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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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report the storms are long gone. just some lingering light showers in southeastern virginia. in green light rain into the southern part of the eastern shore. right around the immediate metro area. sprinkles in montgomery and howard counties. a few other sprinkles farther to our west west of hagerstown, south of there down to west virginia. that may be getting near hagerstown over the next half hour, otherwise, it's really quickly drying out and the sprinkles here in montgomery county from near ashton and all the way down to wheaten and silver spring. that's quickly moving off to the north and east. a few scattered sprinkles near into southwest and another sprinkle there right on the prince george's and charles county line. temperatures are mild this morning. in the 60s to near 70 degrees. reagan national at 72. at the bus stop, hovering near 70. a cloudy sky. then between 8:00 and 9:00, the breezes pick up into the low
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70s. next weather and traffic on the 1s your walk to walk forecast and what to wear. that's at 5:11. melissa what's going on on the road? >> as far as the downed trees got word from kristin wright, macarthur boulevard and clara barton, that's cleared out of the way. no more downed tree. rock creek parkway at massachusetts avenue we have a reports of a tree down. that sounds like the clean-up there is underway and not blocking everything as first reported there. 66 and 95 don't have any big problems there on 66 or 95. taking a look at 29 b.w. parkway here and 95 into and out of town everything there is actually looking quite good. no major problems and remember, again, in northwest, beach drive right there near the zoo, we have the northbound lanes blocked because of a report of multiple potholes and some fixes happening here this morning. back at 5:11. >> see you then, melissa, thank you. a developing story, a patient is at the national institutes of health in bethesda with a rare drug resistant type of
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tuberculosis. that woman flew from india to the chicago o'hare airport. she was here for seven weeks and then travelled to tennessee before seeing a doctor. the doctors are notifying anybody who might have been exposed to tuberculosis. a shooting at a d.c. park is now a murder investigation. the man shot at bening park in southeast d.c. has died. this happened yesterday afternoon. a second man was shot but survived. d.c. police are working to accomplish a motive and a suspect. breaking overnight, the famed prosecutor in the charles manson trial has died. vincent bugliosi was best known for the book "helter-skelter." he struggled with cancer for years and died in the l.a.
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hospital. he was 80 years old. now back to you, aaron. dna experts will take the stand in the trial against jesse matthew. day two of his attempted murder, abduction and sexual assault trial. dna evidence from the fingernail connected matthew to the attack. he is linked but not charged in morgan harrington's murder. her parents were in court to offer support. >> i hope that she finds the closure andton justice -- and the justice that this great system of ours can deliver. >> matthew is also charged with the murder of uva student hannah graham however it is unlikely her case will be mentioned in the trial. prosecutors agreed not to present evidence in that case. 5:04 is your time right now. it's decision day if you live in virginia and polls open at 6:00 for primaries across the
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commonwealth. here are some of the races we're watching. in alexandria, bill euille is facing two challenges. he's in the fourth term right now and former mayor kerry donley and allison silver are trying to unseat him. a republican primary can change the state house of delegates. the current speaker of the house william howell represents you. susan stimpson could stage a big upset if she beats him today. ther also race -- there are also races that can change the state senate. we have a link on we'll send you an alert as the results of the big races come in on the nbc washington app. voter turnout could be different based on where you live and who you're voting for. in stafford county, more than 20% of voters are predicted at the polls because of the high states house of delegates race.
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however inside, reports voter turnout is expected to be 8% across the commonwealth. a live look at reagan national for you at five after the hour. today the airports authority will begin a two-day hearing on ride sharing apps that could give you more access to things like uber and lift. news4's megan mcgrath is live now at dca with what's under consideration today. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, aaron. if you take a look behind me you can see the activity we have at the terminal here at reagan national airport. we see traditional taxi cabs but right now, ride hailing companies like uber and lift they're not allowed to wait for fares on airport property. they have to wait nearby off site and travelers can use an app to request a r airports authority is considering changing those rules. the first of four public hearings gets under way to discuss the role of ride hailing companies at reagan and dulles and possible regulations that would be imposed. under the proposal, uber drivers
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would be able to drop off and pick up passengers at the airports if they get a permit from the airports authority. there would be a $5 fee for every fare to or from the airport. the first public hearing gets under way at noon today at dulles airport. there's also another second hearing at dulles tonight at 7:00. and then here at reagan national airport tomorrow there will be two additional hearings. the public is welcome to attend. voice their opinions on the matter. and they again are taking a look at the ride hailing companies that have cropped up. what their roles should be at the area airports. back to you. >> thanks, megan mcgrath. storm team 4 is working for your this morning. we're looking outside where clouds are still lingering above the area. but will you need that rain coat today? chuck bell joins us at 5:11 with your what to wear forecast. fans everywhere thrilled this morning after the u.s. women's soccer team took home a win in the opening world cup
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match and reaction is in. what everybody is saying in two minutes. and new developments after two convicted killers escaped from a new york state prison. who authorities think helped the inmates. your time is 5:07.
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a shaky start, but ultimately a triumph for the world cup match.
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what a game, they beat australia 3-1 with two goals from megan ripino. the team was trending last night with the #uswnt. the u.s. men's team goalkeeper tim howard praised his counterpart as well. saying how about that? big save, big goals, big win. hope solo is the women's goalie. he has more than 3,000 retweets for that tweet. the u.s. women's team plays again on friday night. go usa. d.c. united will stay in the district. what d.c.'s mayor muriel bowser is expected to do to keep the team from leaving for virginia. ten minutes after the hour right now. time to check in with chuck bell. he's outside on the storm team weather deck this morning. need the umbrella today? >> you need your small, portable umbrella for first thing this morning. rain chances are diminishing with imtoo during -- with time during the course of the day.
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we should be generally dry later on this afternoon. a few sprinkles up near hagerstown. a few more south and west of fredericksburg. those from fredericksburg should be passing through the triangle over the next little bit. so on your way out the door this morning, more sunglasses than umbrellas needed for the day. and then later on this afternoon, temperatures will rise from the low and mid 70s this morning with a few puddles around. but generally dry walkways to drier conditions with more sunshine. mid to upper 80s later on this afternoon before the big heat wave comes in. tom has more on that in ten minutes. but for now, another crash on the roads. >> look at 70 westbound in mount airy. it's blocking the left lane and the left shoulder. a warning there. brand new tree -- a report of a tree down in northwest. we have a crew on the way. mccomb street at idaho avenue. 66 headed into town and 95 into
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and out of town looking good as well. no major problems overall. prince george's county roads, nice and clear right now. 49 miles per hour. you can see indian head avenue, not bad. and beltway at new hampshire avenue is rolling along. coming up a live look at 270. excuse me. >> you're excused. i missed that. thank you, melissa. cuffed and put in the back of a patrol car. how a man managed to escape authorities in prince william county. will the fda approve it? the new cholesterol medicine that could
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your time is 5:15. right now the search for two escaped murderers spans three countries. investigators say they're looking in the u.s., mexico and canada for david sweat and richard matt. but still have no real idea where they could be.
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the two broke out of a maximum security prison in upstate new york saturday morning. investigators say since the escape was so elaborate, they probably had help from the inside. >> they're interviewing every inmate. they're looking through the logs to see who visited these guys. they're looking through the telephone records to see who these guys called. >> a source says the convicts were in a part of the prison where there's less restriction on their movements. and something that seems like out of a movie, they used power tools to crawl through a steam pipe and broke out of a manhole more than a block away from the prison. a 24-year-old prince william man is facing felony charges after running away from a police car still handcuffed. mark steven love was arrested after a friend said he stole their car. love managed to get free from one of the handcuffs and took
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off. police found him on sunday in woodbridge. he is being held without bond. the body of a swimmer has been recovered near the bloede dam in howard county. we are learning that 22-year-old byron diaz from landover swam too close to the dam and was taken under by the strong current. swimming is banned in that area. you're looking at photos from the maryland natural resources police. diaz is the sixth person to die in that spot in the last ten years. his body was recovered yesterday. this morning the man prosecutors killed a mother in front of her child stands trial. she went to bell's home looking for her boyfriend. and that boyfriend was not there, so bell shot wilson several times. your property taxes in prince george's county will not go up as much as first thought. county executive rushern baker vetoed a 1.5% increase for parks and planning. baker says the tax was not necessary.
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last month the council approved property tax hikes for parks and for education. the 4% tax increase for education was less than what baker proposed. critics of the so-called pop-ups appearing on rowhouses in d.c. are cheering this morning. the d.c. zoning commission has limited the height of vertical extensions to homes in some areas with residential zoning. critics say the structures block city views and crowd neighborhoods with single family homes. >> when you have these pop-up developments that are coming in, you know in single family neighborhoods it really threatens and potentially ruins quality of life for district residents. >> d.c. developers say pop-ups are cheaper alternatives in increasingly expensive neighborhoods. exists pop-ups will be grandfathered in by the new regulations. in news4 for your health, older parents are more likely to give birth to kids with autism
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spectrum disorder. millions of birth records were looked at and they were 66% higher in children born to fathers over 50. the same was true for moms. genetic mutations in the older fathers could contribute to it. the high risk of autism were higher when the parents were more than ten years apart in age. an fda panel is discussing a new drug this week, unlike the current options. it does not have the side effects of muscle pain. however, it may cause memory loss in a small number of patients. the catch here, medical experts say the new drug could cost you as much as $10,000 a year. 5:19 now. many hospitals in the u.s. are charging more than ten times medicare rates for treatment. according to the study in the journal health affairs 20 of the 50 hospitals that charge the most are in florida, and west virginia.
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the study is part of a national push to curb rising health care costs. the study hopes to encourage lawmakers to publish hospital cost data which may lead to capping treatment costs. we are drying out and heating up today. the storm that blew through the region last night left a trail of destruction, high waters and downed trees hit the area. >> it caused chaos on parts of the beltway. this was the scene on the inner loop last night near river road. two lanes blocked because of high water. at least one car got stuck in the water. but nobody was hurt. in northeast, a side mirror barely holding on to a minivan after a tree fell on to it. new video in to the newsroom shows the damage to the front and side of that minivan. this happened last night as high winds blew through the district. crews were called in to cut down the tree. many of you are waking up with power this morning in northern virginia.
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not you, if you're watching. but other folks are waking up without power this morning. you can stay ahead of the severe weather by checking out the nbc washington app. power lines were shot here. dominion virginia power reports it's 500. >> if you did lose power you could be watching on your nbc washington app. >> yes, if you charged it. >> more reason to have the app. how about that? >> 5:21 our time right now. >> a good pitch right there. >> i tried. tom kierein is keeping an eye on today's forecast. things are drying out. >> yeah, getting quieter too. that loud thunder woke me up during the evening. now a cloudy sky and a scene of tranquility. it is quiet as we start off early on this tuesday morning in the wake of those storms. still some clouds around.
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storm team 4 radar showing a few lingering showers south and east of washington and north and west. that's the moving color on radar. we have the one little batch of sprinkles in spotsylvania county and it will move into fredericksburg. on a track to move to waldorf this on the eastern shore will be staying near the atlantic beaches. a few sprinkles in western maryland, panhandle of west virginia. west of the shenandoah valley. may get close to winchester and front royal and perhaps hagerstown and martinsburg over the next hour or so. 95 from near springfield thousand woodbridge, down to fredericksburg, maybe the pavement is wet there. that one montgomery county that is pretty much just dissipated. temperatures in northern and western suburbs in the 60s. and reagan national is now at 72. the gray sky over washington as the morning progresses should give way to sunshine by 8:00. then by noontime partly cloudy. by then into low 80s. then jumping into the upper 80s
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by mid afternoon. 3:00 or 4:00. a bit of a blustery wind developing by later this morning and into the afternoon. maybe dusts up to 20 miles an hour. heat wave temperatures above the average of 83 today and tomorrow. way above that thursday and each day. all the way into monday. afternoon highs will be reaching the 90s. near 90 today and tomorrow and low humidity. hot and more humid. low to mid 90s. thursday, friday saturday and sunday. friday, saturday, sunday and monday, a chance of afternoon storms as well. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at neighborhood highs today. now melissa is looking at a tree down in northwest d.c. >> a couple of problems in northwest right now. mccomb street at idaho avenue, we have a report of a downed street. kristin wright is on the way to this for you to see what's going on there. also rock creek parkway at massachusetts avenue. sounds like the tree is cleared off to the side of the roadway. i wanted to mention that.
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then the zoo, beach drive, lanes blocked because of potholes. and 270 at father hurley rolling along. back in a couple of minutes with a look at the top of the beltway. >> thanks, melissa. we have horrific new details this morning of a murder/suicide involving an entire family in montana. a father shot his wife and three children on monday. he then set his home on fire and shot himself. this happened at a log cabin so remote that there's no address for it. the children were ages 6, 4 and 1. police have not released the names of the shooter or the victims. this morning the family of a black man shot and killed by a police officer is quote very happy the grand jury indicted that officer. the family of walter scott still plans to file a wrongful death civil lawsuit against north charleston, south carolina. the deadly incident was shown as it happened.
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former officer michael slager is charged with murder. scott took off running and then he was fired at eight times. slager said he shot him in self-defense. and new this morning, for the first time ever a same-sex couple is applying for marriage licenses in the u.s. territory of guam. that's after a federal judge last week struck down the island territory's ban. the couple that sued over the -- to overturn that lawsuit -- to overturn the law was given the first spot in linx couples can marry in 36 states, d.c. and now guam. 5:26 now. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is expected to announce the deal to keep d.c. united in the district. sources tell news4 d.c. united agree not to consider a move to virginia after district leaders said they'll move quickly to seize the final piece of land for the stadium. fans are reacting to this news.
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>> well, i'm happy they finally settled on a place. i'm happy they are working toward getting this going so they have a stadium that can bring in some fans and maybe bring in some business to that area. >> the new stadium is expected to be build at buzzard point in southwest d.c. not too far from nats park. the city is expected to seize the land using em nant domain. more cameras and where you need to know they are. what the former speaker dennis hastert is expected to do in court. check out the things outside. do we see any sun is it all clouds? hovering around 70 degrees but it's going to get warm today. tom kierein is working on your neighborhood highs an
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30, a patient is at the national institutes of health in bethesda with a rare drug resistant type of tuberculosis. the woman flew through chicago o'hare.
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it can be spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes. dna experts will take the stand in the trial of jesse matthew. today is day two of the trial. yesterday, the alleged victim took the stand and she told the court she screamed and tried to fight off the attacker but he threatened her. much more on those stories throughout the morning. but first, good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. tom kierein has a look at the high temperatures. >> we have the low clouds and the lingering showers from yesterday's storm is long gone. a few light sprinkles along the atlantic beaches and sprinkles here hagerstown martinsburg, north of winchester. that's passing north of washington. a patch of green right along the beltway near springfield and then south of there along 95 through woodbridge, dale city quantico to fredericksburg. and parts of charles county, southern prince george's getting a few sprinkles. passing right through the metro
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area in the next half hour or so. it's a mild morning. 60s north and west. low 70's around the bay. look at the neighborhood highs today. should be climbing into the mid 80s. shenandoah valley, low 80s in the mountains. near 90 in the metro area and areas to the south. might get an isolated thundershower in southern maryland, northern neck eastern shore by later this afternoon where it will be into the mid to upper 80s there. next weather and traffic on the 1s, that's coming up at 5:41. a look at your drive time forecast as we have standing water around. you have to watch out for that, right, melissa, and we have had trees down. that's blocking a few roads and what's going on now? >> we have had a lot of problems this morning mostly because of the weather overnight. something else being blamed on the weather here this morning. 95 northbound, the express lanes, i spoke with those folks they're still shut down here this morning because of the weather overnight. so we'll keep you updated and be tweeting about that. we'll let you know when they reopen.
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macomb street, a downed tree there. 270 at middlebrook road everything is rolling slowing, a combination of those two. they're just fine. 95 northbound getting a little slow here as you're headed through dale city. again, express lanes still not open this morning. beltway at colesville, inner and outer loop rolling along just fine. 70 west at 27 at mount airy, the left lane is still blocked. it's now 4:33. today, former house speaker dennis hastert will appear before a judge on charges he lied to the fbi. he was reportedly paying money to cover up past sexual misconduct. federal sources tell nbc news the victim was a -- was a student at a school that he
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taught. former yorkville wrestler says it's too soon to judge hastert. >> before more comes out i'll still believe he's a good person. >> today's hearing is more than a formality. hastert is expected to be released on his own recognizance. the mother of "the washington post" reporter on trial in iran has no idea how long he'll be on trial. jason jason jason rezaian is accused of spying. it's led to concerns that the u.s. loses leverage if he is not released before the nuclear deal is released. today, the tsa has some explaining to do. tsa agents failed to identify 73 airports and airline workers who may be connected to terrorism. the agency is trying to expand
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the watch list now. and senators are expected to ask the tsa how it's improving security. the man known as the east coast rapist pled guilty to three rape charges. he received three life sentences. thomas is responsible for 17 attacks from rhode island to virginia. they say he terrorized women for more than a decade and it all started in prince george's county. thomas is already serving a life sentence for some of those crimes. police arrested more than a dozen people following a drug bust in montgomery and prince george's counties. chopper 4 flew over the scene in silver spring. prosecutors and police say a group of 18 ran a drug ring in the bel pre area and other areas. they're accused of selling cocaine and heroin. 11 guns were found, thousands of dollars in cash and a large amount of drugs. police raided 29 homes and two businesses toal following a year long investigation. body cameras and other police transparency measures are
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up for discussion in montgomery county. police chief tom manger will brief them. and the police are exploring ways to build trust after protests over use of force. we are here! we are here! >> demonstrators in texas now calling for a police officer to lose his job. the officer on administrative leave right now. he was recorded pulling out a gun on two teenagers and wrestling a girl to the ground last week. that incident happened at a pool party outside dallas. police say that teenager -- police say that the teenagers did not live in the area and were not allowed at the pool. heads up, slow down, two new red light cameras will begin issuing you tickets in frederick, maryland. one camera is at southeast street and east south street. the second one is going up at "i" street and west south street next month. violators will be fined up to $75. the city of frederick will have
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11 speed cameras as well. a traffic alert now from the first 4 traffic center. expect major delays on the third street tunnel in the district. crews will shut down the second street exit ramp from northbound 395 to massachusetts avenue. the ramp will be closed for the next two and this is part of the capital crossing development project that's being built over that tunnel. you will see some changes when ncaa basketball returns. the league approved several new rules to up the pace and points totals in games. here's a big -- here's one big change. the shot clock is going to be shorter. it will be 30 seconds not 35. ncaa women's basketball will be four ten-minute quarters instead of two 20 minute halves. today we get our last look at the redskins before preseason
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starts. organized team activities end this week. today is the last day we can send the camera there. they will open at home against the dolphins on september 13th. the scandal rocking fifa continues. who says the organization's former president used millions for personal gain. melissa is watching several problems on the roadways as well. >> problems because of the weather overnight. a couple of spots to avoid and you longer than normal this morning. that's coming up. well, we're talking about driving. look outside this morning where some roads are wet in different places. chuck bell working on your drive time forecast for 5:41.
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welcome back. transit leaders are working to avoid a deadly derailment like what happened in philadelphia last month. railroads are being asked to put automatic train controls on the track. that is the technology that automatically slows the train to a safer speed near dangerous curves. the technology was not in place where an amtrak train derailed in philadelphia. that train was going more than double the posted speed limit at a sharp curve. new revelations in the world cup soccer. former president jack warner used $10 million from fifa for personal gain. the bbc says the money was sent on behalf of the south african
5:41 am
government for soccer programs in the caribbean. instead, warner laundered that money through a supermarket chain and used it for cash and personal loans. the u.s. investigators say the money was payback for warner casting a vote in favor of south africa hosting a world cup. after a night of storms drying out right now. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell who has our drive time forecast. how is it looking today? >> it was indeed a dark and stormy night for many. still a rain chance left first thing this morning. if you're still an hour or two from actually getting out the door, you probably won't need the umbrella. but on your way out the door first thing, within the next couple of minutes there's rain drops to contend with. here's a check on the storm team 4 radar. down along the parkway, south along 95 to fredericksburg, headed into southern maryland. from brandy wine to waldorf, la plata be on the lookout for
5:42 am
light rain drops first thing this morning. green lights for your drive time. no heavy rain to contend with. generally dry roads right now. plan on another warm day with more and more sunshine coming back by later on this afternoon. melissa mollet is letting us know if the expressway lanes are really an express this morning. >> i was going to warn you, if you're headed through virginia into town. they are now open. thank goodness now. 95 north express lanes are now open. good news there. rock creek parkway at mass avenue a report of a downed tree there. yellow line delays popped up in both directions because of a problem at king street. as far as travel times, 66 inbound from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, no problem there. 95 north quantico to the beltway, 44 minutes. we are slow northbound through dale city. express lanes will help that situation. outer loop 95 to 270 looking
5:43 am
good. remember to listen to our friends from wtop when you hop in your car. see you in a few minutes. >> thank you. just music or modern medicine? how a local man hopes one of his wife's favorite songs will bring her out of the coma. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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you're watching "news4 today." ♪ ♪ i think i love you i think i love you ♪ >> always been sort of a -- he was her teen heart throb. she loves that song. it has special meaning to her. >> greg powell hopes that special song will help bring his wife back to the present. kelly powell remains in a coma after a car crashed into her and her young son on a busy prince william highway. this happened on lee highway in
5:47 am
gainesville. carson powell has cerebral palsy. he's recovering from a severely broken leg. his mother is a special needs teacher in clifton. >> she was an excellent teacher and a champion for all the students she teaches. >> two gofundme pages have been set up to help with the family's medical expenses. they have raised nearly $40,000. you can head to the nbc washington app for more information on how to help. a frederick city police officer on desk duty after she wrecked her car over the weekend and was charged with dui. officer deborah kidwell was not in the vehicle when the accident happened. normally she's part of the criminal investigation division. her police powers have been suspended and has been reassigned while the department investigates the crash. we expect to find out if deputies in spotsylvania county will start wearing body cameras. the board of supervisors will vote on that today. the grant would buy 43 body cameras worth more than $26,000.
5:48 am
if granted, the county would have to match the government's investment. we could learn more about the case against six baltimore police officers, at least one is charged with murder for freddie gray's death two months ago. his death and police custody sparked protests for weeks. a gag order was asked for in the case and a judge ruled against that motion yesterday. he said it was filed in the wrong court. a flight heading to hagerstown regional airport made an emergency landing in florida yesterday. five people are recovering this morning after being hurt during that emergency landing. about eight minutes into the flight from clear water international airport crews reported smoke coming from the cabin. the plane carrying more than 100 passengers was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing. four passengers and a flight attendant were hurt. they are expected to be okay and we're learning that the flight will head back to washington county later this afternoon. in the day ahead, you can share your opinions about a
5:49 am
proposed bill that would affect tipped employees. the council is considering a bill that would change how employ employers calculate the tip credit. it will be at the montgomery county office building. newly unsealed court documents reveal which high powered politicians wrote letters in support of petraeus. british prime minister tony blair wrote a letter. his career was derailed when he shared classified material with a mistress who was writing his biography. the army's public website is back up and running this morning after a syrian group hacked it. this is what the site looks like this morning. the syrian electronic army took responsibility for the cyber attack. they tweeted this screen grab of what appears to be a message on the site before it crashed. the group is demanding the u.s.
5:50 am
stop training rebel fighters in syria. michelle obama will speak to high school graduates and she will give it to the king college prep in chicago. it will be held at the chicago university. they were in the spotlight two years ago when pendleton was killed on the way home from class. she had been here in the district just days earlier for president obama's second inauguration. loudoun county school leaders will take a new look at the artificial turf fields popping up all over the county. there are concerns about the rubber crumbs that fill most of the fields. the recycled tire rubber could have chemicals that pose health hazards. a committee is considering alternatives. the school system has ten artificial turf fields that are filled with crumb rubber. more than 1,000 people have
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signed a petition to save a public school. the county's board of education voted to cut freshmen sports to save $60,000. tomorrow, the board is expected to take a final vote on the 2016 budget. well, right now we want to look at the current temperatures outside. it is about 69 degrees outside of our studios. 70 at gaithersburg. 67 in culpepper. >> there were days last week we barely got out of the 50s. tom has a look at the return of summer i guess we can call it. >> full force too. >> that thunder was so loud overnight. i was awakened several times. i go to bed at 5:00 p.m. i kept getting repeatedly awakened with by loud thunder. now it's calm and it's a scene of tranquility as you head out the door. lingering showers, those areas in the light green, those are headed to the shenandoah valley and they're tending to dry out.
5:52 am
a few other sprinkles south of washington. now just passing into prince george's county. out of charles county. right along 95, wet through quantico and fredericksburg. this one last batch is headed into the eastern suburbs over the next half hour or. so brightening sky over the capitol right now. as we get through the rest of the day, skycast 4 shows some breaks in the clouds. sunshine by 8:00 and then by noontime partly cloudy and beautiful blue sky and then during the afternoon lots of sunshine. just a slight chance of an isolated thundershower in southern maryland later this afternoon. right now, 60s in the suburbs. reagan national at 72. already getting a few breaks in the clouds. that live view from the city camera. temperatures by 8:00 in the low to mid 70s. then hitting the upper 80s by mid to late afternoon. a bit of a blustery wind gusting to around 20 miles an hour. then a heat wave comes.
5:53 am
83, upper 80s today and again tomorrow. but well into the 90s looks like thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday. each one of those days into the low to mid 90s. looks like the hottest days may be on thursday and again on saturday and sunday. getting humid too. might get an afternoon storm on friday saturday, sunday, again on monday. chance of afternoon storms in the high heat and the high humidity. what i'm working on at 6:01 your bus stop forecast for this tuesday morning. melissa is looking at a delay on metro. >> right now, yellow line delays both directions because of an earlier problem at king street. a reminder for you there. also rock creek parkway at massachusetts avenue, that tree has been cleared out of the tway. no issue there. that's a good thing here this morning. do still have this problem at beach drive at the zoo, northbound lanes are blocked. a lot of people are getting flat tires so be careful if you're headed that way. wide look at the beltway, no
5:54 am
major problems here. virginia at 95 north, express lanes once again closed. they were opened i'm hearing in my ear, they were closed this morning. the website kind of keeps going back and forth. more on that coming up in a couple of minutes. >> all right, thank you. 5:54 right now. a violent fight between two passengers on a metro train sent riders scrambling to get out of the way. you're about to see cell phone video that may be disturbing to watch. this happened on sunday aboard a green line train. two men are arguing. one walks up to the other and starts punching him over and over again. this beatdown lasted several minutes leaving the victim bloodied and dazed. the two stopped -- the metro police stopped them when they got off the train, but the man who was hurt did not want to press charges. federal investigators say something needs to change needilyneeds to change on metro.
5:55 am
it turns out some power connectors along the rails were installed without sleeves. those sleeves are designed to keep water out and prevent a short circuit. metro must fix that problem by making sure all power cable connectors are covered. one person died after that incident. 5:55 now. if you go to tyson's corner, you know that sky walks are an important connection between the metro station and the mall. and as buildings continue to rise in tyson's, many say more sky walks like this one are needed to help people get around. crossing the streets at ground level can be dangerous, even with cross walks. there are wide streets and plenty of cars to dodge. people liked the idea but say there's one issue with the sky walks. >> do you think they need to build more of these or more pedestrian connections on the ground? >> needed both ways, okay? elevated walkways. if they open them it's okay. >> planners are also adding
5:56 am
sidewalks to tyson's to make it more pedestrian friendly. well, they come in all shapes and sizes and one retailer is now betting that you will include one on your christmas list. cnbc's landon dowdy joins us with more on the drone business and why chipotle is becoming a better employer. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you. chipotle is offering hourly workers some of the benefits that it gives to salaried employees including paid vacation and sick days. the new perks go into effect july 1 and the move is aimed at attracting qualified workers so they can advance. sam's club if you want a drone under your christmas tree, they plan to sell them, ranging from $100 to $4000. they currently sell one at $11,000 with a camera. half are buying drones for fun. little else is in the electronics world and i know we're talking christmas in july. but i'm starting my suggestions
5:57 am
early for a christmas gift. >> that's right. >> always thinking. >> landon is so thoughtful. >> i got your back. >> thanks, landon. lawmakers are calling for higher safety standards in cars to help in an accident. safety officials want automakers to add systems that automatically brake or warn drivers to avoid crashes, standard on all new cars. according to a report from the ntsb 80% of forward collision deaths and half a million injuries could be prevented by this technology. the safety board has made more than a dozen recommendations over the past 20 years to encourage crash avoidance systems. it says the progress has been very limited. new debate over where ride services like uber and lift are allowed to take you. those services want to make it easier for you to get to and from the airport. the potential deal that could make it possible and why it could cost you more to use them. that's next on "news4 today" at 6:00.
5:58 am
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it's what you do. ahhhhhhhh! what'd you say? uh-oh! kelly! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. rick. don't walk away from me. ahhhhhhhh! "news4 today" starts now. >> right now on "news4 today," a woman in isolation at nih with a dangerous case of tuberculosis. what we're learning about her travels. but first, breaking news on the roads right now. let's check in with melissa mollet. >> we're talking about 95 northbound in virginia. the express lanes are still shut
6:00 am
down this morning and take a look at some of these backups. it is nasty as you're headed northbound. going to take you about 50 minutes to get from quantico up to the beltway this morning. take a look right here as you're headed northbound here through stafford, not so bad. it gets much worse as you're headed further north than that. still have yellow line delays in both directions here on metro this morning. beach dry northwest at the zoo, northbound lanes blocked because of the pot holes and several reports of people getting flat tires. crews are trying to fix things. wide look at the beltway, no major problems right now. starting to see a slowdown top of the beltway and then 295 as you pass 50. aaron and eun? >> melissa, thank you. we are watching conditions outside for you right now after a nasty night of storms. you can see


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