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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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melvin caraway is off the job today, reassigned after airport screeners around the country flunked a critical test. >> the results are astounding, troubling and demand not just a minor response from the tsa but a top to bottom examination and overhaul. >> it's government at its worst, and it should be government at its best. >> reporter: government agents successfully smuggled mock explosives, weapons and other contraband through security in 67 out of 70 cases. a shocking 95% failure rate. >> this story is different that it's a broad number of airports, a lot more tests. it really shows that the problem is everywhere. >> reporter: former tsa chief john pistole says the government testers, a so-called red team, are experts at finding and exploiting airport weaknesses and they have inside information on tsa protocols. >> it makes it a challenge, but tsa needs to be up to that challenge to address that potential 1 in a billion
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terrorists. >> reporter: but tests designed to make airports safer not exactly boosting confidence in the tsa. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. a man being monitored 24 hours a day by terrorism investigators was shot and killed this morning. >> officers say he lunged at them with a knife when they tried to question him outside a drugstore in boston. nbc's pete williams has been working this story all day. a couple of things are interesting. what do we know about the suspect? and is it normal for them to be monitoring someone and then to just approach them outside a drugstore like this to question him? >> reporter: he's from boston, 26 years old, his father had been an imam in the boston area but no longer lives there, now lives in california. but they say they got onto him because of what they considered disturbing compunctions he's had with others potentially inspire d by isis social media. they say in recent days he had talked about trying to stage some kind of an attack within the next few days. that was a tweet just
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yesterday -- communication just yesterday. at the didn't have an arrest warrant but decided to approach him. it was just after 7:00 at a bus stop near a drugstore in boston. they say he pulled out a knife, a large what they described as military-style knife, and came toward them. they hadn't drawn their weapons at that point, but they did then and they kept telling him to drof the knife. he didn't. so they shot him twice, once in the chest and once in the abdomen. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. but they said they had him under surveillance for several weeks in fact. >> so are they suggesting now that we're taking him down they have thwarted some kind of possible terrorist activity? >> they certainly say they ended a potential attack on police in boston boston, they believe that's what he was preparing to do. now the question is was he acting simply on his own. >> so what are they saying about that? >> well, they are -- let me put it this way. they are actively investigate gt
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it. the sign that's we can see the visible scenes show that they believe he was in communication with others. they've done two searches this the boston area and another search in warrick, rhode island. some people have been taken into custody for questioning. no one has been arrested yet is our understanding. but obviously this is an investigation very much still under way. >> all right, pete williams, thank you so much. >> you bet. well, scenes like this one in boston underline the need for nsa surveillance programs according to supporters. but critics say the programs are going too far. and after a bruising congressional battle, president obama is expected to take a new step tonight to balance liberty and security. steve handelsman continues our team coverage with this. >> reporter: the obama plan a bipartisan plan, to continue mass phone surveillance, just to shift it from the nsa to private phone companies passed the senate overwhelmingly a couple of weeks ago in the house. the president will sign it which means the couple of day
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hiatus in collecting our foeb records, not the convict tenlt again of what was said but who calls whom in every call in the u.s. will continue, which leads us back to the boston case. that means, since the nsa never stopped -- did stop i should say collecting the data but never purged its records of all the billions of phone call data bits that it had, that means investigators can go back and look at every single phone call that osama rahim made on his phone and everybody who called him to put together a paernlt. if he were still alive, something called the lone wolf plan would have perhaps applied to him if he were not considered, according to federal investigators, working for a foreign agency. just to be under the influence, a lone wolf inspired by foreign terrorists, would have allowed the kind of data collection and
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using of the data, the looking at the data that the nsa does not do for you or me but could in his particular case. so na's what supporters say this program is for. no doubt it will be used in this case in boston. back to you. >> thanks, steve. there's going to be a vigil tomorrow night for a young woman that police say was killed by her 'em boyfriend. family members say marie i'd aid abuy row yoe had gone to the target parking lot to talk to her former boyfriend. police say they got into an argument and minutes later she was shot and killed. lease say bricker then led them on a chase that ended when he crashed in the darnztown area. our meagan fitzgerald spoke to the victim's family. she's in germantown now with more on this. meagan? >> reporter: jim marie adebayo's family is devastated as you might imagine. they tell us she got a message from her ex-boyfriend to meet at the target behind me to have a
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conversation about their relationship. she agreed and now her family will never see her alive again. >> she was so kind and so nonjudgmental. she was great. >> reporter: she was 24-year-old marie shade adebayo. her cousin who didn't want to go on camera says she was loving, warm and always so forgiving. >> when you talk to her about things that were going on she always let you know it's going to be all right. >> reporter: her family says she dated 27-year-old donald bricker jr. for about six months, never knowing he was a registered sex offender with a criminal past. their relationship ended but her cousin says because of marie's forgiving ways, she decided to meet bricker at this target parking lot to talk. on monday night montgomery county police say that conversation turned into an argument and bricker shot and killed marie before taking off, leading police on a pursuit before bricker crashed his car on darnstown road where
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investigators say a gun was recovered at the scene. a gun police say was used to end marie's life. >> she was so kind. she didn't deserve this. she was not a mean person. >> reporter: now the act of one affecting so many more who are struggling to understand why marie had to die. >> she just had so much more to go for. she just had so many more plans. >> reporter: now, bricker has not been released from the hospital, but we're told he will be charged with first degree murder. there has been a fund that's been set up for marie and her family for expenses for a funeral. if you're interested in donating you can find more information on jim? >> thanks, meagan. take a look at our weather damaging winds and rain creating scenes like this across the region today. this is video from massachusetts avenue between 12th and 13th streets in northwest. downed trees impacting traffic this morning as light showers
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continue throughout the day. you may have seen the photo online, lightning hitting the u.s. capitol building as storm rolled through last night. let's go to doug in our storm center with a look at what we can expect tonight. a little calmer? >> a lot more calm, yeah. we did see the shower activity early this morning, we saw the drizzle. but now it's returning. we are seeing more showers across the region, but that's all they are light showers. take a look storm team4 radar shows the clearing. then here it comes again. this happens a lot as the subgoes down, the clouds start to lower and they thicken. once again we get drizzle and mist. that's what's going on. areas to the south and east really starting to see the showers really taking place especially toward st. mary's county, prince george's county, all seeing the showers and moderate rain down there. most of the rest of the area, this is just on the lighter side but it's persistent and it will continue to be i expect at that see much more through the evening. yesterday a high of 92. right now 62. a 30 degree temperature drop. i'll show you just how long
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temperatures stay this cool, and it's going to be a while guys. that forecast in a few minutes. a fire today at the home of maryland congressman elijah cummings in baltimore. cummings wasn't there at the time. he was on capitol hill when the fire started. cummings fels the "baltimore sun" the fire may have begun on a third floor apartment he rents to a tenant. no one was injured. workers from the national park service says a text message taken out of context led to wrong information being released about what really happened on sunday when the washington monument's elevator stopped working. they say now 63 visitors were up on the observation deck at the time of that outage. park staff walked 62 people down the stairs one person had to be carried down the 500-foot monument using an evacuation stair chair. the initial report only said that one person was stuck up on the observation deck. crews are still working to figure out what caused that elevator malfunction. they hope to have it fixed by
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thursday. on saturday, president obama will deliver the eulogy at the funeral of former delaware attorney general and son of vice president beau biden. beau biden was the eldest son of the vice president. he died this weekend from brain cancer cancer. on thursday, he will lie in honor at the legislative hall in dover, delaware. there will be a viewing on friday at the st. anthony catholic church in wilmington, the funeral will be there saturday morning at which the president will speak. all the services are open to the public. cell phone video captures the chaos all new at 6, the students in fear after a classmate is stabbed in the hallway of a local high school. quest for the perfect body has ended in death. we'll report what went wrong when a maryland woman went to new york for a rather popular cosmetic procedure. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in arlington where police are revealing much more about how and why a man was shot and
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killed by one of their officers two weeks ago. what that man
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cell phone video captured a frantic scene at frederick douglass high school when a student was stabbed. tonight one person facing charges in that attack. some classmates say they're concerned about their safety. tracee wilkins has our report. >> hopefully it won't affect going back to school tomorrow. >> reporter: some came to pick up their kids from school after word of a fight turned stabbing spread to parents. >> she is a little spreek of freekd out about the whole incident. nothing like this has ever happened before so for her to experience something like this is kind of traumatic for her. >> reporter: this video shows just how quickly a fight between two students escalated into one student being stabbed. >> i can can't imagine being in that situation. >> reporter: it happened early
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this morning inside frederick douglass high school in upper marlborough just after school began. >> like on the stairwell there's blood dripping. >> reporter: police say a pocketknife was used. police would not say who started the fight, only that it stemmed from an argument that possibly happened earlier in the week. >> there is a video so they're going to watch the video, review the video, and we'll have more information. >> reporter: now these parents have to prepare for a difficult conversation. >> i'll make sure he's not involved and he's okay. he'll be back tomorrow and we'll continue on. >> reporter: again, prince george's county police say that this child who was stabbed had non-life threatening injuries we're told but i was stabbed in the upper chest. the other student still in custody. in upper marlborough, tracee wilkins, news4. take a look at our weather tonight. some people are still cleebing up after the severe storms rolled through last night. this is video of hail in sterling. we don't have any major storms out there right now, but there's
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a little bit of rain still on the radar. it's been a drizzly day. are we going to have a drizzly week? >> that rain was really coming down. we saw about 2 1/2 inches of rain at the airports bwi and reagan national both setting records for daily rainfall yesterday. that won'ting the case today. 83 yes, we'll see rain tonightor and more tomorrow, but the rain for the most part is light. here is our reston camera. this is the time lapse. you see the rain and then dry and then here comes another bax of rain that makes its way through here. that's exactly what we're going to tib to see as we move on through the rest of the evening and you can see on radar we saw a little bit of a dry spell earlier this afternoon but look how the rain has just enveloped the region today. that's going to bes the case the rift of the evening, montgomery county and i-95 and all of southern maryland has a good chance to see the rain. i really think it will be areawide. heaviest rain right now to the south, montgomery, most of this just drizzle or light rain,
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maybe some mist continuing toward d.c. bowie, if annapolis. 301 to the south, you get into the heavier rain, charles county and route 2, route 4 through 5, toward leonard town and calvert beach. that's where we're seeing moderate rain nothing too heavy and no thunderstorms with this. why? it's just too cool. we've got drizzle. you can see the clouds lowering here. they'll continue to do so. 62 degrees right now winds out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour. that northeasterly flow helps to bring in that cooler, very damp air. i think that's going to be the case over the next couple of days. only 61 in leesburg right now, 57 in gaugeithersburg and 59 in huntingtown. again wer 92 yesterday after and now 30 degrees cooler. that's the way we're going to stay. it's all because of the clowe cover. you see the clouds and area of high pressure at the surface bringing us that northeasterly flow. widen out and you see the spin. that's an area of low pressure in the upper levels of the at mros fear, and that's puming up
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a lot of this moisture also helping to produce the cloud cover. you combine the cool air at the surface, the very warm, moist air aloft and that's why we're seeing the drisz elle and continue to see it tonight. future weather doesn't pick up drizzle very well but picks up shower activity. that's what we're going to be seeing, more drizzle more showers during the day tomorrow. take the umbrella with you. i think you'll need it from time to time. here's noon, and notice where the bulk of the showers are. these are steady showers down toward northern virginia and portions of southern maryland along the potomac. high temperatures tomorrow very similar to right now, 60s. 67 in fredericksburg and 64 toward martinsburg. la plata at 66. we'll see a few showers though i don't think we'll need the umbrella most the time. take it with you just in case. that impact for tomorrow we'll stay on the low side with the showers likely. thursday, more of the same highs only in the 60s with a good chance of shower activity on thursday. on friday, can't rule out a shower but i'm trying to leave friday dry. 66 p 76 degrees right now, saturday coming in at 77
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degrees. we've got our backyard weather coming up friday so i'm sure hoping it's dry. saturday and sunday right now a chance of showers on saturday, best chance of showers i think monday as a cold front makes its way our way. temperatures ahead of that back into the 80s. >> a close call for a police officer driving through some stormy weather down south. the officer was on an interstate in biloxi, miss miraculous last week when the bolt of lightning struck in front of him. it took out a chunk of concrete from a bridge. the officer said he was momentarily blinded by it but wasn't hurt. check out south dakota. a time-lapse video of a severe thunderstorm taking shape. this happened over a town called blackhawk. the photographer said she shot the video over 30 minutes and posted it online. it looks like the end of the world about to happen. south dakota or parts of it anyhow are expecting more rain and in parts there are flash flood warnings even today. that is impressive. >> it really is.
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still ahead, we have a push for more cameras after that deadly shooting during rush hour. >> reporter: a question for amtrak leaders after that deadly derailment. why
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cathy lanier is canasking for some help. she think that's some of the motorists in virginia might be able to shed light on a rush hour shooting in the district. a man named pedro alvarado was killed his brother-in-law wounded when somebody shot in their car on 295 last thursday morning during rush hour. police believe there was an incidence between alvarado and the guy who shot him just minutes before on the gw parkway in alex hand andrea at about 8 iext 40 a.m. >> we know there was this other confrontation
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confrontation. it should have been visible to other drivers. maybe one of those drivers have more detail. that's what we're looking for couldn't frontation in virginia between 8:30 and 8:45 that morning. >> alvarado's brother-in-law says the other vehicle involved was a black pickup truck. we have learned that the national pavg service is considering new cameras on the gw parkway and the dbw parkway. neither of the highways currently has a camera that police can use. a recent news4 i-team investigation revealed some officers are worried about what they call blind spots along the bw parkway. the i-team also found maryland state officials have expressed concern in a series of internal memo memos. maryland state highway administration says it expects to have six new cameras on the bw parkway by january but they say they are not police cameras. the church of scientology will not be allowed to open a drug rehab center at a rural frederick county retreat.
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mark segraves broke the story this afternoon of the the county council rejects a plan for a narconon treatment center at trout run. the decision hinged on the property being designated as historic. officials with narconon which is funded by the church of scientology tell news4 they may go to court. a look now at a winning design for the chair the altar and the pulpit that pope francis will use during his visit to d.c. later this year. students from catholic university's school of architecture and planning took part in a design competition for the furnishes. the winner was unveiled today. the pope will celebrate an outdoor mass on the steps of the basilica of the national shrine of the immackkculate conception in september. >> announcer: next, a botched plastic surgery, a phony doctor, and a maryland woman now dead. we're digging deeper into the mystery that has police tracking clues all the way to new york.
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we use them on cars and on planes. the growing concern over seat belts and whether they could really keep you safe when you ride the train. plus, a special honor for caitlyn jenner. why her fi
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6. at 6:30, we have reporters working angles on all the day's stop stories. >> we'll get to pat collins live to reaction to a maryland woman's death after a botched silicone injection. pat? >> reporter: she went to new york for a cosmetic procedure. it was done in the basement of a home there. shortly after she got the shots, she ended up dead. the victim identified as 34-year-old kelly mayhue a platform manager for b.e.t. television.
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according to police she died in new york last saturday after she went there for butt injections. kelly mayhue lived at the shadyside gardens in suitland. saturday they say her mother drove her to this home in queens. there in the basement of that house, they say a woman gave her silicone injections in her backside. not long after that they say she had trouble breathing that her mother gave her cpr, that they took her to the hospital where she later died. police say the procedure was arranged by a friend of ms. mayhue. police say the woman who administered the drugs disappeared. investigators are said to be trying to track her down and question her about what actually happened in the basement of this house. tonight, b.e.t. put out this statement. we are saddened by the death of our colleague and friend kelly
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mayhew. our heart goes out to her family, and we extend our deepest sympathies for their loss. now doctors say these types of silicone injections are very dangerous. it's been reported that kelly mayhew's mom told police she was in good health and she had five other plastic surgeries. the exact cause of this death is yet to be determined. now back to you. >> thank you, pat. this is an issue we've been warning you about for some time now. it started with a 2012 report by doreen gitsz letter. she spoke to women who became deformed after getting illegal injections in hir backsides. these pictures are from the women we spoke with. doctors told us the silicone that was used could have been industrial grade or even mixed with other substances like motor oil or even rubber cement. and they said getting these
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injections can lead to major complications everything from kid any failure to heart attacks or or as we've just seen, even death. >> looking at weather now, i don't know if it's a meteorological term, but i would describe this day as downright yucky. doug, should we get used to this or what? i think we can, vance at least over the next 24 to 48 hours. then we'll see if things relax a little bit. but you're right, it was nasty if not yuck wri this morning and it's getting that way again right now. look at the rain just kind of move back into the area. another little disturbance moving up that's helping the rain to develop the clouds starting to lower across our region. take a look outside our studios in northeast you can see not much in the way of wind here, but the rain and the drizzle coming down, just a nasty looking shot across our region. and look where the rain is, right around portions of montgomery county, through prince george's county, heaviest rain through southern maryland southern anne arundel all the way to st. mary's, mechanicsville.
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we'll continue to see the rain tonight and through the next couple of days. i'll have that forecast in a couple p minutes. a lot of time was spent today debating whether to put seat belts on trains. news4's transportation reporter add am tuss was there as lawmakers grilled amtrak executives over safety practices. adam? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. a couple of big topics today one the engineer's cell phone what was or was not happening right before the crash. and as you mentioned, seat belts do they make sense on trains? >> yet we put seat belts in cars. you restricted my freedom. now i can't run around in the car. you have seat belts on airplanes. you restricted my freedom. yet i can still get up. >> reporter: and one of the main questions for amtrak and federal leaders, wouldn't seat belts help? >> but to pretend that seat belts in a train is somehow going to restrict people's freedom and drive the ridership
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down is absurd. >> reporter: also today, a focus on engineer brandon bogs's cell phone. we now know that the cell phone was being used on the day of the crash and the phone was in the cabin. but the ntsb still hasn't been able to figure out if he was using the phone right before the crash. they say some time codes from the phone aren't matching up the way they would >> we have asked him for his cooperation, and he's helping us by koorpsing. for example, he gave us the password so we didn't have to go to the manufacturer to get into the phone. he's been helpful. >> can't you say, did you make a phone call. >> i don't know the details. 'been interviewed. >> reporter: some lawmakers wondersing why a cell phone is even part of this equation. >> why can't we say you are not allowed to have your personal devices in the cabin, period. >> reporter: on the issue of new technology that woo slow trains down if they're going too fast, an emotional statement from amtrak chief joseph boardman. >> and i promise you that by the end of this year this
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system which will dramatically enhance safety will be complete and operational on the nec. >> reporter: and back here now live, while we still don't know why that amtrak train was going so fast amtrak admitted it never expected any train to hit the speeds that that one did on that day. jim, back to you. >> thanks, adam. from trains to automobiles, they carry airbags. they're supposed to save lives. but their effectiveness was the subject of a hearing on capitol hill today. lawmakers there demanded answers from the company takata. that company's airbags are the subject of the largest auto safety recall in history. 34 million vehicles are suffering the impact of that. earlier today one victim told her story of what happened when she was in a car accident. >> i was going less than 25 miles per hour upon impact, but the airbag shot out of my car forcefully and sent metal
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fragments into my chest. >> an executive with takata said the company deeply regrets each time someone has been injured or killed. takata has stopped making the part responsible for that problem, and the company has promised to replace that part that is in cars already on the road. some changes coming to fedex field. why things are going to fit a bit more intimate if you plan to watch the redskins this season. new details about caitlyn jenner's first public appearance as she prep
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another shake-up involving the world's most popular sport. the president of fifa sepp blatter stepping down as head of that soccer organization. he said he hopes the move will lead to serious changes within the organization. blatter has led fifa for the past 17 years. he was reelected to a fifth term just last week just days after a major scandal broke out. a department of justice investigation led to corruption and racketeering charges. 14 people including 9 of
6:40 pm
blatter's close associates have been arrested. the home of washington's football team may seem perhaps a bit more intimate to fans this year. the team has removed more than 6,000 seats from fedex field. that according to the"the washington post". it is the third time in five seasons that the stadium capacity has decreased. that move follows two ugly seasons two out of many in which the team had just seven wins while piling up 25 losses. team officials say it's all part of a plan based on season ticket holder feedback. they say more details of that plan will be announced soon. caitlyn jenner will make her public debut next month on the annual espy awards. the former bruce jenner will be getting the arthur ashe award for courage. the announce from the espys came just hours after the cover photo of jenner from "vanity fair" was unveiled. she has already amassed more than 2 million followers on
6:41 pm
twitter. a deadly confrontation involving police in arlington and tonight a new rep what happened after the 911 call was made and the officers moved in. the quick move that saved a teacher's life moments after she (music) hey! let me help with that.
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oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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nbc news has been told that it is likely that the centers for disease control will suspend all anthrax shipments, this after a batch tested positive for live spores at an army laboratory in utah. defense officials say the pentagon is one of at least 20 locations that received an anthrax shipment from that batch of live spores. so far, there is no indication that it actually contained any live spores. samples from a private research lab in maryland did test positive for the live bacteria, but so far no one has shown any signs of an infection. well, we know a little more about what went down last month in arlington when a police officer shot and killed a man who was involved in a domestic dispute. a detailed time line just released shows that the man was using a metal pole to hit one of
6:45 pm
the police officers and then threatened to do it again. our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey has more on what caused officers to use deadly force. >> reporter: late morning, may 19. neighbors hear an elderly woman calling for help during an argument with her son. >> i heard them fighting. my mom was concerned that something was going to happen. like she didn't want nobody to get hurt so she just called the police. >> reporter: a detailed report just released by arlington police shows when two officers arrived at the apartment, they could see this 88-year-old woman sitting inside with some injuries to her face. when the man, her son, alfredo torres, tried to slam the door closed, officers kept it open. that's when torres picked up a metal pole. one officer tried his taser. it failed to work properly. then the man's pole came crashing down slashing open the side of the officer's face. at about the same time he fired the taser again but it hit his fellow officer. he had to leave the apartment, a
6:46 pm
taser prong in his arm. but police say torres didn't back down. >> the male party became even more aggressive, swinging the metallttal pole violently. our officer is bleeding from the face, and at that point the decision to fire his weapon was made. >> reporter: torres was shot three times in the upper body and died soon after. the officer who fired the fatal shots was rushed to the hospital, too, for treatment of his facial injure are is. >> this is a long road to recovery for him. he'll be placed on light duty assignment until he can complete psychological evaluation and all his medical follow-ups. >> reporter: the names of the two officers have not yet been released but both are described as seasoned members of the force. arlington county police will now finish their report, then turn it over to the commonwealth's attorney for her review. in arlington, julie carey, news4. two of our nation's war heroes received the country's
6:47 pm
highest military honor today. president obama awarded posthumously sergeant william sheppen and private henry johnson the medal of honor. they were soldiers in world war i who rescued their comrades on the battlefields of france back in 1918. the president says the men may have been denied that honor in the past because of discrimination. johnson served with an all-black regiment known as the harlem hell fighters. shemen was a jewish man. a teacher in loudoun county is thanking the quick action of her co-workers for saving her life. that teacher passed out yesterday in the auditorium at park view high school in sterling as the teachers were performing in a talent show. nurse linda merola quickly grabbed a nearby defibrillator. that teacher was taken backstage. the nurse and a specially trained teacher delivered cpr and two shocks from the aed. >> i don't want to necessarily say that we saved her life, but
6:48 pm
i think we definitely did what we needed to do and we were able to get her into the medical experts' hands in a good condition. >> today students signed a banner wishing that teacher well. and when is this clearing out? >> it is that what you're talking about, vance? >> that's yucky. was that in your textbooks in meteorologist? >> page 796. yuck, explained by vim vance. exactly what it was. it is simply yuck outside. that's the way it resist going to be all throughout the rest of the evening, especially in and around downtown points to the north, points to the east. look at that clouds, the fog, the drizzle, the mist. just yuck and nasty. temperature actually went up a degree, though. 63 degrees right now, dropping to about 62 next hoyer and we'll see drizzle, cool at 9:00 and 11:00, but we'll see drizzle at these times, too in most
6:49 pm
locations. a very cool day after a high yesterday of 92. we're nowhere near that today. this is one reason why. we have the rain. you can see the light rain for the most part from loudoun county fairfax county up i-95. the heavier rain down toward the south. you can see that coming in towards portions of southern maryland, calvert county northern slt mary's county, mechanicsville seeing the heavy rain. zoom on into calvert county, huntingtown you can see the heavy rain right along prince frederick. going to continue to see the rain moving through kwlur area over the korgs of the next hour or so. the wider view showing a lot of rain down to the south. it's not really moving north however. this is the rain that's all forming around another area of disturbed weather. we'll continue to watch that one. tomorrow's forecast, more of the same, continued cool, temperatures 62 to about 67 degrees. the next couple of days we stay cool wednesday and thursday. but then by friday i think we at least see a little bit of sunshine. high temperature around 76 degrees. more clouds though, than sun.
6:50 pm
really not only the next few days but right on into early next week. sunday and mondayor mostly cloudy, sunday 76 monday 84 and it does look like monday could bring us a chance for rather strong storms. that's something we'll continue to watch. we've got sports comeing up.
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sfloo. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for most live sports. nats have a doubleheader, huh? >> yeah. never want to say must win in june. >> no, you don't want to say that. >> but, boy they needed it. got the job done in game one. when the nationals signed max scherzer in the off-season there was a lot of speculation that jordan zimmermann was on his way out. zim will test the free agency waters. the thought they couldn't afford
6:54 pm
to pay zim and scherzer. well, after today, i would say pay them both. pay them now. re-sign him now. nothing says die-hard fan like a rain poncho. game one against the blue jays, bottom five, bryce harper up with two on facing the knuckle baller r.a. dickey harp this one right up the middle. jordan zimmermann comes in to score. harper now tied for the league lead in rbis with 34. nats up 1-0. zimmermann zimmermann dominated on the hill today top 6 justin smoet going down swinging. ends the inning. one-out, bases loaded. zim gets russell martin to ground out. nats turn the double play. zimmermann fired up. four strikeouts in eight shutout innings for zim. nats take game one 2-0 longest outing of the season for zim and, boy, did the nats bullpen need this one. >> it ace nice to have him on
6:55 pm
the club got a big base hit to start an inning he does a lot on the field to help him win games. >> he's unbelievable. he can come in any given day and shut a team down because he's so good. you know having jordan out there, it's a guy you want on the mound every single night. he's very good. all the credit to him. >> scherzer on the mound tonight. you had to stay up mighty late to see maryland baseball taking down the top-seeded ucla bruins. the throw home, it is not in time. kevin march tier plays the first run of the game. then to close things out, kevin mooney called strike three as the terps shock the bruins 2-1. maryland advancing to face virginia in the superregionals starting friday night in charlottesville. yes that same matchup as last year. upset alert. roger federer the world number 2. quarterfinals today, vaf rin ka,
6:56 pm
taking the second set 6-3. in the third match point for va rin ka, federer with the return but he finishes it off. vaf rin ka winning against roger federer in his first grand slam event. second round of otas for the redskins. remember all that hoopla lastesean jackson? d-jack was there today looking good. the skins inside the practice bubble, there's jackson number 1 talking to head coach jay gruden t. wasn't just that desean missed last week it was also he was spotted at an nba playoff game, rap party in l.a. there was a lot of hand wringing but not by the he fit right back in today with his first official workout. meantime, ryan care abegan is out rehabbing after knee surgery. we sat down recently. finish this sentence. when i first heard they needed to scope my knee i thought --
6:57 pm
>> crap. >> all right. one-word answer. >> or maybe another similar word but more profane. >> the thing that scares me the most in life is -- >> snakes are pretty scary. >> i love telling people that i'm going to be in the upcoming sharknado 3 because -- >> it's the first step in my hopefully long and successful acting career. >> no more sports journalism? i was totally going to get you to take my job when you retire. >> when you're a famous actor like me your goals change you know. >> my biggest pet peeve is -- >> people chewing with their mouths open. oh, it's like nails on a chalkboard. >> i love "finish the sentence" because -- >> it's spontaneous. puts you on the spot. >> and it's quick. quickest interview ever. we're done. >> we're done. >> he has some time on his hands. and we are done. >> yes. "nightly news" up next.
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on this tuesday night, american isis? federal agents open fire in boston killing a man being tracked around the clock. fears he was planning to launch an attack as soon as today. but were others involved? also the eyes in the sky all across the country. a secretive fbi air force, nmal looking planes bristling with high-tech gear that could be peaking into your neighborhood even your cell phone, who are they watching? cruise disaster a race against time for hundreds missing, feared trapped under water, inside a capsized ship. rescuers banging hammers on the hull listening for any response. and the little pink pill for women. men have a little blue pill to help


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