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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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ry heavily travelled road. king street, so we are expecting some traffic tie-ups later on this morning as they wait for this repair truck to come and then get their work underway. now with more on traffic, we'll send it over to alexis. >> southbound parkway at powder mill we have delays because of the earlier car fire but all lanes are open. southbound 395 ramp to would be king street is closed. you can take a u turn at left to make that area -- to take that road. 95 right after the fairfax county parkway, heavier volume. but looking good otherwise. elsewhere looking good as you're traveling on 270 at montrose road. no reports of incidents or delays in the area. back to you. >> thanks alexis. today t victims of a brutal killing in northwest washington will be laid to rest. but first let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom
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kierein for a look at your forecast. >> good morning. starting off with pavement beginning to dry out during the overnight hours. we did have some heavy downpours pass north of the metro area. now those are long gone. we have had a few light sprinkles coming through in the last hour. some of the pavement is still wet around the beltway and nearby suburbs in fairfax, southern montgomery. that area of light rain showing up in green on the storm team 4 radar. that's in anne arundel county. we'll continue to cross the bay and head off to the north and east. we could get some more heavy downpours with thunder and lightning causing some flooding. we have a flash flood watch in the district, arlington all the counties in green. howard and north and east of there from torrential downpours. we could get one to two inches of rain per hour. that's late afternoon into the evening. watch out for high water as you're headed home.
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we're all calm and quiet. a few breaks in the clouds there. a mild morning, then a stormy evening. looks like the thunderstorms coming through here late evening for the metro area. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:11. a look at your commuter forecast for the first day of june. back to you. >> thank you, tom. now to the story of the savopoulos family. they'll be laid to rest in northwest washington. family and friends are holding a funeral service for amy and salve vos and the 10-year-old this afternoon. you're looking at video of the savopoulos family wake from yesterday. their funeral is at st. sophia greek orthodox cathedral in washington at noon. new this morning, muncaster mill road at bowie mill road is shut down now. montgomery county police are
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investigating two cars that slammed into each other leaving one woman dead. we just learned the woman driving the white taurus was killed. police are now releasing her name at this point. the driver of the black ford focus taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. a rockville man accused of killing his neighbors will be in court today. this is the first time that scott tomaszewski will be in montgomery county court. he was arrested in alaska while on a cruise a few weeks ago. he arrived back in maryland late friday night. county police say that he stabbed dick and jody vilardo to death last month. prince george's county police are working to figure out why someone started shooting in a crowded park. one person dead three others hurt after that drive by shooting yesterday. this happened at ardmore neighborhood park in spring dale. witnesses say someone drove past the basketball courts and started shooting. >> we were facing the basketball court and all of a sudden i heard something go pop pop pop pop. i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe it just
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sitting there in the park with our backs turned. and people shooting behind us. >> four people were hit there. the person who died was taken to the nearby fire station before being taken to the hospital. the maryland national capitol park police are helping county police with this case. it is 6:04. new this morning, government powers to collect your phone data in bulk are temporarily suspended after a bitter battle in the senate. republican senator rand paul stood in the way of extending the program. the debate grew ugly at times. john mccain said paul didn't understand theenate rules and data collection will begin again in a few days. intelligence officials say the lapse puts americans at risk and later in the hour tracie potts has the latest on what this means for paul's presidential ambitions. today local lawmakers will introduce a bill aimed at saving the roads you use to get to work every day. at noon today, d.c. delegate
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eleanor holmes n buyer and senator tim kaine will introduce the save our national parks transportation act. they'll make the annoyancementuncement on the arlington memorial bridge. it will authorize $460 million to fund repairs on federal roads like the memorial bridge. a developing story out of california right now. a 9-year-old girl was seriously hurt after a car slammed into a wall at a los angeles airport. you can see the car there wedged into that wall. the girl was standing on the sidewalk when the car suddenly veered from an outer lane and jumped the sidewalk. a second pedestrian was also seriously hurt. police say it looks like the 67-year-old driver mixed up the gas and brake pedals. today some of the kids in alexandria are getting a longer weekend. the school at francis hammond is closed today. we have breaking news right now that's making a police of your -- a mess of your morning commute.
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the scene on king street at 395, a busy on ramp is off limits. we are helping you get around this mess with your first 4 traffic. and how hundreds of thousands of cancer patients are treated that says many could be spared from radiation. the new fees will you need to know about before you head to some
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with
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and reach for the one you deserve. we have breaking news right now. muncaster mill road in montgomery county is shut down between bowie mill road and olde mill road. chopper 4 over the scene right now. this is a due to the crash that happened overnight that involved a fatality. this will be closed for a while they do the accident investigation. and the ramp to westbound king street is closed due to the
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water main break on westbound king street. and beltway at colesville road this is pretty typical for this time of the morning. here are some travel times. northbound 395 between the beltway and the 14th street bridge running on time and southbound 270 between 118 and the beltway looking good. and not too, and eastbound 66 is running on time. back to you. >> thanks alexis. 6:10 starting today it will cost you more to visit great falls national park in mclean. a pedestrian pass will be $2 more expensive at $5. a three-day car pass is going from $5 to $10, doubling there. the annual park pass is $30. 6:10 is your time. you'll notice it's a bit humid. >> yes. >> a bit humid. it will mess up my hair. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is in vienna and also why
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you want to grab the umbrella. see, you're always prepared, chuck. >> absolutely right. i'm telling everyone that you'll need to have your umbrella before this day is done. so make your plans now to have it at the ready if you don't have it at home because you left it at work on friday, don't worry. you have a dry ride in this morning. storm team 4 radar shows the last of the early morning showers starting to move away from the metro area. these are outbound rain drops so we should be dry for the majority of the remainder of the morning. most are headed out on to the eastern shore where they need the rain. we desperately need the rain. could be heavy at times. roads are still drying out from the overnight showers. temperatures in the mid 70s this morning. some of the roads are wet on the way home from work and school. it will be another warm and humid day, but looks like we'll stay out of the 90s. we had seven 90-degree days in the month of may. eun, i know you know this it was the number one warmest may on
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record and the records go back to 1875. >> thank you, chuck. not out of trouble just yet, the number of people who are -- another river spills out of the banks. showing us what americans think about same-sex marriage and the job that president obama is doing. what they're revealing in
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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we just got some new numbers showing us how you feel about same-sex marriage. take a look. 56% of american voters say that they would support the supreme court granting same-sex couples the right to marry. quinnipiac released this poll in the last couple of minutes. 57% thinks that states should recognize same-sex unions performed in other states. the poll shows the president's approval rating is slightly down with 50% disapproving of the job he's doing. that's compared to 49% back in
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april. eun? >> thank you, angie. a developing story, street closures and possible flooding in texas. the trinity river can crest today. some streets have been closed because of flooding won't reopen until later this week. about two dozen mobile homes have been evacuated because of potential flooding. record rain is over in texas. it's finally starting to dry out there. may was the wettest month on record. at least one location in texas received four or more inches of rain each day since may 5th. in all, 35 trillion gallons of rain fell in may. that's trillions of gallons. the catastrophic flooding claimed the lives of at least 30 people. the hardest hit areas in texas and oklahoma are only looking at isolated storm chances over the next week. family members are now planning a funeral for a northern virginia woman who died in a fire. take a look you can see the fire charred and warped a lot of
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things in the home. according to the fairfax fire department burning incense set that on fire. chau nguyen breathed in too much smoke and died. a month that started with riots in baltimore ended as the city's deadliest in four decades. three deliadly shootings brought the may's homicide count to 43. not since the 1970s has that city seen that many murders in one month. by this time last year homicides in that city had not yet reached triple digits. new video just in from georgia after a man shot four people including his parents. jeffrey scott pitts is seen shooting a clerk and then customers too. there was a discrepancy over an unpaid bill. the clerk and a customer died. the police say after this pitts
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went home and shot his parents. when officers arrived at the house, he opened fire on them and then they shot and killed him. the images on the building a building that collapsed in bangladesh killing more than 1,100 people and injuring thousands more. now authorities in bangladesh plan to press murder charges against 41 people and that includes the owner of the building and government officials. they were forced to enter the factory that day even though the crack appeared a day before. it caused a uproar over their grim conditions. more than a month after a deadly earthquake students in nepal are back in the classroom today. 8,000 schools were damaged when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit on april 25th. most have been rebuild using bamboo and plywood.
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soccer's biggest legend now says he supports the current president. he stands behind sepp blatter, according to pele. he won days after his top lieutenants were arrested. one of the men faces charges jack warner slammed the u.s. investigation. he says the u.s. is upset it didn't win the right to host world cup in 2022. the comments made headlines in part because he accidentally responded to a fake article from the onion that claimed the u.s. would host a world cup this year. the plane trying to fly around the world without a drop of fuel is making an unscheduled stop in japan. bad weather forcing the solar impulse to land about 10:00 our time this morning. it started the around the world journey last march in abu dhabi. it was a five-day 5,000 mile flight to hawaii and once the storm passes the solar impulse
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will take off. are we going to see some sun today? that's the question tom. >> yeah we're about to see some breaks in the clouds after overnight heavy rain, fl metro area. here's the storm team 4 radar history over the last three hours. it showed the downpours well into southern new jersey and we had one little area of light sprinkles coming through. they're exiting anne arundel and crossing the chesapeake bay. and behind that cloud cover beginning to break up and the roads are beginning to dry out at least for now. but later today many of the roads will be getting wet again. got a flash flood watch for montgomery, prince georges, the district and anne arundel, howard frederick county and northeastern maryland.
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that's for late this afternoon and evening. we could have torrential downpours. rainfall rates are as high as one to two inches per hour. watch out for some creeks and streams that may be out of the their banks. the hour by hour timing we're fine through the morning. a little sunshine in and out. then around 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon we'll begin to see some thunderstorms developing in the shenandoah valley. then they'll track farther to the east and that will be around 6:00 p.m. to around 9:00 p.m. it's late afternoon and into the mid evening hours, the heaviest downpours coming through. some could produce enough heavy to produce some flooding. low to mid 70s and later today with the storms coming through dropping from the upper 80s around 2:00 or 3:00. back down to the low 80s by late afternoon and then in the evening hours, 60s, and a lingering shower and much cooler
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tomorrow. highs only low 70s. then back up to 70s on thursday and then into the 80s on friday saturday and sunday looking toward the weekend. a look at afternoon showers and thundershowers each of the days. coming up, your neighborhood highs on the day and now alexis davies in for melissa has breaking news. >> that's right. breaking news, muncaster mill road in montgomery county is closed right now. between bowie mill road and olde mill road. that involved a fatality so crews are there doing the investigation this morning. you cannot get through that area. elsewhere, we have a water main break on westbound king street in alexandria. the southbound 395 ramp on king street is closed then on westbound king street one lane is getting by there. overall, not having any problems. as you're traveling in montgomery or prince george's county or into virginia. 66 after nutley street is looking good headed to the beltway. 95 slow in dale city. 6:23 right now.
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united airlines is facing a backlash after refusing to serve a muslim woman an unopened can of diet coke. tahera ahmad said a flight attendant said she might use it as a weapon. she's a muslim chaplain from northwestern university. she says a man sitting nearby told her to shut up because he thought she would use the can as a weapon because she's muslim. united said the incident was a misunderstanding. alarming video out of new york city where a construction accident hurt ten people. take a look at some of the damage to the side of the skyscraper. a huge air conditioning unit broke off of a crane and fell 30 stories down the side of the building. it rained glass and metal on the sidewalk there. it was closed at the time. two construction workers and eight others were hurt. none seriously. 6:24. keeping your kids safe around water is critical for your children as you head into the summer and one way to do that is to be sure that your kids get into the water and become
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comfortable while they're still young. infant swimming classes including the one you're seeing here are designed for kids 6 months to 6 years old. they are learning how to swim all the way across the pool and whenever they need to breathe they float on their backs. the most important note though the instructor says, nothing replaces watching your kids. >> just because the children are skilled and they can save themselves no one is ever drown proof. so that's why supervision is critical. >> if you have a pool or just live near water you should install proper locks, alarms and gates around the perimeter of the yard. in news4 for your health one cancer treatment could be worse than the disease. at an oncology conference brain radiation did not improve cancer survival rates. doctors say it could harm memory
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and speech and thinking skills. they only examined cases in cancer spreading from other parts of the body. today leaders in our area are learning about lyme disease. this morning the metropolitan council of governments is holding a special forum. the people will learn the best way to keep hikers and outdoor workers from getting lyme disease. they plan to talk about preserving forests and trees in the area. i had a chance along with angie goff to part in a special mother/father son. our doug kammerer hosted it. it benefits the make a wish foundation. there's me and my daughter. it's a great cause and the mothers and daughters have so much fun. hopefully, we'll teach them how important it is to give back to the community. they like the dresses but some day they'll learn it's important to help others. >> a great cause, yes.
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well your phone records are now off limits to government surveillance. at least for right now. the parts of the patriot act that have expired and the potential deal that could soon replace them. watching the weather right now as we brace for severe weather. the conditions in store for you and the high temperatures. plus breaking news on the roads where a water main break in alexandria has a busy highway shut down at this hour as crews scramble to make repairs. you can see them in this live
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breaking news in alexandria at 6:30. this is a live picture from king street where a broken water main could ruin your commute today. you can see here the king street is down to one lane right now. the ramp from i-95 to eastbound
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king street is closed. here's what the problem looked like earlier this morning. you can see water gushing out of the ground there. the crews could be there for several more hours today. that's right. the water main break is causing some messups. the ramp to king street is closed because of the water main break. you have to make a u turn to get around it and one lane is getting by because of the break. traveling the beltway, slowing down in montgomery county. pretty typical for this time of the morning. 95 north after prince william parkway, all lanes are open. 66 headed out of manassas slowing as you approach the rest stop there. storm team 4 is bracing for some flooding here. >> yeah, the showers behind us are not the problem. more storms will be moving in in
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a matter of hours. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with what we expect and the high temperatures this morning. >> good morning. we had the heavy downpours overnight. as you showed on the radar, a little bit of light rain came through. some of the pavement is still wet in prince george's county and anne arundel county. it's pulling away from the metro area. pavement is beginning to dry out looking at the first 4 traffic area, the pavement is dry nicely. low to mid 70s in the metro area and then we'll have highs reach mid to upper 80s suburbs and the metro area. farther north and west, shenandoah valley into the mountains in the 70s and 80s. scattered thunderstorms likely developing by later this afternoon and turning very humid as well during the afternoon. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at your bus stop
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forecast and what to wear forecast. later at 6:41. aaron? >> thank you. 6:42. the government's power to collect your phone data is suspended right now. intelligence officials say that americans are now at greater risk. nbc's tracie potts is following this this story for us. how will this impact the law enforcement? >> reporter: as of 6 1/2 hours ago, they can't use roving wiretaps anymore. that's what the government used to track terror suspects who kept changing the cell phones and they can't track so-called lone wolf terrorists who come into the country and are not part of a particular group. that expired at midnight. at sunday, lawmakers tried to come one a compromise either to temporarily extend it or to replace it with the usa freedom act. neither happened. so those provisions went away. this was one that pitted republicans against republicans.
6:33 am
some saying that we desperately need these tools. that's the administration's standpoint. others say we're handing over our privacy. remember it included the bulk phone records the program that snowden made public. the senate is working on a fix right now. mcconnell has decided to support the alternative, the usa freedom act. with that and 77 lawmakers behind him, looks like they could have a final vote as early as tomorrow. aaron? >> tracie potts on capitol hill for us, thank you. 6:33 now. secretary of state john kerry plans to return to the u.s. today to be treated for a broken leg. kerry broke it in a bicycle crash. he had been in geneva for six hours of meetings with the iranian foreign minister. the two are working on a controversial nuclear agreement. there are concerns that a lengthy rehab could hamper those talks. for now, kerry is participating inial so of to -- in some of the meetings remotely. a woman accused of killing her husband will be in court.
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they are facing the first degree murder charges in the death of 73-year-old cecil brown. he was found beaten to death in his takoma park backyard last august. brown said she didn't know who would kill her husband and that no one saw what happened to him. the browns had been married for 51 years. a woman accused of murdering a virginia tech student will be sentenced today. jessica ewing was charged with strangling samanata shrestha has year. ewing faces 20 years to life in prison. there was never a trial in this case. instead, she entered a plea in february and she maintains her innocence, but admits the state has enough evidence to convict here. a huge crowd showed up for the vigil of charnice milton
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yesterday. the police she was an innocent bystander caught in the middle of the shooting. it is 6:35 right now, doctors in baltimore are treating someone they say may have ebola. the baltimore health commissioner said the person had ebola-like symptoms, however, doctors have not confirmed if this is a new case. the person recently returned from sierra leone. the smithsonian will put artifacts of a sunken slave ship underway. the slave ship sank off the coast of cape town in 1794. the objects were retrieved this year. among them things that you'll be able to see are iron balusters used to weight the ship down. we have breaking news right now that's making a mess of your morning commute. you're looking live at the scene on king street. this is near 395 where a water main break has a busy highway
6:36 am
off ramp closed right now. we're tracking the problems this closure is causing with your first 4 traffic next. and road work will have lanes closed today along a busy bridge. plus severe weather on the horizon that has a flash flood watch in place. stor
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breaking news on the roadway in chevy chase this morning, east-west highway at beach drive we have a car into the trees. chopper 4 over the scene. it looks like the driver is with police. doesn't look like there's serious injuries. elsewhere in alexandria we have a water main break that has the
6:40 am
southbound 395 ramp to westbound king street closed. that water main break is on westbound king street. elsewhere, 270, slow headed out of germantown here at germantown road. we'll check to see if there's any incidents there. traveling overall on the beltway looking good. slowing, typical for this time of the morning in montgomery county. outer loop from 95 running about 14 minutes and then 66 at the beltway, 14 minutes. between the melt and the 14th street bridge we have reports of an accident on the edsel road. gas prices are rising right now. the national average, $2.75 this morning. in d.c., an average gallon of gas will cost you $2.85. $2.70 in maryland to fill up. in west virginia, the average price in line with the national
6:41 am
average at $2.75. the kutz bridge will undergo repairs today. the crews will widen the south sidewalks so it meets with the americans with disability act. work is expected to last through early fall. all right. we have a hair alert this morning for you. you'll feel that humidity and for some it's about the frizz and for me it's about weighing it all down. >> chuck bell has product in hand, just in case. >> that's right. i got my control paste. >> there you go. >> it's holding my gray hair down pretty well this morning. but yeah there's extra frizz factor out here today. temperatures are already in the 70s and just really humid. we had plenty of rain overnight in many neighborhoods. as a result there's moisture in the atmosphere this morning. the last of the early morning
6:42 am
drops pulling out over the bay bridge couple of sprinkles. temperatures are already in the low to mid 70s and within the next hour, mid to upper 70s. sun came up before 6:00 a.m. and we're already starting to get some breaks of sunshine here. beautiful day outside today, but heavy rain coming in later this afternoon. could cause some flooding problems. tom will have more about that in ten minutes. now back into the cool humidity free studio. >> thank you, chuck. keep an eye on the seas as the hurricane season begins today. the kind of storms we can expect this year and what you should keep in mind if one takes on the east coast. and pushing the hours ahead to try to fund repairs for the arlington memorial bridge.
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your time is 6:45. we have breaking news that could impact your morning commute. here's a live look at king street in alexandria where crews have one lane shut down as well as a busy off ramp from 395. now, these closures are because of this mess here. you can see overnight a water main break ruptured under the road of that street. alexis davies has the impact
6:46 am
this is having on your commute. >> thank you, eun. that's right. king street at 395, the water main break, you have one lane open to the left. we're not seeing too many delays in the area but it will get heavier as the morning commute wears on. southbound 395 that ramp to king street is closed. you have to go east on king street and then take a u turn there. tom? >> and the pavement now beginning to dry out after those overnight downpours. there's the sky over washington. a few shafts of sunlight coming down on to the city. a partly sunny day. late afternoon and evening is when we'll get some storms coming on through. we'll look stat storm chances for the next seven days coming up. the breaking news, i want to show you pictures of water all over king street in alexandria. this is affecting the drive to work for a lot of folks here. news4's megan mcgrath with what's causing this problem.
6:47 am
good morning to you. >> reporter: well, aaron, good morning. it was a water main break that blew overnight. just in the last few minutes or so we are seeing equipment arriving. we have a backhoe here and the crew is standing right there at the top of that ramp. the water -- they have been able to shut that off and it's receded but we have all kinds of gravel and mud and there are cracks in the pavement where the water was gushing up earlier this morning. actually, we have some video to show you of that water coming out of the crack in the pavement there. now, this water main broke overnight. we have quite the impact here on king street. king street headed down to one lane getting by on the left. so we are starting to see traffic slow down a bit as they go through the area. also a very busy ramp. the king street -- westbound king street ramp off of 395 that ram is closed completely you to go to eastbound ramp and do a u
6:48 am
turn in the area. they haven't started the repair work so this will be with us for a while. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thanks. it is now 6:48. there is is a funeral service today for the family found brutally murdered in northwest washington. someone called savvas amy and 10-year-old philip savopoulos and along with their housekeeper vera figueroa. they will be remembered at noon. and it is an emotional day here in washington as the world mourns the loss of beau biden, the son of vice president joe biden. leaders from both parties are paying tribute. nbc's kristen welker has more. good morning. tell us more about biden's legacy. >> reporter: well eun, you're right. this is a tragic day in washington. the vice president has cancelled up a public events today. he's at home in delaware where flags were lower at half-staff.
6:49 am
his son beau biden was 46 years old and his future seemed as bright as his father's. this morning, the entire political world of people all across the country mourning man who is gone far too soon. he was born in 1969. he became a politician in his own right. he was twice elected as delaware's attorney general. he was expected to run for governor of delaware. beau was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago and after aggressive treatment he was given a clean bill of health and then this spring he relapsed. he checked into walter reed medical center a week and a half ago. the president and first lady visited the bidens yesterday. he made a difference in all the lives of those he touched an there was reaction from capitol hill as well. mitch mcconnell and harry reid expressing their condolences. and now we are still awaiting details about his memorial service, his funeral service.
6:50 am
biden is survived by his wife and his two children. >> kristen welker thank you. a rockville man accused of killing his neighbors will be in court today. scott tomaszewski arrived in montgomery county from alaska just days ago. officers arrested him while he was on a cruise there. montgomery county police say tomaszewski stabbed dick and jody vilardo to death last month. prince george's county police are working to figure out why someone started shooting in a crowded park at ardmore neighborhood park in spring dale. someone drove past the basketball courts and started shooting. the person who died was taken to the nearby fire station before being taken to the hospital. ten minutes before the hour and today, senator lindsey graham of south carolina will become the latest republican to join the race for the white house. graham is a national security hawk and a close friend of senator john mccain.
6:51 am
he wants to send an additional 10,000 u.s. troops to iraq to help stabilize that region and he's blasted the president for nuclear talks with iran. he's a retired air force lawyer and he's considered a long shot. fresh off his presidential announcement in baltimore, martin o'malley continues to hit important voting states. he told voters in new hampshire he relishes tough fights. new hampshire is the home of the first presidential primary and a hillary clinton strong hold. o'malley is the third democrat to jump into the race. another recall for general motors. this time as part of that growing takata air bag problem. cnbc's landon dowdy has more. >> good morning. gm is recalling about 375,000 chevy silverados and gmc's pickup trucks. last week the safety regulators agreed to expand the recalls of the potentially fatal air bag inflaters which can explode in a
6:52 am
crash and have been linked to six deaths. the house subcommittee is holding a hearing tomorrow. eun, back over to you. the first day of hurricane season is today. the national weather service says there's lots of things to do to stay safe. make sure to stay inside away from doors and windows if a storm hits. forecasters are saying this looking like there won't be many dangerous hurricanes this year or you know they forecast a few named storms but fewer big storms. >> yeah. yeah. and less intense. exactly. we had some intense storms last night. a lot of thunder. flashes of lightning going off like the strobes in the clubs that aaron and eun frequent. [ laughter ] it was just -- it kept me up half the night and right -- >> you come with us tom admit it. >> i know you jam to the house music. >> tom is the last one out of the club. >> right now, a few lingering sprinkles across the bay as we got a few showers coming on
6:53 am
through overnight. right now we're beginning to dry out the metro area as this last batch of showers is now that little green patch headed over to centerville and chester town. area in green is under a flash flood watch for this afternoon and this evening that's when we could get more of the storms like last night. they may contain your rain. we could have flooding in howard and anne arundel and all these counties in green. northeastern maryland up to two in. per hour -- inch per hour rain rates. now here's the timing on that. by later this morning we'll just have maybe a passing shower to our north and then dry after that, through noontime a little bit of sunshine. but this newly updated now tracking storms this model is showing these firing up around 2:00 to 4:00. and it's after that around 5:00 6:00 7:00 that the lines of
6:54 am
heavy downpours come through much of maryland and virginia and as they move on through they may be coming down harder north and east of the metro area with the heavier rain. watch out for high water especially this evening when the visibility is low. you don't know how deep the water is. don't drive through it. low to mid 70s. a balmy morning. temperatures by noontime will be in the low 80s. and then when the showers and thunderstorms do come on through, we'll drop on through to the 70s. maybe a lingering shower on tuesday morning and partly sunny and much cooler. highs low 70s, tuesday wednesday and thursday and then friday into the weekend feeling like summer again. chance of afternoon storms. alexis davies what is happening on the roads? >> we have a new accident at 95 at lacklick road. it's been moved to the shoulder. some delays in the area though. we have the water main break in alexandria king street. 395.
6:55 am
getting by on westbound king street and then the ramp to westbound king street is closed as well because of the break. 66 is slow out of gainesville, back to you. >> thanks alexis. new this morning, muncaster mill road at bowie mill road is shut down. police are investigating why two cars crashed into each over. the woman driving the white taurus was killed. police are not releasing her name right now. the driver of the black ford focus was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. local lawmakers will introduce a bill aimed at saving the quickly deteriorating roads in our noon today, eleanor holmes norton along with virginia congressman don beyer and tim kaine will make an announcement on the arlington memorial bridge. the act would authorize more
6:56 am
than $463 million to repair -- to fund repairs of the roads like the memorial bridge. it's 6:56. here are four things to know before you head out the door. entrance fees are going up at the national park in mclean. today, there's a funeral for the victims of a brutal murder in d.c. family and friends will lay savvas and amy and philip savopoulos to rest. and the nsa collecting your phone data has been suspended. and we're working to learn when the crews will have the 395 water main break fixed. grab an umbrella staying dry this morning and through the noon hour then hitting upper 80s around 2:00 or 3:00. storms coming through 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. >> we have that water main break that has westbound king street down to one lane.
6:57 am
you're getting by one lane to the left and then the southbound off ramp from 395 to westbound king street is closed due to the water main break. back to you. >> tha
6:58 am
6:59 am
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good morning. breaking overnight. are we less safe? the nsa loses its power to collect your phone records after a heating showdown on capitol hill. kentucky senator and presidential hopeful rand paul leading the charge to block an extension and calling out his critics. >> some of them i think, secretly want there to be an attack on the united states so they can blame it on me. >> i've run for president twice but i wouldn't stupe to something like this. drenched. thunderstorms right now. the flood threat from washington, d.c. to new england while in texas flooding there leads to one very unusual


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