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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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ll help if you don't have a working smoke detector. >> what we're doing is canvassing the neighborhood to see if who has working smoke detectors. we'll provide -- we'll give them out to you. >> it's good to see them out here giving the community that support. >> the homeowner had to jump out of the window to save himself. he's recovering at the hospital but is expected to be okay. today we'll hear from the mayor of philadelphia and transportation officials in an announcement about amtrak. the news conference will focus on the importance of passenger rail service following last month's deadly derailment in the city. tuesday lawmakers grilled amtrak's ceo about why safety technology that may have prevented a derailment was not yet installed. eight people died when the speeding train entered a curve and flew off the track. disturbing new details this morning about an isis inspired plot to behead police officers in the u.s. the fbi says two men met last weekend to discuss these plans.
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25-year-old david wright is now behind bars. 26-year-old usaama rahim is now dead. he was killed after he lunged at police and an fbi agent with a nice. rahim was under a 24 hour a day surveillance when he bought knives with long blades online. the fbi confronted rahim just before he was to board a bus with one of the knives. and students will be tested for tuberculosis. someone had active tb this spring, so today the school is offering testing for those who may have come in contact with the person between february and may. tb is a bacterial disease and the risk of infection is pretty small. 4:31 is our time right now. we have -- we have been dealing with this little rain and chill in the air all week long. >> yeah, raining pretty good when i came in this morning. yeah, it was. >> yeah we're hash tagging today, june gloom. another day with low clouds, gray sky. some occasional sprinkles and drizzle. right now the storm team 4 radar
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is showing much of northern virginia getting light rain now. so 66 is wet. 95 fredericksburg is wet. around the beltway too, in fairfax county into montgomery county. pavement is wet there. pavement is wet along 270 as well. much of prince george's county just little bit of light drizzle as well as right near the bay, anne arundel, calvert and st. mary's. we're in the mid 50s right now. shep schenn valley -- shenandoah valley, upper 50s and near 50s. out of the mountains low to mid 50s. live view from our tower camera producing this light rain. there's the washington monument. hover by 60 by 8:00. a chance of some light showers, sprinkles and drizzle into the afternoon. highs only reaching mid 60s. next weather and traffic on the 1s, your drive times forecast and we have had some accidents this morning. melissa is tracking that. what's going on? >> this is a report of a crash,
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virginia northbound kind of in the dale city area, not blocking anything. we spoke with police, so that of course is good. but just wanted to mention that if you're head out any time soon. 66 eastbound at nutley street, a disabled car on the right side of the roadway. not slowing anything down. so that is good. beltway at st. barnabas that's cleared out of the way. we had the crash there outer loop this morning. not a problem anymore. woodyard road rosariville road, we have that crash. that intersection still closed. new hampshire avenue at rocky glen drive closed both ways there because of a tree that is down across new hampshire avenue. back in ten minutes. i'm molette green at the live desk. rick perry could once again jump into the race for president. that's according to the associated press. one of his senior advisers says he's ready to tell supporters in dallas about his plans to seek the republican nomination. you may remember four years ago perry made a run for the white house as an instant front-runner
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but he stumbled during a debate performance. kristin? >> all right, thank you, today, the search continues for a swimmer last seen in the potomac. two young men were swimming yesterday afternoon in the sandy landing part of great falls park. one man was caught up by the strong current and disappeared. the second man got out okay. the search that you see here yesterday went on for about three hours. police are trying to figure out what happened to a woman in frederick county maryland. officers were called to heather ridge drive in frederick yesterday afternoon. they found a woman's body inside an apartment. we did speak to police this morning and we are working to bring you more about what may have happened. a well known d.c. teacher admits that he sexually abused one of his students in the classroom. court documents say that
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giovanni pena confessed to touching the ball many times. pena is in jail. he was the d.c. teacher of thor yoo in -- of the year in 2011 and many are in disbelief. >> i'm troubled and disturbed like everybody else in school. my daughter is scared. she tells me she's scared and i'm picking her up early today because of the incident. >> the victim was 9 and 10 years old as the abuse was happening according to investigators. pena was described as close family friend who travelled on vacation with his family. "the washington post" reporter held in iran is headed back to court for another closed door meeting. the iranian government thinks jason rezaian is a spy. some fear that if a nuclear deal is reached before the case is resolved the u.s. will have less leverage in pushing for rezaian's release. coming up on 4:36 right now.
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the postal service is taking steps to fire the man who fly a gyrocopter on to the capitol lawn. doug hughes says they intend to fire him for quote, unacceptable conduct. hughes landed wearing a postal service uniform and a gyrocopter labeled with the postal service logo. he was carrying letters to congress as part of a political protest. they're accused of covering up allegations that their son molested several girls so now the duggars speak out. and the latest report card on d.c.'s schools. looking live outside this morning where it is drizzly in some places. rainy still in others. what will the roads look like? will they be wet wh
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welcome back. baltimore's state's attorney marilyn mosby wants to keep freddie gray's autopsy sealed as she works to prosecute the six officers involved in his death. the attorney though for one of the officers believes there's something in the autopsy that prosecutors don't want out in the open. mosby wants a judge to issue a gag order for all parties involved. a new report says d.c.'s public and charter schools have shown some improvement in student performance, but overall achievement is low. that's according to the national research council. the study called the district's
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graduation rates disturbingly low, quote. the graduation rate for d.c. public schools was 59%. and for charter schools the graduation rate was 69%. turning now to the forecast. >> 20 minutes before the top of the hour. getting near weather and traffic on the 1s. start with tom. >> yeah, looking out your window you may not hear it but the pavement is damp from very light rain. a little bit of drizzle, some sprinkles coming down in the metro area. here's the radar history over the last three hours. we have had the lighter showers coming through. enough to make everything wet. the panhandle of west virginia. most of northern virginia wet right now. as is montgomery county, parts of prince george's county getting sprinkle activity. right now in the 50s so a cool morning. caution lights for morning, midday and afternoon driving. we'll have wet pavement for the morning and the afternoon. temperatures near 60 for the morning commute. mid 60s afternoon commute. look at storm chances. next weather and traffic on the
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1s, 4:51. what's happening on the roads now, melissa? >> seeing a lot of the wet pavement, a live picture at braddock. be careful in that area. we are going to see a bit of rain and some slick pavement here this morning. remember downed tree, new hampshire avenue closed at rocky glen drive in both directions. so kind of going to be frustrating there this morning with police trying to work people around that. 95 north route 1 in woodbridge, do have that crash off to the right side of the road. the beltway is looking good. beltway at central avenue, moving along nicely. that's not central avenue, but braddock road. i promise no problems there. back in ten minutes. a live look at the washington monument for you this morning. today visitors can go back inside, repairs are done to the elevator now. it's been realigned and the electrical system has been tested. so business as usual today we hope. you can get your tickets this morning at 8:30. the monument set to open at 9:00 a.m. well, she claims discrimination on a flight from
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d.c. it all stems from a diet coke and now united airlines is taking action. we are learning new details in the scandal rocking fifa. molette green is gathering the latest on the bribery accusations and will join us
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i'm molette green at the live desk. new developments, we heard from a former fifa leader about the bribery scandal. here's jack warner, he denies any involvement on television last night from trinidad. >> it's not true. >> now, warner claims he now fears for his own life. he says he has evidence linking other top fifa officials to the
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2010 election in trinidad and tobago. he is indicted in the probe looking into the world governing body. back to you. >> thank you. 15 before the hour and the number of medical facilities that received live anthrax from the pentagon has come up more than double now and that number could continue to go up in the days ahead. this morning officials are trying to explain the huge lapse that allowed the potentially deadly samples to go out to 17 states and three foreign countries. nbc's tracie potts here with more on the changes they're planning to make now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the 17 states include both maryland and virginia and the district. so labs in all three areas were affected by this. the pentagon is trying to do now is track down all 400 or so samples and testing 400 so far. only four have tested positive for live anthrax, but that's four more than they expected because the stuff was supposed to be eradiated before it ever left dugway proving ground in
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utah. this has been over the course of several years since 2005 or 2006 when the samples were first sent out. so the pentagon's investigation the cdc's investigation will focus on whether the eradiation worked and whether the testing afterward was accurate and was enough to determine whether or not there were live spores. obviously they missed some because they have been reported now in at least two labs. the pentagon admits that there are more than twice as many as they originally thought those numbers could still go up and they also say even though 31 workers are being medicated as a precaution that the public is not at risk. >> tracie potts on the hill for us, thanks. we know that he did what's right in his mind. >> a community is rallying around the parents of a young journalist. they're ail coming together to find charnice milton's killer. someone shot the reporter last
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week. she was an innocent bystander police believe. yesterday, family, co-workers and strangers gathered in a circle around copies of her work in the publication's hill rag and east of the river. last week, police say someone pulled milton in front of him to use as a human shield during a shoot-out in the 2700 block of good hope road in southeast. >> there are two men who are out there who can do that which is righteous. not what's right in their own lives but do what's right in his eyes. and if they would surrender and turn themselves in. >> after yesterday's vigil, friends of milton handed out fliers pleading for help to find those responsible for her death. and more than 100 people gathered to remember the woman shot and killed in a target parking lot this week. family and friends held a vigil for adebayo. police say her ex-boyfriend, donald bricker, killed her in
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the germantown target parking lot monday night. investigators say adebayo recently ended their relationship. bricker is charged with first degree murder. today, beau biden will lie in honor. he passed away last weekend. on saturday, president obama will deliver a -- lol ji at his memorial. a louisiana congressman and state's national guard are appealing arlington national cemetery's decision to deny burial. sergeant thomas florich died in a training exercise in march and they said he cannot be buried in arlington because the plots are only for those who die on active duty. florich's father is a former green beret. he calls it a slap in the face. a battle to save a virginia woman's college is headed to the
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state supreme court today. justices will hear an appeal on a failed bid to block sweet briar college from closing. the school's board announced that the school would close in march because of financial challenges. well, since then, supporters of the school have mounted a challenge and alumni have pledged millions in hopes of keeping the doors open. you may be able to take a high speed train from richmond to d.c. according to "the free lance-star," you can now see a new design for the proposed high speed rail line. it was unveiled tuesday in fredericksburg. trains would be able to travel up to 90 miles an hour on the proposed segment of the new line which covers more than 100 miles. we'll keep you posted on any public meetings held by the virginia department of rail and transportation to look at this proposed rail line. well, this morning we expect new details on technology that would let your car detect whether you're drunk. the department of transportation plans to update the press on
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what it's calling the driver alcohol detection system. the group posted this explainer video yesterday. the system is supposed to detect alcohol levels within a second. the hope is to reduce alcohol related crashes which kill nearly 10,000 americans every year. united airlines is apologizing after a flight attendant refused to serve a muslim woman an unopened can of diet can on a flight to d.c. she was told she might use it as a weapon. ahmad is a chaplin from northwestern university. she said a man sitting nearby told her to shut up because he thought she would use the can as a weapon because she's muslim. the airline says the flight attendant works for shuttle america, which is operated by united. united says the flight attendant will no longer serve united customers. later today, nasa will launch its rocket powered flying saucer from hawaii. it's the first test of this
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largest parachute ever deployed. nasa declined is saucer-shaped supersonic decelerator with the hopes of sending it to mars. the odd looking craft is equipped with an inflatable doughnut shaped shield. you can see it there. today's launch is set for 1:30 this afternoon. >> there's still some interesting things happening in the space program. >> it reminds me of the 1950 science fiction movies. >> actually we make flying saucers fly. it's amazing we can make it happen. >> not so much fiction anymore. >> yeah. you might want to climb on one and fly away if you don't like rain. we have it again. the moving green very light rain, but enough to make all of the pavement wet across most of virginia. much of maryland. we have a little bit of drizzle where you don't see any of the green. there's a little bit of a light drizzle. that's around the bay and on the eastern shore. but it's raining moderately. a few pockets here in yellow. that's right in southern fairfax
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county. down 95 toward quantico, woodbridge and the dale city. it's all wet there. wet along 66 coming in from front royal all the way to the beltway. getting some moderate showers as well right in southern fauquier county. that is also farther south near fredericksburg in spotsylvania and stafford. a few light sprinkles in loudoun county and panhandle of west virginia from martins burg to winchester. another cool morning. only in the mid 50s. it will hover in the mid 50s for another couple of hours so have the umbrella handy today. you might want a jacket in comfortable with a sweatshirt and umbrella, long sleeves. by later this afternoon hour by hour, through the day today temperatures holding steady. upper 50s, near 60 between now and 8:00. then by noontime, just low 60s with scattered light showers and mid 60s by the time you head back home. but have the umbrella with you too. we'll have light showers and
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they'll continue overnight too. but then after midnight should taper off and then by dawn, sun breaks out on friday. welcome sunshine tomorrow in the upper 70s. nice weekend coming up. only a small chance of a thundershower. here's a look at next week. it will feel like summer again. hot and humid on monday tuesday and wednesday. chance of storms on monday afternoon and tuesday afternoon. now an update on that crash earlier. here's melissa. what's doing on? >> yeah. right now having a brand new crash here. this is outer loop at connecticut avenue. police are on their way to this one. a report, not seeing anything on camera. but we know something is happening there. we'll keep you updated on that one. woodyard road at rosaryville road, the intersection is still closed there. a warning there for you this morning. 95 north here at route 1. still a crash off to the right side of the roadway. 66 looking good. into or out of town, 55 miles an
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hour. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. new hampshire avenue at rocky glen drive, the road has been reopened. the tree that was down has been pushed off to the side of the road. some neighbors and students are on edge after a bear sighting near a school. what school offi
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you're watching "news4 today." >> for days and days i was saying, you know, josh has done some very bad things. and he -- i'm very sorry. >> tlc reality star josh duggar is accused of sexually assaulting his younger sisters and another girl. they spoke about it to megyn kelly last night. the network that made them famous is no longer airing "19 kids and counting." at least for now. the duggars' eldest son is accused of repeatedly molesting five underaged girls. some while they slept. this happened in 2002 and 2003
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while he was a teenager. jim bob and michelle duggar said their son is not a pedophile. >> a pedophile is an adult that preys on children. joshua was actually 14 and just turned 15 when he did what he did. and i think the legal definition is 16 and up for being an adult preying on a child. so he was a child preying on a child. >> duggar's father said he learned about the allegations in 2002 and he said he asked the church for help, but did not call the police. tlc has not said if the show will continue. d.c.'s anacostia high school will receive more than a quarter of a million dollars to help support teen moms. the frapt is being award -- the grant is being awarded because of high rates of teen pregnancy. research done in ward 8 said it's 39% and in ward 7 it's 33%. that's compared with 11% when you combine the rest of the district and 13% nationally. with the grants, the program at anacostia will be able to
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provide prenatal care and parent services and it will be operated by medstar georgetown hospital center. and this afternoon, most of the whitman walker staff moved into the building on 14th street northwest last month. it's expected to announce the revitalization plans. the nonprofit community health center specializes in health care for the lgbt community and people with hiv. now to a developing story in chantilly where students and a teacher spotted a bear. it was behind freedom high school yesterday morning. outside activities were quickly cancelled. the area was searched but did not see the bear again. imagine that? they're cute, but i don't know. >> looking for it, i don't know. he's gone, let him go. all right, stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.
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>> "news4 today" starts now. >> so called mansion murder mystery continues. this morning, we should learn more about the hours leading up to the deaths of a northwest d.c. family and their housekeeper. what police are expected to release in hours. new information just in about the ship that capsized in china. why the search for any survivors has been called off. and take a live look outside now where clouds and chilly temperatures are lingering but are we in for another day of june gloom? let's get right to tom with the answer. good morning, tom. how does it look? >> yeah, it is rather gloomy. we've got the low clouds passing over us now. they're producing some light rain here on the storm team 4 radar. couple pockets of moderate rain. little patches of yellow in prince william county and on the line with fairfax county. southern fauquier county and north and west of fredericksburg. elsewhere, just some


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