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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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is my information in the hands of a hacker? we'll have to wait until monday for that answer. opm says it will begin notifying people then. >> it seems like it happens way too often. >> two years ago the president signed a bill on cyber security, information sharing, prive 60 and the adoption of security practices. but here we are again talking about yet another breach, puzzling leaving some employees to question the days of old. >> there's something to be said for the old paper system where they actually had to break into the building in order to get information information. >> in the next half hour, i'll be joined by a cyber security expert who's going to tell us what he thinks hackers plan to do with the information and how that's different from the breaches like target and home depot. >> we'll see you then. erika, thank you. stay with us for continuing coverage of this massive data breach, both on air and online. turn on the alert on our app to get updates on this developing story all weekend long.
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for the first time, we are hearing from the mother of the woman who was killed this week outside of that target in germantown. her daughter went there to talk to her ex-boyfriend who was accused is shooting her with a gun that he had purchased online that same day. news4's chris gordon is in rockville where donald bricker appeared in district court just a few hours ago. chris? >> reporter: a judge today denied bond for donald bricker. he remains in detention at the montgomery county jail. now, today for the first time, i spoke to the victim's mother at her germantown home. she asked us not to show her face on camera. >> my daughter shade was a very beautiful and very intelligent human being. >> reporter: cassandra watkins says the last time she spoke to her mother was monday. but shade obvious -- six-month
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relationship. bricker is charged with shooting adebayo in the target parking lot. >> in my opinion, i think that they should put him away, that he would never come out to hurt a soul. all the children that he had just met up with, he just doesn't need to be in society anymore. >> reporter: bricker appeared in court today and was denied bond. he's charged with first degree murder. he has a rape convictionor from 20010 and is a registered sex offender. court papers say bricker shot shade adebayo when she left his vehicle and then he stood over her and fired the hand gun into her body at a close range. >> it was also said in court that he has admitted to shooting that gun twice and shooting the victim in this matter. >> reporter: shade adebayo's family is trying to raise money to pay for her funeral and other expenses. if you want to help, you can go to our web page
5:03 pm there you'll find a convenient link to their go fund me page. now coming up on news4 at 6:00, we'll tell you why prosecutors say that donald bricker should never have been able to buy the gun he allegedly used this monday to commit murder. that's the latest in montgomery county, jim back to you. >> chris thank you. two young adults on the verge of very big things. that's how two families tonight are remembering the victims of a row house fire near dupont circle. news4 news4's chris lawrence joins us with a first look at the pair tonight. chris/. >> jim, you know, they were only in their mid-20s. one of them had just graduated from college. nina breck ellemans was just 25 years old. she just earned a master's degree at georgetown. her family says she lover loved to run. michael mclaughlin was only 24. he graduated from the university of maryland with degrees in finance and economics. his family just put out a statement a few minutes ago saying michael was a driven intelligent young man with an
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amazing ability to make people laugh. we're devastated that he's gone. the thing everybody wants to know is how did this get started. firefighters are still investigating the cause. wendy? cash. cell phones. knives. just some of the things recovered when police arrested a man in connection with the murders of the four people in that d.c. mansion. news4's meagan fitzgerald is live outside the savopoulos home this evening as we get a new look inside this investigation. meagan? >> reporter: we do. wendy, for the first time in three weeks, this mansion is no longer considered a crime scene. if you take a look behind me you'll see a difference. police tape no longer up. police are not blocking the road. instead, really crew cars are replacing police cars and crews work on shoring up this property here, all while we learn more information about the assistant to savvas savopoulos and what was recovered at the crime scene when police arrested the suspect in this case. crews worked all day on friday
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putting a fence in place and securing the property that will no longer be guarded by police. but the investigation into the this quadruple murder case is far from over. court documents show one day after the mansion went up in flames savvas savopoulos' assistant jordan wallace was under police scrutiny. wallace is the person investigators say lied to them about when and how he delivered the $40,000 to the house. police also searched his bmw hours after the murders. now court documents are revealing what police found in the car daron wint was riding in when he was arrested. investigators uncovered two knives, money orders an ipad an iphone as well as a verizon samsung phone. in the ford truck that was with wint, police found what's believed to be more ransom money, money orders and a samsung galaxy phone. meanwhile, police say the three phones belonging to savvas and amy savopoulos and their housekeeper vera figueroa were
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missing from the crime scene. now, it's important to point out that, wallace has not been named as a suspect or person of interest in this case. as far as those cell phones that were recovered, we don't know if the cell phones belong to savvas and amy sa slop lus and their housekeeper. that's still something police are working on. but what we do know is those devices provide important information for police as they continue this investigation. coming up at 6, we take a look at the evidence that police are still looking for. jim? >> meagan thanks so much. >> for the first time in northern virginia this weekend, the public will be trained in saving the life of a person who has overdees dosed. police departments and emergency respond use the drug nar can all the time. now julie carey joins us live to explain how a change in the law brings new access to this medication. julie? >> reporter: well, in the coming weeks, this potentially life saving drug will be as simple to get as walk up to the pharmacy
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counter. a change in the law means that nar can will now be available over-the-counter to laypeople. we talked to a woman today doing the training session tomorrow. she is determined to spread the word as much as possible to honor her brother who died of an overdose. jenny atwood didn't even know about na lox zone in 2013 when she came home and zofrded her brother christopher had overdosed on heroin. the 21-year-old died soon after. she and her family created the chris atwood foundation dedicated to trying to save others by making the drug more available. >> this is the kind of medication that, you know you hope nobody ever actually has to use, but the sad fact is that overdoses have tripled in the last five years in northern virginia, and the reality of that is that people are going to die. and this medication can do something about it so we need to get it to as many people as possible. >> reporter: a state pilot program to get na lox zone into
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the hands of parents, brothers, sisters, laypeople just expanded to northern virginia. atwood will help provide instruction in the first training class this weekend. these are the kits that will be provided. all of the equipment needed to administer the nar can, to counter act the heroin or opioid overdose. >> and you spray that half into one nostril and half if the other. >> reporter: 25 people are signed up for tomorrow's class at northern virginia community college. they will all be give be a prescription for no lox zone, but under the new law even that won't be needed soon. >> before too long, it should be quite simple to just walk up to counter and get it like you get sudafed. >> reporter: ginny atwood has been put gt new law to the test, checking with local pharmacies to see if they're up to speed and if they have na lox zone available. coming up at 6, we'll tell you what happened when she checked inside this drugstore today. back to you now. well, the a father is faces years in prison after he was found guilty of causing an accident that killed his
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4-year-old son and injured his young daughter. charles smith had pcp in his system according to police when he drove through an intersensation on bladensburg road in cottage city in 2013. he collided with poles and a retaining wall nearly severing his arm but his 4-year-old son charles sullivan was not buckled up at the time and was thrown in the car. his 7-year-old daughter suffered a brain injury according to her mother. >> he didn't need to leave this earth the way that he did. he didn't deserve that. that's what's so hurtful for me. and naje has to live with this the rest of her life. she is still a victim. >> smith was released on bond after his first appearance in court. he then was charged a second time with driving under the influence of pcp. this time the judge placed him in jail as he awaits his sentencing, which is scheduled for august. tonight there are new allegations against former house speaker dennis hastert. a montana woman tells abc news
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that hastert sexually abused her brother stephen reinboldt when he was a student and hast erlt was a teacher before haflt ert was elected to congress. separately she told the associated press that the fbi interviewed her about the allegations last month. she says her brother told her before he died of aids back in 1995 that his first homosexual contact was with hastert and that the abuse lasted through all of reinboldt's high school years. nbc news has not independently confirmed this story and has tried repeatedly to reach hastert with no success. these allegations are separate from the federal indictment that alleges hastert agreed to pay more than $3 million to someone to cover up prior misconduct. they want you to look at this video. the we have a new message from the people who want those killers off the street. plus, a burglar stole metals
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from a paralympic yanl but that wasn't the only heartbreaking thing that was taken from this star athlete. not your routine traffic stop. a 12-year-old boy in virginia has a lot of explaining to do after he was caught behind the wheel. oh take a look at the numbers the 60s well off to the east in ocean city, the 70s around i-95 80s back to the
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from one of our own, david culver recently traveled to the island nation with his mom and grandmother. >> a trip of a lifetime. they had not been back to cuba since those women fled in 1961. and david is here now with a preview of the special that you're working on. we cannot wait. >> i cannot wait to get this to the air. it's exciting no question. there's a range of emotions throughout this very personal journey. it's a trip i have dreamed of for some time now. growing up in northern virginia, my cousins and i would hear story after story about just what cuba was. this visit was a chance to island. we visited the old family business, reunited with relatives who my mom and grandmother hadn't seen in 54
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years. we also found some moments of pure joy, like when my grandmother who we call mimi spotted the place that she first met my grandfather. ♪ santiago's main square is picturesque, the cathedral surrounded by bold and beautiful buildings. this one mimi knew well. >> this is where you met papi. >> yes. that's true. that's true. >> it's the hotel casa grande. my grandfather was visiting with his family. he saw you and then followed you. >> yes. >> my grandmother just 17 was collecting money here for the catholic youth group. you said you were going to be singing and he said he wanted to go. he just followed you. he didn't say anything.
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that bold pursuit paid off for my grandfather. >> your grandmother is incredible! >> it was great. this was a trip that initially for so long sh not want any part of going back. and i wasn't sure if she was going to feel connected to any emotions there. but you see there moments of pure joy and then of course there's sadness. it's just a mix of emotions. >> what was it like for you? i mean, it had to be kind of a goose bump experience the whole week. >> i think i kind of went first with that reporter/producer type mode, just wanting to make sure everything came across well. then i'll be honest, at night things would start to process and you just lose it. you think about the memories growing up and then you retrace everything. >> we're so looking forward. >> i can't wait to see this. >> thank you. >> are you going to make me cry? >> my grandmother might. i won't. >> it is must-see. >> you have to watch david's special "rediscovering cuba: a journey home." it is tomorrow morning at 8:30 here on nbc 4. david will be live tweeting
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during the show. that's wonderful, david. can't wait. we're so excited for you. >> thank you. well, some kids skipped school but not many drive 250 miles in their family pickup truck when they do it, especially at just 12 years old. a boy from prince george county virginia, took the family pickup truck yesterday and made it all the way to south carolina. he was finally stopped near a little town called lata driving eradically, police found some weapons inside the truck. the boy is now being held down there. the renewed push to bring the fbi headquarters to fairfax county is appealing to some workers' drive time. our news partner wtop assuring the results of a new county transportation report. it claims the average fbi worker would take just 28 minutes to drive to springfield. that's about 7 minutes faster than the prince george's county locations locations. that report also says springfield would be the fastest community by mass transit.
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a decision on the new fbi location could come next spring. and the d.c. government could soon be making a move to build a new soccer stadium for d.c. united. council chairman fill mendelson says the final piece of land could be seized in southwest d.c. nest week. if the city uses eminent domain, it could speed up the construction schedule. d.c. united says it is still considering a move to northern virginia's loudoun county after governor terry mccall uf promised a stadium could be built faster there. maryland governor larry hogan is lack looking to possibly bringing a high-speed train to our region. he wrap yesterday he rode a train in asia and called it incredible. hogan has applied for almost $28 million in federal funds to study a high-speed maglev rail between baltimore and d.c. travel time between the two
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cities? just 15 minutes. but the rail line would cost fleece $10 billion to build. now. maglev is short for magnetic leviation. today there are operational systems in china japan and south korea. the trains travel at speeds of more than 300 miles an hour. more than double the speed of an asell la. the train works for suspending, propel and guiding vehicles using electromagnetic force because there's no contact with the trails, no friction, vehicles can move much faster. just how fast? the current world record is 375 miles an hour. wendy? >> yikes. you don't want to be going that fast because drivers get used to -- they're familiar with the speed cameras set in the school goens. now there's a new way that police are catching drivers who are speeding. we'll find out how they're catching people almost anywhere they go. . plus, we'll tell you why a discovery by a 5-year-old maryland boy got a whole lot of
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people excited today. and drug overdoses are causing an emergency in downtown d.c. we have the developments on news4 at 5.
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>> announcer: and now your storm team4 forecast. and now that storm team4 forecast everybody has been waiting for. the sunshine will come out! tomorrow for some of us.right now we're still dealing with clouds around parts of the area. some of us are seeing the sun. a lot of you are posting those pictures on my facebook and twitter pages. downtown we still are the cloud cover, 73 degrees as a result of those clouds, the winds on the calm side. temperatures, well they've come up by about ten degrees, 70 in gaithersburg, 72 in martinsburg 74 hagerstown 71 fredericksburg. no rain to talk about. any shower activity is well back toward the mountains west virginia hamshire and hardy county. satellite and radar together
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showing our storm continuing to spin off the coast. notice the cloud cover but also notice the clearing starting to happen. we are trying very hard to get that sunshine in. i think we will see the sun in more areas over the next couple hours before the sunset tonight around 8:30. tomorrow morning, the clouds will be here, and we could be dealing with some areas of fog. that's one thing to watch out for through 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow. as far as the chance of showers go most of the day saturday looks dry. look about 1:00 notice a shower back to the west, maybe a shower east. most of us will be staying dry. you won't need the umbrellas, do not worry about games if you have them. hopefully the fields are able to dry up from all the rain we've had. by 4:00, any shower activity is well down to the south with the exception of areas down toward the eastern shore. that's going to be about it. then everybody sees the clearing skies tomorrow night. tomorrow evening is going to be spectacular. tonight's not bad if you are heading out to dinner. no problem. but tomorrow night, date night saturday, looking really good. high temperatures tomorrow, 80
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degrees in d.c. 81 in fredericksburg, 77 winchester 77 easton if you're make your way across the bridge, down toward the eastern shore. high temperatures tomorrow, up to that 80 degree mark. but again, more sun late and it will be warmer. if you're heading to the pool before 11:00, expect the clouds. if you want to dry off with the sunshine, get a little warmer, wait until the afternoon. i think we'll see better forecasting. as far as the forecast goes toward the beaches, if you're heading toward ocean city or fenn wick bethany, bowie or rehoboth, looking good but a little cool. high temperature tomorrow around 70, chance of a shower mostly inland, i mean just inland, ocean pines or selbyville. 67 on sunday, the cool day rather breezy. monday the wind shifts out of the southwest so we get back to the 70s during the day monday. monday looking pretty good if you have that extra day. now, inland 80 tomorrow, 78 sunday. sunday looking like a great day. 87 degrees on monday with a chance for some storms, mostly to the west.
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then on tuesday another chance high temperature around 85 degrees. then we move into a very warm period, wednesday, thursday and friday high temperatures at or around 90 degrees. so we go from the 60s we saw earlier this week to the 90s, very cool to very hot. but in the middle a couple of really nice days, guys. enjoy the weekend. >> thank you, doug. right now at 5 the killers of a local reporter on the loose. >> but police release what they hope is a crucial clue, video of the dirt bike rider that's could help close this case. we also have some new reaction emotional frshgs the friends an family of charnice milton. and mothers from fairfax are fighting for the rights of their daughters that could change their lives. >> what is your hope for medical marijuana?
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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we continue to work a developing story right now at 5:30. a drug called bizarro causing an
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emergency in downtown d.c. this evening. more than ten people overdosed on the synthetic marijuana at a shelter on 2nd and "d" streets here. bizarro also known as spice is a stimulant that sometimes makes people aggressive. also tonight a plea from the friends of the d.c. journalist who was gunned down on a city street last week. they believe that the people in this video could help solve this case. >> yeah. police tell us the person who shot charnice milton was riding in this group of dirt bikers. >> the search for those bikers comes as loved ones prepare to honor her memory tonight. news4's darcy spencer is live in southwest d.c. with their message. darcy? >> reporter: well, friends, family members and co-work hes will begin showing up here at living word church in southwest in just about an hour for a wake. we spoke with a very close family friend today who is urging anyone who recognizes the people in that video and has a conscience to come forward and
5:31 pm
help solve this case. >> someone is going to recognize those bikes. >> reporter: this d.c. police surveillance video shows bike after bike after bike, seven dirt bikes and atvs in all with 14 drivers and passengers. the 14 believed to be teenaged men and women are now considered persons of interest in the shooting death of reporter charnice milton. ralph tidens is a close family friend. >> i just hope that whoever sees that video and recognizes those bikes will contact mtv and let them know where the bikes are located so they can find the persons riding them. >> reporter: milton reported for "east of the river" and "hill rag" she was here in southeast waiting for a bus when she was gunned down. the shooter was on a dirt bike firing at someone else who apparently used milton as a human shield. >> that goes back to no respect for life. that's what people do and life is cheap, unfortunately to some
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people. >> reporter: the community has held vigils for milton who was praised for living in the community she wrote about east of the anacostia river. this video although grainy is giving those to those who knew and loved her that her killer will be caught. perhaps a passenger on one of those dirt bikes will break their silence. >> the hope that i have is that one of the young ladies who is riding with these men will really have a crisis of conscience and, you know she'll come forward and she'll say something. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6, i'll have more on what d.c. police are planning to do to deal with these illegal dirt bikes and atvs on the streets of washington. wendy, back to you. >> darcy spencer. thank you, darcy. the high-profile jesse matthew case starts next monday in fairfax county. matthew is charged with attempt attempted murder and sexual assault in a 2005 case. the victim just returned from india.
5:33 pm
the judge gave permission to identify matthew in fonlt front ever the jury. coming up at 6, we'll hear how this case relates to the hannah graham murder and when that trial date could be met. a bowie man is accused of murdering a teenager. police arrested 22-year-old robert myers last night. investigators tell us he shot and killed 18-year-old devante king on 6th street yesterday morning. investigators say king and myers were friends but had been fighting. a "daitteline" special this weekend will look at the struggle of three virginia mothers, including two in our area. they're struggling to legalize a form of medical marijuana for their children. here's nbc's harry smith with a preview preview. >> reporter: three mothers and their children. on this winter day in virginia they have a big hill to climb. each child is desperately ill, each has a form of epilepsy. >> no one else that i knew had a
5:34 pm
kid with seizures this bad. >> reporter: illnesses so insidious they have stymied an army of doctors and specialists. >> a year of huge emotional stress on our family. >> reporter: but these women believe there is something that might help. something illegal in virginia. an oil extracted from marijuana. what is your hope for medical marijuana? >> to meet our daughter. to meet who she really is. >> harry joins us live from new york with more on these three mothers that he spoke with. you know, harry, we know that governor terry mcauliffe of virginia just signed new legislation earlier this year allowing residents to use cannabis oil. so why can't these women get this? >> well this is their story, basically. this is the story of the virginia moms who went to the legislature all those months ago and the legislature basically said thshgs is not going to happen here. and it is the story of their
5:35 pm
struggle and the story of their families, the story of the struggle to try to find a handle on these very severe forms of epilepsy and them reaching out to see if there's something beyond the traditional medical community that they might be able to get their hands on that could make a difference. so it's a story you know well, but you see it in a way that maybe hasn't been seen yet because the story is a cliff-hanger right up until you see the vote take place. >> and hopefully it will give other mothers who have other alternative medicines out there that might help their children that they're struggling with, it might give them hope as well. we look forward to that. harry smith from new york. thank you so much. you can see his full story this sunday night on nbc 4. our coverage of the largest security breach of the federal government continues this hour. up next, we'll tell you why this is so different from some of the other major credit card breaches. plus, news tonight for
5:36 pm
shootings that bring back memories of the terror that spread across our region.
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the massive government data breach is prolting mpting questions and few answers. erika gonzalez joins us with a cyber security expert to get more insight into the scope of this breach and its impact. >> joining me here is cyber security expert wade baker with threat connect. wade, we've been talking about this all day. how is this different than the breaches that we've discussed as it pertains to target, home depot? >> it all boils down to motive. when you steal a bunch of information, you have one of three basic motives you want to convert that into stolen cash by fraud, steal military trade industrial secrets to gain some kind of advantage or you have some kind of secondary downstream or future purpose in
5:40 pm
mind, you're building up a repository for additional attacks. this has all the hallmarks ever the latter. >> because we have not seen people complaining about fraudulent charges on their accounts or money missing. we're not seeing the financial implications immediately like we saw with target, with home depot. >> that's exactly right. >> so this is a very different ball game. tell me about why these hackers want our information to begin with. you talked about the latter amassing this large amount of data. what do they want that for? >> if you think for just a minute about the kind of information that opm would xr. they have financial records, trade information, your business contacts, your friends and family, maybe your employment history. and then you think, on the other hand, what they could do with that information in terms of blackmailing you recruiting you, sebding you something to trick you, to coerce you, kind of those things. if you put those two pieces of information together you kind of get the sense of what's going on. it's a much larger story and they're definitely going to use
5:41 pm
it to target individuals at some point in the future. >> especially because a lot of these individuals we're talking about have security clearance. >> absolutely, yeah. >> so anybody that's watching this over the next couple of days that has a security clearance, an elevated security clearance, should really be wary. >> you nailed it there, wariness is the issue there. be ready. any kind of suspicious contacts coming from someone, even if you think you know them this could be someone you had contact with a few years ago, could be contacting you all of a sudden. they might send you something hey, check out this information, you might enjoy reading it over the weeb kepd. that's the kind thf thing i think will happen here. >> wade thanks so much. >> thank you. >> we'll have more on news4 at 6. >> good ideas there and tip for ul us all. stay with us for continuing y. we'll have much more on this breach ahead on news4 at 6, including more ways you can protect yourself. a burglar broke in and took gold medals from a paralympian. >> that's not all they took. we'll tell you why the star athlete says those medical as
5:42 pm
were -- medals were not his most prized possession stolen. very gradually, we could have some areas of fog around early tomorrow morning. and then your weekend. it's looking a lot better. we'll tell you how high the temperatures will go and the best day
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some drivers think they're able to escape speed traps out there, slowing down for the camera and taking off. >> we all know that trick. but prince george's county police have a new way to catch those who speed through school zones. >> reporter: we know this trick because we've seen people do it. prince george's county police have as well. the problem is in areas like this one, after you get past the speed camera and really start to go fast, they have a plan to stop it. >> a lot of them know that the cameras are on. >> people always are reckless. >> reporter: drivers who take off after the school speed camera zone, we experienced it ourselves while covering the story. it was uncomfortable for me so just imagine little kids at this school. >> i think that the kids are not as aware you know, that cars do
5:46 pm
speed. >> once you've had a couple of these tickets you know you slow down. >> reporter: prince george's county is rolling out a photo laser camera. it's a hybrid between a radar and photo camera and it's small enough to be handheld. >> we just can't have an officer pull people over all day long in a particular school zone when we can cover our bases much better. >> reporter: the cameras will only be used in school zones approved for radar. there are 146 of them. so if the big cameras don't get you -- >> this makes its point. it may not do it that minute but it makes its point. >> reporter: -- the officer down the road will. >> my son goes to that school up there, kenmore middle school. as soon as that flashing light comes on, i go right back. i don't want no ticket. >> reporter: they're going to practice with these for about a month and violators will get warning tickets. then the violations for $40 will start to go out for folks who
5:47 pm
violate them. tracee wilkins back to you. >> thank you, tracee. montgomery county schools are celebrating a great year for senior seniors, including $335 million in college scholarships. 133 seniors were named national merit finalists, and there were also more than 200 ivy league acceptances, the highest number in five years. the school system also haws both of mareyland u.s. presidential scholars. 5-year-old boy from howard county made quite a find. he spotted a noaa weather balloon in a tree in his family's front yard. check it out. the balloons are launched daily, usually from major airports, and they typically come back down near airports. but this one drifted quite a ways. possibly because of our recent storms. noaa sent a self-addressed stamped envelope to the boy to send the device back so it can be used again. i think will he'll do it. >> i think he'll become a
5:48 pm
meteorologist. >> he might. look out! >> all from that weather balloon. >> is that weather balloon going to again? the sun is coming but way too slow for most of us. let's talk about what's going on outside. we're looking for some sunshine. the clouds very slowly thinning, temperatures have at least crept up a little built. we're at 73 degrees right now reagan national, the wind light but it has been the easterly wind that has had us socked in for the last couple of days, that weather system off the coast finally moving slowly to the east and northeast. if you're going out this evening, we'll see our temperatures come down just below 70 degrees around rate 8:00. we'll have more clearing taking place. partly cloudy, mid-60s, comfortable for us 10:00 11:00. over the last couple of hours, there's the storm system. you can see a little bit of rain left with it, but again nudging just off the coast where we're
5:49 pm
seeing the clouds start to thin a little bit more baltimore, annapolis annapolis, cal ver, st. mary's county,s, those locations clearing. late tonight/early tomorrow morning we will have some dry pavement but we'll have to deal with some fog. so road impacts over the next 12 hours, you get the green light for the evening and for late night. by morning, moderate impacts because of the fog that we're going to have to deal with. take a look at your future weather here for saturday. we're talking about improving conditions for the weekend partly sunny to mostly cloudy. we'll be fighting those clouds tomorrow. a weak weather system comes through our area and triggers a shower or thunderstorm. it's fog to mostly cloudy early in the day. we'll do better by the afternoon. but as the clouds start to break, we could see some showers and maybe even some thundershowers start to fire, especially along and east of i-95, areas through waldorf and down to lexington park and around kwaunltquantico, fredericksburg,
5:50 pm
too. this is the pocket south and east of us that will have the best chance to see a shower or thunderstorm. we clear out saturday night, great for going out. sunday just gorgeous conditions 80 your high for tomorrow, 78 frederick, 81 in fredericksburg then sunday low humidity. i really think sunday is probably going to be the most comfortable day and the best dpai out of our next sep. our temperatures will be topping out in the mid-70s by around lunchtime. then upper 70s by 2:00. very nice. meanwhile, early part of next week, we get not only the humidity back in here but also the heat, 82 to 86 degrees a chance of showers and thunderstorms coming our way monday and tuesday. again, early part of next week. so here is a look at your storm team four-daye and seven hiv day forecasts, around 90 degrees for midweek to late week. we get the heat back the sunshine back, all tv. enjoy the weekend.
5:51 pm
slowly improving conditions. meteorologist doug cam wrer will be here at 6. police in north carolina are trying to track down a thief who stole some irreplaceable belongings from a paralympian . paul peterson says when he got home the other day, he noticed medals, usa jackets and shoes stolen. but perhaps the most upsetting for him his running blades, similar to those worn by former south african sprinter oscar pistorius. >> hurting pretty bad that somebody would just take my stuff like that. >> i cried last night a little bit because his medals he can't get them back, and they're very sentimental to him. >> without the running blades, peterson won't be able to train for nationals this week. students at seton high school took time out from their studies to help a classmate, carly juan. she just learned she has leukemia and needs zs bone marrow
5:52 pm
tlans transplant. zachary kiesch has her story from prince george's county. >> she likes to crack jokes even though she's pretty shy. but once you get to know her, she's a clown. >> reporter: carly, known for na smile, as wide as the day is long, back in march something wasn't right. her sister christine nguyen. >> then they told us the devastating news that she has cancer. >> today she's in the fight of her life with a rare form of leukemia. they learned she needs a bone marrow trance plant. here at elizabeth seton a private all girls school is rallying around her. >> we're all sisters here. anybody who is affected it hurts all of us rnchtsz today there were gift bags an well wishes but most importantly people came out to get swabs just like this with the help of viva they need a match. the call is out specifically for
5:53 pm
asian-americans to step up to the plate. >> we know that being a bone marrow donor you can save not only carly's life but someone else who's going through the same challenge. >> she loves one direction. she loves one direction and disney. we can't wait until she's done can go to disneyland and disney world and do what we're supposed to do. >> reporter: reporting in prince george's county, zachary kiesch news4. the ideal match for carly would be another vietnamese-american. the bone marrow registry is encouraging everyone are between the ages of 18 and 44 to be tested to see if you can help her. a shooting spree out west now bearing an eerie resemblance to our beltway sniper attacks here. the links between three shootings and what police are doing now to track down that gunman. new tributes tonight for the victim in a playground tragedy. news4's derrick ward talks to
5:54 pm
relatives of a toddler discovered dead on a park swing in maryland.
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5:57 pm
beau biden was a state attorney general, a soldier a husband, a father, and of course the vice president's son. but he was also one of delaware's favorite sop sons. the people of his state are coming out in force for a second day to pay their final respects to him and to his family. one mourner saying that shein some small way to help absorb some of the biden family's pain. tomorrow's funeral mass at a catholic church in wilmington will be private, and president obama will deliver the eulogy. communities in northern colorado are experiencing a fear similar to what we experienced during those beltway sniper attacks. >> police say a serial shooter may be be on the loose. aaron gilchrist reports on an intense manhunt going on right now before that shooter kills
5:58 pm
again. >> bleeding uncontrollably on the side of the road. >> reporter: the fbi and local law enforcement are desperately searching for what they fear is a shooerial shooter targeting northern colorado. >> help us look. keep your eyes open. pay attention in your neighborhoods. >> reporter: the first victim, 20-year-old kory ra marrow survived her attack, shot in april while driving on i-25. other drivers in the area reported random shattered windows but no injuries. several weeks later in nearby winsor 47-year-old john jacoby was gunned down while riding his bike, the small town's first homicide in eight years. shortly after, law enforcement announced the shootings were connected. they formed a task force and offered a $10,000 reward. then on wednesday night, 65-year-old grandfather and cancer survivor bill connelly was gunned down near his home. >> there is no positive link between this new investigation and the two other cases being
5:59 pm
investigated by the task force, but there is -- we have not been able to rule out a link each. >> reporter: three roadside attacks in six weeks, the crime scenes just several miles apart. the shootings bring back memories of the beltway snipersd.c. maryland and virginia in 2002. the shooters were eventually caught. investigates in colorado now countrying on the public to stop a killer who they fear isn't just getting started. i'm aaron gilchrist, news4. right now at 6, it's the biggest cyber attack against the u.s. government yet. tonight, what you need to know as the fbi tries to zero in on who's responsible. the crime tape has been lifted, but serious questions remain. what search warrants reveal about the evidence police collected in the d.c. mansion murders and what's still a mystery. plus, the message from family as dozens gather to remember a toddler who was found dead under strange circumstances at a local playground.
6:00 pm
developing "first at 6," federal agencies doing damaging control in the wake of 1 of the largest cyber attacks in u.s. history. >> 4 million federal workers past and present may have had their personal information compromised. the office of personnel management first learned about the breach in april. >> the fbi is leading the investigation. the u.s. says hackers in china are to blame. but the chinese government is denying it. >> we have team coverage including consumer reporter ericaka gonzalez with the impact with on local workers. >> reporter: whatever the federal government was doing to try to protect the personal and are private information of all of its employees coast to coast, including currently about 203,000 federal employees in d.c., 172,000 in the state of virginia, 145,000 in the state of marylan


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