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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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they didn't want to get into too much detail, but they tell us they are just at a loss for words right now. they are scrambling to make funeral arrangements as they prepare to lay her to rest. back to you. >> meagan, question. where you are now did she decide to meet him because she thought that that would be a safe area, a public space in the middle of the night? >> reporter: you know that's a good question. and we asked her family for mer details about that. and what they basically said was it was her personality to be forgiving. so it sounds like they broke up they said and he asked her to meet up with him. so it sounds like because of her forgiving personality, she agreed. this was the location apparently that he told her to meet him at. and she did. then, unfortunately shots were fired and she later died at the hospital. >> meagan, let me ask you something. did the family know how long she'd been dating this guy? and had he threatened her before, or did she -- was he an
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ex-boyfriend was he had threatened her before? >> reporter: you know the family didn't want to get into much detail about their relationship. thet wanted to focus on the woman that she was. but they did tell us that they dated for about six months. they made it clear though that they had broken up. and again the father i think a moment that was pretty compelling was the father just saying, you know, in a parking lot. in a parking lot. just wasted my daughter's life in a parking lot. they just can't make sense of why anyone could do this to their daughter. >> such a fraj di. meagan fitzgerald thank you so much. we'll see you again at 6 tonight. we're getting a new look at the a moment from last night's storm, a lightning bolt hitting on or near the capitol building. this video captured by the senate capitol camera. you can see the lightning strike as clouds roll over. it's unclear if the lightning bolt hit the capitol or just behind.
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doug has an eye on the radar again tonight. any drawl ma out there? manufacture nothing like that. we actually had that same exact storm coming over the capitol from a different vantage point. man, that was right before mother nature just unleashed all of that rain across our region. we saw upwards of 2 1sz 2 inches last night, at the airport, a one-day record toward national after a high yesterday of 92 degrees. we are nowhere near that today. as a matter of fact, we're only in the 60s right now. take a look at the area right now down to the south. seeing some shower activity down toward southern mareylandmaryland the northern neck, st. mary's, cal ver county. we may see some drizzle around i-95, points to the east. but we're not seeing much in the way of rain. and i really do not expect much right on through the rest of the overnight hours with the exception of some drizzle or some mist. i mentioned 902 for a high yesterday. look at that 63 right now in d.c. and earlier this afternoon around 2:00 it was near 80 in richmond. you can see how the cooler air is just sliding on down to the south right now, richmond coming
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in only 67. we're only at 62 in hagerstown and ocean city only a temperature of 59 at the beach. so a very cool day, and it's going to continue to be like that as we head through the next couple days. if you are heading out this evening, this is what you can expect. the one thing carry the small umbrella. why? well, most of us dry but, as i mentioned, woe may see some light drizzle throughout the evening hours. temperatures will be quite cool. 62 at 7:00. but they're not dropping all that much. we'll stay right around the 60 degree mark through 11:00. i'll come back and talk about this very cool pattern, show you how long it will last. now to several developing stories. first in arlington where police say an officer who shot and killed a man last month tried to shoot him twice with a taser but didn't hit him. the second time the taser hit a fellow officer in the arm. and seconds later the first officer shot and killed al friday doughry al torres chblt our julie carey spoke with police today and will have more later this hour.
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just minutes ago, a new surveillance program passed congress, the usa freedom act. it will replace the once secret nsa collection of phone records. instead of the nsa holding those records, now the phone companies will be storing them and the government will need a warrant to search them. funeral services will be held later this week for former delaware attorney general beau biden and the president will give the eulogy. the vice president's office just released the details on thursday beau biden will lie in honor at legislative hall in dover. a viewing is set for friday at st. anthony church in wilmington. at 10:00 saturday morning there will be a public mass also at st. anthony's biden died over the weekend of brain cancer. he was just 46. maryland congressman elijah cummings was in a transportation hearing on the hill today when he learn thad his house caught fire. this is cell phone video from outside the home in west baltimore in morning. that fire broke out around 10:45. cummings says the fire started on the third floor.
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fire verlgts are trying to fission out what happened. it took firefighters about 15 minutes to put out. no one was home at the time. another major loss for a family in gaithersburg. just six months after their home burned down, the townhouse they were moving into today catches fire. firefighters found heavy smoke and flames here at the home just off watkins mill road. the flames spread to two other homes. no word on what caused the fire but it did nearly $1 million in damage. and breaking news. about a stabbing inside a maryland school we have just learned that a 14-year-old student has been charged for stabbing a 16-year-old, another student took this cell phone video from inside frederick douglasa high school in upper marlborough today. tracee wilkins has reaction from students parents and school officials. >> reporter: this video shows just how quickly a fight between two students escalated into one
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student being stabbed. >> i can't imagine being in that situation. >> reporter: it happened early this morning inside frederick douglas high school in upper marlborough just after school began. >> like on the stairwell. >> reporter: the student used a pocketknife to stab the other in the chest. he's now considered the suspect in the case. police wro not say who started the fight only that it stemmed from an argument that possibly happened earlier in the week. >> there is video. they'll watch the video review it and we'll have more information. >> reporter: for parents the situation is both shocking and unsettling. >> it's a bad situation. somebody's life is involved so you've got to do better. >> reporter: we do know that dr. maxwell and other officials from the school system were here when this happened this morning to find out what the school can do to make the situation better. coming up on news4 at 6, parents have to have a very difficult conversation with their children now. how they plan on taking the first step.
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in upper marlborough, tracee wilkins, news4. the mtv reality star is accused of making threats against metro has entered aid plea of not guilty. various coleman also known as kidd cole is facing ten felony charges. he's responsible for a string of threats police say including threats to blow up stations and kill passengers. if coleman is convicted he is facing 20 years in prison. there are new developments tonight about the deadly amtrak crash that occurred in philadelphia a few weeks ago. the ntsb is now saying there were no problems with the tracks the signaling system or the brakes. and that is leading to more questions about the engineer. here's our transportation reporter adam tuss. >> and i promise you that, by the end of this year, this system which will dramatically enhance safety will be complete and operational on the nec. >> reporter: amtrak president
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joseph boardman here on capitol hill talking about technology that will slow trains down if the train is going too fast. that kind of system was not in place on the day of the derailment. the train left the tracks at 102 miles an hour. >> we do know that speed was a significant factor and speed, simply put, is what we refer to as a human factor. >> reporter: as lawmakers try to pry answers away from the people at the front of the investigation, much of the focus shifted toward engineer brandon boston's cell phone. we now know that the cell phone was being used on the day of the crash and the phone was in the cabin, but the ntsb still hasn't been able to figure out if boston was using the phone right before the crash. they say some time codes from the phone aren't matching up the way they would like. >> we have asked him for his cooperation, and he's helping us by koorpsing. for example, he gave us the password so we didn't have do go to the manufacturer to get into the phone. >> did you say, did you make a phone call? >> i don't know the details.
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he has been interviewed. >> reporter: some lawmakers wondering why a cell phone is even part of this equation. >> you are not allowed to have a personal device in the cabin period. >> reporter: while we still don't know why the train was going so fast, amtrak ak acknowledged it never anticipated a train would hit the kind of speed it did in that location. and back here now live there was also a very spirited discussion about seat belts on trains. why we aren't doing that. we'll tell you about that at 6. jim, back to you. >> adam tuss. adam adam, thank you. we're learning now what really happened when the elevator malfunctioned at the washington monument on sunday. the national park service now tells us 63 people were in the observation deck and one of them had to be carried down. crews are working around the clock now hoping to get the problem fixed by this thursday. our shomari stone reports from national mall. >> reporter: moments ago, the national park service admitted that officials gave wrong information yesterday.
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right now, the washington monument remains closed. the national park service now says 63 people were at the top observation level when the 500-foot elevator lost power sunday night around 9:30. the park staff walked 62 people down the stairs. it took them around 45 minutes to get all the way down to the ground level. one person needed an evacuation stair chair. now keep in mind, yesterday the national park service said one visitor at the observation level was escorted to the ground level. so we asked them about the release of the misinformation. >> strictly miscommunication. a text message taken out of convict thaext didn't have the full information on it. >> reporter: again, the monument remains closed. the crews are trying to figure out why the elevator lost power. it's expected to reopen on thursday morning. outside the washington monument, shomari stone news4. well, by now, you probably have driven by them, but starting at midnight tonight, if you are speeding you are going to pay for it.
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five new speed enforcement locations in the district will become active and start issuing tickets rather than warnings. those locations are spread all throughout our city aaa says they're among 66 automated traffic cams added in the past year and a half to our city. in the first four months of the current fiscal year aaa said d.c. issued more than 112,000 speeding indicates through its camera system. that is nearly $15 million for revenue in just four months. that pales in comparison to the overall total. nearly $500 million since the city's camera program was launched in 2001. virginia's ready to take you out of the driver's seat. governor terry mccullough announced a new effort that will allow driverless cars to test on roadways in northern virginia. vdot and the dmv are partnering with virginia tech's transportation institute to create automated corridors. those vehicles will test out
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parts of the beltway, 95 66 as well as routes 29 and 50. d.c. and three other states are also testing this driverless technology. a new push tonight to find the killers of a d.c. community reporter. we'll tell you about the new approach by police. and the 295 shooting during rush hour, the i-team has found one reason why this case may be tough to solve.
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is closer than you think at busch gardens and water country usa. >> ff's been nearly a week and no arrests in the shooting of a young d.c. reporter who was reportedly used as a human shield during a shooting. someone shot sharniece milton along good hope road in southeast last wednesday evening. today police released this flyer. they say the gunman was with a group of dirt bikers trying to
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aim at someone else. milton contributed to the capital community news. there is a $25,000 reward for this case. later this week you could see electronic signs on 295 in d.c. they're looking for information in that deadly rush hour shooting. pedro alvarado and his brother-in-law were shot on i-295 around 8:50 last thursday morning. but that confrontation start nd alexandria and police want to know if any drivers in virginia saw anything suspicious. the shooter is believed to have been in a dark green or a black toyota camry. >> we know there's a lot of commuters out there along that whole route. and anybody who may have seen anything involving this dark green or black car that can give us additional information is what we're looking for. >> police believe there were at least three men in that car that they are looking for. some police officers have told the news4 i-team they need extra eyes in the sky along the
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baltimore washington parkway to help them investigate and more quickly respond to crimes and crashes. and the cops aren't the only ones concerned about it. as our scott macfarlane reports. >> reporter: jim, good evening. the feds say there are no cameras recording the activity along either the bw parkway or the george washington parkway. and maryland state leaders last year issued an internal memo obtained by the i-team saying they were concerned about it too. that the lack of cameras limited their response to incidents north of the beltway on the bw parkway. state officials tell the news4 i-team new cameras are coming. at least six of them on the baltimore washington parkway by january 9th that will likely cost about $500,000. the state highway administration cautions these are not police cameras. they will not record video zoom in on accidents or incidents. but the images from those cameras will be shared with police as they investigate incidents. the cameras' primary function is to help move traffic. but in a new statement by news4
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late today, the national park service says it's exploring the possibility of new cameras on both parkways as part of a broader safety effort. wendy? there is some dash cam video of an officer saving an intoxicated man from inside a burning car. the officer spots the car on fire saturday morning at a south carolina parking lot grabs a fire distinguishing and as he's putting out the flames he notices a man in the driver's seat. officer stops and opens the door and drag dras the man to safety. that man is later described as being extremely intoxicated. he says he doesn't even remember the car catching fire. a teacher in loudoun county is alive tonight thanks to the quick action of a school nurse and other co-workers. some frightening moments happened yesterday in the auditorium at park view high school in sterling as teachers performed in a talent show. nurse linda ma role la saw one teacher suddenly collapse and grabbed a nearby automated
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extended defibrillator. the stricken teacher was taken backstage where the nurse and a specially trained group of teachers delivered cpr and two shocks from that aed. >> she wasn't responsive so at that point we just started to do what we have been trained to do, and i just have to say that it was a team effort. everybody pitched in. everybody had a responsibility to do the things that they needed to do. >> today students signed a banner wishing that teacher well. her family requested her name not be released. we're hearing more tonight about the lives lost in connection with those takata airbag recalls. their stories were shared here in washington today, and we'll look back at a life of a virginia mother who was killed by something that was supposed to keep her safe. plus, something positive is coming out of the baltimore riots. we're going to find out how you can join the movement across maryland. and new details tonight just came out about a police shooting
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in arlington. we're combing through the new document that's reveal that police shot someone other than the suspect with a stun gun. you're watching news4 at 5.
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and welcome back everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. some clouds out there today, yeah, a little cooler. a little shower activity, yeah, that, too. all of that after what was a very, very hot, not warm, may. seven days of 90 degrees or better. june 1st yesterday, 92. today 63 with a northeast wind at 15 miles per hour. so again a very cool, dreary day. we still have some light drizzle in parts of the area. a very cool dwechb57 in gaithersburg, 60 toward annapolis. there's not much rain on the radar, there's really not. but we're starting to see it fill in in southern maryland.
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some of it heavy south of leonardtown, extreme southern calvert county, charles county, this is light rain and drizzle that's being picked up here. don't be surprised to see drizzle this evening. still a good idea i think to keep the umbrella handy just in case. the wider view showing more rain to the north and then more rain to the south. it's all because of an area of low pressure that's just spinning, actually a couple of areas of low pressure. i don't know if you can see it. see the spin in the atmosphere? this is an upper area of low pressure. that is going to sit and spin for the next couple of days. what that allows is for a lot of cloud cover and a lot of moisture just to continue to make its way our way. that's in the upper levels. at the lower levels we've got high pressure dragging down that northeasterly wind so we're going to be cool. we're going to be dreary and see a little bit in the way of shower activity. future weather at 6:00, a couple of light showers, same deal 11:00 tonight. it's not going to show a lot. most of the time future weather is not going to do a good job of picking up the drizzle but it's going to be there.
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best chance of rain toward southern maryland. then tomorrow afternoon we see a smattering of scattered showers. you will need the umbrella, but not the big golf umbrella. speaking of golfing, not tomorrow. 65 in leesburg, 66 in washington, 67 fred bikz rurg. it will be cool with the clouds. the impact forecast, it's till on the low side, but you'll needed embrel la from time to time as we'll see the showers. bring the umbrella for sure. you'll need it through the next couple of days. same deal thursday, high of only 67. 76 on friday. can't rule out a shower, but i'm do trying to keep it dry for you. saturday chance of a light shower vgsz high of 77. next chance of heavy rain or storms comes next monday as temperatures get back to around 84 degrees. but all in all a lot of below-normal temperatures as we move on through the weekend. >> thank you, doug. right now at 5 it was a medical procedure that ended in tragedy
5:26 pm
tragedy. >> we'll tell what you went wrong. it's a feud with scientologists over a new drug rehab center. a vote just came down, and we're live with the surprise decision. and we've got new questions about the security of our airports. we'll have more on that scathing report that shook up the tsa. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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a woman from our area is dead after a botched plastic surgery procedure from an unlicensed doctor. police found kelly may hue unconscious at a home in queens, new york. investigators told our station in new york that mayhue had silicone injected into her buttocks in this home. the "new york daily news" reported that the person who performed the surgery drove away. mayhue worked at b.e.t., the network tells us they are saddened by her death. just days after being reelected as the president of
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fifa, today joseph sepp blatter resigned. blatter has been under fire since nine fifa officials were arrested on corruption charges late last month. he will remain in office envelope a replace mtd isment is chosen. >> and election of a new president will ultimately be up to the executive committee. this could take place anytime from december of this year to march of next year. >> blatter says he hopes his departure will bring serious changes to the organization. the head of the agency that's charged with protecting the nation's airports is off the job after tsa screeners in dozens of airports failed a critical test. undercover homeland security agents were able to smuggle fake guns and explosives past tsa checkpoints in 67 out of 70 tests. that's an incredible 95% failure rate. well, now acting head of the tsa melvin caraway has been reassigned.
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the white house nominated new administrator in april but the senate has yet to schedule a confirmation vote. it has become an all too common occurrence over the past several weeks. five more planes had to be swept today after bomb threats against them. one landed in philadelphia, three others originated on the west coast, and one plane was in the air from seoul to san francisco when a threat was made. nbc's doug sha mel is in philadelphia with the investigation there. >> emergency vehicles flying down the runway. >> reporter: matt tra main was one of 88 passengers aboard the us airways flight from san diego that landed at philadelphia international just after 6:00 a.m. because of a bomb threat. >> we didn't hear about this until we landed. even the pilot came over the intercom and said that was the first time he heard that the plane was called in a threat. >> reporter: the flight was one of five that sources tell it nbc news had been tarted by anonymous callers. >> there was a bomb scare, and
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everybody had to take their luggage and purses and put them on the tarmac. >> reporter: it was 90 minutes of angst and inconvenience. >> we have now given the all-clear. there's nothing dangerousung r dangerous abored the plane t. was a hoax. >> reporter: the bogus threat comes on the heels of a shake-up at the tsa after undercover tests showed agents got fake bombs an banned weapons through checkpoints around the country. >> it kind of makes you feel like when you're going through the airport it's like a dog and pony show. >> reporter: now, hoax threats have been made against almost a dozen planes over the past two weeks, mostly on flights coming into the united states from other countries. and maryland governor larry hogan says the outpouring of kindness in the weeks after the baltimore riots has inspired a new volunteer program. later this month, he's going to offer apply yeses in the state's executive branch agencies to take four hours of paid leave to volunteer for a community service project. the governor's office has a number of dates available over
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the next couple of months. charities selected will have to relate to restoring baltimore and other communities. long-time loudoun county chair scott york is having a change of heart tonight after announcing plans to retire. he now says he will run for reelection. york tells news4 he's running as an independent. york said he decided to run at the urging of supporters. york cited concerns about the experience of other potential candidates as a factor in his decision. he's been on the board for 15 years now. he ran once before as an independent and won. well it is debate night for democratic candidates in alexandria. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey will be moderating debates for candidates between mayor and the district from 7:00 to 9:00. a big vote in frederick county on a plan by the church of scientology to open a drug rehab facility. >> it would be located on 40-acre retreat known as trout
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run. it's just miles from the presidential retreat at camp david. but news4's mark segraves just learned it's not going to happen. mark? >> reporter: wendy, that's right. in a 6-1 vote that just happened minutes ago, the frederick county council said no to the church of scientology's plan to open a drug rehab center on trout run, that fris teen 40-acre lot near camp david. this all began more than a year ago when the church of scientology bought this parcel of land for just over $4 million and then announced plans to open a nark akoncon rehab facility. neighbors rallied but narcanon had gotten over permit approval except one, they needed the land to be designated as historic in order to be able to operate that facility. today the council here in frederick said no to the historic designation. now let's hear from both sides beginning with the one council member who voted in favor of the
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proposal. >> this application has been clouded because the record does reflect that there was testimony based on narcanon and scientology so i think that has clouded our decision a few times and has led us to probably go a lot further into this decision than it really merited. >> with having a 6-1 vote, it does show some precedence that the public doesn't want this here. i mean to get that vote, you know, across party lines is pretty significant. i hope they understand that, you know, it's best just to go home and give up on this. >> reporter: now i just spoke to the executive director of narcanon and their attorney, and they told me their exact quote, we're not going away. they haven't decided what exactly they will do, but they said that this fight is not
5:36 pm
over. coming up at 6:00 you'll hear from the attorney and the executive director on what their next step will be. jim, back to you. >> mark segraves. mark, thank you. we're following developments right now out of boston. an officer-involved shooting also involved the fbi and joint terrorism task force. we'll explain why the world is watching this case unfold. and the white house is now taking aim at something that's been controversial for a while the amount of antibiotics that are in your meat.
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the white house is taking aim at what some people will be eating in their meats and poultry. >> it's antibiotics in food. later this year, the obama administration says several federal cafeterias will start serving meat with fewer antibiotics. that directive will be at all civilian government restaurants in the next five years. here's the big concern, repeated
5:40 pm
exposure to antibiotics makes the drugs that fight bacteria less effective. major retailers like walmart and mcdonald's have also committed to using meat and poultry that have fewer antibiotics in them. it can happen in a split second and before you know it, you're on your way to the emergency room. >> injuries like the one on this x-ray where an emerson blender ended up in a person's hand. doctors say they're seeing more and more people who are getting hurt in the kitchen. the result of accidents while slicing dicing and chopping. >> people can lacerate tendons, lacerate nerves. they can have a simple cut that takes off a piece of skin or creates a wound that has to be closed or irrigated. there can be crush injuries or other tearing injuries from the blender. >> doreen gentzler will have much more at 11:00, including what doctors say are the most common injuries they see in a kitchen. new at 5, a new time line released in the deadly shooting in arlington.
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police accounting for the minutes and the seconds before officers shot a man who was involved in a domestic dispute. and the local teenager who made it all the way to general manager work in just two years. our zachary kiesch finds out what's next for him. we're talking about some temperatures that are well below average. coming up a very warm may. take a look at the june cooldown. high temperatures the next um can days only in the 60s, maybe the 70s. our average up to 81. i'll show you how long this pattern lasts in my forecast.
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it has been a cool and drizzly kind of day. we still have some showers coming our way. >> yeah. >> it is a hot tea and soup kind of day. >> it really is. the amazing thing about it is we were just the warmest may ever. >> i know! >> seven 90 degree days, 902 yesterday. now we're at 63. it's rather cloudy dreary. we've got showers coming in. the umbrellas will be needed over the next couple of days but off and on. the heavy rain is gone. we will no longer see any thaf. toward reston you can see the
5:45 pm
cloud cover continues across our reeblg, and it will. sunset tonight at 8:28. current temperature 63 after a high of 92 yesterday. we're 30 degrees cooler for the most part 62 by 7:00, 61 by 9:00 and 11:00. temperatures will not fall all that much more. we're not talking about a cold night, but it will stay cool. i say drizzle at 7:00. it could really be at any of these times and really just about anywhere, especially just to the east of the metro area. 60 degrees at dulles 61 right now in manassas, 59 camp springsable huntingtown. very cool with a little bit of a northeasterly flow. that flow is going to help to continue to give us the showers. look at the showers right now montgomery county, southern maryland, we're looking at some of that rain coming right on through the waldorf area, in and around st. mary's county where it's been on the heavy side. you can see calvert county seeing the rain, charles count yishgs the northern neck. let's zoom in on the heavier rain. not a lot toward southern st. mary's county.
5:46 pm
here's the patuxent river, moderate rain there. it does continue to come down. for the rest of us, it's just going to be light rain and drizzle. you can see thunderstorm activity heading right towards ocean city maryland, down toward norfolk. as we make our way through the rest of the overnight hours most of the heavy rain will move on out. but we'll see the showers return, the drizzle and the mist. that's something that we always see with that northeasterly wind. we'll probably see it tomorrow morning, too. showers likely tomorrow, continued rather cool temperatures 62 to 67 degrees. and i say rather cool, that is very cool for this time of year. our average high temperature, yunl. what to wear tomorrow, my kids walked out with the short sleechz and shorts today. they never listen to me when i tell them it's cold outside. the long sleeves and jackets you'll need them tomorrow. they were cold today. water temperature 65 degrees, that will keep temperatures cool at the beach with the easterly flow. 65 on friday, 67 saturday, 66 on sunday. if you're heading toward the beach this weekend it's not gooding to be the best weekend
5:47 pm
to head down there. 66 for a high tomorrow, 67 thursday this is back in the inland areas. 60% chance of showers once again mostly light wednesday and thursday. friday i don't have it in here we could see a shower on friday. we can't rule it out. high temperatures back to 76 degrees. hopefully we see a little bit of sunshine. same deal on saturday but a better chance of some shower activity. sunday a high temperature of 78 and then monday, when another front moves through. that will give us a chance for showers and even a couple of thormz thunderstorms. developing tonight a man is being watched by the fbi now dead after lunging at a boston police officer with a knife. chris lawrence has the details. >> the joint terrorism task force had rahim under 24-hour surveillance and this morning police and fbi agents say they approached him outside a cvs in boston. simply to question him. but officers say rahim pulled a military-style knife and lunged at them.
5:48 pm
they had to fire several shots and killed him. investigators say they were following rahim to find out if he had been radicalized by isis inspired social media posts. they admit they did not have a warrant for his arrest but say they just wanted to ask him a few questions. jim? >> thank you, chris. a friend of boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev apologized today to survivors and victims' families. a judge sentenced diaz contrabeiv for six years in prison for obstruction of justice. he removed a backpack and laptop from tsarnaev's dorm room after the bombing. in court he said he's sorry he didn't call police when he recognized tsarnaev as a suspect. two other friends of tsarnaev are also set to be sentenced on friday for hindering the investigation into that 2013 bombing. 28 pages of the congressional report on the 9/11 attacks are still closed to the american public, and there's growing pressure to declassify
5:49 pm
that information. some claim that this withheld material contains evidence that the hijackers had material support from foreign governments, primarily saudi arabia. >> for the sake of the american people, not just those who suffered injuries or had their families ripped apart, but for all americans the entire truth about who attacked us on 9/11 needs to be aired. >> today kentucky senator rand paul introduced a bipartisan resolution to declassify those 28 pages. president george w. bush ordered them redacted when the report was released in 2002. we're learning more tonight about last month's deadly officer-involved shooting in arlington. two officers raised to an apartment on may 19th after neighbors heard a man threatening his elderly mother. the officers say alfredo torres threatened them with a pole. the officer fired that taser ishgs this time hitting another
5:50 pm
officer. as torres swung the pole again the officer used his gun. >> the male party became even more aggressive, swinging the metal pole violently. our officer is bleeding from the face, and at that point the decision to fire his weapon was made. >> coming up on news4 at 6 northern virginia bureau chief julie carey reports on the status of the two officers involved in the incident and a look at what happens next with the investigation. wendy? a lawsuit over housing for the homeless will go forward. today a superior court judge denied the city's request to dismiss it. the lawsuit was filed last year. it claims the city broke the law when it failed to put homeless families in apartment-style shelters or private rooms when the weather dropped below freezing. parents of teenagers often find themselves encouraging the youngsters to get a job. well, one local teen's mom doesn't have that problem. his job has already led to an
5:51 pm
historic promotion. news4's zachary kiesch has his story. >> in my lifetime i was able to do something. if it's chipotle it's chipotle. if it's the marines, it's the marines. if it's going to school to become a psychologist, it's that. >> reporter: that's just part of the story. >> back then i was looking forward to going into the armed forces particularly the marines. and i was 17 at the time so my mom wrote a letter saying she didn't approve of me going and chipotle was like the next thing. >> reporter: at 19, he's a general manager here in maryland city and the youngest restaurateur in history. >> anything else along with this? >> reporter: he sees a college degree in psychology down the road, but right now there's a new store to manage and people, john, nick, yadi. >> 32. and it's climbing. >> reporter: his rides up the ranks in just two years has made him a star amongst his
5:52 pm
colleagues. his motto? appreciate the people if not the money. but there are some perks. >> i feel like i've achieved so much already. my mom is going bonkers every time i kauld call her and say, i got promoted. >> reporter: he credits his mom for his mind-set and skills. she said, be respectful, be honest and be real. >> opportunity is at every corner. it's on every street. when the door opens walk through it. >> reporter: reporting in maryland city, zachary kiesch, news4. >> here you go, ma'am. later this month, dozens of loudoun county families will have a chance to sign up their kids for kindergarten. the school county board opened a lottery system includes 60 open spots for full day kindergarten in 11 schools. loudoun doesn't have kindergarten for all children. we've posted more details and a link to sign up for the lottery on our nbc washington app. just search "kindergarten lottery". this is the biggest auto safety recall in u.s. history. today the airbag company at the
5:53 pm
center of it all got grilled on capitol hill. what at that caulk at thattakata is doing to keep
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the irs has failed taxpayers. that's the message from a government investigator to congress today in a hearing the agency's inspector general admitted the irs did not perform security upgrades to its computer systems. those upgrades would have made it more difficult for hackers to steal information from more than 100,000 taxpayers earlier this year. lawmakers say the irs needs a new game plan to protect against cyber criminals. >> this was an attack on the security of americans. the irs needs a 21st century i.t. system. >> so far, thieves have claimed about 13,000 refunds using
5:57 pm
information they stole from the irs totalling $39 million. the recall of cars with potentially defective airbags is growing, and tonight members of congress are demanding action and some answers. the faulty bags that killed tleesz six people, including a 33-year-old virginia mother, she died on christmas eve 2009 in an accident involving a mail truck. instead of saving her life, her family says the airbag in her honda exploded in her face, causing her to bleed to death in front of her children. jay gray has more on what's being done now to preventd future tragedies. >> reporter: it is the largest and most xmrex auto safety recall in u.s. history. as many as 34 million vehicles and counting from at least 11 manufacturers all containing potentially defective, possibly deadly airbags made by takata of japan. >> i mean this thing explodes and this i call it shrapnel,
5:58 pm
these metal pieces come out. >> reporter: six have died, more than 100 injured by the faulty airbags. >> i was going less than 25 miles per hour upon impact but the airbag shot out of my car force fully and sent metal fragments into my checht. in my perspective, an airbag is supposed to save your life, not hurt you. >> i want to welcome the following witnesses. >> reporter: today a at thattakata executive apologized in a congressional hearing. >> it is unacceptable to us for even one of our products to fail to perform as intended. we deeply regret each instance in which someone has been injured or killed. >> takata has stopped making the airbag responsible for the problems and promised to replace them in vehicles already on the road. >> people need to look up their vin number and if they have a recall, they need to get the replacement. your dealer should be able to tell you whether they have a fix that is long term or they have an interim remedy.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: a fix that, because of the size and scope of the recall, could take some time. jay gray nbc news. now, the highway safety agency is still getting lists of affected vehicles from auto pakers. experts say you should check the list more than once to see if your car is part of the recall. now three large developments when it comes to safety and security. first, new fallout after humiliating failure in recent tests at our nation's airports. also, a major ruling in regards to tracking phone records. that comes as investigators have killed a man on of the government's terrorism watch list. >> tonight we have team coverage. we begin with brian mooar on capitol hill. brian? >> reporter: jim, tsa is under fire for failing at its most basic mission, guarding against the kind of dangerous materials that terrorists could use to bring down an airliner. acting tsa chief melvin caraway
6:00 pm
is off the job today, reassigned after airport screeners around the country flunked a critical test. >> the results are astounding, troubling and demand not just a minor response from the tsa but a top to bottom examination and overhaul. >> it's government at its worst, and it should be government at its best. >> reporter: government agents successfully smuggled mock explosives, weapons and other contraband through security in 67 out of 70 cases. a shocking 95% failure rate. >> this story is different that it's a broad number of airports, a lot more tests. it really shows that the problem is everywhere. >> reporter: former tsa chief john pistole says the government testers, a so-called red team, are experts at finding and exploiting airport weaknesses and they have inside information on tsa protocols. >> it makes it a challenge, but tsa needs to be up to that challenge to address that


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