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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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ived. the district comes in third on that list. virginia comes in 45th on the list and maryland is 22nd in terms of friendliest working family states. new york takes the top spot. stay with us. news4 today continues at 5:00 a.m. "news4 today" starts now. >> prepare to pay up. the decision today that could have you paying more and longer to park. texas officials defend response to storms as crews continue to search for the missing. the latest on the severe weather from the live desk. get ready for the two hated hs -- heat and humidity. chuck bell is monitoring it this morning. feeling like summer already. >> it sure is. temperatures are already in the 70s and we have a threat for severe weather later on this
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afternoon. storm team 4 radar shows most of the rain still well out to the west and those showers and thundershowers are headed to the pittsburgh area. if you have an early morning delight out of pittsburgh you may have delays. in the yellow shaded areas a potential for strong to severe thunderstorms later on today. not looking for widespread severe weather, main threats are gusty winds near some of the stronger storms and the possibility of some heavy rain under some of those slower movers. so summer soakers that could have some strong winds are a possibly today. low risk of hail and super low risk of any tornados. some good news. off to the mild start this morning, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s before 9:00 a.m. and later on this afternoon, upper 80s to near 90 with stronger thunderstorms around. rain chance today is 70%. time for a check of the traffic with alexis. >> the off ramp to old ox road that work zone is until 6:00. that's the word this morning.
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elsewhere, route 50 at landover looking good as you travel in the district from annapolis. overall looking good as you travel the beltway in maryland and virginia. no reports of incidents or delays. looking green and free flowing for you. taking a look at connecticut avenue again seeing the little bit of volume building but no reports of delays or incidents. route 66 at route 50 seeing more volume there but no reports of delays. aaron and eun? >> a severe thunderstorm watch in effect right now in much of the state of texas. a state that's already been paralyzed by recent storms. the flash flooding killing at least 13. we know crews are still searching for 11 others including three children. more than 11 inches of rain fell in some places. the strong storms leaving destroyed homes and thousands of abandoned cars and new this morning, texas officials on the defensive after being criticized for how they warned people about the on coming storms. many of the missing were
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visiting from out of state and the officials are saying they will consider changes in ways they communicate with tourists during emergencies. aaron? >> thank you. coming up on 5:03. today, d.c. leaders will increase how much you have to pay when you park in the city. however, they have to decide between two very different ways to do that. kristin wright is telling us about the charges we could see. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well you know what, the bottom line is you're right. we are all going to pay more for parking but the question today is in what way. there are two proposals and here is what they say. district council chairman phil mendelson's plan extends parking meter hours to midnight in areas like georgetown adams morgan this morning, and the downtown business district. mendelson proposes increasing parking ticket fines by $5. now, the second option on the table is mayor bowser's plan to raise the tax on parking lots
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and garages across the district. so we pay more to park in them. this is all about the budget and aaron and eun, tonight, d.c. council will vote which way to go. so we'll see. >> all right. live for us in georgetown, thank you. 5:04 now. of course the parking tickets aren't the only things on the table. bowser proposed increasing the sales tax to 6%. the same as in maryland and virginia. she also wants more money for a summer jobs program for 14 to 24-year-olds in the district. bowser wants to fund 2,400 new body cameras for the d.c. police officers. free speech or hate speech? metro officials have to decide whether to plaster images mocking the prophet muhammad on the sides of buses and train stations. it's a form of paid advertising from the conservative group the american freedom defense initiative. the ads will feature the winning piece in an event billed as a prophet muhammad caricature contest. it's the same event in texas earlier this month where two men linked themselves to isis,
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opened fire. they opened fire and were in turn killed by a security officer. >> there's nothing about this cartoon that incites violence. it is within the established american tradition of satire. >> metro released the statement saying in part the ad request, quote, is going through a review process and hasn't been approved by our system. the same group can get another poster seen as anti-muslim in 2012. a convicted killer faces a judge for his role in the georgetown law student's murder. the judge will sentence a hull gupta today. he was found guilty of stabbing his one-time friend mike roye. he thought his girlfriend was cheating on him. gupta could be sentenced to life in prison. the man police say killed his neighbors in rockville will be in court next week. police are bringing scott tomaszewski back to montgomery
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county some time in the next few days. investigating say he stabbed the vilardos to death earlier this month. he'll face a hearing on monday. fire investigators try to figure out what caused a playground fire in columbia, maryland. this happened yesterday. no one was hurt there. the howard county fire department said it's one of many recent playground fires. firefighters say a fire was intentionally set at hammond park in north laurel. if you have any information, the fire department would like to hear from you. a woman accused of being drunk may face charges after hitting a bus. that bus was designed for carrying people with disabilities. sherry turner is accused of driving under the influence. laurel's police chief made the arrest yesterday morning. chief mclaughlin spotted a crash in front of laurel elementary school. five people were on the bus, no one was hurt. neighbors on edge in virginia after a slew of break-ins. where police want you to be extra vigilant and the specific type of house the thieves are targeting. we're starting off in the
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60s and 70s. what is it like when you head out to work this morning? amelia segal has your commuter forecast. new information on a breaking story. several fifa officials under arrest. what they're accused of and why th
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breaking news from the live desk. we have just learned that swiss officers have raided fifa's
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headquarters and have seized electronic data and documents as part of a probe that is backed by the fbi back here. now, swiss federal prosecutors say that they have opened some criminal proceedings into how the world cup was awarded for the games in 2018 in russia and 2022 in qatar. we want to show you new video that we just got into the live desk. shaky cell phone video. what you're looking at is one of the six soccer officials that were arrested this morning by swiss police. they're now facing extradition to the u.s. this is a case that we're told involves bribes totaling more than $100 million. swiss federal police say that they will question ten executive committee members who made the votes back in 2010. we're waiting for a news conference to start. we'll bring you the very latest. eun? >> angie goff thank you. it is now 5:10 this morning. we are learning about the idaho man recovering from getting
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struck by a bolt of lightning. we want to warn you right now these photos are graphic and may be tough to watch. the man was standing under a tree over the weekend when he was hit by lightning. you can see the red stripe down his chest from that lightning bolt strike. doctors say it entered through his head and exited out of his back. in case you're wondering the odds of getting struck by a bolt of lightening are 1 in 700,000. and he lived and he will have quite the story to tell. >> yeah. >> incredible. >> hate to be the one. >> i know. i have never seen the injuries like that before. >> pretty severe. well 5:11 your time now. it's 74 degrees here in tenially town. >> and amelia segal has your commuter forecast. how does it feel out there now? >> well eun, it's balmy right here. the temperature on the storm team 4 weather app coming in at 76 degrees and it's humid as well. throughout the day it will stay
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hot and humid. high temperatures near 90 degrees. 8:00 a.m. temperatures will be in the 70s. mid 70s here in new carrollton. as we get into the afternoon and evening hours, 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. some scattered storms are likely. we can't rule out some strong winds and maybe even a little bit of hail. so have the umbrella ready today. you could be dealing with rain this afternoon and this evening. not a total washout though. a summer pattern we are stuck in. chuck will let you know when this breaks. but for now, we send it over to alexis davies for a check of the road. >> the off ramp to old ox road that will be until 6:00 this morning, some construction. and 270 southbound, looking good there. 95 at 216 looking good with the volume there. don't forget to tune into our
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friends at wtop for more traffic. the new warning when it comes to smart watches and your kids. what they could be using them for instead of entertainment. >> he is accused of brutally killing four people in northwest washington but the family of daron wint says there's no way
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16 after the hour and we are now hearing from the family of the man accused of killing four people in northwest washington. d.c. police charged daron wint with killing a family in a d.c. mansion two weeks ago. wint's former lawyer says his mother brother and sister all believe he's innocent. he called the evidence against wint unbelievable. d.c. police found wint's dna on a pizza crust in the victim's burned out home. the lawyer hopes the police are looking for other suspects. the killings happened in the second district where you can go for a community meeting today. that meeting starts at 7:00 tonight. at the second district
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headquarters northwest. police say you can talk to officers about any concerns you have. they'll talk about how to safeguard your home if you're traveling this summer. fairfax county police believe as many as 19 burglaries could be linked and they say the burglars are targeting specific homes and making off with specific items. news4 has learned from court documents half of the homes are in the west springfield fairfax station area and most of the homes have long driveways and back up to wooded areas. burglars escaped with $110,000 worth of jewelry and flatware. >> our silver, and that's what sucks is great grandmother brought it over on the boat. oh man, we can't get that. it's all hungarian stuff. >> some residents wish there had been more of a community alert. fairfax county police say they post break ins on their website every day. you'll get a chance to weigh in on the v dot's i-66 expansion
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plans today and tomorrow. they're holding several public hearings to talk about the environmental impact. the latest design has significantly reduced the number of homes that would need to be relocated. the officials want to widen i-66 between the beltway and haymarket. tonight's meeting is at 7:00 at the v dot northern virginia district office in fairfax. not news if you ride the metro. the agency may not be able to afford some of the shiny new 7,000 series rail cars. transportation reporter adam tuss broke it on twitter yesterday. they have ordered 528 new rail cars but a new budget abandons plans to order an additional 220 cars. if the budget passes it means some of the oldest cars on the system will stay in service. it also puts metro's goal of having eight car trains on every line in jeopardy. it is now 5:18. news4 or go health new data
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over when to cut the baby's umbilical cord. there was a slight advantage in social and fine motor development when they studied the kids four years later. they say they waited to cut the -- waiting to cut the cord could be a safe practice. u.s. groups said there's mixed evidence. waiting too long to cut the cord can lead to jaundice. eating more fiber may help you fight type ii diabetes. scientists studied two groups of people over an 11 year period. they were given different amounts of fiber in their diet. those eating high amounts of fiber lowered their risk of developing type ii diabetes by 11%. drinking more alcohol as you get older may lead to heart disease. size and motion is linked to how much you drink in later life. researchers at harvard university say that women face the highest risk. the american heart association
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says women should have only one drink for day. for men, no more than two drinks per day. so we know that having these smart watches right on your wrist can provide all sorts of information as soon as you need it. the problem is students are apparently using them to cheat. tech experts say that by link a smart watch to a smartphone a student can have easy access to test answers. word is getting through -- getting around though. colleges in europe and the gre exam for grad students have banned watches. but now it's happening in high schools too. >> one of the things is that 15-year-olds have smart watches, kind of interesting. and the fact that they're able to do it is not surprising at all. >> even more concerning for educators, updates coming soon will enable some smart watch users to school through information simply by rotating the wrist without needing to touch the watch with the other hand. which it is obvious if you're doing this.
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>> i agree. these kids the technology is so intuitive. they can figure out ways no one will know what they're doing. maybe 15-year-olds shouldn't be wearing the smart watch in school. there's one solution. >> a lot of people wouldable like that -- wouldn't like that argument though. a live look outside this morning. lots of clouds to kick things off. not a good sign. >> no. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with us. is it going to rain soon? >> not soon like in the next five minutes but you should have your umbrella on the way out the door because rain chances stand at 70%. so not a guarantee but a very high likelihood that you're going to be hit with a rain drop at some point during the afternoon and early evening hours today. hurricane season gets going on june the 1st. so we'll be keeping a close eye on that. we haven't had a major hurricane strike here in the continental united states since 2005. major hurricane is category 3, 4 or 5. 2005 season was a busy one. hurricane katrina, rita, all of
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those. if you're going out for the early morning run, run early not late. temperatures are in the mid 70s. low 80s before lunch time today. we'll be under the gun for the possibility of some strong to severe thunderstorms today. this is the official outlook out in norman oklahoma. this is the slight risk area around here. so we will have a possibility, it's not going to be widespread coverage but any of the thunderstorms that get going later on this afternoon, all the humidity out there, is a lot of fuel for thunderstorms. so any of them could been the strong side. we'll keep a close eye on that. interstate 79 in west virginia already has rain on it. types of severe weather today, main threat will be gusty winds, with some of the stronger storms also some locally brief periods of heavy rain. i can't rule out a little small hail as well. rain chances around the area today, much like we have had the last few days. highest rain chances north and west of the metro, but everybody has a chance of getting rained on today. so keep that in mind as you make your plans to be out and about
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this afternoon. timing out your rain chances 30% chance by noon. 50 60% between 3:00 and 5:00. most likely time to be rained on here in the metro is between 5:00 and 7:00 this evening. keep that in mind as you come home from the late day at the office. overall impact is moderate because of the threat for stronger storms. today. little cooler tomorrow. a slightly lower chance of rain tomorrow. i think we can squeak out a dry day on friday. the weekend will be on the whole a good weekend. no washouts for saturday or for sunday. cooler weather arrives finally next week. let's go over to traffic now with alexis. >> good morning. 66 inbound at route 123, all lanes are open. we have getting reports of a disabled vehicle at 66 at route 50. no significant delays. slowing at dale city looking
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good elsewhere though. 95 at landover road -- excuse me route 50 at landover road looking good as you're headed inbound there. 95 and b.w. parkway out of baltimore looking good. no reports of understandincidents or delays. and overall the beltway you're traveling very well with no reports of incidents or delays. that car fire southbound 95 after thornburgh road that has been cleared. back to you. >> thank you. 5:24. ferguson, missouri, voters are trying to recall that city's mayor. supporters showed up with about 2,200 signatures on a petition. that petition is in response to the shooting death of michael brown by a white police officer. as well as various city practices cited in a scathing department of justice report. 20 students are charged in a sexting scandal in new jersey. a group of guys shared naked pictures of her friend, and investigators say the guys from
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lower cape may regional high school and teatalman middle school shared pictures on their phone. they showed pictures of girls partially naked or naked. >> they think it's okay they don't get it. it will follow them the rest of their lives. >> all 20 students are charged with invasion of privacy. this morning, d.c. mayor muriel bowser is heading to southwest to talk affordable housing. she'll attend a ribbon cutting in the trinity plaza. it has space for shops downstairs and a smaller one bedroom there with run you about $1,000 a month. prince george's county the budget administrator says quote, there's no more cushion. the county's rainy day fund is at the lowest level in seven years according to the washington -- according to one of our local papers. the county has $4 million apparently. a huge drop from the
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$116 million it had in 2010. baker and the county council are pointing fingers at each other. it includes furloughs and the council is against them. mark your calendars. we know when state mandated fares on marc trains will go up in maryland. the train fares will increase by a dollar. the base fare on light rail and buses will increase from $1.60 to $1.70. vdot is alerting you about changes in gainesville. you'll notice a new bridge over the train tracks and eastbound 66 has been reopened. traffic from southbound 29 and 66 will shift on to the new bridge. a local restaurant got a big surprise when a regular stopped in for a quick meal. the opener of blue 44 -- the owner at blue 44 said someone
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left a big tip. the customer paid the $93 bill and left a $2,000 tip. of course there was a small catch. >> he specifically said $1,000 for chef james, $500 for chris and $500 for laura. none of us really knew what to say. we're speechless. >> that one tip can pay for one of my classes this summer which is really a relief. i mean it was incredible. >> the owner says this customer is always an extremely generous tipper. beyond the money he said it's nice to see a customer who really enjoys the restaurant and really feels comfortable there and clearly likes the service. and everything else he gets there. >> how generous. really change -- you know that kind of money can change someone's life. a nice tip is a nice tip. very fun. well the irs may soon be calling you. not for reasons you might think though. how filing your taxes pay put your information right into the hands of hackers. taking your kids to the e.r. isn't usually a positive
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experience but a local hospital hopes to change that by dedicating one just for kids. temperatures in the 60s and 70s this m
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30, we're waiting to see how d.c. leaders will vote on the district budget today. mayor muriel bowser is proposing increasing the city's sales tax. leaders are considering hiking the price of parking and adding money for summer jobs. a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for texas after another night of severe weather. so far, flash flooding has killed nor than a dozen people. and breaking news out of switzerland. six officials from fifa have been arrested. big news in the soccer world. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. now an update on your forecast. >> good morning. a very humid morning outside. here's a view looking towards the east, waiting on sunrise. the sun is up at 5:47. about 15 or 16 minutes.
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you can tell there's a cloud deck on the eastern horizon. so may not be the prettiest sunrise. rain showers are still well out the west but rain chances will increase into the afternoon hours. 72 in gaithersburg. 76 downtown. hour by hour through the day, storms beginning out to the west of the metro area. around 12:00, 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. best likelihood for some showers, between 4:00 and 8:00 this afternoon. going into early this evening. alexis with a check of the traffic. >> good morning, routes 210, 5, looking good. your travel speed on 210 and 5. route 66 after sudley road after manassas, heavy volume, but no reports of incidents. 270 out of germantown looking good. 95 north in virginia normal slowing in dale city but no reports of a delay or incidents in the area. overall taking a look at the beltway no reports of incidents or delays.
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looking good as you're traveling the beltway in maryland and virginia. back to you. we kept -- you know trying to pump her, pump her, breathe, come on, babe. >> that is a woman who tried to use cpr to save a 7-year-old girl who somehow ended up in a swimming pool and drowned in northern virginia. two mothers and a lifeguard did everything they could to save her. 7-year-old fatmata kamara lovingly known as effey, she spent memorial day with friends at the lorton pool. her mother, aminata porter, came home from work and received a call to go to the pool at the time. they weren't at the pool that time. >> she likes the dresses. she always asked me, let's go to the shop to buy some dresses. >> police say they didn't see anything suspicious about the drowning. there is a gofundme page now to help the family with funeral
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expenses. we posted a link on nbc and on our mobile app. and coming up later in this hour we'll tell you the easy things you can do to keep your children safe while they're at the pool this summer. 5:34 your time right now. and today, a big blow to the president's plans on immigration. an appeals court has refused to let president obama go ahead with the plan to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. nbc's tracie potts live from capitol hill with more on how this might be headed to the supreme court. >> reporter: yes, getting a lot closer, aaron. what the government was seeking here was to lift the stay so they could go ahead with that plan. putting these deportations on the back burner until it works its way through the courts. the three-judge panel said no. two of them did, one dissented saying that this is really not for the courts to decide. arguing it's for the president and congress to decide. so now the fifth circuit has spoken, but not on the merits of the case. they'll be hearing that and
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discussing that later this summer. 26 states sued, led by texas. what the president is trying to do here is unlawful. aaron? >> tracie potts, thank you. hackers have stolen irs records from more than 100,000 people and they used those records to steal refunds. irs commissioner john koskinen said an extremely sophisticated organized crime syndicate is behind the theft. lawmakers are pressing for answers as to how the irs could have allowed data to be vulnerable. right now, the irs says it could be as much as $50 million paid out. the reston hospital center is getting a brand new kids only emergency room. it will be decked out. the new e.r. features five dedicated treatment rooms. in room entertainment featuring a blu-ray movie library and a separate waiting area. you're invited to check it out next saturday in reston. there will be face painting and
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a teddy bear clinic. bring your child's best friend for a checkup. kids will want to go to the e.r. and spotsylvania is discussing a team's potential move there. the owner of the haguers town sun want to move the team to the new stadium along route 1. the county board of supervisors created a special committee to get the best deal on the ballpark. take a look at current temperatures this morning. we're starting to warm up, but what will it be like on your drive to work? amelia segal joins us at 5:41 with that. a new walmart development could be put on hold all because of a decision made decades ago. he knew better not to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink but that
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you're watching "news4 today." >> a father in trouble for forcing his teenage son to drive home because the father was too drunk to drive. last friday, a sheriff deputy spotted a car in urbana and the car pulled it over and saw it was michael mclaughlin's son behind the wheel. he made his son drive because he could not. mclaughlin now in jail. deputies say that he's charged
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with child neglect and reckless endangerment. 5:40. we're expecting some rain today. >> storm team 4 meteorologist rain. tell us what's going on. >> well, eun, we're tracking showers and thunderstorms mainly during the afternoon hours. could be the early afternoon hours, as early as 1:00 p.m. especially if you're west of washington. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. notice the showery activity as it moves to the east. we'll see some of it impacting the areas. we will see some showers and rain in some downpours in the forecast for this afternoon and this evening. that could impact the commute coming home from work. going in right now, not an issue. here at the new carrollton metro station it is pretty nice. there's a nice breeze. temperatures in the mid 70s. seeing people streaming on to
5:41 am
the metro a lot are carrying their umbrellas. aside from that it's hot and humid with high temperatures near 90 degrees. the high at about 89. the summer like pattern continues into the weekend and chuck will have details on when you can expect rain coming up in ten minutes. but for now, over to alexis. any issues on the roads this morning? >> good morning. not really seeing in i issues as you travel the beltway this morning. that's good news. looking good in virginia and maryland all lanes on the inner and outer loops flowing without incident. some slowing on 66 in virginia though. just before sudley road out of manassas and approaching the virginia welcome center there. some slowing in that area but no reports of incidents there. 95 it of dale city the normal slowing as you approach northbound heading upward. looking at travel times northbound quantico to the beltway, 29 minutes, right on time. outer loop is looking good as well. apple, amazon google you know the names. probably even some of their
5:42 am
products. be but who's on top? >> the race widens in 2016. who's expected to enter today as well as in the weeks ahead?
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breaking news on this fifa scandal. unfolding right now. the department of justice just announcing that 14 fifa officials may be charged for corruption. they include two americans. fifa holding a news conference right now on the matter. we know that among the defendants u.s. and south american sports marketing executives who are accused of cutting media and marketing deals that involved more than $150 million in bribes and kickbacks also revealed by the u.s. attorney general the guilty pleas of four others including another american. we're working on getting more on that. meanwhile, this is some cell phone video from this morning. six fifa officials arrested as part of this probe which is
5:46 am
backed by the fbi. also new, fifa ruling out revotes for the 2018 and 2022 world cups. this after a criminal investigation was opened into how those tournaments were awarded. and we also learned from that news conference that fifa presidential elections are supposed to happen on friday. and they will go on as planned. back to you. we now know when a rockville man accused of murder will be in court in our area. montgomery county police say scott tomaszewski stabbed the vilardos to death earlier this month. they arrested him in alaska. he'll be sent here in the next few days. according to the gazette, tomaszewski will face a hearing on monday. firefighters trying to figure out what caused a playground fire in howard county. it happened at the huntington park playground on clock tower lane yesterday. the howard county fire department says it's one of many recent playground fires. the fire was intentionally set at hammond park in north laurel. if you have any information the
5:47 am
fire department would like to hear from you. a woman accused of being drunk may face charges after hitting a bus. police say that sherry turner is accused of driving under the influence. laurel's police chief made the arrest yesterday morning. chief richard mclaughlin spotted a crash in front of laurel elementary school. no one was hurt on the bus. some parents are facing their support for a proposal to raise property taxes in prince george's county to help their students. on thursday the county council will decide whether to raise the property tax rate by 15.6% and that will help pay for $133 million that the school system needs for next year's budget. the money will pay for building upgrades expanding language programs and adding 67 new pre-k classes. >> our schools are on the path of becoming world class. but that momentum will be lost without this funding. i'm here today to say i am willing to do my part to invest in our schools. >> the proposed hike has divided
5:48 am
the community. opponents want to compromise by lowering the proposed tax rate. the riots last month in baltimore are going to cost the city a lot of money. baltimore's finance director expects a $20 million tab to pay for things like police and fire overtime in addition to property damage. baltimore also needs to repay police who came from other areas to help keep the peace. city officials plan to play for the damage from the rainy day fund but they're hoping for some federal help. it is now 5:48. the sky land town center in southeast washington could be delayed because of a separate agreement made nearly 20 years old. walmart is set to anchor it south of the anacostia river. lawmakers are raising concerns over a deal made with safeway in 1997. that prohibits any grocery or pharmacy from operating near the safeway on alabama avenue in southeast. that's right across the street from the sky land town center. muriel bowser says she's confident a new deal will be
5:49 am
worked out. virginia is creating some new rules for home day care providers following the death of a 1-year-old child care centers are now required to disclose in writing they're unlicensed. in july of next year, they can watch up to four children without a license. if they have five or more kids they will need to get a license. in 2017 all licensed day-care facilities must run fingerprint background checks for all employees and volunteers. d.c. ranks high when it comes to helping working families. working families in the district are happy with state policies. the report looked at the amount of paid leave and child care help families receive. the district comes in third on that list. virginia comes in 45th and maryland is 22nd among the friendliest working family states. new york takes the top spot. well the weather outside it's hot and humid. you're probably getting ready to let your kids jump in the pool
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but there are things to do to make sure your kids are safe. drowning calls have already started to go up. they say an adult should always be near the pool with their young children. you should also always have a cell phone nearby and a good idea to learn cpr. you have to be vigilant because kids in distress don't always make a lot of noise. >> traditionally the drowning events that we run in the last couple of years do not have the tell tale signs of flailing of arms and calling for distress. >> drowning is the second leading cause of death under 4. i think there's a false sense of security when there's a lifeguard on duty. especially at the public pools, you have to make sure you're watching your kid. >> you took the words out of my mouth. and if it's an unguarded pool and you're -- you're relaxing and enjoying the afternoon, remember there's got to be one essentially designated driver, one designated lifeguard on
5:51 am
duty. someone who isn't having a beer by the pool, who has their wits about them. paying attention to the kids in the pool. for us, it is summer. cool weather. >> pool weather. >> pool weather. now, that is true. i'm still trying to help everybody out that's complaining that the weather has turned warm long before the pool water has recovered. most are still in the 70s. a lot of my friends prefer 80 degrees or warmer for pool water. outside this morning it's a muggy start for sure. 76 degrees under a mostly cloudy sky. what to expect for today, a muggy morning. temperatures up near 90 degrees today and showers and thunderstorms are likely and severe thunderstorms are a possibility with all of the heat and humidity that we have outside. 60s in the shenandoah valley but everyone in and around town is in the low to mid 70s. 80 or better before 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. there's been quite a bit of shower activity out across the inia over the last couple of hours.
5:52 am
that will continue to go northbound. but a little ripple down across north carolina in the atmosphere. that is going to drift overhead our area during peak heating time later on this afternoon. so that is the reason for the opportunity for thunderstorms. here we are timing them out. 1:00 2:00 or 3:00 west of town and by 5:00 or 6:00 down in the heart of the metro area. worth watching out for today. keep a weather eye to the sky or on your storm team 4 weather app. some gusty winds and some periods of brief, heavy rain. not much of anything in a tornado threat. so there's some good news. here we go, 80s today, tomorrow and friday. on into the weekend as well. once we get to june 1st which is monday, temperatures will cool off a bit. >> route 50 inbound traveling in maryland there, landover road, tail lights are the inbound rains, some volume, but no reports of incidents. 95 south and b.w. parkway, looking good with all lanes
5:53 am
open. 270, some volume at old hundred road but no reports of incidents. 66 is slow looks like volume after route 28. traveling 95 north slowing in dale city. normal volume for this time of the morning. overall the beltway is looking good. back to you. >> thanks, alexis. former senator rick santorum is set to officially announce today he's running for president. santorum is speaking today near his hometown of butler pennsylvania. he heads straight to iowa to begin campaigning. his victory in iowa in 2012 pumped up his campaign in a way many hadn't expected. he said he's an underdog again this time. after santorum, four more are expected to follow suit. here they are. george pataki is expected to announce tomorrow. on saturday former maryland of go governor martin o'malley is expected to announce. senator lindsey graham says he'll join the race on monday and rick perry will announce
5:54 am
next thursday. the state department now says it wants to release new batches of e-mails from hillary clinton every 60 june 30th. a vice news reporter sued to have the e-mails made public. the lawyer for the reporter says releasing the e-mails every 60 days is too slow to allow an informed discussion. last friday the state department released nearly 300 e-mails related to the 2012 attack in libya. 5:54. we are monitoring several business headlines including one that's expected to put a lot of people to work. landon dowdy has more on that from cnbc. good morning. >> good morning to you. so amazon is hiring 6,000 full-time workers for the more than 50 district centers around the country. they'll pick pack and ship products to fulfill customer orders. amazon has about 50,000 full-time workers at the centers. that company is adding people in virginia. and apple is the most valuable brand in annual
5:55 am
ranking, it shows that their brand has soared more than 70% as it continues to promote the products globally. apple is performing well in china where it's taking market share from samsung and the apple watch had generated a ton of buzz. the rest of the top five google microsoft, ibm and visa. aaron, back to you. >> thanks landon dowdy. the search is on for a person of interest in a knockout robbery in the district. take a look at this. this is surveillance video showing this disturbing attack. you can see a man in the red shirt punching the 63-year-old victim. the man comes back and then robs the victim of $1. this happened more than a week ago on martin luther king jr. avenue in southeast. that's not far from st. elizabeth's hospital. if you recognize the man in the red shirt, call d.c. police. d.c. leaders want a judge to enforce the conceal and carry
5:56 am
handgun law during a legal fight over it. right now the district has a good reason requirement. a potential gun owner has to prove they have a good reason to fear for their life or property in order to get the permit. last week a judge told the city it had to stop enforcing that rule. a requirement was passed last year following the ruling that the city's ban on carrying handguns outside the home was unconstitutional. today we're hoping to learn whether the d.c. general homeless shelter tests positive for lead paint. mayor muriel bowser ordered a top to bottom test for lead paint after two young children living there tested positive for lead poisoning. lead paint was found in the cafeteria. that area is now closed. the d.c. department of the environment is in charge of the testing. the children are getting medical help. the national spelling bee gives lots of kids butter flies today. the first in person round starts in a few hours. it's at the gaylord resort at national harbor.
5:57 am
spellers will face off in two preliminary rounds and the spelling test today. the semifinal round and the championship set for tomorrow. smart, smart kids. >> tense times they have to deal with. >> for sure. good luck. the price of parking in d.c. is set to get more expensive. d.c. council members weighing two separate plans that will have drivers paying more but each proposal impacts different drivers. how it could happen you next. and cloudy skies, a heads up on some storms that could be rolling our way on what will be a hot and humid day. your storm team 4 forecast as "news4 today" continues.
5:58 am
5:59 am
"news4 today" starts now. >> right now on "news4 today," thunderstorm threat. we are watching conditions in your neighborhood for the chances severe weather could pop up in the coming hours. when you could see storms. also ahead, paying more to park. the d.c. council set to decide between two proposals that would raise more money for the district. we're going over both plans to let you know how you would be impacted. how much it could cost you. kick things off with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and more on the storm threat. chuck? >> yeah cloudy and humid outside this morning. the sun's already up, but hiding behind clouds in our eastern sky first thing this morning.
6:00 am
and this whole yellow zone here is the slight risk outlook from the folks at the storm prediction center out in norman. slight risk for strong to severe thunderstorms coming up later on this afternoon. not everyone is going to get rained on, but you'll want to have your storm team 4 weather app in the palm of your hand for later on this afternoon. nothing to worry about here in the next couple of hours. rain chances are pretty high today. everyone has a chance for getting rained on. higher chances from the i-95 corridor out to the west and again, any of those storms that do bubble up could be on the strong to severe sides. keep you posted on that. temperatures will rise quickly from the 70s into the 80s before lunch time. highs up near 90 degrees before those showers and storms really start to get going. so plan on a very warm and humid day to be on the outside. amelia segal has your commuter forecast.


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