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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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hacked. the culprit perhaps china. we're learning how the government is scrambling to contain this breach. and plus the rain is lingering this morning. storm team 4 radar showing some showers across our area at this hour, but will we be seeing something we have not seen in a while? quite possibly the sun. all smiles, tom. >> yeah a bright spot in the sky, sunshine breaking out by later this afternoon. but not this morning. we have some clouds around and those clouds are producing a little bit of mist, a little sprinkle, drizzle. right now around the metro area and much of maryland, virginia, even into west virginia as the low clouds continue to cruise in from the east. and this area in green getting some light sprinkles, montgomery, howard, prince george's and loudoun and down toward stafford and spotsylvania and fauquier. southern maryland too, eastern shore, getting some sprinkles this morning. temperatures are in the 50s to near 60 degrees. so another very cool morning. dress accordingly.
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you will need a light jacket and the umbrella for this morning, then during the afternoon sunglasses and short sleeves as with we'll get some sunshine back and warmer temperatures on the way. at the bus stop this morning, between 7:00 and 8:00 we'll be hovering near upper 50s with a little bit of drizzle. then between 8:00 and 9:00, most of that drizzle should be ending. still cloudy, rather cool. hovering right around 60 degree. now melissa is checking on the commute. >> an update right now on metro here this morning. tom, green line is no longer single tracking but the delays do continue here this morning. wet pavement like tom is talking about kind of got that sheen across the roads across our area this morning. 66 at fairfax county parkway. eastbound and westbound looking good. we have linton hall road shut down between harness shop and
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bridle wood because of a water main break. you have to work around that there. northbound 95, 23 miles an hour through dale city and prince george's is looking good. travel times in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. developing this morning millions of you are headed to work knowing your information is in jeopardy. a data breach at the office of personnel management put more than 4 million past and present workers' data at risk. news4's megan mcgrath is live in north west with what this breach means for you and your family. good morning. >> reporter: well good morning, eun. this of course could have a big impact on the washington area. lots of people in this region work for the federal government. and this is a big hack. we're talking about potentially 4 million current and past federal employees involved here. their personal data is now at risk and china is suspected to be behind the hack. hackers broke into the data
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system and names and social security numbers and birth dates may have been compromised in this. opm approves security clearances. although a u.s. official tells nbc news that it does not appear to be a worst case scenario where identities of covert agencies were revealed. federal employees affected by the hack will be notified and they'll have access to identity theft insurance. but if you get a notice that you're a part of all of this, you should also keep a very close eye on your personal accounts. your financial accounts, just to make sure that no questionable activity is occurring. meanwhile, china is denying involvement in this. in fact, they say the accusations are irresponsible. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, megan. 6:0 right now. today family and friends will will pay their final respect to a local reporter killed on the
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way home from an assignment. the wake for charnice milton starts at 6:00. investigators are trying to figure out who killed her. d.c. police released some new video of 14 persons of interest in her murder. the video is grainy but shows several teens on dirt bikes and atvs. she was murdered while transferring buses last wednesday on good hope road. police are asking you to give them a call if you recognize anybody in this video. we have posted this video on if you want a closer look. 6:05. today we can learn if a former teacher of the year who admits he sexually abused a student will be free on bond. giovanni pena faces a judge at 2:00 p.m. he taught at the oyster-adams bilingual school and he confessed to touching the boy sexual i multiple times in the classroom and sending the boy a sexual focus on snapchat. the victim said that pena had
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been a close family friend. jury deliberations begin in a high profile dui case. charles smith was high on pcp when he crashed his car back in 2013. this happened in cottage city over the d.c. line. smith's 4-year-old son died in that crash. he was not secured in his car seat and he was ejected. another child was injured. smith is facing manslaughter charges. we're working to learn the identity of a second person killed in a deadly rowhouse fire in the district. the medical examiner identified 24-year-old michael patrick mcloughlin as one of the people who died in the fire on riggs place northwest early wednesday morning. d.c. fire investigators are working to figure out what started the fire and if the smoke detectors were working in the three-story house. i'm molette green at the live desk. you have to see the tornadoes took a directive path through parts of colorado.
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and you can hear it. the twisters tore through areas outside of denver bringing baseball-sized hail. look at that. so big and heavy in some areas. it's hard to even assess the damage just yet. the storms heavily damaged or destroyed at least 30 homes so far. flooded roads and knocked out power. luckily, no injuries reported. that is the latest. back to you, aaron. >> thank you. today you're eninvited to celebrate fairfax. it starts at the fairfax county government center. a lot of activities for you and the kids too. including live concerts carnival rides, crafts. the festival runs through sunday night. officials are warning do not sit in this chair. take a look. what they want you to do with it instead that will keep you safe. investigators looking for a new link in the murder of a
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family and their housekeeper inside the d.c. mansion. what they hope one victim's assistant will lead them to. rain rain go away, tom kierein says it will. he is timing out whether it will be gone for your morning commute. i'm kristin wright live in prince george's county. today, police will show us a new tool they say they'll use to protect our children and crack down on speeding drivers in
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. you're watching "news4 today." >> if you bought a hanging chair from big lots it may tip over. the company is recalling 16,000 chairs because when they face sideways, the swing -- they swing beyond the base and can tip over. if you bought a chair between last december and january of this year, you should throw the base away and return the chair. you'll get a full refund.
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there have been eight reports of chairs tipping over causing minor injuries. check this out. google just added 40 underwater locations to street view. isn't that pretty cool? >> why? >> so we can see this. virtual divers can check out this humpback whale swimming near the reefs or shipwrecks around the world. beautiful images. you know these are places we might not be able to see, aaron. >> okay. >> this is all in honor of world oceans day, that's monday. while there are plenty of underwater wonders to marvel at it shows the deterioration underwater. guess what i'll do after the show? yeah. and then get a doughnut. >> i don't understand why it was on street view. like you need to map a route. i'm trying to understand. 11 minutes after the hour. tom? >> our street views look like this with all the rain we have had. i'm growing gills.
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there's a live view from the storm team 4 city camera and they're producing some mists and a little bit of drizzle in the metro area. the storm team 4 radar showing sprinkles, these areas in green howard, montgomery county prince george's and down 95, prince william into stafford and spotsylvania. moving off to the north and west. there's the capitol under the gray sky. temperatures by 8:00. low 60s. but then by 10:00 drying out finally with just a cloudy sky in the mid 60s by noon. a little sun begins to break out. temperatures by then the upper 60s. a look at when we may get storms over the weekend, next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. now melissa has a new crash. >> new report of a crash here. take a look at this. this is westbound leesburg pike after the beltway. sounds like we might have a right lane blocked. trying to get some more information on this one for you in the next couple of minutes. green line delays, remember that. travel times overall looking
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good. 95 inbound. 66 inbound. southbound 270. no issues there. outer loop looks good as well. remember to listen to our friends at wtop when you hop in your car. >> thank you, melissa. with a single drop of blood a new test could explain your medical history and your medical future. graduation season means proud and excited parents, but can you be too excited? how puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support... putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story.... "unfair treatment from washington"...
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"thousands without medications"... "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." president obama must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late...
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it is 6:16. a developing story in china right now. disaster teams righted the capsized cruise liner in the search of the 340 people still missing. 450 people were on board when the ship overturned in bad weather four days ago. so far, only 97 bodies have been found. 14 people survived. this just in. taliban militants who prosecutors say confessed to their role in the assassination attempt of a pakistani school girl are free this morning. details just coming in. the police chief says there was a lack of evidence in the
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shooting of malala yousafzai, the outspoken teen activist who was shot in the head in 2012. just last year she won a nobel prize for her work to achieve women's equality. 17 after the hour. we continue to dig through newly released search warrants in the quadruple case in d.c. we know that police have a warrant for a car that belonged to the victim's assistant. it was found a block away from the crime scene. he has not been accused of anything and we have a picture of a boot print on the back of the door. yesterday, prosecutors and lawyers for daron wint were at that home looking through evidence and taking pictures. prince george's county police are trying to figure out why someone shot an 18-year-old to death. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information on davonte' king's murder. he was found shot yesterday
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morning on 6th street in bowie. he died at the hospital and neighbors say the area used to be a nice place, but things have changed over the years. >> i'm hearing from this conversation today, there's starting to be some problems here on the street and i think the police will address this issue. >> the police believe he was targeted. the woman who accused jesse matthew of sexual assault will be allowed to identify him in court. it is a blow to the defense which wanted to block that moment. defense lawyers say that police guided him to matthew. the victim said she found the photo on her own after he was indicted for her rape. she was attacked while walking home in 2005, and matthew's trial starts on monday. chandra levy's parents say the wounds will never completely heal. they spoke to nbc news yesterday after a judge ruled that the man convicted of her murder will be
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retry. ingmar guandique was sentenced to 60 years in prison, but defense lawyers appealed saying the star witness was unreliable. he'll appear in court next week. an fda panel is recommending the little pink pill some call the female viagra. but the final decision will not be made until august. flibanserin works in the brain to increase the woman's libido. side effects can cause fainting and low blood pressure. we're learning there's a new blood test that can detect every virus that you have ever caught. scientists say it only needs a single drop of blood. it looks at the body's immune responses to viruses and doctors hope this test can help them figure out whether infections
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early in life can affect your immunity later. you can get a free doughnut on your way to work. it's free doughnut day. participating dunkin' donuts is handing out free doughnuts after you buy a beverage there. this started 80 years ago after the salvation army used doughnuts to raise money after the depression. >> and aaron's favorite doughnut is blue berry. >> yours is chocolate. >> of course. if you want to do something nice for people in alexandria, you might get a free doughnut. sugar shack is rewarding acts of kindness. the police department, fire department and first responders will be handing out free doughnut coupons to anyone they see doing something nice for someone else. this campaign will run indefinitely. i love it. >> that's a bet -- that's an awesome idea. >> it reinforces good behavior.
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i feel like in the positive attitude. just restores our faith in humanity. >> sounds good. you know what? not so much rain to deal with today if you're looking for the officers who are going to be handing out the freebies. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> i have a sweet, sunny glazed forecast for you this morning, and some sunshine breaking out by later today. not now. we still have the low clouds and they're producing sprinkles and drizzle around the area. a few scattered sprinkles in nearby virginia. all is moving off to the north and west. and sky cast 4, a promising day today. staying cloudy through 8:00, 9:00. but by 11:00 to noontime breaks in the clouds. lo and behold we'll see a little bit of blue showing through and then during the rest of the afternoon some sunshine. clouds coming and going. nice blue sky from time to time. absolutely beautiful afternoon. into the evening hours may get
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more clouds coming back in by late tonight. temperatures right now are in the mid to upper 50s. montgomery, alexandria, arlington. right near 60. most of the rural areas of maryland and virginia now mid and upper 50s as well. hour by hour today, temperatures by 8:00 near 60. by noontime, upper 60s when we get the sun breaking out. by the time you head home mid 70s. there's a chance of an isolated shower or thundershower in shenandoah valley later on this afternoon. celebrate fairfax, a great family fair. saturday might be interrupted by an afternoon thunderstorm. not too humid. sunday looks like the best day. mild, low humidity. comfortable temperatures in the upper 70s. and then on monday, start feeling like summer again. in the low 80s. might get an afternoon storm and hot and humid.
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pretty hot on wednesday and thursday. could get a few more storms around on thursday. next weather and traffic on the 1s your drive time forecast for this friday and melissa has an update on the morning commute. >> a problem here. this is the report of a downed pole prince george's county. shutting down a portion of livingston road near oxon hill road. trying to get more information on this right now to see what exactly might be closed, but right now just getting a report of this. so don't be too nervous hearing that at this point this morning. green line delays, and southbound, fine. northbound, nice and smooth. a warning that it will be little wet on some roads this morning. in bristow, linton hall road closed between harness shop road and bridlewood drive. 66 a tiny bit slow through manassas. your slowest spot is northbound through dale city. traveling to the northeast 29, 95 in maryland and b.w. parkway
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overall looking good. 95 southbound here, a tad slow. as you're approaching the beltway. getting the typical slowdowns. back in ten minutes. i'm sorry. back in ten minutes with more, but right now we'll talk about kristin wright. she is live for us in prince george's county this morning. talking about kind of a new gadget that police say they're going to be introducing this afternoon. >> reporter: that's right melissa. you know, the truth of the matter is that people speed through school zones. they just do even with speed cameras watching. so police here in prince george's county say they have a new tool that will deter speeders and protect our children. we want to show it to you. it is called -- it's a photo laser gun. it's a handheld photo laser gun. prince george's county police tweeted this picture. we'll get a much closer look at it this morning. police are doing to show us how it works. they'll explain where they'll use it in the county and tell us
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why they think the technology will help make our roads safer. police aren't using the photo laser gun just yet, but with we're told going to use it soon. again, police are going to unveil this device to us this morning. among the questions we'll ask is what are the advantages compared to say you know, speed cameras. but also what are the possible concerns? are they accurate? is it a fair system? so eun, more to come this morning. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. your time is 6:25. community members directly affected by the baltimore riots can speak to senator ben cardin. he is scheduled to attend a community discussion. he says he'll work to ensure the federal government addresses the immediate aftermath of the rioting. riots broke out in april after freddie gray became critically hurt while in police custody and died. six police officers are now charged in connection with his death. more than a month after those riots in baltimore, investigators are still working to identify the people who looted businesses.
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the dea released the new photos of people they believe looted pharmacies. 27 pharmacies and two methadone clinics were hit hard during the riots. some of the pharmacies still don't know what was taken but officials say there could be hundreds of thousands of dangerous medication on the streets. looking for a cheap get away. southwest airlines is extending a major fare sale through midnight tonight. the airline introduced the fall travel sale earlier this week. pretty much everybody went to the website and it crashed. it is back up now. the sale includes prices as low as $49 for a one-way nonstop flight. well, the next story sounds pretty crazy, but it is true. >> okay. four family members could face jail time for cheering to loudly at a mississippi graduation. last thursday, henry walker cheered you did it baby and he was escorted out of the commencement ceremony.
6:27 am
the district encourages to wait until all names are called before celebrating. that request is printed in the graduation program. >> i hope we send a message that everybody deserves a right to hear their child's name called, see their child walk across the stage. >> when a child do all they can to graduate it's an honor and a privilege for them to walk that stage. it's a privilege for me to clap for mine. >> police charged four members of the walker family with disturbing the peace. and this is not just a small thing. that is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $500 fine. so you can imagine this is causing a lot of debate about whether the punishment fits the crime. >> they'll be in court next week. you're right, we can debate it on facebook. >> i know what you think. what if you could get to baltimore from d.c. in 15 minutes? >> who wants to make it a reality and how much they're willing to make you pay to make it happen. and hear rg3's reaction to
6:28 am
the domestic violence reactions swirling around a top rookie. we're not done with the rain just yet. tom kierein will break it down, and when it will be gone. a cyber attack targeting personal information of current and former government workers and you could be one of them. what lawmakers say should have been done to prevent it.
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right now a massive cyber attack is on the scale. u.s. officials have never seen it before. personal records of 4 million federal government employees are at risk and this morning lawmakers say it could have been prevented. and a little drizzle outside this morning. but get ready for a change. tom, that he's in store? >> let's accent the drizzle. not as much as yesterday. overnight it's tapered off but we have some scattered sprinkles showing up on the storm team 4 radar. they are mainly north and south of the metro area, but the pavement is still wet. the beltway, 95 270, 66, route 50, 95 north and south a few scattered sprinkles. these areas in green on the
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storm team 4 radar. these are moving off to the north and west. that should be the last of it. over the next hour or so it will quickly taper off. right now a cool morning. in the 50s. for the morning commute, caution because pavement will be wet for the morning commute. but then during the afternoon, it will be drying out so green lights for the commute or the this afternoon. for this morning we'll have damp roads with temperatures around 60 degrees. when you come home, you'll need the sun visors down and temperatures in the mid 70s. that's welcome sunshine. we have been suffering from solar deprivation the last few days. >> i have been shaking. withdrawal. i need a little sunshine. dry on the roads, please. all right. right now i want to tell you about an issue here. norbeck road at layhill, we have some construction happening because of a water main break that happened earlier there in that area. they're trying to get that repaired and cleaned up for us this morning. also prince george's livingston
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road, a report of a downed pole. 395 actually looking quite good for this time of the morning. a little bit of light volume. top of the beltway is slow as you're going on the outer loop. 95 in virginia, no problems. a little bit of that wet roadway we have to deal with. coming back here in ten minutes we'll have a look at travel times. the latest now in the developing story this morning. millions of federal government employees have had their personal information stolen by hackers. we know this could affect many of you. names social security numbers and birth dates are all exposed. china based hackers are suspected. but china says the allegations are irresponsible. lawmakers are demanding action to stop these kind of breaches from happening. nbc's tracie potts is live now on capitol hill with more on what they want to change exactly. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. some are saying we should have changed the law a long time ago, like susan collins. republican on the intelligence committee. she says that this is long overdue.
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she's also warning that this could be valuable information to countries like china even though china is denying it. also we're hearing from democrat mark warner of virginia also on the intelligence committee. he says there's a pattern here of the government failing to protect the information of the people who work for it. he calls it an escalating threat. and that's not just coming from democrats. republican richard burr of north carolina says that the government needs to be a lot more proactive. not notifying people after the fact which by the way is what that i'll start doing on monday. you can find out more about this on our nbc washington app. you can download that app and get more information about how to monitor your own personal information. your financial data and how to avoid becoming a victim. >> tracie potts on the hill for us thank you. it's now 6:35. players on the redskins are reacting after one of their teammates was accused of domestic violence.
6:35 am
crowder had pictures on his instagram account they show a woman with a busted lip and several bruises. these are allegations that crowder caused the injury shown here. the pictures were later removed. last night, quarterback rg3 usualed against a rush -- urged against a rush to judgment. >> i ask everybody to hold judgment. he's a young kid, we don't know what the true details of the situation are. so we support him as our teammate. and, you know, we pray it's not true. move on from there. >> crowder's agent says his account was hacked and that he did not hit anyone. the redskins are looking into the matter. today the man accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend to death outside a germantown target store will be in court. donald bricker is charged with first degree murder in mariam adebayo's death. he shot her in the parking lot after some kind of argument.
6:36 am
officers arrested him after a short car chase and crash. two lawmakers in spotsylvania county want you to pay a special tax to go to the baseball game at the proposed new minor league stadium. lawmakers are considering a site for the new home of the hagerstown sun. the team says it will pick up $8 million of the $33 million price tag. the county is trying to figure out how the finance the rest. not everyone likes the tax idea at a meeting last night, so lawmakers will meet next week to continue the discussion. and right now, we have wet roads across some parts of the area and a downed pole blocking lanes in prince george's county. more details coming up. and there's something slithering in the walls of a maryland family's dream home and it's turning it into a horror house. what they say their realtor never told them. he stopped short of saying no to the purple line so why is larry hogan pushing full speed
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ahead for a different multimillion dollar train? maybe because it could get you from d.c. to baltimore in 15 minutes.
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it is literally a nightmare come true. snakes apparently taking over a house in annapolis. dozens of black and rat snakes have been found slithering in the ceilings, in the walls. the brooks family already gutted the house. that may not be enough though. the experts say the pheromones will continue to attract more snakes. >> you feel like you've just put your kids in harm's way. they're living with snakes because our first question is just tell us that they're not going to mistake our infant for some big vermin. >> yeah, the brooks family has filed a $2 million lawsuit
6:41 am
against the real estate firm and the agent who sold them the house. they say the agent knew about the snakes and didn't tell them. >> i can't even look at the story much less imagine in the walls of your home. and you can't escape them. >> it's got to be scary stuff. where's samuel l. jackson when you need him? 6:41 as we take a live look outside. pretty dreary. 59 degrees. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein said there is an upside later on in the day. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> is that the space needle or the capitol? some scattered sprinkles in maryland and the district and moving off to the north and west. this should be the last of it though. in a couple of hours we should dry out. right now in the 50s. but feast your eyes on neighborhood highs later today. sunshine breaking out. we should make it into the mid 70s, low 70s, east around the
6:42 am
bay near 70. shenandoah valley, mid 70s. out of the mountains too, mid 70s. might get showers in shenandoah valley. a look at the storm chances for the weekend at 6:51. melissa, what's doing on with the downed wires? >> starting to see slowdowns in livingston road, this is a rt report of downed wires. also green line on time between pg plaza and college park. we had delays because of single tracks this morning. 95 looking great. 66 eastbound from fairfax county beltway on time. 270 south a few minutes behind, no big deal at all. outer loop top of the beltway taking you 25 minutes instead of 12. so that's slow outer loop top of the beltway. remember to listen to our friends from wtop when you hop in your cars. mess you, eun, was that a sneeze? >> no, that was my sneeze. >> thank you, melissa. >> thanks, melissa. developing news right now,
6:43 am
millions of government workers attacked and they didn't know about it. what the fbi is warning you to do in the aftermath of the massive data breach. and two of your favorite stores are making it more conve
6:44 am
6:45 am
developing now, millions of government workers trying to figure out how hackers stole their personal information.
6:46 am
we know this could affect you and we have information that can keep you safe. and scattered sprinkles throughout maryland virginia the district this morning on the storm team 4 radar. they should pretty much end though over the next hour or so and by 8:00 this morning, near 60 degrees with a cloudy sky. by noon, a little sunshine breaks out. should be in the upper 60s. headed back home today, partly cloudy, mid 70s during the afternoon. might get an isolated shower or thundershower in shenandoah valley. a report of a downed pour in prince george's county and in silver springs, layhill, emergency road work is underway. thank you. millions of you are headed to work knowing your personal information is in jeopardy. a data breach at the office of personnel management put more
6:47 am
than 4 million past and present workers' data at risk. news4's megan mcgrath is live in northwest with more. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning eun. i am standing in front of the office of personnel management on "e" street and all around me are federal buildings and many people work for the federal government. so this could have a huge impact. a very large breach potentially 4 million current and past federal employees may now have the personal information at risk. china is suspected to be behind the hack. those hackers broke in to the computer data system for the office of personnel management, opm. personal information including names, social security numbers and birth dates may have been compromised in this. there's particular concern because opm approves security clearances, although a u.s. official tells nbc news that this does not appear to be a worst case scenario where identities of covert agents were reveal. federal employees will be notified, those notices expected to come out on monday. and they'll also if they're
6:48 am
impacted affected by this, you'll have access to identity theft insurance. but the rule of thumb here is whenever you're exposed to a hack like this, you want to keep very close eye on your personal accounts. your financial transactions, just to make sure that everything is legitimate. meanwhile, china is denying any involvement in this. in fact, they say the accusations are irresponsible. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. our consumer reporter erika gonzalez says this is what you can do to protect yourself. opm is offering a year and a half worth of free credit monitoring take them up on it. next monitor your bank accounts and call one of three credit reporting agencies, transunion, equifax or experion and ask to have a fraud alert put on your trial. there will be a wake tonight for charnice milton. someone shot milton on her way home from an assignment.
6:49 am
she will be laid to rest as investigators try to figure pout who killed her. d.c. police released new video of 14 persons of interest in her murder. it shows several teens on dirt bikes and atvs. milton was murdered while transferring buses on good hope road last wednesday. police are asking you to give them a call if you recognize anyone or have any information. we have posted this video on i just tweeted it out too if you want to take a closer look. today the final preparations are underway in wilmington for the funeral of beau biden. friends, family and colleagues gathered in delaware yesterday to honor the former attorney general. biden lay in honor in the delaware senate chamber surround surrounded by family. it was the first of several services to be held before tomorrow's mass. biden was 46 years old. he died after a long battle with brain cancer. your shopping trip go from taking an hour to a few minutes
6:50 am
at sam's club. they introduced club pickup. you can order items on line. it's free for members. some stores will offer a mobile check-in app that lets you notify the store when you arrive. just load the car and then take off. ten were before the hour and walmart is testing out in-store pickup service. landon dowdy at cnbc with more on this. it's groceries, right? >> hey, that's right. aaron, it's groceries, and walmart wants your grocery dollar. they start a new pilot program with five stand alone centers built specifically for customers to pick up orders placed online. so here's how it works. you type in your name or number at a kiosk. you park in a designated spot and workers will deliver your groceries to your car. sounds nice. and how do you like your subway sandwiches? they're eliminating artificial flavors and colorings over the
6:51 am
next 18 months. trying to cash in on consumer demand for healthier food. among the ingredients being axed, caramel coloring added to steak and pastrami. >> interesting. today you're invited to celebrate fairfax. it starts at 6:00 tonight. a lot of entertainment on tap, activities for the kids including live concerts. you can see the animals there. crafts and rides too. the festival lasts through sunday night. very fun. bring the kids. >> okay. i'll find -- >> you can -- >> tom, good weekend to get out right? >> yeah, boy do we deserve it. >> yeah. >> after what we have been through in the last few days. yeah, we missed the sun. we have been suffering from solar deprivation. we have low clouds producing scattered sprinkles on the storm team 4 radar. but that's really diminished
6:52 am
quickly in last hour. patches of green, a few sprinkles in montgomery, howard, prince george's, right along the potomac on the western side of charles county. far eastern fairfax. farther west, a few sprinkles here in central fauquier county and southern prince william. where temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s. closer to washington, mid 50s in the beltway. inside the beltway around 60 degrees. near 60 around the chesapeake bay. skycast 4 looking promising by 8:00 this morning. still cloudy, but look at noontime. the clouds break up. a little blue starts to show through. sunshine will be beaming down through breaks in the clouds during the afternoon. and welcome sunshine should warm things as well. into evening hours, a nice evening if you're headed out. right now some sprinkles on the lens there of our city camera. there's the jefferson memorial. washington monument. not the seattle space needle. later today, we'll be into the upper 60s i be noon and then low to mid 70s.
6:53 am
as you head back home, you'll be comfortable in short sleeves. great weather for celebrate fairfax by later this afternoon. and for tomorrow. although may be interrupted by an afternoon thundershower with temperatures around 80 degrees in the afternoon. best day on sun day in the upper 70s. beautiful day. that's the story throughout much of the weekend. when you're out and about, take a photo. i took this one of brand new corn coming up in a cornfield in northern montgomery county yesterday afternoon under the low clouds. the corn was happy to soak up the rain. most of the region, beautiful weekend. the only chance of any rain or storms is saturday afternoon. mainly west of i-95. looks like that's the zone for that. then on monday into next week, it's starting to feel like summer again. well into the 80s. chances of storms on monday, tuesday and thursday.
6:54 am
here is melissa looking at the slowdowns on the road. >> yeah, as you approach the virginia visitor center, not terrible. still wanted to mention that. linton hall road still closed between harness shop road and bridlewood road. livingston road, still seeing some slow downs because of a downed pole. overall, the beltway is quite happy for this friday. i think some folks are out of town. top of the beltway is typically slow. volume not as bad as normal. look at 395, usually we start to get red this hour. right now not as bad. beltway at kenilworth, typical volume there. slow at 95 southbound, b.w. parkway outside the beltway, a tad slow as well. happy friday, everybody. that's a twister that was one of many spotted in northern
6:55 am
colorado. marble sized hail was brought to larimer last night. 30 homes were destroyed there and fortunately no people were hurt. maryland governor hogan is looking to possibly bring a high-speed train to our area. the governor is in asia right now on a multination visit. he rode a maglev train and he called it incredible. he applied for funds to study the high speed maglev rail line between baltimore and d.c. it would make a trip from baltimore to washington just 15 minutes. that is fast. the discovery channel is getting ready for shark week and they want you to help. take a look. there's chompy. listen up. the giant inflatable shark will not be returning to the outside of the channel's silver spring headquarters. oh no. he needed a rest. but they are going to create a mural and they want you to help design it. take a look. the mural will cover the entire southside of the building facing colesville road route 29. vote on three different themes including love bites, jaw-some
6:56 am
and i heart shark. we have a link on the nbc washington facebook page. get some creative ideas. hey, today for the first time in district's history a street will be named in honor of a la tina. the carlos school will rename the 500 block of "v" street as sonia gutierrez way. she served as an educator for more than 30 years and that naming ceremony begins at 10:00 this morning. here are four things to know as you head out the door. police are paying close attention to one of the victims in the quadruple case. police are searching a car that belonged to the assistant. disaster teams in china righted the capsized cruise liner to search for the people still missing. so far 97 bodies have been found, 14 survived. today the final preparations are underway in wilmington for the funeral of beau biden. friends, family and colleagues gathered yesterday to honor the
6:57 am
former attorney general. it was the first of several services to be held before tomorrow's mass. biden was 46 years old. he died after a battle with brain cancer. the white house says 4 million federal workers' personal data may have fallen into the hands of hackers. china said it's not involved. that's it. >> that's it. >> that is the broadcast. >> still on the doughnuts. >> lose a hand. >> "today" show is next.
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good morning. breaking overnight. tornadoes rip through colorado. >> here it is! we have touchdown, people! >> more than two dozen homes damaged or destroyed. hail knee deep. and now a new threat flash flooding. 's tracking it all. massive hack. the u.s. points the finger at china for what could be the biggest u.s. government data breach ever. information on 4 million federal employees stolen. this morning the chinese are firing back. serial shooter? at least two people killed another person wounded near denver. the attacks apparently random. an unprecedented manhunt now underway. and triple


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