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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't now, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv. starting at $74.99 per month with no annual contract. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years. or from now until june 13th get a $400 visa prepaid card when you sign a 2 year agreement. go to cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v developing off the top tonight, the massive data breach of american's personal information is bigger that be we feared. team coverage of one of the largest cyber attacks in u.s. history. new includes in the senseless murder of a
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well-respected local reporter. how this video could bring police closer to her killer. >> and hear rg3's reaction to domestic allegations surrounding one of the league's top rookies. nearly every single federal agency hacked putting millions more of you at risk. this story has grown even larger and potentially more damaging than we first reported. the personal information of current and former government workers has been compromised in what may be the biggest breach ever of u.s. computer networks. >> news 4's shomari stone joins us live from the white house as the backlash begins to come in. shomari? >> reporter: well, some folks tell me they are waiting for a response from the white house. the white house has not released a response regarding this massive data breach. cyber security experts are trying to figure out how this happened. it's one of the largest security breaches of government data in
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u.s. history targeting roughly 4 million current and former federal employees. tonight cybersecurity experts are working the case and suspect china is behind the act. we've learned that the interior department was reportedly hacked and right now the fbi is investigating. officials releasing a statement saying, quote we take all potential threats to public and private sector systems seriously and will continue to investigate and hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace. federal workers and people in the private sector in the d.c. area are concerned. >> i don't know how they did it or what they did to do that, but, yeah, i think we should definitely that should be preventable. >> reporter: tonight the national employees union released a statement saying nteu is concerned about a breach of computer hackers of a range of employee data held by the office of personnel management. data security particularly in an era of rising incidents of
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identity theft is a critical important matter. some say the government need to look at its cybersecurity software. >> so that we can build systems that protect ourselves. >> reporter: it's worth mentioning that the federal government's anti-government hacking software detected the breach but now what? outside the white house, shomari stone news 4. our team coverage continues with reaction from our team coverage in washington. senator susan collins says it's another case of a foreign power successfully probing our defenses and targeting the kind of data that identifies people with security clearances. virginia democrat mark warner called it a troubling pattern of failure. quote, we cannot afford to keep drag our feet in addressing the escalating threat posed by hackers out to steal personal information and the fbi released a statement saying jumping to conclusions and making a
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hypothetical accusation is not responsible and counterproductive. they say the attacks are hard to track and identifying the source can be difficult. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. >> stay with news 4 and for continuing coverage on this story and be sure to open the nbc app for precautions on how to avoid becoming a victim. take a look right now at a live picture from the storm team 4 radar. as you can see the rain is still coming down on some of us, but chief meteorologist doug kammerer says there's a change coming our way. >> we've seen rain every single day need to see some sunshine, haven't cbs that at all and let's take a look. radar showing rain coming down across the region. heaviest rain around leesburg, west of leesburg and making its way towards lots ofville and down towards northern portions of fauquier county and another
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area of rain into prince georges county over to falls church seeing some of that rain, too, and the wider view shows that we're not done just yet. more rain offshore. that will cycle on in here around this area of low pressure. coming up in a calm minutes we'll talk about the morning commute because i think will be a little on the wet side. and we'll talk about that sunshine. will it return and what can we expect for weekend? >> thank you. the woman jesse matthews was accused of sexually assaulting will be allowed the trial. the defense wanted to block that when the victim might point out matthews as her attacker. her ability to identify him had been corrupted by media coverage. he's charged with attempted murder abduction and sexual assault and his trial is set to begin monday in fairfax. matthews also charged separately with the murder of uva student hanna graham. new at 11:00, police released new surveillance video tonight of possible suspects who
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murdered a local reporter in southeast washington. jackie bensen is live at police headquarters with more details. jackie? >> reporter: dore evening i want to tell you a couple things first before we show you that video. first of all the images are very grainy, so we're going to show it to you once at full speed and then thanks to photographer matt murray we're going to show you a series of still shots in the hopes that someone will recognize these people so, please, pay close attention. here it is. right now that's -- you're looking at the full speed. the 14 people a couple of them appear to be women are all described as persons of interest in a murder and that's very important that you hear me say that because there are some people who are going to recognize their own kids, their teenagers from this. news reporter charnese milton was killed while transferring buses on hope road on her way
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home from covering a community meeting. teenagers at a dirt bike began firing at a group of people run man is said to have grabbed the reporter and used her as a human shield. now, as i said, all 14 people on that vehicle -- on those seven vehicles appear to be teenagers. if you know them, you can contact police without having to give your name. now, for more information and to see that video again and it goes by very fast but police do believe that there are people who know who those people are.o be teenagers on those dirt bikes, and one is an atv. if you know who they are and want to contact police anonymously you can go to our website you do not have to give your name. again, for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the murder. there's a $25,000 reward. hive in for the west jackie bensen, news 4. we've learned the name of
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one of the people killed in that row how fire in d.c. 24-year-old michael patrick mclaughlin died in that place early yesterday morning. a second person was also killed but that person's name has not yet been release. fire fighters have been investigating the cause and if smoke detectors were working in that three-story house. new details emerging from search warrants found in that quadruple murder case in northwest d.c. we learned police got a warrant for a car that belonged to the victim's assistant that was found a block away from the crime scene but the assistant has not been accused of any wrongdoing in the case. we have also a picture of a boot print found on a door in the back of the how is that police believe is how the killer got inside. also today the prosecutor who will handle the case was at the scene looking through evidence and lawyers for the defendant daron dylon wint spent two hours at the house taking pictures.
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new allegations of domestic violence against a new member of the washington redskins. >> jason spoke to the team moments ago. >> reporter: robert griffin iii is talking about the allegations against the rookie wide receiver jamison crowder who was a fourth round draft pick and yesterday he had pictures posted to his instagram account. we blurred them to hide the identity but they show a woman with a bust lip and several bruises on her body. alleged crowdier caused those injuries. the pictures were later urged. tonight rg3 urged against a rush to judgment. >> i ask everybody to hold judgment. he's a young kid and we don't know what the true details of the situation are so we support him as our teammate and, you know, we pray that it's not true and move on from there. >> now earlier today agent says his account was hacked and that he did not hit anyone. the redskins say they are looking into the matter. >> i'm chris lawrence at the
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live desk with a contamination scare at the national institute of health. tonight six patients are being monitored after fungal contamination was discovered in some of the medical products made by nih. also had to stop all the clinical trials that were using products made in its facility. the contamination was discovered in april and inspectors from the food and drug administration were at that facility within the past week. they found numerous problems including inadequate training and quality control. nih officials have suspended manufacturing operations at that facility after fungus was discovered in two vials which were being used to administer a cancer drug. the head of the nih called it unacceptable and said the fact that patients may have been put in harm's way because of a failure to follow standard operating procedures is deeply troubling. the six patients who receive potentially contaminated injections are being watched but so far they haven't shown any signs of illness or infection.
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at the live desk i'm chris lawrence. a maryland couple's dream home quickly turning into a nightmare after they found this slithering through their house. find out who the family wants to pay for this snake invasion. >> imagine enjoying a flight on a private plane and then having it end up like this. what happened and why it could have been so much worse. >> and you still have time to make do more 24 go viral. a campaign led online by the united way by the national capital area. the money can go to your favorite local charity. logon to for a link. 95 southbound through the triangle, two left lanes closed until tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.
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a scary landing for five people in a small business jet that landed without its nose gear today in philadelphia. the plane skidded to a stop on its nose and emergency crews quickly surrounded and sprayed flame retardant foam around it as a precaution. fortunately no fire and all five people on board this plane were able to walk off the jet on their own. incident did cause flight delays at philly's main airport for about an hour. >> what was supposed to be a maryland family's dream home has turned into an absolute nightmare. the annapolis house is infested with snakes, some as long as 7 feet. dozens of black and rat snacks have been found slithering in the ceilings and walls. the family gutted the house something insurance won't cover. and it may not be enough. experts say the pheromones will
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continue to attract other snakes. the couple is worried about their kids. >> you feel like you've put your kids in harm ice way because they are living with snakes and want to know they are not going to mistake our infant for some big vermin. >> the brooks have filed a $2 million lawsuit against the real estate agent that sold them the house. agent knew about the snakes and didn't tell them. new at 11:00 the air force plans to make it harder to discharge transgender airmen. those who identify as transgender are discharged on medical grounds. doctors and commanders have traditionally made those decisions and now the new air force policy requires high-level officials at air force headquarters to make those decisions. a major victory today for the little pink pill that some are calling the female viagra. an fda panel has recommended its
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approval but there's a major difference between purpose of drug and viagra. flins flibanserin flibanserin as it's called can only -- an official decision from the fda is expected in august. if you think putting one of those microchips in your dog will help them get reunited but that's not necessarily the case. portia miller had a microchip put in her dog and when he was stolen two other people have registered the dog on the patriot missile page that was put into her dog and time did anyone tell her they had them. >> they are supposed to scan dogs for microchips and my information is supposed to pop up and it's supposed to say this dog is missing.
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>> when he ended up in a minneapolis shelter it was said to give to the most recent owner. now miller doesn't have her dog just a broken heart. video into the newsroom showing one of several tornadoes that touched down in colorado tonight. this large twister was spotted in albert count be100 miles southeast of denver. at least five homes were damaged here. nobody has been reported injured. >> that's a big one. >> looks like a big one and we're still at beginning of tornado season, aren't we. >> we are especially in our area. that starts to ramp up here in the next month or two. nothing like that for us. can't get tornadoes in 60-degree temperatures. can you get a lot of rain though. >> we've noticed. >> got a lot of rain. >> take a look outside. still dealing with that rain. storm team 4 radar coming through area and into baltimore and town towards frederick and leesburg all seeing that rain.
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you can see where the heaviest rain is. between frederick and loudon county. heavier rain toward of porter rocks and down towards warrenton and 66 and keep going on 66 you get towards fairfax county. seeing that rain right around fairfax and falls church seeing that rain right around newington and springfield and over towards clinton and diehl and northern arundel county. the nationals trying to get that game in with showers on and off. all in all i think we'll continue to see just some shower activity. the area of low pressure continues to spin just down to our south. can you see more shower activity off the coast and trying to make its way in here, but we're not going to see a lot more overnight. i do think tomorrow morning will be okay. 62 degrees is the current temperature. 59 in gaithersburg so wake up and stepping out the front door, the driving impact. i do expect a few showers.
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could either be a few areas of fog and that might be a bigger concern in some locations. heads up making your way out the door between 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning and 4:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon, what is, that the sunshine? >> what? >> the sun comes out tomorrow. it's amazing. nice and warm and temperatures around the 76-degree mark. right now i've got us looking at mostly cloudy skies. all because that area of low pressure down to the south and i want to pint out back to the west. these clouds to push our way. that will help push this system out of here and finally we'll get into some nicer weatherest next couple of days. high temperatures back into the 70s. 76 in fredericksburg and 75 in culpeper and more clouds farther north and east. exercise impact tomorrow, cool, dreary start. maybe a shower so better in the the 60s all the way through around 11:00 and maybe even noon and then when we get some sunshine if we get some sunshine we get back to the mid-72s and that's going to feel
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real really nice. speaking of really, really nice, seven-day forecast including 80 on saturday. 40% chance of showers and most of that i think is well west of sunday. a high temperature of 76. we get to 89 on monday and then you'll be saying doug it's too hot. can't we get some cooler weather. >> we won't be saying that. >> might when we get to 90 next thursday and a chance of thunderstorms on monday and possibly get them in on tuesday. >> looks pretty good. just have to wait for the warmer temps to get here. >> grin and bear it. you've done good so far. >> the covenant house of washington is celebrating 20 years of serving young people who are homeless across the d.c. area. the organization held its fourth annual night of stars gala tonight over at the howard theater in northwest d.c. our very own community director is receiving the lizzie award for her philanthropic work and our own aaron gilchrist emceed the event tonight. >> next at 11:00, the nats keeping it close as they welcome
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a young star back to the lineup. >> do more 20 is a donation campaign online led by the united way of the national capital area. the money can go to your favorite local charity.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought tout by xfinity your home to the most live sports. >> well rain delays a bit today but they are playing right now. >> playing right now and so far i want to say that they are looking good but they have a chance to still win this game at nationals park. anthony randon was back in the
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national's lineup for all year and besides jayson werth being out this is the lineup everyone expected to see before the season. unfortunately not much offense again tonight. the nats finally snapped their scoreless inning streak at 18, an hour and 50 minute long rain delay but those who toughed it out got a bobblehead. bases loaded jam for gio gonzalez. does get sterling castro to hit into a double play. he eventually gets out of the inning only giving up two runs. let's go to the bottom of the inning. a standing ovation from fans. anthony rendon got his first at-bat of the season and did not disappoint. he'll rip that ball into the outfield and he was 2 for 3 at the plate tonight. meanwhile the nats best scoring chance that came in the sixth inning. bases loaded and one out for bryce harper. the chopper to second.
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dennard span would score. harper appears to beat out the throw but he's called out. nats, they trail this one 2-1 right now. this game taking place. it's in the seventh inning. let's go out to houston. o's facing the astros. never trust adam jones with the pie in his hands. mascot learns the hard way. to the game now, eighth inning tied at two. adam jones hadn't homered since may 11. changes that. it's all pie. sole ore home run right there. seventh of the season and the o's, they have a 3-2 lead. bottom of the eighth now, zach britton on the hill. jonathan millar representing the go-ahead run at the plate and can't handle the low heat. o's snap a five-game losing skid and they take this one by a final score of 3-2. for the last few years around this timeoked forward to pierre gargson's annual all-white party benefiting the boys and girls club of greater washington. tonight players coaches and
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leaders around the community came together for a great cause. the all white look gracing the redskins quite well. keeping the white all clean. despite the rain tonight, rg3 you saw him rocking the bowtie there. every player said they look forward to this night as soon as off-season practices start. pierre's teammates want to know when to mark their call ker. >> definitely exciting to hear that because i to this event. a good thing. everybody comes out and let's loose and we rays money for the charity so definitely a good thing. >> a lot of this stuff doesn't get highlighted enough. you hear the negative stories about what players are doing but you don't really get to good grasp of what they are doing in the community and pierre is one of those guys doing a great job. >> i did attend the event tonight. despite wearing this they let me in. >> had the white shirt on. >> stuck out like a sore thumb. >> i
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before we say good night we want you to know you still have a little time to make do more 24 go viral. it's led by the united way the money can go to your favorite local charity. logon to and find a link on our home page. still a few more minutes to join the effort there. >> countdown. that does it for us. thanks for having us in for news. "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon is heading your way next. >> we'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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