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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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south of baltimore toward richmond a very wet ride as we continue to make our way dune. look where the heavy rain is right now, right on the south side of the beltway, alexandria, oxen hill, clinton and andrews air force base, down 301 we're going to continue to see that rain, too. you can see as i mngsentioned on the wider view it's all swinging in through the region. we've got a lot more of the rain to go over the next couple of hoyers xs we'll continue to keep uf posted here in the storm center. now to the latest in the d.c. mansion murders case. it has now been three weeks since four people were found murdered inside that home. and late this afternoon prosecutors and potential defense attorneys returned to the crime scene. news4's pat collins live now in northwest with more on that and a newly released unsealed affidavit in this case. pat? >> reporter: jim they'll do battle in court but today they met at the scene. the prosecutor and the defense attorneys in this quadruple murder case. also, another affidavit unsealed, this one for the search of the assistant's car.
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he's the guy who brought the $40,000 in ransom money to the house here. three weeks now, and the investigation continues on. at the scene today, assistant u.s. attorney emily miller. she's the prosecutor in this quadruple murder case. she's hands-on. she's been here before, surveying the crime scene looking for evidence and information in this troubling case of murder. also at the scene today, members of the public defender service. they represent daron wint, the man charged in the case. they came with their own team of crime scene investigators and spent about 2 1/2 hours in and arp the house taking pictures. escorted around by homicide detectives. three weeks ago today, a major
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fire at this mansion in woodley park. ip inside this multimillion-dollar home, firefighters found the bodies of savvas savopoulos, his wife amy their 10-year-old son philip and the family's housekeeper vera figueroa. they had been tied up, beaten stabbed and burned and held captive in the house for more than 19 hours. the fire set in an apparent effort to cover up the crime. 34-year-old daron wint charged with first degree murder after his dna was found on an uneaten piece of pizza inside the home. now in court today another search warrant unsealed this one for a bmw that belonged to jordan wallace, the car they say was recovered a block away from the crime scene on the day of that fire. wallace was a personal assistant
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to savvas savopoulos. his boss told him to bring $40,000 in cash to that house an apparent ransom payoff for the suspect holding the family captive. that money has not been accounted for. now, jordan wallace has not been charged with any wrongdoing in connection with this murder case. coming up at 6, i'll have more about the break-in here at the house. i'll have a new boot print to show you. live in northwest i'm pat collins, news4. an 18-year-old shot and killed, his body found behind someone's home in buoy. right now the search is on for his killer. this happened on 6th street near the huntingtown community center. tracee wilkins joins us with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: pat, he did not live in that house, but he does have family nearby. now prince george's county police want to know who shot
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this young man and why. police are searching for shell casings and any evidence that can lead to an arrest after a shooting in an unlikely area of bowie, maryland. >> damage to the property was just a bullet that did enter the front porch area of the house. >> reporter: james carroll owns the home on 6th street where 18-year-old davonte king was found shot this morning bullet holes here at the house that he now rents. no one inside of the home was hurt. >> no harm to the tenants, which i'm thankful for. i'm just sorry that the young man that got shot is now deceased. >> reporter: king died in a hospital several hours after he was discovered, according to prince george's county police. the 18-year-old did not live in this home, but he does live just a few blocks away and has a large family here. police are looking for a motive in this case but they don't believe this was a random shooting. they think king was targeted. >> i'm just sorry that things like this have to happen. i hope that they do solve the case and bring the family some
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closure. >> reporter: i spoke with one of king's family members earlier today. the family obviously distraught did not want to talk on camera. but they say that he was a good person. coming up on news4 at 6, if you've never been to old bowie, this is a beautiful part of prince george's county, full of single family homes. there are some who live here wondering, how does something like this happen here? we'll have more on that, reporting live tracee wilkins, news4. for the first time tonight we're getting a look at the weapons omar gonzalez was carrying in his car the day he jumped over the fence and entered the white house. nbc's senior white house correspondent chris jansing joins us now live with the evidence collected. it was quite a carbche chris. >> reporter: the photographs are chilling. in fact, one former secret service official said to me he considers this a defcon 5, the combination of a mentally ill man who has a beef against the white house and all the weapons found in his car.
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we're talking, of course, about omar gonzalez. these pictures that you are first looking at were from virginia, but these are the ones that were found the day he came over the white house fence and got through the front door of the white house. they included a machete tomahawks, numerous knives a huge amount of ammunition, and he also took with him inside a 3 1/2 inch knife with a certifyserrated edge which officials say could pierce body armor. as you know he had a confrontation when he got into the white house with a number of secret service agents. they also point out that in virginia, just a few months before, he was found to have in his car a huge cache of potentially even more deadly weapons that included a high-powered rifle sawed-off shotgun, handguns. that's when they also found a map with the white house highlighted. this sentencing report recommends a 21-month prison sentence and then 3 years of supervision. that is the maximum allowed
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under the sentencing guidelines as part of this plea deal. prosecutors also acknowledge that he does suffer from post-traumatic stress. he is an army veteran and that he has shown remorse. back to you. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. right now usaamah rahim's family is on their way to watch the surveillance video that actually shows the moment he was shot. earlier this week, fbi agents and police officers approached rahim to ask him some questions. they say he pulled a large knife and lunged at them. the officers shot and killed rahim but his brother posted on social media shortly after that, that rahim was shot three times in the back. well just moments ago, during a news conference, a lawyer for the family apologized for those comments but questioned the accusations that rahim had been radicalized by isis. >> the family of course is aware of various media reports that suggest that usaamah rahim had
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been radicalized by isil. that comes as an absolute surprise to the family. they had not perceived any conduct or change in demeanor with usaamah consistent with those reports. >> now rahim had been under 24-hour surveillance at the time of the shooting, and we have been told we will see the video of that shooting after the family sees it. pat? >> thanks, chris. police are trying to track down a man who grabbed a woman and sexually assaulted her in an alley north of d.c.'s pet worth neighborhood. they say the woman was walking along 9th street northwest when the man grabbed her and forced her into his car. he drove to a nearby alley and self oouly assaulted her. it happened near the area of georgia and illinois avenues. we're told the man was in an older model four-door pale red car. tomorrow jury deliberations will get under way in the trial of a man charged in a deadly dui case involving his young son.
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prosecutors say charles smith was high on pcp when he crashed his car on blaitensburg road in 2013. it happened in cottage city, just over the d.c. line. investigators say, while speeding, he drove into oncoming traffic and hit two vehicles then slammed into a utility pole and a retaining wall. that crash killed smith's 4-year-old son and severely wounded another child in the car. a case that dominated the headlines for years here in d.c. is being revived now. the man convicted of killing intern chandra levy back in 2001 will get a new trial and now levy's family is reacting. news4's chris gordon spoke with her mother after she learned this case is far from over. >> reporter: ingmar guandique was convicted of murdering chandra levy, the intern from california who disappeared in 2001. police searched for her more than a year until her remains were discovered in rock creek park. today i spoke by phone with chandra levy's mother susan who
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lives in modesto, california, asking her reaction to the news of the retrial. >> my heart cries because my daughter had been murdered in the first place. and if they have to retry it that's fine. i just want to know that they have the right person who did what they did. and i want the truth to come out. >> reporter: in 2010 ingmar guandique was put on trial for murdering chandra levy. he was convicted and sentenced to 60 years. the conviction was based primarily on the testimony of guandique's one-time cell mate armando morales who said guandique told him he was responsible for levy's death. but guandique's defense lawyers argued morales' testimony was unreliable that there was no corroboration, no physical evidence linking guandique to the murder of chandra levy. prosecutors withdrew their opposition and today a judge ordered a new trial. >> i will not attend and sit there the whole time for a
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retrial. i have to protect myself a little bit. it would be very hard to sit there the entire time. >> reporter: there will be a hearing next week to set a new trial date for guandique. and coming up do chandra levy's parents feel that they have been denied a since of closure by having this case reopened? i'll have that part of the story ahead on news4 at 6. back to you. >> thanks, chris. a change at the top for d.c.'s department of public works. bill howland has announced he's stepping down as director after 11 years on the job. >> it's a stressful job, you know. i just wanted to take some time off, you know particularly during the winters. whatever event there is you're not sleeping that night. so those things tend to add up. >> howland's last day will be june 26th. he says he doesn't have another job lined up yet, but he's looking forward to seeing what kind of opportunities might come along. d.c. tourists are breathing a sigh of relief now.
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the washington monument is back open. it had been closed for three days because of electrical problems. more than 30 people were on the top level back on sunday when the elevator stopped working. efrnl got down safely. the elevator is now fixed and crews tested the electrical system. the washington monument is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. through labor day. a dramatic day in court. the suspect in the murder of a uva student could soon face one of his alleged victims, but she told the judge today she wasn't ready to take the stand. we'll explain. and hackers working overtime to get information from your debit card. but it looks like their time is running out. plus, the texman is coming. >> has anyone ever called the police on you? >> yes. we've had the police called on us. yes, they've been called on us. >> oh we're talking about the rain moving in. some of that rain heavy at times making its way right on through the district right now. in and around the beltway i'll be tracking that rain for you
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when we return right back here
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the number of labs thought to have mistakenly received live anthrax is growing. there are now 52 facilities. they are in 18 states and here in the district. that's twice the number than first reported. and labs in maryland and canada received live anthrax spores. the lab workers who came in contact with the anthrax vials are being treated with antibiotics. the pentagon does not believe the general public is in any danger. billions of dollars that's how much americans withdraw from atms every year. but your debit card could be at risk. consumer reporter ericaka gonzalez has the latest tracking the trends of criminals to reveal why they've been so busy this summer. >> it freaked me out a little bit.
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>> reporter: jane houghton of northwest washington said someone else used her debit card and she doesn't know how that person got ahold of it. >> it was in my wallet the entire time. >> reporter: houghton's bank called her about an unauthorized purchase made at a home improvement store. >> it was over $200 and at that time i don't even think i had $200 in my account. i don't see how this could have happened. >> reporter: a big way debit cards are compromised, if you take money out of an atm machine rigged with a skimmer or hidden camera. the information stolen is then used to make fraudulent cards. and experts say this summer will be a hot one for criminals targeting atms. that's because they're working up against a deadline. the u.s. is catching up with the rest of the world banks are required to issue chip in pin cards to customers by october 1st, which experts say will prevent skimming. >> they're busy making money that they perhaps will not be able to do later in the fall and certainly next year. >> reporter: john ba discard is with fico fico measures
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consumers' credit risk and recently released staggering numbers of debit hacks at atms across the u.s. >> it feels like a feeding frenzy. >> fico found compromises shot unwub 74%. as for atms not located at banks, hacks skyrocketed 317% compared to last year. but when it came to using a debit card at stores compromised, cards dropped 81%. >> the criminals are just very busy taking advantage of these last few months. >> reporter: experts say there are three main things that consumers can do to try to keep from becoming a victim of this type of theft. number one go to an atm that's well lit. number two, try covering the keypad before you enter your pin to try and detract from any type of hidden camera that may be there. and lastly whenever you approach the insert area for the card, be sure to jiggle that, make sure there's no skimmer
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attached. and when consumers receive chip card technology that uses an encryption code, buzzard says atm hacks will decline. >> if used once, it's an unbreakable encryption, and it's impossible to copy it or counterfeit it. >> it's impossible to copy the chip on the card. >> correct. >> impossible. >> it hasn't been done yet. >> reporter: buzzard says as soon as you notice any unauthorized charges, report it to your bank immediately. fico also tracked the recent popular areas criminals are targeting. you can find those on >> erika, thank you. a group of senators wants more efforts to raise awareness and fight against tick-born illnesses like lyme disease. the cdc says there are 300,000 new cases every year and 95% of those cases are along the east coast and in the midwest. the senators introduced a bill today they hope will dedicate more resources to combating those types of infections.
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that measure would establish a committee of doctors, experts and patients to improve both prevention and treatment methods. it's the first homicide of the year in frederick, and the killer is still on the loose. what police told us about the murder of a woman discovered in her own home. plus, a ruling on the so-called pink viagra pill. how it could change the sex lives of women. later we want to share with you this special tribute for beau biden. and you still have time to make do more 24 go viral. it's a donation campaign online led by the united way of the national capital area. now, the money can go to your favorite local charity. just log on to for a link on our home page. we're coming right back.
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>> announcer: and now your storm
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team4 forecast. oh, today is supposed to be a backyard weather day, but with this rain coming in, yeah, that's not going to happen. take a look, the rain really starting to come down across the area. that's going to continue right on through the evening hours. right now just taking a look at some of the traffic. very very bad traffic awful around the beltway seeing that traffic. all the way down i-95 between d.c. and down towards stafford. a couple of accidents along i-95, three separate accidents now down around i-95. we'll continue to see this rain and that's not going to help with the traffic problems. you notice all the way from baltimore toward fredericksburg, i-95 inundated with rain. and notice whered heavier rain is coming right on through 395, the beltway over here towards portions of maryland through prince george's county. really seeing the heavy rain. let's zoom in and i'll show you exactly what i'm talking about. here's 395 coming out of the district as it makes its way toward 95 and 495. very heavy rain. that rain moving toward the
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eastern portion, zooming in on this area around cheverly. here's kettering, bowie, very heavy rain in this area, continuing to make its way north and east. if you haven't seen it yet in downtown, there it is. let's go ahead and go toward the mall. show you what i'm talking about here. there's the mall, there's the heavy rain, the capitol. we're going to tip to see it make its way toward the north and west. everyone will get in on the rain eventually, all because ever an area of low pressure. look at this spin in the atmosphere. we've been talking about it for the last couple of days, but this spin is right now just to the south and west. that will continue to pull this moisture right off of the atlantic. that will give us more rain as we move on through the night tonight. those road impacts this evening, welg, use caution both this evening and later tonight. we'll be seeing the rain. tomorrow morning, just on the west siefd i be okay there. but it will be a rather wet night tonight. temperatures 61 in gaithersburg, 59 in culpeper and 62 in huntingtown. so we continue to be on the very cool side of things if not
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cold. our average is 81 so we're near 20 degrees below average. tomorrow a completely different story. we will see some sunshine tomorrow. most likely in the afternoon, i think a very cloudy morning. temperatures into the 70s, 74 leesburg 74 down towards la plata and a much better day. again, starting off with clouds maybe some showers early tomorrow but then warming nicely to a high of 76 degrees, 30% chance of a shower, mostly in the morning. 80 degrees on saturday. saturday right now the warmest of the weekend i. think we go from 80 to 76 on sunld. we've got a chance for showers on saturday. however, i think most of us dry. right now most of the weekend is looking okay. monday a high of 89 degrees close to 90. then back to 90 as we make our way towards thursday. next week looks like a much warmer week than what we've seen most of this week. >> thank you, doug. the tax man may come knocking on your door. >> it's a story you'll see only on news4. we'll tell you where some people are opening up their doors to pay higher taxes.
5:27 pm
plus, drugs looted during the baltimore riots are to blame for the spike in violence in. so what's being done about that? and the victim in a sexual assault linked to the death of a uva student says she's not ready to take the stand. why a judge had to order someone to go get her.
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puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support... putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story.... "unfair treatment from washington"... "thousands without medications"... "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." president obama must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late...
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i'm chris lawrence at the live desk where the federal government is scrambling to assess the damage from a massive data breach that could affect thousands in our area. the office of personnel management has just confirmed it is the target of a massive datea breach. we've also learned the interior department was hit as well and as many as 4 million people could be impacted. the fbi believes the hackers are based in china and because opm handles security clearances and employee records, anyone who works for the federal government could be a victim. opm says it is going to offer
5:31 pm
identity theft monitoring to anyone who ends up being impacted. we're going to continue to follow the developments. consumer reporter erika gonzalez is working the story right now. she'll have a lot more details at 6. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. baltimore's police commissioner says a recent wave of violence in the city is due to the surge of drugs on the streets following the riots. 27 pharmacies and two message owe don clinics were looted during the unrest in april an estimated 175,000 doses of prescription drugs stolen. today the head of maryland's dea said the agency is going after the people responsible. >> we're attempting to identify approximately 70 people. these individuals were photographed either inside the pharmacies and/or outside the farmcys, and we're going back looking at that video, developing still shots from that video, and we're seeking to identify these people. >> officials say the suspects will be prosecuted.
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there were 42 murders in baltimore in the month of may the deadliest month in 25 years. now to a story you'll see only on news4. thousands of d.c. homeowners will be getting a knock on the door from the tax man. it's one of the most shared stories on our facebook page today. property assessors are asking if they can come in and look around. news4's mark segraves went along to learn what your rights are. >> reporter: tax assessors were out on capitol hill this morning. they're updating their records to ensure homes are assessed at the correct amount. and to do that, they want to come into your house. >> this is odd. >> repopeople either weren't home or didn't answer the door. >> typically when we're out here, we may -- maybe 5% or less let us in the house. good morning i'm eugene, an assessor at the real property tax administration. >> reporter: this homeowner was happy to let the tax man in for
5:33 pm
a look around. >> we want to look at the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen and look at the condition and things of that sort. >> okay. >> reporter: in most cases, the information on file is correct, but sometimes they find upgrades they didn't know about. >> it says we don't have central air conditioning on the property. so i'll take a look at that, see if there's a compressor outside. i see the air ducts. >> reporter: this homeowner didn't want to be identified but says she hopes others allows the assessors inside their homes because they believes many of the homes in d.c. are overassessed. >> it's really important because so many of these homes are not in good shape at all, and people senior citizens, have not been able to keep up these houses. >> reporter: assessors will always show you their i.d. and will only come into your house or on your property with your permission. as for what will happen to the person's assessment where they found that central air conditioning? >> possibly there may be a slight increase. a nominal increase not much. >> reporter: of course some
5:34 pm
people aren't too happy to see the tax man at their door. >> yes i've had the police called on us. >> reporter: in the district, mark segraves, news4. >> now, d.c. isn't the only jurisdiction that conducts those door to door property assessments. maryland assessors ask homeowners questions and inspect the outside of the house but never ask to go inside. fairfax county conducts assessments by air using flyover technology to look nor major home improvements. and in rare incidences fairfax assessors visit the property. i'm jason pugh at the live desk. potential trouble for jamison crowder at the center of a domestic violence investigation. a fourth round draft pick out of duke, these pictures posted to his instagram page. you can see the photos of a woman with a busted lip and bruises on her body, the pictures have since been deleted. there was a long caption that came with these photos that
5:35 pm
appears to be written by the woman in them that wrote, love is never an excuse or reason. the redskins did release a statement saying, quote, we are aware of an off-field situation involving jamison crowder. we have been in touch with the nfl office and will continue to follow proper league protocols. now, the new nfl policy on domestic violence includes a suspension of six games if proven. from the live desk, jason pugh news4 sports. this was a memorable scene, a street collapsed and swallowed up cars in baltimore. we take you back to the neighborhood one year later. plus, men have the little blue pill, but what about a drug boost that would help a woman's sex drive? new details on the looming verdict on the so-called pink viagra. and you still have time to make do more 24 go vieshl. it's a donation campaign online led by the united way of the national capital area. the money can go to any charity you'd like. log on to to get a link.
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a drug to help boost a woman's sex drive is closer to hitting the market. >> late this afternoon an fda panel recommended approval for a pill to treat extremely lolaw libido. doreen is here to tell us more. >> pat and jim, everybody is heard about the little blue pill. it's been around for many years now. and maybe you've heard about the so-called female viagra. but there's a big difference in how these drugs work. flibanserin is the name of the drug. it targets chemical levels in the brain to impact a woman's desire to have sex, while viagra impacts a man's physical ability to have sex. after rejecting flibanserin two times already, an fda panel today voted to approve the daily pill as long as it comes with safety restrictions on it.
5:40 pm
doctors in a clinical trial funded by the drug's producer say they found flibanserin increased the number of sexually satisfying events for patients by one per month. but not everybody is sold on this new drug. >> it's not very effective. it has some safety concerns and long-term effects are unknown. >> women who have the disorder and who participated in the studies, they found the changes that occurred if they were on flibanserin to be meaningful. >> so what happens next? the fda is not required to follow the advice of its advisory committees, although it very often does. among the possible side effects with this new drug flibanserin, fatigue, nausea fainting, and low blood pressure. if the drug receives final approval to go on the market, it would come with extra warnings. jim, pat? >> doreen, thank you. a murder mystery unfolding in frederick.
5:41 pm
>> and it's the first homicide of the year there. we're on the scene digging tonight for information into what could have happened to a woman found dead inside her home. >> reporter: we're here in chinatown, downtown d.c. not exactly the kind of place when you think of green spaces. but there's a new organization that's taking advantage of rooftops to provide healthy food options and also help property owners in the process. i'm zachary kiesch. i'll have that story coming right up. oh my take a look at this. this is a live look at downtown reston, virginia. not only do we have showers and mists across the area, wet roads but also some fog. when will it all lift out? the answer when news4 at 5 returns.
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one resident said crimes like this just don't happen in their neighborhood. >> frederick police investigating the city's first murder of the year. a woman was found dead late yesterday afternoon in her condominium on heather ridge drive. that's near ft. dietrich. today police say that there's evidence someone killed her. news4's meagan fitzgerald joins us now live from the scene with
5:45 pm
new details. >> reporter: jim, police aren't telling us exactly what type of evidence they found inside that condo behind us but what i can tell you is they've been on scene for the last 24 hours, collecting evidence, processing the scene to try and determine who killed gloria watson. frederick police detectives have spent several hours going door to door asking neighbors if they've seen anyone suspicious since the weekend. >> they was asking me if i knew about the incident yesterday. >> reporter: investigators are asking these questions because 52-year-old gloria watson who lived inside building 750 on heather ridge road was found dead inside her apartment. >> we received a call from a family member who came by. they hadn't heard from her so they came by to check on her. >> lieutenant clark peng ton is with the frederick police department. he said watson's family members immediately called police who later determined she was attacked by the suspect who left her there to die. >> based on the evidence inside
5:46 pm
the residence that there was an assault that took place and it's based on that assault that ultimately led to her death. >> reporter: crimes like this don't typically happen in frederick, but this neighbor says it's a reminder to never let your guard down. >> it's a little scary, but it happens everywhere. >> reporter: now, family members told police that watson lived alone and she wasn't married, no leads on a suspect just yet. but investigators are asking anyone who has information about this case to contact them right away. now, coming up at 6:30, we spoke with a woman who says she knew gloria watson well. she talks about her normal routine and the last conversation they had just before she died. reporting in frederick meagan fitzgerald news4. we are waiting to hear from virginia supreme court about the future of sweet breyer college. justices heard arguments from alumni and others who want to
5:47 pm
block plans to close the college this summer. administrators of the college say there are insurmountable financial challenges and they want an orderly closing. a circuit court has already refused to keep sweetbreyer open. veronica joins us now. boy, it is just an ugly scene with no letup in sight. >> this is more of a spring pattern than summer pattern. a lot of folks want summer back. by the time the weekend gets here! we're going to give it to them. a little bit of sunshine coming our way tomorrow. i'll show you when. let's first talk about where the showers are currently because roads are definitely wet through about a third of our area. and you can see by looking at storm team4 radar the shadings there of yellow and orange, that's the moderate even pockets of heavier rain now coming down. where it's headed, all north and northwestbound with rainfall rates around an inch an hour. you can see it from bowie west toward reston, that pocket. it will be lifting north into areas like colesville kensington, even bethesda and
5:48 pm
eventually getting to wheaton aspen hill by 6:00 or so. so coming into areas of howard, mont comery counties as well as loudoun county by morning. we're still going to have some wet weather around the area. it will be cool and damp temperatures starting out in the low 60s across the area. i think 63 inside the beltway. could get an isolated shower coming our way between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. so while we're getting some rain showers coming in now, it's just kind of hit and miss and rather light for early tomorrow. exercise impact forecast for tomorrow, look at this, from 60 to 70 degrees by lunchtime, in the mid-70s as we get into the afternoon. we start out cool and dreary but it gets better by the afternoon hours. and i do think that we'll see the cloud cover start to thin. that's when you're going to get a chance to pull the sunglasses back out. not the actual specs but the sunglasses. a little bit of a workout tomorrow. then more so for the weekend. here is a look at your hour by hour forecast for saturday. now, there's some patchy fog across the area currently and
5:49 pm
we could have some patchy fog early tomorrow morning. i think even more fog for early saturday. items start out in the mid-60s, the fog lifts, we hit 70 by 10:00 a.m. then upper 70s toward 80 degrees during saturday afternoon. 2:00 during the afternoon, there could be a nowfew showers coming through, maybe even a thunderstorm, a 40% chance. i think our best chance is right along the mountains ss and areas through southern maryland. right now 64 degrees. look at the beach locations, 58 rehoboth, 60 in ocean city, currently beach forecasts for the weekend still going to be on the cool side, mid-60s friday and sunday, upper 60s expected saturday. but at least we've got a partly sunny sky for our inland locations, best day out of the weekend, an a-plus grade, sunday with more sunshine, comfortable conditions. we've got the return of the higher temperatures and humidity coming back next week, close to 90 degrees on monday, mid-80s expected on tuesday, and it is
5:50 pm
tuesday where we could have some showers or thunderstorms coming through. but, guys, if you want summer, there it is, next week. this weekend, not too bad, though. we're starting to lift out of it all. we've got a lot more detail hourly forecasts for sunday also coming up in news4 at 6. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk where we're following some new developments in a high-profile sex oout assault case that's happening out of fairfax county. the alleged victim just took the stand. now, she lives in india and flew in today with her children to testify against the alleged accuser. jesse matthew is accused of sexually assaulting and trying to kill this woman back in 2005. matthew matthew's attorney want ded -- claiming police may have taipted her by showing her pictures. but the woman said she only saw one image of him online and she found out of her own curiosity. that trial begins on monday. the witness wanted to delay her
5:51 pm
testimony today because she was jet lagged, but a judge had court officials wake her up anyway in the hotel room. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is in the courtroom right now. she'll join us live for the latest developments on news4 at 6. three high school buddies went their separate ways to college to study agriculture, business and environmental issues. well now they are all back here in washington, reunited and taking advantage of unused rooftops. news4's zachary kiesch has their story. >> reporter: what do you have going here? >> we've got a combinationful microgreens, petite greens edible flowers and culinary herbs. >> reporter: above the hustle and bustle of chinatown, a green space is taking form. >> we are on the roof of the building that omldc is housed in at 7th and d streets northwest, washington, d.c. >> reporter: it's the vision of this man and two former classmates from wilson high school. their company uptop acres is
5:52 pm
taking flight. >> not only do we build new green roofs and rooftop gardens, we can take existing green roofs of which there are over 400 in d.c. proper alone, many more in montgomery county and prince george's county and convert them into agricultural green roofs. >> reporter: the concept is really pretty cool. three friends come back home from college wanting to make a positive impact in their community, help with healthy food options and also help property owners with sustainability and storm water management. and this is just the beginning here in chinatown. so i had to ask, how legitimate is this? could this actually feed people? >> absolutely. up here, this is mostly going to be a roof for the restaurants but on our other roofs we're planning on having eight to 12 inches of soil in which we can grow root vegetables, like potatoes, carrots, beats. >> reporter: the food doesn't go far. visit this restaurant just downstairs and you might see one of these edible flowers on your plate. >> garnish dishes that add
5:53 pm
flavor. they're packed with flavor and nutritional content. >> reporter: providing a service, filling a need all of it back home. reporting in northwest d.c., zachary kiesch, news4. >> it's the future and it's looking cool. in the next couple of weeks that group plans to open a 7,000 square foot rooftop garden in the heart of downtown bethesda. it's oochb the case during brain surgery patients are kept awake. ♪ but most of the time they aren't playing a guitar. this brazilian man his doctors by playing several songs on his guitar while surgeons were operating on a tumor. the doctors say it avoided them accidentally impacting the part of his brain that affects his development, movement and speech. unbelievable. >> wow. they came by the hundreds. mourners gathered at the state capitol in delaware to pay their respects to the bidens. we'll take you to the service
5:54 pm
honoring beau biden attended by dignitaries from washington and beyond. >> reporter: gray top. red top. what does this mean? how does it work? and, more importantly, can you park right next to it? i'm adam tuss in the district with the mystery of the red-top meters.
5:55 pm
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♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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remember that? more than a year after that dramatic street collapse in baltimore, the road has now reopened much of the street as well as the sidewalk, light posts and parked vehicles tumbled down to the railroad tracks below. now, the 100-year-old retaining wall failed after those intense rains a year ago. >> now take a look at 26th street today. it's open again to traffic, and trains are running on the tracks below. the city of baltimore and csx are splitting the $13 million cost to repair the wall and the
5:58 pm
street. people who live in the 19 homes on that street are asking the city to compensate them for the year of heavy construction on their block. thousands lined up outside the delaware statehouse today to say farewell to beau biden. >> vice president joe biden's son laid in honor in the senate chamber today. nbc's tim furlong was there for the service and has our story. >> reporter: at legislative hall, the bidens including beau's wife halle and her kids hunter and natalie were greeted by the head of the national guard. they also saw the former attorney general's top deputies as thousands lined up to pay their respects. beau's casket was brought into the senate chamber where the governor spoke on behalf of their state. >> he cared deeply about the people of delaware. he wanted to make their world better and he did. >> reporter: the vice president usually so upbeat and enthusiastic spent much the time with his han staring at the floor. >> you never are supposed to bury your own children, youne a long long time ago, and now he's aes's burying another. it doesn't seem fair.
5:59 pm
>> we will now present the conspicuous service cross. >> reporter: a difficult day for the bidens and all those who grieve with them. the governor calls them delaware's family. >> they always had each other's back and to see that grieving family, that wonderful grieving family is hard for all the people of delaware and beyond. >> beau biden died on saturday from brain cancer. he was just 46 years old. >> there will be a viewing tomorrow at a church in wilmington followed by a funeral mass on saturday. president obama will deliver the eulogy. >> announcer: news4 at 6 begins with breaking news. breaking news. in fact, within the past hour a huge data breach here in the nation's capital. and it could affect millions of people who have worked for federal agencies. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez is at the live desk with new information. >> vance, doreen the fernl information of 4 million current and former federal employees may now be in the hands of hackers.
6:00 pm
the office of personal management, the human resources department for the federal government which issues security clearances put out word just a few minutes ago. it says that it detected a cyber intrusion affecting its i.t. system in april. now, we are already making calls. we still don't know what type of personal information is at risk here. opm is offering a year and a half's worth of free credit monitoring. this is what you can do. take them up on that free service. next, monitor your bank accounts. and last, call one of the three credit reporting agencies. you've got transunion equifax or xperian. ask them to have a fraud alert put on your file. opm conducts more than 90% of federal background investigations. we're going to keep tracking this for you,


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