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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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washington. we are working to find out if any of the cases are connected. police tell us a woman, two men and a boy were all shot. the men and the boy were awake and breathing when police arrived. we don't know what condition the woman is in right now. this university of virginia student's bloody arrest sparked a public uproar. today we'll find out if a judge will drop the charges against martese johnson. his lawyers say that state alcoholic beverage control officers did not have just reason to slam him to the ground. today the court will decide whether to move forward of charging johnson with public intoxication and obstruction of justice. two women will be in court in connection to the murder inside the d.c. hotel room. d.c. police say that galman stabbed the lawyer messer schmidt to death.
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she went to the hotel to attempt to rob the victim. a second woman, dominique johnson is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. police say he was robbed of $40 and his metro card. it is now 4:31. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal. more hot weather, amelia? >> oh this summer like pattern continues today and on into the weekend. storm team 4 radar right now though is dry. and for a good part of today, you'll be experiencing dry weather, but it's hot and it's humid. i'm going to be tracking some scattered storms and downpours during the afternoon and evening hours. here's what you can expect. starting off with future weather. you can see hazy sunshine getting into the midday hours. a little bit more cloud cover. then as we head into the afternoon hours, 2:00 3:00 we'll start to see areas of storms develop. no severe weather in the forecast for today, but there could be some heavy, slow moving rain out there. notice 6:00 the yellows, oranges
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and reds around the warrenton area and prince william county. maybe a thunderstorm or two this evening. coming up in ten minutes a close look at your commuter forecast weather. but for now, over to alexis davies. pretty problem free this morning. >> it is looking good. we have a couple of work zones still hanging around this morning. the first one the outer loop between landover road and annapolis road, blocking the right lane. and then in silver springs southbound on georgia avenue between layhill and randolph roads, we have two left lanes blocked there. taking a live look at the beltway, all lanes looking good. 95 in virginia you will see some volume building by no reports of incidents. we did have that earlier tractor-trailer accident on landover roadblocking two left lanes. that's been cleared there. a live look at 66 in ten minutes. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. more evacuations in texas. now the city of wharton. people are being encouraged to leave their homes as floodwaters
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continue to rise. the colorado river is expected to reach flood stage in this area and they have seen flash flooding near austin. people are salvaging what they can and heading to higher ground. 23 people are dead in texas and so far, nine are missing. eun? >> kristin wright, thank you. a convicted killer will spend the rest of his life in prison for the murder of his childhood friend. police say rahul gupta stabbed mark waugh to death in a jealous, drunken rage inside his apartment in october of 2013. they say gupta admitted to killing his friend. he would have graduated from georgetown this week. >> his murder was a sin, not just on his family, but on the community as a whole. so much promise, so much opportunity. so much loss. >> a judge sentenced gupta to
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life in prison. state's attorney john mccarthy believes gupta received a life sentence by repeatedly lying. 4:34 now, health officials are concerned this morning for laboratory workers who handled live anthrax samples. the u.s. military accidentally shipped those samples to labs in virginia and maryland instead of sending inactive samples it sent some active samples to as many as nine states via fedex. defense officials confirmed that live spores were found in one shipment. the cdc has ordered they be locked down so they can be tested. students are being tested for tuberculosis. one person at rockville high school has tested positive. we are working to find out if that was a staff member or a student. that person is not at the school anymore. anyone who is in class or took park in after-school activities can get a free blood test and if necessary a chest x-ray.
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the county emphasizes that tb is treatable. a teenager is accused of intentionally setting a playground on fire. we're now learning that david mckinney is charged with arson after a fire at the huntington park playground. firefighters were called to the park in columbia on tuesday afternoon after reports of a fire. damage to the playground is estimated at $40,000. there are now legal protections if you call 911 to report a drug overdose in virginia. governor terry mcauliffe signed the good samaritan bill yesterday. it does not protect people who distribute drugs or commit felonies. mcauliffe wants young people to know about the law in case they witness a friend's overdose. heroin overdoses jumped 164% in a two-year time period. 4:36 now. today you'll find out whether your property taxes in prince george's county are going up. the county council is voting this afternoon on a proposal that would raise states for school funding. county executive baker
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originally asked for an increase of more than 15%. he said he's willing to compromise and ask for less. se to the budget talks say that the council may be willing to consider a 5% increase. the council meets today at 1:00 p.m. and a lot of parents in prince george's county will be watching closely. be sure to follow our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins on twitter. she'll be sending updates on the vote. today, loudoun county leaders will discuss the silver lines. today, they'll talk about what development you might a see around the stations when they're completed. the meeting is at more field elementary school tonight. we told you metro may not have as much money as planned for the new 7000 rail cars. today, adam tuss will learn more about what they'll do in response. they meet at 9:00 a.m. follow @adam tuss on twitter. the man accused of making
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terrorist threats to metro and chances are, your kids know the suspect. a high speed chase through two maryland counties with a 13-year-old behind the wheel. wait until you hear how authorities say he got the car. and looking live across the district this m
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welcome back. 4:39 d.c. police believe they
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caught the man they have been looking for in a string of threats against metro rail and i even the president. he is due in court. he is better known as kid cole from the mtv reality show "catfish." police compared the voice on the threats. and the threats began last december and ended two weeks ago. all of the threats turned out to be false. a 13-year-old maryland boy is in custody this morning after leading sheriff's deputies on a high speed chase through two counties. the boy stole a car from the sheriff's youth ranch in frederick county before 8:00 last night. that's when he took off at speeds reaching 100 miles an hour in frederick and howard counties. the deputies caught up with him at 8:15. no one was hurt. it is 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal checking out our forecast for us today. any more storms today, amelia? >> yes, the downpours and pop-up
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storms in the forecast today. that could impact us with the water logged roads. temperatures in the 70s and isolated fog in the more rural areas. it's muggy once again like i said. the severe weather is pretty low today. biggest concern would be some heavy rain with any storms we see developing this afternoon. temperatures right now are in the 60s and 70s. 66 in gaithersburg and 71 in camp springs and in ten minutes i'll have a look ahead to the weekend and when this hot and humid pattern turns more cool. alexis davies now tracking some construction on the roads. >> we're looking at some construction southbound 95 near dumfries. only the right lane is getting by. causing a backup there as you can imagine. outer loop between landover and annapolis road that is still blocked because of road work. and southbound georgia avenue between layhill and randolph roads, two left lanes blocked.
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then on the northbound side of georgia avenue at randolph road, two left lanes are blocked as well for a work zone. looking at 66 near route 50 looking good. all lanes open. volume building slightly. nothing too big. then 95 at powder mill road. back in ten minutes. here's a question they didn't expect when it came to the s.a.t.s -- where are the results? why several students may have to retake the whole test. what's expected to happen as early as tomorrow in fifa. stay
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you're watching "news4 today." >> you have been doing this type of business for ten years. have you ever seen anything like this? >> never before. >> in loudoun county at least a hundred students could now have to retake the s.a.t.
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the college board said it has not received one of the county's shipments of exams and if those shipments aren't found, the students who took the test at broad more high school will have to take the test again. news4's shamarry stone spoke to one student and she studied for months. >> leading up to the test, you have to take a break for a month. like all of that information that you were given, you're not poing to retain -- you're not going to retain all of it. >> the makeup test is june 20th. right around the same time the students have final exams. ouch. a developing story rocking the soccer world. the group that runs the world cup is meeting tomorrow amid incredible uncertainty. more than a dozen high ranking officials have been indicted for trading broadcast rights for millions in bribes. major sponsors like coca-cola, adidas visa have filed complaints. fifa holds elections tomorrow. despite calls to postpone them.
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the current president is expected to win a fifth term and is not charged. an nfl lineman in custody for a second time this week. former chicago bears and san francisco 49ers defensive end ray mcdonald was arrested yesterday, accused of violating a restraining order. police say the order was issued after his arrest on monday for domestic violence. the chicago bears released him hours after his arrest on monday. 4:46 now. today former new york governor george pataki is expected to announce he's running for president. he is considered a long-shot candidate. he says his record as a three-term governor shows his dedication to small government and tax cuts. he joins a very crowded republican primary. right now, candidates fighting to stand apart from each other. tracie potts is following developments. anyone making headway right now? >> reporter: well carly fiorina
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showed up outside a hillary event, asking the question how do we trust mrs. clinton? she talked about the e-mail, benghazi. she talked about those foreign donations that the clinton foundation has received. inside hillary clinton was talking about women and equal pay and slamming republicans saying how can we turn things back over to the same party that crashed our economy? rick santorum is now joining the race. he also spoke about clinton saying working families don't need a president tied to big government and big money. this comes after bernie sanders jumped in on tuesday. so a couple of new republicans out there. and then rand paul was in chicago taking a bit of a different approach, talking about the african-american vote and black lives matter. he quoted malcolm x saying that if people want equality and justice they can't wait for government to give it to them. they have to take it. >> tracie potts on capitol hill
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this morning, thank you. a developing story now. attorneys for the six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray want the trial moved. they say it will be impossible to come up with an impartial jury and a fair trial in this city. the officers face charges ranging from assault to second degree depraved heart murder. gray's murder prompted protests in baltimore. defense lawyers argue that because everyone in this city was under an emergency curfew, a significant amount of prejudice does exist. the u.s. justice department launched an investigation into the baltimore city police department. aaron? >> kristin wright, thank you. 4 clch 48. a man accused of killing an fbi man will stay in custody. a bond request for johnson was denied yesterday. he is accused of shooting jeremy brown four times outside his house in stafford in late april.
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johnson said that brown was his former lover. the federal aviation administration taking a closer look at the mental health of airline pilots. the agency created a working group to study the issue after the germanwings crash and after the disappearance of malaysia flight 370.faa may consider changes to things like aircraft design and pilot training and testing. a waldorf family is thanking the quick actions of a sheriff's deputy during a fire. he wasn't able to save their home, but he did save a life. the home went up in flames everything inside and out scorched. she grabbed her 3-year-old daughter and thought her husband was right behind her but he became trapped inside the burning house. a charles county deputy kicked in the door and saw the man lying there. >> there's never a thought about not going in. so it was just kick the door in and get him out. >> not many people would just jump into a burning house not knowing if they're coming back
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out to save somebody they barely know. >> leon gawthorpe is expected to recover. you can find them on the gofundme page. your friends and families can barely believe what they saw after a number of black bear sightings. there were two within a mile of each other in the potomac river road area yesterday. seeing bears this time of the year is not unusual, but there are some things you can do to keep bears out of your yard. for example, putting your trash out in the morning on the day of pickup instead of the night before. and also take down any bird feeders that might be in your yard so that the bear is not attracted to things that you don't see during the day. >> can you imagine if you or i saw a bear? >> make yourself big. that's what they say. >> i know you're not supposed to run away but my instinct would be to run as fast as i could. >> run uphill. >> maybe. >> i saw a rat coming into work this morning.
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>> oh, wow. >> but that's d.c. you can see a lot of those on every corner right? yes, they're gross. >> look for cool air probably. >> right. he won't find it until monday. hot and humid not only today, but through the weekend. the weather having a low to moderate impact on your days. highs in the upper 80s. as we get into the afternoon and evening hours, it's those hit or miss storms and downpours that we'll be tracking. severe weather really not in the forecast for today. but of course afternoon and evening rain could have an impact on your plans. whether it's the evening commute, you want to take the kids to the pool that sort of thing. today is a day to keep the eye to the sky later in the day. temperatures right now in the 60s and 70s. 70 in leesburg and 66 in manassas. around 7:00 a.m. we are in the low 70s. so a mild start. partly sunny throughout the day, mid 80s by the midday hours. near 90. 89. tracking scattered storms and downpours on into the evening
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hours. not everyone is going to get rain. it's that hit or miss activity. this is tomorrow with future weather. very similar forecast. however, the chance of storms and downpours tomorrow mainly confined to areas west of washington. areas like frederick, loudoun, even parts of western montgomery county into prince william and fauquier counties. it is hot and humid once again tomorrow. today though for the commuter forecast temperatures in the 70s. for the evening, temperatures in the 80s and could be water logged roads b. careful for hydroplaning. the beltway was a mess yesterday. 89 on saturday. the chance of late-day showers and storms mainly west of washington. sunday a better chance of rain. a chance of rain of showers in the morning. expect some rain potentially some storms that could be on the strong to severe side. we'll keep a close eye on sunday potentially becoming a weather alert day. highs on sundays on the 80s.
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monday and tuesday, temperatures drop into the low 70s. wednesday a high of 75. cooler weather as we begin june. alexis how are the roads looking? >> really good right now. the only problems we have are on i-95 south. starting off 270 at shady grove road all lanes open. seeing some volume building on 66 heading inbound right after manassas. right after route 234, but no major slow downs there. here we go, here's the slowdowns on southbound 95. the slowest spot on 95 at this hour at least. that's due to the work zone approaching the dumfries zone. you can see that slowing there. you can imagine how slow it can be. route 50 at landover, looking good all lanes are open. 95 b.w. parkway, looking good. overall the beltway is running incident free at this hour. i'll be back in ten minutes. >> see you then thanks. it's a hit show based here in the district. now you have a chance for a
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role. where and when you can try out for "house of cards." a police chief on the other side of the law. what he's accused of doing and it all stems from a simple parking ticket. the news4 item working for for -- i-team working for a change.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> the police chief of the small
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town in maryland is charged with misconduct and now residents are weighing in on this. court documents allege that chief stephen walker voided a parking ticket to help the town's mayor. the charging document says he probably did it for professional gain. but the residents have a problem with the allegations if it's true. >> you know, they get paid to provide a service for the community. >> now chief walker's attorney says his client is innocent. we are told he is still on the job. the state's attorney's office says it will screen the charges in the next few weeks to determine whether there's enough evidence to move forward. there is a new warning regarding a kidnapping related extortion scheme in maryland. the frederick county office has handled multiple ones this week. if you get someone demanding ransom from the outside area
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code or demands payments through the wire transfers, those are indications that the call is fake. a top montgomery county official asking for a state investigation into the safety of some local bus stops. this comes after he saw a news4 investigation. cameras captured drivers passing stopped school buses even while kids boarded the bus. craig rice chairs the montgomery county council education committee. he requested that the state highway administration check the safety of kids and pedestrians at several bus stops along state roads. >> that's one of the things that we really want to take a look at. we want to focus on why these bus stops are in certain areas, high traffic areas that we know there's a larger risk. >> now, members of maryland's general assembly tell news4 they'll reintroduce legislation in january to double the fines for illegally passing stopped school buses. the fine would increase from $250 to $500.
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to see the i-team's original report about school bus stops, visit our nbc washington app. "house of cards" fans here's your chance to join frank underwood in his slimy, political misdeeds. there's a casting call for season four. they are looking for certain types of people. like an average joe. how would you describe an average joe? and a man who can rock a tuxedo. and an art gallery type. be prepared to have your photo taken as well. casting starts at 10:00 a.m. in annapolis. >> did you say rock a tuxedo? >> rock a tuxedo. wear a beret, i mean? >> have a little cigarette. two students will be competing in the semifinal round today. they're among the 49 spellers competing today.
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that i beat -- they beat out more than 200 kids so far. the semifinals start at 10:00 this morning. the championship round is at 8:00 tonight. some of these words they spelled overtishous and angieitis. we'll tell you what they mean. "news4 today" starts right now. >> right now at 5:00 a.m. his bloody arrests sparked a national outcry. now we're standing by to see if the charges against a student will be thrown out. and a vote that is expected to save you some money. we'll explain how. and a live look at the radar, dry right now. but that's about to change. amelia segal is in for tom this morning. >> good morning, aaron. temperatures right now in the 60s and 70s. petersburg


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