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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i know at 11:00, test scores gone missing. a big mistake forcing local high school students to retake their sats. tonight parents want answers. the news4 i-team getting
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results. new results to our investigation for some of the most dangerous stops for school buses. crime of jealous. our first look at the evidence that convicted a local man of killing a childhood friend. >> news4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> that breaking news in the district tonight. d.c. police responding to four different shooting scenes in less than two hours. the most recent just reported on eaton road near the anacostia metro station. it started about 8:45 near 15th and v streets in southeast. the victim there said to be conscious and breathing. >> half an hour later, on krofette place off minnesota avenue another man shot no description of a suspect. and 9:45 a woman is shot near alabama avenue and good hope road in southeast. no indication yet that any of these cases are connected. and so far no arrest. also new tonight, they stressed and studied for months. some of them paid for prep guides and tutors. >> but now more than 100
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virginia high school students are being told they have to retake their sats. their scores aren't in because the tests were lost. >> shomari stone went looking for answers from the college board. he is in ashburn tonight with more. hi, shomari. >> hi. well some of the students were crying, their parents trying to figure out what is going on. they called the college board to get answers, and they couldn't find them. they called us and we were able to find out that the test scores are missing. >> this is kind of disappointing. >> reporter: caroline is upset. >> we just found out today. >> reporter: that her sat test has not been scored. she is one of around 100 students who took it earlier this month. >> i think how much time and effort i spent in studying and preparing for this test. and the fact that i wasn't notified by them but i had to be notified by kids in the hallway discussing it. >> reporter: the college board that gives the sat says they
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haven't received the tests. caroline studied two months for it. more than 100 hours attest prep with the owner. you've been doing this type of business for ten years have. you ever seen anything like this? >> never before. >> reporter: she took the sat on may 2 at broad run high school along with about 100 other students from various loudoun county public schools. now she has to take it over next month. >> all the information that you were given, you're not going to retain all of it. >> reporter: we contacted the college board, and a spokesperson sent me an e-mail saying quote, we share the frustration of affected students and their families. every effort is being made to locate the shipment. in the meantime we are working to provide options to accommodate these students including a makeup test day or transfer to a future test. caroline's mother katie has already spent more than a thousand dollars at loudoun test prep. >> well i'm very disappointed because we don't have a choice. if she wants to go to college, she has to take the sat. >> because it's over a month since i've done all my studying and stuff.
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so it's going to affect my scores. >> reporter: now, hopefully the tests are found and delivered to the college board, and the students don't have to make up the tests. well, if they do it will be june 20th around that time when they have to make it up. and that comes at a really bad time because many of them now have to study for final exams. talk about stress. live from loudoun county i'm shomari stone, news4. >> thanks shomari. the u.s. military accidentally shipped live anthrax samples to a lab in maryland. and virginia may have received live samples as well. chris lawrence joins us now with the latest developments. chris? >> reporter: yeah doreen a u.s. official says four people handled those samples. and all of them have been placed in what is called post exposure treatment. that doesn't mean they have been exposed. but the risk is certainly there. so we know the maryland lab received live samples. but the same army lab that sent them also sent samples to virginia as well as seven other
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states from new york all the way out here to california. tonight the cdc has dispatched investigators across the country. but it's likely to confirm the worst. the samples left over at that army lab in utah have already been tested and they do contain a live agent. it was being used to develop a test in case terrorists use anthrax as a bioweapon. the centers for disease control says there is no risk to the public but the government didn't realize what had happened until that maryland lab alerted officials its package contained live samples. inactive dead samples are not shipped under the same secure protocols as live anthrax. and this is the second time this has happened in the past year. last june up to 80 workers were potentially exposed to anthrax when a cdc lab in atlanta did not follow proper procedures and live samples were handled like they were inactive. the state of maryland will not identify the lab that received the anthrax sample because of potential security risks.
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and the lab itself doesn't have a legal requirement to disclose its inventory. jim? >> chris lawrence. chris, thank you. preparations begin tomorrow for the temporary security improvements to the white house fence. government contractors will begin taking measurements for what the secret service calls the new anti-climb fence. that work begins at 6:00 a.m. will last for about eight hours. they'll be working along the sidewalk next to the fence. so some kearse beareas could be closed to the public. they'll start installing the sharp metal points in july. d.c. transit police arrested a man today who they say was responsible for a series of threats against metrorail, metrobuss and even the president. the threats began last december and ended only about two weeks ago. the suspect is jerez nehemiah stone coleman. but he is better known as kidd cole from the mtv reality show "catfish." police say he was caught because in some of the recent threats he used his own phone. all of the threats turned out to
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be false. new evidence revealed tonight in the deadly stabbing of a georgetown law school student. a convicted killer his childhood friend now sentenced to life in prison. news4's jackie benson shows us what the jury saw in this case today. a warning, some images could be disturbing. >> reporter: mark would have graduated from georgetown law school this week. instead, his parents sat in a montgomery county courtroom as his childhood friend was sentenced to life in prison for his murder. >> his murder was a sin, not just on his family, but on the community as a whole. >> this is not the murder victim. this photo documents how police encountered 25-year-old recall gupta when they came to his apartment on east west highway in silver spring. the 911 call from gupta's girlfriend came after an incredibly booze-filled night out to celebrate his birthday. waugh had come back to the apartment to calm down gupta,
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who was in a drunken jealous rage thinking another man had flirted with his girlfriend. >> montgomery county 911. >> what is happening? >> i don't know. i just need someone here there is blood everywhere. >> reporter: in a police interview later that morning, guptce detective she drank so much she passed out. >> i don't remember. that's why i'm shocked that i can't believe that. >> reporter: state's attorney john mccartney believes he earned the life sentence by repeatedly lying. he pointed to statements including a jailhouse phone call to his father where gupta tried to pin the blame on others. >> there were some injuries to my face that weren't documented. do you understand? >> yeah. >> reporter: at the time of the murder gupta was pursuing a graduate degree in biology. in silver spring jackie benson news4. new at 11:00, there is now legal protection for people who call 911 to report drug overdoses in virginia. governor terry mcauliffe signed the good samaritan bill into law
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today. >> it does not protect those who commit violent acts or felonies or distribute drugs. mcauliffe wants young people to know about the new law in case they witness a friend overdosing. 800 virginiians died in 2012 and heroin overdoses jumped 164% in a two-year time period. a lot of students at rockville high school are being tested for tuberculosis. it turns out one of the people at that school tested positive for tb. that person isn't at the school any longer but anyone who came in contact with him or her since february could get a free blood test and if necessary, a chest x-ray. the county emphasizes tb is treatable. the prince georges county council votes tomorrow on baker's plan to raise taxes to improve schools. today the county executive announced a compromise to help get the tax increase passed. he had wanted $133 million for county schools. now he says he'll ask for $65
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million. >> this $65 million is the minimum investment we can make that will move us forward and significantly improve our ranking in the state. >> sources close to the budget talks tell news4 the council may be willing to consider a 5% property tax increase. hundreds of people are being encouraged to leave their homes tonight as floodwaters continue to rise in texas. about 250 residents along the brazos river are bracing for water to spill over the banks. and in suburban houston, the high water could stick around through the weekend. 23 people now confirmed dead in texas and oklahoma because of these recent storms. ten people are still missing in central texas, and more thunderstorms are expected across the state tomorrow. tonight scandal continues to swirl around the world governing body for soccer after u.s. and swiss officials announced separate investigations of fifa. the chairman of the english football association now wants
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fifa president sepp blatter to resign immediately. blatter was not indicted by the u.s. but many of the people who were working under him are indicted. the u.s. officials say fifa has a problem with quote, rampant systematic and deep-rooted corruption. next at 11:00, neighbors reporting some bear sightings in our area. we've got a couple of tips if you want to keep them out of your backyard. plus taking action after a news4 i-team investigation. a top county official wants to see changes after our cameras found cars blowing by stopped school buses. and a special delivery before takeoff. the flight crew getting praise for how it handled a long delay. >> ooh, pizza on a plane. that's pretty cool. out to the west looking at thunderstorms back towards frederick county and martinsburg. i'll update you on those. plus, a huge change
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an arrest tonight in a massive fire that caused up to $30 million in damage in downtown los angeles. an apartment building under construction there went up like a bonfire backcember. police say a 56-year-old man from l.a. set that fire. he is already in custody for another crime. still no wor nobody was hurt in this fire. tonight a top county official has formally asked the state of maryland to investigate the safety of some school bus stops after what he saw in a news4 i-team investigation. as our scott mcfarland reports tonight, news4 viewers are reacting strongly to our story too. >> reporter: watch closely. the school bus stops along state route 355. the stop lines deployed lights
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flashing. but drivers in other direction keep driving anyhow. one nearly takes that man out. our news4 i-team investigation found along just a half mile of this busy state road in montgomery county police ticketed more than 50 drivers for illegally passing stopped school buses in just the past year. >> it's unfortunate that drivers still aren't paying attention. >> after seeing our report, the chairman of the montgomery county council education committee formally asked state highway officials to investigate whether kids are safe boarding buses at several stops along state highways in the county. citing our news story, councilmember craig rice asked for a formal audit of pedestrian safety here. >> that's one of the things we really want to take a look at. we really want to focus on why these bus stops are in certain areas that are high traffic areas where know there is a larger risk. >> reporter: his formal request is limited to the bus stops on this part of state route 355 here in germantown. but our investigation and parents who saw it also raised concerns about the performance
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of drivers near bus stops on other busy state roads. in maryland and virginia. police reports show dozens of drivers ticketed for illegally passing stopped school buses in one year along this stretch of hee lie near the fairfax city line in fairfax county. >> right there, the guy in the blue car. >> reporter: and frequent violations here on riverdale road in prince georges county. did you see the bus? did you see the sign? >> yeah i see it. >> reporter: you kept going because they keep going? >> well i know that was wrong. >> reporter: after watching our report viewers called in and wrote us about their local bus stops, including karen weintraub, whose daughter boards along 355 in rockville. >> i see cars going by every single day. >> reporter: and just like the i-team she used her camera to show us what happens. you can see the bus stops. the kids step off, and drivers illegally zip past the bus's flashing lights and stop sign. >> people just blow right by. >> reporter: a maryland state holiday official tells news4 it is likely agency workers will look at the history of crashes
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on the sections of 355 and likely they'll fit vitt the roads in person too. montgomery county public schools acknowledged the risk of violations is higher at stops on those state roads. but they say they set up their bus stops to ensure no kids have to cross the roads. members of the maryland general assembly meantime tell news4 they'll introduce legislation next year to double the fines against drivers who illegally bypass the buses. scott mcfarland news4 i-team. >> now to see the i-team's original report about school bus stops, visit our nbc washington app and click on investigations. oh my. some people in northern virginia didn't need coffee to wake up this morning. several bear sightings were reported in the mclane area. two sightings within a mile near langley ridge road and potomac river road early this morning. animal control says seeing bears this time of the year is not unusual, but there are some things you can do to keep bears out of your yard like for
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instance, keep your trash cans inside a garage or a shed. put your trash out the morning of pickup. and take down bird feeders after a bear visits. >> after the bear visits? >> before? >> hey, guys we should take that down now. >> do you want the birds to starve? there has been a problem. the birds, don't leave them high and dry. my goodness. the bears want to come out. it's getting warm. >> cool themselves down. and i think a lot of those pools. 90 today. we get 90 for the fourth time again this year. and yeah, everybody looking for the pool this time of year as we have been on the warm side for sure. one of the warmest days we've seen in quite some time. it could end up being the top five warmest may. we saw some cloud and sunshine. this is our reston time lapse. big thunderstorm comes through. boom. another one, boom. reston saw two areas of rain come through earlier this afternoon. nothing severe. but we did see some very heavy downpours. right now nothing like that around the city.
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77. very m and we're going to continue to stay on the mild side through the night tonight. 70 winchester. 76 towards fredericksburg. and the coolest 67 towards culpeper. now, we are tracking a couple of storms. nothing around the area now as far as d.c. and metro. but back to the west back into portions of west virginia tracking one storm there is lightning around martinsburg. are you thinking do i hear thunder? yeah you do. maybe around jefferson county you'll probably see the lightning coming through. frederick county virginia. seeing a little bit in the way of some rain showers there too. that's really about it. these will continue to move up. then they're out of there. that's what this line that came through earlier today. we've got more storminess back to our west. that's what will come through tomorrow that will help to initiate a few of the showers and storms. but we keep talk about texas. look at the storms back towards texas, oklahoma kansas nebraska. over a dozen tornadoes reported earlier today, including some that did pose some damage towards portions of texas. so they cannot catch a break for
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us. we can't catch a break from the heat. it's going to be another hot one tomorrow. we'll see a couple of scatter storms. and around 5:00 in and around the d.c. metro area it's not going to be quite as widespread as this i don't think. but you may need the umbrella from time to time. if you forget it don't worry about it. it's not going to be a big deal. any showers that develop or any storms that develop. we'll have brief heavy downpours and then they're out of here. by 8:00 most towards the south and east. on friday could be a different story. well could see a few more develop during the day. that's something we're going to watch. the temperatures the next couple of days. temperatures tomorrow 91 fredericksburg. 84 towards martinsburg. well stay warm right on through the weekend. we're talk highs around 87 on friday. 89 on saturday. saturday, the heat index upwards of 92 93 degrees. and then on sunday 85. but that's when a front comes through. and it really changes the weather pattern. look at the highs on monday. high of 69 degrees. 74 on tuesday. 75 on wednesday. some of the computer models
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monday and tuesday put us down into the low 60s with a northeast wind that is something that we're going to continue to watch for you over the next couple days that would be a huge change. >> a big one. thank you, doug. next, why 13 is a lucky
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> company looking strong out in chicago. >> when i say 13, that's usually so unlucky, right? not for the nats. it is not an unlucky number. bryce harper 13 home runs this
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month. max scherzer not too bad either. 13 strikeouts against the cubs. scherzer dominating on the hill for the nationals tonight. bottom one, first batter he faces. and that's his first strikeout as chris coghlan goes down swinging. ahead to the bottom three. scherzer working out a little trouble. strikes out dexter fouler to leave runners on the corners. scherzer sees an 13 on the night. his best by the way is 15. but the cubs tim lester also good. just not as good as facing harper. harper going the opposite way, 13eth homer in his last 19. the fans they throw the ball back by the way. almost into the infield. nats are up 2-0 at this point. bottom nine now, nats up 3-0. one man on. he gets james russell to ground to second. easy out. that's the game for the nats. they win it 3-0. and they take the series from chicago. they just keep on playing hot. to camden yards.
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one hour rain delay as the o's finish with the astros. o's down 1-0. khris davis with runners on the corners. adam jones running on the pitch here. as the throw goes to second, jimmy is headed home. slides under the tag. but the o's execute the double steal. they tie the game up at one. they still pitch to davis. come on. next pitch says goodbye. camden crush for davis, his ninth homer of the year. o's up 3-1. houston would get back in it. bottom eight, tied at four. davis at the plate again deep to right center. solo shot second of the game for him. it's the go-ahead run too. game winner. o's take it 5-4. come on guys. can't pitch it right on the plate for him. and nba play-offs continue to entertain. the warriors steph curry and james harden have been the stars of the series. but tonight in game five harden is hardly standing out. rockets trying to stay alive.
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golden state trying to clinch this. second quarter, midst of a 10-0 the warriors. it's klay thompson getting to the corner. shoots a three. golden state takes its first lead. steph curry excited about that. curry, a little give-and-go. hits the corner shoots a three. it sounds familiar. curry with 19 so far. warriors up eight. here comes harden. not having the best of nights. he gets picked here. 11 turnovers for him. golden state going the other way. the warriors are leading it 94-79 in the fourth quarter. an exciting series. good to see steph curry back out on the field. nhl. blackhawks 5-2 over the ducks. the series tied at three. also d.c. united against the portland timbers. on the pitch down 1-nil in the second half. >> good stuff. >> a good night. this is my last night with doreen. thank you for everything. you have been an inspiration
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since the day i got here. and i always look for tipped an advice when i first got here. and i never realized that the best person to model and watch was sitting next to me every single night. thank you. i'm going to miss you so much. >> it's been my pleasure. it's been great to have you. >> and you helped me handle victim van
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passengers on a delta flight got a taste of takeout before the takeoff when the flight crews ordered pizza for everyone on board. the plane was headed to atlanta.
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they had to land in tennessee because of bad weather. and the flight crew ordered pizza for the passengers. 65 pizza sent straight to the plane.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jeremy renner, edie falco musical gues


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