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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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o'hare. she stopped in our area for seven weeks and travelled to missouri and tennessee before going to a doctor. tb can spread through the air when someone coughs or sneezes. a shooting a at a d.c. park is now a murder investigation. the man shot in southeast d.c. has died. this happened on fitz street yesterday afternoon. and a second man was also shot. police are working to establish a motive and a suspect. we're trying out and heating up, but a storm that blew through the region last night left a trail of destruction. high waters, downed trees and power outages hit the region and the heavy rain caused chaos on parts of the beltway. look at this scene. this was on the inner loop of the beltway near river road. two lanes were blocked due to high water. that's a tricky spot every time we have heavy rain. at least one car was stuck in the water. no one was hurt. a side mirror barely hanging on to this minivan after a tree fell on to it in the northeast. the damage to the front and side
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of that minivan. this happened last night as high winds blew through the district. high wind gusts of up to 70 miles an hour. many of you are waking one power in northern virginia. in arlington the storm took down trees and knocked out power last night. you can check out the nbc washington app. news4 shot the video of the trees on the power lines in the area of 26th street in arlington. around 5,700 customers in northern virginia were without power last night. dominion virginia reports that number is around 500 and we'll watch for those outages this morning as crews continue the clean-up. no 4:31 your time right now. looks like we'll have a stretch of calm after all this excitement last night. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to find out what's in the day ahead. >> we did have peak wind gusts to around 50 to 60 miles an hour in the metro area but things have settled down since then.
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storm team 4 radar showing some showers here in southeastern virginia. those stretch into the lower part of the eastern shore. getting a few other sprinkles out here in the mountains. those are tracking off to the east, maybe near winchester and hagerstown before they dissipate. closer to washington, getting a few sprinkles here. the patches of green in central montgomery county laytonsville over to silver spring gaithersburg to poolesville then to our south, a few scattered sprinkles near springfield and francony and to woodbridge, down to i-95, most of the pavement is drying out. in the upper 60s to near 70. most of the region will be soaring well into the 80s and into 90 in washington. an isolated thunderstorm in eastern neck, later on this afternoon. >> still some construction hanging around, a lot from overnight, tom, was cancelled of course because of all the heavy rains. i know inbound river road was not happening for us this
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morning. good news for a lot of folks coming in to town this morning. 395 right now southbound between king street and duke street do still have some road work there. just an fyi for you there. 66 headed into town 95 into out of town. you're fine there in virginia. don't have any problems at this point this morning. 270 also looking quite good. just a warning, 270 southbound as you're passing falls road looks like a tree came down, on the shoulder. crews are getting that out of the way. prince george's county overall looking good. back in ten minutes with more information about a possible downed tree. good morning. angie goff here at the live desk where we are following a developing story southeast of the bahamas where the u.s. coast guard is investigating a plane crash. i went down near nassau. all five people survived. this includes an 8-month-old baby. police are not releasing passenger information but as of
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right now, we know no reported injuries injuries. we are waiting for word on what caused this crash. 4:34 right now. today in fairfax county dna experts will take the stand in the jesse matthew trial. it's day two of the trial. yesterday, the alleged victim took the stand and she said she screamed and tried to fight off the attacker but he threatened her. evidence from the fingernail connected matthew to the attack. he is linked but not charged in morgan harrington's murder. her parents were in court to offer support. >> i hope that she finds the closure and the justice that this great system of ours can deliver. >> now, matthew is also charged with the murder of uva student hannah graham. it is unlikely her case will be mentioned in this trial. this morning the man prosecutors say killed a mother in front of her kids will take
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the stand. bell is charged with killing wilson in front of her children. bell went to the victim's home looking for her boyfriend. bell believed that the boyfriend had killed one of his friends. the boyfriend was not there, so prosecutors say bell shot wilson several times instead. right now, two escaped murderers have been on the loose for more than 72 hours now. investigators say they're looking in the u.s., mexico and canada for david sweat and richard matt, but they have no idea where they could be. the two broke out of a maximum security prison saturday morning. investigators say these men probably had help from the inside. >> they're interviewing every inmate. they're looking through the logs to see who visited these guys. they're looking through the telephone records to see who these guys called. >> the convicts were in part of the prison where there's less restriction on their movement.
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the men used power tools to cut through steel walls, crawled through a steam pipe and then broke out of the manhole more than a block away from the prison. the body of a swimmer has been found near the bloede dam in howard county. byron diaz swam too close to the dam and he was taken under by the strong current. swimming is banned in the area. diaz is the sixth person to die in that spot in the last ten years. you won't have to worry about one property tax hike in prince george's county. county executive rushern baker vetoed a 1.5% increase for parks and planning. baker says the tax was not necessary. last month, tax hikes were approved for property and for education. the 4% tax increase for education was less than what baker proposed. critics of the so-called pop-ups appearing on rowhouses are cheering this morning. the d.c. zoning commission has now limited the height of
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vertical extensions to homes in some areas with residential zoning. the height limit drops from 40 feet to 35 feet. critics say the structures block city views and crowd neighborhoods with single family homes. >> when you have these pop-up developments that are coming in, you know, in single family neighborhoods it really threatens and potentially ruins quality of life for district residents. >> d.c. developers say pop-ups are cheaper alternatives in expensive neighborhoods. existing pop-ups will be grandfathered in. if the case involving sex misconduct and the former speaker of the house and today it heads to court. what's expected to happen when dennis hastert appears before a judge. and some roads are still wet, but will they be slick on the way to work? tom has a look at your drive time forecast in your next weather and traffic on the 1s. new calls for safety improvements following that deadly derailment of the amtrak
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train. what the feds are now pushing for so it won't happen gip.
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calls for improved safety following the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. the federal railroad administration says railroads across the country should put automatic train control on their most dangerous sections of track. that's the technology that will
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automatically slow a train to a safer speed. it was not in place where the train derailed in philadelphia. investigators say the train was going more than double the posted speed limit when it flew off the tracks last month. there are new revelations over world cup soccer. bbc news says it had seen documents that shows jack warner used $10 million from fifa for personal gain. the bbc says the money was sent on behalf of the south african government for soccer problems in the caribbean. instead, warner laundered the money through a supermarket chain and used it for cash and personal loans. the u.s. investigators say the money was pay back for warner casting a vote in favor of south africa hosting the world cup. your weather and traffic on the 1s now as we watch a few rain drops drift across some parts of the area. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein on what we can expect. are we drying out tom? >> we are, except in the eastern
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shore they're getting some passing showers there. a few sprinkles out here in the mountains in western maryland. those may be moving into the shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia over the next half hour. getting sprinkles here in montgomery, into howard county. those are tracking off to the north and east. a few sprinkles around woodbridge. for the drive times, green lights. morning, midday and afternoon should not have any weather problems for your commute. some sunshine this morning and the afternoon. drying roads through the morning. in the mid 70s by 8:00 or so. then during the afternoon, hitting the upper 80s, near 90. might get an isolated thundershower south and east of us by late this afternoon. a look at heat wave temperatures on the way. that's at 4:51. next weather and traffic on the 1s. right now, melissa is looking at some trees down causing some road closures. >> a couple of reports of downed trees. we are sending some reporters out the get some pictures as well. make sure this is what they're
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telling us what it is. macarthur boulevard between clara barton parkway, they have it shut down as they try to get a downed tree out of the way. rock creek parkway, massachusetts avenue, had one of the producers coming through the area. she said it's off to the left side of the roadway. may not be completely closed this morning. beach drive northwest at the zoo blocked because of multiple potholes. looking pretty good otherwise. new red light cameras on the way to the area. we'll tell you where you want to be on the lookout and how much you can face in fines. it was a battle between the district and virginia. we're learning where d.c. united will call home. we are just learning about the shooting death of a police officer in canada. angie goff is gathering the information just coming in about that and will bring us the latest from the live desk. your time is 4:44.
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angie goff at the live desk with new information in a police officer shooting out of canada. the name of the officer shot and killed has been released. 35-year-old constable daniel woodall was fatally wounded. he was an eight-year veteran with that force and another officer was hurt but is expected to survive. as for the shooter, police have not said who it is or whether or not that person is in custody. aaron, back to you. >> thank you. 4:46 now. today former house speaker dennis hastert will appear before a federal judge in chicago on charges that he lied to the fbi. he was reportedly paying millions in hush money to cover up past misconduct. the victim was a student at a school where hastert taught. he has not been seen in public since the indictment.
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a former wrestler said it was too soon to convict him. >> before more comes out i'll still believe he's a good person. >> today's hearing is a formality. he'll enter a plea. leaders of the transportation security administration will be in the hot seat. the tsa failed to identify dozens of airport workers with links to terror. this follows a report on security failures. nbc's edward lawrence has more on the congressional hearings. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. i think it took a lot of people on capitol hill by surprise. there will be some tough questions from senators at a hearing on capitol hill today. now, the inspector general homeland security report says that it found 73 airline employees with links to terrorism holding active security badges. now, those badges would give them access at an airport to secure areas around the plane and other sensitive places. the tsa failed to identify those people, because the agency doesn't have the security clearance to get that information.
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the report says the tsa should work harder to request that sensitive material. now, further, the report says that thousands of records used to vet those employees were missing full names or even social security numbers. last week, the tsa failed 90% of tests for security for smuggling in weapons into the airport. the senate hearing is expected to be a callout session so to speak for the tsa and executives involved in the tsa. reporting live in washington edward lawrence. back to you. >> thank you. the mother of "the washington post" reporter on trial in iran says she still has no idea how long he'll be on trial. jason rezaian is accused of spying. this is happening as iran negotiates with world powers over the nuclear program and that's led to concerns that the u.s. loses leverage if rezaian is not released before a nuclear deal is announced. the man known as the east coast rapist pled guilty to
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three rape charges in prince george's county. aaron thomas received three life sentences to be served concurrently. prosecutors say thomas is responsible for 17 attacks from rhode island to virginia. they say he terrorized women for more than a decade and it all started in prince george's county. thomas is serving a life sentence for some of the crimes. police arrested more than a dozen people following a drug bust in montgomery and prince george's countys. chopper 4 flew over one of the scenes. prosecutors and police say a group of 18 ran a drug ring in the communities. that group is accused of selling cocaine and heroin. officers found 11 guns thousands of dollars in cash and a large amount of drugs. police raided 29 homes and two businesses following a year-long investigation. body worn cameras are up for discussion in montgomery county this morning. tom major will brief the county
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council today. the meeting comes as police officers across the country will build trust over protests of use of force. we are here! >> people now rallying about the confrontation between a police officer and a group of teenagers outside dallas last week. a white police officer is pointing a gun at two black teenagers. he wrestled a girl to the ground. the officer is on administrative leave right now. hundreds called on the police department to fire him instead. this summer, two red light cameras will issue you tickets in maryland. one camera is at southeast street and east south street. a second one is going up at ice street and west south street next month. violators will be fined up to $75. the city of frederick will have 11 speed cameras as well. today, muriel bowser is expected to announce plans for a
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new stadium for d.c. united. sources tell news4 that d.c. united said they'd move quickly to seize the final piece of land from the final deal last year. a bar owner in the neighborhood is pretty excited about the deal. >> it's like philadelphia, has all the stadiums and all the sports close together. it makes it kind of like a mecca for local d.c. sports. >> now, the new stadium is expected on the built at buzzard point in southwest d.c. the city is expected to seize the land using eminent domain. all right. time now to check our forecast. we were caught in the rain. i was literally caught in the rain yesterday. i was drenched as i was running in my house. >> don't let tom hear you say that, because he told you. umbrella. umbrella. >> he told me but still -- >> lightning was also coming down from that sky. we had some gusts of wind that were nearly 70 miles an hour brought some trees down. in fact, we have some trees down
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on the roads. melissa will let you know which roads are blocked. right now, some lingering showers on the storm team 4 radar. the area of moving green in southeast maryland and that's pretty much the last of it. we have a few other sprinkles farther to our west. out in the panhandle of west virginia right now, right near cumberland in maryland. these are tracking to the shenandoah valuely is over the next hour. getting a few right now in montgomery and howard counties. a few sprinkles in charles county, that may move into prince george's county shortly. but the general trend, it is drying out. temperatures now upper 60s, north and west of the metro area, right around the beltway, near 70. near 70 most of maryland and virginia. eastern shore, low 70s right now. skycast 4 clouds this morning giving way to some sunshine breaking out later in the morning. then by noontime partly cloudy. when you're headed back home from work and school, a few high
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clouds drifting over us. a small chance of an isolated thundershower. that's south and east of the metro area. temperatures by noontime should be in the low 80s but near 90 degrees with a bit of a blustery wind. that's going to be mid to late afternoon up near 90 and turning less humid too. so more comfortable weather is going to be moving in. then heat wave commences after today's near 90 temperatures. we'll have that on wednesday too. but look at this. temperatures up into the mid 9 0s each day. all of the way into monday. and a chance of an afternoon storm on friday. saturday, sunday and again on monday too. and very humid as well. a lot of humidity moving in beginning on thursday all of the way in to monday. now melissa is looking at those downed trees. where are they? >> a couple of reports of downed trees. this first one here in northwest macarthur boulevard between clara barton parkway and the beltway. we have kristin wright on the way to check this out, to see what's going on there. because we have a couple of conflicts reports but looks like
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we could have at least some closures here this morning. so a warning there for you. also, rock creek parkway at massachusetts avenue. i told you a little while ago had one of the producers heading by this and she was saying it looks like it's pushed off to the side. so that's good for sure. beach drive west at national zoo, they're doing some repairs there this morning. beltway at kenilworth, inner and outer loop all looking good. 270, no issues. the beltway is rolling along quite nicely and then 66 in to town, out of town, don't have any big problems there. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car the morning. modern medicine or music? how a man hopes one of his wife's favorite songs will bring her out of the coma. a new report out says that the fed wants to see changes on metro and fast. what they say must b
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you're watching "news4 today." ♪ ♪ i think i love you i think i love you ♪ >> always been sort of -- he was her teen heartthrob. she really loves that song and it has special meaning to her. >> that special song from their past is what greg powell hopes will bring his wife back to the present. kelly powell remains in a coma after a car crash into her and
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her young son on a busy prince william highway. this happened in gainesville. 12-year-old carson powell has cerebral palsy. he is recovering from a severely broken leg. his mother is a special needs teacher in centreville high school in clifton. >> she was an excellent champion for all the students. >> two gofundme pages are helping out. you can head to the nbc washington app for more information on how to help. a violent fight between two passengers on a metro train sent riders scrambling to get out of their way. you're about to see cell phone video that may be a bit disturbing to watch. this happened on a green line train on sunday. two were standing in the aisle arguing. one starts to punch him again and again. that beatdown lasted several minutes and the victim left bloodied and dazed.
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metro transit police stopped the two men when they got off at the southern avenue station, but the man who was hurt did not want to press charges. something needs to be done to change immediately on metro. this new report is a response to january's deadly smoke incident at the what feint plaza. the sleeves are designed to keep out water and prevent a short circuit that can cause smoke. and metro must fix that problem by making sure all power cable connectors are covered. one person died in the incident. stay with us. "news4 today" continues now at 5 clack a.m. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this tuesday. june 9, 2015. we want to get right to the weather this morning. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with the weather headlines. >> i'm happy to report the
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storms are long gone. just some lingering light showers in southeastern virginia. in green light rain into the southern part of the eastern shore. right around the immediate metro area. sprinkles in montgomery and howard counties. a few other sprinkles farther to our west west of hagerstown, south of there down to west virginia. that may be getting near hagerstown over the next half hour, otherwise, it's really quickly drying out and the sprinkles here in montgomery county from near ashton and all the way down to wheaten and silver spring. that's quickly moving off to the north and east. a few scattered sprinkles near into southwest and another sprinkle there right on the prince george's and charles county line. temperatures are mild this morning. in the 60s to near 70 degrees. reagan national at 72. at the bus stop, hovering near 70. a cloudy sky. then between 8:00 and 9:00, the breezes pick up into the low


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