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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 8, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the storm moved in. dark clouds damaging winds, heavy rain hitting the region and the threat is not over. right now, most of us are under a tornado watch. doug is tracking it all from storm center four. doug? >> reporter: that's right, gays, a tornado watch out there right now, we do have that watch in effect, but the biggest threat is going to continue to be damaging winds and we have already seep numerous severe thunderstorm reporting out of shenandoah valley, fairfax county saw one northwest, saw a tree down around dunbar high school. look at what we are dealing with around our region. everybody in the yellow tornado watch, includes our entire region except for cal investment, st. mary's and westmoreland everybody else in the watch. a couple thunderstorm warnings, first off, severe thunderstorm with this one, warning expired in prince georges county, storm moving into anne arundel county, weakening just a bit that is good news. it will continue to move out 50, right now, out over bowie and crofton, crownsville, annapolis the next 15 or 20 minutes. rain back toward laurel.
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just rain. look where it is 301. very heavy rain associated with this storm. back to the west, a couple of storms that are warned on this one here in page county, front royal a very dangerous storm. winds upwards of 50 miles a hour with this severe thunderstorm warning, fauquier county until 630. then this storm here is moving at 55 miles a hour, potential to bring 55 or 60-mile-an-hour winds, this moving in toward shenandoah county, clark county, warren county and southern frederick county and look at this line this line continues to develop. this is a line from pennsylvania all the way down across our region, so we are just getting started with this, folks. we will continue to keep you posted. i will be here all night. >> all right, thank you doug. a high-profile sex assault trial against jesse matthew is moving quickly in fairfax county. before court recessed for the day the alleged victim detailed the attack. prosecutors said they linked matthew to the 2005 case using dna from the hannah graham investigation. news4's david culver is outside
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the courthouse in fairfax with more. david? >> reporter: the alleged victim told the court today that for anyone years, she kept the graphic details of this attack to herself, not even divulging it to her own family. in front of the courtroom, she said she fought and fought but her attacker overpowered her, brutally beating her and then sexually assaulting her with his happened. in opening statements, the prosecutor telling jurors the alleged victim was brutally beaten, punched and nearly strangled to death. she fought like the dick , he said, she fought like cracrazy. the attacker choked and choked until she lost consciousness. matthew has been charged in the 2005 incident. prosecutors say he attacked the woman in the city of fairfax, allegedly sexually assaulting her there, not far from a middle school and giant grocery store. he has been accused of trying to kill the woman as well. it wasn't until hannah graham's abduction and death in charlottesville did matthew emerge as a suspect in this
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fairfax case. investigators say dna linked them. he has also been linked though not charged, to morgan harrington. she was abducted and murdered in 2009 in charlottesville. >> i'm trying to stay patient and not become frustrated. we are at the beginning of a marathon and tough marshal your forceses as you try and cross many miles on this journey. >> reporter: her mom and dad were in court today. >> i know it's a dizzying, disorienting journey and i hope that she finds the closure and the justice that this great system of ours can deliver. >> reporter: now, one thing we did notice, at no point during her testimony did the alleged victim look at matthew and say that he was, in fact her attacker. it is expected to the prosecution will rely on the dna evidence to make that connection. day two of the trial picks up again tomorrow morning. we, of course, will be here for it. chris, back to you. >> thanks david. following some breaking news in the district where someone
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started shooting at a local playground. details are still coming in, but here's what we know. about a dozen police cruisers are at banning park in southeast d.c. officers have put up crime scene tape around the playground. detectives tell us one person was shot and -- victim. working now to find out if this involves kids or adults and if they are arrested anyone. look for updates on our app. this is after trying to get more officers on the streets. eight people stabbed sunday after two separate incident. one person died another is in custody. the other case is unsolved and investigators asking for help to find the person responsible. big picture, d.c.'s mayor says you can expect to see more officers around town. >> we are looking at the whole of the summer and figuring out how we can get more police resources out on the street. we are having those discussions with the chief and union
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officials as we speak. >> they be all hands on deck-type sfleepts >> absolutely. >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser says a focus on getting synthetic drugs off the streets, including synthetic marijuana. >> a developing story now, sometime no okay is he is to the army's busch website after a group affiliated with the syrian regime hacked into it. this is what the website looks like. the army took it offline as a precaution. the syrian electronic army has claimed responsibility and tweeted this screen grab of what appears to be a message on the website before it crashed. the hackers are demanding that the u.s. stop training rebel fighters inside syria. a letter in the mailboxes for those hacked against the office of emergency management. 4 million people may have had their information compromised. now they are trying to find out whether people who never worked for the government were
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affected. the concern centers around forms filled out by federal employees seeking security clearances. those forms often include the personal information of references, which could include relatives, friends even college roommates. 29 homes, two businesses raided. more than a dozen people arrested. the culmination of a year-long effort to get drugs off the streets in maryland. as news4's mark segraves discovered authorities didn't even tell neighbors about it. he joins us live from silver spring with more. mark why the secrecy? >> reporter: chris, police say they had to do that in order to really get rid of this entire organization. you know, we wouldn't be standing here today and this drug operation may still be going if it weren't for the residents who live in bell pre square who repeatedly koch lynned to police about an open-air drug market. those complaints started more than a year ago and police unable to tell them they were not only just going after those drug dealers but the entire drug
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operation. the early-morning raids in montgomery and prince georges counties resulted in 18 people being arrest and at least the streets. police also seized a large amount of drugs and tens of thousands of dollars in cash. >> we eliminated that group. they no longer exist. they have been taken out of that neighborhood, all the way out to the source of sun ply in new jersey. >> reporter: prosecutors and police say that is good news for the families who live here in bell pre square and other communities where this group sold heroin and cocaine. >> the community for a long period of time was frustrated and intimidate. >> reporter: while that intimidation came from the drug dealers, part of the frustration was directed at police because despite repeated requests to do something, police didn't appear to be making any progress. today, police say that was a tough choice they had to make to ensure they put an end to this drug organization. there's two strategies, you can go out you can make -- you can make some quick arrests and you really don't impact the larger organization or you can do a
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longer term investigation and end that criminal enterprise. >> reporter: police know their job is far from finished just because this one operation has been shut down. >> we will certainly keep a higher profile in there and do everything we can to make sure that a new operation doesn't begin. >> reporter: you can check out the nbc washington app to see all the names of the 18 suspects arrested. in montgomery county mark segraves news4. a big vote tonight for the d.c. zoning commission could keep new homes like this one from being built. the vote concerns those so-called pop-up additions on traditional row houses that make them out of character for their neighborhoods. officials could place new tougher restrictions on homeowners and developers of pop-ups. this will not impact existing pop-ups that have already gotten legal approval. a lot of development in tysons corner and some people are calling it america's next great city. the landscape is changing so
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quickly, it is affecting how people walk around. our transportation reporter, adam tuss, is here with how folks are navigating a maze of walkways in the sky. >> reporter: in tysons corner, everything is elevated, the skyscraper, the metro and yes, the pedestrian walkways. crossing the street doesn't exactly happen at the ground level in tiesons it happens up here in the sky. crossing the street at ground level in tiesons corner, it is not an easy thing to do i'm not going to take my chances on busy 123. so if you want to cross the street around here this is what you got to do. you got to come in to the metro station. then make your way to the escalator, go up two different escalators, cross the sky walk and finally after all that you end up here across the street from where you started. everywhere you are turning, fast-changing tysons, this is what you see, a jetsonsesque look at what planners say will help lead to america's next
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great city. lou lives in tysons and worked here decades ago. these skybridges now part of his daily walk. do you think they need to build more of these or more pedestrian connections on the ground? >> well, they needed both ways, okay? elevated walkways if they stay open all night, it is okay. >> reporter: skywalks and skyscrapers now the defining characteristics of tysons, sidewalks also coming, although plenty of work to do there. for now, wondering how to walk around the thousands of cars that come through here every day, just look up. everybody is going to have to come back down to the ground and the sidewalk. doreen back to you. >> adam tuss at tysons corner thank you. a violent attack on metro. why the person responsible suspect facing any charges.
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the manhunt intense fizz after a bold prison break. they used power tools and even taunted police. now, a new clue about their possible whereabouts. the outpouring of support for a local teacher who is in a coma after a serious car crash. tonight how her husband is using the power of song to try to help her heal. we have got a couple severe thunderstorm warnings back to the west, including fauquier county. look at this line of very strong storms continuing to develop and intensify. i'm tracking a you will of it, got a tornado watch until 8:00. look at some of the video we have taken tonight, lightning and very heavy rain coming through, some of this around judiciary square, notice the wind swim. i have got i
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all right. let's take a look. you are looking at live pictures of route 50, in the annapolis
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area, not far from i-97. this storm, you can see the rain coming down there it is following the track that doug mentioned earlier the heaviest stuff moving out of prince georges county and really starting to get into anne arundel now. so, folks there be on alert. doug's tracking all of this. he is going to have an update in just a few minutes. in new york police say they are sorting through as many as 300 tips tonight in the massive manhunt for two escaped convicts. the men, both serving time for murder used power tools to break out of a maximum security prison in upstate new york. nbc's chris pollone has the latest on the search. >> reporter: on the ground and in the air, police officers around upstate new york are on the lookout for two convicted killers. >> they could be literally anywhere. >> reporter: it happened in the tiny town of dannemora, new york, miles from the canadian border. police are using dogs to search
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woods, cemeteries and schools. they set up checkpoints. authorities in canada and mexico are on the lookout as well, hoping to find richard matt and david sweat. guards discovered the pair missing from the clinton correctional facility early saturday morning. it's believed to use power tools to cut through walls in their cell, crawled through a steam pipe and broke through a brick wall before emerging from the prison. they left behind a note that read, "have a nice day." >> i don't believe they could have acquired the equipment they needed to do this without help and we have a separate investigation that's going through exactly that question. >> reporter: sweat was serving a life sentence for killing a sheriff's deputy. matt was in for 25 years to life for kidnapping, killing and dismembering his boss. now, people throughout the region are on edge. >> it didn't really hit me hard until i found out these guys were well planned and really dangerous. >> reporter: police are offering a $100,000 reward for the pair's capture. chris pollone, nbc news, new york.
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the clinton correctional facility has housed some of new york's most notorious inmates. mobster charles lucky luciano served ten years in clinton before being deported tooty any 1946. more recent lish the so-called preppy murderer robert chambers served much of his 1986 murder sentence there and rapper tupac shakur served several months at clinton after he was convicted of sexual abuse back in 1995. a police officer pulled a gun on some teenagers outside a pool party in texas and community leaders want him fired. corporal eric caseboat has been with the mckinney pd for ten years and spent the morning meeting with internal affairs. officer casebolt was placed on leave after video came out that shows him pulling a 14-year-old girl to the ground and then aiming his gun at two other teenagers. community groups want him brought up on criminal charges and think the justice department should look into it. i'm pat lawson muse at the
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live desk, just into our newsroom, mayor muriel bowser just announced that the d.c. united soccer team will stay in the district. a final agreement between the district and teen clears the way for a new soccer stadium in southwest. full details for the agreement hasn't been released yet. the mayor says the agreement include the size and timeline of the stadium and improved terms which will result in better financial protections for d.c. residents. before today's deal the team was considering a move to loudoun. back to you. all right. now to the severe weather that's rolling through parts of our area. >> doug is tracking it all from storm center four. doug? >> yeah, guys, continuing to track that right now, severe thunderstorm warning this one for loudoun county, montgomery county, also frederick county and jefferson county and west virginia veronica's coming in now to tweak that put that on our twitter page, facebook page as well that is what we are
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going to continue to monitor this move through the overnight tonight after we are off the air at 7:00, once again, a tornado watch and everybody in yellow until 8:00 tonight. have a couple of storms, one is a strong storm earlier, right over annapolis now, came on through d.c., right along 50. now toward annapolis, no longer severe. severe thunderstorms in effect fauquier county rappahannock county page county, clark county continuing to watch that around the front royal area warren county, not page this is warren county. this storm making its way very fast at about 50 miles per hour and then another storm this is the new one that we have been talking about here and look at this line that has developed. this is the same line that is bringing severe weather toward pennsylvania, now forming in our region, over jefferson county. new severe thunderstorm warning in effect for jefferson county northern loudoun county, montgomery county, frederick county. what time is it until, veronica? 6:35 tonight, as the line continues to move off to the east. this is going to be a fairly dangerous situation tonight and
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i want to go ahead and show you this system right here again, making its way around sandy hook and 3:40 around the casino, moving toward frederick. on this line it will come right toward the frederick area, braddock, 6:20, frederick at 6:25, down toward mount airy, 6:50. if you live in these areas, heads up, we have already seen some damage as far as trees down and power outages in parts of the region we will continue to watch that. another track here shows damascus 6:56 eldersburg area 7:06. here is the line, see the wider view, severe thunderstorm warnings toward pennsylvania. now that line coming together around our region. this is going to be the case as we move on through the rest of the night tonight. what about the risks from these storms? yes, we have a tornado watch but the tornado risk is on the low side. the biggest risk is high winds downed trees as we have seen and might lose power. hail new york the a big threat here, heavy rain could be a threat, could see flash flooding with these storms as they continue to move on. please, be careful watch out as
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the storms move on through the area, neck couple of temperatures, 88 on tuesday, 87 on wednesday look at the heat coming in here 97 on thursday 96 on friday and looks like we have got a bit of a heat wave coming up on friday, 96 93 on saturday. and then things cool a little bit. we have a chance of showers maybe a thunderstorm friday, saturday and sunday. that's something we will continue to watch. but once again the biggest news is we do have that new severe thunderstorm warning, this severe thunderstorm warning in effect for frederick county, maryland also montgomery county, maryland, loudoun county as well as jefferson county. there's that warning right now, we will continue to track them for you right here from the storm center. >> keep checking back with you, thank you, doug. new at 6:00, it started with a consider crash and ended with criminal charges. what we are learning about a local police officer's arrest. and also tonight, a unique approach to help people
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20 fairfax county police officers are on their way tonight to a better understanding of how to deal with people having a mental health crisis. >> yeah, police invited news4 in for a rare look at the latest round of training for the crisis intervention team and northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey discovered, it soaping up their eyes and changing minds. >> reporter: in go the ear buds, on go the headphones. these officers experience the same kind of haunting, negative chatter. >> garbage. >> reporter: -- that might flood into the brain of someone with schizophrenia. >> not a joke. >> reporter: over 45 minutes, they are asked by the crisis intervention team instructor to do routine tests. >> i put graphic.
6:26 pm
>> you put graphics? you put wrong. >> reporter: meant to mimic the treatment someone in a mental health crisis might get. after the voices stop the instructor gets reactions. >> i could almost see myself doing anything to make that stop. anything. >> anything? >> reporter: nationally it is estimated between 25 and 50% of police shootings involve people in a mental health crisis. the goal here to arm officers with understanding. eric becker patrols in the mount verne.district. to give me a better understanding of what people in crisis are going through and to give me the tools to deal with it better it starts with our minds our hearts and minds first, hopefully the whole system can change from there. >> reporter: even after nearly two decades, master police officer eddie oscarotti says this training helps. definitely makes me aware that i'm dealing with somebody who is dealing with things i can't see and i need to treat those as real. >> reporter: so far, 43% of fairfax county's patrol officers
6:27 pm
have attended crisis intervention training classes and every new recruit is getting training before they even hit the street. the goal to train every sworn officer. in fairfax county julie carey news4. >> police in the district of maryland are also taking steps to better respond to mental health calls, we told you about the more than 1200 officers on the d.c. and montgomery county police forces who have now undergone crisis intervention training much the training is mandatory for new creates in the prince georges county police department. if you were looking for resources to help cope with mental illness, we invite you to go to the changing minds section of our website. find it on our app and yeah, we continue to track these storms and other severe thunderstorm warping just issued until 7:15 this includes frederick county and carol county, in toward maryland, a warping for loudoun county, montgomery county and frederick county from this storm and more storms down to the south. this is really starting to
6:28 pm
become a little bit of a dangerous situation just about everybody will get hit by that line of storms, continue to track them for you. i will be back right after the break.
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and that weather alert coming for this line of severe thunderstorms that we have, making its way on through the area. we saw one thunderstorm earlier come through the downtown area now watching this line what we have been waiting for all
6:32 pm
evening, the reason why we have the tornado watch in effect until 8:00 tonight. it is this line that has now formed. you can see the severe thunderstorm warnings in effect all along this line. some of those storms are very very strong and some of them are moving 30 40, 50 miles per hour and that's why we think we have a strong potential for wind. yes, we have a tornado watch, but wind is going to be a much bigger issue with these storms. we could see an isolated tornado but a lot of people will see wind. right now very strong storm along 66 north right around the marshall area, but the warping is for this storm right here around front laurel moving at 50 miles per hour moving at 35, making its way through front royal, loudoun county, severe thunderstorm warping until 7. another one right around frederick. look at the lightning associated with this just north of frederick, making its way toward northern frederick county down to the south. continue to watch these storms move off to the east includes montgomery county i think this may stay just to your north but top to watch these as they track on through the area. i think this is going to be here for a while and maybe the next
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two to three hours. guys? >> all right thank you, doug. a violent fight between two passengers on a metro train sent riders scrambling to get out of the watch you are about to see cell phone video of the incident that may be disturbing to watch. this happened yesterday on a southbound green line train. two men were on board, arguing in the aisle. one walked up to the other and started punching him repeatedly. the beatdown continued for several minutes, leaving the victim bloody and dazed. metro police stopped the men when they got off the train at the 7th avenue station. the man injured refused to press charges. the national transportation safety board is calling for an immediate fix to a problem that may have led to january's deadly smoke incident at the l'enfant plaza station. investigators said connecting rails were installed without sleeves. the problem, investigators tell
6:34 pm
us some cable connecting to the power supply were installed without ceiling sleeves. those sleeves are designed to keep moisture out of high-voltage conductors and prevent a short circuit. the ntsb says metro must now fix the problem by implementing a program to ensure that all power cable connecting the wires are covered. finishing touches being put on a blast from the past but one that a man hopes will start his wife's journey back to the present a local teacher was critically injured in a car crash and tonight chris gordon talks to her husband and friends. >> reporter: greg powell is spending every day at a fairfax hospital talking and singing to his wife kelly, if a coma for a week. >> maybe somewhere this in that coma she can hear me and help bring her back. >> reporter: kelly loves former partridge family singer david cassidy, so greg plays this song over and over. ♪ i think i love you i think i love you ♪ >> always been sort of a teen heartthrob and she really loves that song and it has special meaning to her. >> reporter: accident happened last monday when she took their 12-year-old son, carson for a
6:35 pm
ice cream. a vehicle crashed into them along this busy highway in prince william county. carson has cerebral palsy. he has had many operations to be able to back on crutches. now, the accident leaves him with a fractured leg and a broken heart. >> he woke up in the bed and said, where's mommy? is she sick? and i said, you know, honey, she is in -- she was in the accident too, and she is not doing very well. >> reporter: kelly is a special needs social studies teacher at centreville high school in clifton, virginia. >> she was just an excellent teacher and a champion for all the students that she teaches. >> reporter: greg updates friends on facebook a gofundme account has raised more than $37000 to help with medical bills. >> i know kelly. she is resting up to -- to face -- face it head on when she comes back. >> reporter: carson today was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital. that's good news but greg now will have to submit his days between his wife and his son in
6:36 pm
two different locations. chris gordon news4. >> as you can imagine with that kind of kay the medical bills are piling up. the family set up a gofundme account to raise money to tray to offset some of those costs. if you would like to help, you can search powell family in our nbc washington app. a frederick city police officer is on desk duty after she was involved in a car crash over the weekend and charged with dui. officer debra kidwell was not in a frederick city police vehicle when the accident happened and nobody was hurt. normally, she is part of the criminal investigation division but for now, her police powers have been suspended and she has been reassigned while the department investigates. a deadly enter counter, but tonight, new surveillance video reveals what happened moments before the shooting of a terror suspect in boston. a new crime fighting tool in one
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this's some new surveillance video of the deadly confrontation between police and the man accused of plotting to take out law enforcement officers in boston. he was brandishing a
6:40 pm
military-style knife in this confrontation last tuesday and that he had been planning to carry out an imminent attack against police officers that day. officers had been closely watching rahim for weeks before they stopped him for questioning. the agency that handles our is coming under some pretty heavy scrutiny. the tsa failed to spot 73 people on the terror watch list. that's according to a new government accountability office report. those workers had active clearance badges. the reason tsa is not authorized access to all terrorism-related information and thousands of records used to check potential workers for incomplete. the tsa says it agrees changes need to be made. in virginia, spotsylvania county may turn to the feds for help launching a body camera program. the board of supervisors expected to vote on a request by the sheriff's department to
6:41 pm
obtain a federal grant to buy 43 body cameras much the money would pay for half of the $53,000 price tag for the cameras. that cost includes training and other expenses much the county would be responsible for the other half and any future costs after the grant expires. a tragic milestone that following the deadly plane crash in gaithersburg. >> finding comfort through crochet. how t
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today marks six months since the tragedy in a gatorsburg, mary lands. a plane crashed into that home, kill three men on the plane and mother and two young children home at the time. an outpouring of support has helped the surviving members of that family, ken and his daughter, ara bell. the government's investigation into the crash is still months away from wrapping up. they also plan to do safety
6:45 pm
reviews of the montgomery county air park where the plane took off but those are on hold until the investigation is complete. changing minds about coping with mental illness. tonight, we meet a woman diagnosed with severe depression but she is finding calm in a very unique way. >> just imagine yourself falling down a black hole with no bottom, just on and on. and every morning, it's the same thing. >> reporter: emily marvel says she has felt depressed since she was 4 years old. it has impacted every aspect of her life. she has had a tough time making friends, working and even leaving the house. >> i also know that the hole is bottomless. and you hit bottom, you're dead. that's the only option. >> reporter: after being hospitalized multiple times for suicide attempts emily was
6:46 pm
finally forced to get some help. she met a psychiatrist at med star washington hospital center with whom she was able to connect. seeing him daily so that she could start to climb her way out of that hole. >> it's part of a ritual i have that has to be and that's what i started to realize. we make a plan. every night you make a plan for the next day. and you try to stick to that plan. >> reporter: emily started to find healing through therapy but still, she had trouble in social situations even riding the bus to get to her appoint. appointments was tough. then somebody gave her some yarn and she crochet, a seemingly simple activity that started to transform her life. >> i started taking the yarn and then on the bus. it's literally in a blink, everything changes.
6:47 pm
everything. physically. visually. and i started to hear people chattering on the bus. i start to look around at little kids hugging their mommies or, you know, the drunk falling on himself or -- and the world becomes a world, at least for that period of time and it's not threatening. >> reporter: emily says she has found that crocheting allows her to focus on creating something and that helps to quiet all those negative thoughts. dr. steven peterson is her psychiatrist. >> it gives your mind a break and allows you to cope with the stress that you're experiencing or the troubles that you have in your life. >> reporter: emily says she crochets now every time she is on the bus and she makes these tiny colorful hats for babies. every few weeks these hats are brought here to the neonatal intense sive care unit where they are given to the tiniest infants. >> i love it and i love the nurses' mission to dress these
6:48 pm
little guys, dress them to the nines as they go home to be welcomed by the world. how cool is that? >> doctors tell thanks people find all kinds of ways to help them cope with mental illness, things besides therapy and medication. they say hobbies like crocheting really help people to focus and quiet their minds. you can learn about the different ways to treat mental health on our special changing minds page at the storm has been ripping right through us and even though some neighborhoods are out of the woods there are still some severe thunderstorm warnings in affect for some parts of our area. doug doug, what is the latest? >> track the videoing to severe thunderstorms making their way through a new effect in prince county, fairfax county, loudoun, herndon reston the city of fairfax. fairfax county and the city of fairfax under a warping for the second time today. look at the line of storms. you continue to watch this line
6:49 pm
making its way through fairly quickly, the entire area under a tornado watch until 8:00. here is one warning, includes northern fauquier county. western loudoun. this storm has died down. the primary storm is toward front royal, back toward the west. we can see that storm be warped storm and the other storm. right now, this storm starting to have a bow and we could see winds punching through northern prince william county along 15 in through portions of loudoun county, south of the sterling areas. this is the airport right here. this is going to go right across dulles over toward reston and reston town center. heads up if you live in this area. this storm could be packing a big punch. frederick county, the lightning associated with this, frederick county, carroll county, the city of frederick mount airy, this strong a strong storm urbana new market, mount area, we will continue to watch these storms
6:50 pm
moving on through here over the next few hours and that's why we have that watch, that tornado watch in effect until 8 clack tonight. yes, tornado watch, not the primary threat here though continue to be strong winds already had a lot of areas that have seen wind damage this afternoon. heads up for that, even a couple areas where trees have fallen, one on a parked car earlier. 88 for tomorrow on your tuesday. looking pretty good. may see this rain all the way through the night into early tomorrow morning but then gives way to just some warm conditions. look how warm we get, 97, thursday. 96, friday we stay in the 90s heat wave making its way in after strong storms. itten to keep you posted here on twitter, facebook and on through the rest of the night. >> all right, thank you, doug. all right. coming up in sports, today marks the five-year anniversary of stephen str
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i think a lot of folks around here still remember the night stephen strasburg struck out like 14 pirates. >> yes, it was a great night here in the district. five years ago today, stephen strasburg made his major league baseball debut, taking the sports world by storm. over 40,000 people on hand in nats park that night. they witnessed the first of what they hoped to be many dominating performances throughout his career. today, however, the opinions of strasberg these last five years have been mixed. june 8, 2010, it was dubbed strasmass, struck out an incredible 14 batters in that debut, a victory over the pittsburgh pirates. so much hype and so much expectation. now, since that debut, there have been highs and much talked about lows. tommy john surgery in september of 2010. he was on a limit when he returned, all-star year for strasberg in 2012. but he was shut down prior to
6:55 pm
the nats postseason run. despite knocks about his durability, strasberg made every start last season and led the national league in strikeouts. this year, a different story. currently, he is on the disabled list with neck tightness. he is sporting an e.r.a. of over 6. pretty good career for stephen strasburg, has been on the disabled list four times throughout his career. the expectations being the number one overall draft pick, i think that's the reason why people are a little disappointed in his career. >> win games or two in the world series, everybody forgets. >> absolutely right. >> one of strasberg's teammates and fellow first overall pick, bryce harper, pumped up for the women's world cup. this is what the superstar posted on twitter. you see harper showing his support for u.s. women's soccer posting this photo, wearing the jersey of sydney leroux, the women's soccer team, the photograph ta world cup today bring it home late.
6:56 pm
they start things off against australia tonight. that match will take police at 7lace at 7:30. we told you mayor bowser announcing the agreement with d.c. united, clearing the way for the team to build a stadium in the district. going to move on to golf for a moment. tiger woods met with the media via satellite today for the quicken lopes national media day, this year's tournament held at robert trent jones golf club in gainesville. a lot of the talk centered around tiger's epically bad weekend at the memorial. tiger finished in last police,lace, a career-worst 14 over for the tournament and 85 for the third round on saturday. in his video teleconference, he said a lot of reps and a lot of, tying rest. now, tiger faking the advice of his caddie. >> tells me this past week reminding me to the point of annoying, like, man, take it easy on yourself.
6:57 pm
you haven't played that much golf. you never played last year and haven't played that much this year. you have been playing at home but haven't played tournaments. he says just take it easy, it will come around. just it all takes time. and i hate to say when he is right, because as a player you always want to be right. but he was right. elsewhere now the redskins and texans will have joint practices at training camp in richmond august 6 through the 8th. houston, they will be featuring the teams on team hbo inside access training camp "hard knocks". they have a joint practice with the patriots. >> i know you can't wait to start talking football. >> oh yeah. >> thank you, jason. back to doug with an update on the storm moving through the area. thunderstorm warnings in affect for louden county fairfax county, heads up sterling reston, another storm and another warning frederick county, carroll county howard county. continue to keep you posted right here from the storm c
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on this monday night, the manhunt for two killers. their bold and crafty escape from a maximum security prison breaking through brick walls, cutting through steel, crawling through pipes to freedom. tonight the urgent search to find them. also inside the escape plan. from the intricate route they took to get out to the power tools they would have needed to break through. how did they pull it off unnoticed? was it excessive force? a police officer seen forcing a young woman to the ground and pulling a gun at a pool party. but tonight we're hearing from neighbors who say there's more to the story you don't see. and the new cholesterol drug that could be a game changer. the first major advancement in lowering bad cholesterol in more than 20 years.


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