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post. 4:30 now, developing in temple hills police are investigating how a man died near a pool unconscious around st. clair drive less than a mile from iris mall. originally, officers responded to calls of shots fired. it's not clear whether there were shots. >> preliminary investigation shows that our victim was involved in some sort of physical altercation with some suspects. during the altercation, a shot was fired, the suspect fled and our victim collapsed. police found a well preserved 1970s cadillac that they believe belonged to the victim. we want to show you new video in hopes that you can identify a group that beat and robbed a man that man passed a group while walking down street
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there. then the group turned around and ran after him and attacked him. they got away with this iphone, his wallet and $30. if you know any of the attackers, call police. a problem here at forestville road on the outer loop of the beltway guys. >> i think we want to try to go to melissa and get a look at the accident on the beltway. melissa. >> yes, again, we're talking about breaking news on the outer loop of the beltway at forestville road. his is our problem here. we have video to roll here. at this point this morning, just spoke with police, on the right side of the roadway is actually getting by so we have about a one mile backup at this point. a tractor trailer is on the left side of the roadway. apparently it spilled potatoes all over the road. and some serious injuries. this truck being overturned and
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partially blocking the outerroad. it's going to get worse for people. coming back here to my maps here this morning, as you take a big look at the beltway, you can actually see down near the forestville road exit going only about 9 miles per hour at this point, guys. if we can come back to the maps and show folks what else is happening here as far as other irs around town. you can see 9 miles per hour this morning otherwise looking pretty good. closest camera that is going to show us anything at this point is this camera at branch. so we're not seeing any problems there. it's sort of isolated that area of forestville road. 66 and i-95 doing fine. no issues at 270. again, this is our problem, outerloop at forestville road. kristen wright, going to talk to her hopeful soon. and weather and traffic on
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the 1s here early on this wednesday morning. good morning. right now, we have temperatures that down into the 60s and even 50s. so comfortable at the bus stop and waiting for metro this morning, it will be comfortably cool between 7:00 and 8:00, to see high clouds. lots of sunshine between 8:00 and 9, temperatures jumping into the 70s by then. temperatures right now are rather cool we're down in the 50s in some of the rural areas of maryland and virginia. upper 60s, prince georges near 60 in fairfax county. right inside the beltway near 70. right around the chesapeake bay, low to mid-60s. mid-60s in the mountains. there's the city camera the washington monument. the jefferson memorial understand a clear sky and we'll have sunshine with low humidity, a perfect june day today with afternoon highs climbing up into the upper 80s. good pool weather and good beach weather. next weather and traffic on the
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1s. coming up at 4:41. back to you. good morning, angie goff at the live desk here. with the fifa crisis. we have learned an emergency meeting to decide on sepp blatter's successor won't happen until december 16th of this year. now all 209 member of the association are invited to vote in the new presidential election which will happen in the city of zurich. blatter announced his resignation last week last tuesday, after a corruption scandal was uncovered. . >> angie goff at the lieskve desk. it looks like someone new is going to be in charge in alexandria. >> i'm very honored to be for you the next mayor of alexandria. >> democrat alison sillberger
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tweeted in the mayoral primary race last night. she was first elect to the city council three years ago. sillberger ran on getting input on growth. >> i think it does send a message for people to see leadership that's going to listen to people. >> sill berberg is running unopposed this november. and sill ber berg may have been helped. she won with a total of 5,000. the eulle received more than 4700 votes. this is the first time he was opposed in the primary in a dozen year. the incumbent won in another big race, in the 28th district, bill howell defeated susan stimpson.
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howell is the speaker of the house of delegates. the defense expected to make its case in the jesse matthews sex assault trial. yesterday, the prosecutors present third strongest evidence linking matthews to the 2005 rape in fairfax. police got the break when officers arrested matthews for shana graham's murder. a mouth swab released ultimately making him the prime suspect. the prosecution is expected to call one more witness and then matthews' lawyers take over. dozens are learning they must buy flood insurance. 50 additional properties in laurel are expected to be added to the high-risk zone for flooding. last april after days of rain they opened the dam prompting major floods and prompting residents to evacuate. fema is holding an information meeting tonight at 6:00. they're going over the mapup
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dates. the address is 1801 mccormick drive in largo. >> you'll be able to catch history a full-scale replica of the french frigate will be docked there. caught on camera i peeping tom at a local walmart. how this woman managed to spy without anyone noticing. paying higher property taxes in prince georges county. the 11th move that will you digging deep into your pocket. we're in for a big warmup. what to wear forecast
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>> you may be able to help police in prince william county if you recognize the man in this picture. police say he's dressed in women's clothing and was a peeping tom in a women's bathroom. this happened at the walmart in woodbridge last month. police said the woman stood in a stall and looked in a mirror and she confronted him but he took off. >> the hike will go ahead after a battle with county leaders, a 1.5% tax hike was approved last
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month but on monday the county executives vetoed it. on tuesday, council voted unanimously to override that veto. the tax increase will take effect on july 1st. breaking news on the roads this morning. a bad crash in prince george's county has just the right lane here getting by near forestville road. this is the outerloop at forestville road. again, only the right lane opened. this was an overturned tractor trailer that was carrying potatoes. they have a large cleanup and have to take the driver to shock trauma. you can see a little slowdown about a one-mile backup here, about 14 miles per hour as you're passing forestville road award on the beltway. 66, in and out of town don't have any problems. virginia 95 at newington looking good. shady grove road flowing along nicely. road work 395 northbound between
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duke and seminary have two lanes blocked. over to tom who we hope has better news than i do. at least the pavement is dry. we don't have any fog around. here's what to wear, dressed like this handsome gentleman, short sleeves. you're going to be needing a jacket because we have cool temperatures in the 50s and 60s starting off with a clear sky. you'll need sunglasses you'll be comfortable in short sleeves all the way into the afternoon. walking to and from work, the walkways in the low 70s then walking back home under a bright and sunny sky we'll be into the upper 80s with low humidity. getting hotter tomorrow. looking at the hottest days in seven days. next traffic on the 1s at 4:51. back to you. the 4:42 right now, information from the live desk. >> we have problems at the international space station and
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what it means for cruise. plus, information on a man who survived fires that left two others dead in the area. and the new
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 today." it was kind of a last-minute assignment. sent me to new york, i wake up messages and facebook messages. john meachem said he's lucky to be alive after a fire destroyed a house where he rented a room. his two out of that fire. friends and famil to remember one of the victims in that fire. a memorial will be held for nina breckerman today on the main campus of georgetown university. fire ripped through that three-story home. michael mclaughlin also died in that fire. both rented rooms on the third
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floor. meachem used to rent that room before the fire. >> i was in that room and it's not pleasant thoughts. >> according to "the washington post," the fire was caused by an electrical fire in that house. the landlord remains in the hospital. he jumped out the window to escape the flame. a massive search for two escaped prisoners turns up empty. late last night, police swarmed the town of willsboro. a tip spotted two suspicious people who may have been the men. investigators are calling joyce mitchell a person of interest. she worked in the jail's tailor shop. >> she wouldn't do that against my father. it definitely wouldn't be an inmate. >> police questioned his mother,
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he confirmed she checked into the hospital with a panic attack on the day of the breakout. right now the obama administration is nearing a decision on whether to send 500 more u.s. troops to iraq. the troops that helped train iraqi security forces. those forces have seen major setbacks in recent months as they battled isis. there were nearly 3100 troops there. the white house said the u.s. still doesn't a strategy for training iraqi forces. >> we need to evacuate the press room. >> a bomb threat called in around 2:00 yesterday afternoon while press secretary josh earnest was at the podium and the room was packed with journalists. the president and his staff were not evacuated despite how close the east wing is. another bomb threat was phoned in earlier in the day on capitol hill during a senate hearing. the secret service is
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investigating whether the two are related. 4:48, a first in ovarian history. a woman has given birth, the woman was 13 when doctors stored her tissue because she was about to have a medical treatment that likely would have left her infertile. women have given birth after ovarian transplants but this is the first time that someone was treated in childhood and later became pregnant in life. i'm angie goff with more on a glitch at the international space station. first off, the crew is okay. they're not in danger. a fire shifted the space station's orbit. this happened as it controls the docking system. the station is stable as of right now and now the search is on for what caused the problem. one thing to note, one of the
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spacecraft is scheduled to return to earth with half of the crew tomorrow, aaron and so far, the land will go go on as planned. it's 4:49 now a group is coming together to figure out where to build a new elementary school in arlington. the school there plans to open that new school by 2019. last week, the board appointed a chairman to a new group that will recommend a site in southern arlington. the board will appoint several others to that group tomorrow. was it artistic expression taken too far. a high school removed a controversial art display. the student project shows a police officer next to a man with his hands up. you can see in this image. the man's shirt had bullet holes with blood streaming down to look like the stripes of an american flag. administrators say they don't want to offense police officers. the parents have mixed reaction to the decision to remove the display. >> they're in a school. it's an educational setting and
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they are honor students. >> why display something like that? >> the school district spokesperson said art students created an image after being told to express what social justice means to them. new information about the case against six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. court documents say that baltimore's state attorney asked police to step up enforcement where freddie gray died. according to the baltimore sun that happened three weeks before gray's death in custody. because of that request, they say marilyn moseley should be removed from case. we learned that prince will be playing a concert right here in d.c. four days from now at the warner theater. tickets are not sold out because they're not on sale yet. you can start buying them from tomorrow at noon. a pennsylvania county plans to fire a lawyer while in talks to get a baseball team. the county is considering building a new stadium around
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route 1. the hagertowns sun would move to play there. they're working on a committee to get the best deal for the ballpark. they plan to spend up to $30,000 on a lawyer during these negotiations. washington's first cat cafe will open its doors pretty soon in georgetown. yes, a cat cafe. at crumb's & whiskers. you can have the fun of playing with a cat but not the full-time responsibility of owning one, how about that? the fully vaccinated cats at the cafe will be available for adoption. money for that store was raised through an online kick-starter campaign. the store will open on june 20th. you there go if you're looking for some feline fun. >> i'm trying to wrap my head around this whole concept but if that float yourself boats your boat
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go for it. >> let's go to melissa. >> breaking news. still have this tractor trailer overturned. outer loop of the forestville roadway. only the outer lane is open. they're hoping for three lanes to open by 6:00 this morning. let's come back to the maps now and kind of take a wider look at thing. we have a wider backup here going only 11 miles per hour. otherwise looking quite good, 66 at fairfax county parkway. everything is flowing just fine. dulles tollway, might see that clean up there. dw parkway, looking just fine. taking a look at 270, northbound/southbound, no major issues. remember to listen to our friends at wtop in your car. it did heat up quite a bit and it felt like say nice summer
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day. >> it's comfortably dry. the humidity has dropped. i'll take the heat. >> agreed. >> it's pretty cool actually, you might want to open your windows if you can. trap the cool air because you're go together need the ac later today. right now only in the 50s. many of the rural area, shenandoah valley. montgomery county, only around 60 degrees in fairfax county. reagan national is at 70 degrees. it's in the low to mid-60s around the chesapeake bay. and the humidity pleasant for today. however it's going to start getting sticky tomorrow and comfortable on thursday. then on friday, oppressive humidity might having in. the air quality as well. today is moderate. we've had smoke from canadian wildfires coming over the region. moderate air quality today. then tomorrow and into friday the air quality will be unhealthy for some, due to the increased humidity and the heat as well.
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so if you have a respiratory illness, i want to stay inside. storm team radar all clear. look at the sort of reddish sun we had last evening because of those canadian wildfires, we had a very red sun. and now this morning that noon in our southeastern sky kind of has a reddish tint to it. and later today, by 8:00, the low 70s, lots of sunshine, sunny by noon time. a little haze in the air from that smoke we'll have it in the mid-80s with the low humidity in place during the afternoon. hitting 89 or so around 3:00, 3:30. by 5:00, upper 80s, 88 or so, 87. overnight humidity begins to build. low 70s north. mid-90s tomorrow. a hot and increasingly humid day tomorrow. sweltering humidity on friday. highs low 90s. could get afternoon storms. still hot and humid saturday, too. could get afternoon storms late afternoon and more like evening storms on saturday. so much of the daylight hours on
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saturday, we won't have any storms around. then a chance of an afternoon storm sunday, monday and tuesday. a bit cooler near 80 on monday with showers around upper 80s around on tuesday. that's the way it looks. back to you. tom, thank you. caught on camera, a confrontation with a police officer from out of town and a bicyclist. we'll show you what happened -- next. plus, attacked by a rapid raccoon. where it happened and how the fairfax man is doing now.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 today." a delaware state trooper confronted a man riding this bike in downtown washington. the cyclist posted this video online. he is in the protected biking on l street and rides up in his chevy with its flashers on. the plain clothes officer is standing next to it. >> hey pay attention okay. okay? >> well, it turns out that suv san official delaware government vehicle. the cyclist said he posted the video because he was irritated that a delaware officer could flash his badge and gun in the district. the delaware state police are looking into this incident. the frederick county jail
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now planning to create a safe room for inmates who may intend to harm themselves or others, according to our news partners. that room has walls and doors and door jams covered with padding for inmates who struggle with mental illness or act violently. the chair was used 21 times in 2013. a man in fairfax county remains in fair condition after being beaten -- i guess bitten by rapid raccoon. the police say there have been 21 cases of rabies reported this year. police say to keep your distance from raccoons and foxes. the authority is considering several regulations that could
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allow uber and lyft to wait at dulles and reagan national airport. right now, the drivers have to wait offsite until they receive a call. reagan hosting two hearings at noon and 7:00 p.m. apple and redman stores are combining to make shopping easier. shoppers will be able to use their shopper card discounts using apple pay. wegmans will be among the first supermarket in the country to let you check out using your club card with apple pay. stay with us "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> announcer: "news4 today" begins with breaking news. we're following breaking news on the outerloop of the beltway in prince george's's county where a truck overturned. >> we have live


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