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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, a second wave of storms. trees knocked over. >> very heavy rain. >> some streets flooded. what to expect the rest of the night and into the morning. >> d.c. unite owed here to stay. the mayor making the wigbig announcement tonight. we will tell you why the team won't go to virginia. >> escapeyies on the run. why police surrounded a building from this upstate new york prison. >> a stormy start to your work week and folks it is not over yet. check out the storm team 4 radar. a busy one tonight. >> strong winds in the afternoon. heavy rain. and lots of lightning tonight. here is what it looked like silver
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spring this evening. downpours, causing standing water in some areas. >> in northwest d.c. tough night to be caught without an umbrella. heavy rain came through all night in waves. let's see if it is finally moving out. doug cameron joins us from storm sent center 4. how is it, doug. >> there is no longer a severe thunderstorm watch. no tornado watch. that is dropped as of 7:00. good news out there now. we will see things and take a lock at radar. this is over the last six hours and you know storm after storm coming in around the d.c. metro area. and d.c. hit with three separate storms. and warnings coming through these two. heavy rain a lot of lightning and wind as well. we have quite a few people without power. now storms in businesses towards annapolis, that one continuing to move out over toward 50 and the bay bridge. we're not quite done with showers yet. notice showers coming through. more back just west and another line back even further west.
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i will show what you moves in overnight and what moves in over the next couple of days. we have the hottest weather so far this summer. >> doug, thanks. heavy rain causing big traffic problems tonight. take a look, this is the scene near river road. two lanes blocked due to high water. at least one car stuck in the water. >> some of you may be watching us on the nbc washington app right now because have you no power. we shot this video of trees on o power lines in the area of 26th street in arlington. at the height of the storm around 5700 customers in northern virginia were without power. dominion, virginia reports that number is now at more than 4,000. >> at the live desk we just learned a patient was admitted with a rare drug-resistant type of tb. she is in isolation. health officials are trying to track down hundreds of people who may have come into contact with her. the woman took off on a flight from india back in april and
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came into the u.s. through chicago o'hare. she was here for seven weeks. travelled to missouri and tennessee before she went to see a doctor. the patient is kept in bethesda and a special unit that prevents contaminated air from escape into the rest of the facility. people can be infected if they breath the air where a tb patient has coughed or sneeze. she has an extension you'vely drug resistant tb. it is extremely dangerous and rare. at least here in the u.s., there have been fewer than 70 cases in the past 20 years. the cdc is trying obtain the flight manifest. they say the risk of getting it on an airplane is low but this type of tb is so dangerous they have to alert other passengers who may have been exposed. at the live desk i'm chris lawrence. >> thank you, chris. we know a lot of you watch team usa and the women's world cup tonight. have you another reason to be excited. d.c. united are staying in d.c.
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tomorrow, the mayor will announce details about the plans for a new stadium. news 4 learned some of the details and we have what we know. >> i'm surprised and happy. >> justin ross owns the big stick, a sports bar near the park. the mayor and d.c. united reached a deal this evening. >> i know last week they announced they would possibly move to virginia. kind of a let down. then i'm very happy. this is a great location for it. >> the deal means d.c. united will get a new stadium near ross's restaurant at buzzard point and southwest. the city's investment was around $150 million. the new stadium approve late last year but the deal ran into trouble acquiring land. so virginia stepped up and tried to lure the team to louden county. >> tonight sources tell news 4 that d.c. unite oed agreed not to consider a move to virginia. district officials tell us they will move quickly to seize the
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final piece of land needed to build the new stadium at buzzard point. >> i'm happy they finally settled and i'm happy they are working towards getting this going so they actually have a stadium. >> the district hasn't reached a financial agreement with the owner of the land. sources say the city is expected to seize the land using eminent domain to get immediate control and then take part in a legal battle over what the district will pay. >> it is really going to change the entire area of southeast and southwest. >> in d.c., i'm shemari stone. >> check out, back row on the end, can't take long enough to take the picture, ready to get the game under way. let's get back to the second half. usa up 2-1. check this one out. tough angle there. gets that to go in the 61st minute. usa win easy 3-1 over australia.
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later, we will hear from rapino on her brilliant appearance. >> a man gunned down at a local park died. the shooting happened this afternoon here at benning park in southeast d.c. detectives tell us a second person was also shot. no word tonight what sparked the attack. this comes after a weekend of violence if the district. more than a dozen people were either stabbed or shot. >> tomorrow we expect to hear from dna experts in a high profile sexual assault case in fairfax county. the man accused of killing university of virginia student hannah graham is on trial right now for a nearly decade-old attack. the alleged victim took the stand today in the trial against jesse matthew. the woman told the court that she screamed and tried to fight off her attacker but he threatened to twist her neck. dna evidence from her fingernails contacted matthew from the attack. he is also linked but not charged in morgan harrington's
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murder. her parents were in court today. >> i know it is a dizzying disorienting journey. and i hope that she finds the closure and the justice that this great system of ours can deliver. >> it is unlikely that the hannah graham case will be mentioned in this trial. prosecutors agreed ton present evidence in that case. >> the east coast rapist pleaded guilty today to several attacks in prince george's county. he was once again sentenced to life in prison. aaron thomas terrorized women for more than a decade. authorities say he was responsible for 17 attacks from rhode island to virginia. include oing the abduction and rape of teenage trick or treaters in prince william county in 2009. thomas is already serving a life sentence for some of the crimes. >> police say your neighborhood streets are a lot safer tonight after officers took down a major drug ring. operating in montgomery and prince george's counties. 18 people were arrested during
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the raids today. police say the drug dealers were selling cocaine and heroin that raid included 29 homes and two businesses. office oers seized a large amount of drugs and tens of thousands of dollars in cash. >> new at 11:00 tonight, if you live in prince george's county, you won't have to worry about at least one approved property tax hike. county executive baker vetoed a 1.5% hike that would have benefitted parks and planning. baker said the tax was not necessary. last month council members approved tax hikes for parks and education. but that 4% tax increase for education was far less than what baker proposed. >> a prince william county teacher lies in a coma tonight a week after she and her son were in a car accident on lee highway in gainesville. kelly henesa is teacher for special needs in cliston. her husband talks her to regularly even though she doesn't respond. he sings a special song to her,
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one by the partridge family, that she has loved since she was a teenager. >> maybe somewhere down in the comb why she can hear me to help bring her back. >> powell's 12-year-old son had cerebral palsy, he broke his leg in the crash. >> investigators tell us 22-year-old byron diaz from landover got too close to the dam and got sucked under by a current. swimming is banned here in that area. diaz is the sixth person to die in that spot in the last ten years. >> tonight we have learned high power d.c. attorney will represent former house speaker dennis hastert. green will be with hastert at his arraignment tomorrow. it will be hastert's first public appearance since lying to the fbi about bank withdraws. he paid a person to conceal past misconduct. there are reports he had a sexual encounter with a student
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years ago. green represented politicians in the past regarding scandals from water gate to the iran contraaffair. >> next at 11:00, new protests in texas over this video police man handling teenagers at pool party. even pulling a gun. the response tonight to allegations of racism. >> the controversial vote in d.c. tonight, a split decision on what you can and cannot do to your row house. >> and piglets on the move. what is in thousands of baby pigs ton an ohio highway. >> we have your first word of traffic tonight. interloop right there over the american legion bridge that is going to have closures until
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i'm chris lawrence back at the live desk. hundreds of demonstrators crowded a neighborhood to protest the viral video after police officer pulling his gun outside a pool party. the officer is accused of racism and they want him fired. they marched a mile through the street near the pool where the incident happened. the teenagers didn't live in the community and officers came to the area when a fight broke out. the girl in a bikini is 15 years old, unarmed and he pushed her down. when others came over, he aimed his gun at them. when the sheriff saw the video
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he immediately put the officer on administrative leave. >> 250 officers are demanding roadblocks using helicopters and doing what they can to find these two escaped prisoners. days after they used power tools to bust out after maximum security prison, the northern new york town is essentially on lock down. drivers are being questioned. trunks inspected. and teens searching woods nearby. police entered an abandoned building across the street from the prison but found nothing was inside. tonight for the first time we are hearing the call after that daring escape. >> subjects escaped from the clinton county correction facility in dannemora. unknown direction of travel possibly southbound on 87 in a dark blue honda or a ford with a broken rear bumper. >> new york governor andrew cuomo tonight tells nbc news officials are investigating whetherciville civilian workers or
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contractors may have helped the convicts escape. >> in the district there are new rules on what you can and can not do to your townhouse. there are limits on vertical extensions, or pop ups, as they are called. there was a controversial decision at the zoning commission. >> their opinion of additional stories sprouting from 19th century row house d.c.'s blazing hot real estate market makes the only space left vertical space a hot commodity. members of a group called stop the pop d.c. lobbyied hard and the d.c. commission voted tonight. >> i'm happy with the vote. because i live in a neighborhood where pop ups are becoming an issue. >> the new rules are to lower the height limit in row house filled neighborhoods like columbia heights from 40 feet to
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35 feet. commissioner doug stone represents effective neighborhoods. >> when you have these pop up developments coming in, you know, single family neighborhoods, it really threatened and essentially ruins quality of life for district residents. >> developers championed pop ups as cheaper alternatives for increasingly expensive neighborhoods. >> so homes like this one, pop up that was begun before these newest regulations were approved. will be allowed to continue. in northwest, jackie benson, news 4. snrs snrs. >> here is something you don't see everyday. there is an all out effort to corral 2200 baby pigs. a semi truck carrying the lig piglets tipped over in central ohio. they they are cute. it is not known how many little animals are still left out there. >> this bolt of lightning struck
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in georgetown near the kennedy center. judiciary scare was drench bid this wave of heavy rain. people running for cover all night tonight. >> boy, it was ugly out there, doug. >> it was. and d.c. saw three different severe thunderstorm warnings earlier today. one to the north, one to the south. one that almost didn't have anything come through at all and woosh that came through too. outside right now, take a look. first off to our restuston camera. picking up over an inch of rain. then clearing. then the rain came right back in. they saw three different round towards ruston. now things are more calm. toward the airport you can see the lights reflecting off the pavement. but temperatures, 73 degrees. wind out of the south at 7 miles per hour at mostly cloudy skies. for the most part we are done with heavy rain. still have showers back towards martinsburg.
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74 in fredericksburg. still nice and mild. look at the rain. right now this is what we've seen over the last six hours. another batch came through earlier. now we have shower activity down south and down towards st. mary's county. this will all come through charles county. southern prince george's county. no lightening with this. this is just steady rain. most of that will stay on the light side. this is round 1 here. we've got another area of shower activity. that's going to try to make its way through. that will drive out for the most part. we will see a few more showers tonight. wider view showing, this is all part of a funt ral boundary. excuse me. drifting on through the region. as it continues to do so, we will clear out by tomorrow afternoon. with that nice conditions. take a look, 1:00 tonight showers to the north. i-81 in hagerstown. then by 8:00 a.m., we're on the dry side. i'm not too worried about rain tomorrow morning. a.m. rush looking good. tomorrow afternoon, it may be an
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isolated shower south and east but most of us seeing sunshine by the day. by 5:00, winds shifting out of the west. that helps temperatures o get up there. 88 degrees in d.c. 90 fredericksburg. humidity should not be a factor o tomorrow. we are calling tomorrow's forecast the impact of tomorrow very low. low impact, looking good. low humidity, that's not the case through the next couple of days. towards the beast looking good the next few days. this weekend not bad either. 88 on tuesday. 87 wednesday. 97 on thursday. 96 on friday. you sense a little pattern here? yeah. how about a little heat wave coming through. 93 degrees saturday. chance of thunderstorm activity friday, saturday and sunday. but highs into the 90s. looks like a high temperature of 96 with a good humidity. that puts the heat index close to 100 degrees. that's the hottest day, at least the feeling, like the hottest day of the year. is it officially summer just yet?
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with temperatures just that, you think so. for a couple of weeks. it is meteorlogical summer. >> okay. >> that starts in june. that's june july and august. for you regular guys -- >> thank you. >> team usa impresses in their world cup opener today against australia. jason is next. stay up with us. >> hey guys, victor he espinoza triple crown
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strong start for team usa today. >> this team is taln'ted and extremely motivated. they kicked off the world cup in a major way. after lose together finals in 2011, all about redemption for the americans. group d is labelled the group of death, mainly because the united states are the heavy favorites to win it all. there is a home field advantage for americans not playing at home. the girls play australia. megan, weaving her way through traffic. somehow gets this to go. deflected off an australian defender there. either way, 1-nil. she is fired up. later in the half here comes australia. samantha kerr sneaking by the defense. watch hope solo close the door. excellent save there. five saves in the game. to the second half now. 61st minute, tied at 1.
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and taking it down the way. she is going to set up her teammate kristin, press finished that one off. adding one more goal for the united states. taking down australia 3-1. u.s. had to get this first match out of the way. >> i think we were a bit nervous. couldn't have played much worse at times but three goals and hope solo was huge today. to get out of here with a win, three points is huge. on to the next. >> all right next up is sweden. that match taking place this friday at 8:00 p.m. >> let's move over to the ice now. game three of stanley cup finals. back in chicago tonight. blackhawks and lightning, series split at one game a piece. since 1939, the winner of game three after split series goes on to win the stanley cup 80% of the time. tonight a huge game. tampa looking to pick up a road
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win against the blackhawks. to the third period, knotted up at 1. brandon scores. chicago takes 1-1 lead. just 13 seconds later, here comes tampa bay. puck gets loose in front of the net. that is andre doing the dirty work down low. tied again. late in the period, lightning pushing the puck up the ice. victor with it. centering pass here to cedric and he delivers. third goal of the playoffs for him. lightning may beat blackhawks by a final score of 3-2. they take 2-1 series lead. >> and in cleveland, cavaliers adding more fans by the day. the cleveland clinic new borns dress heed up in born to be all in oncies in support of the cavaliers. lebron and the cavs even the series again the warriors last night at one game a piece. these babies are going to have to wait until tomorrow for game three of the nba finals.
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>> you think cleveland is excited about this? >> very excited. >> they wouldn't won a championship in that city since 1964. good year to be born.
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so thousands and thousands of people bet on american pharoah to win the through. but almost no one that bets a $2 minimum cashed in the tickets. the payout for $2 ticket is $3.50. >> wow. >> however on ebay those same $2 winning tickets are selling for $20 if you don't hit big on ebay and you don't want a piece of horse racing history in your
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hands, well you have until march to cash in. >> reinvent in a powerball ticket. can barely do that. >> yeah. one is it.
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. . ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- larry david and jason alexander natasha leggero triple crown winner, victor espinoza musical gues


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