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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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matthew. >> we watched them roll into town on friday. now we will watch you take a spin on them this morning. where the 7000 cars are hitting metro. first a look at storm team 4 radar. the system that could bring some severe weather our way. let's send things right over to tom kierein for the latest forecast. >> yeah, it's way out in indiana, illinois, now. getting a few high clouds drifting over the metro area. a live view starting off this monday morning with mild temperatures. a stormy afternoon. your weather headline, a warmer pattern moving in the rest of this week. certainly feeling summer like the rest of the week. right now a cool start. low 60s, montgomery fairfax counties, alexandria, arlington falls church and the district, mid 60s. mid 60s around the chesapeake bay. most of the rural areas are generally in the low 60s this morning. you will notice the humidity has increased overnight. we'll have temperatures near 70 by 8:00 a.m. by 10:00 the mid 70s and by noontime should be up in the low
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80s. a partly cloudy sky through much of the morning with increasing humidity as we get in to the afternoon. look at your bus stop forecast and what to wear on this muggy nonday next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. melissa has a road closure to talk about. >> still have the problem in urbana. again, weer a trying to get chop --rying to get chopper over this for you. look at chopper right now, looks like they're still on the way. the road though still closed. green line delays here in both directions. that's still sticking around for us this morning. so a warning there if you ride the green line. alabama avenue at stanton road southeast, still have that water main break in the way. we're getting reports of high standing water and they're trying to fix that problem. outer loop off ramp to kenilworth avenue, heard of some closures and delays there because of an earlier crash. northbound and southbound looking good right now. 66 slowest spot is through manassas and then it opens back
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up. and then the slow spot as normal is dale city. if you're taking metro this morning you might be one of the first riders on one of the brand new 7000 series cars. they're of course making their first appearance on the red line today. news4's megan mcgrath at the shady grove stadium to see the first one off. megan? >> reporter: yeah, melissa 7:01. that's the maiden voyage of the new 7000 series car. it will be leaving from the shady grover metro station. we'll be on board of it, as well as a number of passengers who are looking forward to the new car. look at this video here. this is the car being delivered over the weekend. you can get an idea for exactly how it looks. riders will notice a big difference in terms of its look. it has a blue interior. much more updated look. gone is the orange and brown color scheme of the 1970s. also gone, the musty carpet. no carpet at all in the 7000 series. they actually have a non-skid flooring which is going to hold up a lot better for folks. there are a number of other
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changes as well including one of the big things people are going to notice it's simply more comfortable. >> it's a wider aisles, it has more leg room for the passengers and it has digital automated announcements. >> so they'll be easier to hear? >> yeah, hopefully that is the point. >> reporter: metro riders know how sometimes to get announcements are garbled or muffled. they hope the announcements will be easier to hear. the cars are also safer. they're replacing the 1000 series cars as well all know. they have had problems in terms of crashes. the ntsb said they should be eliminated. these new cars are a different design, stronger and they will be ultimately replacing all of those older cars. so 7:01 we'll be on board. we'll let you know how everything went. reporting live at the shady grove metro station, megan
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mcgrath, news4. right now a manhunt for two escaped prisoners who pulled off an unbelievable prison break. richard matt and david sweat are serving life for murder. sweat for killing a sheriff's deputy. they realized they were gone when they checked their beds saturday morning. matt and sweat used power tools to cut through steel pipes and break through a brick wall. they crawled through a maze of tunnels and escaped through a manhole in the street. officials say they have no idea how they got the tools. the maximum security prison is 20 miles from canada. new york state this morning offering a $100,000 reward for the prisoners' capture. thank you. four after the hour. the high profile trial against jesse matthew starts in fairfax county. he is charged with attempted murder and sexual assault related to case in 2005.
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that trial is expected to last about two weeks. matthew is also charged with the murder of uva student hannah graham. a suspect is in custody this morning in connection with a quadruple stabbing near 14th and "t" streets in northwest. we have learned that the last few hours that one of the victims has life threatening injuries. police say two men and two women were stabbed. it happened around 9:30 last night. homicide detectives are investigating. d.c. police have a man in custody as well. this happened around 2:00 a.m. in the chinatown metro station. a woman and two men were stabbed. everyone is expected to survive. no word on a motive. right now president obama just wrapping up a meeting with the president of france. the white house says both leaders agreed that sanctions against russia should continue. the president is in germany for the g-7 talks.
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russia just one of several tricky issues for the group right now. they're also discussing a massive trade deal making its way through congress. coming up in the next -- rather within this hour we'll talk to nbc's edward lawrence about what we expect when president obama takes questions from the press this afternoon. it is now 6:06. new this morning, united airlines is confirming a mesa airline plane skidded off a runway in buffalo around 11:30 last night. the plane was coming from dulles airport. there were 69 passengers on board along with three crew members. there were no reported injuries. the accident may have been caused by high winds. new details this morning in the on going scandal surrounding former house speaker dennis hastert. who else is stepping forward and what they have to say. a texas police officer in hot water because of this video. take a look how a pool party turned into a melee. and the fallout from the fifa scandal continues who count stripped of their victories? we could see severe weather today, but will the kids need the umbrella at the bus stop in
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the last few days of school?
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back. a fan favorite from "the voice" known for his soulful singing has died. friends say anthony reilly took his own life on friday. he made it all the way to the battle rounds on "the voice." he left the competition in january to deal with substance abuse issues. he was a fixture in center city and sang outside the redding terminal market and independence hall for tips. he was 28. russia and qatar's hosting rights for the world cup soccer is hanging in the balance. if there's evidence that either bought votes from fifa leaders they could lose the right to host the tournament.
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russia and qatar have denied any wrongdoing in their bids for the tournament.did not immediately respond to a request for comment. it's now time for weather and traffic on the 1s. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is live in woodbridge this morning. chuck? >> hey, good morning. aaron and eun, good morning everybody. back to work and for some kids back to school. although the countdown to the last day is getting very very low. the sun came up at 5:43 over my shoulder and the line -- the line at the woodbridge lot is getting longer and longer by minute. i'm seeing more and more in the way of umbrellas. the message is getting out there even though it's dry right now, you need your umbrella for later on this afternoon. on to the bus stops we go, first thing this morning, temperatures mostly in the low to mid 60s. 63 in woodbridge. in the mid to upper 60s by 8:00
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or 9:00. you need your sunglasses for the ride home and probably need your umbrellas for the ride home later on this afternoon. sort of know that the strong storms could be on the strong to potentially severe side. tom will have more coming up at 6:21. for now, a check on the traffic with melissa mollet. >> taking a look here at a big problem. chopper 4 over this crash. this is again 355 at big woods road. a little bit south of there of 80. finger board road. you can see the single vehicle crash off to the side of the roadway. we're totally shut down. one person -- we got off the phone with the police, they were taken to the hospital. this is probably in the way for the next 45 minutes or so. green line delays, that those are hanging around there. as far as travel times, 270 south not bad. outer loop is looking quite good. 66 east looking good as well from fairfax county parkway.
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the north, nothing t listen to wtop for the latest when you hop in your car on traffic. >> thanks, melissa. it's a mistake that people who run the s.a.t.s scrambling. it could impact your kids' score as well. and another person in south korea has died from mers. kristin wright will bring you an update from the live desk.
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until more comes out, then i'm still going to believe he's a good person. >> some of dennis hastert's former students are defending him this morning, a day before the former speaker of the house is due in federal court. he is facing accusations he lied to the fbi. a federal law enforcement official said he had a sexual relationship with a student and then paid that student not to talk about it. another student told nbc news the alleged victim had told him what happened. >> he said, well, we would do things sexually and it would sometimes start with massage. >> other former students are now coming forward as well. nbc's gabe gutierrez will join us in 30 minutes to tell us what some are saying. there are vows to rebuild after a fire ripped through a
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historic building in leesburg. take a look at the scene here. the mayor of leesburg said smoke began to fill the sky as the fire spread through this building. the building has been home to caulkins jewelers since the 1950s. no one was hurt but some pets died in the fire. people were devastated as they watched the flames shoot out of the second floor window. >> we had multiple businesses, men and women, in the back, in the alley and just watching in horror as that second story went up in a conflagration. >> damage from the fire could total up to $500,000. it was a special tribute to honor maryland's firefighters who died in the line of duty. maryland state police helicopters flew over the emergency services memorial park
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in annapolis yesterday. the ceremony honored five firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice. their names were added to the wall of honor. this was the tenth year for the memorial ceremony. new this morning, we are waiting to learn more about what led to a chaotic scene in the hip-hop music festival outside new york city. take a look here at some dramatic images from outside metlife stadium. new jersey state police said they had to move in after people tried to enter the summer jam concert illegally. as a dramatic confrontation happened with the police officers in riot gear and forced the crowds to disburse. we're waiting to hear if anyone was hurt. an update on a woman who was hit in the head at a baseball game. tonya carpenter is expected to survive. a baseball bat hit her at the boston red sox game friday night. carpenter had emergency surgery this weekend. she is in serious condition right now. her friends started multiple gofundme pages to help with the
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medical expenses. you can find on the app. a 27-year-old man is in serious condition after his car slammed into a tree in germantown. montgomery county police say it may have happened after an altercation between the man and another group of people. police say they have spoken to the people who may have been involved in the altercation. you can see in the video, the car hit the tree so hard that the engine completely separated from the car. investigators will look into whether speed or alcohol played a part in this accident. just in, another person has died in a viral outbreak in south korea. health officials are scrambling to contain the mers virus as the death toll now ticks up to six. it's the largest outbreak of the virus outside of the middle east. 87 people in south korea have been infected in this outbreak. major impacts this 1,800 schools are closed. 2,000 people are in isolation
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after having contact with infected people. the virus spreads through close contact and there is no vaccine. aaron? >> kristin wright at the live desk for us. thank you. in news4 your health, putting your children under general anesthesia could be more dangerous than thought. before the age of 4 it can lead to diminished language comprehension, decreased gray matter density in parts of the brain. researchers are recommending more studies on the issue. today, several fairfax county police officers will experience what living with mental illness is like. 20 officers will wear ipods so they can hear voices and learn what people with schizophrenia is dealing with. today is a beginning of week-long training for officers. the goal is to prepare them on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness and how to communicate with the
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person who might be mentally ill. all right, time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we're dealing with some changes coming our way. >> yeah, it's summertime. let's check in with tom kierein to see what's coming. >> all is calm and quiet today. a scene of tranquility, a few clouds passing over. it's turned more humid overnight while you were sleeping so dress accordingly when you step out the door this morning. you'll notice it's a big muggy and we do have a risk of some stronger storms developing later this afternoon. severe risk in the high winds and heavy rains may cause localized flooding. there's a small risk of hail and a low risk of any tornadoes from this afternoon's stronger storms. it will be moving through and all this coming from the front triggering some showers and thunderstorms in indiana. and that's tracking off to the east. this whole line not moving into the metro area until late this afternoon. new model run just coming in.
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by 10:00 a few clouds coming through this morning. and then by noontime, clouds thicken up a bit. won't see any storms develop or getting close to the metro area. that's not until after 4:00. a few scattered showers in shenandoah valley. after this by around 6:00 p.m., the line gets closer to nearby western suburbs and that moves into washington between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. these storms coming on through with some heavy downpours. some can produce heavy rain and per happens even hail. by 11:00 it really settles down. right now in the low to mid 60s. a pleasant morning. then after we get into the afternoon hours the mid to upper 80s. then on tuesday, a beautiful day. low humidity. might get an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. humidity starts to creep back on wednesday in the upper 80s. hot and humid on thursday. friday and saturday, into the
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90s. three days in a row. a chance of afternoon storms on saturday. right now sunday looking nicer. not too humid. next weather and traffic on the 1s your drive time forecast for this mug gi monday. now melissa with a look at a problem north of washington. >> still have this problem in urbana with the road completely closed, really. 355 here at big woods road. shut down right there. just south of 80 because of this very serious single car crash here. off to the right side of the roadway, trying to get that out of the way by 7:00 this morning should be reopened. as far as the green line some residual delays from the earlier problem at the navy yard. wide look at the beltway starting tower top of the beltway. otherwise, looking pretty good in general. 270 at falls road everything is looking good, moving along nicely northbound. no issues beltway at st. barnabas inner and outer loop.
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volume is completely typical. no problems there. 95 at lorton road everything is rolling along nicely. 66 going about 45 miles per hour out of manassas and into fairfax. back in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. a police officer in texas is now on leave because of this video. take a look. you can see the officer there wrestling a teenage girl to the ground. he then right there pulls his gun out on two unarmed teenagers. one girl recorded the whole scene on her phone. >> i'm surprised really. i didn't -- i didn't comprehend it. >> they did not arrest anyone. 6:24 now. the northern colorado serial shooter may have struck again. a woman was driving on the interstate yesterday when her car windows shattered out of nowhere. several other cars also had their windows shattered on the
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same stretch of the road. in late april a 20-year-old woman was shot in the neck also on the highway. police in colorado say they don't have any physical evidence to tie the reports together, but say the same person could be behind those incidents. a 10-year-old boy is recovering this morning from a shark bite. this happened at cocoa beach, florida. as you see here the boy had to be flown to orlando for treatment. lifeguards say they saw him and dashed into action. police say it's one of the worst bites that they have seen. bikers in texas pushing for the release of 127 people jailed after a deadly shoot-out last month. the sons of liberty riders rode to waco for a protest this weekend. the group says many of the jailed bikers are innocent and have been stuck in jail for weeks because they can't afford the million dollars needed for bail. nine people were killed, 18
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injured there. police arrested a staggering 177 people. it's still unclear what led to the shoot-out. today a meeting and three bills would be he viewed to improve taxi service. among them is a bill that requires all taxi cabs to have an electronic dispatch system. that meeting is at 9:30 at the council office building in rockville. soon you may see movement on billboards in spotsylvania county. they prevent animation from playing on those billboards. some supervisors it could distract you while you're driving. supervisor gary skinner wants the rule reviewed to allow some kind of animation. our kristin wright just learning that -- learning when a "washington post" reporter held in iran will head back to court. the latest on that from the live desk. >> today, president obama is meeting with world leaders at a g-7 talk in germany.
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and the rain that's headed our way, but will you need the wipers on your way to or from work today? tom is back with your drive time forecast.
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right now potentially severe weather making its way to our area and it could have an effect on your evening commute. >> and tom is going to tell us about your drive to work and what's going on. good morning. >> good morning. a big blast of sun on the eastern horizon. these are the earliest sunrises over the next few weeks. for the morning commute, green lights, green lights for midday as well. but when you are heading back home from work and school, late this afternoon, may be interrupted by heavy downpours. you'll have the wipers on flashes of lightning.
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so caution for the afternoon commute. sunglasses needed for the morning commute and then in the afternoon wet pavement as showers and thundershowers move on through. temperatures in the upper 60s. then for the afternoon commute, peaking in the mid 80s as the thunderstorms come on through. you can track them when you're away from your tv with the storm team 4 weather app. melissa is looking at problems on the road. now you have got an issue there north of washington. and it's up near urbana, right? >> we have this other problem with a complete closure there and the urbana area. chopper 4 over the scene right now. this is 355 at big woods road. this will be shut down for some time. when we talked to police a little while ago, they said they'd be out of the way by 7:00 a.m., but i wouldn't doubt if it takes longer than that. clarksburg road at lewis dale road, a car fire there.
6:32 am
a warning there. alabama avenue at stanton road, we have the water main break. standing water there and d.c. water on the ground there trying to get things fixed. taking a look at prince george's county, a little slow indian head highway. pretty typical for this time of the morning. looking up top of the beltway, a tad slow outer loop as you approach georgia. 29 and 95 okay. b.w. parkway a tad slow as you pass 32 there this morning. 95 live picture of 198 no major issues there. that image is temporarily unavailable. beltway at braddock road is looking good. back with travel times in ten minutes. happening today, "the washington post" reporter detained in iran was back in court. jason rezaian is on trial for espionage. he returned for a second hearing and we're waiting to learn more
6:33 am
about what happened in court today. rezaian's family, president obama and rights groups have called for the journalist's release, saying the charges are absurd. aaron? >> kristin wright at the live desk, thank you. president obama is in germany right now, working with leaders of the g-7 to put more pressure on russia. the president met with the french president and we are hours away from president obama taking questions from the press. nbc's edward lawrence live for us with a look at what progress is being made. >> reporter: good morning. the meetings it's a two-day summit and they're talking about increasing trade among the g-7 countries. also climate change and terrorism. but the russia issue will dominate these talks. now, the president in his opening statement brought in some laughter. he used a little german to ask if the event should be moved outside to enjoy the weather and have a beer. it had serious undertones with
6:34 am
it. the g-7 leaders will talk about a unified message against russia for its role in helping rebels try to overthrow the government of the ukraine. now russia denies the wrongdoing saying that any russian soldier who's a fighting for the rebels is a quote volunteer over there. but the president will try to extend economic sanctions against russia that will expire at the end of june. it also allows the world leaders to talk about isis. england is sending additional troops to help combat the issue over there. but russia son the forefront of the mind of most of the leaders. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you. >> thank you. it can hit anyone, any time any day. >> it has been two weeks now and still no answers for a child mourning his mother's death.
6:35 am
tamara gliss' funeral was this weekend and police are still trying to find out who killed her. a stray bullet hit her. her mother says she wants answers. >> he knows who he is. he needs to turn himself in. >> gliss' friends and family held a kick ball game yesterday. they played right across from where the shooting happened. the spotsylvania county sheriff's office plans to apply for a federal grant to pay for body cameras for the deputies there. the grant would pay for 43 body cameras worth more than $26,000. if granted the county would have to match the government's investment. the board of supervisors will hold a vote tomorrow submit the application. later today people at one local company will have a special guest touring the workplace. maryland's senator ben cardin will expect meet with the --
6:36 am
will meet with the leaders and talk about economic development. this comes as the company builds a new building. a group is now working to make it -- make a mobile version of a monument familiar to those who visited charlottesville. the thomas jefferson center will raise money for the mobile version of the chalkboard where visitors can write anything they want. the thomas jefferson center fights for free speech. it will provide more than 400 square feet of chalkboard space on a 20-foot shipping container. it will hit the road as part of the music festival. well, a college board is trying to figure out how to make up for a mistake. students taking the s.a.t. this weekend believe they had 25 minutes to complete a section. how, the prospective -- however,
6:37 am
the proctor's book said they had 20 minutes. five minutes shorter. why you'll see fewer slot machines at maryland casinos. good news for people who use the express lanes why a first time forgiveness program is being extended. looking outside this morning, where it's in the 60s. but you'll want a little bit of a jacket. maybe your umbrella.
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6:40 is your time right now. you'll get some extra time to iron out toll mistakes. last october, we told you that the company was starting a first-time forgiveness program. now "the washington post" reports that program has been extended. it waives the fees for drivers who unknowingly for issues on the lanes. but only for the first offense.
6:41 am
princess charlotte is a little more than a month old and posing for cameras. kensington palace released the photos this weekend. prince george is holding his little sister, kissing her as well. their mom kate snapped these pictures and shared them with the world. they're just adorable. poor george. she doesn't know what's coming. >> nice sister. >> he has to share his mom and dad. >> i remember those days. sisters are a lot of work. >> i have a sister too. they're the best. i love my sister. 6:41. time for a look at weather and traffic on the 1s. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is live in woodbridge with your walk to work forecast. pretty nice way to start. >> beautiful outside first thing this morning. the sun is up already. came up over an hour ago and the slug line at the commuter lot is
6:42 am
getting shorter. i know in the see the traffic on i-95 northbound, the traffic that all the folks are waiting to be a part of this morning. if you're walking to work instead of instead of taking the slug in, you should have your sunglasses on. temperatures are in the 60s right now. well into the 80s by later on this afternoon. that comes with a chance for thunderstorms. some could be strong to severe. tom is talking about the timing on that. another update in another ten minutes from now. for now speaking of traffic on 95 busy morning for melissa mollet. let's have the update on the crashes. >> it's been a busy morning. an update on this crash here. this is the problem, i'msville, right there at big woods road right now. they have gotten the car out of the way the road is still shut down on urbana pike at big woods road. delays still now on blue and
6:43 am
yellow line trains, because of the earlier issue on the green line here. as far as travel times, 270 south from germantown to the beltway not so bad. 495 outer loop from 95 to 270 ten minutes longer than youize like it to be. 66 to the beltway 16 minutes. quantico, a couple of minutes behind there. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. >> i see that turner elementary is being closed because of a water main break. all other schools are open, but turner elementary is closed today. apple will kick off an annual conference. >> we are expecting a major announcement of
6:44 am
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6:46 am
in the next 15 minutes new developments in the on going scandal involving former house speaker dennis hastert. who is speaking out about the scandal now. the ride could be a lot different for people who use the metro red line. first, weather and traffic. >> good morning, aaron. soft and yielding on this monday morning. we're in the 60s and we'll stay that way through 8:00. should be in the low 80s and headed home, scattered thunderstorms coming through. they could be severe. melissa? >> right now some problems on metro, delays on the blue and yellow lines because of an
6:47 am
earlier problem on the green line. and then remember that water main break problem now has closed a school. this is alabama avenue at stanton road in southeast. thanks, melissa. it's 6:47 and the "today" show is coming up next at 7:00. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez has new developments in the on going scandal involving former house speaker dennis hastert. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the mystery surrounding what allegedly happened here at the yorkville high school several decades ago is only deepening. more members of dennis hastert's former wrestling squad are coming forward and expressing disbelief against him. hastert is charged with trying to evade federal banking requirements and lying to the fbi but a source tells nbc news that the alleged conduct he was trying to cover up with was sexual in nature. now a sister of steve reinboldt
6:48 am
is coming forward. now, hastert it's been a week since the indictment and he hasn't commented publicly. right now it's unclear exactly who will represent him as he makes his first scheduled court appearance in chicago tomorrow. guys back to you. >> thank you gabe gutierrez. this just in from d.c. public schools. turner elementary in southeast will be closed today because of a water main break. the water main break is in the 1800 block of alabama avenue and stanton road in southeast. again, turner elementary school closed today because of a water main break. we are told d.c. water is on the way there. again turner elementary in southeast, closed today because of the water main break. >> thank you, kristin. and today the high profile trial against jesse matthew will start in fairfax county. matthew is charged with attempte 2005.
6:49 am
the victim says that she was attacked while walking home from a fairfax grocery store. matthew has pleaded not guilty here. that trial is expected to last two weeks and matthew is charged with the murder of hannah graham. right now a massive manhunt for two murderers who escaped from a maximum security prison. the prisoners broke out of the clinton correctional facility about 20 miles from the canadian border. officials noticed richard matt and david sweat were missing during bed checks and both are serving life sentences for murder. investigators say they used power tools to cut through steel pipes, smashed through a brick wall and escaped through a manhole. governor cuomo says this is a crisis situation because the men could be anywhere. >> what was your reaction when you heard the news? >> oh, my god. is this a drill or is this for real? it's very scary. this is my backyard. >> i had my door locked for
6:50 am
first time in 30 years. >> new york state is offering a $1,000 reward for the capture. crews are nearly halfway done cleaning up after an oil spill. plains all american had told the government a spill was quote extremely unlikely because of the technology and safeguards. this is california's largest oil spill in 25 years. 96 miles of coastline are affected. well, you won't see as many slot machines the next time you go to the casino in maryland. horseshoe casino in baltimore and hollywood casino are all getting rid of the machines. according to "the washington post" post", they want more room for table games. table games are taxed less by the state. the post says the casinos have removed some 1,300 slot machines so far. first time it's happened in 37 years and it could bring in $50 million. landon dowdy has more on a handsome reward for american
6:51 am
pharoah. >> hey, aaron that's right. good morning to you. american pharoah's triple crown win could be lucrative for the owners in stud fees. the breeding rights were sold for a reported $13 million last year. before he cruised to victory at the kentucky derby, preakness and belmont stakes. it's time to make and deliver the doughnuts. the ceo of dunkin' donuts said they plan to test mobile ordering with a possible rollout in 2016. he says the trend in this country is convenience and delivery plays right into that. dunkin' donuts has a 20% share of the bakery and coffee market. back over to you, aaron. >> thanks, landon dowdy. 6:51. weather and traffic on the 1s. tom is tracking the potential for some severe weather. what do we need to get ready for, tom? >> we haven't had very much so far this early spring and summer, but today we may be changing that because there's a pretty good chance of some
6:52 am
strong storms. if you hear thunder this afternoon, get inside. turn on nbc4 because some of the storms could be producing some very heavy rain and some strong gusts of wind. those are the two greatest risks. the lower risks are for any tornadoes or hail. so from late this afternoon into the evening hours that's when we'll likely see that. that's all coming from the front that's triggering some showers and thundershowers, missouri and illinois right now. that's moving our way by later this afternoon and into this evening. the main zone that will likely see any severe weather is this yellow zone north and west of washington. south and east a lower possibility of severe weather. here is the newly updated model of hour by hour timing by noontime, won't have any rain in the vicinity. by around 2:00 maybe some thundershowers west of leesburg, near winchester down to charlottesville, after that by 4:00 the main line of any strong storms comes in to the
6:53 am
shenandoah valley between 4:00 and 6:00. the new model timing is later than the earlier model so it's after that, maybe around 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 into the metro area when the line comes on through. that's when we can get the strong gusts of wind. heavy rain, some hail. and a slight risk of a tornado. mild this morning. beautiful morning under way. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. in the upper 60s by 8:00. then by noontime into the low 80s. mid 80s before the storms roll on through by mid to late afternoon. all ending by midnight tonight. low 70s by tomorrow morning. lower humidity into the mid 80s. humidity returns, heat builds on wednesday with sunshine. the upper 80s hitting mid 90s on thursday and friday. saturday evening could have scattered storms. melissa is looking at roads. what's going on? >> not so bad. we have cleared that problem in ijamsville at big woods road.
6:54 am
we had chopper move over to the left to show you 270 southbound. approaching 80 a little slow. this is pretty typical unfortunately for 270 up in the northern section as you head southbound this morning. delays, blue and yellow line trains headed into washington that's because of the earlier issue on the green line. kind of spilling over there. alabama avenue at stanton road southeast, had that water main break and the school closure there. 66 overall looking pretty typical. same thing 95 northbound, not as slow as we'd normally see in dale city.overall. prince george's county looking pretty typical there. same thing as you look up north here. b.w. parkway is a tad slow and 66 east of sudley moving along nicely. guys? >> thanks. you will hear people talk about apple later on. they host the conference in san francisco and they're expected to unveil a new subscription music streaming service. "the wall street journal" says it co a time when more people are streaming instead of downloading songs. other predictions for today include new operating systems
6:55 am
for your iphone and ipad and enhancements to apple pay. sources say one thing we won't see is a new apple tv. checking four things you need to at 6:55. a suspect is in custody this morning in connect shtionion with a quadruple stabbing. homicide detectives are still investigating. recovery crews will search for a 21-year-old body in the paptaspco state park this morning. he drowned. and dennis hastert is headed to a federal court tomorrow. a former official said hastert lied to the fbi about a sexual relationship with one of his students years ago. metro is rolling out the latest rail cars. the first 7000 car leaves shady grove in more than five minutes from now. have an umbrella with you before you head out the door. we may see some afternoon storms coming through. but with we're fine through
6:56 am
midway. but noontime, hitting mid 80s by mid to late afternoon. that's when we will see some storms move in from the west. new timing of any storms will likely be between 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. this evening. so it will be moving in later tonight. the risk of the strong storms could have heavy downpours hail and damaging winds. there's only a slight risk that we'd have any isolated tornadoes. again, the timing for the metro area between 7:00 and around 10:00 p.m. this evening. melissa? >> just a reminder about metro. we had delays on the green line. that's kind of gotten out of the way now, but we have some blue and yellow line trains headed into washington. a little slower than normal this morning. again, alabama avenue at stanton road,ed that the water main break this morning. overall, traffic is lighter than normal. 66 looking good. 95, virginia, beltway, no major incidents at this point in the
6:57 am
morning. 270 slow out of frederick but not so bad when you reach the spur. >> and turner elementary school is closed today. >> the "today" show is next. back in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic. hope you join us. have a great day. >> make it a great monday, everybody. this summer take flight, without having to take a flight. because all the thrills you need are right here at busch gardens, and water country usa.
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in williamsburg, va. like the daring new coaster tempesto. so ride together slide together whether it's monster drops collossal curls or furry friends it's all here. vacation packages start at $50 per person per night. the ultimate summer vacation is closer than you think at busch gardens and water country usa.
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good morning. where are they? the search expanding for two convicted killers who cut through steel walls to escape a maximum security prison in upstate new york. >> they could be literally anywhere. >> a $100,000 reward being offered. did they have help from the inside and the outside? day in court. former house speaker dennis hastert's hush money scandal heads to federal court this week. will his alleged victim be revealed and take part in the government's case? shark attack. a 10-year-old boy bitten in shallow waters in florida. >> traup ama alert from a shark bite. >> 's being treated for


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