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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 27, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now, a soccer scandal. top officials from fifa arrested and accusations of millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks. i'm pat lawson at the live desk with new information just in from the attorney general. i'm barbara harrison with the legal action a prince george's county family is taking today after their daughter seen in this video was attacked by another student on a county school bus. >> heat and humidity will fuel scattered storms and downpours. the latest timing and weather risks coming up. >> i'm angie goff with information on a security breach at the irs and what it means for the more than 100,000 tax pay that have had their personal tax information stolen.
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news 4 midday begins right now. twin scandals are rocking the world of international soccer. at least seven officials with fifa were arrested in switzerland to face u.s. corruption charges. fifa is the organization responsible for the regulation and promotion of soccer worldwide. the accused allegedly took more than $150 million in bribes and kickbacks in exchange for media and sponsorship rights. we have the latest developments from the live desk. pat? >> the u.s. indicted 14 world soccer officials, including two americans for taking part in a corruption scheme that spanned 24 years. federal agents raided federal asian of caribbean football headquarters in miami. the current and former presidents are charged with racketeering and bribery. the department of justice says this corruption case involves tournaments here in the u.s. and in latin america. >> they were expected to uphold
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the rules that keep soccer honest and to protect the integrity of the game. instead, they corrupt it had business of worldwide soccer and tone rich themselves. the department of justice is determined to root out corruption and to bring wrongdoers to justice. >> prosecutors have looked into the selection of russia and qatar to host the world cup in 2018 and 2022. fifa says those games will go on as plan. fifa is holding elections on friday. the fifa president is expected to handily win a fifth term. a developing story right now. the death toll from this weekend's massive storms is rising. at least 19 people have been killed in the historic flooding in texas and oklahoma. 12 people are still missing. and right now emergency personnel near dallas are keeping a close eye on a dam that's on the verge of breaking.
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you can see the water right there spilling over the edge. houston's department of public works says more than 100,000 gallons of untreated waste water spilled after the treatment plant flooded. the spill is contained but crews are monitoring the water supply the damage is widespread and unprecedented and the cleanup has not even started yet since more rain will fall throughout the day. >> and back here at home on storm team 4 radar, tracking this area of rain in far western maryland and west virginia. this will continue to move toward the east over the midday and early afternoon hours. as it makes its way into the area humidity the heat and the sunshine that we're seeing, well this meager rain right now is going to bubble up into some thunderstorms and downpours. the greatest weather risk this afternoon and evening would be some heavy rain. that could slow the evening commute. some storms could don thain high winds and isolated wind damage. a low threat of hail and the threat of a weak tornado is very low.
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here's future weather at noon. you can see most activities well west of the d.c. metro area. i'll take you through the afternoon hour by hour coming up in less than ten minutes, barbara. >> thanks amelia. this afternoon the family of a nine-year-old girl beaten up on a school bus will file a lawsuit in prince george's county. we have cell phone video to show you showing the kids slapping and hitting the girl. it happened on a school bus leaving high land park elementary school in landover. they're suing prince george's county, the school board and administrators. the family says the school bus driver did nothing to stop the attack. we expect to find out more information during a news conference at 1:30 so make sure you check your nbc washington app later today for more on this story. >> just at this morning a new look at how much money d.c. is making from those parking tickets. aaa mid-atlantic saying that number is going down. in 2011 district coffers took in more than $91 million. and in the last budget year that
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number is down to just more than $84 million. the d.c. council considers a parking ticket hike. just one of the things on the table to raise revenues. news 4's kristen wright is live at the wilson building with more. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: good morning, there are a lot of budgets s things on the table at this meeting but parking is the first up. >> it's very expensive. parking is a whole other bill. >> reporter: now laquisha can't believe drivers will have to pay more. district council chairman fill
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men doll mendelson's plan is to increase parking ticket fees. >> no that's not okay. nobody wants to pay a meter after -- up until 12:00 when the work day is until 7:00. >> but the mayor's budget plan includes raising the tax on all paid parking garages and lots in the district. drivers are more sympathetic to the city's budget. he's willing to pay more. >> it depends on how much. a few percent i don't think is that big a deal. >> reporter: aaa says d.c. is trying to make up lost parking ticket revenue. last year they made $84 million from violations. so far this fiscal year through january $27 million. laquisha doesn't want to pay another dime. council could be at this all day. they need a majority to pass the budget and then it goes on to the mayor for her signature. live at the wilson building kristen wright, news 4. >> as kristen mentioned, a lot is on the table.
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parking isn't the only thing in today's budget vote. mayor bowser also proposing increasing the city's sales tax to 6%, the same as what we find in maryland and virginia. she also asked the council for more money for a summer jobs program in the district and wants to pay $for 2400 more new body cameras for our d.c. police officers. barbara? new today, nasa is changing the look of the international space station. a giant robotic arm is moving a huge cargo holder from one end of the station to the other. nasa says the thing they're moving was taking a spot they want to use for incoming supplies. you can see the capsule on the move in this video. it weighs 11 tons. could your cell phone survive a fall into the ocean? after the break, the video proof that it's possible. plus controversial images of the prophet mohammed could be made into ads that you would see everyday. we'll show you where straight
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here's what people are talking about online. a picture from a fashion company is sparking outrage on line. new york magazine published this photo of a tour of lilly pulitzer's headquarters. it has two pictures of overweight women. one describes the pictures fat and idiot and the other uses the term carb face. lilly pulitzer said it doesn't reflect the company's values. a lot of you are talking about this iphone video that recorded a freefall to the ocean's floor. the phone's owner was trying to take a video of his swim in spain when he dropped the phone. the phone bobbed back and forth for 30 seconds before settling down. the swimmer eventually found and rescued his iphone believe it or not. in national harbor today, right now you can keep up with the national spelling bee.
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the first in-person round is under way and we wanted to share with you our favorite words from the competition so far. one of them is memberish. it means timid or weak. there's another one, cidilla. this means -- that little symbol on the bottom of a letter c that makes the c sound like an s. and malahina which means someone visiting hawaii for the first time. that was the first word spelled wrong today. we're ba
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controversial images of the prophet mohammed could be made into ads you would see everyday. metro has to decide whether to allow them to be plastered on buses and inside of trains. the posters a form of paid
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advertising by the conservative group the american freedom defense initiative. the group submitted the winning cartoon from the provocative draw mohammed contest. that's the same event in texas where two men who linked themselves to isis opened fire and a security officer killed them. >> nothing about this cartoon that incites violence. it's within the established american tradition of satire. >> metro released a statement saying in part the ad request is going through a review process and has not yet been approved for our system. metro is saying it may not be able to afford some of those new 7,000 series rail cars. metro has already ordered 528 new rail cars but a new budget abandons plans to order an additional 220 cars. if that budget passes it means some of the oldest cars on the system will stay in service. it also puts metro's goal of having eight-car trains on every line in jeopardy.
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amelia? here's future weather for the afternoon and evening hours. scattered showers mainly west of the d.c. metro area on into the panhandle of west virginia. 2:00 we see storms and downpours bubble up favoring parts of montgomery frederick and loudon counties. 3:00 the threat of showers and storms makes its way into the d.c. metro area. 5:00 p.m., that evening commute notice rain impacting parts of washington montgomery county along the i-95 corridor even back toward leesburg. 7:00 p.m. still tracking hit-or-miss showers and maybe a few thunderstorms. again, the greatest concern today is going to be heavy rain due to the heat and humidity. i'm going to be taking a look at the heat coming up in about ten minutes, angie. >> all right, amelia, thank you. we received america's latest obesity report card it looks like our country needs improvement. the data comes from an annual
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survey done by gapllupgallup. maryland is the fittest at number 18. it also made the most headway in recent years moving up from number 33 in 2008. nearby virginia next door is number 23 on the survey which is very consistent with where it's been in years past. and then if we move over to west virginia this is a state that needs the most work. it was ranked number 49 west virginia only tdone by the state of mississippi who fared worse in this entire survey. if you move it over to the islands and look at hawaii it ranked the least obese of all states. now, how does this all add up? taking a look at the national obesity rate, the number we are looking at is 27.7%. by the way this is the highest rate ever. and, of course we did not forget about d.c. it was not ranked in the survey but we did learn about the overall obesity rate in the d.c.
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area. we're talking about arlington, alexandria and the washington area coming in at number 14 this was among 100 major cities in towns that were surveyed. what about the impact? what does it mean for everyone? lower obesity rates are linked to better social relationships. also found financial security is better and this is no surprise physical health improved. so researchers say local governments, they need to focus on ways to lower these numbers to improve their communities' well-being all around. after the break, the next republican to throw his name into the race for president.
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this just in. attorney general loretta lynch is publicly dialing up the pressure on congress to make a deem to renew the patriot act. she spoke moments ago, giving a dire warning to lawmakers. >> we will experience a serious lapse in our ability to protect the american people. today i join the president in urging the senate to work through the current recess in order to make sure that we can continue to appropriately safeguard this country and protective citizens. >> lawmakers are fighting over the section of the law that the white house uses to justify collecting massive amounts of phone data. the senate is returning to washington for a rare sunday session to find a compromise.
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mine while, an irs program has shut down this morning after hackers got into the system and stole tax information for more than 100,000 people. the irs says full tax returns and other information on file were stolen. it says hackers got around a security verification screen that requires a social security number birth date and street address to get in. the irs says the hacking took place between february and mid-may. angie? we're hearing from the family of the man accused of four murders in d.c. police say daron wint killed three adults and a child at a northwest d.c. mansion two weeks ago. according to wint's former lawyer wint's family thinks police have got the wrong guy. >> they can't believe it's him because they know him as a kind gentle person. he is not capable of such crimes. >> the lawyer said he spoke to wint's mother brother, and sister. police arrested wint on charges. they say they're looking for more suspects.
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a family is mourning the loss of a seven-year-old girl who drowned in northern virginia. fatima camara was known as effie. she spent memorial day with friends at a community pool. she ended up in the pool and didn't know how to swim. two two mothers and a lifeguard at the pool did everything they could to save the girl. effie's nominatemom was not there. she'd just got home from work when she received the call. >> i was there. the doctors, they tried. they did their best. it wasn't enough. >> police say they don't see anything suspicious about the drowning. there is a go fund me page to help the family with the funeral expenses. you can go to our nbc washington app for information on that. hot outside and humid as well. temperatures right now in the low 80s, washington coming in at 81 annapolis cooler at 77. highs in the mid to upper 80s.
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we'll hit our high temperature about 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. 86 degrees for most of us across the area. 5:00 84, the mugginess continues on into the evening hours. it continues tomorrow as well. tomorrow a high temperature of 88 once again. partly sunny skies after a mild start, 7:00 a.m. the temperature around 72. getting into the late afternoon and evening hours tomorrow, a few scattered thunderstorms are possible. coming up in less than ten minutes, a look ahead to the next seven days. >> amelia thank you. the crowded republican field is getting more and more crowded. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum just candidacy for president. santorum surprised the pundits with a second-place finish back in 2012, you might recall. msnbc's morning joe's team put together this list of factoids about santorum many of you may not know this but he was actually born in winchester virginia. at age 32 he beat an incumbent to take a seat in the pennsylvania house. and in the 2012 primaries,
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santorum won contests in 11 states and he was listed as one of the nation's 25 most influential evangelicals by "time" magazine. he has seven children. now, hillary clinton is making her first stop in south carolina today. it's the state she lost by a massive 30 points to then-senator barack obama back in 2008. clinton is looking to rebuild there. the trip comes days before maryland's martin o'malley is expected to jump into the race. we're back in 60 seconds with the
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german chancellor angela merkel is still the world's most powerful woman. she to bedpped "forbes's" most powerful list hillary clinton took the second spot. the annual ranking saw a who piece who of business executives and celebrities.
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flanphilanthropist melinda gates came in third. oprah winfrey came in 12th. beyonce, let's see where we get this you see hillary clinton was second. and number four oprah winfrey and number 21 that was beyonce. for the first time ever taylor swift made the list her transition from country crooner to pop star helped her take the 64th spot. she's the youngest woman on the list at just 25 years old. angie? >> thanks barbara. this morning, we are the idaho man recovering from getting struck by a bolt of lightning. we warrantnt to warn you, these photos of his injuries are graphic and may be difficult to look at. the man was standing under a tree when he was hit. you can see right here that red stripe down his crest inhest from the bolt. doctors say it entered through his head and exited out of his
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back. in case you were wondering, the odds of getting struck by a bolt of lightning, barbara, 1-700,000. he survived. >> i heard that. that's amazing. really amazing. after the break, the technology being used to help
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kappa delta rho is banned from penn state university for the next three years frachlt ternty members are accused of using a secret facebook page to post nude pictures of female students. many of the pictures appeared to show women who were unconscious. investigators say they can't identify the students because their facebook accounts were wiped clean. smart watches let you do a lot. you can board a plane, track your health and answer calls. now those watches giving students a new way to cheat. tech experts say by linking a smart watch to a smart phone, a student can have easy access to test answers right on their
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wrist. educators are catching on to this. colleges in europe and the gre exam for grad students have banned the watches. now the cheating is happening at the high school level. >> the person who is doing it they're just taking the easy way out. the people who aren't doing it, they're actually trying. >> we hear new updates will make it easier to hide the cheating. soon smart watch users will be able to scroll through information by rotating the wrist without the need to touch the watch with the other hand. barbara? in news for your health, a new study shows pre-schoolers are being medicated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder even though it's not recommended. researchers looked at data from the 2009/2010 survey of children with special health care needs. they found a quarter of kids four and five years old were prescribed medicine alone. the cdc recommends children under six should go through behavioral therapy first before taking adhd medicine.
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dr. weiner what does behavioral therapy entail? how successful is it? >> essentially it's as the name implies. this is therapy aimed at addressing the core behavior problems associated with adhd, things like forgetfulness, inattention, disorganization. the therapy is aimed primarily at the parents, trying to give them the tools and the plans that they can implement at home to try to help their child be more effective in dealing with the core adhd symptoms. now, it is helpful, but i would say that it's more helpful around the edges. it's not going to be as effective as what you would see with medication per say. >> but as a psychiatrist who deals mostly with children, do you think people diagnosed with adhd should try this therapy before taking medication? >> the treatment recommendations are particularly for kids under the age of six this this is the primary form of treatment that should be tried first, if this is not effective enough then you turn to medication. now, for kids over the age of six, generally it was found to be most effective is a
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combination of both behavioral therapy and medication. >> how should time should you give it? >> it will generally take about three months so it's about 12 weeks. >> we'll talk more about this later in the program. angie? >> thanks barbara. a royal tradition after the break. what the queen told lawmakers about tax cuts child care costs, and more. and the fish tale
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we're following a developing story, the devastating flooding in texas and oklahoma killed at least 19 people 12 people are still missing. right now the search is on for people missing in central texas. nbc's jay gray is live in the small town of wimberley, texas, jay, what's the situation there today? >> well we'll show you the situation here barbara. that search continuing but hampered by more rain unfortunately today. look at the blanco river and you can see it's still flowing rather quickly but back within its banks. the water is so intense at the height of this flooding it ripped the bark from the trees there. it looks like a tornado but that was water that did that as you work back across the river. you can see the devastation. this is what crews are looking through right now trying to find any of those 11 that are still unaccounted for at this point and missing. the choppers on the ground the boats not on the water right now and that's because of what at times has been a driving rain here.
11:33 am
they're going to continue the effort which is still being called a rescue-and-recovery effort as the cleanup also gets under way here barbara. that will take a long time as well. that's the latest. i'm jay gray, back to you. >> thank you, jay. looking at our weather, it's humid out there and it looks like we could see storms later? let's find out from amelia. i'm tracking this rain impacting parts of west virginia and far western maryland. noticing heavier activity developing to the west of martinsburg right now. notice the yellows, oranges and reds on team team radar. as this system looking meager right now continues to move into the washington area it's going to intensify. we'll see heavier rains develop within the line of only showers right now. getting into the afternoon hours you want to anticipate a high likelihood you're dealing with a thunderstorm or heavier rain. otherwise hot and humid. high temperatures today in the mid to upper 80s.
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for tomorrow, there's the chance of late-day shower or thunderstorm, a high of 88. keeping it mainly dry for friday. i'll be walking you through your hour-by hour-forecast with future weather next. >> thank you, amelia. today we hope to learn if the d.c. general homeless shelter tests positive for lead paint. news 4 reported two young children living at that shelter tested positive for lead poisoning. early testing found that lead paint in the cafeteria area. it's in part of the building that's now closed off. d.c.'s department of the environment is in the process of completing the testing. the children who tested positive are getting medical help. the d.c. council is decideing to increase how much you pay for parking. the chair wants to extend parking meter hours until as late as midnight in some areas. he also wants to hike parking tickets by $5. mendelssohn's plan is an
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alternative to mayor muriel bowser's budget. queen elizabeth officially opened parliament after a hard-fought election where the conservative party won a majority. the week's speech called for a unifying one nation approach. she also discussed a time fable for a referendum on the european union. >> any legislation will be produced to provide for a referendum on membership of the european union before the end of 2017. >> prime minister david cameron promised the e.u. membership referendum as part of his campaign. he's under pressure to lay out more specifics about changes he'd like to see in the e.u. if britain remains a member. after the break, a new trailer for
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here are stories making big news online today.
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>> oh, many i goodness! that's me! >> that little girl getting excited because of a touching photo she's in. stations across the country are talking about her hug with another little girl in pittsburgh. they both have cancer. the girl on the left malia, and her friend madeleine, bonded at the hospital. malia is five years old, madeleine is two years old. also online today, a new movie trailer is getting some praise and some criticism right now. the film is a remake of "point break" you may remember that one. the original was a cult classic and starred patrick swayze and keanu reeves as surfers. in the new one, their characters are extreme athletes. we'll see whether it lives up to the original one in december. >> yeah baby! holy -- >> that's a big boy! >> a good thing someone was taking video of this fish. it's hard to believe. a man caught this goliath grouper in florida.
11:38 am
you can see it breaks his fishing rod. the fish weighs more than 500 pounds. wow. look at it.
11:39 am
the actor who played screech in "saved by the bell" is due in a wisconsin court today. dustin diamond is accused of stabbing a man at a bar on christmas day prosecutors say the 38-year-old stabbed a man with a pocket knife during an argument. that man was not seriously hurt. diamond's defense attorney says the actor is innocent. he says that half a dozen people at the bar who were interviewed by police no one saw diamond stab the man. barbara. wildlife officials are concerned that northern snake head fish may be breeding in maryland. they have been caught in queen ann counties. the maryland department of natural resources say the fish breed quickly and prey on other fish disturbing the ecological balance.
11:40 am
experts say anglers should not release them. it carries jail time. warm muggy, humid right now with hazy sunshine. the temperature 81. dew point lets us know how muggy it's feeling, above 65. it's humid. we're at 70. it's uncomfortable outside. future weather at noon today, scottered showers over the next 20 minutes. well west of the area. once we get into the afternoon hours around 2:00 p.m. we'll track thunderstorms north of. it looks to be north of that. i'll have a look ahead to the next seven days in less than ten minutes. apple passes google to become the world's most valuable brand. an annual ranking by brand z shows apple's value has soared
11:41 am
70% in the past year as it continues to promote its products globally. apple is performing well in china where it's taking market share from samsung and the apple watch has generated a ton of buzz. the rest of the top five? google microsoft, ibm and visa that's cnbc morning business report i'm landon dowdy. after the break, the latest on the a scandal rocking the international soccer
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twin scandals are rocking the world of international soccer. at least 7 officials with fifa were arrested to face u.s. corruption charges. fifa is the organization responsible for the regulation and promotion of soccer worldwide. the accused allegedly took more than $150 million in bribes and kickbacks from exchange for media and sponsorship rights to soccer matches. news 4's pat lawson muse is following the developments. >> reporter: the u.s. has indicted 14 world soccer officials accused of taking part in a widespread corruption scheme that spanned two decades. federal agents raided the con if i had r-- confederation of north central american and caribbean association this morning in miami. the current and former presidents are charged with racketeering and bribery.
11:45 am
the justice department says this case involves tournaments played in the u.s. and latin america. >> instead they rupt it had business of worldwide soccer to serve their entrusts and to enrich themselves. this department of justice is determined to end these practices, root root out corruption and bring wrongdoers to justice. prosecutors the world cup will be held in 2008 and 2022. fifa says those games will be played as planned. also fifa is holding elections that take place on friday. the current fifa president is expected to easily win a fifth term. hazy hot and humid with temperatures in the upper 80s, expect scatted showers and
11:46 am
downpours. i'm tracking this activity on team team 4 radar. you can download the team team weather ann and have is weather on the phone the track the rain this afternoon. heavy rains developing now just to the west of martinsburg and this will be the trend as we continue to work into the afternoon hours, for thenow showers will intensify and we can't rule out downpours, maybe isolated small hail and strong winds today. the greatest concern will be heavy rain. a good chance that you're dealing with some rain today, maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm later in the day on thursday. >> amelia, thanks. less than an hour ago, former senator rick santorum announced he's running for president. santorum is speaking today near his hometown of butler pennsylvania. then he'll head to iowa to begin his campaign. rick santorum's victory in the iowa caucuses in 2012 kicked off a string of wins and this time santorum says he's still an underdog and that he's
11:47 am
comfortable with that. after santorum's announcement four more candidates are expected to follow suit. former new york governor george pataki is expected to announce tomorrow. on saturday former maryland governor martin o'malley is likely to become the third democratic candidate. and senator lindsey graham from south carolina says he'll officially join the race monday. former texas governor rick perry will announce next thursday. republican lawmakers are declaring victory today. an appeals court blocked president obama's plans to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. but the white house says this is not over. far from over, they say. nbc's tracy potie potts has a look at where this case is heading. trace zi? >> it looks like it might be headed to the u.s. supreme court. but the fifth circuit court of appeals will have to look at another ruling of this case. this was a technical ruling telling the government that the obama administration cannot go
11:48 am
forward with allowing these undocumented immigrants to stay until there is a final ruling. in july they are going to look at the merits of the case. in other words, not a temporary stay but they'll look to see whether or not the government has a good case to argue that president obama can do this. his critics have says that he can not. those critics include 26 states that sued led by the state of texas. reaction from the white house to this ruling is that the court misinterpreted the facts. they still insist that what the president wants to do allowing the undocumented immigrants to stay is fully consistent with the we'll be watching this for right
11:49 am
now verizon is offering unlimited talk and text. plus 10 gigs of shareable data. yeah, 10 gigantic gigs. for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want. on the network that's #1 in speed, call, data and reliability. so you never have to settle. now, also get $200 when you join and buy a new smartphone. stop by or visit us online. and save without settling. only on verizon.
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. it's reported that children should undergo behavioral therapy before taking hd hd medicine. dr. weiner, what do you think is the most effective treatment for adhd. >> this is based on the landmark adhd study. it found medication alone is more effective than behavioral therapy alone. however having medication plus therapy will give you the full benefits. in particular it will be most helpful for those kids with adhd who have issues with oppositionalty. so if you have a child who you're trying to treat for academic purposes and they don't have behavioral issues medication alone is sufficient.
11:51 am
but if you have oppositionalty and behavioral issues you want to have this combination of therapy and medication. >> what are the non-medication ways of treating adhd? >> so you have behavioral therapy as we talked about but then you have exercise vigorous exercise for an hour has been shown to improve attention for two hours. omega-3 fatty acids are the only known natural supplement shown in double blind placebo controlled trials to be effective in helping with adhd. then diet. diets are the "mediterranean" style diet. rich in omega-3s, low in processed foods. these have been shown to be helpful in about 50% of cases. so it's worthwhile to consider these but often times people are eventually depending on the severity of the problem going to need to look at the possibility of adding medication. >> a lot of parents will want to talk to their doctors about this. thank you so much dr. weiner.
11:52 am
angie? android users can now use periscope, twitter's live broadcasting app. it was unveiled on android yesterday and many of you joined the news 4 team as we went behind the scenes using the live streaming app. >> are we periscoping? >> yeah we're periscoping. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. we have a busy morning. we have breaking news we have a bunch of local stories we're working on so we're trying to manage the scripts coming in. come on, leeah leah our production assistant. trying to get out information on social media. >> i'm just trying not to sneeze right now. >> keeping it real. using the camera on your phone or tablet you can live stream video to all your twitter followers. viewers can interact with the live stream by sending in their comments. you can also like the broadcast and even send some hugs. that's what those little hearts are. after the break, the rain showers moving closer to our
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the spelling bee is under way right now. the contestants are taking a lunch break at this moment. nine kids from our area are completing. so far they've all passed. >> k-i-s-h-k-e. kishke. >> correct. >> that was a student from frederick. spelling the world kishke this morning. the bee is at the gaylord resort and national harbor. the championship round is tomorrow night. an zbli. >> very impressive. the staff at northwest d.c. restaurant received a huge surprise this weekend. a $2,000 tip on a $93 bill. a regular stopped into blue 44 for a favorite meal some gumbo and a few beers.
11:55 am
that customer was supposed to get that meal for free. instead he paid the bill and added on that tip with specific instructions. he wants the chef to have 1,000, the owner to get $5 hurks00 and the bar tender to get the last $500. the owner says it's nice to see a customer who feels comfortable at the restaurant. >> i love that. we're just getting in the national hurricane report for the atlantic so far. i'll post that information on my facebook and twitter pages. what was that information,ly ly luanne? we're looking at six to 11 storms, three to six hurricane this is year the earlier indications were that we'd have a quiet season because of the continue to develop but we'll analyze this, vijay will have the latest at four.
11:56 am
talking about weather risks, expect scattered storms downpours and showers to move through the area. the greatest concern will be heavy rain. high winds are possible in any thunderstorms, maybe small isolated hail. again, the biggest concern would be the downpours. that heavy soaking rain that lasts 230r 40 minutes. hot and humid with highs in the mid to upper 80s. a high of 88. scattered late day showers and thunderstorms possible once again, maybe an isolated storm on friday. looking dry, a high of 86. the chance of showers and thunderstorms later in the day saturday but the best chance of rain this weekend on sun. after that we're cooler and more comfortable monday and tuesday. >> >> i just asked our producer to find out the meaning of the word kishke that the young lady from frederick just spelled correctly. i think she says it's beef or fowl casing. well we'll see you tomorro
11:57 am
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11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> hope: i thought we were friends. >> rafe: oh, come on, hope we are. >> hope: then why are you lying to me? >> rafe: stop it. >> hope: no, rafe, why are you lying to me instead of telling me the truth, that you're really looking for thompson so he can help you out with something that you're starting to dig into? and why do i have a feeling it has to do with clyde weston? >> rafe: hope, i-- >> hope: and you can skip the part where you say we've already been over this. do not discuss it with me, because, rafe, i am not dropping this... not by a long shot. as stubborn as you are i'm even more stubborn, and you know that. so tell me... was thompson any help at all? >> rafe: he wasn't here. >> hope: good. then this stays between you and me. >> clyde: ben was so proud to show me his new driver's license. he said it was worth the wait


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