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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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manassas getting pummeled, 66 right now getting hit very very hard. we look toward the east this is coming on through fairfax. here is burke center, around the burke center parkway, about to get nail wood i this storm, too a lot of lightning associated with this down toward clifton this will move across in toward 66 falls church, within about the next 15 to 20 minutes. these storms are moving very quickly. more shower activity the most part in through montgomery county, herp done reston area, gettersburg mount airy. this storm was severe no longer severe, snaking back toward pennsylvania, along 16. now we do have the chance for possible tornadoes, that's something we want to you watch out for. veronica, just widen that out for me as much as you can. i want to show the line back toward the west what we are seeing as far as that line is concerned. the next line, look at that line really getting its act together in through pennsylvania. more storms for us forming on down through the south, what's going to be coming through later on. continue to keep you posted here from the storm center, tornado watch goes until 8:00 tonight. >> doug, thank you. alleged victim of a 2005 sex
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assault in fairfax just got off the stand at the jesse matthew trial. in tearful testimony today she detailed a brutal and floody attack. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver was in the courtroom for the high-profile trial and joins us with new information. david? >> reporter: jim as we stepped out here, bureau chief julie carey stayed inside the courtroom. that testimony just wrapping up from the victim. she was on the stand for about an hour. at times she struggled describing that attack from ten years ago. she is normally a very stoic and quiet person and teared up as she described in telling the court her attacker sat on her legs and banged her head on the ground. that's when she said he sexually assault herd with his hand. inside the fairfax county courthouse no cameras allowed but in the jury box now sits 14 residents of the county. two of them, alternates. they will be the ones to determine jesse matthews' fate. matthews charged in a 2005
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sexual assault. prosecutors say he attacked a woman in the city of fairfax allegedly assaulting her here not far from a middle school and giant grocery store. he is aaccused of trying to kill the woman, too. it wasn't until hannah graham's abduction and death in charlottesville did matthews emerge as a suspect in the fairfax case. investigators say dna linked him. in court today a judge and attorneys spent hours questioning potential jurors, trying to find anyone who has biases and, helps couldn't give matthew a fair trial. andrew geraci's father is a fire marshal. >> my father works for the maryland state fire department as a fire marshal and is the maryland state fire marshal, bias toward people in law enforcement and their testimony may affect a criminal case. >> reporter: the judge excused him along with several others, seven men and seven women among those remaining. at no point during today's first
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day of trial did the the alleged victim point to matthew and say say -- [ inaudible ] in 2009. matthew has been linked, though not charged in connection with that case. still, they sat in that courtroom, we heard from them today. coming up at 6:00 i want to you hear from them swim, what it is like to sit through this trial and where they think things should go from here. for now, we are live outside the fairfax county courthouse, pat, back to you. thanks david. cell phone video of a fight on a metro train has been viewed more than 2 million times on social media. and we should warpn you, it may be disturbing to watch. this happened yesterday on a southbound green line train. two men were on board, arguing in the aisle. one walked up to the other and started punching him repeatedly. the beatdown continued for several minutes, leaving the victim bloody and dazed.
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metro police stopped the men when they got off the train at the 7th avenue station. the man injured refused to press charges. an early morning drug bust targeted homes and businesses and a music studio in maryland. tonight two dozen people are in jail. authorities tell us those neighborhoods are safer. news4's mark segraves is in a group ate silver spring at the he center of today's raids. ma? >> reporter: behind me across the street is bell pre square, hundreds of families live in this development. for than a year, they have been living with an open-air drug market operating on the same playground where their children go and play every day. but early this morning, police and federal agents raided several homes in this development. >> we know we have a drug problem here in the state of maryland a few months ago, governor hogan declared a heroin emergency. we know we have a violence problem. people feeling intimidated, you know, not safe. >> reporter: part of that drug problem facing montgomery county was operating out of homes and
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businesses in silver spring as well as a music studio in prince georges county. prosecutors say crooked house entertainment was a front for a massive heroin and cocaine operation. >> also dealing drugs and supplying drugs to the crew here in montgomery county. >> reporter: today, police arrested the operator to that have music studio as well as 17 others. they say it was a sophisticated operation that was responsible for more than just heroin and cocaine on the streets of montgomery county. >> we have seen over the past year shootings and other violent crimes. >> reporter: two of the men arrested said to be the ring leaders of this operation. prosecutors say by cutting off the supply at its source, residents should feel safer tonight. >> this case i hope will make an impact, not only in terms of reducing availability of drugs in this area but also in eliminating the related violence. >> reporter: now, prosecutors
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also say that their investigation is far from over and there may be more arrests coming. now, coming up at 6:00, why police acknowledge that their investigation actually frustrated some of the residents here. pat, back to you. >> mark segraves, thanks, mark. the national transportation safety board is calling for an immediate fix to a problem that may have led to january's deadly smoke incident at the la fant plaza station. investigators said kprerktsconnecting the were installed without sleeves. the problem, investigators tell us some cable connecting the to the power supply were installed without ceiling sleeves. those sleeves are designed to keep moisture out of high-voltage conductors and prevent a short circuit. the ntsb says metro must now fix the problem by implementing a program to ensure that all power cable connecting the wires are covered. finishing touches being put
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on the building and happenedover to metro is in the works. a lot of issues with the structural integrity of the concrete structure. the center is years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget. more of you are getting the chance to ride the new 7,000 series metro rail cars. some riders gave it a big thumbs up aboard one of the new rail cars leaving shady groves this morning. metro added a second 7,000 series train that will run on the red line the busiest and long nest our system. the new cars made their debut on the blue line back in april. the trains have wider aisle, more leg room and a new digital announcement system. >> i like the flat screens. they tell you the stop, easier than having to bend over someone and look to the old maps versions. >> it's a big change from those old, smelly cars. and the -- hopefully, easier to tell what station you are at and hopefully, they will run faster. >> nice when they smell good. metro ordered 528 new cars. they will be put in service gradually, about one train a
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month. police will be stepping up enforcement this summer after a violent weekend in the city. eight people were stabbed in two separate cases in the district on sunday. today mayor muriel bowser says her office and the police department were already conducting talks about summer police enforcement before the weekend violence. santos ventura was stabbed to death on 14th and it streets. police charged a relative, manuel ramos, with her murder. >> we believe that it was a family dispute, where three members of the family were stabbed. and a female member of that family was killed by we believe, her family member. >> the mayor tells news4 this summer's police initiative will be similar to the all hands on deck efforts that we have seen in the past. investigators tonight are trying to figure out what caused the fire that nearly gutteded an historic loudoun county building. take a look a cell phone captured this video of the flames engulfing the calkins
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jewelry store in downtown leesburg saturday night. the blaze badly damaged the first story business. several pets died in the fire. life in prison for the man behind bars for terrorizing and raping women here in our area and across the east coast. prince georges' county bureau chief, tracee wilkins, is at the live desk. why do prosecutors say today's plea deal is a victory for the victims? >> reporter: they are saying this is going to give them an opportunity to keep families involved in all of this to have to go through a grueling trial. aaron thomas, the east coast rapist, was sentenced to life today for rape in prince georges county from 1997 to 2001. thomas already pled guilty to abducting three teenaged trick or treaters and raping two of them in prince william county in
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2009. authorities say thomas is responsible for more than 17 attacks across virginia, maryland connecticut and rhode island. >> we are really, really glad we have removed from our community a dangerous and violent individual who really wrecks lives. >> reporter: the state's attorney has said since thomas admitted his guilt, a trial was unnecessary. at the live desk, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. the army's public website is offline after a group hacked into the page and demanded the u.s. stop training rebel fighters in syria. the army says it took down the website as a precaution. a group called the syrian electronic army has claimed responsibility. they tweeted out this screen shot of an apparent message that appeared on the site before it crashed. what happened to mom? the question a virginia boy is now asking his dad after a terrible accident.
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more on the family fight to help bring her out of a coma. plus, some police in fairfax are hearing voices and it was part of a plan today to help them when they are out on the streets. we will explain straight ahead. and attention shoppers, it's about to get a lot easier for you to walk to one of our most popular malls. oh, take a look at this storm right now, severe thunderstorm warning tops in fairfax county until 5:15 moving right along 66. it will be inside the district in the next 15 to 20 minutes. a lot of lightning very heavy rain, very heavy wind, this is all moving through, continue to keep you posted, tornado watch in effect until 8:00 tonight, a live picture, very wet 66 back toward centreville.
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tyson's corner is being called america's next great city
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and it is shaping up to be anything but ordinary. even the way you walk around tyson's is a bit different. our transportation reporter, adam us it, live with a unique perspective. adam? >> reporter: that's right, jim this is the way you get around tyson's corner. so many cars come through here that you really can't cross at the ground level. so here in tyson's, you will walk through the sky. no need to mix with the stuff down there if you can be separated from it up here. what do you think of all this? >> i think it's awesome. >> reporter: everywhere you turning in fast-changing tysons this is what you see, a jetsonsesque look at what leaders say will be america's next great city. how has this changed? this is different right? >> fantastic. really changed our life. >> reporter: he worked here decades ago. these sky bridges now part of his daily walk. do you think they need to build more of these or more pedestrian connections on the ground? >> well, you need it both ways,
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okay? elevated walkways if they stay open all night it issic to. >> reporter: sky walks and sky scrapers now the defining character youstics of tie as soon as, sidewalks also coming although plenty of work to do there. for now wondering how to walk around the thousands of cars that come through here every day just look up. and back live in tie as soon as, the rain is coming down, you know it's really hard to get from one side of the street to the next. in some cases a demonstration coming up for you at 6:00. back to you guys. new scrutiny for the tsa. an internal investigation by federal agents finds the ts a's watch list is too small. in addition to passenger screening, the federal agency also screens 2 million airport and airline workers. the investigation found the tsa failed to identify 73 of those workers who were potentially associated with terrorism. and those employees cleared to
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work in sensitive areas, at airports much the agency says it is trying to expand its watch list with a bigger and better federal database of potentially suspicious people. boston police just released surveillance video that shows the moment when police shot and killed a terror suspect. now, the video's blurry. it was taken from a burger king surveillance camera about 50 yards away from where police and fbi agents shot and killed usaamah rahim. investigators say he kept coming at them and didn't drop his knife when they told him to. >> the video will speak for itself, but i think we averted a serious tragedy that day and i can't say enough for the great work that the fbi agents and the boston police did that day. >> rahim's family was shown the video privately before it was
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released. for the first time since it opened, a blackout at the news seem's famous front page exterior exterior. in place of the newspaper headlines from all over the world, the news seem used blacked out images featuring fallen journalists. the news seem used the the #withoutnews a campaign to raise awareness of threats to journalists all over the world. inside, the names of more than a dozen journalists who died last year were added to a special memorial wall. meanwhile, another journalist accused of espionage, but jason rezaian's mother says he was just covering a country he loved. a "washington post" reporter went to court today in iran and his mother says she has no idea what happened during his hearing. today he was in court for a closed-door hearing and his mother and wife say iranian authorities did not allow them to attend and won't even tell them what's happening. a semiofficial iranian news it involves a job application
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rezaian filled out to work for the obama administration in 20 008. the u.s. does not have what president obama calls a complete strategy to get the iraqi army to step up and fight isis. the u.s. has cement $2 trillion and 4400 american lives have been lost in an effort to try to get iraqi government forces on their feet. the president says we need a new plan. >> gain back territory from isil and the governments that is inclusive and serves the people. the president caused a stir at the summit today when he never acknowledged the iraqi prime minister who looked like he sat down to talk to the president. the prime minister later gave up but not clear if president obama saw him. for the first time since his son bow biden died, vice president biden posted a message on social media today n a tweet, the vice president thanked everyone for their kindness and
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compassion, adding, "your love and admiration for beau has touched us beyond measure." bow biden died last week from brain cancer at the age of 46. could be the next top chefs. it is a battle of the cookbooks and kids are going head to head now. find out which healthy dish got a d.c. teen to the finals. a little sweat and hard work helping to turn a d.c. neighborhood around. find out where big business is changing the landscape in our city. and we have been tracking storms on air and on our nbc washington weather app. follow our alerts with the entire area under a tornado watch now. doug's full forecast is heading your way next with the storm marching its way across the wilson bridge, live into maryland.
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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hello everybody, i'm storm team4 meteorologist doug kammerer along with veronica johnson. we have storms and tornado watch in effect until 8:00. one of the storms, look at that across the potomac, arlington hammered by the storm, so is alexandria, across the district. this is the cathedral, you can see that very tough to see now, the rain has made its way in here, a lot of lightning anded that up we are those storm, closer in around the d.c. studios here, northwest washington, just away from there. look at the wind associated with this, too, very windy companies are going to continue to see this. we do not have a severe thunderstorm warning with this storm. however it is very strong and notice it's right on through the d.c. metro region, coming through downtown. it is going to continue right inside the beltway here, heads up for this, back toward fairfax county, alexandria, arlington, across toward the mall and southeast around anacostia, seeing the heaviest rain associated with this too. on this track here, seeks actually what i'm talking about
5:25 pm
along the potomac saw the two vantage points inside the beltway here, around alexandria and making its way up toward the northeast. heads up in this region, on this mile parker at 40 miles per hour. hyattsville coming up next, claire done, 5:17 there had, really. washington, 5:21 hyattsville, 5:30. over toward bowie, 5:45 if it continues on that streak. not severe this has had a history of severe weather associated with it. more rain toward the west, shenandoah county page county this warning until 6:00 tonight. all part of a larger storm system that's moving on through here. you can see what's going on. the line itself continues to develop right around our region. now, notice up toward pennsylvania this line is really going gangbusters. severe thunderstorm warnings everywhere. we have not seen that same line develop here, however if is starting to do so look right in this area starting to see some storms fire up in the region.
5:26 pm
that's why the tornado watch goes until 8:00 tonight. haven't seep the worst of this just yet. heavy storms this evening and overnight. tornado warning -- tornado effect, yeah got that low to medium. high winds? yeah, that's going to be for sure. as a matter of fact, take a look toward the white house, you can see the rain the wind associated with this storm look at that, that rain is just coming downtown town. i hope if you're thinking about heading out the window out the door might want to give a second thought. look at that flag on top of the white house, man that thing is howling right now. 40 to 50-mile-an-hour wind the big deal. temperatures, see the rain 72 manassas, 84, d.c., 90 toward fredericksburg, the case as we move through the next couple of days. friday, saturday sunday, we will see a chance but notice we are expecting to see a heat wave beginning on thursday, thursday's high temperature, up there around 97 degrees.
5:27 pm
one more time, take a look at that radar you can see exactly where we are seeing that storm, the heaviest of which coming right on through the district right now. we continue to keep you posted here on the storm center. >> we know you will, doug, thank you. right now at 5, police in our area are taking a new approach to training. >> some of them wanted to hear voices in their head. coming up a technique that helps officers during a crisis. hear what it's like for some people suffering from a mental illness, next. plus, the news4 i team just learned more about the death of a horse at
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i'm chris lawrence at the live desk, getting information about a shooting in southeast d.c. take a look.
5:31 pm
this is video just coming into the newsroom. police have put crime tape around this playground, which is attached to the benning park rec center. that's just south of 51st and fitch. and zachary kiesch is there on the ground. he base is a dozen police cruisers are still in the area. police are telling us one person has been shot and there may be a second victim. right now, we are trying to find out if these were kids or adults involved and if anyone was in custody. we will stay on top of this story for you, bring you more information as it comes in. jim, pat? >> thank you, chris. we are getting a rare look today inside an exercise designed to change the minds of people struggling with mental illness. >> yeah 20 fairfax county police officers just started the latest round of crisis intervention team training. and as northern virginia bureau chief julie carey shows us now they started by trying to put themselves in the shoes of someone experiencing a mental health crisis. >> reporter: this session is called "hearing voices" and there's a word of warning for the officers. >> this is not an easy session.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: in go the ear buds, on got headphones. these officers experience the same kind of haunting, negative chatter. >> garbage. >> reporter: that might flood into the brain of someone with schizophrenia. >> not a joke. >> reporter: over 45 minutes, they are asked by the crisis intervention team instructor to fill out paperwork to read something then respond to questions and to find words in a scramble. they quickly discover what becomes hard. the instructor ridicules them. the wrong answer. >> graphic. >> you put graphics? you put wrong. >> the inability to do what's been asked. >> cop tent. you're the one that go zero on the word find right? yeah. same one. got it. whatever. >> reporter: tom von hammered is the most vet trap cit trainer. the goal of the exercise is clear. >> we can talk academically about what mental illness is and what somebody might be suffering
5:33 pm
but to be in their shoes is a different goal. >> reporter: it is the training for every sworn officer. >> it is the compassion and understanding empathy, those that suffer from mental crisis that we need to pass on to every single sworn law enforcement officer. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6:00, the officers tell me what it was like to be hearing those voices for 45 minutes straight and how it might impact their policing in the future. in fairfax county, i'm julie carey news4. a virginia family that should be celebrating their daughter's graduation is instead mourning her death. 18-year-old sierra wise of prince george, virginia was killed in an accident saturday while driving to graduation. police tell us her pickup ran off the road, struck a tree and overturned. rescue hearse to cut her from the vehicle but she died on the way to the hospital. now to a developing story involving the search for two
5:34 pm
escaped killers in new york state. governor andrew cuomo says the men could be anywhere in the country. police are checking out more than 300 tips. richard matt and david sweat escaped by cutting through steel walls and crawling through a steam pipe on saturday. investigators believe they had help because power tools were used. workers at the prison are being questioned right now. a $100,000 reward is being offered for their capture. line of storms moving through the district right now and doug just posted a new forecast opt storm team4 facebook page. a tornado watch in effect until 8:00 tonight. check this out. you can make out the national cathedral there on the left side. stay with us for updates throughout the hour as the companies continue to change, minute by minute. pat? virginia voters go to the polls tomorrow to decide on party nominees in a variety of primary races. there are several races we will be watching closely in northern virginia. in alexandria, income mayor bill
5:35 pm
ule is being challenged by several democrats as he seeks a fifth term. kelly donely is looking to again lead the city of alexandria. in stafford county, fredericksburg area, one of the most powerful republicans in virginia faces a challenge from within his party for his house of delegates seat. house speaker bill howell has represented the district, the 28th district, since 1987. but former supervisor susan stimpson says howell is not conservative enough and she is trying to replace him. you can read all about tomorrow's primaries and find your local polling place in our nbc washington app. just search virginia primary. and we have had a handful of severe thunderstorm warnings issued, mainly because of high winds, potential damaging winds, new warning now for prince
5:36 pm
georges county until 6 p.m. look at. this it's got a lot of lightning with it too the chill lamb area, silver hail lot of rain, raining pretty hard folks downpours and coming with that wind, it is eastbound into areas like lan nam kettering, buoy, 216, east northeast, moving fairly quickly, 40 miles an hour, approaching areas like kroften, 5:52 london town 6:02, annapolis 6:06, arnold as well, another line off to the west this one looking fairly poet tent, too, showing signs of holding today holding together. the a lot more, should any warnings be issued, the other side of the break, news4 at 5.
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apple is unveiling a direct challenge to spotify. >> the company announced the details of the new streaming music service today. >> nbc's mark barger has a closer look for us. today, we are announcing apple music, the next chapter in music. >> reporter: the company that changed the way most people buy music hopes to change the way they listen to it, too. >> access to nearly all the music in the world. >> reporter: starting at month's end, apple music will offer a streaming service costing $9.99 a month after an initial three-month free membership a family plan for up to six members will cost $14.99 a month. apple's new service joins ones such as pandora, which has roughly 3 million paid subscribers and spotify, which has more than 15 million. but with 800 million credit cards already registered in apple'sism tunes system the company has an in with a huge potential market. >> anybody about a checkbook is a friend of the music industry.
5:41 pm
and they look at apple as the biggest checkbook out there and they want a piece of it. >> reporter: also today, am introduced features for its newest operating system, named el capitan as well as tool for developers to create new apps for apple watch. >> 1.4 times acceleration. >> reporter: not part of the presentation was anything related to an upgraded apple tv offer. >> they want to provide a service and the media companies and the cable companies are proving difficult to deal with. >> reporter: in the meantime, apple's streaming music rivals have to deal with a new competitor. mark barger, nbc news. a serious accident here in prince william county puts a popular high school teacher in a coma for a week. and her special needs son has a severely broken leg. the family needs your help. this is chris gordon with a story you will only see on news4 ahead. severe thunderstorm warning for prince georges county until 6 p.m.
5:42 pm
we could see many more warnings issued from washington county right on down into areas like clark and jefferson and page county the next couple of minutes. have it all right here when a8
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a quick trip ends with a local teacher and her son in the hospital, both critically wounded in a car crash. >> this evening, we are hearing from the woman's husband and those who know her billion all holding out hope for recovery. >> news4's chris gordon has the story you will see only on news4. >> all the efforts right now are to try to get her to wake up. >> reporter: his wife kelly, has been in a coma for a week. the accident happened last monday when she took their 12-year-old son, carson, for ice cream a vehicle crashed into them along this busy highway in prince william county. carson has cerebral palsy. he has had many operations to be able to back on crutches. now, the accident leaves him with a fractured leg and a broken heart. >> he woke up in the bed and said, where's mommy? is she sick? and i said, you know, honey, she is in -- she was in the accident too and she is not
5:46 pm
doing very well. and, you know, he started crying and so it's a really tough time for the family. >> reporter: kelly is a special needs social studies teacher at centreville high school in clifton, virginia. >> kelly is a big cheerleader for kids with special needs. i mean, whether it be her up child or any other child in this building. >> it's just not the same. we have got a hole in our department and it's -- we need her to come back. the family misses her. we miss our kelly. >> reporter: greg updates friends on facebook. a gofundme account has raised more than $37,000 to help with medical bills. but their friends say the family will need much more. >> any financial support that we can get to help them move along on this long road ahead, that would be greatly appreciated. >> reporter: greg powell is hoping for the day that he can bring his wife kelly and their son, carson, back here to their home in gainesville, virginia. coming up on news4 at 6:00, why he believes that a nostalgic pop
5:47 pm
tune by her teenage heartthrob may help kelly wake up. the latest in prince william county, chris gordon news4. new york state racing officials tell the news4 i-team they plan to launch an internal investigation into the death of a horse in the seventh race at belmont, new york, on saturday. that horse, named shook up, was euthanized after shattering his leg during the race. the horse was humanely put down one state official said. a new york equine review board will meet in the coming weeks to review videotape of the injury and determine the cause. the board meets to discuss and review all thoroughbred deaths in that statement the horse's death occurred minutes before the triple crown victory by american pharoah. thoroughbred horsing deaths are not rare. there were more than 100 horse deaths at d.c. area tracks in 2014, per an i-team review. washington football players are teeming one another franchise to get ready for the season. the team said today it will host joint training camp practices
5:48 pm
with the houston texans. the teams will get together at the upon secours training center in richmond august 6 through the 8th. you may get an inside look at the pictures. the texans will be the team featured in an appearance on hbo's "hard knocks ""." the practices are free and open to the public. if you look out the window, you know it is wild out there. the hardes hitting, right, vj? >> a warning issued for an arundel county a storm system tracking for quite some time go ahead, go to storm team4 radar, zoom in and show you this is the time lapse we also just go ahead and compile and put together just a couple of minutes ago as the storms rolled over the cathedral there, with darkening sky, fast-moving clouds and downpours. look at that. that rain shaft just coming ght through. man, yourainfall write some of the storms an inch per hour.
5:49 pm
the storm system right now, east of d.c. east of the beltway. storm team4 radar still for another ten minutes or so prince georges county under a severe thunderstorm warning. there's your lightning. lan nam to walker mill area. the storm system east where i think if it holds together anne arundel county, beyond the bay severe thunderstorm warning issues. warping here eastbound, annapolis, london town cape st. clair the next few minutes. that's not all of the storms. we are also tracking this line that's off to the west, where we could be seeing some more severe thunderstorm warnings washington county down toward jefferson, berkeley county as well as even issued for talk --
5:50 pm
fauquier county. also severe thunderstorm wind damage reported at fairfax station just at 5:12. the second line that comes through easy to see why we could have the potential for a brief tornado. damaging winds the main threat hail, even possibility. but downpours for sure. a tornado warning is issued for your area remember seek shelter right away, lowest level or interior of your home or area that you are in. the terms of the type of the type of winds up around 40, 50 miles per hour, coming through with some of these storms, not a tornado that's up for your area, that means the possibility of some downed trees and structural damage taking place. there is the whole area, in terms of travel exercise getting out and about, it's really cautionary for everything. exercising, could be some rain, heavy rain around, some
5:51 pm
lightning for sure going to be out and about, just getting from point a to point b, big umbrellas needed, stormy conditions, yes, on area roads, means the chance for reduced visibility coming with any of the storms. so there it is. we continue to see the warnings come up. in just a couple of minutes tell you what this warning is. [ beeping ] >> virginia. >> shenandoah and frederick county virginia now under a new warning. [ beeping continues ] >> got a lot more coming up on news4 at 6:00, with severe weather rolling through until at least 8:00 or so. >> veronica thank you. fitness gyms routinely pop up in neighborhoods but a new gym in northeast washington's ivy city is different. news4's tom sherwood reports the low-cost gym is also part of the makeover of an entire neighborhood. >> reporter: you got a little
5:52 pm
sweat on your brow. >> i have been working out all morning. trying to burn calories and lose some weight and get in shape. >> reporter: she is just one of many at planet fitness in ivy city. it opened today in an old industrial area that has been a backwater to retail development but no longer. she has lived in the area since the 1968 riots. she likes what she sees. >> because the redevelopment, the new things to have going on in the area, and it's about putting people to work. that's the biggest thing. >> reporter: michael stewart, a cook is also a long-time resident. >> i remember this neighborhood when i was a little boy my grandfather owned a market up here. >> reporter: what do you think about the new place? >> i love it man. i was in landover and transfer here. >> reporter: mayor who works out with her own trainer, says she is inspired by the new gym and
5:53 pm
the redevelopment. >> we like t neighborhoods like ivy city that have a grittiness to them that could be housing new and old. >> reporter: in the district tom sherwood, news4. teams of high school student chefs are cooking up a little change. right now, they are here in washington competing in the finals of a healthy cooking competition. they are cooking up healthy dishes at the department of education's cafeteria in southwest. the nine teens who made the finals won competitions in their own hometowns. the teen from d.c. got to the finals with their veggie low main sweet applesauce. >> all of a sudden if is a really big deem and going on interviews and coming here and really crazy to think we start off with paper is coming to life and we are going to serve it to real judges. >> the white house's policy nutrition adviser will help
5:54 pm
decide the top dish during the awards ceremony tonight. the win letters have their dishes served at their school next year. it's being called a freedom ride to annapolis. find out what some people are doing to make sure police are
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
now to the big push to change maryland laws following the death of freddie gray. more than a dozen groups descendedin is self-described freedom ride from baltimore. >> as david collins reports now shall they want to start a move tonight hold police more accountable for their actions. >> are you ready? >> i just want to welcome you today. >> reporter: they are on the front lines for the battle for more police accountability. the ultimate goal is to foster a bet relationship between between police and the community. >> understand the people standing here are willing to fight until the end. and therefore, know that we will
5:58 pm
win in the end. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> reporter: many of these same advocates push for serious reform measures during the past general assembly session but most of the bill these supported failed. they vow the next opportunity will be different >> though we are not in the room while those conversations are had, our voices will be heard about what we believe the foundational principles of healthy police community relationships, not only should be, but must be if we are going to move our state forward. >> reporter: advocates are pro lawmakers with a framework to guide their decisions much the policy principles for police reform want civilians to be part of the police discipline process. they want better tracking of complaints and to make them public. they support enhancing police training, to empower those impacted, by voter rem station drives and reform the law enforcement officers' of rights. advocates for holding police more accountable warning,
5:59 pm
everyone is watching baltimore. >> this is really going to be the test tube baby of how the rest of america responds this summer and for the rest of this election cycle so there's not just an event but an authentic movement. next on news4 at 6:00, a new severe thunderstorm warning for shenandoah and frederick county, virginia. storm team4 coverage is heading your way right now. now at 6, on the stand just feet away from her alleged attacker, tonight the dramatic testimony in the jesse matthew case and how it's impacting the family of a young woman who was murdered six years ago. reports of an open-air drug market on the streets of maryland. why police didn't tell neighbors they were taking action. plus, the new concern for riders after a new report on what may have caused smoke to fill a metro train, killing a passenger. we start tonight with the weather. this is time license video as the storm moved in. dark clouds damaging winds, heavy rain hitting the region and the threat is not over. right now, most of us are under a tornado watch.
6:00 pm
doug is tracking it all from storm center four. doug? >> reporter: that's right, gays, a tornado watch out there right now, we do have that watch in effect, but the biggest threat is going to continue to be damaging winds and we have already seep numerous severe thunderstorm reporting out of shenandoah valley, fairfax county saw one northwest, saw a tree down around dunbar high school. look at what we are dealing with around our region. everybody in the yellow tornado watch, includes our entire region except for cal investment, st. mary's and westmoreland everybody else in the watch. a couple thunderstorm warnings, first off, severe thunderstorm with this one, warning expired in prince georges county, storm moving into anne arundel county, weakening just a bit that is good news. it will continue to move out 50, right now, out over bowie and crofton, crownsville, annapolis the next 15 or 20 minutes. rain back toward


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