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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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the authority is considering several regulations that could allow uber and lyft to wait at dulles and reagan national airport. right now, the drivers have to wait offsite until they receive a call. reagan hosting two hearings at noon and 7:00 p.m. apple and redman stores are combining to make shopping easier. shoppers will be able to use their shopper card discounts using apple pay. wegmans will be among the first supermarket in the country to let you check out using your club card with apple pay. stay with us "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> announcer: "news4 today" begins with breaking news. we're following breaking news on the outerloop of the beltway in prince george's's county where a truck overturned. >> we have live coverage.
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melissa mollet is covering it and kristin wright arrived on the scene. >> reporter: this could slow down the morning commute. let me show you exactly why. you can see the tanker truck is still flipped over on its side. it's quite a big mess. getting that truck upright said going to be a job. it's going to take a lot of time. as you can see here, only one lane of traffic the right lane is getting around this overturned tanker truck. quite a mess. we have some pictures from earlier that we want to show you. this happened at around 2:30 this morning, over two hours ago, still quite a mess. a tanker truck on the outer loop of the beltway near pennsylvania avenue flipped over. we don't know why at this point. looks like only one vehicle the truck itself wasn't involved in the crash. still don't know about the driver. we were hearing that perhaps the driver was seriously hurt. but again still trying to confirm some of that
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information. but as you can see, quite a mess. not sure exactly what type of truck this is. but some sort of tanker truck. it's overturned on the outerloop of the beltway near pennsylvania avenue. traffic right now, slow coming around it. just the right lane open. in this area. so it's going to be slow going, we're told, by transportation officials that this will go on during at least part of the morning rush this morning, so we'll check back in and tell you how cleanup is going because it's going to be quite expensive. back to you, guys. again continuing this breaking news where kristin is this morning. we're talking about the outerloop at forestville road. as she said and showed us, we only have that right lane open. cruise on the scene hoping for three lanes open by 6:00 a.m. to alleviate that morning rush. of course, with a one-mile backup, that really is going to grow as this sort of rolls on.
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wide look at things. rest of the beltway looking good, 60 miles an hour where kristin is this morning. and route 7 at the toll road, still have that crash there blocking the right shoulder. overall 270 northbound and southbound looking quite good. same thing take a look at 66 and 95. everything is green and flowing. no major problems there. we're following that crash on the outer loop for you there. much more in ten minutes. 5:05, good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang welcome to "news4 today." today is wednesday, the 10th of june. get ready for a heat wave. it's going to feel like summer. look at the temperatures, it's getting hot. >> tom kierein has a look at the forecast. >> good morning manassas under 62 under a clear sky. prince william county is going
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to be mid to upper 80s. in gaithersburg, montgomery county, they're around 60 degrees as well. clear sky jumping into the 80s. hovering into the mid-80s foye the rest of the afternoon with bright sunshine, wear your sunglock, in alexandria 64 degrees with a clear sky. low humidity in place. bright sunshine, there should make it mid to upper 80s as well by late afternoon. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:11. here's your drive forecast for this wednesday. it is now 5:04. today, we expect the latest findings on what led to last month's deadly amtrak derailment outside of philadelphia. and we could learn whether the engineer was on his control phone at the time. we're also following a hearing where lawmakers are expected to zero in on what more can be done to prevent these kinds of accidents. this comes just hours after the house voted to cut amtrak
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funding. let's begin with latest on the crash investigation. the national transportation safety board plans to release their findings this morning and that includes an investigation into whether the train engineer's cell phone play add role. lawyers have determined when it was used. engineer brandon bostian is at the center of an effort to identify a probable cause. be sure to download the app. within a couple hours transportation experts will testify at a senate hearing. witnesses will discuss the kinds of technology that could help prevent these sorts of deadly accidents. the may 12th derailment killed 8 people and injured more than 200. this is all happening just as the house voted to cut funding for amtrak. the massive transportation house spending bill cuts amtrak's budget by $42 million. still, the bill does include $9 million for cameras inside
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locomotive cabs. that will help with crash investigations. president obama has threatened to veto that bill. we expect a senate committee to vote on coast guard vice admiral's nomination to run the tsa. it comes on the heels of a damaging report that shows tsa screeners failed to discuss explosives. developing in temple hills, prince george's police are investigating a man's death. police found a man unconscious near a pool near the apartment complex on st. clair drive. less than a mile from iris mall. originally officers responded to a call of shots fired. but it's not clear whether the victim was actually shot. >> preliminary investigation shows that our victim was involved in some sort of physical altercation with several suspects. during the altercation, a shot was fired. the suspect fled. and our victim collapsed.
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>> at the scene police toad a well preserved gold 1970s era cadillac that they believed belonged to the victim. we want to show you some new video now in hopes that you can identify a group who robbed and beat a man. this happened in d.c.'s shaw neighborhood early sunday morning. the man passed that group while walking down the street. the group turned around and attacked him. they got away with this iphone, wallet and 30 bucks. if you know the attackers, call police. new this morning you'll be able to catch a glimpse of history. a full-scale replica of the french frigate had hermione. new this morning, we're learning about what fifa called an emergency meeting surrounding the scandal rocking that
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organization. wait till you hear how far away we are from that meeting being held. and dozens of neighbors in prince george's county could be in risk of flooding. what we're waiting on from fema that could put people in the flood zone. and a major mess on the bhelt beltway. we're following
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this morning we're learning the executive committee of fifa will meet next month to choose an election date. outgoing president sepp bratter will chair that meeting. the election for his replacement could happen between december and march. breaking news on the beltway were right now. we're talking about prince george's county. the outerloop here. kristin wright is on the scene. you can see the semi on its side carrying potatoes. a big cleanup under way. the person there, the driver was medevaced out to baltimore shock trauma. only the right lane is getting by. crews on the scene hoping for three lanes to get by. that left lane very likely going to be blocked for much of the morning commute. widening things, no major issues. we're a little slow at forestville road at 8 miles per
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hour. we don't have any problems northbound and southbound. taking a look at the beltway, 29 95 and dw parkway into and out of town looking pretty good. hoping tom kierein has better news for folks here. what a nice warmup. >> it is a beautiful morning. we've got low humidity in place. good morning. starting off early this morning, storm team 4 radar. we've got a beautiful noon in the eastern sky. a little reddish tint because of smoke in the upper atmosphere from canadian wildfires. down in the 50s shenandoah valley and mid to the beltway, mid and upper 60s. no problems driving through the day, all green lights for the your drive time forecast. temperatures in the mid-70s on dry roads. bright sunshine, dry roads, temperatures, upper 80s to near 90 with low humidity. a look at our hottest days ahead
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over the next seven days. that's the next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up. back to you. tom, thank you we are getting incredible video of a florida state roomer plucking a man from his burning car. why he says he's no hero. an upset in the virginia primary, who managed to
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breaking news on the beltway outer loop at prince george's county. this is a live look at the scene. there you can see crews there working to clean up the semi on its side here. only the right lane getting by at this point. we're approaching two miles' worth of backups. only the outerlane open. hoping for three lanes open around 6:00 this morning. back with more in a couple minutes. 5:17 now in the virginia primaries, you picked the new person to be in charge in alexandria.
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>> i'm very honored tonight to stand before you as the next mayor of alexandria. >> democrat alison silberberg defeated incumbent mayor bill euille and she was elected three months. silberberg ran on a platform of less development and more on citizen input for growth. >> we need to restore the people's trust and show them had more openness and transparency. >> silberberg is running unopposed this november. republicans voting in the open primary may have boosted silberberg's victory. she won with over 5,000 votes over ul. in virginia's 28th district republican bill howell won. he had a close eye on the race
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because howell is the speaker of the house of delegates. he represents parts of fredericksburg and stafford county. and councilman bar ouchlt ukh will not run for president. barou baroukh served as president for two years. and a viewer sent this video of smoke coming out of the time warner building on sunrise valley drive last night. fire departments from loudoun air fax fairfax county showed up to fight the flames. fema is revising their flood maps. 50 additional properties in laurel are expected to be added to the high-risk zone for flooding. this is after heavy rain which led to the wssd opening the dam. that prompted major floods and
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evacuation. fema is holding an informational meeting tonight at 6:00. the address is 1801 mccormick drive in largo. we have this developing story out of indonesia where a volcano just unleashed a big bus of hot ash and rock. take a look at this video. the volcano's activity is so high after the alert status was no one was hurt. there have been as many as 65 in the past week along along with earthquakes. this is a volcano that has sporadically erupted over the last couple of years. scientists are monitoring that situation very closely. preventing cervical cancer may be possible with one vaccination. the national cancer institute said the recommended three shots
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may be too much. reservers say there isn't enough evidence yet to make changes. however if the results are confirmed it will have a huge impact on how many girls around the world are immunized. cervical cancer is the fourth cause of death for women worldwide. researchers found people born in july and october had a higher richt of asthma. people born in november had had a higher risk adhd. they found march babies had the highest risk for heart disease. researchers say don't worry if you were born in a high-risk month, they say lifestyle choices make more of an impact on your health than your birthday does. women in the u.s. spend more time sleeping than men. researchers behind the sleep analyzing app sleep cycle say women get more sleep especially on fridays. on fridays, women get 25 more minutes sleep than men.
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despite the extra sleep, men wake up in a better mood, especially on sundays. women and men in the u.s. log some of the worst quality sleep worldwide. that doesn't surprise me at all. >> that study say weird study. >> maybe just because you sleep more doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be in a better mood. >> right. >> i usually correlate those two things. sometimes, when you sleep too much, you're groggy. i don't know what it's like to get too much sleep. >> a foreign concept here. here's say live look outside to get you started on a cool morning. not too bad. >> not too bad. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> one of my twitter formers, her handle is let mommy sleep. it's been good sleeping weather. we had lower humidity moving in if you slept with the windows open, you had a comfortable sleep because we had low humidity in place for the rest of the day.
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it's going to be pleasant. beginning tomorrow it will start turning sticky to uncomfortable. and then by friday it will be oppressive. the real steam heat is going to move in. temperatures are cool and comfy. we're in the upper 50s, near 60 in montgomery. in loudoun county, much of northern virginia. fairfax, virginia, only around 60 degrees. low to mid-60s, prince george's county. inside the beltway, mid-60s around chesapeake bay. right now into the panhandle of west virginia and western maryland, it's in the mid-50s. as the sky brighten it's in east we'll have a little haze. low 70s by 8:00 then by noon time should be hitting the mid-80s. 3:00, 4:00, upper 80s. sunrise at 5:43, sun sets at 8:33.
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it builds in, a hot day it looks to be tomorrow. going to make it into the mid-90s. it will feel like upper 90s with the humidity. low 90s on friday but that's when that steamy humidity will be here. we could get an isolated thunderstorm on friday afternoon. over the weekend hot and humid on saturday too. good beach and pool weather will be in the low 90s. might get a thunder shower on saturday evening. sunday partly sunny, mid-80s. cooler, a chance of an afternoon storm. much cooler monday with showers around. highs only around 80. could get more storms on tuesday with temperatures into the upper 80s. now with making news on the road, melissa has an update on the beltway. breaking news on the beltway. take a live look right now. this is the outer loop of the beltway at forestville road. it looks to me in the past couple of second this have opened additional lanes. we're going to hear from kristin wright in a couple of minutes.
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a tractor trailer off the left side of the roadway looks to me that we now have the three lanes open. that is what they were hoping for around 6:00 this morning. if you want to do the alternate that would be the outerloop, inbound branch avenue to silver hill to pennsylvania avenue. beltway at colesville road, everything moving fine there. top beltway looking pretty good. taking a look at 270 northbound and southbound, everything clear coming out of frederick and northbound out of the bethesda area. listen to wpot for the latest on traffic. >> 5:25 now defense is expected to make its case with the jesse matthews sexual assault trial. yesterday prosecutors presented their strongest evidence linking matthews to the 2005 rape until fairfax. police found a break when officers arrested matthews for hanna graham's murder in charlottesville. a mouth swab matched dna from the 2005 ultimately making him
5:25 am
the prime suspect. today the prosecution is expected to call one more witness and then the matthews' lawyer takes over. >> the man accused of killing his ex-wife's new husband heads to court this afternoon. he has a preliminary hearing in loudoun county. they say he broke into the home of denise and corey madison and shot corey. negotiators have less than 30 days to craft a final nuclear deal with iran. some say the obama administration may have to lift more economic sanctions than first sought. the administration promised to lift sanctions that are directly connected to the nuclear program. critics say that may not be true. but the obama administration denied those claims saying some some congress are classifying certain sanctions differently. today after months of waiting the bodies of 15 children gilled in the germanwings plane crash will be returned to their families.
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a police motorcade will be ushered to heir parents. 44 sets of remains were brought by plane to dusseldorf germany. 150 people died when that plane crash into the french alps in april. investigators believe co-pilot andreas lubbock intentionally crashed the plane. the last of the angola three may be a free man. a judge ordered the release after 43 years in isolation at a louisiana prison. he may not face a third trial in the stabbing of a prison guard in 1972. prosecutors are now appealing to a higher court to request an emergency stay for the 68-year-old prisoner. some people in florida are calling a highway patrol trooper a hero this morning. he saved a man from this really intense fire. take a look here. the man lost control of his car apparently. it ran off the road, hit several trees and burst into flames. look at that. the man was still inside.
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the trooper, sean duckers, had to break a window to get him out. >> i used my right hand, my knuckle hit it. caused a little hole in it. i ran up to it. i ran up to it. just hit the window. the trooper said he was more concerned about the man than his own safety. police say the man who crashed was driving on a suspended license. we're staying on top of the breaking news on the beltway this morning. an overturned truck on the outerloop in prince george's county. you're looking at live pictures as things are starting to get a little better. we'll check in with melissa on the cleanup effort ahead. police are talking about the display inside a high school. the message the students are trying to spread. and the area sheeting up. tom is back in a few
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>> announcer: "news4 today" begins with breaking news. breaking news in prince george's county on the beltway. this is the outerloop of the beltway at forestville road. right now, only the left blanelane is
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blocked. taking a look at the map. outerloop of forestville road with just that left lane closed. if you want an alternate, at this point, probably don't need to take it. i'll mention it anyway, that would be the inbound branch to silver hill to pennsylvania avenue back to the beltway to avoid that section. we're going only at 12 miles an hour at this point kristin wright has been out there all morning long with great pictures from the scene. kristin, what are you seeing out there now? >> reporter: yeah, well, we're seeing it could be a little while before the accident is cleared. take a look behind me as you just saw, the truck there still overturned. you see firefighters walking around. it was, as melissa mentioned down to one lane a little while ago. three lanes of traffic are moving around the accident. happened around 2:00 this morning. outerloop of the beltway. truck flipped over. the driver we're hearing, was seriously hurt. but we're trying to find out exactly how they're doing.
5:32 am
back here live, you can see some of the equipment and trucks being used for the cleanup. there say tow truck here now, because now the plan is to upright the truck. and that's what's going to take a little bit of time because we have to upright the truck and also move it off the highway. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. but again could be a little slow going this morning on the way in. back to you. >> kristin, thank you. 5:32, our time right now, good morning everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's check the forecast with tom kierein telling us about another hot day in store for us. hey, tom. >> yes, but comfortably dry and low humidity. waiting for the bus and metro it's go to be rather cool lower 50s and 60s for another hour. with that hazy sunshine between 8:00 and 9:00 jumping into the low 70s so pretty mild. right now we have a purple haze over capitol hill now. a live view from the capitol
5:33 am
camera. temperatures down in the 50s much of virginia. look the at warrington, 55, manassas, 55 degrees. dulles, 59 gaithersburg, 57. prince george's county lower 60s from bowie to upper marlboro. up along i-95 to springfield and fredericksburg, it's hovering right around 60 degrees. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:41. a look at what to wear forecast and walk to wear forecast for this wednesday morning. back to you. at the -- >> we need to evacuate the press room now. >> the mood changed very quickly during a white house press briefing when the secret service responded to a bomb threat. somebody called d.c. police around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. while white house secretary josh earnest was at the podium and the room was packed with reporters. everyone was quickly evacuated. the president and his staff were allowed to stay in place.
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another bomb threat was phoned in earlier in the day on capitol hill interrupting a senate hearing. the secret service is looking into whether the two incident related. artistic expression or taking it too far? oxon hill high school just removed a controversial art display. the student project shows a police officer there on the left next to a man with his hands up. there's that man there. the man's t-shirt has bullet holes in it with blood streaming down to look like the stripes of an american flag. administrators say they don't want to offend police. parents have mixed reactions to the decision to remove the display. >> it's in a school. it's an educational setting. and they are honor students. >> why display something like that? >> a school spokesperson said art students created the image after being told to express what social justice means to them. new information about the case against six baltimore police officers charged in the
5:35 am
death of freddie gray. court documents say baltimore state attorney has asked police to step up enforcement where freddie gray died. defense attorneys say because of that request marilyn moseley should be removed from the case. set an alarm for noon tomorrow because that is when tickets go on sale for a prince concert here in d.c. we've learned that prince will play at the warner theater this sunday. you can buy tickets at starting at noon tomorrow. a group is trying to figure out where to build a new school by 2019. last week they apointed a chairman to a new group that will recommend a site in southern arlington. a plan to hire a lawyer while in talks there.
5:36 am
the hagerstown suns will move to play there. they currently have a committee there to get the best deal on the ballpark. they now plan to spend up to $30,000 on a lawyer during these negotiations. it is a bizarre crime that may have you avoiding public restrooms. how police say that a man got into a women's bathroom at a local walmart without raising an eyebrow. today, friends and family will remember a victim killed in a d.c. fire. and we're getting ready for a warm day ahead. you should go sleeveless?
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you may be able to help police in prince william county if you recognize this man. police say he dressed in women's clothing and was peeping into a women's bathroom. this happened at the walmart on north area on woodridge area. police said a woman told them he stood in a stall and then took off. property taxes are on the rise according to our use partner they will go ahead despite a battle between county leaders. the tax hike was approved last
5:40 am
month, but on monday a county executive vetoed it. then on tuesday the council voted unanimously to overinside the veto. the tax increase will take effect on july 1 fifty. 5:40 your time. weather and traffic on the 1s coming your way with tom kierein. >> we can exhale this morning. low humidity. a perfect june day under way. dress like this handsome gentleman, short sleeves for today. but actually, you might need a jacket at least for another hour or two. it's going to be rather cool in the 50s and 60s right now. later in the day you'll be comfortable with short sleeves and you'll need sunglasses as well. walking to and from work. dry walkways. just a few high clouds. lots of sunshine walking back home. we'll have temperatures in the upper 80s during the afternoon. heat wave on the way. the next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:51. melissa still has breaking news on the beltway.
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>> breaking news on the prince george's beltway. you're talking about the outer loop and great news as the commute takes up and that semi on its side only blocking the left lane at this point. had a crash at 95 northbound at 123 that has just cleared so something else you don't have to worry about. as far as travel times 95 north from quantico. 270 south no problems. 95 to 270 only rolling around. only going to take ten minutes for the latest on traffic. >> thanks, melissa. another warning about rabies in our area. what fairfax authorities want you to be on the alert for. it's been a long time coming. guess what, the silver spring transit center is just a few
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breaking news on the beltway in prince george's county
5:45 am
outerloop here at forestville road. a live picture from kristin wright's camera showing the right lane blocked with the overturned semi truck. three right lanes are getting by. two-mile backups getting by 15 miles per hour if you want to completely avoid it take the outerloop to inbound branch, silver hill to pennsylvania. back over to the beltway. guys. i'm angie goff with breaking news. an american has died in afghanistan, this after the department of defense announced today that 54-year-old chrissy davis of talladega, alabama was killed two days ago. this was during an indirect fire attack at bagram air force base. i was out of town in new york i wake up on wednesday
5:46 am
morning to text messages and facebook messages. >> that's john mecham, he said he's lucky to be alive after a fire destroyed a house where he rented a room. his two roommates didn't make it out. friends and family will gather to remember one of the victims of the fire. a memorial will be held for nina br mclaughlin was also a victim in that fire. he died. both victims rented rooms on the third floor. mecham told news4 he used to rent brecklesman's room before he moved downstairs. >> i visualize myself in that room after hearing what happened, and it's not a pleasant thought. >> now according to "the washington post," that fire was caused by an electrical fault in the house. the landlord remains in the hospital. he jumped out of the window to escape the flames. delaware is looking into one of its state troopers who confronted a man riding this
5:47 am
bike in downtown washington. the cyclist posted this online. you can see it in the video on the protected lane on belt street he is outside the suv with the flashers on. >> why is this vehicle parked blocking the traffic? >> hey -- pay attention, okay. >> the suv is an official delaware vehicle. the cyclist said he posted the video because he was irritated that a delaware officer could flash his badge and gun into the district. the delaware state police are looking into the incident. 13 before the hour now. the county jail is now planning to provide a safe room for inmates who plan to hurt themselves or others. the wall will have walls doors and door jams covered in padding for inmates that struggle with mental illness or act violently.
5:48 am
they're put in a restraint chair until their calm. there are call for safety ranges on metro after a rider died inside a station and his body was not found for several days. the man's family filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the transit agency. he fell between the wall of the station and the platform on saturday at judiciary square. and wasn't found until yesterday. metro managers said they never found the man because the man was hidden. the lawsuit said metro witnessed the call and surveillance cameras also saw it. >> it's sad, number one. number two, i think there needs to be accountability. number three, what can they do to make things better for the future. >> metro said it can't comment on an ongoing lawsuit. a man in fairfax county is still recovering after being bitten by a rapid raccoon. according to the news part wtfp.
5:49 am
the raccoon was destroyed by patrol officers. it tested positive for rabies. there have been 21 cases of rabies reported so far this. be sure to keep your distance from raccoons animals, skunks and foxes. new details on the mers outbreak in south korea. experts believe it may have peaked. and it may be critical in the next few days. so far nine people have died more than 100 others were infected. the virus started after a man came back from a trip from saudi arabia and visited several clinics where he got sick. take a look at this fire. this erupted near a fuel depot in ukraine. crews were able to stop the fire from spreading to another fuel depot. and a military base, close by. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. well your kids can be part of a summer learning program
5:50 am
here in the district. schools in d.c. conditionkicking off their summer program with a summer book program and lego building contest. they will get a chance to take home eight books out there the summer. and lego sets to enter the lego summer building contest. and you were read somoks yesterday. >> yes wept to a summer reading program, the reading rodeo at a school in arlington county yesterday. read to some young folks who really enjoy reading. i was happy to be a part of that. >> love reading. children's books sorry fun, ss are so fun, too. >> were you riding a mechanical bull, too? >> while reading a book? >> this morning, we're starting off with low humidity. we're hash tagging this perfect june day. we'll take that in june.
5:51 am
temperatures are comfortably cool. mid to upper 50s most of the virginia, temperatures right around the beltway montgomery and fairfax county, around 60 degrees. inside the beltway mid to upper 60s. mid-60s around the bay. and we have the comfortable humidity with us right now it will be pleasant out there the day. and then tomorrow it will start getting sticky and uncomfortable and oppressive by the time we get into friday. air quality as well in the moderate range today will get unhealthy for some as we get into thursday and friday due to the increased humidity and increased heat that's going to be building. we have a red sunset yesterday because we have smoke from wildfires way up in canada being transported by upper level winds. we have a pinkish reddish sunset. these photos taken yesterday evening right when the sun was going down around 8:30. radar scanning the sky.
5:52 am
we have no rain anywhere in the vicinity. we've got a little bit of haze. we still see a pink glow from that smoke aloft. by 8:00 making it quickly in the low 70s. by noon jumping into the mid-80s. lots of sunshine, where the sunblock out for a lent ofgth of time. low humidity in place all day long. then tomorrow heat will be in mid-90s tomorrow afternoon. a few high clouds and the humidity builds as well. then that sweltering humidity in place on friday and saturday. highs in the 90s. on saturday, most of the daylight hours on saturday should be dry. then an afternoon storm again on sunday. cooler on monday, with shower us around. temperatures right around 80 degrees. then towards the middle part of next week, back into the upper 80s with a chance of afternoon storms. coming up at 6:01, a look at the hometown forecast in the region in about ten minutes. now breaking news on the roads
5:53 am
with melissa. >> chopper 4 just got over the scene there. the outerloop, muffch better vantage point here. you have the three lanes on the right gets by as chopper zooms out. about two miles' worth of backups. if you're trying to get around this, you have a couple of things you can do. here's another picture from the ground here this morning. going about 15 miles per hour through that area, so avoiding that you can take branch avenue over to st. barnabas and get back on the beltway. wide look at things overall not bad. yes, a slowdown in the right corner on the beltway. coatesville no problem there. 270 out of town slowing quite well. more on the accident coming up at 6:00. the time is 5:54, and the day ahead, wide sharing uber
5:54 am
could be at the airport. they're exploring several options foyer uber and lyft drivers to wait outside the airport. they're hosting two hearings at noon and 7:00 p.m. apple and wegmans stores are making things easier for you. using mobile pay, the app say mobile paying service is. wegmans will be among one of the first supermarkets in the country to let you check out using your card with apple pay. the battle with salt and sugar rages on. cnbc's landon dowdy joins us with more. the u.s. could be the first to declare a warning level on high sodium in restaurants. the city will propose a rule today. and san francisco has given
5:55 am
approval to propose a health warning on ads for soda and other sugary drinks. the city failed to pass a tax on sugary drinks last year. and apple's music streaming service is coming under review. they're probing whether record labels sport premium services such as spotify. the plan is part of a broader industry investigation. aaron, back over to you. >> thank you. so, maybe you thought you would never hear this, but want to fix the silver spring transit center is just a few weeks away from being finished. they're wrapping up the beams this week. in about six to eight weeks and if all goes well the transit center could be open for public use late this summer or early fall. there have been a lot of issues with the integrity of the center
5:56 am
since it was built. watts been millions of dollars overbudget. now hogan is defending the rules to reduce the tolls across the state. it came yesterday where some questioned whether the toll reductions would lead to maintenance and cutbacks on road projects. the state department secretary denied that during this hearing. projects for pedestrians could be culling to montgomery county. the county transportation department applied for four new grants. one would add ten new bike stations near the wheaton metro station. another asked for funding for a right on bus along 355. the others would fund more pedestrian sidewalks and improvements in the county. we have breaking news right now where an accident is causing problems for drivers on the outerloop of the beltway. take a look right now. you can see the truck on the left side.
5:57 am
chopper 4 is over the scene in prince george's county. we're seeing two-mile backups after the semi overturned overnight. we do have team coverage on the accident, including the best way to get around the delays. and a live look at the skyline for you this morning as we expect things to really heat up. a heat wave coming our way. the silver lining this week is today, details on that as "news4 today" continues.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> announcer: "news4 today" begins with breaking news. the breaking news a rollover accident on the outerloop causing some big time backups right now. chopper 4 over the scene in prince george's county for you where this semi truck overturned overnight sending its driver to the hospital. melissa mollet tracking those backups in helping you get around. >> but we begin our live coverage with kristin wright on the scene and the cleanup ahead. kristin. >> reporter: yeah guys this could be a while before this is cleaned up. this is why. you see the overturned truck is still there, blocking the left lane of traffic. three lanes of traffic getting
6:00 am
by. we have a view from chopper 4 to show you to get the overhead look. what a mess this really was earlier. situation is improving out there the morning just a little bit. but still going to be a little slower this morning. the accident happened around 2:30. the outerloop of the beltway at forestville road. we're hearing that the driver was seriously hurt but we're trying to find out a little bit more about how they're doing. back here live you can see traffic again, the three lanes moving. the truck, though still overturned in the left lane. and right now what they have to do is try to get the truck upright and remove it from the highway which is going to take some time. so we'll follow it for you this morning and give you updates. back to you, melissa is going to give a look at how this is impacting the area. >> thank you, kristin. taking a look from above here, chopper 4 over the scene. you can see aga


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