming world class, but that momentum will be lost without increased funding. i'm here today to say i'm willing to do my part to invest
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in our schools. >> the proposed hike has divided the community. the opponents want to compromise by lowering the rate. a brand new kids only emergency room it will be all decked out too. it features five dedicated pediatric rooms. a blu-ray movie library, a separate waiting area. you're invited to check it out next week in reston. there will be face painting and a teddy bear clinic. so bring your child's favorite stuffed friend for a checkup. >> okay. spotsylvania community is discussing a potential move there. the team wants to be moved to the new stadium along route 1. according to "the free lance-star," the county board of supervisors created a new member committee. it will focus on getting the best deal. talk about the boys of summer, it is feeling like that right now. >> it really -- yeah.
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chuck bell is here now. already into the 70s for us. >> yeah. as advertised. each day is getting a little warmer and a little more humid than the one before. this trend is just going to keep on going here through most of the rest of the week. by the time we get to the month of june things may start to cool down a little bit. looks like the rest of may is going to be at or above average by quite some distance. i have been mentioning this in the last week or so. looks like we're on track to have the second warmest may on record. warmest may on record was 1991. but we have been keeping track of the records here since 1874 and all indcations are -- indications are this will come in second place. the second warmest may in 140-plus years. outside right now, 75 degrees. not a heat index below 80 degrees, but once we get above 80 with all the humidity, the heat index will be above 90 degrees. so have your lightweight colored clothing ready to go outside this afternoon.
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a few 60s on the map, but low to mid 70s. it will be a quick warm-up just like it was yesterday. up into the 80s before lunch time. highs between 86 and 90 degrees with heat indexes up in the 91 or 92 degree range. it will be a steamy afternoon. you can see lots of showers and thunderstorms during the overnight hours out west. these are across west virginia. that little batch going to be going into southwestern pennsylvania. but there's a little ripple in the atmosphere down here. you can see these showers that are fading away with the loss of daytime heating. i think that little ripple comes over us during the peak of daytime heating this afternoon. as a result we could be facing the possibility anyway of some strong to severe thunderstorms. we are into the slight risk from the storm prediction folks. here it is on future weather and our computer model here isn't all that impressed with the storm chances here. very hit and miss coverage. i think it may be underestimating just a little bit. nonetheless, rain chances today
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remain high. 70% chance for rain and a pretty good chance at least one or two of those storms could be on the strong to severe side. so keep a weather eye to the sky today. keep your storm team 4 weather app fired up and ready to go. 87 tomorrow. rain chances dropping tomorrow. on into friday. but temperatures well above average all the way through the weekend. monday june 1, finally some cooler air comes back into the picture. good morning. we still have the work zone sticking around. between landover and annapolis road that right lane is blocked. looking good at father hurley boulevard. 95 at 212, a little more volume. no reports of incidents there. route 50 out of annapolis toward the d.c. line looking good as well. 95 after the prince william parkway all lanes are open. 66 out of centerville looking goodall the way toward the beltway. no reports of delays. i'll be back in ten minutes with
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a live look at 66. another development when itmes to guns in the district. the latest move that could make it harder for people to carry concealed weapons.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> 4:57 is your time right now. today, we hope to learn whether the d.c. general homeless shelter tests positive for lead paint. mayor muriel bowser ordered a
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top to bottom test for lead paint after two young children were reported to be testing positive for lead poisoning. lead paint was found in the cafeteria and that area of the building is now closed. d.c. department of the environment is in the process of completing the rest of the testing. the children who tested positive are receiving medical help. d.c. leaders want the city to enforce the conceal and carry handgun law. right now, the district has a good reason requirement. it requires potential gun owners to prove they have a good reason to fear for their life or property to obtain a permit. the judge said it has to stop enforcing that rule and the d.c. council passed that last year following a ban on carrying handguns outside the home was unconstitutional. d.c. police need your help in finding a person of interest in the knockout robbery. you can see a man in red in the red shirt punch a 63-year-old victim.
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the man comes back and then robs the victim of $1. this happened more than a week ago on martin luther king jr. avenue in southeast. if you recognize the man in the red shirt, call d.c. police. home day care providers in virginia have to follow new rules. virginia governor terry mcauliffe signed the stricter rules into law. home child centers are now required to disclose in writing that they are unlicensed. in july of next year those home day-care centers can watch up to four children without a license. if they have five or more kids they will need to obtain a license. in 2017 all licensed day care facilities must ring fingerprint background checks for all employees and volunteers. d.c. ranks high when it comes to working families. the institute for women's policy research says working families in the district are happy with state policies. the report look at the amount of paid leave and child care help families received. the district comes in third on that list. virginia comes in 45th on the
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list and maryland is 22nd in terms of friendliest working family states. new york takes the top spot. stay with us. news4 today continues at 5:00 a.m. "news4 today" starts now. >> prepare to pay up. the decision today that could have you paying more and longer to park. texas officials defend response to storms as crews continue to search for the missing. the latest on the severe weather from the live desk. get ready for the two hated hs -- heat and humidity. chuck bell is monitoring it this morning. feeling like summer already. >> it sure is. temperatures are already in the 70s and we have a threat for severe weather later on this


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