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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 3, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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anymore. >> a lot of people read like newspaper after newspaper after day long. so a lot of different things out there. >> do you do that? >> newspaper after newspaper, not so much. stay with us "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> "news4 today" begins with breaking news. >> that breaking news in the district this morning. we're learning new information about a row house fire. >> this is happening along riggs place and 16th street. kristin wright has more information. what have you learned? >> reporter: we do have some new information. we have learned that two people were taken from this row home after the fire in very critical condition. we also learned that two others were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries and this two firefighters have minor injuries. three floors, you can see the firefighters are still here. the fire is out, we're told. and the investigation at this point is fully underway.
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still, way too early to know exactly what might have started this fire. just no idea at this point, but we can tell you it was bad and that we know that six people are hurt. two of them again with critical -- we're told very critical injuries. and two of them with nonlife threatening injuries. two firefighters were hurt, but just minor and are going to be just fine. so this is riggs place northwest. riggs is closed in this area off of 16th street. parts of 16th street are also closed. i'm going to hand it over to melissa mollet right now with a look at how this might impact traffic this this area this morning. >> all right, of course she'll be on this for us this morning. we're talking about a couple of different closures. 16th street between "r" and "t" street and riggs place northwest. the entire section of riggs place is shut down. your alternative is 16th to make your way around this.
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395 at seminary road looking better than before because of the construction. supposed to be wrapped up at 5:00 a.m. it's hanging around a little bit late this morning. with the three lanes blocked. and then once you get to seminary after getting off on seminary, right there at 395, we have some lanes blocked in both directions there. 66 east at 29 gainesville, we have a crash off to the right side of the roadway. a big look at the beltway. no major problems. back at 5:11. >> thank you. it is 5:02 now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this wednesday. if you're about to get on the roads you need your rain gear. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is keeping an eye on the radar. good morning. >> yeah. watch out for wet pavement. many of the roads this morning have at least a little bit of water, if not just damp. they are wet this morning. so that can cause some fender benders. right now, storm team 4 radar not showing a lot of rain just some scattered light sprinkles. prince william county fairfax,
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southern montgomery and the district of columbia. a little scattered, very light drizzle under some low clouds. it is quite a cool morning. one of the twitter followers said i'm cold bring back the warm temperatures. east across virginia and around the bay, out of the mountains too, it's just in the 50 this morning. caution lights for driving today. morning, midday afternoon with wet pavement for the morning commute. temperatures in the upper 50s. afternoon commute, some damp roads, light rain drizzle. temperatures in the mid 60s. next weather and traffic on the 1s your walk to walk forecast. >> tom, thank you. 5:03. a d.c. instructor once honored as one of the most outstanding teachers is facing charges of sexually abusing a student. giovanni pena is is a popular fourth grade english teacher at oyster-adams bilingual school.
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police received information he abused a student, and they arrested him and charged him with second degree sexual as salt. he was removed from his position. prince george's county police know very little about who stabbed a man. it happened on walters lane. he went to the nearby state police barracks for help. police are offering a reward for information. today a family plans to take legal action after a loved one died outside a firehouse. mills' family will release information about the steps they'll take next. he suffered a heart attack in january of 2014. despite repeated attempts from family members to get help police say firefighters across the street at engine 26 failed to respond and one firefighter has since been fired. a massachusetts man is now under arrest in connection with a terror investigation. the arrest happened the same day police shot and killed 26-year-old usaama rahim.
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police say the cases are linked. nbc news confirms officials were worried that rahim was considered an isis inspired attack on boston police. when a police officer and an fbi agent confronted rahim, they say he lunged at them with a knife, they shot him. police say they have video of that fatal shooting. hundreds of rescuers are trying right now to find the more than 400 people still missing after a ship capsizes off the coast of china. here's the latest. 19 people are confirmed dead. yelling could be heard from the overturned hull and the rescuers were trying to get to those trapped. the plan now is to bring in the big crane and to cut into pieces the hull but hope is dimming as time goes on. >> thank you. six after the hour. and today you can talk about a construction project coming to a
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road in virginia. vdot plans to replace the bridge over walker road. you can talk about vdot's plans for a two-lane bridge at a meeting tonight. vdot says you can stop by any time between 6:30 and 8:00 p.m. the group behind a scientology linked drug rehabilitation center could soon take frederick county to court. narc anon wants to build at trout run. and the location is those to camp david. yesterday, the frederick county council rejected a plan to build the center there. the council's decision hinged on the property being designated as historic. the vote was 6-1. >> they're not going away. they'll continue to preserve this site and we fully expect one day we'll be operating a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility there. >> trout run at one point doubled as camp david on the tv show "the west wing."
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francis hammond middle school in alexandria is open today. the air conditioning is working now. the school will return to the normal schedule and students will continue taking their end of year tests today. right now, five speed camera cameras are up and running. how much you can expect to pay to get a ticket. we're learning about a sexual assault. the charges that the man is now facing. a lot of people are waking up in the mid 50s. but what will it
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a 61-year-old man is facing sexual assault charges this morning for allegedly attacking a resident of an assisted living facility. lloyd carter is also a resident at the facility. he knew the 71-year-old victim. the assault reportedly happened sunday afternoon. carter is due in court next month. right now, five new speed cameras will issue new tickets in the district. here's a look at the map of the locations. one camera is along pennsylvania avenue in southeast near randall high lands elementary school. and the fine depends on how far over the speed limit you're caught driving. it is ten minutes after 35 clock now. a cooler commute this morning. time for a check on the forecast. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is at the greenbelt metro station with your commuter
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forecast. he has his big umbrella out too. >> a big umbrella. it's not raining that hard but it's a driving drizzle out here first thing this morning. so be ready for a cold clammy start to the day. all cloud cover out there. all the area roads are wet right now. as you make your plans to head out to work and school plan on temperatures barely 60 degrees right now. i will tell you this is about as cold as 60 degrees can feel. a brisk northeasterly wind and drizzle all over the place. as you head out early this morning, plan on temperatures in upper 50s to barely 60. coming up later today the drizzle and the rain chances will continue. our temperatures may inch their way into the low and mid 60s by later on today. have your umbrellas ready to go. i promise -- it promise to be a slippery start this morning. melissa mollet has more on that in first 4 traffic. >> good morning. i have a brand new crash to show
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you. take a look here, virginia at the truck scales. started to see some slow downs and we have a brand new crash. a warning. 395 at seminary looking a lot better. still seeing some of the barrels here but we're not seeing the backups that we were earlier. in northwest, this is where kristin wright is right now, "r" and "t" streets are shut down because of the fire. into and out of town, 66, no problems here. nice and green. remember to listen to ourfriends on wtop when you car for the latest on traffic this morning. beltway at central avenue no major problems there. see you at 5:21 with a look at 270. a touching tribute to world war i i veterans. how a group of students surprised them when they arrived at reagan national airport. you heard of the little blue pill but what about the pink pill? the medicin
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you're watching "news4
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today." >> there's a special vigil you can go to today for a d.c. reporter who died. charnice milton wrote for the hill rag and east of the river newspapers. someone used her as a human shield in a shoot-out last week. milton was killed and police are working to find out who shot her. today, her colleagues friends and family will hold a vigil to remember her. >> she told the stories of the meetings that lot of us don't want to go to. stuff that it's very important. >> organizers say they'll stand in silence for 20 minutes to remember milton. if you want to to the vig it it's at alabama and 30th street tonight. it begins at 7:30. you should arrive at 7:15. police may use electronic signs to find the driver who was involved in a drive by shooting that killed one man and hurt
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another on 295. d.c. police believe the confrontation began in virginia on the g.w. parkway. they want to know if anyone saw the other vehicle involved. if you did see anything call d.c. police. at 5:17 some new video just in to the newsroom of a fire in northeast d.c. you can see smoke hanging in the sky over this apartment building on staples street northeast. the firefighters union said that fire made it into the second story walls and floors. they say no one was hurt. in bethesda, dozens of people are back in their beds after a high rise fire. a trash compactor caught fire this happened last night. firefighters briefly closed east west and montgomery avenue. they're both back open now. your time is 5:17. today will be a memorial for six marines killed when their chopper went down in nepal. the marines were helping with
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disaster relief operations in nepal last month. that takes place on the flight line at marine corps air station, camp pendleton. being honored are sergeant ward johnson, sergeant eric seaman and jacob hug. chicago police are looking at surveillance video to figure out what caused this crash. the extra long articulated bus collided with several. this was just before 6:00 last night. one woman died eight others were hurt including the driver. we're told they will all be okay. there is a disagreement brewing over an intersection in virginia. culpepper supervisors opposed the plan to make mountain run lake road more safe. they want to put in an r-cut traffic pattern and then drivers would have to go the wrong way
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and then make a u turn. a traffic light would be safer although it's more expensive. city leaders want to upgrade the carroll creek trail. however, they say the contractors have not proposed a price that they're satisfied with. that's according the our news partner wtop. even though the work will be delayed, frederick city says the project should be finished by the end of the year. in news4 for your health, the fda is thinking of approving a pill to improve the sex drive of women. now it's put out a review that shows scientists are concerned about the drug. they say the risks of low blood pressure and fainting could outweigh any benefits. those problems increase when patients combine the drug with alcohol. the fda will meet again to talk about the little pink pill tomorrow. 5:19 now. being bullied as a teen could lead to depression when your child enters adulthood.
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13-year-olds were studied and nearly 15% of those showed symptoms of depression by the age of 18. that's compared to only 5% of those who were never bullied. free fitness at georgetown this summer. you and your children can take advantage of free outdoor classes in georgetown at the water front park. the hour long classes are twice a week with different local gyms and studios leading each one. classes begin next monday. run through september 2nd. you need to register and there's only 50 people per class. so register quickly. we'll have a full list of those classes on nbc i would love if aaron would do a yoga class with me. >> i bet you would. >> you could be outside. a pretty area. right on the water. >> lovely. just get me a chair, i'll watch. germophobes, look away for a moment. apparently one of the dirtiest items you can touch, you actually carry with you and use all day. all forms of money. >> my mom always says that.
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my mother. >> viruses, bacteria. some of them are harmful. there's a school in denver that tested out bills and change from restaurants, banks and grocery stores and the results are pretty gross. >> you've got feces, fecal contamination. that can transmit all kinds of disease. >> 5:21 in the morning. hey, if you're worried about touching dirty money, practice good hygiene. wash your hands and use hand sanitizer every time you handle cash. >> my mom is always right. she says to wash your hands every time you handle money. today, a d.c. news anchor is expected to announce she'll run for office. you may know her as a wife of another very familiar face, she's married to msnbc's chris matthews. she worked for marriott hotels and has served as a fellow at the kennedy school of government. 5:21. as we said this morning it's a
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wet start to this wednesday. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to find out how long this dreary day going to last. good morning to you. >> good morning. the city lights are reflecting on the bottoms of those clouds there. giving us a pink glow this morning and the storm team 4 app is showing on the radar. just a little bit of sprinkle activity around the immediate metro area. that's the little patch of green you see on the storm team 4 radar. right now across northern virginia, a few sprinkles, drizzle. all across most of the region in fact. the radar can't pick up the tiny drizzle drops. we have them falling in the green and that includes just about everywhere. so the pavement is damp. it's a cool morning, feels more like april than june. reagan national at 60 degrees. out in the mountain mid to upper 50s. and mid 50s shenandoah valley. there's the capitol under the low clouds. drizzle falling. temperatures are hovering in the 50s. by noon only around the low 60s.
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then climbing gradually by 5:00 with drizzle off and on. maybe a passing shower by late afternoon. then holding steady as we get into the evening hours and then tomorrow morning back down to near 60 degrees. another day, tomorrow, a lot like today. cloudy and cool and in the 60s. patchy drizzle from time to time. then that finally ends as winds shifts into the southwest. temperatures climb into the mid 70s. and then on saturday, an afternoon thunderstorm. most of saturday looking dry now. not very humid, up near 80s sunday. looks like a good day for outdoor activities. monday as well another chance of storms around. getting hotter and humid tuesday of next week. next weather and traffic on the 1s the hour by hour neighborhood temperatures throughout the day today. that's at 5:31. now melissa is looking at the morning commute. >> taking a look right now, virginia at 95 southbound at the truck scales. looks like that's gotten a bit
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better here because we were seeing some slowdowns earlier. now the lane is still blocked, it looks like things are moving along nicely because we're not seeing any more of the yellow on the screen. northbound a tad here this morning. right now, 270 southbound here on time, 55 miles per hour. northbound no issues. 66 as far as timing goes you're going 59 miles per hour. remember this this is where kristin wright is this morning. 16th street between "r" and "t" closed. riggs place also shut down because of that fire. alternates 15th or 17th. overall, prince george's county looking good. 95 at scaggsville road no issues. back at 5:31. thanks melissa. we're hearing from two people released after a motorcycle gang shoot-out in texas. police arrested william and morgan english along with 200 others for the shooting in waco last month. it left nine bikers dead. the couple says they're innocent.
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>> they didn't ask, you know, are you innocent, what happened? they just arrested all of us. >> this whole thing is a sham. >> police arrested 192 people and charged them with engaging in organized crime. a toddler has died after being left in a hot car all day in florida while her mother taught class at an elementary school. she died in the car which was parked outside the school in panama city. the mother of the child says she left her in the car around 7:00 a.m. as she headed to teach class. she returned to the car eight hours later. it's not known if charges will be filed. bosnia is preparing for pope francis' visit this saturday. in the capital of sarajevo many are expected to attend the mass. this visit is aimed at building a sense of brotherhood that was ravaged by war two decades ago.
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aside from the thousands expected to come for that mass, local authorities say that 20,000 more people will decide on the city during the pope's one day visit. a group of elementary students gave a touching tribute to some world war ii veterans. take a look. ♪ >> the students from brent elementary school in southeast washington welcomed veterans at reagan national airport yesterday by singing the star spangled banner. the students reportedly practiced for a month and a half to learn that patriotic song and others. the 62 veterans from michigan came to washington for some sightseeing. what a lovely tribute. they sound so nice and i have goose bump just listening to them. >> kids always sound nice singing at that age. tomorrow is a special day in the washington area. it's called do more 24. a one-day fund-raising drive coordinated by the united way. >> more than 600 nonprofits are
5:27 am
participating. the president and the ceo of the local united way chapter explains why organizers really need your help this year. >> this is the -- the united way looks across this region d.c. maryland and virginia and education rises to the forefront. but we have seen a huge influx of now issues regarding health care. and now of course because of workforce issues we have seen an increase in the needs around food. people who are food insecure families who are food insecure. >> now, if you want to participate you should go to the website today so you can see that long list of options. categorized so you can pick out what type of charity you want to contribute to. nbc the full list of nonprofits is right there. it's another -- is another district sports team headed to virginia? why d.c. united might be on the move. >> it's a procedure that may have killed a maryland woman. what doctors want you to know if you're considering any kind of work.
5:28 am
and a look at the storm team 4 radar. it's not outside, it's the radar in case you were wondering, aaron. seeing some drizzle as well as some cooler temperatures. 58 degrees outside of studios. will it stay this cool? tom is putting together your hour by hour forecast. and we have confirmed two people are dead after a fire at a row house in northwe
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golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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5:31. new information about the breaking news in the district. we have just learned that two people died in a row house fire. >> this is happening along riggs place and 16th street in northwest. news4's kristin wright is live with the breaking news. >> it appears that she is having trouble hearing us this morning. so we'll get back to her with this report. two people have died here and four are injured. let's go to melissa mollet to help you get around this area. >> yeah, there are some closures in the area. we're talking about 16th street
5:32 am
between "r" street and "t" and then riggs place between 16th and 17th street in northwest. no doubt they should be shut down for the next couple of hours. your alternates are 15th street or 17th. just depending on which you're going. we'll have her in a couple of minutes with more details there in the scene. a wide look at the the beltway, rolling along quite nicely. do still hblem. 29 gainesville a right lane blocked there. beltway at colesville road rolling along quite nicely. same thing as you look here at 29 95 and b.w. parkway into and out of town. no major problems there. back in ten minutes with some travel times for you this morning. all right, melissa, thank you. >> now let's go back to kristin wright with the breaking news. are you there? we'll check in with her later. now to tom with your forecast. >> i'm not saying it's dreary. but i'm saying it's dismal. we have got some low clouds and some drizzle. i know. dismal, dreary.
5:33 am
and we've got it cool as well feeling more like april than june. we have a few scattered sprinkles on the storm team 4 radar. prince william, fauquier into fairfax county. elsewhere just a little patchy drizzle under the low clouds. a little bit of a northeasterly breeze. it is keeping it cool in the mid 50s. montgomery county prince george's upper 50s in fairfax. much of fauquier stafford and culpepper in the mid and upper 50s as well. going forward by 7:00 or 8:00 still in the upper 50s. by 10:00, around 60 degrees. then by noontime, most of the neighborhoods from the mountains all the way to the bay should be in the low 60s. but still some low clouds around. a little patchy drizzle. then by the time you're headed back home, neighborhood temperatures will be in the mid 60s. that includes much of virginia much of maryland and around the chesapeake bay. next weather and traffic on the
5:34 am
1s a look at your bus stop forecast for this wednesday morning. back to you. >> thank you, tom. it's now 5:34. a maryland woman is dead after she received butt injections and now police are looking for the woman who gave her the injections. police say 34-year-old kelly mayhew travelled to queens, new york to enlarge her butt. she posted pictures on her public facebook page and they say she died last saturday. "the new york daily news" reports a woman gave mayhew silicone injections at her home. kelly had trouble breathing. her mother with her at the time and she gave her daughter cpr. crews took her to the hospital where she died. the woman what gave her the injections drove away. dr. rondi walker is a board certified plastic surgeon. she say some people people choose black market plastic surgery because it's cheaper. >> stories like this is upsetting to me because we have a number -- numerous board certified plastic surgeons in the country where this type of surgery could be performed. and these types of incidents
5:35 am
would not occur or the chance for they want to occur would be very, very slight. >> mayhew worked at b.e.t. in prince george's county there was a similar case a grand jury indicted vinnie taylor for murder back in february. police say he met a woman at a hotel room and gave her butt injections. that woman later became ill and died. this happened nearly a year ago and detectives never found evidence that taylor had any medical training. the woman's death was ruled a homicide. anti-semitic fliers are turning up in arlington. wtop reports the flierser with left at homes near the virginia hospital center. it was found also in front of the emergency room. similar fliers have been reported in alexandria chevy chase, and in northwest d.c. breaking news. fifa scandal widens. officials and executives now on the most wanted list. take a look at this interpol
5:36 am
putting out this international alert for these six men. they include two former fifa officials and four executives charged with racketeering and corruption. 14 others were indicted last week. some are accused of paying more than $1 million to soccer tournaments. the news from interpol comes as fifa president sepp blatter says he'll resign amid the scandal that's taking down his top lieutenants. the source familiar with the investigation confirmed to nbc news that the fbi is looking into possible wrongdoing specifically by blatter. fans say this is fifa's opportunity to clean up its act. >> yes, about time. the game of football has been cleaned -- will be cleaned up. >> now, this is a critical moment for fifa as it replaces blatter. prince ali bin al hussein of jordan is among those who could run for the post. regional divisions plague the sport.
5:37 am
women's world cup kicks off with two matches on saturday. with a name like d.c. united you'd this i the professional soccer -- you'd think the professional team would stay in d.c. but now terry mcauliffe is trying to lure them to virginia. it could ruffle a lot of feathers. d.c. approved plans to build a $150 million stadium in the district. wtop reports nearly half of the fans live in northern virginia, about a quarter live in d.c. new this morning the governor of louisiana, bobby jindal says he'll make a major announcement about his plans later this month. he's already made stops in key primary states and launched a presidential exploratory committee. the republican lags behind in the polls. a cnn poll showed him polling at just 1% support.
5:38 am
and today, former u.s. senator lincoln chafee will announce his run for the democratic nomination for president. he started in the gop, then became independent and is now a democrat. today he'll announce his plans at george mason university. it's a field trip unlike any other. why teacher says she took her students to an adult store and what some parents did after they found out. new details emerge about the man accused of gunning down his ex-girlfriend. what we're learning from the victim's family. take a live look outside this morning where rain clouds
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
welcome back. a teacher in minneapolis is facing some unhappy parents after taking some students to the adult novelty store. the sex education teacher took several to smitten kitten. she says the aim of the trip was for students to learn about human sexual behavior. the students attended an educational workshop while at that store. two children are no longer attending that school as the parents say the trip was a major breach of trust. the teacher say she didn't communicate well enough with the parents before the trip. and now a look at the
5:42 am
forecast. >> chuck bell still has the umbrella out. that means it's rainy morning. >> yes, indeed. it's more of a heavy mist now here in prince george's county. the steadier drizzle, the driving drizzle has gone off to the west side of the metro, so out to fairfax and loudoun county. more of a wet drizzle there than here, but nonetheless, it's as cold as it can feel in the month of june around here. temperatures here, the greenbelt metro station are barely hanging in to the upper 50s. as you head out to the bus stop plan on drizzly weather and temperatures about 57 degrees for the next hour or two. and then inching their way all the way up to 59 whole degrees by 9:00 this morning. if you don't want to make first 4 traffic being involved in the next crash, slow down on the roads because melissa mollet has more on a messy morning. >> a new crash in laurel. this was sent in by our chopper pilot here.
5:43 am
eastbound 32 just before route 1 here. you can see you can only get by on the left side of the roadway here. slow here this morn the beltway, no major problems as far as travel plans go. 66 inbound, no problems there. 270 south looking pretty good and the top of the beltway no major issues either. remember to listen to our friends from wtop. the new feature pinterest will allow you to b
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you're watching "news4 today." >> she was 24 years old with dreams of becoming a counselor. but monday night, adebayo's life
5:47 am
was cut short. miriam agreed to meet her ex-boyfriend donald bricker at the target. for some reason, it turned violent. bricker shot adebayo and then took off. >> somebody went out and did to her, that's the worst part about this. she was so kind. she didn't deserve this. she was not mean. she was not a mean person. >> now, police captured bricker after a short chase and a crash. adebayo's family plans to hold a vigil for her today. a man accused of jumping the white house fence carrying a knife may face two years in prison. omar gonzalez made it all the way into the east room and court filings, prosecutors requested a 21 month sentence for the u.s. army veteran from texas. sentencing for gonzalez is set for monday. his attorney wants that delayed. the battle over a scientology linked drug rehabilitation center could soon head to court. narconon wants to build the center at the former presidential retreat called trout run in maryland. it's near camp david, yesterday,
5:48 am
the county council rejected building it there. it hinged on the property being designated historic. the 6-1 vote sends a message. >> with having a 6-1 vote it does show some precedence that the public doesn't want this here. >> the rehabilitation program is based on methods developed by scientology founder l. ron hubbard. put those phones and other electronic devices away while you're driving that's the message from frederick county police after a two-month distracted driving crack down. they issued more than 200 citations and 170 warnings from the beginning of march to april. they hope it educates people about the dangers of using electronic devices while driving. if you want your children to attend a full day kindergarten program in loudoun county you'll have to enter a lottery. loudoun county is expanded the full day kindergarten program.
5:49 am
you can find the application on the nbc washington app by searching kindergarten lottery. the drawings will take place june 25th. right now only low income students and those who speak limited english are eligible. a teacher in loudoun county is thanking co-workers for taking quick action to save a life. he passed out monday in the auditorium in sterling as teachers performed in a talent show. the teacher was taken backstage with the nurse and a specially trained group of teachers delivered cpr and two shocks from the defibrillator. >> i don't want to say we saved her life, but i think we did what we needed to do and we were able to get her into the medical expert's hands in a good condition. >> yesterday students signed a banner wishing the teacher well. crews are hoping to reopen the washington monument tomorrow after an elevator malfunction. the national park service --
5:50 am
we are learning more than 60 visitors had to be taken down the stairs and one person had to be carried down using an evacuation chair stair. crews aren't sure what caused the malfunction. a month left until the 4th of july. you can get to d.c.'s big fireworks show by train. virginia railway express says it will run trains to d.c. on the 4th. they call it the fire cracker special. tickets can be bought online or by phone. they cost $10. trains start leaving fredericksburg on the 4th and there's service back to virginia starting at 10:45 from union station. if you live in the district you are among the most well read people in the nation. according to amazon's most well read cities list, the district is number five in the district. washingtonians take the number
5:51 am
one spot. and amazon compiles the list using sales data from print and electronic purchases. seattle takes the top spot as the most well read city in the nation. how about that? >> buying a lot of books or e books. >> ebooks. let's talk about the forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist -- >> no quotes around the forecast. the real deal. >> we have a little bit of drizzle that's falling from our sky right now. around the region. and the temperatures are feeling more like april than june. here's storm team 4 radar, there are some showers along the beaches there. the radar, real problem we deering to pick up -- we're going to pick up the tiny drizzle drops. we do have some scattered light sprinkles. little patches of green showing up here in fauquier county, fairfax fairfax. little patchy drizzle around. here's the hour by hour timing the rest of the day. cloudy all across most of the
5:52 am
region with little patchy drizzle. this is as of around noontime. this area in green, maybe a few showers up to near fredericksburg. they'd advance into fauquier and stafford by 2:00 p.m. elsewhere, a scattered drizzle around and low clouds and then a scattered few showers around. this as of 6:00 p.m. across northern virginia shenandoah and a few scattered showers all the way into the evening hours. maybe coming down harder in charlottesville, but most of the region kind of damp and drizzly, off and on through the day. in the 50s from the mountains to the bay. post your pictures like lee matthews did of this incredible shot of this cloud. this thunder cloud on monday that just opened up and unloaded a torrential downpour. this was near landmark in fairfax county. another really dramatic capture from video, screen capture of a
5:53 am
lightning bolt right near the capitol on monday afternoon. post your pics on twitter, facebook and instagram. and for the rest of the afternoon, we'll only be in the low to mid 60s. a little bit of the light rain coming through from time to time. another day tomorrow a lot like today. then friday some sun back. welcome sun back in the mid 70s. looking nice for the weekend. only a small chance of a thunderstorm on saturday. sunday partly sunday not very humid either. monday looks nice. more humid and hotter tuesday. a chance of afternoon storms. melissa is looking at a crash update. >> update on this crash in laurel. just got off the phone with police here. eastbound 32, just before route 1. again, our chopper pilot did send these in to us this morning. you can see right lane right side of the roadway is still blocked. that's what police are telling us. right here you can see the slow downs 22 miles per hour as you're headed eastbound, approaching route 1. i wanted to update you on this.
5:54 am
this crash is now cleared. i got off the phone with them. 16th street between "r" and "t" and riggs place between 16th, we are still closed because of the fatal fire investigation there. take 15th or 17th to get around here. 95 at cardinal drive, a disabled vehicle here off to the right side of the ramp. prince george's county looking good. back in a couple of minutes. eun? >> thank you, melissa. judge's ruling on the side of some evicted residents refusing to leave their homes. 28 homes were evacuated. prince george's county cannot evict three residents who don't want to move out. prince george's county wants to place vibration monitors on the hillside to monitor possible movement. a lawsuit about how the homeless are treated in d.c. is moving forward. the class action suit says the city failed to properly house homeless families when the weather reached below freezing
5:55 am
outside. city leaders wanted the lawsuit dismissed. a judge denied that request. the smithsonian institution takes action following our i-team. they showed a truck illegally parked and it was a woman in a uniform who refused to say why she parked there halas month. the food truck workers say they illegally park. a lot of you have been pinning things for years on pinterest. now in addition to pinning it you can buy it as well. pinterest introduced buyable pins yesterday. that's a buy it button. all you have to do is click it and make sure all the payment and the information looks okay. it connects you to retailers that sell the items.
5:56 am
pinterest does not get a cut from the sale. who likes to pay for shipping that's nobody. one offers it for free with a small catch. landon dowdy has more from cnbc up. a lot of companies offer free shipping to attract customers anyway. >> that's right. and it's being offered on smaller items such as phone cases and no minimum purchase required. the move comes after reports say walmart is considering a free shipping program for $50 a year. prime members pay $99 a year. chipotle is testing a new menu item. for now it's only being offered at restaurants in the kansas city area. chipotle has no plans to expand it nationwide but could make it more available based on response from customers. the chain did test chorizo in new york city but it didn't go over too well.
5:57 am
>> thank you, landon. we are tracking breaking news where firefighters remain on the scene of a deadly row house fire. you're looking at live pictures right now. several other people were sent to the hospital as a result of this fire. news4's kristin wright has been gathering new information about what happened and the conditions of those who were hurt here. we'll have the latest next on "news4 today" at 6:00. 58 degrees outside. you can see the clouds in the sky. it's an umbrella kind of day. tom kierein is tracking the forecast. he'll tell us when we can put the umbrellas away and what it will be like when you head out to work this morning. stay with us. "news4 today" continues.
5:58 am
5:59 am
"news4 today" begins with breaking news. >> and that breaking news is in the district, a row house fire killed two people this morning. >> firefighters are on the scene at riggs place and 16th street in northwest. news4's kristin wright has breaking developments. kristin? >> reporter: hey, yes, we just learned in just the past few months that another firefighter was hurt as well. so we have a total of two people dead from this fire five injured, three of the five are firefighters with minor injuries. and two of those five were two people taken to the hospital with serious injuries.
6:00 am
so the fire started at about 2:30 this morning. look here, the fire is out. firefighters still here because it was a pretty big fire. it's a three-story row home. if you can see inside there, it is gutted. again, started early this morning. early on in the investigation, too early to say what might have started the fire. at this point. but yes, some really tragic developments in just the past little while as we have learned that two people are dead from this fire. and another five people hurt. three of the five firefighters, two of them people we presume that were inside of the row home with serious injuries. so that's the latest here on riggs place in northwest. some road closures to talk about because of the situation here. so i'm


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