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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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so. i have the latest on the forecast and more on the radar coming up. a local police chief facing new criminal charges. accused of misconduct in office. court documents alleged the chief of edmonds acted improperly when it came to a parking ticket for the mayor. >> reporter: this entire case started in 2014 when then city councilmember tracy gant was given a parking ticket. the corporal of the police department behind us here said his boss, the chief, voided that ticket. we had an opportunity to speak with the chief's attorney who says this is all a lie. according to these court documents, mayor gant was given a parking ticket. shortly after, january 2014 chief walker sent an e-mail to the department saying do not tell violators that the ticket can be voided by the chief of
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police. but a month later, charging documents say that the chief voided gant's ticket any way because she was an elected official. the documents say officers continued to notice that ganlt's car had expired tags and citations could have been issued but a memo was sent out to the police department in august of 2014 from the chief pro hinting police from enforcing parking regulations in the community where gant lives. investigators say wasn't until february of 2014 when a wtop reporter started asking questions about the unpaid ticket that action was taken and it was partially paid in cash. chief walker's attorney bob says his client is innocent. >> the filing of these charges is absurd. this appears to be a renegade act by a subordinate officer. >> reporter: now, the state's attorney's office still has to screen these charges to see if there is enough evidence to move
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forward. we're told that process could happen over the next couple weeks. coming up at 6:00, what neighbors in this community, the small town have to say about charges being filed against their police chief. we've learned the feds will dedicate two days to an emergency. a woman died in january when her train stalled near the plaza station. an electrical malfunction caused smoke to fill the opportunity. instead of blowing it away vents pulled the smoke toward the train. the national transportation safety board will hold a two-day hearing on the inls dent next month. now to the bizarre case of the threats against the metro station. the man who made the threats is well known from a reality tv show. mark? >> reporter: we're here at potomac avenue metro on capitol
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hill. one of several stations where kid cole from the mtv reality show catfish called in threats against this metro station. >> he threatened the president. he's threatened hostage situations. he's made threats in close proximity to the capital. he's made threats on the metro rail and the metrobus station. >> reporter: on catfish he is known as kid cole. police know him by his real name. metro transit police say he is responsible for a string of terroristic threats that started back in december of last year and continued until just a few week ago. using a british accent like he does in this video. >> i'm hanging out with malik from like hot tv. >> reporter: the caller would give details about a plot to blow up a metro train or shoot passengers on a bus. and even a threat on kill the
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president. in one incident police say stone coleman called in a threat to a bus he was riding on at the time. he skrind another passenger on the bus as the man with the sniper rifle. >> that guy was pulled off the bus, he was frictioned he was interviewed and it turned out not to be him. >> reporter: it caused buses and trains to be diverted and searched and even led to train stations being evacuated. the premise of the reality tv show was people pretending to be someone they're not. coming up how police finally caught kidd cole. in the district news4. and for the first time since the arrest in the mansion murders, near the cathedral in northwest d.c. there is reaction from the family of the man who was arrested. chris lawrence joins with us some words from daron wint's father. >> not only that but an attorney who used to represent him said the family is horrified by the charges and can't believe he is
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capable of killing four people. daron winlt's father said i would like the family of the victim to know our thoughts and prayers are with them. we did not know any of the victim but our family and friends also dwreef this tragic and senseless loss. it pains me that my son who lived with us over the years is charged with this crime. he adds what we do know is that this crime was egregious and heartless and we hope whoever committed these heinous crimes my son included, will suffer the consequences of their actions. now, robin ficker spoke with knicks news. he said wint is one of nine siblings. >> they know him as a kind gentle person. one reason they believe he is innocent is that he doesn't eat pizza. he doesn't like pizza. he is working. he is not a street thug. he is a working person a kind person who is loved by his
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family. >> reporter: now, he said that the dna on that pizza is a damning piece of evidence. but he said he's seen a lot of cases where dna evidence is thrown out in court but in this case there must be a presumption of innocence. >> all video now that led to a lawsuit against prince george's county today. the family of a 9-year-old girl says it shows another student hitting her on a school bus until she cries. the family tells us the bus driver never stepped in. our county bureau chief tracee wilkins spoke with the family and we'll have that in the next half-hour. if you work or you shop in chevy chase, you will see more police in that area after a series of threat. two people were caught on security camera these two men, near sacks fifth avenue. in with uncase they smash a window and stole a laptop. and sacks security called police
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about people looking into vehicles in their store's parking lot. hundreds of patience anxiously wait tock hear which children need to be tested for tuberculosis. rockville high school revealed today that one person tested positive for tb. chris gordon is live now with reaction to this health scare. >> reporter: this case of tuberculosis at rockville high school was just recently discovered. parents were notified last night. we have learned that students staff and teachers could have been exposed to tb as far back as february. the case of tb is a concern for many parents. >> here i am getting my son and waiting for the doctor to let me know when was the last time he got a tb vaccine. i'm not sure. >> that's a serious disease. it was unexpected. i didn't expect rockville to be having a case. >> reporter: the school sent
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this letter home to parents and guardians. it says there is no risk of additional exposure to any students or staff at this time. the montgomery county department of health and human services recommends testing all students and staff who were in any class or after school activity with this individual between february and may. three tests will be given in rockville high school next thursday june 4. >> there are two types of test that's we can use. we can do a blood test or a skin test. that tells fuss a person has, that may or may not have been exposed is actually infected. >> reporter: the symptoms of tuberculosis are chronic coughing lasting more than three week or coughing up blood. night sweats. fever, chest pains, loss of appetite or weight. >> if not treated, it can be fatal but it is treatable and we do screen patients very carefully. >> reporter: tb is more widespread than you may think. coming up on news4 at 6:00
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we'll talk about recent cases here in maryland and in virginia that caused thousands of local people to undergo tb testing. that's the latest live in montgomery county. back to you. after this summer parking rates in the district will be going up at the meters. starting in october, you'll to have feed the meters through midnight in d.c.'s high traffic areas. parking ticket fines will go up about $5. this is all part of the new budget that is passed in the d.c. council today. the budget avoids a proposal to raise the sales tax as well as taxes on parking lots and garages but not on the meters. new video at 5:00. some people just can't get along. we'll find out if you've seen this bickering odd couple. >> plus she wanted to knock her door and a big check. she wanted a knock on her door. instead, a local woman almost
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dranld her account instead of winning million. we have a consumer report for you next. we've told but proposed changes to 66's hov lanes. now a new group in northern virginia has formed in order to block right now verizon is offering
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the pentagon says it mistakenly shipped live anthrax spores to as many as nine laboratories across the country. the labs were supposed to receive dead or inactivated samples of the potentially deadly substance. so far the pentagon has confirmed that one shipment contained the live spores. it is believed up to eight other shipment does as well.
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labs in maryland and virginia are among those that receive those live samples. the centers or the disease control is working to control all the shipments and there is no risk. who wouldn't want to win a fat check from publisher's clearing house? one woman in our area thought the case though. erika gonzalez? >> reporter: she's been a fan of publisher's clearing house nearly all her life. dreaming of the day she would be the big winner. >> i probably would have a heart attack. >> reporter: so when katherine may hue got a letter saying she won millions. >> we sincerely congratulate you on the grand prize winnings of $2.7 million. >> reporter: thoughts swirled on how she would spend it. >> furniture, a new car for my friend. and then help my kids.
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>> reporter: the letter has all sorts of lottery stamps and lots of zeroes. but notice the postage, canada. and no return address. then she called the number to claim her winnings. that's when she said it got fishy. >> it was coming from canada. and they asked me who i banked with. they asked me how much money i had in the bank. >> reporter: they even asked her to pay $950 transport fee but it was not the real publisher's clearing house. the better business bureau said publisher's clearing house does not ask people for money up front. if you really do win, you'll get in person notification so many are familiar with. or certified mail. back to katherine, the good news is she didn't fall for it. >> i'm very thankful. >> reporter: she had her son call the real publisher's clearing house and verify she was this close to being taken. if you are still hesitant about whether or not you're talking to
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the real pch, you can call them yourself. we've posted some contact information on our consumer watch facing into page. thank you. the bickering of two suspects may end up being their downfall. this is the surveillance video. police believe these men came to rob the store on county road. this was i am a 24th. but they argued with each other for several minutes. in front of the storm cameras. before they decided to demand money from the clerk. they may not have had a good plan but they are considered dangerous. they assaulted one man and threatened him with a machete. if you live on the mclean side keep your trash cans in. several people have reported seeing a bear near the scott's run name preserve. they say black bear sighting sare common this time of year. securing your trash candles keeps they will moving along.
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if you're driving through the major construction project, i-66 and route 29 in gainesville starting only the, the new bridge is opening over the railroad tracks. and the branch is opening. new details will go into place. the entire project is expected to be done sometime this summer. girls field hockey will soon be part of the varsity sports lineup in loudoun county. the county school board voted last night to allow the club in the virginia high school league. that means players could go for state titles and varsity letters. but leaseberg reports they stop short of fully funding the program. field hockey joins the varsity lineup. lots of a-n-x-i-e-t-y as 285 kids try to outspell each other. the best speller walking away with $30,000 later. on they're on stage at the
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scripps national spelling bee and the pressure is on. 11 kids from virginia maryland and d.c. are in the preliminary round. one of them a very poised sixth grader is crediting his mother for helping him get this far. >> i prepared alongside with my mom. she was like the big help. everyone against the dictionary. everyone has to try their best. >> reporter: and everyone who makes a pass to the preliminaries gets to the semifinals on thursday. then it is on to the championship round which will be live in prime time tomorrow night. a list of words that have tripped up spellers in the past. this is not what you expect to see in a parking garage. we'll show you the things turning up in the aftermats in texas. planning is underway for
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first lady barbara bush. how much are you willing to fork over for good schools? it is a fight. we're still tracking a few showers and a couple thunderstorm. the strongest one, take a look. right around the warranton area just north and west warranton toward marshall and 66.
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you notice the weather center back to. blue the severe thunderstorm watch has been canceled. we're just not seeing the storm development across the area.
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we're still seeing a couple. across the region we have a little light rain but not downtown. right now currently sitting at 80 degrees after a high today, close to 90 once again. winds out of the north at nine miles per hour. that has helped to cool things down. look at fredericksburg in huntington. the cooler air has not made its way that way. much cooler than a couple hours ago and it is because of the little line of storms that came through. it really developed and then it fizzled out here. montgomery county howard county even extreme prince george's county. we're still tracking a few showers and a couple of storms. one little shower coming through southeast, right over the anacostia along the freeway and then toward nats park. seeing a light shower. the heaviest storm we have is back toward the west. not a lot of lightning with this. i do have lightning turned on and you can see lightning.
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right now the heavy rain along 66 toward the marshall area. heads up. that storm will run right through marshall over the next 15 to 20 minutes and it will dump some very heavy rain. maybe a little thunder and lightning. then more shower activity toward charles don't. parts of charles county. so they won't be strong either. you can see a brief heavy downpour as you make your way out. future weather tomorrow morning, nothing big. notice tomorrow afternoon. a couple more showers. most of us will be dry. like what we saw today. not much in the way of coverage and i don't expect those to be strong. a couple of light showers and that's about it. fr chance of some area thunderstorms. we're not talking about anything severe. tomorrow back to near 90. 84 martinsburg.
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as we move through the day tomorrow if you think about getting out and doing a little exercise 74 at 8:00 a.m. the big thing here it will be hot. i'm not expecting it to be quite as humid as it was today. even today heat index got to 92 people in. we're not talking about the upper 90s just yet. 89 tomorrow. 87 on friday. 89 on saturday. those are the three really warm and humid days. on sunday, the high temperature of 85. we'll see a front move through. that front will change everything toward next week. a high of only 69. some of the models put us in the low 60s. right now we have to watch out for a few thunderstorms and it is the heat that's the biggest deal. >> now at 5:00, a student attacked on her school bus. find out who parents think is
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responsible for the attack on a 9-year-old girl. and who is accused of corrupting the most popular sport to pad their own pockets. you're looking live at interstate 66 in prince william county. it is rush hour. many of these drivers joining a new group known as the 66 linls. coming up i'll tell
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racketeering bribery and soccer. mornl a dozen top officials with the governing body are facing charges. police took a number of officials into custody. 14 in all charged in an alleged corruption case that involves
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more than $150 million. they're accused of money laundering and kickbacks for world cup tournaments. russia set to host the next cup blasted the u.s. the death toll in texas and oklahoma now stanls at 21 tonight. 13 people are still missing after the catastrophic flooding there and more storms and rain are in the forecast. rescuers are wading through receding floodwaters, searching for anyone who is missing and may be alive. finding survivors is the number one priority. sadly, they found the body of a woman missing after a vacation home floated down the bloated blanco river. seven others are still missing tonight. >> the home and lives and treems of houstonians crushed literally by the power of the water. management officials defended the slow alert system.
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they acknowledge the difficulty in reaching tourists and they said the messaging system in houston is awaiting improvements. the floodwaters carried an unwanted visitor. that is an alligator. quite a large one. employees at the complex were greeted by the gator in the parking garage. it didn't hurt anybody but it did become popular on twitter. as they do. change is planned for i-66 but not everybody is happy with the plans. many are at a public hearing trying to stop them. live along i-66 in prince william county to explain for us. >> reporter: that meeting that you mentioned that's going on it is primarily focused on the environmental impact of this project. i can tell you that members of this new group calling. they the 66 linls are there to talk time and money. >> i thought it would be a popular idea.
5:32 pm
i guess we're seeing that's the case. a lot of people care about this issue. >> reporter: greg scott's day job is as a lobbyist in d.c. in the past week he's launch ad new website called the 66 alliance. >> i think we have a chance to stop it if we raise our voices now. >> reporter: like many of you, this is his commute. from prince william county into the district on 66's hov two lanes. he has these cool plates. they let him ride solo. that will change with the changes. >> that will be hard for everybody out there. >> reporter: he is one of the few to sign on to the alliance. >> as it now at a understand to use the hov lanes on 66 you only need yourself, the driver and one passenger. >> reporter: the proposed changes could make it an hov 3 restriction. that means adding a third
5:33 pm
person. >> and for those of you that want to pay, that might be an option given the proposal to add tolls. that will be picking up one of these. an easy pass. >> reporter: about 10,000 of you. >> so you lock in that number of people. grand father those folks and then say for the future no more clean fuel plates. no more hov 2. that seems a reasonable solution. >> reporter: the changes to 66 could happen by 2017. news4. >> some big tax increases could be coming to the county. initially he wanted $133 million to improve the schools. today in what he's calling a compromise he said he will ask for $60 million for schools. baker says anything less than
5:34 pm
the $65 million would be unacceptable to his administration. >> this $65 million is the minimum investment we can make to move forward and significantly improve our ranking in the state. any investment less than that will not move the needle. >> sources say they may be willing to consider a 5 thert. housing leaders and city leaders broke ground on 100% affordable housing. it is in the bellevue neighborhood itself. capital and atlantic streets, along with new retail space, the four-story building has 49 affordable housing unit. is goal is to make sure that all can participate.
5:35 pm
>> making sure that everybody has access to a good paying job and working with our residents to get them on the pathway to middle class. >> mayor bowser has appointed a deputy mayor for greater portunity. that office will focus on closing the gaps in schools, jobs and housing. so what's the best way to remove a tumor? how about blasting it? a young patient who was suffering through a lot of pain until they found a simple solution. >> it felt lik (toilet flushing) spending more time here lately?
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going more often? straining to go? waking up at night to go? you're not alone. it happens to millions of men. don't wait. call now to participate in a study for urinary symptoms. you will be compensated for your time and travel. to qualify is easy just call 888-804-1672. don't wait. call now. 888-804-1672 brought to you by pegus research.
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this week's wednesday's child is a trio of brothers. they've been separated in foster home and they're to be together
5:39 pm
again. they got to spend the day all together when we made a special trip to the national zoo for a rare up close visit with an elephant family with the curator as our guide. >> hi how are you? >> the boys are just a year apart in age. 10 9, 8. >> i want to show you something cool. >> most guests don't get to go behind the locked doors and inside the do not enter area. and most certainly don't get a personal up close welcome from an elephant. the boys were impressed. shaquille at 10 is the oldest of the three. >> what grade are you in? >> fourth. >> do you like school? >> uh-huh. >> what do you like most? >> math and social studies. >> in fact he is a very good student and wants to be an engineering designing planes someday. shaqqeer is a year younger. he has a different future plan. >> i want to be a comedian when
5:40 pm
i grow up. >> how did you decide that? >> the youngest who is 8 doesn't have a career plan yet. but he likes a lot of things about school. what is your favorite thing to do? >> math. recess lunch. p.e. >> they're really smart kids. they do really well. >> i'm looking for a family that will accept all of them and just be a supportive family for them. >> tony has some gifts from the zoo for the boys to remember their day up close with an elephant. >> look what i got! >> something they will never forget. and hopefully something soon to tell their new family about. they are so cute and so smart. i wish he could have let you hear a lot more of what they had to say. you can hear from them yourselves. if you have room in your home an them or another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hotline.
5:41 pm
1-88 to adopt me. >> wonderful. would you be willing to pay $5,000 to go to a party? >> what if writ for a former first lady? we'll find out why the price of admission is so high to celebrate barbara bush. this 9-year-old girl was beaten by a bully on a school bus. now her family wants money from the county and the school system. we'll have her story coming up. still checking a few of the thunderstorms. take a look at storm team 4 radar. you notice northern fauquier county. down to the south. quite a
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a little girl heckled by her classmates bully asked then beaten up on her school bus. someone with a cell phone recorded the entire attack. >> now girl's family is suing the schooltem and prince george's county. they stay bus driver did nothing to help their daughter. tracee wilkins in upper marlboro. >> reporter: it is much bigger than what happened on that bus. the mother said she had been
5:45 pm
reported her daughter being bullied for a while and nothing had been done. she is saying this is not just about what happened here but about a system of bullying that she feels the school system is not addressing. despite repeating herself nearly 20 times, another young girl proceeds to beat the 9-year-old on the back of the school bus until she is curled up in a ball crying. >> it was scary. >> reporter: today she was barely able to reach the microphone she talked about why she was afraid to go back to highland park elementary. and why she doesn't want to ride the bus again. >> afraid that they're going to bully and he's the me. >> it is this type of behavior that we're attempting to address. >> reporter: today her family filed a $10 million lawsuit against prince george's county. the school system the administration of her school and the bus driver. >> the bus driver continued to
5:46 pm
drive. he did not stop. he did not make sure that she was okay. in essence, he allowed the attack to take place. >> it's not about the money for us. we're not worried about suing for money. we're worried about prince george's public schools acknowledging bullying going on. >> reporter: she said the bullying had been an ongoing issue she reported to school administrators before. >> it should have been taken care of the first time it happened so it wouldn't have gotten to this point. >> reporter: school and county spokesmen say they cannot comment on it but the driver is no longer driving a bus and is on leave. today as she watched her parents up for her and go after her bullies. she said she felt better than she has in a long time. >> it makes me feel proud of my parents. it makes me feel happy. i know that they care about me. >> reporter: coming up the mother said she has changed her daughter. how it has changed and how it is
5:47 pm
impacting their entire home and their work life coming up at 6:00. we've got some storms popping up. >> one of those, speaking about the rush hour. 66 southwest always a big deal and we have the storms right now. we saw two storms come through reston. two very heavy bouts of rain. you can see some cloud cover across the area and one storm making its way back. it is currently 80 degrees. 82 81 by 9:00. the temperature have cooled behind that rain. only 73 now in gaithersburg. 88 down toward hunting don. notice where the storms are. back toward northern fauquier county. then down toward the south into
5:48 pm
portions of southern maryland. we'll zoom in and show you the lightning. we're continuing to see it along 17. 66 west could be slow in this area. i'll do another zoom and show you where this is. right where 17 and 66 meet. around marshall around the plains and toward the southwest around the vernon mill area. nothing severe. and then more storms toward the south. these have been developing over the last half-hour or hour. they are a little bit stronger. making their way across the potomac in through saint mary's county. you're really seeing them right now. right along six and toward calvert county. we'll continue to watch those storms.
5:49 pm
i think a little less humid than today. if you're headed toward the beach this weekend, once again, count yourself lucky. the temperatures will be on the high side. 75 on saturday. sunday is the day to watch. we could see a couple of storms. the high around 80 degrees. inland it will be a lot warm he. 87 on friday around the d.c. metro area. 89 on saturday. same deal tomorrow. a high of 89. that means some areas near 90. then the front moves through sunday and look at the difference. the northeasterly wind comes in. a high of only 69 and it looks like it stays cool all the way through the middle of next week. tonight removing tumors in children without incisions. a research procedure that is using heat to remove these growths on children's bones. >> nobody likes having surgery. but it can be especially scary for children. now though doctors here in washington are using ultra sound
5:50 pm
to destroy tumors without the surgery. it is a therapy that doctors believe could soon be used to treat different times of cancer. >> it felt like a monster eating my leg. it hurt. so. >> 10-year-old says the pain in her leg was so miserable, she had to stop doing her favorite activity swimming. >> i couldn't walk i couldn't run, i couldn't do anything but lay down and cry. >> doctors eventually diagnosed her with a benign tumor. >> we were nervous. when you hear the word tumor, you're like oh my god. what will happen now? >> kit affect their walking. in older children that are school age, it certainly affects their ability to sleep at night. so it affects their quality of life quite a bit. >> the doctor an interventional radiologist at children's national health system says for years, these times of tumors
5:51 pm
were removed with surgery but that meant a long recovery time and a risk of complications. >> surgery was definitely more invasive and required more care. >> more recently doctors started burning out the growths by inserting a needle with heat into the tumor. they would use a ct scan during the procedure to help guide the needle's path. but that left kids at risk of infection and exposed them to radiation too. now doctors are looking at a procedure that doesn't involve any cutting. it is called mr-hifu. doctors use an mri to guide ultra sound beams into the tumor so it is heated and destroyed. >> the difference is that there's no needle no, scalpel, no insist. >> and no exposure to radiation. >> he said this will be a day in day out and you'll be done. it was so true. >> she underwent seven 20-second
5:52 pm
treatments. then she went home the same day and said she experienced some pain afterwards. then later that week it was gone. >> i was confused. shouldn't there be pain? because like it's, it happens every day. >> it has been two months since the procedure and she said the pain has not come back. now she's been able to return to both swimming and playing outside with her friends. >> i'm so glad that it is all over. >> nice to see the big smiles from mother and daughter. they've started a research trial using this therapy on malignant tumors. this has a lot of potential, jim. >> a great story. thanks. so. the former first lady barbara bush turns 90 next month. if you want to go to her
5:53 pm
birthday bash get toward pony up. a single ticket request. plus commemorative gifts. the money will be donated for family literacy. if you want to make a really big toast, there is a birthday dinner package going for $249,000. that's a lot of cake. >> it certainly. is speaking of a lot of money, schools are strapped for cash. why would property taxes need to go up 15% to help? coming up answers to tough questions that have a lot of people in prince george's county taking sides. >> reporter: i'm darcy expenser in waldorf. a man was pulled from the smoke and flames inside his own home. his wife watched in horror believin
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
high school graduation season winding up.
5:57 pm
the speaker was our very own anchor aaron gilchrist. there were 170 graduating today and students were offered more than $7 million in scholarship money. aaron told the class to find their passion, define their own lives, and try very hard to learn from every experience and to give back in any way they can. the future of prince george's schools is teetering over funneling. >> they want a tax increase to boost funding but many councilmembers oppose it. >> whichever way it goes school ceo kevin maxwell will have to figure out how to keep improvements going. >> and if the county council wants to move ahead, they need to step up to the plate and fund the school district. >> reporter: a controversial proposal to improve the quality
5:58 pm
of public education in prince george's county rests in the hands of the county council. the strategy is the vision of kevin maxwell. ceo of the county's public schools. >> you can't do the fundamental work of lowering class sizes, of doing better work with teacher training making our salary more competitive and having pre kint guarden classes, for example. >> reporter: maxwell on his second year of the job boasts a 2.5% increase in graduation rates. >> it will move. no question. to get all the way to a top ten school in the state of maryland with only half the invest many. that is not likely to happen. >> reporter: the plan focuses on digital literacy. more teaching specialists and a floofd full time early childhood educators. undoing a 35-year freeze on property tax rates.
5:59 pm
>> if you want your properties to increase in value, invest in your public schools. >> reporter: i asked him what he plants to do with the tax increase proposal fails and he doesn't get added funding. he said he would have to realign goals and expectations but wouldn't specify. exactly what would be off the table. >> so it isn't that i'm threatening anything. it is that county council will be diminishing the opportunities for children and prince george's county. >> reporter: reporting in prince george's county news4. right now an mtv reality show helps close a terror threat case. >> what that arrest and the threats against metro riders. our top story, a man arrested for making terror threats against the metro transit system. investigators say he's been doing it for months creating panic among riders even forcing
6:00 pm
evacuations. tonight he is locked up after leaving clues behind. live in southeast d.c. to tell us how this crime unraveled. >> reporter: that's right. kidd cole is known on the tmv reality show catfish as a scam artist. over the past six months he's been responsible for at least 11 terroristic threats. >> he threatened the president. he's threaten hostage situations. he's made threats on the metro rail and the metrobus system. >> reporter: all of the threats turned out to be bogus but police had to evacuate train stations and buses each time. they finally kaupt kidd cole whose real name is jerez 93 mya stone coleman


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