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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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s against the metro transit system. investigators say he's been doing it for months creating panic among riders even forcing evacuations. tonight he is locked up after leaving clues behind. live in southeast d.c. to tell us how this crime unraveled. >> reporter: that's right. kidd cole is known on the tmv reality show catfish as a scam artist. over the past six months he's been responsible for at least 11 terroristic threats. >> he threatened the president. he's threaten hostage situations. he's made threats on the metro rail and the metrobus system. >> reporter: all of the threats turned out to be bogus but police had to evacuate train stations and buses each time. they finally kaupt kidd cole whose real name is jerez 93 mya stone coleman after used his own
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cell phone to make threatening calls. that led police to his tv appearances. police also found video of cole on one of the buses that was the target of his threats. it was earlier this month when kidd cole was caught getting on a bus without paying that police asked him about the point, he confessed. >> today as he was en route to jail he said that he had chest pains. he was transported to the hospital immediately. subsequently he was release asked we're following up with another interview and it will be going to court tomorrow. >> reporter: now there is no indication police say that these threats had anything to do with this mtv reality show. any way a punt stunt last year id can cole was arrest in the virginia for defrauding the university for a concert he was paid to promote but never came off. back to you. >> thanks.
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developing tonight, nbc news has learned that live samples of the deadly anthrax bacteria have accidentally been shipped to research labs in several states including maryland and virginia. chris lawrence in our newsroom with more. >> these samples came from a lab in utah and were sent to labs in nine states. labs in maryland and virginia received the anthrax. in fact it was a private lab in maryland that first alerted the defense department they received live samples. not an active one. it doesn't look like the deadly bacteria infected anyone at these labs. the d.o.d. is investigating along with the centers for disease control. this isn't the first anthrax scare. last year 84 scientists and staff were exposed to live anthrax at the cdc when the agency accidentally shipped sample that's were supposed to be inactive. fortunately no one was infected. and who can forget anthrax scare in 2001? someone mailed envelopes
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containing the deadly bacteria to two u.s. senators in several news outlets. five people died. 17 others got sick. another threat against an international flight tonight. the latest case involves a plane traveling from taiwan to los angeles. the flight handed safely yesterday. it comes one day after threats were made doctor after half a dozen international flights headed to new york new jersey and massachusetts. looking at weather, doug and veronica were warning us about big thunder bumpers. >> look at that camera just off to the left of the capitol. you notice one of the storms toward the baltimore area, a really cool picture there. take a look at the radar.
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the biggest storms still just to the west of the d.c. metro area back toward fauquier county and also right along i-66. we continue to notice right along 66 right along marshall toward middleburg it will move through parts of loudoun county and extreme western prince william county. we have seen it pulse with a lot of lightning. down to the south and east. this storm has become a really big one toward parts of southern maryland. just south of mechanicsville. also toward calvert county. this one along morganza. i'll have the latest for you in a minute. thank you. a tragic and senseless loss. that's how the father of the d.c. mansion murder suspect is describing the crime. in a statement to the "washington post," the father of
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daron wint. he goes on to say this violence is in no way an indication of the life we live or the values that my family embraces. investigators believe there were others involved in the murders of savopoulos and amy savopoulos. at this point, daron be wint is the only person charged. he is due back in court late next month. there will be a funeral for the savopoulos family here in the district next monday. there is worldwide reaction to a corruption case that is rocking the world of soccer. everyone from the u.s. attorney general to the former soccer star is weighing in. he says the fbi revealed the truth in its charges that officials with fifa took bribes.
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and washington, d.c. may be one of the cities cheated out of world cup games coming up in 2022. that investigation was run in new york. that's where steve handelsman is now with some late-breaking news. >> reporter: jim, thanks. announcing these blockbuster charges in new york today, it was charged that this game has been hijacked. soccer is the biggest sport in the world growing in popularity in the u.s. fans are angry. >> i think there's a lot of corruption. >> reporter: more than a dozen top officials at fifa are under arrest. some grand by swiss police in zurich. others in miami. and surprising to many who know the worldwide football business this is a u.s. operation, announced in new york where many of the ruling elite were accused of greed. >> greed. greed that drove them to use and
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exploit their positions for cash. >> they did this over and over. year after year tournament after tournament. >> reporter: the game earns billions. broadcasting in advertising rights. >> the money was flying around the headquarters. >> fifa admits it is damaged. >> unfortunately, fifa suffering under the circumstances. >> reporter: accusations had flown about which nations got the world cup. >> welcome to world famous -- >> reporter: for 2018, it is russia that today criticized the u.s. for 2022 it was given to a tiny hot nation that is oil rich. the fifa president cynic 1998 is not charged today. but jack warner is. based in miami, he headed fifa's latin america branch.
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they are ready to testify that he was handed bribes. he allegedly got them according to the charges today. in a briefcase stuck with cash. loretta lynch before she went to washington to take the top job at justice was u.s. attorney in brook and said fifa had a lot of sole etching. >> thank you. students will be given a free tuberculosis test next week. the students are being warned they may have been exposed to the deadly disease. chris gordon is in rockville with more. >> reporter: as we research this report on the case of tb here at the rockville high school we were told that some months montgomery county has the
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highest rate of tb in the state of maryland. ana perez picked up her son who told her about the case of tb. >> i told him i'm going to take him to the doctor. that's my concern. see if it is anything. you know? >> reporter: tuberculosis is a bacterial disease that attacks the lungs. it is spread through the air usually when an affected person coughs or sneezes. rockville high school sent this home to parents and guardians. it says there is no risk of exposure to any students or staff at this time. the montgomery county department of health and human services recommends testing all students and staff who were in any class or after schooy with this individual between february and may. three tests will be given in rockville high school next thursday. june 4. now that i think about it i was pretty concerned. i do believe that they're handling it pretty well. >> reporter: tb is more
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widespread than you might imagine. there were 59 cases last year. that may be the largest number of tb cases in maryland. >> we have a fairly high rate statewide, yes. >> reporter: in fairfax, virginia two years ago, three cases were found at robert e. lee high school. 1900 students and staff were tested. it stopped the spread of tb. >> if not treated, it can be fatal. we do screen very carefully. >> reporter: the person with tb is being treated and has left the school. chris gordon news4. >> tuberculosis symptoms depend on where in the body has been affected. it can include cough longer than three week chest pain coughing up blood, fever and chills. we've posted more information about the facts and fears of
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tuberculosis on our nbc washington app. a child beaten on a school bus as others watched. coming up the drastic life changes that 9-year-old girl has made since that attack. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer in waldorf. this house went up in flame after a holiday weekend barbecue. >> i think if he had stayed in there just another couple seconds. that would have been it. >> reporter: i'll tell hue is being credited with kicking in this door and pulling a man out. saving his life. and there's no break in sight. some families right now verizon is
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it's been confirmed that 14 people were kill in that historic flooding in texas.
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more than a dozen others are still missing though. and to make matters worse, more rain is expected in parts of that state. already more than 50 home have been evacuated. jay gray is in the town of wimberley, texas. he has more on this. >> as you mess once you look at the blanco river within its banks. that's the good news. the devastation from the floodwaters and the heart ache from all that's been lost still stretches for miles. mother nature's relentless attack continues across texas with more rain already ravaged by the water. >> it doesn't take much. we are saturated, folks. the isolated thunderstorms could cause immediate local flooding. >> reporter: still, responders continue to work expanding their grip and holding out hope for survivors.
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>> we are still in search and rescue mode. we are looking for viable victims. >> reporter: as crews begin on clean up. pulling away debris where they can, sifting through what little is left in an area literally swallowed by the river. >> wimberley has multiple homes with they're down to the foundation. it is a pretty devastating scenario. >> reporter: it is a scenario playing out in houston as well where homes and now islands, communities isolated or even worse after the storms there. >> you see the homes and lives of houstonians crushed. literally. >> reporter: water that's destroyed just about everything in its path. >> we've got shown and some breeze. that's good. this morning, the recovery effort both here in houston hampered by what was at times strong rain. and the forkers more on what could be on the way. jay gray back to you.
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>> just awful. thank you. to our weather, the thunderstorm watch has been lifted for us. but showers are still affecting some of us. let's go to doug and find out what is going on out there. >> really only two areas of storminess. you can see the line that came through a little earlier. that is when we had the watch. that line completely deteriorated. now looking at this storm toward northern fauquier county prince william toward loudoun county. this one toward dulles airport, over the next hour or so. we'll do another zoom. right along 66 and right along 15. around there. you notice where that is. very heavy rain and some lightning toward the west. we're continuing to see a little lightning with this storm. the strongest storm into southern maryland. look at this. a ton of lightning. a lot of thunderstorm as well in and around that area. it is this storm just to the north of leonardtown that has
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all the lightning associated with it. seeing a little potential. this is along route 5 toward williams wharf as it is crossing over the patuxent river. extremely heavy rain along 235. i'll zoom in a little more and see if we can see the towns and cities. this is going to be a fairly dangerous storm moving across the potomac. rather across the patuxent in toward calvert county. out and about d.c., not too bad. a little on the hot side. temperatures around 83. the numbers went down after a high of 90. we may see the numbers go up a little bit. 73 after some rain in gaithersburg. 79 toward frederick area. everybody was on the warm side earlier. some of us have been able to cool. future weather starting tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.
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no real problems. we could see some fog. tomorrow afternoon, scattered thunderstorms. we'll call them isolated. i don't expect to see too many during the afternoon. tomorrow evening, same deal. maybe an isolated shower or two. i think a better chance on friday. notice just a little scattered storm on friday. that's something we'll watch. high temperatures, upper 80s to around 90. 88 in leesburg maybe a little less in the way of humidity. that's good news for most of us. 87 on friday with a 40% chance of storms. then the humidity returns. yinl on saturday. 30% chance of thunderstorms. then on sunday we have a cold front. that is a good chance of storms. especially early in the day and much cooler air. from 85 to 69 on monday. monday and tuesday, only in the low 60s. this is the forecast.
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we'll watch for you right now. up next virtual kidnapping cases close to home. what do you know to make sure you aren't a target. some new insight into the guy involved in that mass shooting in colorado. the he had
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our viewers have shared this video more than 350 time on facebook. we want to warn you, it can be hard to watchful d.c. police are asking for your help finaling the guy in red. he knocked out a 63-year-old man on the sidewalk in southeast on sunday. and then stole $1 that was in the victim's pocket. several people stood by watching
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and did nothing to help. we're getting a look at the writings of james holmes. the man charged with killing 12 people inside a movie theater in colorado. he wrote a notebook to a sigh die gist. parts are being read at his trial. he considered bombs and serial killings before he decided on the mass shooting. the notebook says holmes had an obsession and a desire to kill since he was a child. he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. there is a new warning regarding a kidnapping related extortion scheme in maryland. the frederick county sheriff's office says it has hand multiple kidnapping cases in the past week. if you get a call from somebody demanding ransom from an outside area code or if the caller keeps you from talking to the alleged kidnapped victim and demands payments through wire transofs
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it is an indication it is a fake. the federal aviation administration is taking a closer look at the mental health of airline pilots. the agency has created a working group to study that issue after the german wings crash and the disappearance of malaysian flight 370. depending on what the group finds, the faa may consider changes to things such as aircraft design and pilot training and testing. a reminder. if you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, we invite you to our changing minds page on we have a list of resources to help you find help in your neighborhood. the parents of a little girl beaten on a school bus talk about how it changed her life. >> if it wasn't for that officer being here first. and my neighbor's two sons i
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don't think she would be here. >> she stood in fear as a fire engulfed her home with her husband trapped inside. meet the local office here battled the flames to pull them to safety. >> the
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tonight a 9-year-old girl says she is afraid to go back to school or to ride the bus after this attack caught on cell phone video. the video shows a classmate pounding on that child as their bus left highland park elementary school in landover. >> the victim's family just filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. our bureau chief tracee wilkins is live with that. >> reporter: her parents are saying she has completely
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changed since this happened. that she is not the same child. because of that they want to address not only what happened to her but convinced it may be happening to other children as well. >> reporter: since the speedbeating on the back of the bus on may 8, she has not been able to return to highland park elementary school. she is now learning at home. >>o school. i'm not sure how they compensate for that. she is scared to have interaction with other students. i'm not sure how the they compensate for that. >> reporter: the family file a 10 million lawsuit against prince george's county. the school system, the administration school and the bus driver. >> the bus driver continued to stop. he did not drive. he did not make sure she was okay. he just allowed the attack to take place. >> reporter: the bullying had been an ongoing issue she reported to school administrators before.
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now her parents are taking turns watching their daughter. >> it is not about the money. we're not worried about suing for money. we're worried about the schools acknowledging bullying going on in the school. her dad has to take a week off work so we can both be home with her and rotate back and forth. we're not sending her back to school. >> reporter: school and county spokesmen say they can't comment but stay driver is no longer driving the bus and is on leave. today as she watched her parents speak up for her and go after her bullies, she said she felt better than she has in a long time. >> it makes me feel proud of my parents. it makes me feel happy. i know that they care about me. >> reporter: and that video, she says nearly 20 times, i am not going to fight you. her mother says she has raised her daughter not to hit other kids. you never know what that could physically do to another child. even since this happened she is still raising her daughter to understand it is not right to
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hit. she said she will not be returning to the prince george's county school system. >> thank you. they lost their home furniture and clothing in a massive fire. everything inside and out scorched. but tonight the family who lived there is feeling grateful. that's because an officer patrolling the area late single night risked his life to save a man who was trapped inside. darcy spencer has our report. >> it was a really horrific scene. >> i'm fine mommy. >> reporter: ashley holds her 3-year-old daughter skyler as she explains how they barely made it out. they're burning waldorf home sunday at midnight. >> i knew i had to hurry up and get out of the house. if me and my daughter at least would survive. >> reporter: she thought her husband leon was right behind her. he got trapped inside as the smoke and flames spread. >> and i just heard him hit the floor. he let out a big scream.
6:33 pm
and then i looked back and he wasn't behind me. >> reporter: she thought her husband was gone. the victim of a fire likely cause by embers from their grill from their holiday weekend cookout. but leon is alive. getting treatment at a local burn center. thanks to the quick and heroic actions of the sheriff's officer and some of the neighbors. that's the voice of officer vernon on the police radio. he was on patrol got to the burning house within minutes and kicked in the door. >> the worker tells me once he kicked in the door he found the victim right away. just inside. he was able to find him through the thick smoke. he was wearing white socks. >> i was able to get in a few feet and i saw the victim there laying face down. >> reporter: he pulled him out. >> he's breathing. got some maybe some burn marks on him.
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>> reporter: the rescue made with the help of some of his neighbors. >> just fortunate that i was close and there's never a thought about not going in. so it was just kick the door in and get him out. >> reporter: leon suffered smoke inhalation and serious burns but he is expected to fully recover. >> not many people would jump into a burning house. not knowing if they're coming back out to save somebody they barely know. >> reporter: in waldorf, darcy spencer news4. >> a go fund me page was created today on raise money to help that family rebuild. you'll final a link to it on our website. nbc just search waldorf fire. the price of parking in the district is set to go up in the fall. today, the d.c. council approved the budget which will extend the hours that require parking meter payments in the city's high traffic areas. parking ticket fines will go up by $5.
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the changes take effect in october. the council rejected proposals to raise the sales tax and taxes on lots and garages. the budget will provide million of dollars for affordable housing and services for the homeless. economic concerns having an impact on some businesses in arlington county. seven businesses have close there'd in the past seven months. that according to the website arlington one is johnny rocket on campbell street. we were there as some of the last items were being taken out of what was once a restaurant there. some businesses are closed in the area. blaming high rents and slow business because they are not close to a metro stop. a top montgomery county official asked for a state investigation into the safety of some local bus stops. it comes after he saw a news4 i-team investigation. i-team surveillance cameras
6:36 pm
recently captured drivers, illegally passing stopped school buses along state route 355 even while kids were boarding the buses. craig rice chairs the montgomery county education committee. he asked that the state highway administration check the safety of children and pedestrians at several bus stops along state roads. that's one of the things that we want to look at. we want to focus why these in high traffic areas where we know there is a larger risk. tonight, more of scott mcfarland's investigation showing the other bus stops in our area that have officials raising questions. and we'll show you where news4 viewers are picking up their own cameras and capturing violations near their own children's bus stops. coming up to some controversy over plans to ease the grid lock on one of the busiest roads in the area. i'll tell you why some say it comes at a very big cost to commuters. and a bolt of lightning went through his head and out his
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back. tonight see the permanent mark left behind from a freak accident. doug? >> we're seeing the most lightning we've seen all afternoon. i've got the latest for you next.
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just a few days after being hit by a bolt of lightning, a man in idaho is able now to walk around his hospital room. i want to warn you interesting photos of his injury are a bit graphic. he was on an all terrain vehicle with his friends on sunday when a storm moved in. he took shelter under a tree from all the hail. when he started to use his cell phone, he was hit. the bolt went through his head and out his back. it left a red stripe down his chest. the doctors say it will be a while before it is known, before the long term impact is known but so far he's doing okay. >> lucky to be alive. expect delays near the watergate complex for several more months. construction crews are cleaning
6:41 pm
up and making repairs after the garage. we've learned one lane will be closed for the next two months. two lanes were originally shut down but one has since reopened. tonight, dozens of very talented very smart kids are gearing up for the next round of the national spelling bee. one of the contestants from our area who made it through today's round said there's only so much studying one can do to prepare for this. >> i have to spell it ingenious and i spelled it correctly. i've never actually practiced trying to stay calm. it is only when i study that i'm nervous. >> sounds like all of us. one of the first words to trip the speller up today was the word. >> what? >> we were told to pronounce it that way. what it means is a newcomer or
6:42 pm
stranger to the people of hawaii. is that what i put? m-a-l-i-h-i-n-i? that's my guess. >> and mine was -- >> no. that's the correct spelling. there we are at the bottom. we both misspelled it. >> by one letter. all need is one. that's pro announced that way? >> that's a hawaiian word. who wouldn't get tripped up on that? >> doreen made the point if she were on there, she would be the first one to say can i get the definition? can i get origin? use night sentence, please? my response would be can i get another word? can we do that? >> unfortunately, the spelling bee doesn't work like that. >> no it doesn't. >> for those kids. still coming up plans to
6:43 pm
add toll alleges on a major interstate bringing out angry commuters. plus allegations of the local police chief helped the mayor get out
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new at 6:00 residents of a local town are weighing in after the police chief was charged with misconduct. court documents announced the chief void ad parking ticket to them town's mayor. meagan fitzgerald has the reaction. hi. >> reporter: good evening. it is very likely according to these documents that the chief voided that mayor's tickets for his own personal or political gain. we did talk to the chief today. he is not suspended. he is still on the job and many residents in the community say if in fact those charges are true they have a big problem with this chief. >> reporter: it is a small and usually quiet town. >> we don't have any problem. the police department is in my
6:47 pm
backyard. >> reporter: lately the problems are swirling around the police department's chief. one of his officers issued a parking ticket to mayor gant in 2014 when she was a councilwoman. a month later, the document says he leemillegally voided the ticket because she was an official. >> they get paid to provide a service for the community. >> reporter: the patrol officers were apparently providing a service and noticed several time that gant's car registration was expired. according to investigators, the chief sent out a memo telling them not to enforce regulations in the parking lot of the mayor's nabl. >> this is very reasonable of. >> reporter: wasn't until a reporter asked questions about the unpaid ticket more than a year later that 75 of the $150 ticket was paid. >> it's not fair. you're human like we are. >> reporter: residents in this small town clearly aren't happy
6:48 pm
about the allegations but the chief's attorney says his client is innocent. >> the filing of these charges is absurd. it appears to be a renegade act by a subordinate officer. >> reporter: now it was a corporal in the police department that actually brought those charges against the chief which is his boss. now the state's attorney's office says it will be about a couple of weeks to screen through the charges if in fact they find the evidence that they need. it is possible their will be an indictment. reporting in prince george's county. news4. virginia's department of transportation says for post changes on i-skook will ease your drive. but there is a new group that is worrying it will cost you both money and time. they set up a group called the 66 alliance. in the past 24 hours the number registered drivers went from 70 to 300.
6:49 pm
the group is challenging the proposal to create hot lanes with tolling by 2017 among other things. doug is back with a check on the weather. what is going on with the storms? >> most of us on the dry side but some are continuing to come down. we're seeing very heavy rain and lightning. most of them west and then east. really just two sets of storms. we'll show you what we're talking about. you notice where the storms are. we'll zoom in on that storm. right over the airport. that airport is just to the north of the airport. you can see exactly what we're talking about. seeing some of that. we'll zoom into this. we could see some delays here.
6:50 pm
notice the runways along i-28. there's the thunder and the lightning. we saw the lightning in the last 20 minutes. one of these storms said am i going to get a storm? it is right on top of you right now. this storm has a ton of lightning. it is a very strong storm. we're watching this as it moves across the chesapeake. along route 2, back toward the west. show the will all move into the chesapeake and most of us will stay on the dry side. we're still seeing one or two continuing. temperature the next couple days 89 tomorrow. 87 on your thursday. notice trend. we're in the 80s. then we see a little change and it is a big change. it could be just as cool tuesday
6:51 pm
and wednesday. we just learned that a man convicted of killing a georgetown law student will spend the rest of his life in prison. today he received a life sentence. police say he admitted to killing his friend mark wall because he thought his girlfriend was cheating on him with wall. the jury convicted him in march. jackie bensen is
6:52 pm
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puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support... putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story.... "unfair treatment from washington"... "thousands without medications"... "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy."
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president obama must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late... it is a nats rubber match. maxers shoulder and jon lester opposing each other on the mound. that's a combine $365 million towing the rubber right there. both signing gigantic deals.
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the nats million. he hasn't disappointed with a 1.67 e.r.a. for you best in the maimingjors. that's fourth best. he is quite the character. i caught up and asked him about his quirky personality. >> just me. just me. i'm just a ball player here. you do something for your team. you know it is a big situation. i get fired up. i'm intense. i love competing. and doing something for the ball club. and that's just who i am. >> you know the city is loving the chocolate sauce. i know you've been getting asked about it a lot. >> that's what it is about. have fun. we have a great moment within the season. if we can celebrate in some moments as a team. >> do you do this with your other teams? >> every team has its own identity. every team does something to
6:56 pm
celebrate their victories together. it just evolved out of that. and somehow we took it to another level. whenever we get to celebrate like that. it is always fun to do as a team. >> kind of gross and disgusting. >> you like it? >> it's sweet. >> sweet? >> ice cream sundaes and what better way to finish it off than with some chocolate super. >> hershey's is loving this. >> they are. >> they'll be sponsoring them soon. you know the national spelling bee started today which had us thinking, forget words hike rendezvous or llama. welcome to the sports spelling bee. doreen vance, doug. are you ready? you're going to be up first. ladies first.
6:57 pm
max scherzer. >> s-c-h-e-r-z-e-r. >> good job. >> producer? yes. good. win for doreen. vance? there it is. you got it? vance, redskins center are you ready? kory. >> l-i-c-h-e-n-s-t-e-i-g-e-r. >> ending time. and you got it right. >> what did you expect? >> i don't think he said the "t." all right. >> you didn't say "t." >> you can't use your phone. you use it for everything. >> evgeni. >> lots of them. >> there you go. >> i win, i win!
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on this wednesday night, anthrax scare. late word of a dangerous mistake by the military. a lethal bacteria fedexed to up to 20 different labs across nine states and different countries. how could this happen and who is at risk? nbc exclusive. our interview with a woman desperately searching for a woman who was in that home ripped from its foundation. and a chilling photo from her mother as the water got dangerously high. the bombshell scandal rocking the world's most popular sport. mass corruption and bribery. the fbi director calling it a hijacking of soccer. the big question was the u.s. robbed of hosting the world cup? and tracy morgan.


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