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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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cleared the white house briefing room just a short time after a similar threat brought a senate hearing to an abrupt end. >> a lot of people are wondering why a white house security officer covered up news cameras. >> very first news. these were hoaxes and nothing found. as to why the cameras were covered up in the white house, reporters and the camera men and women who operate those things came back in there were a lot of questions about it. not a lot of answers. those cameras that are normally aimed are the property of the news networks and individuals who owned them in the cases of freelancers were pointed down or shrouded apparently to keep whoever would be monitoring those shots from seeing exactly what happened when the secret service use their k-9s and whatever over technology they use to check out a place like
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the briefing room which is what they with a call not to the white house but to metropolitan police. the briefing was underway. the president came in the side door. pretty soon everybody including earnest had to leave. we know now it was a threat phoned in about the briefing because president obama who we learned now was in the oval office. michelle obama the first lady, and the two obama children were all in the residence and they a hoek. and so was the alert on capitol hill where the senate hearing was evacuated briefly. there was a search made and nothing was found. during this was ironically a hearing about tsa security. that kachl full circumstancing. said we live in a world of why they are
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concerned about the performance of the tsa. >> that's interesting. what was the concern that they were talking about when this hoax when this threat disrupted the hearing? >> reporter: a couple of things. there is the horrifying account because only 5% of weapons and bombs all of them dumbied up in an internal test were uncovered and discovered at check points around the country. that's a terrible record. 5% discovered. 95% got through. and now this new report that a lot of lawmakers were upset. as tsa vetted airport workers everybody works in the restaurant who works in the ramps and the baggage and the like. that 70 times amid all of the successes people were given a green light and a pass to work in the airport, especially in minneapolis st. paul when they had links to known terrorists.
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that does not make tsa look very good. >> and a rider falls inside a station and dies. but what's hard to believe is that it took days for anyone to find his body. now the man's family has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against metro. adam, i have got to think this does not sit well with riders. >> not at all this is a 25 million $dollar lawsuit. how can a man's body sit in a station for days and nobody notice? you have questions that we asked metro about and their procedure for checking for anything out of the ordinary. when a metro station manager finishes up and is ready to close they're supposed to walk through and make sure everyone is out. the problem during this incident in 2013, 35-year-old man had fallen in between the small wall on the platform and the edge of
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the station. he is hidden. >> clearly someone is not doing their job. that is completely disrespectful for a body and human life. >> it's a tragedy. >> metro witnessed the fall and it was recorded on video yet still no response as the man's body was under the platform. >> they don't have enough personnel down here to be aware of the people. thousands of people ride every day. >> metro says it can't comment on an ongoing lawsuit. the lawyer for the man's family has not responded for a request. on a system that has seen its share of dramatic falls, this is causing some riders to stop and think about safety changes. >> it's sad number one. number two i think there needs to be accountability. and what can they do to make things better for the future? >> this happened in the very early morning hours on a sart when metro was ready to close. this entrance closes for good on
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the weekend. his body was not found until wednesday. the lawsuit claiming $25 million plus interest against metro. it claims metro was negligent. chris, back to you. >> and another pang is recovering after his motorized wheelchair went off the platform and crashed on to the tracks. we're hearing he told another rider he felt diseasy right before his wheelchair started rolling. >> a local grocery store was packed with shoppers when gunshots rang out. we are learning why police say they were forced to open fire. tracy wilkins was first on the scene and joins us live with new evidence on the scene. >> reporter: the parking lot just cleared a little more than
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an hour ago. the giant is over that way. here is the sun trust bank and police believe this is what these men were here for. >> this place was backed with police cars. 85 of them. >> reporter: a regular visit to the grocery store turned crime scene and police taking the two suspected thieves down may have foiled another crime. >> preliminarily we are looking into the possibility that these armed suspects were here to rob the bank on the property. >> reporter: a multijurisdictional task force was notified. >> this morning our detectives were able to track it to this location. >> reporter: according to police, two suspects were inside of the vehicle. when detectives attempted to make an arrest, shots were fired. >> a witness reports hearing the officer yell to the suspect don't touch the weapon. shortly thereafter, the officer discharges his weapon multiple times, both of the armed suspects are shot.
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>> one was shot pretty badly and another guy had an injured hand and they took them both away on an ambulance. >> reporter: both suspects are taken to the hospital and expected to survive. no officers were hit. they are now investigating to find out if the suspects fired their weapons. >> i wouldn't expect anything like that to happen out here. >> reporter: for people who tried leaving after the shooting -- >> a lot of cars going. you have to show your id when you leave and they take your license plate to show that you weren't involved with the group. >> reporter: police say that in addition to the two guns they also found gloves inside of the vehicle. they won't say anything else about the evidence that they found but they are definitely leaning towards that these two men were planning to rob the bank. we're told by a spokesperson that they are from prince georges county, decided to go
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out, steal the vehicle and come back here and do what police believe attempt to rob the bank. that never happened because they were stopped in the parking lot. i'm tracee wilkins back to you in the studio. >> all right. and the second day of testimony just wrapped up a short time ago. jurors heard the strongest evidence so far in the case. dna experts testified about evidence that liknks matthew to the murder and sexual assault. and the nurse who treated the alleged victim also testified. david will tell us what a police detective said on the stand and why it forced the judge to clear the courtroom. >> now to our weather and what a difference a day makes. severe storms have rolled out and the humidity will soon be moving in. doug is here and tells us the first significant heat wave of the season is upon us. almost. >> you see that tree down? that's in the rockwell area tree down on the house, that was part of the system that moves through
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last night with the very strong winds and incredibly heavy rain. we saw some flooding on the beltway last night. you can see the whole system moving out of the region. one thing you noticed, the lack of clouds. has the front moves by, cooler drier air moves by. here comes the heat. we're talking about really hot weather. back into the 90s. heat index near 100. i have your forecast coming up. >> thanks, doug. almost 6:10. the final hour of voting is winding down as people cast primary ballots in virginia. several high profile contests are underway in northern virginia. we join you live with a look. hi julie. >> reporter: we don't often see this but some veteran democratic and long time gop figures both
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facing challenges from within their own party. we're watching a race here in alexandria where house speaker bill howell faces a republican challenger. he is a delegate former staffer. she is fastly outfunded but she has been trying to make the case that she is the truer republican conservative. the mayor is seeking a fifth term. a democratic primary for the open district 45 delegate seat is driving delegates to the poles and a little slice of fairfax county and both in that race and in the mayor's race ao lot is at stake tonight. there will be no republican or independent opponent come fall
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so whomever wins tonight will run in november unopposed. and a final reminder, polls stay open until 7:00. no lines coming out the door. turnout has been light today. i will be tweeting the results tonight as soon as they start to come in and you can find them on our nbc washington home page and app. >> we will be following you on twitter for that. dennis hastert faces a judge for the first time. amid allegations of sexual misconduct. >> a controversial piece of art work created by honor students at a local high school was taken down today. not everyone agrees it is free speech. coming up live a school district says they just decided to take that image down. >> shattered glass and stolen cash registers.
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a not guilty plea this afternoon from former house speaker dennis hastert as he appeared in court on a hush money case. he spent money trying to cover up allegations of sexual misconduct in his past. we are live in chicago where today's hearing took place. jay? >> reporter: hey. this first court appearance is really just a legal formality, this entire series lasting less than 20 minutes here. the former house speaker walked into the federal courthouse this afternoon without speaking and other than a few whispers of yes, sir to the judge dennis maintained his silence as thomas green announced his plea of not guilty after he was formally charged with illegally removing large sums of cash and lying to
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the fbi. >> law enforcement sources say the case is centered on $3.5 million described as hush money paid out to a former male student he allegedly sexually abused while he was a teacher and coach southwest of chicago. >> it will be interesting to see where the prosecutors decide to go with the other alleged or suspected conduct. >> the charges as they stand now each carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison. with noons hasterd even if found guilty, wouldn't face the maximum. back to you. >> all right. i will take it. before today's security threat, senators were looking ininto terrorism and how safe it is for you to fly. the tsa has been ordered to make improvements after investigators
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reveal they had a 95% success rate sneaking weapons past screeners. there were some suggestions before the hearing broke up including reassigning officers to be foot patrols at airports and focusing less on passenger wait times and more on who's earning that pre-check status. >> they can't wait at the kush yet but possible new rules could put uber and list drivers closer to the airport. the airport authority is holding public hearings to consider new rules to wait for passengers on grounds. drivers would be required to have a permit and pay a $5 fee every time they drop someone off at the airport. >> the mercury is certainly rising and it's not going to just feel like summer. it's going to feel like a sweltering hot day in august. >> and it is only early june. >> exactly right. we saw an extremely warm may.
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we started off the month of june very, very cool and now we have heat coming through. next 24 hours looking good as temperatures are going to drop into the upper 50s and low 60s. tomorrow we are talking about a nice day. we would have plenty of clear skies but notice that haze in the atmosphere? you guys might like this one. this is actually smoke from wild fires in canada that's coming through here. look at this. we would see bright blue skies normally after the system came through. we would see beautiful skies right now. but because of the fires in canada we're seeing a lot of cloud cover out there and the fires bringing in those clouds around our region. that is smoke in the atmosphere. that is going to make for what could be a very nice sunset. 87 with the cloudy skies. winds out of the west right now and that's helping to bring dew points down. that's extremely comfortable. only 79 in gathersburg.
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81 in mperatures and a very nice evening. not showing any rain. going to stay on the dry side. here is the storm system moving off and behind a storm system like this we will draw in very nice dry air. once again we have smoke coming down through the ohio valley right from canada in towards our region. going to be here as we move in through the overnight hours. we're not going to see that up into the atmosphere but it's something to take a look at. we should be seeing pleny of sunshine. that's what we will see tomorrow. a high 88 in manascus. the best news tomorrow humidity will be low. and that means a very comfortable afternoon and a perfect day to take the kids to the pool. almost out of school. some of the kids are out of school. going to be a good one for the pool tomorrow. 87 degrees by 3:00. that's hot.
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the humidity is not too bad on thursday. then it really creeps up on frizz. over 100 degrees potentially. that's probably going to feel like the warmest day. we will see a chance of a shower and maybe a thunderstorm. heat index into the mid to upper 90s. a little cooler on sunday. that could help with shower and thunderstorm activity during the day. we're not talking a wash-out. if you have plans don't worry too much about the rain just keep an eye to the sky. >> canadian wild fires, who knew. a search for two inmates in new ossible sighting as we learn who may have helped them break free. >> what we know about the patient's travel history and the kind of treatment she's getting in our area. >> you have heard about the plans for a new soccer stadium. now trying to convince
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tonight local leaders are celebrating plans to build a new stadium. >> now they're turning the attention to the redskins. trying to convince the team to come back to dc. but if tom sherwood reports it's not going to be easy. >> dc united will have its permanent home in washington d.c. >> all smiles today. the district and dc united announcing the soccer team would not per sue its flirtation of relocation in northern virginia. it will build in the city. dc is the best site. >> there is no question that the district adds the center of the region is looking at -- for all council members feel that way. >> when questioned by news 4, the council chairman declined to
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say the same concept applies a possible new stadium for the redskins. >> the concept applies in my view. >> news 4 first reported that she showed interest by pubically saying the word redskins in recent interviews. she still doesn't like the controversial word that has turned some against the team. >> i think it's offensive. >> as major she supports soccer and having all the major sports teams here play in the city. the football team is the only suburban team now and talks are just beginning. >> so that's where we are. and i don't have anything additional to report with regard to talks. >> the redskins still have several years on the team at fedex field but the team says it is shopping for a smaller more accessible stadium. it has not expressed a preference for any site. >> dc united players and coaches
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are also reacting to their big news today. coming up later in sports why some say the excitement over a new stadium is tempered by a ticking clock. >> next what parents are telling news 4 about a controversial student art display raising concerns. and local businesses terrorized by burglars.
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right now at 6:30 the principal calls it freedom of expression but a local school district felt this display went too far and removed it from the high school lobby. >> we are trying to come together and it seems decisive. >> that display was part of an assignment.
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>> and now some parents are weighing in on this controversy. megan fitzgerald has been there. how are they reacting to all of this? >> reporter: we talked to some parents about it and they didn't know that the image was on display. when we showed them the image some folks had mixed reactions. some were outraged while others say it's a lesson in freedom of expression. >> questions are being raised about this display of student artwork in the lobby. it shows a police officer next to a man with his hands up. his shirt appears to show bullet holes with bloodstreaming down to look like the stripes of an american flag. >> it's despicable. that's what it is. >> this man's daughter is a junior at the school. he says he didn't know the image was on display. >> why display something like that? >> reporter: we asked that very question to the school district. a spokesperson said art students created the image after being
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being told to express what social justice means to them. it was called a teachable moment. while we encourage this type of evaluation, expression and analysis in our school district we also strive to foster a civil and respectful culture. the school said they removed the image on tuesday after seeing it circulate on social media and says they don't want to offend law enforcement officers but other parents don't believe the image should have been removed. they think it's a good lesson. >> it's free speech. they're in a school. it's an educational setting and they are honor students. >> reporter: now the district says the image was on display for up to two weeks and they didn't get any complaints. if you're interested in reading the statement in its entirety you can log on to our website,
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>> news at the live desk, our affiliate just confirmed the texas police officer has resigned after video surfaced of him pushing a teen aged girl to the ground and then pointing a gun at a group of other teens. the video went viral after it was posted online. the officer responded to a community pool in mckinny, texas. after reviewing the video the police chief immediately put the officer on administrative leave. the chief will hold a press conference in just a few minutes. >> thank you, pat. a case of mistaken identity leads to murder and tonight the trial is underway. opening statements are underway. the suspect is accused of shooting and killing wilson as she was lying down with her kids in her oxon hill parm. he was looking for somebody else in the building. bell is charged with murder and the trial should last through the end of the week. >> new at 6:00, a string of
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smash and grab burglaries. spoke to the store owners and told them what they lost and thousand the thief got inside. >> they were over there. >> the glass has been replaced in the smashed front door, shows me how the crook destroyed the cash register, removing all the money inside. but in the process the burglar apparently cut himself. >> the police found blood? >> yes. >> the crook was also caught on one of the store's many surveillance cameras. a short distance north on route one, a cleaners was hit. the thief using a shopping cart to smash the front door. >> broke that glass and took our register with all the money in it. >> here at pizza hut, the story is the same. the cash register was stolen.
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>> we have a lot of smash and grab burglaries. it's quick to smash, grab what you're looking for and leave. >> and then there was the burglary in wood bridge. >> i came inside and right here broken. >> the back office was trashed. property damage and cash stolen. >> a situation of putting up with something like this. >> police are not sure if this was a burglary ring or one man operation but they say they want your help to shut it down now. in prince william county news 4. >> your children's classroom could have a different look and
6:35 pm
feel next year. montgomery county schools talking about making major cuts that could increase some class sizes. the interim superintendent proposed cutting more than 400 teaching and staff positions. that includes 40 central office jobs and 370 vacant spots that would go unfilled. the school system will delay expansion of its chromebook expansion. pay increases will be pushed back by one pay period. all of these are to close a $53 million budget gap. >> the schools will review any new studies that are done. health concerns related to the chrome rubber turf. it may question the
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investigation it does not make a direct link to any health arrests. >> a rare and contagious case of tuberculosis. tracking down those who may have come into contact with the patient who is being treated here. >> next on news 4, we will take you into day two of testimony in the matthew trial. what prompted the judge to send jurors out of the courtroom? >> humidity way down today. i think tomorrow nice and pleasant as far as the humidity is concerned but look what happens later this week. not just uncomfortable but rather oppressive by thursday and friday. we will talk much more about
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right now health officials are trying to track down anyone who came in contact with a woman who came down with a rare and potentially deadly form of tuberculosis. >> we have learned that hundreds of people may have been exposed. the woman traveled to at least three states before she sought treatment from a u.s. doctor. she's now a patient at the national institute of health. back in april she travelled from
6:40 pm
india to chicago. she spent time in missouri and tennessee. the woman finally got treatment seven weeks later. doctors are now trying to figure out what cocktail of drugs will give her the best chance of survival. >> many of the standard drugs are not good and you have to get alternative drugs some of which are successful, some of which are not and many of which are toxic. >> the woman is now in an isolation room, a room specially designed for handling patients with respiratory infections and she may be there for several months. >> patients infected with tb can walk around for weeks with just minor symptoms. it can include a cough lasting longer than three weeks, fever, night sweats and most people exposed won't get sick. those at highest risk are patients with suppressed immune
6:41 pm
systems like those with hiv. >> we are also learning more about the parents age and the risk of their children having autism. there are increased risks of children with teen aged moms and those with a larger gap between their ages. previous research shows older parents are at the highest risk. the group autism speaks funded the research which looked at nearly 6 million kids in five countries. >> a possible break in the search for two inmates who escaped from a prison in new york. where they may have been spotted. >> and a turn of events in the jesse matthews case.
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>> there was some dramatic moments in the courtroom today. the judge halted jesse matthews'
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trial and ordered jurors out of the room. >> an impromptu peace sign from one of matthews defense team. day two included system from several witnesses including the lead detective in the decade old case. the detective showed jurors some of the evidence he collected. he also explained how they came up with this suspect sketch put on the wanted poster the day after the 2005 attack. it sounds as if you really left no stone unturned. the detective replied, i tried. the alleged victim testified she was grabbed, beaten and sexual assaulted. she never pointed to matthew as her attacker. the prosecutor then asked the detective it took nine years to make an arrest? yes, he replied. >> that arrest came on the
6:46 pm
investigation into disappearance in murder in charlottesville. the detective testified he took a mouth swab in october. it matched dna found under the alleged victim's fingernail and there were similarities between matthews and the wanted poster. >> the judge told the detective not to mention matthews' past or pending charges. as the case rumed the defense asked the detective did you reinterview the alleged victim over the course of the nine years? she moved away i believe in 2006. i corresponded with her through e-mail but there was no in-depth interviews done. >> the prosecution is expected to call one more witness to the stand and then it's the defense's turn. >> new developments on the massive manhunt in new york to find two convicted killers who
6:47 pm
escaped from that maximum security prison in upstate. search teams are scouring a rural area about 30 miles south of the prison where residents reported seeing two guys walking during a rainstorm. no inld occasiondication that the two men were there. investigators are questioning a female prison guard. >> the university of washington had some harsh words for a title nine complaint filed against his school. it accuses the university of failing to protect its members from cyber bullying. one member was murdered in april. >> doug is back with more warnings about this heat wave headed wards us. >> we're talking about the warmest temperatures so far. i think we're going more towards 97 and the heat endex could be
6:48 pm
more around 100. we have not really had the real heat and humidity. we have been hot. today was hot. but we're going to get real hot. see how the one hot is bigger than the other hot? that tells you that it will get hotter. we had this cold front move through. normally you see nice blue skies but notice all the cloud cover. this is actually smoke from canada from fires in canada. wild fires purning in canada. that's created some haze around our region too. mostly cloudy skies temperatures dropping. down to about 77 by 11:00 tonight. temperatures back to the west. a little cooler. 81 with our friends. and huntingtown coming in at 83. the radar is dry and it's going to stay that way over the next
6:49 pm
34 24 to 48 hours. then we will start to see the humidity on the increase. it will not be tomorrow. tomorrow looking very nice. if we can get this canadian smoke out here we will see plenty of sunshine and bright blue skies. temperatures 84 to about 89 degrees. and then we turn the heat up from 78 to 97 on thursday. but that's not the hottest day. we get to 97 down to 96 on friday but more humidity. the heat index on friday upwards of 100 degrees. better chance of storms this weekend but not a washout. >> all right thank you, doug. big fun in our nbc 4 stuld owes today. campers from four local tamps were here with us. it's all part of our annual camp for kids campaign. we gave almost $20,000 in scholarships away so the kids could attend camp this summer.
6:50 pm
you can help. there's a way to donate on nbc ford has been proudly doing this for more than 20 years now. >> you know who else appreciates when kids go to camp? >> the parents? >> mom or dad. that's right. the redskins wrap up organized team ac
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i guess we have seen the last of the redskins until training camp right? >> they had mandatory minny camp coming up. everyone should be there for the redskins. this is the last week of otas. receiver deshawn jackson, he was not in action today. head coach said that he was off dealing with a personal matter. and hall did not participate in
6:54 pm
practice at all today. he is still recovering from the achilles surgery. robert griffin iii getting plenty of work in. he is now the starting quarterback of the team. who is going be calling plays? last season gruden called all of the plays. but this year the load is lighter with the new experienced coaches on the staff and that will lead to more play calls for the 29-year-old offensive coordinator. >> we will have him on game day. whether he calls 50%, i call 50%, he calls 80% it doesn't matter as long as we agree ahead of time that we're going to call certain plays. >> that was last year's overall draft pick. he is bigger and stronger.
6:55 pm
murphy, he's starting to see a difference in his play on the field. >> a lot of time i was thinking and reacting. i knew i was just playing fast and going and thinking after the fact. my expectation for myself are higher than everybody else. they were telling me good job and i was telling myself that was a crappy job. and you need to fix these things. i'm going to keep working and pushing myself. >> otas continue until thursday. mandatory minicamp for the skins. let's move on to soccer. dc united's agreement has been a long time coming. philadelphia, houston and san jose have new homes. they are happy to get new turf.
6:56 pm
>> it's long overdue. the city has done amazing things in the world of soccer for the united states throughout the years and honestly we should have been first. but you know things happen the way it happened and now is the time. and you know, hopefully they break ground soon and we get the ball in. >> to me it's just another step forward to this reality that we're all hoping comes sooner rather than later. we are getting a little bit impatient. i want to see this thing. you know? but it's good news. >> the usa women are off to a great start in the world cup. american fans in canada they say megan put on a show against australia. the first locky soccer performance sinced ay did it back in 2007. the united states cruised past australia. sweden is up this friday night. baseball is back with a pretty good match up.
6:57 pm
the nationals are on the road facing the yankees. when ever this team faces the pinstripes new york reporters alms have to ask what do you think about playing for the team you grew up routing for? i love the nationals. i enjoy the organization. i enjoy the fans that support me in right field every day. it's a lot of fun. the nationals are a great organization. d.c. is such a great place to play. it's a monumental town. i guess brice really likes playing here. the game gets underway at 7:00. today the nationals drafted the son of yankees great. he was taken in the fourth round. all of that in. >> great job. >> do you know how old that makes me feel? >> thank you. >> nbc nightly news coming up next. >> have a great night. >> ouch.
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tonight, a lot of breaking news as we come on the air. a massive manhunt may be closing in on two escaped murderers. possibly spotted. authorities now swarming a small town into the woods. and our nbc news exclusive. this woman questioned about the escape. what does she know? her son talkingnly to us tonight. out of hiding. a wild scene as former house speaker dennis hastert emerges for the first time since that bombshell scandal. what he told the judge. evacuations mystery. bomb scares on live tv at the senate and the white house. reporters rushed from the briefing room. the president in the oval office. the first family just upstairs. why weren't they moved? and making a difference for an


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